Disclaimer: This story is based off of the original TMNT cartoon series which
ran from 1987-1996.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes In A Half-Shell (M+F,best?)
by: D.J. Salinger

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were chilling out in their sewer lair.
Leonardo was practicing with his katana blade. As the leader of the
turtles, he was always ready for the next battle that the group would
face. That preparation included constant training. Raphael, meanwhile,
sat on the couch watching a TV report about the menace of the Foot and
the rise in Ninja-related criminal activity. Lastly, Donatello sat at
his workbench, tinkering with several of his newest inventions. As the
gearhead of the group, he was always responsible for creating new
technology to aid the turtles' battle against evil.

The boys were soon joined in their underground home by the vivacious Channel
Six investigative reporter, April O'Neil. April was a 26 year-old knockout
who captivated TV viewers with her tight, fit body more than her incisive
reporting skills. While she had the biggest story in New York right under
her nose in the form of four genetically-altered, adolescent, amphibians,
she could never capitalize on it. The turtles had saved her life many times
and they had grown to become her close friends. She couldn't reveal their
existance on the air and put their lives in danger.

As April walked into the lair, the turtles raised their heads and
acknowledged her with familiar greetings. April smiled and returned the

"Hey, guys. Where's everyone else?"

Raphael looked up from his TV to answer the reporter. "Splinter went out to
a dojo in Jersey. He thinks that he might be able to find some info about
Shredder's next evil deed. And, once he finds out, we can go kick his
pointy, metal butt!"

April giggled at Raphael's enthusiasm. "So, where's Mike at?"

"He went to go grab some pizza. Should be back soon."

"Cool." April replied as she sat down on a chair at the far end of the room
and began to watch the TV program.

* * *

About 15 minutes later, the missing turtle, Michaelangelo, burst in through
the door with his typical energetic vigor. He was wearing the typical
disguise that the turtles used on the surface, a trenchcoat and a fedora.
The outfit worked well enough to hide their identity for a shot time, long
enough to pick up a pizza. In his left arm, he cradled a stack of pizza
boxes. In his right hand, he held a buldging plastic sack.

"Hey, Mike." Donatello greeted cheerfully as he set a pair of pliars down on
the workbench.

"Bout time you go back. My stomache is rumbling." Raphael shot at his mutated

"Yeah, well I got plenty of pepperoni." Mike joked as he shed his coat and

"I can see that Mikey, but what's in the bag?" Donatello nodded his head
towards Mike's right hand.

"Well, when I went into the pizza place, the guy asked if I wanted anything
to drink. So, I asked what he had and he said that this stuff goes great
was pizza. So I bought a couple of cases. I think that it's called beer."

April's eyes grew wide when she heard this. The turtles had led sheltered
lives under the tutalage of Splinter. They were new to most experiences and
they had never had alcohol before. She wasn't sure how beer would affect
the mutated teenagers. She decided that she had to speak up before things
got out of hand.

"Whoa, guys. You can't drink beer. That's a very special kind of drink and
you're not really ready for it."

Leonardo looked confused. "What do you mean April? Why can't we have any?"

"Well, because... It's only for adults and... uh, Splinter wouldn't like

"Well..." Mike began, "Splinter's not here and what he doesn't know won't
hurt him. Besides, we're always trying to experience new things and learn
about life. Why not try some of this stuff?"

"Yeah, April." Donatello chimed in, "From my research, I've learned that
alcohol use is fairly common. We should at least try it if we want to fit

April's instincts still told her that this idea could only result in
trouble. But her hesitance was broken by her inability to form a convincing

"Alright guys, what the heck? But take it easy with that stuff."

"Of course, April. Moderation is our strong suit." Donatello grinned.

"Yeah, besides we'll follow your lead. You drink with us and that way, we'll
know when to stop." Leo agreed.

April couldn't fault this logic. Besides, she hadn't been tipsy since she
met the turtles. Taking care of four teenage mutants left the reporter with
little spare time for partying. So, reluctantly, the stunning redhead grabbed
a can of booze and a slice of pizza and dug in with her four friends.

* * *

As time passed, the group began to grow more full and more drunk. The
alcohol was definately affecting the group, especially April, who weighed
considerably less than the turtles. However, everyone was feeling more
relaxed and the conversation soon took a very personal turn.

"So, April," Donatello began, his voice shaky, "I have been researching human
sexuality recently and I was wondering if you had ever engaged in the act of
sexual intercourse?"

April was slightly taken aback by the question, but she was too inebriated
to rebuff it.

"Sure. I've had lots of sex. Well, not LOTS of sex. But I've done my fair
share of fucking."

The boys were listening intently to this line of questioning, especially the
last word April muttered, which they were unfamiliar with.

"Fucking," Michaelangelo rolled the word over on his tounge and decided that
he liked how it sounded.

April giggled slightly at the boys naivity. "Speaking of fucking, are you
guys equipped?"

"What do you mean?" Leonardo asked in confusion.

"I mean, can you guys do it? Can you fuck? Do you have penises or what? You
walk around with no pants on, but I've never seen any turtle-cock?" she
laughed again as she finished, struck by the absurdity of the statement.

"Oh," Donatello said as he grasped her meaning, "Sure we're 'equipped'.
A unique side effect of our mutation has rendered out members quite
retractable. We can take them out whenever we desire."

"Wow," the reporter replied, "Well, let's see them! Come on guys, whip them

The boys were silent for a minute, obviously embarassed and shy. Finally,
Raphael broke the silence with his typical bashness.

"Alright, April, you want to check 'Little Raph' out? Go ahead."

With that, the mutant walked over to where April was sitting on a chair. He
stood for a moment with his crotch lined up at the level of the young woman's
chest. Then, slowly, his man(turtle)-hood began to emerge from his body.
First, the mushroom tip and then a long, erect, green shaft made it's way out
of the turtle. When it was finally out, April was amazed. The turtle penis
was at least 10 inches long and it was as very thick. The drunk girl admired
the specimine in front of her in shocked awe.

After a moment of silence, April finally spoke. "Can I touch it?"

Raphael's voice showed visible excitement now, his cocky attitude long gone.
"Sure, April. If you want to."

With that, the lovely redheaded reporter reached out a dainty hand and
wrapped it gently around Raph's massive stick. At first, she lightly traced
her fingers over the pulsing member. Soon, however, she was stroking him at
a fast pace. As she examined him closely, she noticed a large pair of green
testicles had dropped down along with his prick. She used one hand to massage
his balls as she stroked him off with another. The feeling was more than
Raphael had ever experienced and he groaned with surprising pleasure. April
wasn't done though. She moved her face slowly to the turtle penis and lightly
flicked her tounge at the green head. She slowly ran her tounge around the
top of Raph's member.

Meanwhile, the other turtles had released their packages. They each boasted
a cock that was identicaly to Raph's. They were clearly excited by the scene
in front of them as they each stroked their large penises as the watched
April service their buddy. Soon the reporter had gotten the head of Raph's
cock inside her famous mouth. Raph was working into a rhythm by gently
sliding more and more of his shaft into April's throat. As this was going on,
April was unbuttoning her blouse. She slid that off to reveal a blue, lacy
bra. She unsnapped the bra and her creamy, white tits stood in attention in
the cold, sewer air. She took one of Raph's hand and moved it to her left

The smooth, buoyant melon was enough for Raph as he pulled out and shot a
heavy load of green cum onto April's face and chest. April found that the
green goop tasted rather sweet and she hauled as much as she could into her
waiting mouth. As she sucked down Raph's man-juice, she realized that he was
still rock-hard. "Another side effect" she thought to herself.

As this was going on, the other three turtles had gotten in on the action.
They had come over and helped April to quickly shuck her pants and panties,
leaving her completely naked. Donatello, ever the scientific one, attempted
to quickly study the female before him. He moved down to April's crotch and
began to lick her wet pussy. His tounge was long and flexible and April
moaned in pleasure.

"Oh, god, Don. Fuck me. Fuck me now!"

The ninja didn't need to be told twice. He positioned himself over the prone
woman and impaled himself. April screamed loudly as she was quickly filled by
10 hard inches of turtle. Don's rigid member carassed April's clit each time
he would thrust, causing her tremendous pleasure. Her wet pussy accomidated
his cock on each slam as he stretched her tight love canal. Don reached up
and squeezed the girl's impressive C-cup volleyballs.

After minutes of bucking, April came hard. The pressure of her pussy on his
dick caused Don to pop his load as well. After a second, April got down on
all fours and invited Leo to fuck her doggy style. The leader of the turtles
admired the girl's ghetto booty for a second before drilling her in the
backside. This went on until Leo shot a creamy load all over April's back
and ass.

April rolled over onto her back and invited Mike down. He straddled her tight
stomache and placed his long salami in between the valley of her tits. She
grabbed her breasts from the sides to create a comfortable love tunnel for
the mutant. Mike began to thrust away, tittie fucking the Channel Six dream
girl. Mike didn't last long and lost his cum all over April's beautiful

Already covered in turtle sperm, the reporter wanted one last bath. She stood
in the middle of the four turtles and told them to jerk off. Staring at the
hot, drunk girl provided inspiration for the foursome as the soon shot their
green spunk all over the spunkiest reporter in town. April was covered in
green goop and she loved every minute of it. She vowed to herself to do it
again sometime.


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