This is fictional and not to be taken seriously. Remember the way the
persons are portrayed in this story is not a true representation of their
sexual practices, or prefences. This story contains FFF, oral, orgy.

Survivor 6 - The Amazon: The Reunion (FFF)
by MaiIsDaBomb ([email protected])

It was very surprising on the season finale of Survivor that Jenna won the
million dollars. Jenna was an attractive swimsuit model who at times seemed
like a spoiled brat. Jenna, Heidi, and Shawna were women who all used there
sex appeal to make their way to the top. Heidi made her way to the final 5
while Shawna missed being on the jury but only because of her poor health.
Jenna of course was the ultimate Survivor.

The women were all proud of Jenna, who won the last two immunity challenges
to get to the final two. She won when she had to win. With the women seeing
each other at the reunion it rekindled their friendship, and it also
rekindled Shawna and Heidi's lesbian feelings for the sexy swimsuit model

After the reunion show, the girls got together for drinks at a local bar.
They made small talk and they extended Jenna their congratulations. It was
then that Heidi and Shawna started their plan in motion. Shawna said she
left her purse on the Survivor set at the studio. They all made there way
back to get it. Once there they informed Jenna they wanted to do what they
did in the Amazon, bath together for old times sake. Jenna thought it was a
weird request, but agreed figuring it wouldn't be no harm. It was strange
though, Jenna didn't remember the small water pond there before.

The girls started to strip out of their dresses, their bras and panties were
next as they all jumped in the small studio pond. They all shared the soap
and shampoo as their bodies were all lathered up.

"We're so happy for you Jenna, we wanted to extend you congratulations in a
special way." said Heidi.

Jenna was lathering up her body and rinsing the soap off of it.

"What did you have in mind?" She wondered.

Heidi moved in close to Jenna and kissed her softly on the mouth. A
surprised Jenna reluctantly returned the kiss. Shawna joined in to kissing
the back of Jenna's neck and pushing her small breasts against Jenna's back.
Jenna looked down at her friend Heidi's huge knockers and reached out to
squeeze them in her hands. Heidi moaned through their kiss as Jenna felt her
up. Shawna kneeled behind Jenna and began to spread the brunette's ass cheeks
and started to tongue her ass. The red head felt up her own breasts pulling
on her pointed little nipples while her tongue lapped up on Jenna's aroused

Jenna finally broke the longest kissed of her young life and requested that
Heidi bend over. Heidi gave her a sweet smile and bent over, exposing her hot
ass to the survivor winner. Heidi opened her legs wider and Jenna started to
finger her pussy. Heidi started pushing her ass back to meet Jenna's tongue
and fingers as the survivor hotties fucked each other's pussies like crazy.

They decided to retire from the pool/moat and started to fuck each other on
the stage. Jenna and Shawna started kissing with Shawna on top. Heidi got
behind them and began to lick both of their throbbing pussies as they grinded
together. Their breasts smashed against each other as they French kissed.
Heidi started slapping Shawna little ass. This really got Shawna going and
she started really humping her crotch into Jenna's. Jenna took one of
Shawna's pointed tits in her mouth and began sucking it hard. Shawna gladly
fed one breast, then the other, to the sexy Jenna's mouth. Jenna even gave
Shawna's nipples sexy love bites. Not long after that Shawna was orgasming
all over Jenna's pussy, and Heidi licked up Shawna's girl cream.

Shawna moved away and Heidi climbed between Jenna's legs and began licking
off Shawna's juices from Jenna's crotch. Then Heidi started tonguing Jenna's
dark lips. Jenna willing spread her legs and felt Heidi's tongue go deep
inside of her box. Shawna watched, she played with her pussy, and enjoyed the
view of the two women lost in lesbian lust. Shawna forced two fingers into
her tight little snatch, as she watched Heidi big boobs bounce and her ass
arch high in the air as she gave Jenna a tongue lashing.

Jenna moaned and gyrated her hips to Heidi's face. Heidi's tongue seemed to
hit every spot that Jenna wanted. Shawna had now forced four fingers down
past her red pubes to the inside of her pussy, stretching it to no end as she
indulged at the sight in front of her. Soon Jenna's body reached the boiling
point and Heidi was the happy recipient of the swimsuit model's tasty juices.
After that Jenna pulled Heidi on top of her and kissed her deeply. As she
broke the kiss she looked deep into the blonde's eyes, tenderly brushing away
her blonde hair from her eyes.

"I've wanted you since we first met." Confessed Jenna.

"Me too," said Heidi.

"Shawna, why don't you come help me get Heidi to cum, two tongues are better
than one!"

Shawna joined the two women and Heidi closed her eyes in the pleasure of
having each girl feel up a breast and the other hand squeeze her sexy butt.
Shawna and Heidi began to kiss each other with alot of tongue. Then Heidi
kissed Jenna. Tongues met as Heidi's big rack continued to get mauled by the
two girls. Heidi started making out with Shawna, as Jenna went on to explore
more of the sexy blonde's body. Lying Heidi on her back, Jenna made her may
to Heidi's inner thighs and started planting kisses there. Heidi gladly
spread her legs allowing Jenna the best access as Heidi's tongue continually
dueled with Shawna's.

Shawna went to the blonde's boobs and took a big breast in her mouth as she
massaged the other tit. As good as that was, It only got better as Jenna's
tongue easily found Heidi's clit since Heidi's pussy was shaved completely
bald. Heidi felt Jenna swirl her tongue on her hot button as Heidi was sure
that she had died and gone to heaven. Shawna began to nibble like a new born
on Heidi's big juicy melons as Jenna started sucking Heidi's clit. Heidi
pushed Shawna down to go lower, and Shawna got the hint.

Now both women were going down on Heidi, as Heidi pulled on her nipples at
the feeling of two tongues on her sensitive clit.

"Ohhh Shawna... Jenna, God yesssssss ohhhhh you two are so good!!! Yes that's
the fucking spot!!!!!!! Make me cum, I wanna cum on both your faces!"

Heidi placed both her hands on the two women's heads, as her tits bounced
sexily up and down. She rode their tongues, knowing that an orgasm like
she never had before was moments away. The two girls started humping their
pussies on Heidi's silky smooth legs as their tongues were getting it done
and then some! Then Heidi came.

"Oh fuck yes, yes here it comes, God yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"

Heidi's body released an orgasm that coated both women's faces with her
cream. The size of the orgasm was certainly enough to coat both of their
faces, as the two tasted Heidi, and they found her to be delicious.

The three women lie there for several minutes spent. They caressed each
others naked breasts and pussies for a while before finally getting up and
getting dressed. They all exchanged numbers and ultimately agreed to give
Jenna a housewarming gift when she moves into her new house with the money
she won on the show. Jenna smiled hoping that the gift would involve her
two good friends making her the meat in a lesbian sandwich. One thing was
for sure it really had its benefits being the ultimate Survivor!


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