Touched By An Angel: Fucked By An Angel (MFF,M+F,inter)
by Deanna Troi

Monica met Tess in a coffee shop in LA to get her next assignment. For some
reason Tess a bit more distant and tense than usual.

"So what is this new assignment," asked Monica in her delightful Irish

"I can't give you all the details," frowned Tess. "You are to go to the
address on this paper," and she handed Monica a folded piece of paper. "There
will be a man named Bill there. Do whatever he tells you."

"That is very mysterious," smiled Monica. "Hush, hush, top secret stuff."

"Something like that Miss Wings," said Tess with a strange smile on her
face."Now remember, you are to do everything Bill tells you to."

It was several hours later and nearly dark when Monica finally found the
address on the paper Tess had given her. It turned out to be an apartment in
what was clearly not the high rent section of town. She was buzzed into the
lobby and climbed six flights of stairs as the elevator had an out of order
sign on it. Apartment 666, thought Monica did not seem like a good omen for
an angel, but Tess had sent her here and Monica totally trusted the gruff and
more experienced angel. Monica rang the doorbell and a man answered the door.
Monica's overall impression was that he look kind of sleezy. Dark hair, not
all that clean, stubble on his chin, furtive looking eyes.

"Hello, my name is Monica. I was told to ask for Bill?"

He looked her up and down and Monica felt her skin crawl under his gaze.
"That would be me," he smirked. "You are a looker honey," he said as he
gestured her to enter the apartment.

Inside, Monica found that the large front room had been turned into what
looked like a low grade movie studio as she saw several cameras and people
milling about.

"We have been waiting for you to arrive," said Bill. "Here go put this on,"
he said shoving a box into her hands and pointing her towards the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, Monica looked inside the box and found it contained a
maid costume. Monica put it on and found it to be a very short uniform with
a rather plunging neckline that barely hid her breasts. Feeling very self
conscious, Monica stepped back out into the living room which she saw now
contained a large bed. In the bed were two people, a man and a woman, both

Bill came up to her and handed her a feather duster. "Ok, here is the setup
for the scene. You are the new maid. It is your first day on the job and you
have come in to clean the master bedroom. Things will take care of themselves
after that I imagine."

Monica nodded, though in truth she didn't have a clue what he meant. Bill
turned back to the cameras and called, "Action!"

Hesitantly Monica walked into the room. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw
a monitor displaying one of the camera shots. The camera had zoomed in and
was taking a close-up of her cleavage.

"Er, Hello. My name is Monica. I am the new maid. I can come back later if
you like."

"No, that is fine Monica," said the black man. "My wife and I were hoping the
new maid would be good looking and we are sure in luck. You are one hot
looking babe. Why don't you take off that uniform and hop into bed with us!"

Monica felt herself blushing and would have fled from the apartment right
then and there, but she remembered Tess's words about doing whatever Bill
told her. She looked over and saw Bill nod at her and mouth the word "strip."
With trembling hands, Monica undid the button on the back of the uniform and
it slipped to the floor in tidy little heap. The man whistled in appreciation
and gestured for her to continue.

Feeling totally mortified, Monica undid the clasp on her bra. Bill smiled,
seeming to think she was deliberately teasing the camera as she stood there
for several seconds, holding the bra in front of her before dropping her
hands to her sides and exposing her tits to view. Monica felt dirty and
unclean as all the eyes in the room stared at her breasts and the camera
recorded everything. Steeling herself, she slid her panties down and stepped
out of them to stand there naked.

Once more the man gestured Monica towards the bed and on shaky legs she did
as she was told. As she approached, he threw back the covers and Monica saw
that he was naked and his cock was hard. It seemed to point straight at her
as she crawling into the space between the man and woman. The woman was very
well endowed and was wearing a sheer see through teddie that hid little from

Monica felt two pairs of hands start to slowly caress her naked body as she
lay there shivering in fear. Surely Tess had not meant this she thought, but
then again Tess was never wrong and she had said to do everything Bill told
her. The black woman pulled Monica's face toward her and the angel suddenly
found herself kissing the other woman. Her tongue slipped into Monica's mouth
and the woman made soft moaning sounds. When he kiss ended, the man took
Monica's hand and guided down to his hard cock telling her to stroke it.

Monica had never held a cock in her hand before and felt the precum dribbling
out onto her hand. The cock felt throbbing and slippery as she slowly began
to work her hand up and down the long shaft. The man moaned softly at her
touch and then told her to suck it.Monica slowly changed positions so she was
crouched beside him and reluctantly opened her soft mouth to engulf the huge
black prick. The man placed his hands on the back of her head and with slow
but relentless pressure he pulled her mouth down onto his cock. Inch by inch
he slid his shaft into her virgin mouth until soon all 12 inches were buried
in her throat.

"Mmmmmm, you look like an angel," moaned the man as his thick cock began to
slowly fuck Monica's mouth.

Monica blushed and would have drawn away but she was impaled on his huge cock
as it slid in and out of her lips. Tess had always warned her about the
dangers of the flesh, but Monica had never dreamed she would find herself
stark naked with a huge cock shoved into her mouth while another woman began
to lick her breasts... and all on video tape.

"Ohhhhh baby that feels so goooood," moaned the man as he bucked his hips and
began to fuck her face harder.

Monica felt the woman licking at her breasts, sucking on the nipples and
she felt herself give out a soft moan of pleasure. After several minutes of
blowing the man, he told her to lay back and spread her legs. The cock made
a popping sound as it slipped out of Monica's mouth and she lay back knowing
what would happen next and there was nothing she could do about it. He moved
on top of her and guided his cock between her pussy lips and began to fuck
her. She had never had a cock in her before and Monica moaned loudly as she
felt her body respond to the fucking it was getting. Her tits bounced up and
down as sweat poured down her body.

After several minutes of hard fucking, the man gave a cry and pulled his cock
out of Monica and suddenly shot a blast of warm cum onto her face and tits.
Monica could only stare in shock as wad after wad of sticky cum splattered
her body. Mouth gaping wide in mute terror, a huge gob landed in her mouth
and she swallowed it without thinking. More cum coated her lips and ran down
her cheeks as Monica lay there not knowing what to do.

The woman knew what to do though and she crawled on top of cum covered angel
and began to kiss her on the mouth. Her tongue flicked into Monica's mouth
and she lick the cum from Monica's startled lips. The black woman's boobs
were pressing into Monica's cum covered tits and their nude bodies ground
together as the camera recorded every sordid detail. The black woman shifted
around so that her pussy was in Monica's face.

"Lick it white girl," she ordered Monica who hesitantly stuck out her tongue
to taste her first pussy. "Oh yeah, honey," that feels reel good moaned the
woman as Monica's tongue slid into her cunt and across her clit. Then she
bent forward and buried her face in Monica's muff and began to lick out the
red haired angel.

Monica felt the pleasure building inside her, andd with astonishment realized
that she was about to have her first climax. Her body was now writing under
the tongue of the black woman and Monica found herself licing more intently
at the woman's pussy, actually enjoying the taste. A massive shudder ripped
thorough the two naked women almost at the same instant as they both came
amid loud moans and lewd sucking noises.

Monica lay there, feeling very ashamed of herself for having enjoyed the
lesbian love making and hoping her assignment was over. Instead Bill came
over to her and smiled down at her and told her to go take a shower and
freshen up for the next scene!

Numbly, Monica nodded and she walked to the bathroom on wobbly knees to
shower and then put her maid costume back on as Bill instructed her to. When
she emerged from the bathroom, she found the bed was gone and a large oak
dinner table was set up. The husband and wife were along with four other
black men were seated on chairs and on the couch in the living room.

"In this scene, you are serving supper to your employers and their dinner
guests. These are very important people from his workplace that he wants to
have a special good time," Bill told her. He then pushed her into the scene
and told her to act like a maid.

Monica hesitantly walked into the front room. "Ummm, supper will be ready in
a few minutes. Can I get anyone anything before supper?" was the best she
could come up with.

"Actually, I think you will make a nice appetizer for my friends," said the

Monica blushed, but he gestured for her to kneel down on the rug in front of
them. Monica did as she was bid and knelt there with her tits almost falling
out of her skimpy costume once more.

"Play with yourself," commanded the husband.

Monica flushed again, but slid her hand under her skirt and began to rub her
clit. The men all smiled at her as she frigged herself for a few minutes
and then told her to remove her clothes, lie on her back and continue her
masturbation for them all to see more clearly.

Monica slipped out of her uniform once more, wondering briefly why they had
bothered to have put it back on in the first place! She lay back on the rug,
naked and began to rub her clit again.

"Put two fingers in your pussy Monica," ordered the husband and Monica
complied by putting two digits into her cunt.

In and out of her pussy she plunged her fingers as the men gathered around
her to watch. Monica could see the hard bulges in their pants and as she
continued to pleasure herself as they watched, the men began to undress.
Soon, Monica found herself surrounded by five hard black cocks, all pointing
at her like cupid's arrows.

One of the men laid down on the rug and Monica was instructed to lie down on
top of him. She felt his cock rub at her ass and then slide inside her as
she lowered herself onto him. Another of the men climbed on top of her and
slipped his cock into her pussy, making an angel sandwich out of her. Pinned
between their two cocks, Monica could not move as another of them moved
around to her face and began to rub his cock over her face. Precum already
dribbled from his dick onto her lips and then he slid his cock into her mouth
and now Monica had three black cocks buried in her and fucking her. Two more
cocks were placed into her hands and now she was taking on all five of the
men as her hands slid up and down on the slick hard cocks.

Monica found her body being rocked back and forth between the two cocks
fucking her pussy and ass. Her moans came out muffled around the huge cock
that was fucking her mouth, sliding all the way into until it was buried in
her throat and his balls banged on her chin. Somehow in all this distraction
she still managed to hold onto the two cocks in her hands and jerk them off
as the camera moved from one cock to another and then pulled back for a shot
of all five men fucking her.

Monica sensed that the cock in her mouth was just about to blow its load into
her when it pulled out so it was inches from her face and then time stopped.
Still impaled on the two cocks and with one in each hand, Monica looked up to
see Tess scowling down at her.

"What exactly do you think you are doing Miss Wing?" she demanded in an angry
tone as he eyes ran over the obvious.

Monica looked at her in confusion. "Why are you angry Tess?" she asked. "I am
just doing what you told me to do which was to do whatever Bill said."

"I never gave you an assignment like this," huffed Tess, "and I don't know
any Bill!"

"That would be me," said Bill stepping forward. While all the actors and
camera people were frozen in place, Bill smiled and stopped beside Monica.
His body shimmered and suddenly a duplicate of Tess stood there. "You can
see how the poor little dear was confused," smirked Bill at Tess as he
changed back to his normal form and gave a satanic smile.

"I don't care how it happened," snapped Tess."You should have known better
Monica, but now it is too late."

"Too late?" asked Monica in fear and confusion. "What do you mean?"

"I mean," retorted Tess, "that you have had your first orgasm which means you
are hereby stripped of your angel powers and are now merely mortal. I will
leave you to enjoy the fruits of your actions."

Monica gaped wide eyed at Tess who walked towards the door and then through
it. "No Tess," she gasped. "I didn't know! Come back, they tricked me!."

But time had resumed and the cock in front of her face suddenly exploded in a
shower of cum on her face and red hair. Likewise, the two cocks fucking her
ass and pussy began their relentless in and out motion they both shot warm
jets of liquid into her body. Finally, the two cocks she was jerking off came
and both men pointed their dicks at her tits and set load after sticky load
onto her chest.

Monica could only lie there in a total state of shock, cum dripping from her
body. Her mind swirled in terror. What was she going to do? She had no idea
of how she was going to live as a mortal.

"Don't worry dear," said Bill as if reading her thoughts which perhaps he
was. "You have a bright future ahead of you as a porno actress. Not many
angels could do such a good job fucking five hard cocks like you just did.
You are a natural."

Monica blushed under his praise and hoped that her ordeal was over for at
least the time being. Her hopes were dashed, however when Bill turned and
shouted an order to one of his assistants.

"Go get the dog for scene three!"

To be continued?


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