Two Of A Kind: Ashley And Mary-Kate Burke - The Sex-Kittens Part 1 (Mg,oral,bmail,reluc)
by Memphis Wang

It was a saturday, Ashley Burke was home alone, her sister Mary-Kate was at play practice,( Ashley thought it was hilarious that her sister, the Tomboy got the part of the sexy young starlet), her Dad was out of town for the weekend and their baby-sitter Carrie was at college for an all day seminar. Professor Burke knew Ashley would be alone for part of the day, but he told her if she needed something it was ok to call Mrs. Johnson their neighbor.

The doorbell rang, she opened the door and it was Dennis, the nephew of their handyman Jack. He had been to the house several times doing odd jobs. He asked if her dad was home, when she said no, he said oh, that his uncle said he was suppose to start painting the inside of the house today and he would come tomorrow and help him.

Ashley said well there isn't anyone here but me. Dennis said he would come back tomorrow. Ashley told him to wait and she would call her dad. Her dad told her to tell him he could go ahead paint.

So Dennis asked where he should start, Ashley said he could start in the hallway. He said ok and got the paint they had picked for the hall. Dennis asked if he could put the paint and all the rollers and tarps and brushes in the bedroom until he needed them. She said ok.

Ashley was sitting at her desk reading a book. She told him to tell her if he needed her to move. Ashley gazed at Dennis. He, sensing he had an audience turned round. Ashley grinned. He returned a lopsided grin. He was incredibly cute, Ashley thought admiring him. She got up and closed the door.

Dennis grinned. "Sorry about this...I'll try not to bother you."

"That's okay don't mind me," she said.

"I can never tell you two apart," he said as opened a can of paint.

"I am Ashley," she said.

Dennis bent over to stir the paint and then a daring thought struck Ashley. As Dennis bent over, Ashley sneaked over and gave his bottom a tiny squeeze. Dennis turned around. "Man, you're a cheeky little monkey.

Ashley sat down on her bed and crossed her legs, the denim skirt she wore hitched up ever so slightly revealing her smooth legs.

Dennis looked at her. She seemed the sweetest thing, he thought to himself.

"Man, he's cute." Ashley thought. She had noticed guys looking at her and her sister Mary-Kate and she had sometimes used it to her advantage. They had even caught the attention of some older men. "How old are you Dennis?" She asked.

"Nineteen." He smiled making Ashley blush. "And you?"

"Erm...twelve..but it's my birthday pretty soon."

"You look really grown up." He said. "I'd guess you could easily pass for fourteen."

"Do you like me?"

"Sure. Why do you ask?"

Ashley got up towards the door. "No reason."

Dennis smiled.

Ashley smiled to herself, she had a nasty thought. She locked the door and in a sultry voice added. "You know I'm used to getting what I want."

"Did you just lock the door?" He said half amused.

Ashley nodded. She winked and then placed the key into her top right in between her breasts.

"Hey that's not even funny." Smiled Dennis. "Come on now quit playing."

"Who's being funny? You know where the key is if you want to go," She sauntered over to him. "You'll have to chase me." She smiled and with that she gave Dennis a quick tickle and dashed off to the bed.

"Alright young lady, you asked for it." Dennis replied playing along.

He chased her around the bed. Ashley tried to dive across it but Dennis caught her ankle and pulled her back, as he did this her skirt slid up revealing her black panties. "Okay now you little monkey, hand the key over."

Ashley couldn't stop giggling. She shook her head.

"Alright then now you've gone and done it." Dennis laughed. He proceeded to tickle Ashley all over her body. She screamed and giggled. Dennis stopped. "Okay now. I've really got to get painting." He smiled.

Ashley wiped her eyes, her breath ragged from his tickling. Man this guy was cute. Ashley wanted to kiss him. "Alright but you've gotta close your eyes and hold out your hand." She said cunningly

"Okay." Dennis grinned.

"No fair peeking now."

"They're closed, I promise."

Ashley grabbed her chance and gave him a kiss. She locked her lips around his and held her arms around his neck. Her mouth was warm and her hair smelt wonderfully of coconut shampoo.

Dennis, was stunned. "Erm...that was naughty...come on now." He said pulling away.

"You know where the key is." She grinned pouting her lips playfully. She was growing more and more daring by the minute and it was fun. "I'll even give you a hand." With that she removed her top to reveal a black bra. The key fell to the floor but she picked it up and placed it into her left cup. Dennis stared at her. This was nuts. I mean she was pretty but this was crazy and if someone were
to walk in - he was going to jail.

"Don't be shy." She smiled. "Put it this way, if you don't come over here I'll scream. This won't look good you know but I'd rather not."

Dennis was stunned. Did Ashley just try and blackmail him? Dennis tried to think fast. His heart began to beat fast. He walked over to her.

Ashley stared deeply at him. Slowly he reached over to her breast. His hand went in. Shit this wasn't right - he was becoming hard. He grabbed the key and was about to pull out when Ashley held his hand still. She moaned and forced his hand to rub her breast.

Dennis' dick was solid. Ashley pulled his head down and begun to kiss him longingly. She moaned softly into his mouth. Dennis was losing his mind. Ashley was such a sex kitten. He couldn't help himself.

Ashley couldn't believe her luck. She was getting a tingling feeling in her crotch. She thought about all the porn movies of Carrie's that Mary-Kate and her had watched and hoped she could remember what things to do. She began to undo his pants.

"We can't do this." He said.

"Mmm, shut up." She smiled kissing him.

Dennis was going to say something else when Ashley gripped his cock in her hand. "Oh man, Ashley don't.

"Don't what." She whispered stroking his length.

"That." He replied.

"Okay how about this then." Ashley knelt down and took him into her mouth.

Dennis moaned and almost doubled over. His hands searched for something to hold on to and caught one of the four posters of the bed. Ashley's warm mouth worked back and forth along his cock and her tongue twirled lovingly around each and every contour.

"Mmm, mmm, hmmmm" She moaned.

"Oh Shit..." Dennis moaned. "Ashley I'm gonna cum...don't."

"That's alright you can come all over me, hmmmm" She said in between licks.

"Oh damn, Ashley, you're a kitten. Stop it...come on stop." Dennis pushed her head off.

Ashley stared glassy eyed into his. She licked her lips and got up onto the bed.

Dennis watched as her skirt dropped to the floor and one by one the scanty black underwear was peeled off until she stood completely naked. Her tits were probably a double A cup, her nipples were just little puffs of dark pink. There was just a slight patch of blonde hair on her pussy. She knelt down and began to play with herself. "Oh please Dennis." She moaned. "Please make love to me, please."

Dennis couldn't stand it any longer. He got onto the bed and began to kiss her. Ashley wanted to melt. Dennis begun to kiss her snatch in earnest. Ashley moaned loudly. "AHH, YESSS, YEAH, OHHH"

"Is this what you wanted?" said Dennis pausing to look up at her.

Ashley pushed his head back down onto her. "OH, OH, YESSSSSSSSS AHHH, HMMM HMMM, OHHHHH!" She mewed.

Dennis forced her to sit onto his face and begun to tongue her mercilously. "AHH, OH UMM, YEAHH - AH YEAH, OH DENNIS, TONGUE MY PUSSY, YESSS, THAT'S IT - LIKE THAT, AHHH UMMFF!!!"

Ashley was cumming all over his face. He was almost choking but it was turning him on so much his cock was bolt upright. Dennis placed his hands onto her thighs and continued his tongue fucking. Ashley had already begun to make fucking motions and the little sex kitten was purring deliriously. "AHHH, AHHH, AHHH, PLEASE!!!HAA! UNF!!!HNFFF!!UHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

Ashley was grinding so hard that Dennis was almost buried in the bed mattress. Her breathing became more and more frantic until finally... "AHHH, OH CRAP!HUH! AHHH....I'M CUMMING!!!! AHHHHHHHH!"

Ashley felt almost dizzy as her climax tumbled upon her sending wave upon wave of ecstasy throughout her body. Dennis sat up. Ashley stared back at him. Her snatch was tingling too much for him to fuck so she wrapped her warm lips around his cock and began to suck him. Dennis was turned on to fever-point. He had just enough composure to stare down at the amazing sex kitten that knelt before him.
Ashley still sucking stared up and smiled before continuing.

"Mmmf, mmmm, umf..." moaned Ashley.

"Oh shit, Ashley...That's it...take it! Take it!!! Oh fuck I'm going to cum!"

Ashley said "That's right baby cum in my mouth." She tried to deepthroat him.

Dennis couldn't take it any longer and screamed "OHHHHH! FUCK ASHLEY! YOU'RE DOING IT BABY! AAAAGGRRHHH! I AM CUMMING." He started shooting thick ropes of cum into her mouth.

Ashley couldn't swallow it quick enough and his cock popped out of her mouth, spraying her face with cum, it went all over. It went in her hair and some even
got into her right eye.

Dennis fell back on the bed, Ashley jumped up and ran to the bathroom to clean her face and wash her eye out, she yelled back over her shoulder, "Don't move Lover I will be right back. We aren't done!"

Ashley came back, told Dennis to lay on his back, she straddled his face and Dennis started licking her pussy again. Ashley started moaning, she bent down and started sucking his cock again to get him hard. Once he was hard Ashley stopped and spun around. She impaled herself onto his dick and began to screw him long and hard.


"Oh Fuck, you're a doll!" Dennis groaned.

He picked the lithe young girl up and threw her against the wall. With her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, Dennis began to fuck her with reckless abandon. In and out he sawed his prick, her cunt sopping from his previous tongue fuck. "Man your pussy feels good!" He groaned. "Whose your Lover, whose your Lover baby?" He asked.

Any objections he had previously were now lost in the soft folds of her cunt as the fabulous creature before him continued to fuck him as hard as he was fucking her. "HNGGG!" She winced. "HNGG...AHHH....AHHH....OH...FUCK ME....OH FUCK ME!"

Her moaning was such a turn on that Dennis found himself yelling with her. "UH, AH YEAH, AH YEAH!!! WHOSE my Lover, ...UH TAKE IT, TAKE IT...FUCK YEAH......ARGHHHHH!, ARGHHH!" His orgasm came like a tsunami as wave upon wave of thick cum was blasted into her juicy wet snatch. As the cum shoot into her pussy.


Dennis withdrew, his cock tingling wildly. He planted kisses all over her. Ashley wrapped a warm palm around his cock which was still sensitive from his previous was so sensitive that Dennis thought he would come right there and then.

They kissed each other longingly, their urgency was still apparent. Dennis began to kiss her tits and nipples nibbling them ever so gently. There was no way he wanted to hurt her. "Man you need it." He whispered.

"Make love to me again, please, please...oh how I need you again."

Dennis entered her again. He did it slowly as his dick was still sensitive. He groaned as the sweet walls of her pussy lining wrapped itself around his prick. Ashley mewed and immediately began to work her buttery snatch back and forth along his rod. Dennis' head began to spin as wave upon wave of pleasure coursed through him. Finally he gave out as load after load of cum shot straight into Ashley's sweet snatch.

"Man that's it - I can't take anymore." Dennis sighed.

"Aww is my baby tired?" She pouted. Dennis smiled. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Oh Shit someone's here!" He whispered.

Ashley shrugged and gave him a cheeky grin. Staring lovingly at him she began to gently pump her warm hand along his cock.

"Ashley - someone's at the door!" Dennis said urgently.

"Uh huh." She replied.

He stared at her in disbelief as her beautiful head went down. She wrapped her velvet lips around his prick and began drawing him in and out. Dennis' head sank back.

"Oh Jeez that feels good. Ashley come on now." He said trying to be reasonable but failing. Again the knocking came harder and more impatient.

"Ashley let me in!" Came the voice.

"Oh it's only my sister." She said popping her head up.

"Your sister!" Dennis said in disbelief. "Shit I need to get out of here!"

"Not a chance sexy." Ashley said sneaking a kiss. Then to his bewilderment she called out. "COME IN MARY-KATE, YOU'VE GOT A KEY!!!"

Dennis watched as the door was unlocked. The handle turned and the door flew open. Mary-Kate Burke stood hands on hips carrying her jacket. She wore a crop top that showed her beautiful smooth stomach. Even sexier was the black skirt that couldn't have been more than a few inches long and the knee high boots she wore that turned her into hot sex kitten that begged to be fucked.

Mary-Kate eyed Dennis. "Mmm and I thought I was going to have a boring day." She smiled.

"Lock the door sis." Ashley said. "Let's have some fun."

Dennis stared at the twins. There was no way he would finish painting the hallway.


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