Supernatural: Queen Meg and King Castiel (MF,oral,anal,toys)
by The Fan

Rules are made to break, I told myself as I kissed Meg on the lips. I held the dark-haired, alabaster-skinned young woman in my arms and tenderly stroked her raven hair. Meg Masters snuggled up to me and purred with pleasure after a night of passionate lovemaking.

"How do you feel, Clarence?" she asked me teasingly, her beautiful face filled with that fearless smile I had grown so fond of.

"I'm fine," I said. With that, I got up from our bed and walked to the washroom. Even for us Angels, there are certain necessities which we cannot escape. As a spirit inhabiting a mortal body, I feel hunger and thirst, along with the need to piss, shit and even sleep once in a while. And now, thanks to Meg Masters, Hell's most seductive and cheeky She-Demon, I feel spasms of lust frequently.

My name is Castiel, and I am an Angel of the Armies of the Lord. At least, I think I'm an Angel. I'm not sure about a lot of things anymore. I've been through so much since I got involved with Team Winchester, as I affectionately call a duo of very special mortals, Sam and Dean. They get on my blasted nerves, but I've grown fond of them and I consider them family. I've been alive for eons, since our Lord God made the heavens and the Earth, and all things beyond, but I've never felt confusion or doubt before I met Sam and Dean Winchester, a pair of ordinary young men chosen by Fate to do battle against Demons, monsters and other unnatural entities.

They've been on the crosshairs of both Heaven and Hell, and both Angels and Demons have tried repeatedly to kill them, to no avail. Sometimes, I honestly think that God Himself protects these two, because nothing else could explain the things they've endured and overcome. I mean, I'm a supernatural being and I have trouble believing some of the things that have happened to the Winchester boys. We've weathered many storms together. When Lilith, the Queen of Hell rose to lead the Legions of the Underworld against the Army of Heaven, we met her on her own terms and it was Sam Winchester himself who took her down.

When Dean Winchester sacrificed himself to save his brother Sam and sold his soul to a female Demon, the Army of Heaven descended into the Underworld and laid siege to Hell, in order to retrieve Dean. For Heaven itself had big plans for the eldest son of the House of Winchester. I went there personally, along with my fellow warriors, the Angels Hester and Uriel, both of whom sadly are no more. We defeated the Demons, and freed Dean Winchester, whom Fate chose to be the Vessel of the Champion of Heaven himself, the Archangel Michael. Unfortunately, Dean had to be a dick, and turned down Michael's offer. He would not become Michael's vessel and face the newly risen Archangel Lucifer, the Lord of Hell, housed in the body of Sam Winchester, his younger brother.

All the holy books predict a final battle between the Lord of Darkness and the Prince of Light. Doesn't matter if you're Jewish, Christian or Muslim, the battle between good and evil concerns your ass. It's what is supposed to happen according to the greatest authorities in both Heaven and Hell. Yet the Winchester boys had to fuck that up, pardon my French. Sorry, as an Angel I can speak any language known to man, past and present, and I also understand various languages known only to plants and animals, for they can communicate too, you know. Yeah, with my vast linguistic talents I seem to have acquired a taste for profanity. In that regard, I place the entirety of the blame sorely on the shoulders of one Dean Winchester. That guy is toxic, but likeable. No, not like that. I've read fan fiction about the Winchester boys and myself written by others. I have nothing against same-sex relationships but I prefer the ladies, thank you very much.

Yeah, I've changed a lot since I met the Winchester boys, no doubt about that. I mean, I've actually started dating a female Demon named Meg Masters. It's, um, kind of complicated. No need to consult the charters and rules of Heaven to know that consorting with The Ones Below isn't okay with The Ones Above. If only my old buddy Uriel could see me now. He always accused me of being a square while he was the wild one in our Garrison. In spite of everything that went down between us, his betrayal of Heaven, his embrace of Lucifer's, um, politics, and his attempt to murder me, I bear Uriel no ill will. I still remember him fondly, as a friend who lost his way and kind of went nuts. Living on the planet Earth can corrupt even heavenly entities. I mean, humans and Demons live here and they're the most twisted breeds I know in all of creation, next to Leviathans.

If there is one thing I occasionally fear, it's Leviathans. Those things existed long before even us Angels and definitely before humans. They're chaos given form, and they are deadlier than Angels or Demons. I have fought against these things and they're absolutely lethal. Everything in creation has a weakness. An Angel Blade will slay an Angel. Ruby's Knife, as the Winchester boys call their trusty blade, can kill almost any known type of Demon. Leviathans simply don't die. I shudder to think that when He made them, the Almighty might have omitted to make an off-switch for them. It takes the blood of a righteous person and three bloods of the fallen (various species of monsters) fashioned into a weapon to kill them. And even then, the Leviathan is only temporarily dead. With their exceptional powers of regeneration, their astounding strength and resilience, they're a threat to even the most powerful of Angels.

Quite a few Angels have died at the hands of Leviathans this year, starting with the two assigned to protect Kevin Tran, the latest Prophet of the Lord. We've taken down their leader Dick Roman, but they continue to be a problem. They're not that organized anymore, that's a good thing at least. With so many threats out there, even supposedly Immortal beings like myself feel like our days are numbered. All we can do is enjoy today, I guess. When I think of all the powerful beings I've seen die in recent years, as the struggle for dominion of the cosmos unfolded with the Winchester boys smack in the middle of it, I kind of shudder. The Pagan gods Baldur, Mercury and others, including Odin the Norse King and Ganesha the Hindu, all slaughtered by Lucifer Morningstar as he took out his competition. Luckily, thanks to Winchester tampering, he's locked up inside The Cage with the Archangel Michael.

Here I am, in a place not even my close friends and allies know about. In an apartment in the City of Racine, Wisconsin, which I share with Meg Masters, the woman I've come to care about. She calls me Clarence, the only Angel who'd go to bat for her. Unbeknownst to the Winchester boys, I made a deal with Crowley, the King of Hell, to secure her release. As long as she stays away from both Crowley and the Winchesters, she'll be safe. I've placed magical sigils all over our place, shielding it from Angel, Demon and human alike. I can't shield it from the Leviathans because nothing is ever shielded from these elemental monsters but since they don't know about it, I think Meg and I are safe in our humble abode. At last, I have a home. I left the Kingdom of Heaven and found love or something like it with a Demon girl, and I'm happy.

I look outside the washroom window, at the stars in the night sky. I can't help but smile as I think of all the mean and sexy things that Meg and I have done tonight. I came home to find her naked in our bedroom, the female Demon in all her glory. Her pretty face, succulent breasts, supple body and sweaty pussy oozed pheromones, which my superhuman senses could smell a hundred miles away. I went to her, and took her, as a man takes a woman, as an Angel takes a She-Devil. Kissing her savagely, I pressed her against the wall and took her. Meg's beautiful eyes turned completely black, a reflection of the Demon within. For she is a Spawn of Hell, and you know what? It didn't disgust me. It turned me on.

I sucked on her breasts and lost myself into her as Meg wrapped her arms and legs around me. I felt my penis harden, and she guided me inside of her, until I was buried deep inside her pussy.

"Fuck me like you're paying for it," Meg taunted me in that sexy, cheeky voice of hers. I didn't need to be told twice. I rammed my dick inside of her, wanting to possess her. I looked at her, really looked at her, seeing a mingling of the Demon and the woman, and craving both. In all the excitement, my wings unfurled from my back, and I cried out in ecstasy as I came inside of her in an explosion of light in liquid form, so to speak. Meg cried out, and held me tight. "Wanna go again?" she asked me, grinning.

I smiled and nodded. We made love for hours on end, for we were both beyond human endurance and limitation.

I put Meg on all fours, spanked her cute little butt like I've seen the pizza deliveryman do that girl in that porno I once watched with my very uncomfortable pals Sam and Dean. Meg seemed to like it, and when I pulled her hair and called her derogatory names, she told me to keep talking dirty because it turned her meat suit all gooey, her words not mine, folks. I slammed my cock into her pussy, filling her up. After a while, I put it into another one of her holes. Anal sex with a woman is something I've heard numerous human males talk about, especially my good buddy Dean Winchester. From what he says, it's supposed to quite an experience. Well, I wanted to try it and Meg Masters was all for it. I lubricated her hole, then eased my cock inside of her.

Meg screamed as I began fucking her in the ass, and I really got into it, for I loved the feel of her tight asshole around my cock. Meg told me to really fuck her up, and I did just that, mercilessly ramming my dick into her tight asshole. Come to think of it, anal sex is considered a dirty deed and forbidden in the holy books of many faiths. As an Angel, I know this, and should be against it but it feels oh so good, and I didn't want the pleasure I got from this act to end. For the second time that night I came, flooding Meg Masters tight Demonic asshole with my hot Angelic seed. After that, I was spent but Meg, my beloved She-Demon, my sweet Abomination, she was still not sated.

As I lay on the bed, trying to recover from the sexual whammy that Meg Masters sexy body just laid on me, she disappeared into another room and came back moments later, wearing a device I believe is called a strap-on dildo. I've seen it being used on men by women on the website Busty Asian Beauties, which Dean watches on Sam's computer. I smiled, because it was actually on my list of sexual things I longed to do. Meg grinned and stroked her strap-on dildo, then she told me to get on all fours. Meg Masters lubricated my ass, then bent me over and took me. Gently she eased the dildo into my ass. Slowly she began fucking me, and although it hurt a bit at first, after a while it actually felt good. I relaxed and enjoyed. What a night! This wasn't the kind of sexual experience I want to repeat too often but it was a lot of fun.

Yeah, Meg Masters has showed me many wonders, sexual and otherwise, but that's not why I am with her. I am with her because she's the only one who accepts me for who and what I am. I am unwanted in the Kingdom of Heaven. Tons of Angels are dead because of me, and my Brothers and Sisters Above despise me. In the Underworld, Crowley is trying to figure out a way to harness the darkest of magic to control the Leviathans and transform them into an army at his command. If he succeeds, he could take over the Universe because, with Heaven in disarray, few Angels will stand to fight the Leviathans. Even though I am hated by my fellow Angels and Sam and Dean don't really trust me anymore, I'm going to have to fight on their side against Crowley and the forces of Hell again to protect this world I've come to care for. You see, I have a vested stake in this. Meg Masters doesn't know this, but within herself she's The offspring of Angel and Demon, truly unique and infinitely more powerful than both. My son. The Antichrist. Welcome to my life.


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