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This story contains M/F, and oral. If you don't swing that way, stop reading.
This is a PARODY, PARODY, PARODY, I don't own any of the characters, just
"borrowing" them for the sake of the story. I AM USING WITHOUT PERMISSION OF
20th Century Fox, FoxBox, or another subsidiaries I am currently not aware
of. So don't sue me. Please, I only have a computer and one of those toy dogs
that bounce their heads up and down. It isn't worth it.

Heroes in a Half Shell, goddamned it Fox makes me happy for making and
keeping TMNT but at the same time angry giving Futurama the shaft.
Nevertheless the new TMNT series is specifically awesome. It is one of the
first Saturday morning cartoons to come out in a long while that appeals to
children, but is a show aimed at heart, I think, towards the old TMNT fans.
Myself being a card carrying member, well not anymore, but I used to have
the card. We got the new April, smaller breasted but sexier, at least in my
mind, what with the belly shirt and tight jeans rather than the yellow
bodysuit thing she used to wear. I haven't really seen many pictures on the
net of her latest incarnation, but I suppose there were only a few of her
last too. Casey Jones is a more integral part of the series, he's been in I
think four, maybe as many as six episodes, although not always fighting
really. As for story, this occurs in the nanobot episode. Basically a group
of small robots that function almost as brain cells, working together with
the capability to reproduce, escape from a lab and become a surrogate child
for a conman who uses its ability to break into electronic devices to his
advantage. Casey and the Turtles are there to help April, who in this series
owns an antique store, and when the nanobots and the conman break into her
store, the nanobots become one with a car and knock Casey on his ass, the
turtles pursue, and later drop him in a melting vat at a dump or recycling
center. We enter at what happens to April and Casey when the Turtles are

* Denotes thought

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Casey At Bat
by Some Random Bastard

"Come over here," April O'Neil said, helping the injured Casey Jones to the
couch in her antique shop. "One second," she said, removing his golf bag
filled with clubs, baseball bats, and a hockey stick before setting him down
on the couch.

"I don't need any help," Casey said, his voice strained. "I'll be fine, I
just got the wind knocked out of me."

"Along with a rib or two," she commented

"I'll be fine," he said, his voice clearing up a little bit "I heal fast."

"Sure you are, take off your shirt" she commanded.

"Well someone's not a fan of foreplay" Casey

"You perv! I need to check and make sure you didn't bust a rib," she yelled

"Look missy, I told you I'm fine," Casey yelled back.

"What, you hiding a gut under there?" April chided.

"Fine, you want to so bad, go nuts" Casey yelled, taking off his already
ripped shirt.

"He really got you good," April said, looking at the large red mark left on
his chest from where the nanobots hit him.

"It was about the same as getting hit by a Buick" Casey replied.

"Alright, just tell me if anything hurts" April said, her eyes unconsciously
admiring Casey's well built chest. She put her hands on either side of his
ribs, checking to make sure they weren't cracked or broken, her dainty hands
exploring Casey's well toned chest.

Casey looked up, biting the bottom of his lip as he felt a stirring in his
pants. He had admired April's body, but the two of them seemed to be complete
opposites. Nevertheless as her hands checked his chest his face grew beat
read, and it was all he could do to think up baseball stats, 1986 Red Sox,
1995 Braves...

"Well it doesn't look like you broke anything, and it must have hit you
with a blunt part because it didn't break the skin," she said, looking up
at Casey, his beat red face looking up while he bit down on his lower lip,
mumbling numbers.

"What are you doing?" April asked forcefully, enough to shake Casey out of
his failed attempt to think unsexy thoughts.

"Oh I uh, just was uh" Casey said, his body naturally trying to hide his half
hardened member as his legs folded with his hands resting on his lap.

"You what?" she asked, her mind answering the question a moment later. "Oh
Casey!" she cried out angrily, walking away.

"April, calm down," Casey said, getting up, his injury only a minor
annoyance. As one can tell by his choice of weaponry, Casey Jones was no
stranger to sports, especially the contact sports of football and hockey.
He was used to pain, and used to getting through the pain.

"You are a pervert!" she cried out

"It's not like that, I swear!" Casey said, trying to calm April down.

"It's not, really, well then what is it?" she asked, her arms flying in the

"It's that...well I...uh," Casey started, struggling to get the courage to
say what he was thinking.

"I'm waiting," she said, tapping her right foot.

"I like you is all," Casey blurted out. April's attitude softened, and Casey
continued saying "All that fighting got the adrenaline running and then you
insisted to check me out and...well...look, I'm sorry, okay, I didn't want to
do that and I definitely didn't want say it like this."

"Oh Casey" April said. "I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have jumped your case like
that." She was surprised that Casey shared the same feelings she had for him.
She had thought Casey was just a muscle head who wasn't interested in the

"In fact," she said, feeling as though butterflies were in her stomach and
they were puking, "I like you too" she said with a gulp.

The two stood there in silence for few moments, neither knowing rightly what
to do. Casey rubbed the back of his neck, wanting to look at April but afraid
that this awkward moment would be prolonged indefinitely. April looked down
at the ground, afraid of the same.

Seconds dragged by, each seeming like hours, until Casey finally decided to
do something. He walked towards April, her eyes still scanning the floor,
noticing every grain growing out from the knot of the wood.

Casey gently grabbed her by her bare midriff, pressing his lips against hers.
April was taken aback, but only for a moment as she parted her mouth, meeting
with enthusiasm Casey's tongue.

"Wow" a dumbstruck April said, her hands finding their way to Casey's
muscular back before returning to the freedom kiss.

*Damn* Casey thought, *She's a great kisser*. By this point he had all but
forgotten about the pain.

The two kissed passionately for moments more before April asked "Upstairs?"
to which Casey replied with a single nod. The two seemed to have made a
record for land speed as they were almost instantly in April's bedroom.

April jumped on top the bed, followed quickly by Casey jumping on top of
her. Quickly his lips caressed hers, as his hands explored her body. April's
nipples were quickly hardening as Casey played with her breasts through her
shirt and bra.

April could feel his member throbbing against her leg, she slowly began to
caress it through his pants, surprised at how long and stiff he was. With
each rub it seemed to throb quicker and quicker, it's pace similar to her

Casey lifted April's shirt, revealing a bright pink brassiere containing
generous but not gigantic breasts. With but a few more snaps from Casey's
hands the bra released it's hold, and April's pert and perky breasts were
freed from it's pink captor.

He tool a moment to behold her bountiful heaving breasts, neither too small
nor large, the twin white globes with petite pink nipples, fully erect and
full of life with April's labored breathing.

She emitted a gentle murmur as Casey suckled greedily upon one of her breast
as his hand eagerly occupying itself with her other breast, his other hand
playfully extending down betwixt her legs, feeling the heat of passion
exuding from her slit. It didn't take much encouragement for April to
unbutton her pants; giving Casey unfettered access to her slimy pink panties,
soaked with her feminine juices.

Casey's senses were soon drawn elsewhere as he quickly smelled the
fragrant spirits emanating from April's saucy snatch. He went down, first
gently tugging April's pants off, then slowly removing her sopping silk pink
panties, peeling them back to reveal a light red patch of well groomed pubic
hair, he began to go to work.

April could not believe how randy she felt, she had never been this
passionate her whole life. Now she lay on her bed while Casey Jones was about
to eat her out, her immediate thoughts concerning how long it will take him
to get her off and how great it will be.

Casey took great care in taking his time, first loving caressing her outer
lips, taking important note of her clitoris, thrusting up from above her
drenched twat. He eagerly licked his lips, he then gently licked her erect
clitoris, feeling her body jerk up in delight. Casey however, was just

As he continued to tease her clitoris his hands loving stroked her lips,
gathering wetness like dew on a cool fall morning. This however was not the
cool wetness of the season, but rather the hot passionate wetness of a woman
in the throes of ecstasy.

April's body jerked up in the air as Casey plunged a finger into her,
pressing in further and filling Casey's mouth with her sweet scented snatch.
Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as his tongue glided across her, he
seemed to be everywhere at once as his tongue acted with amazing speed.

Casey was licking like a madman, eagerly drinking up every drop of April's
nectar while continuing his attention on her engorged clitoris. He could feel
her hips buckling, knowing that she was drawing nigh climax.

April was whimpering, she knew it was coming and wanted it like never
before. Suddenly Casey stopped. She looked down, her mind befuddled by their
passionate lovemaking, wanting, no needing release. All that could be heard
was her light whimpering as her intoxicated mind struggled to comprehend what
was happening.

Casey looked up with a big grin as he teased the sexually tormented April. A
second later he finished the job, two fingers finding their way into her wet
canal while his tongue in "O" form encircled her clit.

April shrieked so loud she wondered if Leonardo wouldn't break in trying to
save her from the Foot clan. Her entire body thrashed about as a powerful
orgasm washed over her. She couldn't control her body as she gushed forth
juices, gulped greedily by Casey's expecting mouth while he continued
ravishing her spasming snatch.

Minutes passed by, and finally April could control her breathing. Another
couple minutes and she could speak again.

"Wow" she said, her mind still discombobulated. Then she gave Casey a saucy
smile, saying "You're turn"

Not another words was spoken as April crawled over, unzipping Casey's
painfully cramped pants, pulling to the side his underwear to free his gaoled
member. She took a double take when she looked down, seeing his gapingly hard
nine inch baseball bat pointing up towards the sky. April had her share of
men before, but none of them were anywhere near as well endowed as Casey,
either by length or width.

April took a moment, slowly jerking the petrified member up and down, feeling
it throb with each beat of his heart. She brought her face down, her small
tongue gliding across his cock, educing a visceral groan from Casey.

She gave a knowing grin and began to lick up and down Casey's engorged member
as though it were a popsicle on a hot summer's day, occasionally teasing the
aching purple tip with tender kisses. She grabbed with her hands his large,
egg size testes, rubbing and grasping gently as she continued licking.

Slowly April began to focus her attention towards the tip, knowing in her
mind what her next action would be. Opening her mouth she slowly fed Casey's
nine inch monster into her eager mouth.

Drops of precum emanating from Casey left April with a strong sweet sticky
taste in her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down, each downward motion
getting a little more and more into her hot enthusiastic mouth. Her tongue
danced across him, gliding, teasing, romping as her head bobbed, much to the
appreciation of Casey.

Casey continued thinking of sports stats as April was going up and down on
his johnson, her wet hot tight mouth wrapping around it as she repeated the
same motion, her head bobbing up, her drool dripping down him, then her head
bobbing down, her tongue zigging and zagging hurriedly as quarter inch by
quarter inch she swallowed more of him.

April suppressed her gap reflex as she relaxed her throat muscles as she
gulped the first four inches of Casey's bat. This was easily the thickest
dick she had ever come into contact with, and it was so stocky she could
barely force it down her throat. She continued to bob up and down, her
throat's tightness causing Casey to grunt in appreciation.

Her mind fluttered a moment, thinking about what this cock could do in her
and how quickest to get there. She instantly began to change her motion,
working her throat down harder and bobbing her head up and down quicker. He
was surprised when she sped up, he moved his hand out to brush her red hair,
overflowing as she bobbed out of control, back behind her head to assist her

April's speed increased with every moment, taking in more. Five, six, seven
inches disappeared behind her tonsils, and yet she showed signs neither of
stopping or slowing down. It was but a couple minutes later and she had deep
throated his entire phallus, yet she was not done yet.

Her head seemed a blur as she sucked upon him, with more speed than she
ever thought possible. She could feel his balls tighten and knew what was
happening. She pulled her head up, a half second later Casey let out a
groan, then a blast of hot man jam blasted April in the face. In quick
rapid succession more and more blasts shot out, covering April's eye, nose,
and breasts with the stick swimmers. April recovered quickly from the
blasts, taking his tip into her mouth and jerking him off, sucking off the
next blasts, enjoying every drop of it. She let it collect in her mouth,
her cheeks stuffed like a chipmunks, before she swallowed. She then used
her finger to collect and eat the ejaculate that had flown elsewhere.

April lied down on the bed, and Casey, without even starting to go limp, was
back in the saddle again. Climbing on top of the nimble April, the athlete
brought the tip of his dick, still wet from April's saliva, to her sopping
wet hole. Slowly and cautiously he inserted himself, eliciting a gruff

He slowly began to work his member into April's tight, wet womanhood, feeling
the tight pink walls strain to make way for his bulky member. Casey was still
riding the emotional high from his last orgasm, but was careful to take it
slowly; he didn't want batting practice to overshadow the ball game.

As his phallus was busy, he decided to give her long neglected breasts some
well needed attention. After all the night's excitement, April was drenched
in sweat, and as Casey nibbled gently on her nipple he could taste the salty
sweat that made April's breasts shine in the moonlight. April moaned, the
attention to both her erogenous zones was returning her to her former state
of sexual intoxication as her mind struggled to comprehend the powerful
elicitations emanating from her body.

Casey continued to work himself in, feeling her body slowly give way to his
massive girth. He could feel April spread her legs, giving him easier access
as he continued to push on, her hot wet twat was as tight as a vice, but it
was slowly loosening up as he reached the halfway point.

April cried out in a passionate moan she never thought herself capable of as
she was being screwed like never before. She pulled Casey's muscular body
closer as he further fathomed her depths. She could feel his member throbbing
as it rubbed up against the edges of her body, struggling to take more as her
passionate animalistic instincts took over. She pressed back as Casey pressed
forward, his member starting to make real headway.

Casey began to pull out a little just to tease her, pressing on to get it in
a little bit deeper. Almost all of Casey's bone was buried in April's eager
snatch, and he began to speed up his pace as he humped harder.

Squeals of intense sexual fervor were all that April could manage to convey
as Casey quickened his pace, thrusting more virulently into her. With every
pump he seemed to increase his pace, and the length of his stroke, pulling
further out and pushing further in each time.

April could hardly think anymore as she lie down, drooling with glee as some
of the taste of Casey still in her mouth, Casey took his time, quickening his
pace but holding back a little bit. He wasn't over just yet.

April could feel her climax beginning to swell, as her body was being pleased
beyond her previous notions of what sex could be. She whimpered, and then in
a hoarse voice began to cry out.

Casey knew what was happening, he had seen it enough times to know what was
going to happen. This time he didn't bother trying to tease her, he gave it
to her as hard as he figured she could take it.

Again a loud shriek was the announcer of a tumultuous that overpowered her
body. She convulsed, writhing in unspeakable pleasure as her entire being was
awash with pleasure.

Losing control of her body, she involuntarily clamped down on Casey's cock,
her body fastening then loosening every few seconds, so often and so quick
that Casey lost control, shooting his milky white load deep in April's
convulsing body, jet after jet white washing her pink pussy as he nailed it

The two fell back, both breathing labored heavily. It took five minutes
before either could gather their senses enough to talk.

"That was■wow" Casey said, his inability to articulate himself magnified by

"Yeah," she said, her mind still racing.

"I'm clean, you know? No STDs or nothin'" Casey said, after a moments

"Me too, and I'm on the pill" April said, her mind thinking the first
rational thought in a long while.

"We should probably get ourselves together, the Turtles will be here pretty
soon I think" Casey said, sitting up on the bed. "This might be hard to
explain to them for a while."

"Yeah, for now let's just put our clothes on" she said, her exhausted body
having problems moving regularly.

* * *

"Wow Case, you don't look so good" Raphael said after his brother Donny
explained what happened.

"Yeah, I think I just need a good night's rest. Glad to hear you guys beat
that thing, I just wish I could have had another crack at it," Casey said.

"April, are you okay, you look beat too" Leo said.

"Dealing with this lughead is enough to tire anyone out," April said with a
pretty good fake laugh.

"At least you guys didn't throw anything around!" Mikey said, laughing at
his own joke.

* * *

Well, that was pretty fun, wasn't it? Hope you dug it. For those of you that
are fans they have a new TMNT video game for the major systems, its 40 bucks
but if you want to try it out it's definitely worth a rental. As for
requests, please spare me the Turtles or Splinter/April pairings, I can't
really imagine it happening and being anything other than damned goofy.

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freely as long as this and the disclaimer above as well as the story
entirely are untouched, unedited, and worshipped for the holy script they
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