This is a fantasy of mine about the show Touched by an Angel, which is on CBS
TV and used to play on Sunday nights but is now on Saturday nights. I have
watched Touched By An Angel for several years now and I have had the wildest
erotic sexual fantasies about Roma Downey who plays the main female angel on
the show who's name is Monica. I have found almost no Roma Downey or Touched
By An Angel erotic stories out there on the net. So I have decided to write
my own Touched By An Angel story that has Monica getting involved with the
most perverted sexual situations that I can imagine.

As a word of warning this story does contain extreme pedophile material, so
if this kind of stuff offends you please leave this story now. Also if you
are under 18 please leave this site and come back when you are 18. Also I
must emphasize that since this story contains pedophile material that this
story is just for pure fantasy for the purpose of entertainment, and nothing
else. I do not endorse the act of sex between adults and children or any
form of pedophilia in real life.

I would like for anyone to write me and give me their feedback on my story.
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Touched by an Angel is a CBS Production in association with Moon Water
Productions. Martha Williamson is the show's Executive Producer.

Touched By An Angel: Touched By A Pervert
by Adam Smith (F/m,F/f,pedo,solo,tv,shoe,ws,voy,fist,scat,messy)


It was a bright Sunday afternoon and the angels Monica and Tess were admiring
the spring weather. Monica said in her Irish accent voice, "My Tess what
beautiful weather there is out here today."

Tess said "Yes, Miss Wings it is nice today, but we have to stop admiring
the nice spring weather and get into the church before the wedding ceremony
begins or we might miss it."

Monica said, "Yes, Tess the ceremony is about to begin, lets go inside."

With that Monica and Tess, both dressed in very nice dresses and their
apparel prepared to go to a wedding, went into the church right before the
ceremony began and sat in their seats. The wedding ceremony began and both
Monica and Tess admired the service. During the service Monica whispered to
Tess and asked her what her next assignment was going to be.

Monica said, "Tess I know we are not here just for a wedding but you are
planning to set me up on my next assignment."

Tess replied, "Yes Miss Wings you are right I am planning to set you on for
your next assignment."

Monica said, "Please Tess I am so interested in knowing what it is."

Tess replied "Quiet down Miss Wings or you will disrupt the beautiful
service." With that Tess quietly whispered to Monica and began to tell her
what her next assignment was all about. Tess said, "Monica do you see the
groom in his tux?"

Monica said, "Yes, Tess I do."

Tess said, "Well His name is Bill and he is a single guy who is marrying for
the first time, and he is really nervous about making his relationship work
with his new bride. Do you see the bride all dressed in her white gown?"

Monica said, "Yes Tess I do."

Tess said, "Well her name Carol and she is a mother of two who not to long
ago went through a rough divorce that really hurt her emotionally. She met
Bill and really found a soul mate in him, to which she decided to take a
chance and give another relationship a chance. She to is very nervous about
this new relationship that she is getting into, and she wants to make this
one work. Do you see the young 13 year old boy dressed in a tux that is part
of the wedding party?"

Monica said, "Yes I do."

Tess said, "Well he is Carol's oldest child and his name is Dan, and he has
struggled emotionally after their parents divorce and he has been known to
get into trouble sometimes."

Monica said, "That is so sad."

Tess said "Miss Wings pay attention, you need to know this stuff. Do you see
the little 7 year old girl who is the flower girl."

Monica looked at her and observed the little 7 year old girl who was dressed
in the prettiest white flower girl dress, along with white tights and a very
shiny pair of little girls black patent leather mary jane shoes. Monica said,
"That is the prettiest little girl who I have ever seen."

Tess responded, "Pay attention Miss Wings."

Monica said, "Sorry Tess."

Tess said, "Do not worry about it. The little 7 year old girl's name is Lucy,
and she is Carol's youngest child. She also has struggled after the divorce,
but she has tried to stay out of trouble, but her brother has led her into

Monica said, "Then what is my assignment, and what am I supposed to do?"

Tess said, "Well Miss Wings after the wedding Bill and Carol are going on a
long honeymoon for about a week. You have been assigned as their children's
babysitter for the week. Your job is to make sure that both Dan and Lucy stay
out of trouble and are safe. This way Bill and Carol can go away for their
weeklong honeymoon and not worry about their children, and this way they can
start to build a long and healthy relationship."

Monica said, "That does not sound to bad. That sounds kind of easy."

Tess said, "It is harder than you think Miss Wings. Also you must not mess up
in any way."

Monica responded "Why do you say that Tess?"

Tess replied "Because Miss Wings after you start your babysitting assignment
I will be away for that week and you will have no contact with me. You will
be on your own for that week."

Monica said, "Do not worry Tess you know I will do my best."

Tess said "Yes Monica I am sure you will."

After the wedding ceremony was over Monica and Tess parted ways, and then
Monica knew she was on her own for the next week. Monica followed the wedding
party over to the hall for the wedding reception. While there Monica
introduced herself to Carol and Bill.

Monica said, "Hello my name is Monica, I am the babysitter that was assigned
to look after your children for the week that you two are away on honeymoon."

Carol and Bill responded "Hi Monica good to meet you. Have you met our
children yet?"

Monica said, "No I have not but I saw them at the wedding in the church, and
they look like adorable children."

Carol called to her children and said "Dan and Lucy come here now."

Dan and Lucy came to their mother and said "What do you want mom?"

Carol said to her two kids "Meet you new babysitter that you will be looking
after you guys for the week that Bill and I are away."

Dan and Lucy shook Monica's hand and Monica said "It is good to met you two,
I am sure we will have a great time while your mother and new dad are away on
their honeymoon."

Dan said, "Yea sure what ever."

Carol said, "Watch your manners young man."

Lucy said to Monica, "You are very pretty."

Monica responded, "Why thank you Lucy, you are so sweet."

Carol said, "Yes Lucy is my sweetheart."

And after that they both went back to what they were doing.

Carol said "I am sorry Monica that Dan was so rude, for he is not usually
rude most of the time, it is just that he and Lucy have not taken to well to
my recent divorce from my first husband."

Monica said, "Do not worry about it, I am sure they are a little nervous
about having a new babysitter. But I am sure once they get used to me we will
have a great time. I am really looking forward to watching them."

Carol said, "I want to thank you so much Monica for taking this job to watch
our kids. Bill and I really need some time away to build on our new marriage,
and we need to know that someone good is looking after our children so we
can relax, and not worry that our kids are in harms way. Then we can have a
wonderful honeymoon."

Monica said, "No problem. I am glad to help out a family in need. Do you want
to go over all the rules and stuff that I need to do with Dan and Lucy for
the week."

Carol said, "That would be a good idea. Well first of Lucy must be in bed by
9:00 PM on school nights and Dan since he is a little older he must be in bed
by 10:00 PM."

With that Carol continued to tell Monica all the rules that they were to obey
and all the things they needed to do like to do their homework before they
watched TV. Carol also said to Monica "Oh I almost forgot that on Tuesday
night at 7:00 PM Lucy has first communion practice down at our local Catholic
Church. I need you to make sure she gets there on time. She must be wearing
her outfit to this event which is a formal white first communion dress, one
that is similar to the flower girl dress she is wearing now. She must also be
wearing her white tights and her black patent leather mary jane shoes. You
have all that?"

Monica said, "Yes I definitely do. I will do all that you ask, and I will get
Lucy to the church for practice on time like you ask."

Carol said, "Great Monica, I have a good feeling about you that you will be
great with my kids."


Monday morning was like any other morning, except that Bill and Carol were
packing to go on their long week honeymoon. Bill and Carol had Monica stay
the night at their house so they could go over all the rules again and have
her get familiar with the house, and also so that she could get to know the
children she was going to babysit for the week.

Monica said, "I really appreciate you letting me stay the night at your house
the first night of your wedding."

Bill and Carol said, "No problem Monica for it was the least we could do for
you since you are doing us this big favor."

The kids were already at school and Bill and Carol finished packing and got
ready to leave. They said to Monica, "Have a good time with the kids for
the week, and here is our number where you can reach us in case there is a
problem or something. Oh and we will be back sometime Saturday."

Monica said, "You two have a great and romantic time and do not worry about

With that Bill and Carol left in their car for their long honeymoon. Monica
occupied herself for the day while the kids were at school with doing chores
around the house and watching TV. When Dan and Lucy came home from school
Monica made them do their homework first before they watched TV. After they
finished their homework they watched TV as Monica prepared them their dinner.
At around 9 PM Monica sent Lucy to bed, and at 10 PM she sent Dan to bed. She
told them that they should be quite and not make a peep.

After the two went to bed Monica sat on the sofa and watched TV. Since they
had cable TV she had a lot of channels to chose from. Since this was after
hours Monica by accident turned on a porn station, and what she saw was a guy
and a girl fucking. She was thinking that this is nasty and dirty and that
she should turn it off, but she could not for a few minutes. She was so
curious about watching a couple fuck because since she was an angel she had
never had a guy have sex with her.

She started to get turned on and her pussy started to get very wet. With
that she was able to break herself out of the sexual spell that she was in
and she turned the TV off, and then she tried to calm down from the sexual
excitement. After she turned off the TV she heard noises coming from
upstairs. She thought that one of the kids, or even both of them were taking
advantage of their parents being away and were goofing off. She was thinking
to herself they had better not be goofing off. She walked upstairs to see
what was going on.

When she reached the upstairs she looked into Lucy's room and found little
Lucy fast asleep. Monica then went over to Dan's room, and his light was on
and his door was locked. She decided that she was not going to knock on his
door because by the time he opened it he would hide everything he was doing,
and she wanted to know what he was doing. So she used her angel powers and
made herself invisible. Then she walked through his door like a ghost. What
she saw Dan doing almost horrified her.

Dan was completely dressed in his sister's flower girl dress while also
wearing her white tights and shiny black patent leather little girl mary
jane shoes. Dan had apparently snuck into Lucy's room while she was asleep
and took her clothes and shoes out of her room and into his, and since he
was a short boy he was able to fit into her little girl clothes and patent
leather shoes, but they were kind of tight on him since she was still a
little girl.

Monica was horrified at first at what she saw, and she first thought that she
should make herself reappear and put a stop to this young boy's crossdressing
in his sister's clothes, but she could not because she was getting incredibly
turned on and her pussy was getting wet again. She watched Dan as he was
dressed up like a little girl and he was role playing and acting out like he
was a little girl. Monica could tell this was really turning him on because
she could notice the bulge in his pants and knew it was his gigantic

Dan was getting himself sexually off by playing a little girl while dressed
in his sister's clothes and shiny shoes. Then Dan bent down to his feet and
unbuckled one of his sister's shoes and took it off. Monica was wandering
what is he going to do now. Dan took the shiny patent leather shoe with one
hand, and with the other he lifted up his white flower girl dress he was
wearing and then pulled down the white tights and his sister's panties he had
on, around his waist. This exposed his big erect cock, and then Dan took the
shiny shoe and began to rub it all around his cock.

This turned Monica on so much that she started to lift up her dress and began
to rub her pussy with her fingers and masturbated by playing with her clit
while she was watching this 13 year old boy jerk off onto his sister's shiny

Bill then bent down again and unbuckled the other shoe that was on his foot
and took it off. He then continued to hold the flower girl dress up above
his waist and held both of his sister's shoes up against his cock. He then
masturbated using her shoes by rubbing that smooth and shiny leather against
his cock.

Monica was getting more and more turned on by this show she was watching and
she was masturbating herself like crazy by rubbing her clit and pussy. Dan
then felt an explosion coming up through his cock and he let out his orgasm
onto her shoes and shot his entire load of sticky white cream all over her
black shiny shoes.

This drove Monica over the edge and she felt an explosive orgasm through her
pussy while rubbing her clit, and this made her squirt her girl cum all over
as she screamed because it was her first orgasm, and it felt great. She got a
little nervous that Dan might have heard her but he did not because she was
still invisible.

She continued to watch Dan as he then took off Lucy's clothes and quietly
put them back in her room. Dan then cleaned off his white sticky mess off
of Lucy's shoes and then got some black shoe polish to make her shoes shiny
again as if they were brand new. He then went to bed and Monica went out of
his room and left him alone.


Tuesday morning came quickly and Monica woke up and got the other two kids
up to get ready for school. After the kids went to school Monica then tried
to relax on the couch and watch TV. But she could not get the thoughts from
last night out of her head. She was constantly thinking about it and it was
turning her on again. She tried all day to get the thoughts out of her head
but she was not doing it very well.

Dan and Lucy came home from school. Monica made sure that they did their
homework right away. Monica then made them dinner and after dinner Monica
said, "Lucy you need to get ready for your communion practice tonight and
get dressed in your first communion dress, and Dan I need to take you over
to your friends house to stay the night so I can watch Lucy."

Dan liked the idea that he was spending then night at his friend's house
on a school night. Monica drove Dan over to his friend's house and by the
time she got back to the house Lucy was all dressed up in her white first
communion dress, with her white tights and her shiny pair of little girl
black patent leather shoes. Looking at her got Monica almost immediately
turned on for it reminded her of last night in Dan's room when he was
dressed up in her cloths masturbating to her shoes.

Monica took Lucy to her communion practice at the Catholic Church and sat
there and watched her do it. As she watched Lucy in her white dress and white
tights, she could not keep her eyes off of her shiny little girl shoes. This
started to get Monica horny again and her pussy started to get wet again from
nasty thoughts about this little girl.

She silently slapped herself and said, "Monica that is so nasty and perverse
that you are having thoughts of this little girl, for it was bad enough with
getting horny over that porn and even watching Dan in his crossdressing and
shoe fetish, but this is totally gross and sick. After all she is only 7
years old and a baby at that. How can I be having sexual fantasies about a
little 7 year old girl?"

After the practice Monica drove Lucy home. When they got home Lucy
immediately went to the sofa and turned on the TV.

Monica said to her, "Lucy why don't you go upstairs and get dressed and ready
for bed."

Lucy did not want to go to bed so she just continued to watch TV still all
dressed up in her first communion outfit. Lucy then by accident turned on the
porn channel on cable, and what both Lucy and Monica saw was two lesbian
girls having sex. Monica was horrified and tried to get the remote from Lucy
to turn the channel off. Lucy held on to the remote because she was so
curious to watch two women having sex. Monica fought her a little but then
gave in because even the lesbian seen was turning her on. For both Monica and
Lucy never had sex before and had never seen lesbians doing it, and they both
were curious and sat there watching it.

Lucy sat there fascinated while Monica felt horrible and felt that she was
sick for allowing a little 7 year old girl to watch a nasty porn movie. As
Monica watched the porn movie and the two lesbians having sex she started to
have nasty fantasies of doing some of the things she saw those two lesbians
doing and doing it to Lucy. Monica thought to herself, "I am so nasty and
perverse for having thoughts of doing those lesbian acts with little 7 year
old Lucy."

Monica noticed that Lucy was so fascinated with watching this lesbian porn
movie that Lucy, like any curious little girl, wanted to know what it felt
like for those two females to be having sex, and without even thinking of it
Lucy placed her hands on Monica's breast. Monica started to get turned on
and her pussy began to get really wet. Lucy then began to slowly pull down
Monica's dress and after Monica noticed what Lucy was trying to do she sat
there and let her do it.

She thought to herself "I must stop this now, but I cannot for I am so turned
on. I must be so sick and perverse to let this little girl do to me what she
is about to do."

Then after Lucy pulled Monica's dress down her chest she saw Monica's perky
breast be exposed. Lucy was so excited and she said, "Monica I wish my boobs
were as big as yours, but I only have a flat chest."

Monica said, "Do not worry Lucy they will be some day, you are only a little
girl now, but when you grow up they will be as big as mine."

With that Lucy then put her head up to Monica's breast and started to lick
her breast and nipples. This sent shudders of excitement through Monica's
body and got her really wet while this little girl was licking her breast
and sucking on her nipples. After Lucy covered Monica's breast in her little
girl saliva she then took the rest of Monica's dress off of her. Monica was
caught up in the moment and let Lucy do what ever she wanted to her without
resistance. Lucy then took Monica's black satin panties off of her and Monica
was completely nude in front of this little girl.

Monica thought to herself, "I am so sick for letting Lucy molest me like
this. I must be a child molester for letting this happen. For I know what she
is going to want to do now."

With that Monica sat on the sofa and spread her legs wide open to let Lucy
have complete access to her cunt. Lucy got on her hands and knees and then
put her mouth down near Monica's crotch and smelled the sweet and sour odors
of Monica's pussy. She then stuck out her little girl tongue and began to
lick at Monica's pussy and clit. Lucy followed everything she saw those two
lesbians do on the cable station and ate Monica out like they did to each
other. She even spread Monica's pussy lips apart and licked insider her hole
and then started to lick and suck on her clit.

This drove Monica insane with sexual pleasure because this is the first time
anyone has ever touched her sexually, and it was a little 7 year old girl.
Monica pushed Lucy's head into her cunt and said, "OH YES BABY EAT MY CUNT,
an explosive orgasm and shot her creamy girl cum into Lucy's small little
girl mouth.

After that Monica said to Lucy, "That was great Lucy, I never felt so good in
my entire life. Thank you."

Lucy said, "No problem Monica I loved eating you out and drinking your girl
cream come. Monica do you want to eat my pussy now."

After Monica heard Lucy talk this dirty talk it got her horny again and she
new that she was a pedophile and sick, because she was about to give into
temptation and fuck this little girl and eat her little baby pussy. Monica
said, "Sure Lucy I would love to eat you now."

Lucy then tried to take off her dress but Monica did not let her do that for
she had something else planned. Monica then took Lucy off the floor and sat
her up on the sofa. Monica then put her face to Lucy's face and started to
lick all of her own come off of her face. And then Monica kissed Lucy on the
lips. Their passionate kiss turned into a long french kiss as they put their
tongues in each others mouth and swirled it around each others tongues.

After they broke their french kiss Monica went down and lifted Lucy's feet
and ankles up in the air and lifted her shiny shoes that were on her feet to
her face and said, "I have been wanting to do this Lucy all day to your shiny

Lucy said, "Go ahead."

With that Monica began to lick Lucy's shiny shoes all over. She ran her
tongue all over those shoes and the smooth leather turned her on. Fetish
licking Lucy's shiny little girl patent leather mary jane dress shoes got
Monica so turned on that her pussy was dripping all over the carpet.

When Monica was done licking her shoes she then proceeded to lift Lucy's
little girl dress up above her waist and told her to hold it. Lucy held her
dress up high and then Monica pulled down Lucy's white tights off of her
legs and then took off her shoes so she could then pull the white tights
off her legs completely. Monica then pulled Lucy's pink little girl panties
off of her waist and legs completely, only to expose her bald little girl
pussy. Monica then looked at her little 7 year old virgin cunt and then she
got excited to eat her pussy. Monica then continued to have Lucy hold up
her dress above her waist and then Monica pushed Lucy's legs up into the
air and spread them out wide.

Then Monica put her face up close to the little 7 year olds baby virgin bald
cunt and admired it by saying, "Wow Lucy you have the cutest little baby bald
pussy I have ever seen. It is so cute it looks like a little flower."

Lucy giggled a little. After that Monica ran her fingers all over her little
vulva and down her slit. She smelled her baby bald cunt and it only had a
sweet smell and not the sour odor of an older woman. Then Monica drove her
tongue into her sweet bald cunt and started to eat out the little 7 year old
girl. This drove Lucy crazy with sexual pleasure especially when Monica would
lick and suck her little baby clit. Lucy would squirm but Monica held on to
her tight as she ate her out. Monica then spread the lips of Lucy's baby cunt
out wide and started to lick at her hole, but was prevented from going in
because of her hymen protecting the entrance to her virgin cunt hole.

Lucy said, "I feel like I am going to pee."

Monica said, "Do not worry about that it feels like that for all people right
before they come, and that is what feels great about coming."

Lucy replied, "But Monica I really feel that I have to pee."

With that Lucy let out a stream of pee and it hit Monica in the face and

Lucy said, "I am sorry about that Monica, if you want to stop that is fine."

Monica said, "Do not worry about that Lucy I want to continue."

With that Monica drank all of the little girl's golden piss that managed to
go into her mouth, and Monica got all the more turned on. Monica then went
back to sucking and eating Lucy's 7 year old bald cunt again until Lucy

And with that Lucy exploded into her first orgasm and shot her little girl
cream cum all over Monica's face. Monica then tried to drink as much of
Lucy's little girl cum as much as possible. Lucy then sat up again and then
put her face against Monica's face and licked her own cream mixed with her
own piss off of Monica's face.

Lucy said, "Monica that was so great and it felt so good. Thank you."

Monica said "No problem Lucy I enjoyed doing it. But you must make me a
promise that you keep this a secret between us and tell no one."

Lucy said, "No problem Monica I will tell no one."

After that they both kissed each other passionately and then they both went
to bed. Monica let Lucy sleep with her in her bed and they both slept next to
each other in the nude.


On Wednesday morning it began like any other morning. Monica got up and had
Lucy get up and get dressed. After they both got dressed they ate breakfast.
Then Monica went to pick Dan up from his friend's house and then she drove
both Dan and Lucy to school. After the two were in school she could not get
her sexual encounter with little 7 year old Lucy out of her mind. She wanted
to make this evening an even more perverse sexual experience, so she got an

Monica spent the day at the shopping mall and got some clothes and shoes.
First she got a large size white first communion dress for herself and bought
white tights, but she could not find any patent leather shoes in mary jane
style that she could wear so instead she got a very sexy pair of shiny black
patent leather high heeled shoes. For Dan she only got him white tights that
would fit and a pair of very shiny little girl black patent leather mary jane
shoes that would fit him better than Lucy's shoes.

She came home and laid the clothes out on each of their beds. Lucy would be
wearing her first communion dress tonight along with her white tights and
patent leather shoes, and Dan would where Lucy's white flower girl dress with
the white tights and patent leather shoes that she bought him. Monica got
dressed up in her white first communion dress that she bought herself and her
white tights and the shiny black patent leather high healed shoes.

When the kids came home both Dan and Lucy said, "Monica why are all dressed
up and looking like a little girl."

Monica said, "I thought that we would all dress up as little girls and have
dinner together and hang out like we were little girls."

Dan protested and said, "But Monica I am a boy and not a little girl, I do
not want to dress up as a little girl. Maybe I should dress in my tux."

Monica said, "No Dan you will dress like a little girl. I saw you the other
night all dressed up in your sister clothes and patent leather shoes. I know
you have a secret fetish for your sisters clothes and shiny patent leather

Dan almost melted with embarrassment and could not figure out how Monica
could have known about his secret fetish. But before he could think too much
Monica had the kids go upstairs and get dressed and ready for supper. Lucy
had no problems with Monica's plans so she marched right up stairs and got
dressed, as Monica wanted. But Dan needed persuasion and she forced Dan
upstairs and forced him to dress in all the clothes she laid out on his bed.
He felt the most sexual humiliation in his entire life as he stood there
looking like a little girl in a pretty flower girl dress and shiny black
patent leather little girl shoes before Monica and his little baby 7 year
old sister. But he did admit to himself that the white tights and shiny
patent leather dress shoes felt more comfortable on him than did Lucy's
tights and shoes.

All three of them went down to dinner, and while they ate dinner they all
three started to get horny. Even Dan started to get horny and it became
noticeable with his large hard on that he was getting.

After dinner Monica led the two kids in their dresses in the living room for
some sex play. With that Monica pushed Lucy on the sofa and grabbed her left
ankle and lifted it up to her face. Monica said "Dan watch what I do to your
sister's shoes."

With that Monica began to lick Lucy's little girl shiny black patent leather
shoe. As Monica ran her tongue all over Lucy's shoe and the smooth leather
Dan's erection even got harder until he had an absolutely rock hard cock.

Monica noticed Dan's rock hard on and then she told him, "Dan take off your
shoes and start to fetish lick them the same way as you do to your sisters
shoes, and as I am doing to your sister's shoe right now."

Dan then obeyed Monica and bent down to his feet unbuckled the shoes and took
them off one at a time. When he took them off he then brought them up to his
face and started to very sexy to fetish lick his shiny patent leather little
girl shoes. Monica then finished with Lucy's left shoe then she started to do
the same thing to her right shiny and smooth shoe. Monica then told Dan to
start to rub his shiny little girl shoes against his extremely hard cock.

Dan obeyed Monica and he lifted up his little flower girl dress, and pulled
the white tights and little girl panties off of his waist and legs. Then he
pulled his dress up more and then grabbed both little girl shoes and then
started to rub them against his very hard cock. After Monica finished licking
Lucy's entire right shoe she stopped and went over to Dan to help him out.

Monica then took one of Dan's little girl shoes and then went behind him
while he still held on to the other shoe and continued to rub the smooth and
shiny leather shoe against his rock hard cock. Monica then began to spread
Dan's ass apart and then she shoved the front end of the little girl shoe up
his asshole. This made Dan scream with sexual pleasure, "OHH MONICA, THAT

While Monica was shoving the little girl shoe up his asshole Dan continued
to rub the other little girls shoe against his hard cock and the smoothness
and shininess of the leather caused his cock to get ready to explode. Then
Monica caused the front end of the shoe to go so far up Dan's asshole that
the front end of the shiny little girls shoe hit his prostrate. Between the
rubbing of the one shoe against his hard cock, and the other shoe pressing
against his prostrate, Dan could not take anymore and he exploded into a
powerful orgasm and his white sticky cream shot all over the one little girl
shoe that was rubbing against his cock and the rest shot all over the room
which ended up hitting his sister.

Monica then pulled the shoe out of his asshole and then went down to Lucy's
feet and began to unbuckle her shoes and then took them off. Monica said to
the both of them, "I need the help of both of you for what I want to do now."

Dan and Lucy said, "Sure Monica what ever you want. What do you want us to

Monica responded, "Lucy I want you to take your right little girl shoe that
I took off of your foot and get in front of me and shove it up my pussy. And
Dan I want you to take Lucy's left shoe and get behind me and shove her
little girl shoe up my asshole."

They both said, "No problem."

Lucy got in front of Monica with her right shoe, and Dan got in back of her
with Lucy's left shoe. Monica then lifted up her white first communion dress
and then pulled down her white satin panties off of her waist and legs. She
was able to keep on her white tights and shiny high heeled shoes because she
wore a garter belt with tights that where thigh high. After she got off her
satin white panties she continued to hold up her dress and then Lucy shoved
her right shiny shoe up her cunt hole and Dan shoved Lucy's left shiny shoe
up her asshole. They both were pumping Lucy's little girl patent leather
shoes simultaneously up her cunt and asshole as Monica received a double
penetration fuck from the both of them.

After a few minutes of this Monica screamed, "OH KEEP DOING THAT YOU NASTY

With that Monica exploded into another orgasm in which she squirted all her
girl cum all over the right shoe that Lucy had up her cunt. Then Lucy pulled
her right little girl shoe out of Monica's cunt and Dan pulled Lucy's left
little girl shoe out of Monica's asshole.

Monica then said, "Lucy lick all my come off of your right little girl shoe.
And Dan lick my asshole cum off of Lucy's left little girl shoe."

They both obeyed Monica and licked the shoes they each had up her cunt and
asshole. After they were finished Monica went over to Lucy and sat her down
on the sofa. Then she lifted her legs up and pulled down her white tights and
pink panties off of her waist and legs only to expose her little 7 year old
girl bald cunt again. Monica then ran her fingers all over Lucy's little girl
vulva and slit, and then she turned around and said to Dan, "While I eat your
sister out I want you to fuck me from behind."

Then Dan obeyed Monica and got behind Monica, and then Monica began to shove
her face and tongue into Lucy's little 7 year old cunt and she began to eat
the little girl out again. Dan lifted Monica's dress up and then he lifted
his dress up. By this time Dan had a rock hard on on his cock at the sight of
Monica eating his little sister's pussy out. Dan then shoved his hard cock up
into Monica's pussy and began to pump his cock in and out of her very tight
cunt. Monica went crazy because this was the first time she ever had a guy's
cock up her pussy, and it was a 13 year old boy's cock at that.


With that Lucy became jealous and she grabbed Monica's head and shoved her
head back into her bald little girl cunt. Monica began to lick Lucy's pussy
and eat her out again. Monica would open Lucy's little pussy lips and spread
them apart and then she would stick her tongue out at her little virgin hole
that has never been penetrated. She could not penetrate Lucy's hole because
her hymen was still there which protected Lucy's little girl hole. This only
frustrated Monica because she really wanted to get up into Lucy's little 7
year old pussy hole. Monica then just went back to sucking on Lucy little
clit and this drove Lucy into sexual craziness.


After a few minuets of this all three of them exploded into an orgasm at the
same time as Dan shot his load of white sticky cream up into Monica's cunt
hole, and Monica had an orgasm as well where she squirted her girl cum all
over Dan's cock, and Lucy had had an orgasm where she squirted her little
girl sticky cum all over Monica's face.

Monica then immediately turned Lucy over on her stomach, and said to Dan, "I
am now going to lick your sister's asshole and while I do that I want you to
fuck me with your big cock up my asshole."

Dan said, "I do not think I can because I already came twice this evening and
I do not think I could get another hard on."

With that Monica used her angel powers and caused Dan's cock to get another
major rock hard on.

Dan said, "Wow how did that happen?"

Monica said "It's magic, just shut up now and fuck me up my asshole as I lick
your sister's asshole."

Dan then pushed his big hard on cock up into Monica's ass and into her
asshole. Her asshole was so tight which only turned Dan on all the more and
gave him more pleasure as he pumped his cock in and out of her tight poop
chute. At this time Monica held Lucy's dress up above her waist, and then
she spread Lucy's ass cheeks apart only to notice a little puckered pink
asshole. Monica moved her face down to her little girl virgin asshole while
Lucy waited in intense sexual anticipation to what was coming next.

Monica smelled her stinky asshole and said, "Why Lucy you have such a stinky

Monica notices that Lucy was not cleaning her poop chute that well after she
took shits. She would have to teach her how to clean herself properly like
the young lady she is. Monica then stuck out her tongue and started to lick
her tiny little 7 year old girl asshole. In order to give Lucy the ultimate
pleasure Monica started to use her finger and masturbate Lucy's clit while
she licked and sucked on her asshole.

Lucy started to scream and said, "MONICA DO NOT STOP, KEEP LICKING MY BUMHOLE

At the same time Dan was pumping his cock in and out of Monica's tight
asshole. Because Dan had a raging hard on caused by Monica's angel powers
and because Monica had such a tight asshole which gave Dan the most
wonderful experience Dan ended up cumming again and he shot all of his
sticky white cream up into Monica's poop chute and rectum. Dan pulled his
cock out of Monica's asshole but Monica just continued to lick and eat
out Lucy's asshole. While Monica was driving her tongue up into Lucy's
now wide open asshole Lucy screamed out into the most explosive orgasm yet
while Monica's tongue was up into her little tight asshole and Monica was
fingering her clit.

After that Monica then had both Dan and Lucy kneel down near her feet and
told them to lick her shiny patent leather high heels. Dan and Lucy did just
that. Lucy licked Monica's right shiny heal and Dan licked her left shiny
heal. Then Monica demanded that both Lucy and Dan suck on the stiletto heal
at the same time, and they both obeyed. Both Lucy and Dan sucked on Monica's
stiletto shiny heels as if they were giving them a blowjob. This turned
Monica on all the more.

Monica then said, "Stop licking and sucking on my heels now, and Lucy stand
up and pull your dress up over your waist, for I have something special
planned for you."

When Dan and Lucy were finished sucking on Monica's heels they both got off
of them and Lucy obeyed and did as Monica had asked her to. Monica then took
off her heals and had planed to finally deflower this little 7 year old girl
and bust her cherry. Monica took her right shiny high heeled shoe and stuck
the stiletto heel up at the entrance to her little girl cunt hole.

Monica said, "Lucy this is going to hurt a little, and I want you to bear the
pain for when it is over you are going to experience a new kind of sexual

Lucy said, "Ok Monica anything you say."

After that Monica then shoved her stiletto heel up into Lucy's little girl
virgin cunt hole that has never been penetrated. She busted Lucy's hymen and
blood ran all over Monica's right high heeled shiny shoe.

Lucy cried out in pain and screamed, "MONICA THAT HURTS PLEASE STOP."

Monica said, "Lucy please be patient and bear the pain it will go away in a
couple of minutes."

Lucy tried to bear the pain and she did a good job like a good little girl.
After a few minutes the pain left Lucy and she started to feel a new
sensation of sexual pleasure down in her little girl cunt like Monica said
she would. When Monica notices that she was not feeling the pain anymore
and that she was feeling only sexual pleasure she picked up her left shiny
patent leather high heeled shoe and pointed the stiletto heel strait up at
her asshole.

Then she said, "Hold on Lucy I am going to stick the other heel up into your

Then Monica shoved the left stiletto shiny heel up into Lucy's extremely
tight asshole. Monica then began to pump both her shiny high heels in and
out of both Lucy's little baby cunt and little baby anus while giving Lucy
a double penetration fuck.

Dan just sat their watching Monica double penetrate fucking his little 7 year
old sister and he got another hard on to which he started to masturbate like
crazy at the sight of his baby sister being fucked like that, to which he
soon came and shot his white sticky load all over the place.

Monica pumped her stiletto heels in and out of Lucy's tight cunt and asshole
for a few minutes until Lucy exploded into another great orgasm as Lucy

With that Lucy exploded into orgasm and she squirted her sticky little girl
cum all over Monica's right shoe, which was up her little pussy. Monica then
pulled her stiletto heels out of Lucy's little girl cunt and asshole. Monica
licked and sucked her right high heel so she could suck all of Lucy's little
girl cum off of her heel. Then she took the left heel, which was a little
dirt from being up Lucy's asshole, and she licked and sucked off Lucy's dirt
off of her left shiny stiletto heel. After that all three of them washed up
and got ready for bed. This time Monica let both Lucy and Dan sleep with her
in the nude in the same bed.


Thursday morning came quick enough and Monica as usual got the kids up in the
morning and dressed for school. Monica had just sent Dan off to school and
she was wandering where Lucy was.

Monica called out, "Lucy where are you?"

Lucy replied, "I am up here in the bathroom."

Monica said, "Lucy hurry up or you will be late for school."

Lucy called for Monica and said, "Could you come in hear Monica, I just did
a poop and I want you to show me how to clean myself properly like you said
you would."

Monica said, "Sure dear I will help you clean your stinky bumhole after
taking a shit."

With that Monica walked in to the bathroom and saw Lucy with her dress
pulled up and sitting on the toilet. This got Monica very excited and she
started to get very wet again. She instructed Lucy to stand up and turn
around and bend over. Monica pulled Lucy's dress up above her waist and
had her hold it up. Then in the heat of the moment, instead of using toilet
paper to clean her stinky and dirty little 7 year old girl asshole, Monica
bent down, then spread her ass cheeks apart, and then notices her dirty
brown asshole, and then she smelled the stink that came from her asshole.
Then she began to lick her asshole clean while swallowing her stinky and
dirty little girl shit.

Lucy said, "That is so nasty Monica. How do you stand the taste and smell
of my stinky poop?"

Monica said, "You just get used to it after a while, and to me in my sexual
state of excitement it is the ultimate thrill to eat your shit."

Then after that Monica continued to lick Lucy's little girl asshole and Lucy
let her do it because it felt so good to her to have her anus stimulated by
Monica's soft tongue. Then while Monica was licking her little girl anus and
sticking her tongue far up into her rectum Monica began to rub her finger
over Lucy's clit again.

This made Lucy scream into sexual insanity for she screamed, "MONICA DO NOT

With that Lucy exploded again into another orgasm and squirted all her sticky
little girl cum all over Monica's hand and dress. After Lucy came Monica
licked her hand and fingers that she used to rub Lucy's clit and that had all
her little girl cum all over it.

Monica had Lucy stand up again and said to her, "Lucy I really want to eat
your shit this time. Do you think that you could shit into my mouth?"

Lucy said, "That is so nasty and sick Monica, I do not know how or why you
would want to eat such nasty and stinky stuff."

Monica said, "Because I am so horny now and you are so pretty that your shit
will not be nasty to me but will be sweet to my mouth and make me able to cum
again. Will you do it?"

Lucy said, "Well, I would like to, but I just did a poop and I do not have to

Monica responded and used her angel powers and caused Lucy's rectum to fill
full of really fresh stinky feces.

Lucy reacted and held her belly as if she was going to explode and said,
"Monica how did you do that?"

Monica said, "I used my magic the same as I used on your brother last night."

Lucy said, "My bumhole is so full now that I feel like I am going to explode
that it hurts."

Monica said, "I am sorry Lucy about that, I guess I over did it a bit. Can
you now take a shit in my mouth."

Lucy said, "Sure I guess so if you want."

Monica said, "Great then lets do it then."

Monica laid down on her back and had Lucy sit over her face with her ass over
her face. Then Monica spread Lucy's ass cheeks wide apart and put her mouth
over her little 7 year old girl asshole.

And with that Monica said, "Lucy I am ready."

With that Lucy rectum was hurting so much from all the stinky brown feces in
it that she just let go of her bowels on Monica's command and a huge pile of
feces came out of her little girl anus and went into Monica's mouth and
filled her mouth full of her little girl shit. What ever was not able to fit
into her mouth ran all over her face to the point that that Monica's face was
covered in little girl dirty brown shit.

After Lucy fully unloaded her rectum and shit onto Monica's face and mouth
she got off of her face and sat there and watched Monica eat her stinky shit.
Lucy began to smell the horrible stink that was in the room because of her
shit, and she held her nose but it turned her on to the point that she
masturbated herself buy rubbing her own clit.

Monica at this time was trying to eat all of Lucy's little girl feces while
she masturbated herself by rubbing her own clit. By the time that both Monica
ate all of Lucy's shit off of her own face both girls had another orgasm and

Then they both squirted their girl cum all over the place.

Lucy then said to Monica, "Do you think that I could eat your shit now?"

Monica said, "I do not know about that Lucy. I have been so nasty, sick,
dirty, and so perverse with you and your brother as of right now. I do not
know if that would be taking things way to far."

Lucy responded, "Come on Monica you came this far with sexual exploration
with me, and I want to go all the way as you have with me. Since you ate my
poop I want to eat yours."

Monica said, "Are you sure you are ready for this?"

Lucy responded, "I am sure that I am ready for this Monica. Please take a
poop in my mouth."

With Lucy begging Monica to take a shit in her mouth it got Monica so turned
on that she could not resist the nasty little 7 year old girl that she was
fucking and molesting. So Monica used her powers again and made her own
rectum fill with fresh stinky brown feces. Then Monica felt like she was
going to exploded as well because she filled her rectum to the full extent
and it was hurting her like it was Lucy just about a few minutes ago when her
rectum was full of feces.

Monica then had Lucy lay on her back and then Monica got on top of her face
with her ass over Lucy's face. Monica reached around with her hands and
pulled her own as cheeks apart so that Lucy could get a full view and access
to her pink asshole. Lucy just stayed there observing Monica's pink asshole
and admiring it.

Then Monica said, "Lucy are you sure you are ready for this?"

Lucy responded and said, "I am sure Monica I am ready for this. I am not
changing my mind."

Then Lucy began to smell the stink that was coming from Monica's asshole and
she said, "Monica you have such a stinky bumhole like mine."

Then after that Lucy put her mouth up to Monica's asshole and stuck out her
tongue and started to lick Monica's pink anus. Monica could not stand this
stimulation anymore so she released her shit into Lucy's mouth. Monica filled
Lucy's mouth with her own shit, and what Lucy could not take into her mouth
ran all over her face.

Soon Lucy's face was covered in Monica's brown stinky shit. While Monica was
still pooping into Lucy's mouth Lucy began to take her hands and rub Monica's
clit. This drove Monica insane with sexual pleasure with Lucy's stimulation
and then Lucy started to penetrate Monica's cunt hole with one finger, then
two, then three, then she had all fingers up her tight pussy hole. Then Lucy
pushed her whole fist up Monica's cunt and began to fuck Monica with her

Monica screamed out in sexual excitement and she screamed, "OH DO NOT STOP

With that Monica exploded into another orgasm and squirted her girl cum all
over Lucy's hand and fist that was up her cunt, and when Lucy pulled her hand
out of Monica's cunt Monica's girl cum started to drip all over Lucy's dirty
brown shit covered face. Lucy tried to eat as much of Monica's shit as she
possible could and Monica rubbed Lucy's face and mixed her girl cum in with
her own shit.

After that Monica scooped up some of her own shit that had her girl cum mixed
in with it and ate her own shit that had the flavor of her own cum. After
Lucy ate all of Monica's shit they both looked at each other with lust and at
each other's brown shit stained stinky faces.

After Monica and Lucy feasted on each other's shit they continued their
bathroom shit games. Monica was using her angel powers to make Lucy and
herself both constantly have their rectums full with fresh stinky brown
feces. Monica would think of all sorts of things to do when they each took
a turn to shit on one another. First Monica covered Lucy's entire little
7 year old body in her own brown shit to the point that her entire body
from head to toe was covered in her brown stinky feces. Then Monica used
her angel powers to fill Lucy's rectum full of fresh feces and had her
shit on her, and then Monica had Lucy cover her in her shit to the point
that Monica was covered in Lucy's little girl stinky brown shit from head
to toe. Monica suggested that they get dressed up in their first communion
dresses, white tights, and shiny black patent leather shoes and then cover
each other's clothes in each others shit.

Lucy said, "But Monica won't that stain our clothes forever. We would never
be able to get them fully clean again."

Monica then said, "Do not worry about that sweetheart, I can use my magic
powers to clean our clothes and shoes."

With that Lucy became confident that Monica could use her magic powers to
clean their clothes and then both Monica and Lucy dressed up in their formal
clothes and shiny patent leather dress shoes. After they got dressed up
Monica used her angel powers again and made both of Lucy's and her rectums
full with fresh brown feces again. Then they took turns shitting on own
another's formal dresses, white tights and shiny patent leather shoes. Then
they started to smear each others shit into their clothes and shoes at the
same time until their white first communion dresses and white tights were
not white anymore but brown from all the shit covering it, and their shiny
patent leather shoes were not shiny any more because they were soiled with
each others shit. They both could smell the stink in each other clothes with
their own shit covering their clothes.

Then Monica got another idea, she took of her soiled patent leather high
heeled shoes and had Lucy take off her soiled little girl patent leather
shoes. Monica then used her angel powers again but this time instead of
filling their rectums with shit Monica caused both Lucy and herself and
both of their rectums to fill with diarrhea. Monica first had Lucy fill
her soiled patent leather high heeled shoes with her diarrhea, and then
Monica took Lucy's soiled little girl patent leather shoes and she filled
her shoes with her own diarrhea.

Then Monica gave Lucy her soiled patent leather shoes and then Monica then
took back her soiled patent leather high heeled shoes. Then Monica told Lucy
to drink from her own shoes. Then both Lucy and Monica drunk from their own
shoes at the same time as Lucy drunk Monica's diarrhea and Monica drunk
Lucy's diarrhea. The diarrhea stunk so bad and tasted so horrible that both
Monica and Lucy held their noses and gagged as they drunk each other's
diarrhea. But it turned both of them on all the more the nastier it got.

After Monica and Lucy were finished feasting on each others shit, and
drinking each others diarrhea from their own shoes Monica used her powers
to clean all their clothes, shoes, and anything else that got their shit on
that needed to be clean from their stinky brown stains of their shit and
diarrhea. After Monica used her angel powers the clothes and patent leather
shoes were completely clean and fresh smelling as if they were new. Then
all there was need to be done was for Monica and Lucy to clean their bodies
from their shit and diarrhea. So they both took a shower together and got
themselves clean and fresh smelling. Soon after that Dan came home from
school and Monica cooked dinner. Soon after that it was time for the kids
to go to bed. Dan slept in his own room that night, but Lucy slept with
Monica in the nude as they usually do.


Friday morning came and it was the last full day that Monica had with Dan and
Lucy before their parents came home from their honeymoon. Monica got up first
and then got Dan up and dressed to go to school. Monica decided that since
this was their last full day together that she would let Lucy stay home from
school as she did yesterday so she could one more time do some nasty sex
games with her. Monica sent Dan off to school telling him that his sister
did not feel that well today and that she would be staying home from school.

After Dan went off to school Monica let Lucy sleep in while she prepared the
next nasty sex game to play. Monica decided that her and Lucy would have a
shit breakfast together in the nude. Monica went down stairs in the nude and
went into the kitchen. She then took out two plates and then she used her
angel powers and had her rectum fill with fresh nasty brown feces again. Then
Monica took a shit on both plates and filled them evenly with her stinky
poop. Then she went upstairs to wake Lucy up and told her not to put on any
clothes but to follow her down stairs in the nude.

Although Monica did put on a small pair of Lucy's white ankle socks and took
another pair of her ankle socks and put them on Lucy. Then Monica put on her
shiny black patent leather high heels and had Lucy put on her little girl
black patent leather mary jane shoes. Other than the shoes and socks both
Lucy and Monica were completely nude. Lucy obeyed Monica and follows her down
stairs while they both were in the nude. Monica led Lucy into the kitchen and
had her sit down.

Monica said, "Lucy we are going to have a shit breakfast this morning."

Lucy said, "That is so nasty to have this early in the morning."

Monica responded, "Lucy quite down and enjoy this nasty and erotic breakfast
with me."

With that Monica and Lucy began to eat Monica's shit off of both of their

Then Monica said, "Lucy would you like to put a little salad dressing on your
shit, or should I say my shit?

Lucy said, "That sounds great Monica, I would love to have some salad
dressing on the shit that I am eating."

Monica then went over the refrigerator and opened it. Then she saw all kinds
of different kinds and flavors of salad dressing in their refrigerator. Then
Monica decided to bring them all out and put them on the table to let Lucy
and herself decide which ones they wanted to put on their shit that they were

Monica then got another nasty idea. She took Lucy by the hand and had her sit
on the kitchen floor. Then Monica took all the bottles of the different kinds
and flavors of salad dressing and placed them on the floor. Then Monica sat
on the floor herself next to Lucy. Monica then opened all the bottles of
salad dressing and instructed Lucy to pour the salad dressing into her little
7 year old hands and smear them all over her body.

They both started to take the different kinds of salad dressing and pour it
into their hands and rub the salad dressing all over each other's bodies.
Soon both Monica's and Lucy's bodies were completely covered with salad
dressing. Then they both took turns licking the salad dressing off of their
bodies. When they were done they both got into a 69 position with Lucy on
top and began to eat each other cunts out.

Lucy then felt began to feel an extreme sexual high and she screamed, "OH

Monica felt a pulse of sexual energy in her as well and she screamed, "THAT'S

And after that both Lucy and Monica came at the same time squirting their
girl cum all over each other faces.

After they both came in each others faces in their 69 position Lucy got off
of Monica and they both faced each other and started to lick each other
creamy girl cum off of each other's faces. Then they started to kiss one
another passionately on the lips and then that led to a long deep passionate
french kiss.

After they french kissed Monica said, "Lucy we need to get cleaned up from
the mess of all the salad dressing that is all over us, lets go take a bath
together and get cleaned up."

Lucy got excited hearing Monica suggest a bath together thinking it would be
very intimate. Then they both went up stairs and Monica filled the bathtub
with hot soapy water. Then they both got in the tub with Monica getting in
first with her back up against the tub's wall, then Lucy got in second with
her back up against Monica's chest.

As they cleaned each other's body with the soap and wash cloth they just sat
there with Lucy leaning against Monica's chest. Lucy would turn around once
in a while why they were relaxing in the tub so she could suck Monica's
breast or kiss Monica on the lips. Monica let her do all that with pleasure.
After they got finished with their intimate bath together they both got out
of the tub and dried off.

Then Monica got another idea. Monica said, "Lucy does your mother have any
baby oil in the house?"

Lucy responded and said, "Yes Monica it is in the bathroom closet. Why do you

Monica said, "Because I have another sexy idea for us to do."

Then Monica went to the bathroom closet and got the bottle of baby oil. Lucy
got excited at wandering what Monica had in mind. Monica had Lucy lay on the
bathroom floor and then she opened the bottle of the baby oil and then
started to pour the slimy baby oil all over Lucy's body and then she took her
hands and rubbed it into her body. Soon Lucy's entire little 7 year old body
was covered in slimy baby oil. Then Monica had laid down on the bathroom
floor and asked Lucy to do to her the same thing she did to Lucy.

Lucy was more than glad to reply and she took the bottle of baby oil and
poured it all over Monica's body. Then she took her little 7 year old hands
and smeared the slimy baby oil all over her body until her entire body was
covered in slimy baby oil. They both sat up and looked at each other. Both of
their bodies were shiny, slimy, and oily from all the baby oil all over their

Then Monica embraced Lucy and started to rub her body all over the little
girls 7 year old body. They both were slipper and sliding all over their
bodies from the slimy baby oil an their bodies. Then Monica sat across from
Lucy and spread her legs apart and then put them around Lucy's legs. Monica
then instructed Lucy to do the same. Lucy spread her little 7 year old legs
apart and then put them around Monica's legs. Then Monica proceeded to push
her cunt into Lucy's little baby 7 year old bald cunt. They both were pushing
each others cunts together and they were both slippery and slid over each
other cunts very smoothly from all the baby oil that they had on their cunts,
and also from their girl precum that was starting to leak out of their
pussies as they rubbed them together, which only created more lubrication
for them as they squished their pussies together. Soon both Lucy and Monica
were on an extreme sexual high and they both screamed together.



And with that Monica and Lucy exploded into their most amazing orgasm ever
and squirted their sticky girl cum all over their pussies. Their girl cum
blending in real well into their pussies with all the slimy baby oil that
was smeared into their cunts. Monica then embraced Lucy and she started to
kiss Lucy on the mouth in the most passionate kiss ever. This led to them
to french kissing with their tongues in each other's mouth swirling around
each other tongues. After that they were both exhausted and Monica led Lucy
to her bedroom and they both climbed into her bed and cuddled into each
others arms and fell asleep in each others arms for the rest of the day.


Saturday morning arrived and Monica and Lucy slept in real late. Dan woke
up first and then woke his sister and Monica up and said to them, "You guys
have to get up and get ready for mom and Bill to come home. For they will
be coming home in a couple of hours."

Monica and Lucy woke up and then got dressed and got the house ready for
their parents to come home. Monica was depressed knowing that this was their
last day together and also their last sexual adventures together that she
would ever have with either Lucy or Dan. Although Monica would miss Lucy the
most even over Bill, for even though she had a small sexual encounter with
him earlier in the week she was not attached to him. She was really attached
to Lucy and really loved her. She wished she could take Lucy as a full time
lover but her angel duties and societies taboos would forbid that forever.
After talking with Lucy privately she found out that Lucy felt the same for
her and wished she could stay forever with her and be her adult lover. This
made Monica almost cry and she took one last passionate kiss with Lucy.

Dan noticed this and said, "Would you two quit it we need to get this house
ready for mom and Bill for when they come home. And also if they catch Monica
doing anything to Lucy Monica will go straight to jail and Lucy will be in a
psychologist office for ever."

Both Monica and Lucy agreed and they kept each other's hands off of each
other for the rest of the day. Monica sat both Lucy and Dan down and had a
series conversation with them and she said, "You both know that you must
keep our little sexual adventures that we had this past week our little
secret or else I will be in big trouble and you two will be in a psychologist
office for the rest of your life as Dan has said."

Both Dan and Lucy promised Monica that they would keep their sexual
adventures that they shared this week a complete secret between the three
of them. Soon after that Bill and Carol arrived home after their long
honeymoon week.

When they arrived Carol said, "We are home. Where is my children?"

Then Dan and Lucy ran up to their mother and gave her and Bill a big hug.
Monica came to greet them as well.

Carol said, "Monica thanks again for watching my kids. How were they? Did
they cause any problems?"

Monica said, "No they were complete angels, especially Lucy."

Carol said, "Yea that's my Lucy for you she is usually a complete angel. She
is my sweetheart."

After that Monica said that she had to go and meet Tess. With that Monica
gave Dan and Lucy a big hug goodbye, and she especially hugged Lucy for a
long time because she knew it was the last time she would ever be touching
that little 7 year old girl. Then Monica shook Carol and Bill's hand, and
then they gave Monica her money for the week of babysitting, and then Monica

Monica was walking and met up with Tess. Tess had no idea what she had done
during the week, or any of the nasty sex game she played with the kids. If
she did ever find out her angel powers would be taken away and she would
become mortal, and then she would spend the rest of her life in a human
female prison where she would be beaten and raped by the other women inmates.

Tess said, "How did your week go Miss Wings."

Monica responded almost in a devilish way, "It went quite well, I had
experiences that I never had as an angel on any other assignment."

Tess did not know whether she liked that response but she paid it no mind.
Tess said, "Come along Miss Wings we have work to do, and your next
assignment is ready for you."

Monica, vowing to herself that she would never tell any other human or angel
what had happened that week, but would keep it her little secret, followed
Tess off to her next assignment.

The End

I know that this was a long story but if you have read it all and are now
reading this part I would appreciate any comments or feedback that you might
have. You can write me at: [email protected]


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