This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. It in NO way describes
the true life sexual practices of those involved. If your under 18 then your
too young, please leave now.

Survivor 6 - The Amazon (MFF, MF, voy, exhib)
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

This Survivor pitted the women Vs the men, something new for the contestants.
On the women's side there were several hotties, there was the swimsuit model
Jenna who had a tan toned body to go along with dark hair that went to the
middle of her back. There was Heidi the blonde bombshell gym teacher from
Missouri with an above-average chest a very cute face and a dark tan that
rivaled Jenna's. Then there was the cuttie and surprisingly, the girl the
men talked about the most, Shawna. A light skinned redhead with an athletic
figure who was a retail clothing saleswoman.

The women had just won their third challenge in four tries. Best of all they
just won the reward challenge and got shampoo, nail clippers, conditioner,
soap, even toothbrushes and toothpaste. Jenna, Heidi, and Shawna were all in
the same place bathing. The other women Deena, Christy, Jena, and Joanie
seemed intimidated by the prettier women and found somewhere else to bathe.

The two women were going "ooooh" and "ahhhhh" as they're bodies got clean.
You'd think it was an Herbal Essences shampoo commercial. As they dropped
their bikini tops and soaped up they're top halfs they talked about the guys
at the reward challenge. Jenna let the cat out of the bag to Rob at how much
they all liked his joking personality, and how they talk about him back at
camp. "It's all good" was Jenna's exact words. Jenna had her eyes on the
handsome rocket scientist Dave, and the slender built Alex, the triathlon

Heidi knew that Rob had a thing for her, and she actually found him to be
cute. Shawna was just loving the attention that all the guys seemed to be
giving her. Daniel stood out the most as he practically hit on her at the
rewards challenge.

Little did the women know, but Rob and Alex, were breaking the rules and
were visiting their camp hoping to catch a glimpse at the women bathing.
That's exactly what they got, Shawna, Heidi and Jenna wearing only their
bikini bottoms as their breasts were covered in soap. The guys eyes bugged
out of their heads at the sight. Rob was happy to see Heidi was as gorgeous
as she had imagined. Her beautiful long blonde hair, which was now clean
and flowing down her back. Her beautiful tan skin, and her firm huge breasts
with pink nipples stuck out proudly. Rob was convinced that Heidi was a

Shawna's little bit of a tan was only noticeable because of her tanlines as
evident when she removed her bikini top. She wasn't quite as well endowed in
the chest as the other two women, but her breasts were still a very firm
B-cup, with pointed red nipples. Jenna's body didn't disappoint either, even
when her bottoms came down there were no visible tanlines on her dark tanned
body. Her breasts were a healthy C-cup with dark nipples.

The guys watched intently as the women seemed content to let their lathering
and rinsing never end.

Jenna finished first, she left her dirty bikini top off, and put on a clean
yellow T-shirt. Alex couldn't help himself. He followed her as she left,
dressed in only a multicolored bikini bottom and a yellow shirt.

"We need to start wearing our bikini tops to the challenges. The guys will
be so busy checking us out they won't be able to do anything but watch us
bounce when we run," said Heidi.

"Yeah, you and Jenna bounce Heidi, I don't have tits like you two," said

"Oh please, the guys have been checking you out too, I mean look at you
Shawna your figure is so hot!"

"You think so?"

Shawna did a Playboy-type pose with one arm over her head and the other hand
resting on her thigh.

"Definitely Shawna! I'd wanna fuck you if I was a guy."

"Well, if I was a guy, I'd be dying to get under your top Heidi. Your tits
are so perfect! I mean, I'd almost think you paid for them, but you don't
seem like the type."

"Nah, they're real..."

The two women's eyes met and they shared a smile.

"Wanna feel them Shawna?"

Shawna reached out and cupped both of Heidi's breasts in her hands. She gave
both breasts a nice squeeze causing the blonde to moan. Shawna got closer and
felt Heidi hands caressing her light red stripped bikini bottoms. She palmed
her ass as Shawna really seemed to enjoy feeling up her nice tits. The two
women shared a wet tongue kiss, enjoying each others fresh breath with the
toothpaste they had won in the challenge. Heidi slid her hands to the top of
Shawna's bikini bottoms and slid them down revealing Shawna's red bush. 'Mmm,
a natural redhead,' thought Heidi.

Shawna slid down Heidi's blue bikini bottoms to see a nearly bald pussy, with
only a little bit of pubic hair above her pussy lips. 'Hmm, she must have
been shaved bald when she left home.' Shawna thought. It was very sexy, her
pubes were the same blonde color as the hair on her head. 'A natural blonde,
too,' thought Shawna.

Soon the two women were in a tight embrace as the kissing intensified.
Shawna kneeled before the blonde goddess in the water. Shawna caressed
Heidi's smooth tan legs. She kissed her way up her tan thighs, before
reaching Heidi's pussy and opening her lips up. Shawna slid her tongue
inside of Heidi. She found her clit in no time licking it up and down.
Heidi held on to Shawna's head pushing her deep into her pussy and
wrapping one leg around Shawna's shoulder. With her other hand Heidi
felt up her own big breast, giving the hard nipple a good twist.

Heidi closed her eyes in pleasure of the feeling of the great oral sex Shawna
was giving her. Shawna was now sucking Heidi's clit as she drove a finger
deep into her womanhood. Heidi was really loving this, and started to ride
Shawna's finger. She begged the cute girl to slid another finger in her,
which she gladly did. Heidi rode her fingers up and down.

"Oh, that's it Shawna, ohhhh yeah, mmmmmmm that feels good....ohhh that feels
so good!"

Shawna's tongue slowly made its way to her asshole. Heidi jumped at the
feeling of Shawna's tongue there, she never knew Shawna was so kinky. It felt
incredibly good though. Soon Heidi was riding two of Shawna's fingers as her
big boobs bounced sexily up and down. Shawna added yet another finger to
Heidi's pussy. Heidi couldn't believe how deep the cute girl's tongue got up
in her ass. Seeing Heidi was close to orgasm Shawna switched and slid a
finger into Heidi tight ass and started eating her luscious pussy. Shawna's
licking and sucking quickly became more than Heidi could take.

Heidi orgasmed all over Shawna's face! Shawna licked up every drop of the
sweet blonde's cum, it was easily the best thing she had eaten since arriving
in the Amazon.

After the two girls kissed some more, they made there way to shore. Once
there Heidi got Shawna down on all fours and slid her tongue down Shawna's
spine. Making Shawna squirm by how good it felt. As she reached the redhead's
treasure she forced her tongue into her slit. Shawna felt up her own breasts
as Heidi lapped up her cunt. Heidi teasingly rubbed her tits and hard nipples
against Shawna's cunt lips. Heidi could tell that Shawna loved it, by her
loud moans. Shawna used both hands to spread her ass cheeks wide, allowing
the blonde to have access of all of her crevices. Heidi gladly licked up and
down her crack before finally sucking on the redheads pussy lips.

"Ohh Hei...Heidi, yessssss, God ohhh fuck your tongue feels so good!"

Heidi positioned herself so Shawna was basically sitting on her face while
she licked her pussy. Shawna loved the look of the beautiful blonde's face
munching her carpet she knew that she wouldn't last long.

Shawna put her arms behind her so she was using Heidi's knockers as balance
as she rode Heidi's face. Heidi reached up and grabbed a hold of Shawna's
pointed breasts and began playing with the nipples. Shawna's pink tongue
stuck out in pleasure as her nipples were pinched and pulled on as her pussy
got a licking that she wouldn't soon forget.

Sooner or later Shawna's body was unable to contain the pleasure and she
covered Heidi's face with her delicious girl cream. The two were kissing
when they looked up, and saw several feet away was Rob. Rob had his pants
down to his knees and was choking his chicken as he was watching the two
girls go at it.

"Hey Rob, why don't ya bring that over here, I can give you more pleasure
than your hand ever will!" said Heidi.

Rob quickly made his way over to the two girls. Heidi wasted no time in
swallowing his 7 inch rod in her pretty mouth. Heidi fondled his balls as
the hot blonde deep throated him. Then she would take his cock out of her
mouth and lick it up and down with her tongue. She made sure to make eye
contact with him as she did so, knowing this guy had it bad for her, and
she could get him to do whatever she asked. Rob couldn't believe this
blonde was giving him the time of day. He reached down and fondled her
huge tits in his hands.

"Damn, her jugs look even better than I imagined. God, she's so fucking

After a while of doing this Heidi stood up and pushed Rob onto his back. She
then got on top of him and rubbed his cock against her clit. She teased him
by just rubbing it there and not putting it inside of her.

"God! Put it inside you please!" Rob finally begged.

Heidi giggled, and smiled at the fact that she had made him beg for it. Then
slid his cock inside of her. Her breasts ever so sexily bounced up and down
as she began to ride him. Rob felt he was in heaven as the blonde goddess
picked up speed and rode him harder and faster. He reached back and squeezed
her firm ass as she leaned down so he could suck on her hanging globes.

Shawna was watching all of this with one hand on her breasts squeezing it
and rubbing the hard nipple between her fingers. The other hand was rubbing
all along her red bush, brushing her nails across her horny clit, and
occasionally sliding a finger inside her cunt.

Heidi was really getting into it now, she had Rob pinned to the ground and
was making him do the work driving into her. Rob certainly had his hands
full. He didn't know which he liked better the blondes incredible tits in
his face or the feeling of her pussy impaled on his cock.

"Oh Heidi yes ohhhh God your incredible ohhhhhh yessssss soooooooooooo GOOD!"

Surprisingly it was Heidi who came first, her body spasming and collapsing
on top of Rob's. Coating his cock and balls with her love juice, she hugged
him tightly and started kissing him. The two then heard the erotic moans of
Shawna pleasuring herself and turned and watched her for a few seconds. Then
Heidi whispered something to Rob. Rob gave her a look as if to say, are you
sure? When Heidi nodded he made his way over to Shawna.

Still hard, he went over to Shawna and started feeling up her breasts. Not
quite the rack Heidi had, but certainly a nice pair all the same. He sucked
and licked on the hard dark nipples as he felt up the small athletic girls
breasts. He started french kissing the young girl, then moved her two her

Turning her around he bent her over and entered her pretty pink snatch from
behind. He was amazed to find her even tighter than Heidi. He plummeted his
rod deep into her pussy. Shawna felt up her breasts as his balls slapped
against her ass making loud slapping sounds.

"Oh yeah ohhhhh Fuck yesssssss! Deep in me Rob yeah that's it I'm gonna cum
Rob I'm gonna cum baby!!!!!"

Shawna did just that releasing her female juices all over him. Rob also came
he pulled out of her and shot his load all over her sexy ass. Heidi lick up
some of the cum from her ass and French kissed Shawna giving her a taste of
Rob's cum. Heidi saw that the camera's were still rolling and giggled.

"Well, I think we all know that's not gonna make it to prime-time guys!"
Heidi said.

* * *

Alex was watching Jenna in camp by herself, she had boiled water to clean
her underwear. Jenna stripped down to nothing but a yellow shirt, no bra or

"I think I'm in love!" said Alex.

Jenna turned around, she smiled seeing that she had an admirer. Jenna lifted
off her shirt leaving her completely naked. Her body was beyond words,
certainly that of a swimsuit model, but she looked even better without the
swimsuit. Alex sworn this had to be a dream, but even if it was he didn't
wanna wake up. Jenna came up to Alex and kissed him passionately. She got in
his shorts immediately and started stroking his cock. The two made there way
to the women's modest shelter they had built. Jenna opened her legs wide and
started to wrap her legs around Alex as he started driving his cock deep
into her. Alex was about average size at 6 inches, but it had been a while
since she had a cock and she wasn't complaining.

Alex placed both hands on Jenna's brown nipples rubbing them between his
thumbs and forefingers as he gave her warm pussy deep hard thrusts. Jenna's
nails dug into his ass as he piledrived into her.

Jenna placed her legs up on Alex's shoulders as he drove his rod deep into
her hot box. He felt like he could explode at any minute as Jenna's pussy
felt so good. Jenna also felt this way as the position she was being held in
made her pussy so vulnerable and easy to fuck. Jenna put her hand to Alex's
balls and fondled them as he drove in and out of her!

Jenna released her orgasm and began throwing her body about in pleasure.
Jenna's cunt muscles tightening, plus the stimulation on his balls became
too much and Alex shot his load deep in the sexy brunette.

After that she told him the guys better get back to their camp. She kissed
him and told him she'd see him at the immunity challenge.

That night Daniel was voted out of the men's tribe, after the women won
their fourth challenge in five tries. One thing was for sure, the women
definitely had the men distracted for many reasons!


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