This story is based on the characters from the TV gameshow, SURVIVOR 2.
This is not meant as an infringement on their copyright of the series, but
fulfills the fantasy of mature audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, NC, bestiality)

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on. If on the other hand,
you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Survivor 2 - Australian Outback: Jerri Is A Real Bitch
by David Oberman ([email protected])

Part One

When the second edition of the Survivor reality show, Survivor II the
Australian Outback, started, the contestants were advised that they would
be filmed around the clock, and that the camera crews would not involve
themselves in any way, not even if someone got injured. If an injury did
occur, they would call homebase and a paramedic team would be dispatched.

From the very beginning of the competition, Jerri Manthey was the Survivor
everyone loved to hate. As the game progressed, the audience watched as this
conniving and manipulative young actress wormed her way through her fellow

Occasionally, she would wander off into the bushes to get away from the
hateful gazes of the other players. She knew the effect she was having on
them and the time she took away from her 'tribe mates' allowed them to cool
down enough so that they wouldn't vote her off. This was the strategy she
thought would work best for her.

Jeff Probst, the host of the show, would have the contestants followed by at
least one cameraman 24 hours a day. To add to the possibilities of footage,
he would encourage the camera crew to remain hidden whenever they could. He
hoped that this would make the game players to act more casual in their most
intimate moments.

On this particular day, Jerri had manipulated a number of the other
contestants to fight among themselves. As the ruckus grew at the basecamp,
she felt it wise to disappear for a while in the woods. So, she picked her
knapsack and started walking downstream.

The producer noticed the vampy girl walking down the stream and gave
instructions to one of the camera crew to follow her at a discreet distance.
One of the camerawomen picked up her equipment and proceeded to follow her.
Since the beginning of this project, the various camera crews drew lots to
see who would get to follow the slim beauty around. Today was Janet's turn.

Janet Cherneski was a short redhead with a very short haircut. Standing at
only 5'1", she still showed the pleasant curves of a vivacious woman. Her
34 chest seemed so much larger on her tiny frame, arousing more than casual
interest from the male population. However, Janet preferred female
companionship for her sex. That's why she was only too happy to follow the
tribal vamp this day. Her short stature made it easier for her to keep out
of sight whenever she was assigned to follow a rogue player.

Remaining deep in the bushes, she could follow her charge and remain hidden
from sight. Zooming in on her curvy ass as she made her way past rocks and
fallen trees, Janet could feel her pussy twitching. She, as with the other
camera crewmembers, had seen previous tapes of her in action. She still
recalled how she had seduced Colby to fuck her the first chance she had.
The camera crew had kept that tape from the producers and viewed it over and
over again in their trailers.

'God, I hope she's horny with me today,' Janet wished silently as he kept
focusing on her asscheeks.

'This looks interesting,' Jerri thought to herself as she spotting something
along the shoreline.

As Jerri walked along the banks of the river, Janet noticed her bending over,
her heart-shaped ass framed in her camera lens. When she straightened
herself up again, Janet could see that she had picked up a piece of driftwood
about a foot long.

'Guess she wants it as a souvenir,' Janet thought to herself as she followed
her again stealthily.

What Janet couldn't see from this angle was the shape of this particular
driftwood. A shape that had caught Jerri's attention as she walked by it.
The weather beaten piece of wood had been shaped by nature to the
unmistakable shape of a twelve inch cock, balls included. It was a tad under
two inches thick, just perfect for what the dark-haired girl had in mind.
Jerri also noted that it had a slight corkscrew shape to it, adding ridges
along its sides that she felt sure would make things interesting.

As she walked along the shore towards her favorite hiding place, Jerri's hand
ran along the length of the water-smoothed surface of her discovery. Before
she could make use of this nature's gift, she wanted to make sure that there
where no splinters that could cause her harm.

After walking downstream for over an hour, Jerri finally arrived to the
hidden cove where the caves she had discovered weeks earlier were located.
She knew that this would give her all the privacy she needed, in case the
others came looking for her.

As she walked up the path, Janet could see her unzipping the top of her blue
suit and pulling it off. She remembered to cut the transmission to the
producing center on his camera at this point, something that the producer was
complaining a lot about, and continued filming what was to come.

The camera crews kept 'explaining' that their equipment was having trouble
handling the heat and humidity, which it wasn't. They were a bit surprised
that nobody in production caught on that the 'breakdowns' kept happening
whenever they were following Jerri Manthey.

Janet could feel sweat beading on her brow as she zoomed in for a close up
shot of her, now bare, tits.

'This is great,' Janet thought. 'We'll have another tape to watch,' she was
thinking of her co-workers back at camp.

Then she pulled back on the zoom and caught Jerri slipping her hand in the
crotch of her bikini bottom, working on her pussylips. Janet could feel her
pussylips puffing up her dampening shorts and was considering relieving
herself as well for this when Jerri cradled herself between a pair of large,
rocks nestled by the water near her cave.

Janet kept the camera on her as she proceeded to peel off her bottom and lay
across the warm surface of the two slabs of stone for some nude sunbathing.

Janet took this opportunity to drop her shorts and panties before refocusing
the camera on the wannabe actress. As she watched Jerri's fingers disappear
in her pussy, Janet began rubbing her own fingers over her own aroused clit
in time with Jerri's finger-play. She would picture the vampy actress'
fingers over her own clit as she watched her masturbating herself through the
camera lens.

"Ummmm!" She could hear the dark-haired woman moaning even from this

Janet zoomed her lens to Jerri's well-trimmed pussylips and caught a clear
shot of her blood-engorged clit as her thumb rubbed across it. Her tongue
ran across her own lips as if she was dying of thirst and the masturbating
actress was offering her a cool glass of water.

Oblivious to the voyeuristic camerawoman, Jerri kept fingerfucking herself
energetically. She buried two fingers to her second knuckle and began
pumping them in and out of her wet cunt, her back arching as she came again.

"Damn! I should have asked Colby to come with me," she groaned

Janet caught that and her pussy quivered sharply in response.

'Shit! If I knew she wouldn't squeal on me, I'd give her some of my pussy to
play with,' she thought as she squeezed her tits sharply, while struggling to
keep the heavy camera steady.

But all she could do was rub her fingers on her own clit as she continued
capturing the slutty young woman on tape. She watched as Jerri brought her
tits up to her mouth and began suckling on her hardened nipples, biting on
them for added pleasure.

'God, I wish I could get some of that,' Janet thought wishfully.

The petite camerawoman kept filming Jerri's masturbation as she lifted her
female juice covered fingers up to her lips and licked them clean, tasting
of herself on them. Janet kept on rubbing herself in time with her as she
fucked those moist fingers in and out of her sucking mouth, her eyes
half-closed in ecstasy.

"Time for more fun," Janet heard her moan to herself.

Then she watched as Jerri leaned over the side and came back up with her
souvenir driftwood that Janet had seen her pick up earlier. A wide grin
spread across Janet's face as she admired the wooden phallus.

'This is gonna be good,' the camerawoman grinned as she admired the foot long
shaft. 'Damn! This girl'll fuck anything.'

She tried to keep the camera steady as she watched Jerri gingerly run the
wooden cock tip over her chest down towards her pussy. Then the curly haired
actress began rubbing the hard tip over her clit, lubricating the dry 'dildo'
just prior to inserting it inside her cunt.

"Hummmmmm!" Jerri moaned as she slipped the head of the dildo-driftwood.
"God, I hate this game," she grunted, referring to the show, as she began
fucking herself energetically. "I miss my fucking."

'Damn, what a slut this bitch is,' Janet thought as she tried to relieve her
own itching hole.

The camera zoomed in at Jerri's pussylips as the wooden tool disappeared in
her moist, clinging cunt. Janet could almost imagine hearing the slurping
sounds it must be making as it found its way in and out of the young actress.

'Fuck, I would love to dive into that one,' Janet told herself as she
continued filming Jerri's wanton behavior.

All the while, she had her own fingers plunging into her own bush. But she
knew she couldn't even compete with how Jerri was feeling right now. At
least Jerri had something hard and thick to fuck herself with.

In and out, the wooden penis was sliding into Jerri and she was enjoying
every joyous inch of it. Her eyes closed, her nipples rock hard points and
she could feel herself cumming within minutes.

Janet could see when the young actress was orgasming when the dark-haired
beauty arched her back sharply, bridging across both stones she had cradled
herself in. The camerawoman was disappointed that she didn't have anything
that big of her own as she watched the naked young woman pleasure herself.
Her own nipples were poking through the thick shirt she had on, rubbing her
sensitive nipple tips with the harsh material.

One thing that Jerri hadn't taken into consideration in using a piece of wood
as a dildo was how it would react to the dampness she was placing on it. As
we all know, wood expands when moistened and this is what was happening to
her jury-rigged dildo.

As she continued pumping the makeshift cock into her pussy, she was finding
it harder to push it in and out. She would have thought that her juices
would have lubricated it by now. That's when it hit her that it had grown
slightly in girth.

Before, it was barely two inches wide and now she felt sure that it had
gotten well past those two inches. She smiled broadly when she realized what
a find she had made.

Janet kept filming and frigging herself as she watched the effort Jerri was
putting in on the wooden dildo. As she watched through the camera
viewfinder, she could clearly see that the shaft of wood was a bit thicker
than when the girl first started and smiled broadly.

"Fuck this is a treasure," the camerawoman heard the girl moan. "I... I
gotta remember to take this back with me as a souvenir. Mmmmmh! Those
ridges feel sooooo goood deep inside."

Janet became jealous of the vampy contestant. She wished she could find such
a tool herself now as she watched it disappear and reappear, moister than
when it went in.

For fifteen long minutes, Jerri kept driving her find in and out of her
sex-starved pussy. With each orgasm, she would moan louder and her back
would arch more sharply. Janet was beginning to wonder if the wannabe
actress was going to bend herself backward before she got through fucking
herself with that piece of wood.

Part Two

Finally, things began to settle down with Jerri's masturbating. Janet could
see that the girl was slowing down, barely moving the makeshift dildo in her
wet, and clenching pussy. Zooming the camera in for a close-up, she could
clearly see how red and raw her pussylips had become from this long fuck she
had given herself.

She had to wait another eight minutes before Jerri had the strength to get up
from her stone cradle. With her camera, Janet followed the lanky dark-haired
woman as she wobbled unsteadily towards the comfort of the cave she usually
hid in whenever she got through riling up the others back at the tribe. She
watched as she slipped on the safari shorts and shirt she had brought along
in her backpack.

Once Jerri was safely inside the cave, she shut down her camera. From past
expeditions, she and the rest of the camera crews had learned that she just
slept inside the cave for a few hours before returning to the camp.

'Damn, I guess that's it for today,' Janet thought to herself as she set the
heavy camera to the ground. 'Fuck, the guys at camp are gonna love this, and
so will the other girls. What with that fuckin' dildo she foun...' Janet
paused for a moment. 'Holy shit! She left the fuckin' thing behind.'

Peering over to the cave entrance, Janet tried to decide whether or not she
could get her hands on that wooden shaft. Not seeing, or hearing any
movement from the cave, she moved stealthily to the riverbank. She nearly
crawled over to the rocks where Jerri had been fucking herself with the dildo
and looked around for the foot long tool.

As she leaned over the rock-cradle that Jerri was lying across on, she could
see a glistening wet spot where the girl's pussy had leaked all over. Then
she spotted to luscious thing that she was looking for. Taking a quick
glance back at the cave entrance, she leaned down and picked it up.

She smiled when she saw that there was still some of Jerri's cummy residue
still clinging to the beautiful dildo nature had manufactured. No longer
concerned with Jerri, she eagerly stuffed the dildo tip in her mouth and
sucked as much of Jerri's juices off it before it dried in the blistering
heat of the Australian Outback.

'Mmmmmh! Sweet!' She thought to herself. 'Only wish I could get my mouth
on the fountain that supplied this juicy snack. Shit, now I know why she got
so excited when she found this piece of HARD wood.'

The camerawoman quickly made her way back to her hiding place before she got
carried away with her own lust. It wouldn't do if Jerri came out and found
out that she'd been filmed by her, or all the other members of the camera
crew at one time or another.


Back in the safety of the cool cave, Jerri lay on her back, her fingers
rubbing over her still simmering pussy. She didn't bother buttoning the
shirt, or the shorts at this time as nobody knew where she was. Her nipples
had remained hard as nails after that beautiful fuck she had just given

'Damn! I forgot my dildo,' she swore to herself. 'Oh well, I'll pick it up
when I leave. Nobody around to steal it anyway.'

So, she settled herself to rest and soon fell asleep.


A kilometer away, a pack of wild dogs was roaming the area. These dogs were
quite common in the Australian Outback. They were a wolf-like breed known as
dingoes. It's reputed that these are one of those rare breeds of dogs which
do not bark.

The Alpha-male of the pack suddenly lifted his brownish-yellow head and
sniffed the air as something caught his attention. There was something
familiar that his keen sense of smell had picked up. Something his pack
hadn't found in many months, not since the last female of the pack was killed
by a passing truck.

He quickly bolted in search of this scent, his pack following their leader.
They ran and ran, stopping only occasionally because the scent was being
blown about by some wind currents. Regardless of the any obstacle, they
intended to find this female in heat and release some of their own tension.


Back in the hidden confines of the brushes, Janet was luxuriating on
pleasuring herself in the same manner that she had observed Jerri only a few
minutes before. From all past reports, she felt sure that she had at least
an hour before she would emerge from the cave. As long as she remained
inside, she couldn't see how she could get anything more on film.

Besides, Jerri had put on a fresh change of clothing before she disappeared
inside the rocky shelter. So, even if she could get close enough to shoot
her on film, there wasn't anything of interest that could possibly happen.

Forgetting all about Jerri Manthey for the moment, Janet opened up her shorts
and slipped the large wooden shaft at her cuntal entrance and began pushing
it in slowly. Being smaller than Jerri, the already soaked and bloated dildo
was too large for her. But she didn't intend on letting that stop her, she
placed both hands on the shaft and pulled it into her.

Regardless of the pain, she intended to bury that thing in her tight pussy,
no matter what.


Just then, the Alpha-male came into the clearing in front of the cave
entrance. Then, one by one, six other dingoes came out of hiding. By now,
they could all smell the scent of a bitch in heat and felt sure that they
were near.

The seven wild animals began sniffing the ground frantically in search of
what was eluding them. Then the Alpha-male bolted to the cave entrance and
stood there.

His pack stopped behind him and they all peered inside cautiously.

Back in the deepest recess of the cave, Jerri was slumbering, completely
oblivious to the canine voyeurs spying on her. Her shirt was open just as
she had left it when she fell asleep just moments earlier, her pert tits and
nipples poking hard against the material. The fasteners of her shorts were
also undone, leaving the front parted invitingly to her still glistening

Janet was also oblivious the wild intruders, being too engrossed in filling
her own cunt with the wooden shaft. The pack never even noticed her aroma
as Jerri's was much more prevalent at the cave entrance where they had made
their appearance. She simply went about her business of trying to fit the
wide wooden dildo into her own pussy hole.

The large Alpha-male creeped deeper inside the cave following the scent
rather than believing his eyes. All of his instincts were telling him that
there was a bitch in this hole, even if all that he could see was one of the
creatures called humans.

As he crept closer, his nose twitched as it guided him closer and closer to
Jerri's unbuttoned shorts. Once he zeroed in of the source of the scent, he
would then nudge his snout in her wet crotch to verify it again. Then, with
instinct guiding him, he slipped his long canine tongue out of his maw and
began lapping at her pussy.

"Mmmmmmh!" Jerri moaned at the luscious tongue lashing, startling the wild
beast momentarily.

Once he was sure that she wasn't about to attack him, he returned to her hot
crotch and resumed his licking. His sandpapery tongue would run along her
pussylips, not forgetting her still aroused clit, which caused a louder moan
to escape the woman's lips. Once again, he jumped back defensively. Then he
would return to the job at hand and resumed licking Jerri's cunt.

The next time she moaned, he didn't react, now accustomed to her aroused

The rest of the pack was observing their leader intently. They still
couldn't figure what he was trying to do. They could clearly see that this
was no dingo bitch. It was just one of those dangerous humans that kept
hunting them. So how was it that their leader was treating her as if she was
a bitch?

Cautiously, they approached the slumbering human and encircled her and their
leader. They just stood there, their heads tilted in utter confusion.

As the Alpha-male kept licking at her pussy, Jerri's slumbering body,
reacting to her inner lust, parted her legs wider, opening up her pussylips
to the wild dog.

The large beast didn't miss this invitation and slithered his long tongue
straight into the gaping hole of her used pussy.

"Ooooooh! Mmmmmmh!" Jerri moaned louder, thinking that this was all a very
nice and hot dream she was having and not realizing the danger she was in.

By now, the Alpha-male's cock was also reacting to the taste of her hot
pussy. The pink tip of the canine phallus was rapidly extending itself out
of its furry hiding place.

Within a few moments, the other dogs were also feeling the effect of her
sexual aroma on their dicks. One by one, their cocks were also peeking out
of their sheaths. Soon, Jerri was surrounded by seven very horny and very
well endowed dingoes.

Part Three

Still believing that she was enjoying a erotic dream, Jerri's hand roamed
down towards her open shorts to instinctively relieve herself as she
continued her dream. That's when her fingers felt the wet presence of
something. Something very rough, very sandpapery, and very real.

"Wha..." she suddenly opened her eyes, realizing that she wasn't alone any
longer. "Oh fuck!" She yelled out at seeing the strange dogs in the cave
with her.

From the nearby bushes, Janet heard Jerri's outburst as it echoed through
the cave. Forgetting about the wooden cock still stuck up her cunt, Janet
grabbed her camera and stealthily made her way to the cave's entrance. She
rushed to the entrance, the dildo still sticking out of the crotch of her
shorts. Once there, she quietly peered inside.

'Holy shit!' She thought, fighting an urge to yell it out.

The sight that greeted her was beyond comprehension. There, in the back of
the cave, lay Jerri Manthey, naked. And it seemed as if she was surrounded
by a pack of wolves.

'No, not wolves,' she corrected herself. 'What do they call them here? Oh,
yeah, they're dingoes. Well, whatever they are, they're wild and potentially

The young camerawoman was about to try to scare the creatures away when she
noticed something strange going on with one of them.

'What the fuck is that big one doing?' She wondered.

Then her eyes bulged when she saw him lower his huge head and lick Jerri's
pussy. She expected Jerri to yell out in protest, but instead she watched
the Survivor tramp close her eyes in obvious ecstasy. The next thing to
catch her attention was the hard-on the animal was sporting. Already it had
stiffened to a lovely eight inch in length with more apparently to come.

Looking around to the other dogs in the cave, she could also make out that
they were also getting aroused by the trampy young actress.

'Damn, she loves it,' she realized. 'Fuck, this girl'll take on anything
with a cock.'

With that, she brought her camera up to her shoulder and began shooting what
was going on inside the cave. She focused the lens on Jerri and the dogs and
clicked on the play button. She started with a pulled back wide shot so that
she could catch the dark-haired woman and all the wild dogs surrounding.
Then she zoomed in to capture the sight of the Alpha-male licking at her
juicy cunt.

Janet had no way of knowing that Jerri had no knowledge of the dogs aroused
state. All that Jerri knew was that this damn animal was a great licker.

"Oh fuck, doggie," Jerri gasped. "You sure know how to suck pussy. Keep
doing that, boy. I can feel myself building up to a nice cum any second

'A movie is always better with sound,' Janet smiled as she heard the
brunette's words through the earpiece that connected her to the camera's

"Mmmmmmh! Oh yeah!" Jerri groaned. "Oh, yeah! Right there. Right th...
Ungh! Oh fuck! I... I'm cumming you big brute. You're making... you're
making me cum! Cummmi... cumming! Jesus, I'm cumming on a fucking dog's
tongue! CummmMMMIIINNNGGG!"

Janet pulled back in surprise at how powerful an orgasm Jerri was having.
She was even a bit envious of the monstrous climax she had just witnessed.
But there was simply no way that she would ever let a dog do something like
that to her.

Jerri tentatively reached up to rub the dingo's head. This was met with a
low growl from the wild animal and pulled her hands back defensively. It was
at this point that she looked around at her situation and took notice of all
the other dogs in the cave with her.

She trembled in fear at seeing their eyes glowing like demons in the slight
light of the cave. Then she shook even more when her eyes caught site of
their pink hard-ons standing out brightly in the shadows.

"Oh god!" She gasped, finally realizing that things were far from done.
"The... these beasts are... they're all horny!"

'This is even better,' Janet grinned to herself. 'The bitch is gonna get
herself raped by a pack of dogs. This is one tape I'm keeping to myself.
Fuck the others,' she told herself, referring to her co-workers.

"Get away from me!" Jerri finally yelled out, startling the dingoes

But the Alpha-male was now used to her and wasn't showing any sign of fear.
In fact, he moved forward and his teeth clamped down on her shorts and began

"No! Get away I said," she shouted as she tried slapping him on the snout.

He snapped his jaw at her only once, that's all it took to convince her not
to fight back.

Jerri just lay there helplessly as the large wolf-like dog tugged on her
shorts. Shortly, she could hear the tough material begin to tear as the dog
kept tugging.

Seeing their leader's action, two of the other dogs approached her from
behind and began ripping off her shirt from behind. Their surprise tug
pulled Jerri sharply back, causing her to fall hard on her back.

Then the whole pack joined in and began tearing at her clothes as she
screamed hysterically.

At first, Janet thought that they were ripping into her flesh, which wouldn't
have been out of the question with wild dogs. She wasn't sure what she
should do to help the terrified woman. She had no weapon with her, all that
she had was the camera.

She was about to put it down to jump into the bestial fracas when she saw
that it was only Jerri's clothing being ripped off. She breathed a sigh of
relief and resumed filming them for prosperity.

In a matter of minutes, Jerri's clothing hung in tatters over her tanned
skin. Her pussy was fully exposed to the animals now, and Janet could see
her pussylips had blossomed from excitement, even if Jerri was terrified.

She resigned herself to the will of the wild animals, knowing that she was
defenseless against them now. They had fully subjugated her by fear now.

'I always heard that fear was a great aphrodisiac,' she thought with a smile.
'Now, I know it's true.'

The Alpha-male returned to Jerri's sopping wet pussy and dug his snout
roughly in her cunt, nudging his whiskers against her over excited clit.

The other dogs moved in closer and tried to join in, but the leader would
have nothing to do with that. With a sharp growling warning from him, they
backed away.

Then some of them moved to Jerri's sweat glistening chest and began lapping
the salty film off her tit flesh.

"Ooooh!" Jerri moaned at the rough tongues on her breasts.

They're tongues lapped rapidly across her pert tits, and they seemed to pay
particular attention to her hard nipples. Two of the younger dingoes even
began suckling on them as if they were pups.

"Ohhhh, shit!" Jerri moaned again. "Thi... this feels... so... so damn

Janet pulled back on the zoom to capture the bestial pleasure that the
dingoes were having with the young woman. She paid particular attention to
the dogs' raging hard-ons.

Jerri fell helplessly to her back and relished the rough tonguing the
Alpha-male was giving her. That's when she first noticed pre-cum dripping
off the tips of the nearest of the dingoes. She watched as the watery
droplet hung there at the tip of the blood red phallus before it dropped.
Her eyes followed the drop as if it was in slow motion.

Then her eyes would return to the dog's cockhead where another drop was
seeping. Shacking her head violently to bring herself back to reality, she
quickly glanced under each of the dogs only to see that they too were aroused
and dripping pre-cum to the soil.

"Oh god!" Jerri groaned. "The... they all got hard-ons. I just hope

Before she could finish her sentence, one of the dingoes shifted position and
his cock brushed itself across her flushed cheek, streaking her face with his
pre-cum. Being the slut that she was, her mouth instinctively parted, and
her tongue poked out before she realized what she was doing.

Before she regained her senses, the dingo's glistening cockhead ran across
her seeking tongue, bathing her taste buds with the metallic flavor of his

Once she realized what had just happened, she gagged at the notion of the
cock that had brushed itself on her tongue. But before that, she had gotten
a taste of what doggie jism tasted like. Despite her gagging, she had to
admit to herself that it wasn't all that bad.

Janet had captured that moment on film before Jerri retracted her tongue back
into her mouth. That's when she decided to focus her attention on the
actress' upper torso, not that the Alpha-male's licking of her pussy wasn't
exciting. She was hoping that more action might happen at her face.

Seeing all of those raging hard cocks around her, Jerri began to see them in
a new light. They weren't as disgusting as she had perceived them earlier.
Now that she knew that the dogs weren't there to attack her, at least not
with their jaws, she began appreciating their equipment for what they were.
Cocks! Big hard and long cocks!

"Jesus! For dogs, you boys sure are well packed," she said aloud, speaking
to the dogs and not realizing that she was being immortalized on film nearby.
"And you sure know how to suck a woman too," she added, referring to the
Alpha-male's licking. "I... I bet you all want to cum too. Would you like

'Holy fuck!' Janet couldn't believe her ears 'The slut is actually gonna do
this with them.'

She repositioned the camera to a more comfortable position on her shoulder
and continued to watch and film the wannabe actress. She also felt her
arousal mounting in her own pussy, so she lowered her free hand to her crotch
and hit the still imbedded wooden dildo.

'Christ!' She swore to herself. 'How could I have forgotten about that?
Hee, hee. Guess I got carried away with the slut.'

So, she placed her free hand on the dildo and began humping herself as she
continued to follow what would happen next between Jerri Manthey and the wild

Jerri scanned her surroundings, paying close attention to the dingoes and
decided to find out what their cocks felt like. Picking one dingo in
particular close to her hand, she reached up cautiously and touched its rigid
phallus lightly.

The dog simply looked down under its belly and kept a close watch at what the
human was doing. Sensing that she didn't intend him any harm, he returned to
licking Jerri's hard nipples.

Seeing that the mutt wasn't objecting to her fingers, she softly grasped the
canine cock and ran her fingers lightly up and down its length, giving the
dingo a handjob. She found the cock much more slippery than any man's had.
But what really got her excited was the heat that it seemed to generate. It
almost felt like a scalding heat, though that was more likely her imagination
over the taboo of her actions.

'Shit! What a slut,' Janet told herself as her tongue ran over her lips in
heated arousal herself.

Jerri moved her other hand to another of the wild dogs and began giving it a
handjob as well. The other dogs could sense that their companions was
getting something special from the human bitch and they were getting rowdy
with jealousy.

One of the dingoes grew impatient and was snapping at his companion on the
other side of the prone woman, placing his stiff cock just inches above
Jerri's head.

Jerri knew that she couldn't do what she was considering doing, but her
sexual instinct was taking complete control over her actions. Without much
resistance on her part, Jerri lifted her head a few inches and began
lavishing the moist phallus with her tongue, which got the snapping dingo's
attention immediately.

Janet quickly zoomed in the camera to Jerri's dog-cock-sucking face. In her
own excitement, she had driven most of the wooden cock in her pussy. What
she couldn't manage earlier on her own, she had done violently and with full
pleasure as she followed the depraved actions of Jerri Manthey.

The young camerawoman couldn't decide if she should keep her focus on Jerri's
sucking a dog cock, or on the large one that was busily licking her pussy, or
maybe the two other dogs that she was voluntarily giving handjobs to. For
the next few minutes she was zooming in and out so fast that she couldn't
even see what was going on too clearly.

'Calm down girl,' Janet told herself, lowering the camera to catch her
breath. 'Calm down, or you won't be able to take any clear shots.'

Taking three deep breaths, she got the camera back in position and zoomed out
to capture the full extent of Jerri's willing activities. She focused on the
last three dogs still licking her tits. This central shot included all seven
dogs surrounding the brunette and what she was allowing herself to do with

Part Four

Jerri could barely believe what she was doing. She lay submissively on the
cave floor, surrounded by a pack of wild dingoes and now she was pleasuring
herself as she would with any guy she ever had before.

She knew that she shouldn't be sucking a dog's penis, yet there she was with
one slipping past her lips as she sucked it in deeper. At the same time, she
was giving two of the other dogs handjobs while another was busy licking at
her pussy, making her cum more than any guy ever could.

And to top it all off, the last three dogs were busy licking and suckling on
her already rock hard nipples, making her ache by their sensitivity.

"Mmmmmmh!" She moaned around the mouth stuffing cock. 'Good thing nobody
can see this. They'd ship me out and I'd lose out on the million bucks.'

She was still unaware of the video being done of her by Janet Cherneski. The
petite camerawoman had been taping her from the moment she left the tribal
campsite without Jerri's knowledge. She had already captured her
masturbating with the wooden dildo she had found earlier. In fact, the
peeping video recorder was using that same dildo on herself as she taped
Jerri with these wild dogs.

As Jerri kept sucking the dingo's shaft as his comrades ravished the rest of
her body with their sandpapery tongues, the Alpha-male of the pack was
hungrily licking up the juices that was seeping out of her blood-engorged

Janet was keeping a tight focus on everything that the Survivor contestant
was doing, both to herself and with the dingoes, all the while using Jerri's
wooden dildo on herself.

"Ooooh! Right there you mutt!" Jerri groaned as the Alpha-male was nibbling
on her over-excited clit.

Janet was sweating bullets as she watched the lewd action going on before
her. She continued pumping the thick wooden dildo in and out of her own
pussy as she tried getting close-up shots of Jerri's pussy with the dog snout
stuffed in it.

"Owww!" Jerri yelped suddenly as the Alpha-male began snipping at Jerri's
pussylips with its teeth. "What do you think you're doing?"

But the large dingo paid no attention to her protest and nipped at her cunt
again. Jerri quivered in fear as the sharp fangs bit on her sensitive

"Oh God!" The Survivor contestant moaned, fear in her voice. "Th... they're
gonna kill me."

Janet caught those words and looked around for some kind of weapon to come to
the rescue with. But the only thing she had available was that wooden dildo
stuffed in her pussy, and with seven wild dogs that wouldn't be much good.

'Well, maybe I can get a snuff movie out of this,' the petite camerawoman
thought, sickened that she even thought of that.

Regardless, she focused her camera back on the frightened Jerri and resumed
capturing her fate on film.

Whether out of panic or excitement, Jerri abruptly turned over onto her knees
in an attempt to escape the wild animals. As soon as the large Alpha-male
saw her in that position, he leaped onto her back and clutched her midriff

"Oh crap!" Jerri cried out. "He... he wants to fuck me!"

She desperately tried getting up to her feet, but the animal's weight was too
much for her. All the young actress wannabe could do was lay there on hands
and knees like a bitch, her tits hanging under her body, and take what the
dog was about to give her.

From her hiding place, Janet grinned at the new twist the dog had thrown in.
She made sure to get a clear shot of Jerri's pendulous tits with their eraser
hard nipples in focus, then zoomed back until she captured the bestial
coupling in a full shot.

'Fuck this is gonna be great,' she thought to herself. 'Will you look at the
size of that mutt's dick.'

The Alpha-male's cock was huge, even by human standards. It had to be at
least eleven inches long and twice as thick as any man could ever dream off.

Jerri hadn't noticed the dog's cock before, being too busy with the rest of
the pack. She had contended herself with the Alpha-male's licking talent.
And now, with the leader's cockhead mere inches from her cunt, she remained
oblivious to its size.

Janet couldn't take this much longer. She needed to be part of this somehow,
but she couldn't. Not with the camera as a burden.

She looked around and noticed a flat rock nearby. Being careful not to be
noticed, she made her way towards it and set the camera on it. Next, she
aligned it carefully toward Jerri and the dogs, making sure that it was a
wide shot to capture every fucking moment. Satisfied that Jerri was well
centered in the lens, and that a few feet of leeway was on either side, she
crept back to her hiding place and sat down to watch the bestial action

Now that she no longer had to worry about the camera, the petite camerawoman
grasped the wooden dildo and began pumping it in and out of her pussy in a
desperate attempt to relieve her own penned up sexual excitement.

Jerri could feel the large Alpha-male shuffling its paws on the dusty cave
floor in preparation to burying his bone in her. She really didn't want to
let a dog fuck her, but under the circumstances, she didn't see that she had
any choice in the matter. Looking around the cave, she noticed that the
other dingoes had crept away and were sitting nearby, their bright red cocks
sticking out of their belly.

Then she felt the warm, moist cocktip of the Alpha-male brush against her
pussylips, causing her to gasp in shock and arousal.

"Oooooooooooooh!" She moaned. "Well, if you can't beat them, join them,"
she finally conceded, still not knowing what to expect.

Reaching back between her legs, Jerri tried to guide the dog's stiff cock to
her hole to get this whole misadventure over with. She finally located its
tip and ran her fingers over it, feeling the sloppy pre-cum coating it. Then
moving back a few inches, she grasped the bulk of the cock that was about to
plunder her pussy.

"OH shit!" She yelped in sudden realization. "I... I can't something that

Feeling Jerri's fingers wrapping themselves around his cock stalk, the dog
assumed that he had located the bitch's cunthole and shoved forward hard.

Before Jerri knew what was happening, five thick, hard inches of the dingo's
cock sliced past her blood-reddened pussylips, filling her painfully.

"AWWWWWWW!" Jerri yelped in pain and surprise as she collapsed on her
elbows, raising her cunt even higher for the dog. "Take it out! Take it
out! Fuck, it hurts!"

Janet watched, mesmerized, as the huge shaft somehow disappeared in the
Survivor contestants tight pussy. She could clearly see how much the thick
shaft was stretching Jerri's pussylips and could only imagine how painful it
must be.

And with Jerri's ass raised higher, the large dingo found it even easier to
fuck into her tight hole.

In her own shock, Janet had pummeled the long, thick wooden dildo even deeper
in her own pussy as she watched the Alpha-male pull back for another hump.
She watched as the large canine curled its back sharply for added leverage in
fucking a bitch.

In and out, in and out, the large canine phallus sliced at Jerri's pussy,
causing her great discomfort.

Janet could clearly see Jerri's pussylips dragging in and out, as they
clutched tightly to the wide cock. But she could also clearly see that the
large dingo was making progress. It seemed, that with each stroke, his cock
would go deeper in the young actress' cunt. She was sure that at least eight
inches was now making its way in Jerri's cunt.

"Unnnngghhh!" She heard Jerri groan, a mixture of discomfort and excitement
in her tone. "Fin... fine. Fuck me you fucking mutt. I... I can't stop...
I can't stop you now, so just... just do it."

As if understanding her, the large dog thrust his hips harder, burying
another few inches in her. Jerri had never been so filled before, not even
with her biggest dildo back home. She was confused about her feelings for
what was happening to her. She should be disgusted, but somehow, her body
was reacting in a totally different way. She could feel her juices building
up in her, orgasms rising in fever pitch within her.

"Arrrgghh!" She groaned again as over ten inches of animal cock rubbed
itself across her sensitive clit. "Fuck! I think... I think I'm gonna...
gonna cum!"

Hearing those words also got Janet's juices going. She rushed her hand
movement on the dildo, wanting to cum with Jerri. She decided on some double
hand-action for quicker results. So, with one hand manipulating the wooden
dildo, she moved the other to her clit and began rubbing herself feverishly.

Jerri soon recognized that her pussy had stretched enough to accommodate the
dog's cock and it was no longer as painful as when her first shoved himself
in her. She could also feel the heavy lubrication, both from the dog and her
own juices was making it much easier for the large dingo to shove his cock to

"C'mon mutt," she moaned, pleasure obvious in her voice now. "Give it all
you got. I can take you now."

With her eyes half-shut, Janet suddenly noticed some deformity on the dingo's
cock shaft. Way at its back, it bulged obscenely, clearly two times wider
than the Alpha-male's already thick cock shaft.

Jerri of course, was completely oblivious to this new development. With her
head bowed low to the ground, she couldn't see the orange sized knot that was
now growing on the dingo's shaft.

'Shit!! What the fuck is wrong with him?' The petite camerawoman asked

Jerri and Janet had no prior knowledge of canine physiology, so they had no
way of knowing about a dog's knot or its purpose in nature.

"Arrrgh! Unnnngh!" Jerri groaned in satisfaction as she felt the dog's knot
hitting her pussylips.

She thought that it must be the dog's balls hitting her and that he was now
fully imbedded in her cunt. She was amazed at how hard his 'balls' were,
figuring that they must really with full of jism. She couldn't wait to feel
the scalding heat of his cum squirting in her pussy now.

Janet watched intently, her fingers working hard on her own crotch. She
watched as the large dog pulled back and thrust forward hard, harder than any
time previous. She watched in utter amazement as Jerri's pussylips parted
slightly, allowing an inch of the dog's knot past.

But the Alpha-male could feel that this bitch's cunt was resisting his
attempt at tying with her, he reached down to her head and clutched Jerri's
hair with his jaws, pulling back sharply.

"Aiiiiiieeee!" Jerri yelped in surprise. "Wha... what do you think you're

As the large dog thrust forward again, he tugged at her hair. In the sharp
pain of her scalp, Jerri hadn't even realized that half the dog's knot had
found its way in. Two more similar thrust and suddenly he was in and locked
in place.

Janet's eyes bulged when she saw that massive deformity disappear completely
inside Jerri Manthey's cunt.

'How could any woman take something that thick inside her,' she thought. 'I
could never in a million years do something like that.'

Only when the dingo released her hair did Jerri finally realize how much
fuller her pussy had gotten. Now she could feel the stretching pain of her
cuntlips as the large knot filled her. Reaching between her legs, she tried
to feel her crotch to find out what was happening.

"Holy shit!" She groaned when she felt the presence of the dog's bulge
trapped inside her pussy. "Ungh! Ungh! Urgh!" She grunted with each
thrust from the wild canine.

Janet shoved the wooden shaft deep in her pussy as she stared is utter
disbelief at the bestial scene before her. She could swear that she could
see Jerri's belly bulge out at her cunt where the wide knot was tied to her.
her small tits aching as her nipples strained against her own skin.

With great effort, Jerri raised herself on her hands and stood unmoving with
the huge dog still mounted on her back. Glancing around, she tried to get
the attention of one of the waiting dogs nearby.

"If I'm gonna get fucked like a bitch, I might as well enjoy it," she said
aloud, not thinking that anybody was around to hear, or that her voice was
being recorded. "Here boy," she called out to none in particular. "Get over
here and let me take care of that hard-on you got there."

After a few minutes, one of the dogs stood and approached the kneeling girl's
face and began sniffing her to make sure everything was kosher.

Carefully, Jerri reached under the dingo's belly and caressed its moist
cockshaft, squeezing it lightly. The dog looked back, but didn't seem to
object to her manipulation of his penis. Satisfied that the wild dog wasn't
going to bolt on her, Jerri lowered her head and began licking along the
pre-cum soaked shaft, gathering all of his lubrication.

'Fuck, what a bitch she is,' Janet thought as she continued fucking herself
with the piece of wood.

For a moment, the Alpha-male and the dog Jerri was sucking snapped at each
other. But once they were satisfied that the other wasn't going to move into
his territory they calmed down and resumed fucking Jerri at either end.

"Mmmmmmh!" Jerri moaned, her mouth stuffed with yet another dog cock, all
the while luxuriating in the fullness in her cunt.

Eventually, the Alpha-male stopped moving, remaining steady on her back, his
knot still locked firmly inside her clenching pussy. Then Jerri shuddered as
she felt the scalding heat of the dog's jism splashing against her cuntwalls,
reaching to the far depths of her womb.

"Uuunnnggghhhh!" Jerri groaned loudly as a monstrous orgasm hit her at the
same time as the canine leader unloaded in her pussy.

For what seemed like an eternity, the Alpha-male kept emptying his balls in
the lustful young actress, filling her with more and more of his seed. All
the while, Jerri intensified her sucking of the other dog, hoping to make him
cum while the other was still filling her. And in the shadows of the cave,
Janet Cherneski kept on with her own self-gratification as she spied on the
bestial behavior of the game contestant.

"Mmmmmmmh!" Janet moaned in a hush as she too experienced an orgasm, not
wishing to be noticed by Jerri.

As the Alpha-male remained on her back, Jerri kept on sucking the other
dingo's cock in the hopes of emptying that beast's balls as well. Her
distorted logic was telling her that the sooner these two animals are
sexually satisfied, the faster she could get out of this predicament. She
didn't take into account the other five wild dogs waiting in the cave for
their turn at this bitch.

Janet was plunging that wooden dildo feverishly in her moist cunt hoping to
have her orgasm before Jerri noticed her spying on her. She too hadn't
considered that the pack of wild dingoes would be keeping the Survivor
contestant much to busy for her to concern herself about that.

Finally, the Alpha-male dropped off of Jerri's back, landing his forepaws
next to her. Jerri sighed a sigh of relief expecting that he would simply
wander off. Imagine her surprise when she felt the dingo's hindleg run
across her back and suddenly finding herself still tied to the dog's cock,
but butt-to-butt.

'Oh God!' Jerri thought to herself. 'I... I think we're... I think that
we're stuck together. God, I hope this isn't permanent.'

Reaching back between her legs, Jerri could feel the bulge of the dingo's
knot still firmly imbedded in her pussy. She tried pulling it out of her
cunt but grunted in pain at the extreme pressure that it inflicted on her.

Suddenly, the Alpha-male started walking away from his position, dragging
Jerri by the cunt in the process.

In desperation, Jerri clawed at the ground trying to remain in position,
never releasing the canine cock in her mouth for a moment.

To Janet, it appeared that the slim brunette was so cock-hungry, that she
would do anything to keep sucking a dog's cock. Janet grinned devilishly at
Jerri's situation. She nearly gave herself away when she started giggling.
Only her quick response of covering her mouth with her free hand did Jerri
remain oblivious to her presence.

As the petite camerawoman continued watching and fucking the wood dildo in
and out of her pussy, the Alpha-male suddenly pulled his still impressive
looking cock out of Jerri Manthey's vagina with a loud popping sound. She
focused sharply at the wet phallus as it dangled semi-erect beneath the
dingo's furry belly.

'Damn, that looks nice,' she thought to herself before she even realized what
she was thinking. 'Whoa girl! She's the bitch in heat, not me.'

In an attempt to get her mind off the dog's wet cock, Janet began pumping the
wooden dildo harder and faster into her pussy. Within moments, she gasped as
another orgasm hit her.

Now that her pussy was finally empty, Jerri watched in horror as another of
the wild dog's approached her rear. She could hear him sniffing her ass,
then felt his tongue lapping the Alpha-male's cummy residue that was now
leaking down her thighs.

As the dingo followed the trail of doggy jism up her calf, it didn't take him
long to locate her pussy and began attacking that with a monster thirst.

"Mmmmmmmh! Mmmmmmmmh!" Jerri began moaning loudly around the dog cock in
her mouth as this new dingo continued lapping at her pussy.

Janet watched, mesmerized as a third dog began on the wannabe actress. She
couldn't help but tweak her stiff nipples as the dog licked at the slim
brunette's cunt while she sucked on the other wild animal.

"Gggllluubbbb! Glurb!" Jerri gurgled as the dog-cock in her mouth began
shooting its heavy load down her throat.

Wanting to get it all, Jerri shoved her face forward, forcing the ten-inch
canine phallus down her throat as the warm fluid flowed to her hungry
stomach. Her nose twitched as she found her face buried to the dog's balls
and its furry covering tickled her.

Janet could make out that the dog Jerri was sucking was cumming, she could
see Jerri's throat muscles working as she gulped down the jism. The very
idea of witnessing such an act of depravity only excited the petite
camerawoman even more and she came yet again.

Suddenly, the dog-cock she was sucking pulled away, leaving a thread of jism
from Jerri's lips to the dingo's cock tip. Janet watched in awe as this
confirmed that the Survivor contestant had in fact sucked off the wild beast
until it shot its load.

As soon as her mouth was vacated by the first dingo, another came rushing
forward and mounted her head as if he was mounting a bitch's rear for a fuck.
This new animal began humping furiously, trying to bury his shaft in the hole
that the girl obviously used to satisfy his comrade.

Jerri didn't disappoint the animal as she guided her mouth to its glistening
cockhead and sucked it right in without giving it a second thought. For the
second time in less than ten minutes, Jerri Manthey was being double-fucked
by two wild dogs and she was loving it.

At that same instance, the dog lapping her rear mounted her and was humping
himself trying to find her pussyhole. Jerri was about to reach back and
guide him in when his cockhead found the tight entrance of her ass. With a
mighty shove, the animal buried his thick shaft in her dry sphincter.

Despite her promiscuous personal lifestyle, Jerri had remained virgin in
her ass, and this sudden intrusion in her unlubricated hole was extremely
painful. Her only bit of good news at this was, despite her asshole being
dry, the dog's phallus had been somewhat lubricated by its pre-cum.

"Grruuurrrggghhh!" Jerri groaned in pain around the mouth-stuffing cock.

Janet came again on the wooden dildo shaft as she furiously rammed it in and
out of her tight cunt. She couldn't get enough of the lewd performance she
was witnessing. For a little while she tried matching the humping pace of
the dingo fucking the brunette's rear, but she couldn't keep it up. Her arm
soon tired and she had to slow down or stop all together.

The two canines began humping in unison, shoving Jerri's body into its
comrade's shaft and vice versa when the other shoved forward. Janet watched
mesmerized as Jerri's bouncy tits jiggled to and fro from the battering
fucking she was receiving.

Tears of pain were flowing from Jerri's eyes as she clenched them shut in
hopes of ignoring the painful ass fucking she was receiving. But her
instincts never let her stop sucking the other dog.

Janet fucked herself painfully with the wooden shaft as she continued spying
on the bestial rape unfolding before her eyes. Her tongue ran across her dry
lips in thirty lust as she watched those wet, hard shafts slice in and out of
the slender brunette's holes. Her mind reeled in disbelief at how well hung
these dogs were and almost wished she had a real cock to take care of her
needs too. but she wasn't about to be as perverted as Jerri was, no matter

As Jerri continued sucking one doggie-cock, the one in her ass was still
pumping in and out feverishly. After a little while, her ass muscles began
relaxing and that stiff pole wasn't causing her as much pain. Soon, the pain
was being replaced by a sense of pleasure. Soon, she began undulating her
ass to assist the dog in his ass fucking.

Just outside the cave entrance, Janet was humping herself furiously with the
wooden shaft as she observed Jerri's compliance to the anal invading canine.
Wanting to feel the same experience, she pulled it out with a loud slurp from
her tightly clenching pussy and got on her hands and knees. Then she drew
back the stiff piece of lumber and tried shoving it in her own ass. Unlike
Jerri, she had prior experience in getting fucked there, and with the wooden
shaft well lubricated with her own pussy juices, she managed to get the first
few inches in, then began sliding it in and out as she continued spying on
the wannabe actress' bestial rape.

As her pain dissipated in her ass, Jerri began enjoying the whole anal
fucking, which in turn encouraged her to suck the other dingo even more.

'Damn, what a horny bitch she is,' Janet commented to herself as she
continued shoving the dildo in her own ass.

The two wild canines on Jerri were much younger than the first two and they
quickly let loose a torrent of jism in her. For some reason, this
disappointed Jerri immensely, though she was grateful that the cock in her
ass hadn't tied as the Alpha-male had. But what she did enjoy was the fact
that they both came simultaneously, filling her ass and mouth at the same

Janet noticed immediately that Jerri was cumming along with the dogs. It was
getting that she could read her body language like an open book. Seeing the
bitch cumming on the two horny dingoes launched her into yet another orgasm
of her own.

The two younger dingoes pulled out and away from Jerri rather roughly,
causing her to grunt painfully at the brutal egress.

"Ouch!" She yelped. "Fucking ungrateful mutts!"

Then, almost without thinking, she turned her head and leered at the three
remaining dogs that hadn't had their chance with her yet. Her eyes narrowed
as she focused her sight to their three stiff, blood red prongs sticking out
from between their loins.

"Could I? Should I?" Janet heard Jerri asking herself aloud.

'Could she, should she what?' Janet thought, then her eyes followed Jerri's
eyes and noticed the three remaining wild dogs. 'Holy crap! The fucking
bitch can't get enough of doggie dick!'

"C'mon boys," Jerri called out. "Come get some pussy. Your friends seemed
to like it enough. C'mon, don't be shy."

Part Five

With the dildo still stuck in her ass, Janet leaned forward on hands and
knees at the cave entrance, not wanting to miss a moment of this.

The last three dingoes cautiously approached the exhausted Survivor
contestant and began sniffing her jism-splattered body. Very quickly, they
began lapping at her from all sides. One of them found her gaping mouth and
stuck his tongue down her throat to get at the spermy residue within, giving
her a bestial frenchkiss, which Jerri returned energetically.

The other two wild dogs were attacking her ass and pussy, one lapping up his
previous comrades jism while his buddy dug into Jerri's pussy to get at her

Jerri was getting aroused all over again as she felt the doggie tongues
salivating all over her body. She wanted to get done with the dogs, thinking
that satisfying them once would suffice in their lust.

Reaching under the dingo in front of her, she grasped its wet cock and pulled
him towards her mouth in the hopes that the mutt would get the idea. She
wasn't disappointed when the dingo mounted her head and began humping his ass
in search for the promised hole. She greedily shoved her face forward and
swallowed its eight-inch cock in one swift gulp.

As she busily sucked on that dingo, she felt another mounting her rear, his
hard, slick cock poking at her pussylips. She lowered her shoulders to make
it easier for the mutt to find her hole. Despite this being her first
experience with bestial sex, she was a quick learner and caught on that dog's
expected to find a bitch's pussy in a different position than her's was.


Janet watched excitedly as Jerri was about to present her with yet another
show with animal fucking. With all of her attention focused on Jerri and her
lovers, she hadn't noticed the Alpha-male moving closer to her location. The
wooden dildo still imbedded in her asshole.

While Jerri was busily servicing the rest of his pack, the Alpha-male had
enough time to recuperate and his keen sense of smell was picking up the
scent of another bitch in heat. He quietly got to his feet and followed the
scent trail as he hugged along the cave walls. This was the reason that he
had escaped Janet Cherneski's attention.

With his rubbery paw muffling the sound of his steps, he made his way closer
and closer to the kneeling camerawoman. He kept sniffing the air and zeroed
in on Janet's leaking pussy.

As Janet's full attention remained on Jerri Manthey's bestial gangbang, and
her finger was busily working on her own clit, she never even noticed the
large pack leader until his tongue slurped loudly at her pussylips.

"Hey!" She exclaimed, quickly glancing over to Jerri to see if the Survivor
contestant heard her.

Jerri was still in limbo. Nothing existed for her except the dingo cocks
fucking into her. Janet breathed a sigh of relief, but then turned her
attention to the wild dog at her ass.

"Shoo! Shoo! Get away from my, you mongrel," she whispered, trying to
control her own panic.

But the large canine paid no mind to her commands. He deftly dodged her
swinging arms and returned to licking her wet cunt promptly. Janet didn't
want to go through what Jerri had. Watching it was one thing, but having it
happen to her was another.

She tried getting up to run out of the cave entrance, but the large dingo
deftly mounted her and his weight made her collapse back to her knees.

"Oh God! He... he's going to fuck me," she hissed, still trying to remain
secluded from Jerri's attention. "I... I can't let that happen. I've...
I've got to get away, somehow."

In another vain attempt, she tried lifting herself back up, but the dingo's
weight was just too much for the diminutive camerawoman.

Then she felt something slick and semi-hard rubbing along her own over
excited pussylips. She knew exactly what that was. She had witnessed it
seven times already with Jerri Manthey. It was the dog's slick cock trying
to find her hole.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" She whimpered quietly.

Next, she could feel the dog's weight shift as the large animal began
humping, in search for her pussy.


Meanwhile, the dog tied in Jerri's pussy twisted his yellowish body around
until they were butt-to-butt, his knot still firmly locked inside her. Jerri
didn't seem to mind this, this time. She thoroughly enjoyed it when the
leader of the pack had done exactly the same earlier, though she didn't admit
it to herself then.

Now with one doggy cock stuck in her pussy, and the other in her sucking
mouth, that left one last dog that hadn't had a shot at this bitch.

The seventh dingo scurried around the double mounted girl, sniffing her body
excitedly in search for a place to bury his aching shaft. Then he noticed
her leaking asshole, cum still oozing out from her previous ass fuck.

He eagerly dove in and began licking at her puckered ring, trying to suck out
his comrade's earlier deposit.

Jerri squirmed excitedly at the expert ass licking the dingo was giving her.
She couldn't even compare a man's tongue to the reaming the wild dog was
giving her.

Now desperate for relief, the last dingo did something nobody expected. He
leapt up between the buttocks of his tied buddy and found himself hugging
Jerri's waist as he began humping furiously trying to locate her tight

Jerri couldn't believe what had just happened. There was no way she could
have ever imagined such a scenario. It was hard enough to imagine her ever
being fucked by animals, but now it would appear that she was about to be
invaded by not one, not two, but three hard doggy cocks simultaneously. The
sheer depravity of the situation made her orgasm as she waited impatiently
for the third dog to find her last remaining hole.

It didn't take long for the last dog to locate the vacated asshole, and Jerri
tightened her ass as she felt the slick cocktip work its way in.

'Holy fuck, this is so wild,' she thought to herself as she continued sucking
the dog-cock in her mouth. 'I should have tried dogs years ago. Would have
saved me a lot of heartache.'


Back at the cave entrance, Janet was about to suffer the same fate as Jerri
Manthey. She was about to be raped by a wild dog. The one with the biggest
cock no less. She recalled how difficult it was for her to take the wooden
dildo compared to Jerri, so she feared the large canine phallus even more.

'Oh God! How... how can I take a cock that size in me?' She asked herself.
'He... he'll tear me to shreds.'

Then she remembered that the wooden dildo was still in her ass. In
desperation, she tried reaching back to pull it out before the large dingo
buried his cock in her pussy at the same time. She knew that she couldn't
take two hard shafts together like that. Not that and live through it she
thought for sure.

But the Alpha-male thought that she was trying to pull his cock away from his
goal and snapped his jaw at her menacingly. He didn't much care for bitches
who rejected him and he let her know that.

Janet pulled her hand away in fear, seeing the row of sharp, menacing canines
in the wild animal's jaw. Realizing that she was helpless to prevent her
impending rape, she set her hands in front of her and braced herself for what
was about to happen.

To keep her mind off her own bestial rape, she focused her eyes towards Jerri
Manthey who was about to take three dog cocks simultaneously. Her eyes
popped open wide when she saw the third dingo dog leap on the young woman's
back, and was suspended there between the tied buttocks of the another dingo
and the young actress.

'Holy crap!' She swore, biting her lower lip. 'Is there no end to this
bitch's sick, perverted mind.'

Just then, the Alpha-male shoved forward, his cocktip spreading her wet
pussylips wide apart as his shaft slithered in her tight vagina.

"UNNNGGHHH!" Janet grunted loudly as the thick doggy cock forced its way in.

At that same instance, the wooden dildo was being painfully shoved deeper in
her ass by the added pressure of the large dingo's groin pushing against it.
This was exactly what she didn't want happen. Tears streamed down her cheek
as she bit her lower lip hard, trying to keep from crying out, drawing blood
in the process.

As she tried to endure the bestial assault on her body, she could no longer
focus her vision on Jerri and her fucking marathon, tears were glazing her
eyes too much to see anything. All she could do was hope that the dog
wouldn't do to her what she saw him do to the other girl.


Meanwhile, Jerri was hungrily sucking on the dogcock in her mouth as she
concentrated her cunt muscles around the one still tied in her cunt. Then
she would clench her asscheeks, placing pressure on the third dingo fucking
madly in her ass.

'Oh Chhrrrriiiisssstttt!' She moaned silently. 'I'm... I'm cumming! I'm
cumming on three dog cocks and it's the best fuck I've ever had. I'm

Then the most amazing thing happened to her. All four of them began shooting
their fluids at exactly the same moment. Jerri's body shook uncontrollably
as her orgasm, the biggest she had ever experienced, exploded inside her,
and at the same time, she could feel the scalding heat of doggy jism being
unloaded in her from all directions.

She could feel the sperm striking the deepest recesses of her womb, just as
she gulped and swallowed as fast as she could the jism shooting in her mouth.
She could also feel the heated cummy enema in her ass.


At the cave entrance, the Alpha-male had quickly tied with the helpless,
petite camerawoman and was twisting his body around hers. Janet was now tied
to the huge, powerful animal just as Jerri had been earlier. However, the
tightness of her pussy was making her experience excruciatingly painful to

Suddenly, and without warning, the Alpha-male headed outside the cave,
dragging the young woman by her pussy with him.

She tried to stop the wild dog from dragging her outside by clawing the
ground with her nails. But that only made it so much more painful to the
poor girl. She quickly had to relent and let the dog pull her wherever he
wanted to.

"AAARRRGGHHH!" She grunted a bit too loudly, and she knew it.

Though Jerri didn't catch her cry of pain, the other dingoes heard. Their
heads snapped around and saw their leader with another two-legged bitch tied
to him. One by one, they followed the tied couple outside in the hopes for
another turn.

Janet looked up in shear terror as the dogs came out of the cave and were
heading in her direction. What she feared the most was that they would want
to do to her what she enjoyed them doing to Jerri Manthey this past hour.
And now she knew that her fear was about to happen.

Having learned from their prior experience with Jerri inside the cave, they
rushed the petite camerawoman and began lavishing her naked body with their
sandpapery tongue. Then one of them mounted her head and began humping his
slick cockshaft across her clenched lips trying to gain entry.

Janet shook her head violently, trying to shake the aroused beast off her
face. But the dingo had a solid hold of her waist. His cock kept poking at
her lips, streaking them with his squirting pre-cum. Janet was sobbing
hysterically as the dog kept smacking his cock against her cheeks, her eyes
and her lips.


Inside the cave, the three dogs were unclenching themselves from Jerri's now
exhausted body. One by one they dropped off her, their cum leaking out of
every orifice. Jerri ran her tongue across her lips to catch any doggy jism
that might have escaped her sucking mouth.

As soon as the last dog disengaged himself from her, Jerri collapsed in a
heap on the dirt floor of the cave. Her tattered and sweat soaked clothes
hanging loosely over her aroused body.

"Oh, fucking shit!" She gasped out breathlessly. "I don't believe I just
did that. I'm so glad nobody was around to see this."

She quickly looked around her surroundings just to convince herself that she
was definitely alone. In the deep shadows of the cave, she didn't even
notice the camera set up on a small rock pedestal a few feet away.

She dipped her fingers in her cum-soaked pussy and swirled them around,
trying to gather some of the dingo's jism for a final taste. She also
couldn't help but rub her clit as she relived in her mind the fantastic fuck
she had had with them.

She could feel the creamy jism as it swirled around her digit, covering
them with its slickness. She still found it unbelievable the amount of cum
those... those animals shot into her.

"I might as well rest up before heading back to camp," she spoke aloud.
"Damn, I'm gonna have to put my swimsuit back on. There's no way I could
explain these torn rags to them."

Slowly, she turned over and rested on the dirt floor and soundly fell into a
deep and deserving sleep. She remained oblivious to what was going on just
outside the cave entrance. She wasn't aware that her seven canine lovers
were at that very moment assaulting yet another woman just beyond her view.

She dreamed of animals fucking her, not just dogs, but goats, bulls, horses.
Her mind even drifted to elephants as she wondered how big their cocks would
be. And being in Australia, her subconscious couldn't help but think what a
kangaroo's penis would look like.


Back outside the cave, the dog fucking at her face finally won its battle and
shoved his now rock-hard cock deep down the whimpering woman's throat,
causing her to choke and gag uncontrollably.

Just then, the Alpha-male pulled his knot out of her tight pussy, much to
Janet's relief. But that relief was short lived as another dingo immediately
replaced him. The wooden dildo never getting an opportunity to work out of
her already sore ass.

All Janet could do was take what was coming to her and hope that she would

The petite woman was relentlessly subjugated to the horny beasts as she
whimpered in shock and shame, tears streaming continuously down her cheeks
and over whichever dog cock was stuffed past her lips.

Two by twos the dingoes would empty their balls in the helpless young woman,
only to be quickly replaced by one of their brethren's. Janet didn't know
how much more of this she could take. If they didn't release her soon, she
was sure that she would pass out from their savage bestial rape.

For early a full hour, the dingoes kept assaulting Janet Cherneski's body
with their hard cocks, plugging them in whichever hole was made available to

Part Six

Back inside the cave, the slumbering Jerri Manthey was finally waking herself

"God, that rest was just what I needed," she moaned as she stretched herself

Then she remembered everything that happened to her to get her so tired and
smiled wickedly. She stretched out in a cat-like fashion, her back curling
sharply as she worked the kinks out of her body.

"Damn, those dogs were good fuckers," she said aloud, knowing, or so she
thought, that nobody could hear.

She rose unsteadily to her feet and found that she had to support herself
against the cave wall, as her legs were still too shaky after the wild fuck
the dingoes had given her.

Steadying herself, she made her way towards the light of the cave entrance,
not forgetting to pick up her knapsack with her infamous blue bikini. The
pack of wild dogs had quite literally ripped her clothes right off her back
before they went about fucking the shit out of her.

"When I get back to the states, I gotta look into getting myself a dog," she
reminded herself. "And if anybody ask why, I'll just tell them that a girl
needs the added protection. Yeah, they'll buy that."

As she neared the cave entrance, she had to duck slightly, as the cave
narrowed just there. She placed her hand on the low roof of the cave to
steady herself and reach the cave's opening. Already she had to squint her
eyes at the brightness of the sun outside.

"Damn, that sun is bright," she swore to herself as she neared the entrance.
"Guess I stayed inside too long."


Just outside the cave's opening, Janet was still struggling with two of the
wild dingoes fucking her cunt and mouth. Already, each animal had fucked her
twice, emptying a full load each time. And each time they pulled out of her,
they would retreat to rest themselves then amazingly return for another go at
her already sore holes.

She could feel the rawness on the lips of her mouth, not to mention the
soreness of her pussylips. Her cheeks were marked from all the tears she had
expunged as she endured her bestial rape. As she squinted her eyes about, a
glimmer of hope struck her. The last two dingoes were sleeping nearby,
apparently exhausted from all the fucking they had done today.

Despite her disgust at being raped by these... these animals, she had
experienced multiple orgasms as their slick shafts sliced in and out of her
now loosened lips. The very thought of her body betraying her like this
didn't relieve her of the disgust she felt towards herself.

'Oh, God,' she thought to herself as she tried to finish off the mongrel
fucking her mouth. 'Let them finally be done with me.'

Just then, the wild dog pumped her mouth full of his creamy deposit and she
was forced to swallow its jism as his thick cock remained there plugging
her mouth. So she could either swallow the cum, or choke off her only air

Almost as if they had worked it out between themselves, the one stuck up her
pussy began shooting its load in her already cum soaked cunt. This new load
of jism was leaking out of her as she couldn't hold anymore of the bestial
seed within her womb.

'Almost done. Almost done,' she was praying to herself as the canines balls

Finally, both dogs tugged their cocks out of her at the same time, causing
her to gag for air once again. Peering around her surroundings, she couldn't
see any of the others approaching her.

Unluckily for her, she didn't notice the Alpha-male that was waiting
patiently behind her until it was too late. The largest dingo jumped up and
wrapped its forepaws tightly around her waist, burying his hard cock and
tying in one mighty and swift thrust.

Janet knew better than to try to resist the large dog's sexual demand, so she
bent down and allowed him easy entry to her pussy.


Just then, Jerri stepped out of her cave and took in a deep breath of fresh
air as she gazed up towards the sky. She hadn't even noticed the six
slumbering dingoes that were hidden from view just around a crop of boulders.

"Ooooh! That feels nice," she moaned as she felt a light breeze caressing
her already stiff nipples.

Stretching her arms against the sides of the rock face of the cave entranced,
she stretched her muscles like a feline, by pushing against the resisting

"UUNNGGHH!" She grunted as she felt her tight muscles relaxing. "Damn! I
haven't had a workout like that in like... ever. I wonder if I can get Colby
to give me a good lay tonight. Naaah! He could never be as good as those

With her eyes still closed, she took more deep breaths as she continued
working out the kinks in her arms and calves.

She was just about to exit the cave when she heard a somewhat familiar
sounding moan coming from just behind the boulders facing the cave entrance.

Her eyes quickly darted towards the source of the noise and she could
unmistakably make out that it was definitely human noises.

'Oh crap!' She thought to herself. 'Sounds like someone is out there. Hope
they didn't see or hear anything.'

Though she thoroughly enjoyed being fucked by the wild dogs, she knew that in
society, that was not an acceptable behavior. And if it ever came out that
she fucked animals, she could kiss her acting career goodbye.

But then again, from what she heard going on in Hollywood, maybe she could
turn it to her advantage if she could get in touch with movie executives who
are into that sort of thing.

Clutching her knapsack over her bare breast, she cautiously moved towards the
source of the sounds. She could now make out a loud slurping sound that
accompanied the human moans.

Moving out of the security of the cave quietly, she finally noticed the six
slumbering dingoes lying about the large boulder that was hiding her noisy
intruder. She didn't think anything of their sleeping so soundly, she
wrongfully assumed that it was because of all the fucking they gave her alone
that had exhausted them.

'Why is that slurping sound so familiar?' She asked herself. 'I've heard
that sound before.'

As she crept stealthily closer to the large obstructing boulder, her nostrils
picked up another very familiar smell. But again, she couldn't place it.

'Why is all this so familiar, yet I can't seem to place them,' she thought

Building up her courage, Jerri silently peeked around the large boulder. She
gasped silently at the sight before her. There on the ground was a petite
woman she had never seen before and she was stuck to the largest of her
canine lovers. A sly grin crept across Jerri's lips as she got a good look
at how she must have appeared with the dog stuck her snatch.

"My, my, what have we here?" She spoke out as she walked out from behind her
hiding place.

Janet's head snapped up in shock at being caught in such a compromising

'Well, at least she won't tell anybody,' Janet considered. 'Not if she wants
her secret kept as well.'

"Sure is nice of you to entertain me like this," Jerri teased.

That's when Janet realized that Jerri had no idea that her secret wasn't so
secret after all. So, the petite camerawoman had to come up with a cover
story to explain her predicament.

"I... I'm with the show," Janet stammered. "I was... I was on a break and
decided to go for a walk downstream... Ungh!" She grunted as the dingo
humped his ass against her. "I... I stopped... I stopped here to take a dip
and sun... and sunbathe.

"Let me guess," Jerri interrupted her. "You bent over and this mutt decided
what a bitch you were."

Janet's anger showed in her eyes at Jerri's quip. But in a strange fashion
that was about as near as she could get without revealing the truth about how
the dogs raped her.

"Plea... please help me," the young camerawoman pleaded. "Just pull him out
of me, please. I beg you. He... he's too big inside my... my pussy."

"Gee, I don't know if I should," Jerri replied.

"What do you mean, you don't know if you should!" Janet screamed in near
hysterics. "You've got to help me. You can't leave me like this!"

"Now, now, no need to go nuts," Jerri leered down at the kneeling woman.
"Tell you what. If you lick me off, I'll help you out. Deal?"

"Are you crazy!" Janet yelled out. "You can't expect me to do something
like that!"

"I don't think you're in any position to object," Jerri told her with a grin.
"After all, I'm not the one with a doggy dick stuck up her snatch."

Janet was tempted to tell this snotty bitch that she saw everything in the
cave, but bit her tongue instead. If she revealed the truth, Jerri might run
off and leave her like this. Taking poll of her choices, she decided that
she might as well comply with the bratty actress.

"O... okay," Janet finally whispered.

"What was that? I didn't hear you," Jerri asked, leaning down in mocking the
helpless woman.

"I said I'll do it," Janet repeated louder as she stared at Jerri's face with

Jerri grinned wickedly as she lay in front of Janet's face and got
comfortable on her back. Lifting herself up on her elbows so she can watch
this cute tiny woman as she sucked her, she spread her legs and waited

Janet hesitated as she stared blankly at the shaved cunt of the wannabe

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Jerri shook her out of her reverie.

Having no other choice, Janet lowered her head and began licking at Jerri's
wet pussy. She felt Jerri's hand wrap themselves in her short hair as the
actress pushed her down. She could taste the sour taste of Jerri's juices on
her tongue, which she didn't mind so much. What she didn't care for was that
she was also cleaning out the cummy residue of the dingoes.

Jerri knew full well that there was still some doggy jism in her hole, and
she wanted this helpless girl to lick it all out for her.

All the while, the Alpha-male continued humping into Janet's abused pussy.
Since the large dog had already cum a number of times, he was in no hurry to
unload this time around.

"Mmmmmmh! You suck good, sweetie," Jerri moaned. "Clean out my cunny will
you. Don't you miss a spot."

Janet went about her task of eating out the Survivor contestant, swearing to
have her revenge before the day was over. She could taste the doggy jism
clinging to her tongue as she licked the soggy pussy and realized what was
demanded of her.

"Mmmmmmmh! I'm so wet," Jerri moaned. "Must have been from watching you and
your lover there."

But Janet knew the real reason why Jerri Manthey's cunt was so damp, and it
wasn't from just watching her bestial rape. It was from all the fucking the
bitchy actress had indulged herself not so long ago.

'How long has it been?' Janet suddenly thought.

It occurred to her that since her bestial rape started, she had lost all
track of time. Was it ten minutes, thirty, or has ordeal been longer still.

Keeping one hand on the back of the petite camerawoman's head, Jerri used her
other hand to tweak at her eraser hard nipples, exalting a gasp of pleasure
as she came on Janet's licking tongue.

Janet was tempted to bite the actress' clitty right off, but she knew that
she would need her assistance to break free from the dingo on her back. So,
she simply concentrated on the licking and hoped that Jerri would be
satisfied soon.

"Oh, yeah, just like that," Jerri moaned over and over again. "You suck
pussy good. You must have done this before."

"Once or twice," Janet was allowed to pull her face out of the actress'
crotch to answer, but then Jerri shoved her back in.

"Mmmmmmmh! Keep sucking girly," Jerri reminded her. "Then I'll help you
with your other problem."

Janet had no choice but to comply as she endured the rampaging dog in her
cunt. Despite having taken all the dingoes time after time for over an hour,
her pussy just wasn't equipped to handle their girth and was much too tight a
fit. So, each mongrel that mounted her was as painful as the previous one.
Add to this that the wooden dildo had never been dislodged during the whole
bestial rape. Just picture having a piece of lumber pressing from the inside
against the penis of the wide dog cocks to imagine the pain that it was
causing her.

'God, what is she waiting for to help me?' Janet groaned painfully to
herself. 'I... I don't know how much longer I can take this.'

As she felt another orgasm nearing, Jerri caressed Janet's sweaty hair as
she watched the large wild dingo fucking his bitch. She had a hard time
believing that she herself had let that same animal fuck her only a few hours

"Ooooooh, yeah!" Jerri moaned as she wiggled her ass in the poor girl's
face. "Keep licking girly. I'm almost there. Almost. Just a bit more.
Aarrrggghhhh! Cumming! Oh, I'm cumming so gooood!"

Janet already knew that as her mouth was flooded with her juices. Being
bisexual herself, she struggled to keep up with the heavy load of cum that
Jerri was feeding her. But it was a losing battle, Jerri cum flow was much
greater than her appetite.

Having been satisfied so well by the petite camerawoman, Jerri stood up and
began slipping her blue bikini back on.

"Wha... what are you doing?" Janet stared blankly at the Survivor girl.
"Aren't you... aren't you going to help me get this dog off me?"

"Why should I?" Jerri responded. "After all, it's not my fault that you
fuck dogs."

"You can't leave me like this," Janet pleaded, anger in her voice. "No
decent human being would leave me like this."

"Listen girly," Jerri grabbed her short hair and pulled her head back
sharply. "Don't even think of giving me grief on the show, or else."

"Or... or else, what?" Janet asked.

"I'll make sure that your boss knows what a sicko you are," the obnoxious
actress replied, then turned and walked away.

"Come back here!" Janet yelled out. "Jerri Manthey, you fucking bitch! Get
the fuck back here!"

But Jerri ignored her shouts and walked back towards the Survivors camp.

Janet could only remain there, the dingo's cock still tied to her over
stretched pussy and wait for the huge knot to reduce enough in size that she
could finally pull herself free. That took another astounding thirty

Once the Alpha-male finally pulled himself free of the small bitch, she
crawled to the river's edge and slid into the cool waters to ease the pain in
her crotch and ass. Once in the water, she reached back and tried pulling
the imbedded wooden dildo out of her ass. It was so deeply shoved in that
for a few moments she feared that she wouldn't be able to pull it out without
medical assistance.

She tried to force it out by putting pressure to her bowels. She hoped that
if nothing else, the push of her shit would at least force the tip out enough
for her to then grasp it and pull it out completely. And that's exactly how
it went. As she ground her teeth hard, her bowels slowly forced to blockage
out. Inch by agonizing inch the long dildo was pushed out.

As soon as she could take hold of it, Janet began pulling it out with her
hands. As soon as it popped out, she had a large bowel movement that
disappeared in the swift waters of the river.

"Damn that Jerri," she swore to herself. "I'll get my revenge, you can bet
on that."

The petite camerawoman remained in the cool water for a good twenty minutes,
waiting patiently for the dingoes to disappear from sight before emerging
from the waters. As soon as they ran off, she walked back on shore and made
her way to the cave to get her equipment.

When she picked up the camera, she smiled. She had assumed that Jerri had
taken the cassette out of the machine, but she hadn't. in fact, the camera
hadn't been disturbed since she propped it up on the tiny rock pedestal.

"Obviously, Miss Manthey didn't know she was being filmed," Janet spoke to no
one. "Well, now I'll fix her. Just wait till we get back stateside."

She pulled out the incriminating cassette and inserted a blank one in its
stead. Then she figured that she should have a more reasonable explanation
for being gone so long without any material to hand over. She walked over
to the largest boulder she could find and intentionally threw herself to the
ground while releasing the camera.

The expensive piece of equipment was heavily damaged by the time she limped
back to the production basecamp. Nobody questioned her explanation of being
injured trying to follow the ever elusive Jerri Manthey, or that the camera
was damaged at the same time.

The first opportunity she had, she mailed out the videotape so that it would
be safe in her PO Box back in the United States.


Janet, along with many others, cheered when Jerri Manthey was voted off the
show at the Tribal Council. However, that wasn't enough of a revenge for
what the bitch forced her to endure. No, not nearly enough.

Jerri took full advantage of her exposure on the Survivor show and got some
guest appearances on a few daytime soaps, not to mention a lucrative offer to
pose for Playboy.

"Finally, I'm getting the breaks I deserve," the budding actress told
herself. "And I didn't even have to let anybody in on my new sex life."

Janet followed what was going on with Jerri impulsively. She had hoped that
the young actress would have self-destructed herself, but she could see that
that wasn't going to happen without some assistance from her. She went to
her safety deposit box at the bank and retrieved her trump card, the

It took her a month to make the tapes into every clip type available on the
internet, but she felt for her plan to work, it needed to be accessible to
the greatest number possible.


A few months after the reality game show was completed and everybody had
returned home, rumors started circulating of this amazing video being posted
on numerous websites and newsgroups. Janet wanted to make sure that Jerri
was exposed for what she was. The advertising of the material only suggested
that it was a wild sex video starring the BITCH everybody loved to hate,
Jerri Manthey.

"See if you survive this, bitch," Janet said aloud, admiring her handiwork
on the Internet.

The various websites hosting the video clips were averaging over a million
hits a day for over a month before Jerri got wind of it. When she checked
out one of those sites, her eyes grew wide in shock and dismay.

"Ho... how did they get this?" She groaned. "Nobody was there. Nobody but
me and..."

Then she remembered the petite woman she found soon after. The one she
caught fucking the same wild dogs she had just a half hour earlier. That's
when she realized that she must have been a camerawoman for the show. That
her camera had caught all of her depravity and now she was posting it around
the world so that everyone would know what a bitch she truly was.

"I'll sue her!" Jerri screamed, startling her two new canine lovers
"I'll... I'll... I can't."

Her head lowered in despair. She knew that she couldn't bring this woman to
court without openly admitting that she fucked animals. Her secret would be
out and no studio would dare touch her after that. Her only hope was that
this would blow over soon, and that people would forget about these pictures.

She glanced at her computer monitor and burst out in tears.

"No way," she sobbed. "How can anybody ever forget seeing something like

The End


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