Codes: FF, food, oral, exhib, celeb

30 Minute Meals: The New Show
by Spyder

Rachael Ray the ever so bubbly host of her own talk show as well as 30 Minute
Meals has concocted a new idea for her cook show and she is about to pitch it
to the owners of an adult television channel. The meeting is quick and
fruitful as Rachael listens to the studio owner who says that she is to be on
hand to tape the pilot episode and then if the ratings support it she can go
ahead with the full season.

On the appointed day, Miss Ray walks into the studio prepared to tape the
show as described to the producer in charge and the station owner. Her idea
included audience participation and a guest every now and then, but for this
first show, she will go it alone.

The floor announcer stands near the audience and says heartily, "Ladies and
gentlemen today are a new era in the 30 Minute Meal program as we are going
to bring a new phase to all of you. To explain the concepts of the new
program give it up for the genial host Rachael Ray."

Rachael runs out to the kitchen studio, her breasts are bouncing as she
stands in front of the small audience and says, "Welcome to the new 30 Minute
Meal cook show. As you know my old show was all about me and my favorite
recipes that can be cooked in 30 minutes. Well this show is the same, except
for a guest once a week and a few surprises I will explain to all of you.
Now to get started as I will now remove my shirt before getting into the

A few whistles emanate from the sparse crowd as Rachael strips her shirt off
her back and reveals a nice set of tits with hard nipples on them from the
cool air in the studio. She walks to the front of the audience and asks the
20 or so people to remove the clothing they all wear. "Now with this being a
cook show where a selected member of the audience will help me out with
ingredients as I cook my favorite dishes for consumption at the shows end."
Rachael returns to the kitchen set and throws her shorts over the counter as
she has just stripped out of them.

Rachael again walks from behind the counter only to show the audience that
she is almost naked and was not throwing a pair of shorts that was set up
behind the set. Before heading back to the area she selects her first helper
and introduces the young woman as Liz. Liz hugs the sexy chef as Rachael
asks her to remove the panties that the wholesome cook is wearing and kisses
her helper on her left cheek. Once her panties are on the floor, Rachael
moves the kiss to Liz's luscious lips and squeezes her tight ass at the same

"Well as you see I am ready to cook the first recipe, a taco salad with green
beans and pesto dressing," states Rachael.

Liz begins to hand the items for the salad as Rachael slips her fingers
inside the cunt of her helper as the audience watches the transformation of
the hot cook from a mild mannered television cook to a sex-starved chef in a
new show. Liz is moaning as Rachael is making her hot and near ready to cum
on the fingers of the cook. Rachael looks into the eyes of her helper and
insists that she sit on the counter top while she finishes the salad, Liz
responds by licking the fingers of Rachael after kissing her hard nipples.

Rachael takes hold of an English cucumber, washes it slightly and slides it
gently into the burning hot caldron that is Liz's pussy. Liz yelps aloud as
the cuke feels like a dildo in her well-fucked hole, while Rachael licks the
juices now dripping from her cunt. Rachael now finds herself wanting to have
Liz give her the same treatment as she sits on the counter, widens her legs
and points to the cuke and then Liz. Liz slowly kisses her way between Miss
Ray's thighs as the hot cook moans with every kiss closer to her pussy. Liz
notices that her lover is not one to shave her twat as she feels the hair
tickle her tongue and lips as she enjoys the lesbian desire that is now hers.
Cum flows onto the mouth of Liz, while Rachael knows from this that the show
will be a hot as she thinks about how she will get her first guest to make
love to her on the set. Rachael slides herself between the open legs of Liz
as she fucks the pussy of her new friend with her hot cunt.

A short time later Rachael kisses Liz as she thanks the audience for being on
hand and to the owners of the station for allowing this first episode to on
tape for later broadcast.

The End


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