Remember this is a parody, and not to be taken seriously. Nor is it an
indication of the real sexual practices of those involved in the story. It
is a work of fiction, period. This story contains FF, MFF, drunk, oral,

Survivor 6 - The Amazon: The Girls Get Naked
by MaiIsDaBomb ([email protected])

The tribes had merged and it was now a very important immunity challenge.
Whoever was voted out would not be on the jury. While everyone left would
have a 1 in 9 chance to win a million dollars. Some of the men thought that
it would be simple, there was 6 guys and 4 women. So the idea is that they
would pick the girls off one by one. Little did they know about the alliance
that Rob, Alex, and Matt had with the women. Who planned on picking them all
off starting with Roger the annoying know-it-all.

The immunity challenge was for them all to stand up on a wooden post that was
above the water. The last one left standing would have immunity.

After about half an hour Jenna the swimsuit model made a boast.

"I would strip naked for some peanut butter and chocolate."

"Get this woman some peanut butter and chocolate Jeff!" Insisted Rob to the
show's host.

"I would do it too!" said Heidi rasing her hand as if to be volunteering.

Half an hour later Jeff returned with a plate covered up.

"OK ladies here we have a big glob of peanut butter and chocolate Oreo
cookies along with two ice cold colas."

After seeing the food the two ladies looked at each other and nodded.

Both women removed their tops. After that they're bikini tops were next. Both
women had incredible tits, Heidi's were most impressive, by size she was at
least a D cup. Jenna though smaller had no tanlines at all, and her breasts
had dark nipples and look to be a C cup. Next the guys looked on as the women
pulled down their shorts and their underwear both as they struck a sexy pose
for the men before jumping in the water. They dressed and enjoyed the peanut
butter and cookies. As time went by other contestants jumped off.

Soon it was Rob, Deena, and Christy left.

"I'm not moving until I get offered a bigger amount of peanut butter and
chocolate so I can get those girls to strip again!" Said Rob half laughing.

Surprisingly Jeff came back with a plate with much more peanut butter and
Hershey's chocolate bars this time.

"OK Rob ready to jump now?"

Rob nodded and jumped off swimming over, he ate only a little of the food,
knowing he would use this as a bribing tool later for the two hot women.

Back at camp later that night he was bugged by Heidi and Jenna about the rest
of the chocolate and peanut butter. Rob got out the beers as the other tribe
members were gone getting wood, and water.

Rob started his plan and handed out the beers to the girls. He told them if
they finished the final 10 beers between them. He would give them the peanut
butter and chocolate, but they had to chug it down. The girls wasted little
time in chugging a beer then another, and another. Heidi drank 6 of the
beers, to Jenna's 4, undoubtedly, Heidi had more practice with drinking
alcohol. Likely because Jenna was barely 21 while Heidi was a few years

The two started chowing down on their prize, the chocolate and peanut butter.
They ran out of chocolate much sooner, and were left with just the peanut
butter. The two drunk girls started licking off the peanut butter from their
fingers. Then, they giggled and started licking it off from each others
fingers. Then Jenna rubbed some peanut butter on Heidi's chest and her black
bikini top.

"You got my bikini dirty you bitch, clean it off." Heidi giggled.

Jenna surprisingly went down and began licking the peanut butter on Heidi's
breasts. She pulled Heidi's bikini top off and put peanut butter on her
already hard pink nipples. Rob was very impressed with Heidi's rack. They
looked so much better uncovered. Rob watched as he saw Jenna sucking one of
Heidi's huge knockers in her mouth. Jenna licked and sucked off the peanut
butter from Heidi's boob. Then Jenna went to the other breast coating it
with peanut butter and doing the same thing. Heidi leaned her head back in
pleasure as her breast was swallowed by Jenna. It had been quite a while
since she had any sex, and right now she didn't care who was touching her,
just that it felt good.

Maybe it was the alcohol they had in them, but either way Jenna went even
further as she slid down Heidi's bottoms. She found a nice amount of blonde
pubic hair with a hot snatch. Heidi usually shaved, but being in the Amazon
for a while she only looked like she was trimmed. Jenna spread the peanut
butter all over the blonde's spread legs and began to eat it off of her. Rob
enjoyed this especially the way Jenna looked with her sexy ass up in the air
in the skimpy bikini.

As if Rob was reading her mind Jenna slid her bottom's down revealing a
surprisingly hair dark bush with sexy dark vagina lips (hey she hadn't shaved
there in three weeks). Jenna started using a hand to rub on her pussy while
she went down on the gorgeous Heidi. Rob began to take his cock out and
stroke it at the sight of Heidi's breasts and Jenna's naked ass bent over
eating Heidi out. Even after all the peanut butter was off of Heidi, Jenna
didn't stop licking her pretty pussy. Heidi was ecstatic with the pleasure
running through her body, it was apparent Jenna had done this to another
woman before.

Jenna started drilling her tongue deep into Heidi's inner walls. Her big
boobs bounced up and down as her body spasmed and she orgasmed all over
Jenna's face.

"Mmmmm my favorite dish peanut butter and pussy!" Giggled a drunk Jenna.

"Wow that was so fucking good Jenna, let me do it to you!

Heidi reached back and untied Jenna's bikini leaving her naked like Heidi,
and unleashing her firm tits with dark pointed nipples. Heidi covered both
of Jenna's nipples with peanut butter and began to eat it off her. Jenna
pushed Heidi into her chest and wrapped her legs around the sexy blonde.
Heidi licked Jenna clean of the peanut butter then sexily let the brunette
lick a glob of it off her fingers. They met in a long wet kiss as Heidi
caressed Jenna's perfect toned, round, behind. Heidi got the rest of the
peanut butter and smeared it all over Jenna's inner thighs and pussy.

Jenna got bold and pushed Heidi on her back, then straddled her face. Heidi
started licking the peanut butter off of her. She cleaned off her inner
thighs, taking her time and driving Jenna crazy. Jenna was practically
begging for heidi's tongue when it reached her. Then, it finally did, she
opened up Jenna's pussy and tore into it. The peanut butter disappeared
fast and soon Jenna was riding Heidi's face like no tomorrow. Jenna screamed
at the feeling of Heidi sucking on her clit as Heidi's fingers burrowed deep
in her pussy. Jenna was much more vocal during oral sex than Heidi was.

"That's it oh Heidi yesssssss eat my pussy you fucking bitch, oh fuck yess!"

Jenna caught Rob jerking off at the sight of them fucking, and gave him a
sexy glare and motioned with her finger to come join in. Rob didn't hesitate
and stood over Jenna. Jenna started to take his 8 inch rod into her mouth.
Jenna's nails played with Rob's balls as she grinded her pussy into Heidi's
face. Rob loved the sexy slurping sounds Jenna was making as she slobbed his

"Mmmmmm yeah oh Heidi that's it oh yes your so fucking good!!! Oh I'm almost
there baby almost there! God damn it don't stop!!!!!"

Heidi's tongue work soon became unbearable and Jenna orgasmed on Heidi's
face. Heidi lovingly licked up every drop of Jenna's female cream. Jenna
kept on sucking off Rob, and Heidi looked up at the sexy Jenna's mouth
around Rob's huge shaft.

Not one to be left out, Heidi joined in. She took her turn sucking Rob's cock
as Jenna went down to take his balls in her mouth. Rob looked down at the
two women, and he was in heaven. Two beautiful woman servicing him on their
knees. He held back as much as he could wanting to enjoy this.

He pulled Heidi off his cock and began to fuck her big titties. Heidi pushed
her cleavage together and consumed his rod. Heidi seemed to like having her
tits fucked which was unusual to Rob, considering most women don't. Jenna
even wanted a turn, so he fucked the brunettes smaller tits as well. Jenna
licked the shaft as it disappeared and reappeared between her tanless
breasts. When he was done with that the girls started to take turns sucking
his cock. First Heidi would give his dick about 10 good sucks followed by
Jenna. It went back and forth between the two women, they even used a free
hand to feel up the other woman's body. Jenna was loving Heidi's big tata's
while Heidi kept squeezing and rubbing the brunette's derriere.

Rob could take no more and he unloaded his cum. He shot it in both girls
faces giving them both a facial of his sticking jism. The girls just made the
scene even hotter as they licked the cum of their faces, then shared another
wet kiss. The girls invited Rob to the water where they all cleaned off the
sweat and other fluids. The girls cleaned off each other in the water, then
cleaned off Rob. As they saw the rest of the tribe was making its way back to
camp, the three quickly got dressed. One thing was for sure, if Rob ever got
together with these girls after Survivor was over, he'd bring plenty of
peanut butter and chocolate.


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