Disclaimer: This is total fiction, this has never happened and probably never
will. That's So Raven is a popular childrens/preteens show on Disney. If your
under 18, head back now.

That's So Raven: Cory Finally Macks Up Chelsea (bff,inc,inter)
by Punker_2k ([email protected])

Raven and Chelsea went to there first college party, even though they were
still in high school. They saw a lot of hot guys and drank a lot of beer.

Raven only had a small buzz but Chelsea was drunk out of her mind.

"Girl you had better sleep at my place tonight, you can't go home like you
are! My parents are gone for the weekend, but they left Cory home!" Raven

"Oh My God Ray, thanks you sooooo much! There were sooo many hawt guys at
that college guys party! I wish me and Jeremy were goin out, he's so hot and
nice!" Chelsea rambled on.

Raven and Chelsea stumbled in to the dark house, Cory was watching TV
upstairs. Chelsea was stumbling around the living room when she went into
the kitchen. She looked into the fridge and saw there was nothing to eat,
she called for Raven "Rayyyy, theres nothing to eat, I'm gonna go down to
the 7-11 and get some shit to eat!"

"Girl, there is no way you are goin all the way to 7-11 like you are, I'll
get some money and go, you stay here and make sure Cory doesn't do anything

* * *

Upstairs, Cory was listening and hatched a plan. He would get some of his
parents wine and let Chelsea get even more drunk, he would then try to mack
her up, like he's jacked off to so many times before. Cory watched Raven
walk out the door, he got out the wine and walked up to Chelsea, "Chels, I
got a present for you," Cory said.

"Cory, I don't want to go out with you!" Chelsea yelled.

"Its wine!"

"ohhh Wine!"

Cory lead Chelsea up to his room and had a glass out there.

"Cory, c'mon give it to me! Give it to me! Give the wine to me now!"

Cory gave her the bottle and the glass but she just drank half the bottle
without missing a beat. As the bottle was being held in her hand Cory
noticed beads of sweat sliding down Chelsea's neck and down to her large
lucious breasts. Cory had dreamed and jerked off to the thought of
Chelsea's breasts.

Chelsea put down the bottle let out a burp. She gigglied and snorted. Cory
stared at Chelsea's breasts and a large bulge grew in his jeans. Chelsea
noticed this and said "Cory, looks like you got a little friend there!"
She snorted and laughed out loud.

"Oh baby, its not little" Cory unzipped his fly and button and pulled out a
large 8 inch cut cock.

"Holy shit Cory, that's beautiful!"

Chelsea bent down and started licking and kissing Cory's half hard cock.

"Shit girl, that's the stuff!"

Chelsea began sucking on Cory's big balls while jerking off his cock.

"Fuck this is nice!"

Chelsea licked up and down Corys shaft while Cory moaned.

Chelsea licked the head of Cory's thick 8 inch dick and slowly started
moving farther down Cory's dick. Breathing out of her nose, she sucked
farther down Corys dick, she eventully got right down to the end, Chelsea
had deep throated Cory's 8 inch cock.

"Coryyyy FUCK ME!!" Chelsea yelled

"Whatever you say babe!"

Chelsea laid down on Corys bed and Cory walked over to the very sexy sweaty
and drunk Chelsea and put his dick in her wet shaved pussy. He began fucking
her hard, Chelsea was moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs. Cory
grabbed her ankles and started fucking her even harder, like he'd always
dreamt of.

Just then Raven walked in, "Chels, where are you? I got some stuff to eat!"
Raven walked upstairs and opened Cory's bedroom door to the sound of Chelsea
moaning and Cory sucking on Chelseas tits. "COREY! CHELSEA! What are you
DOING?" Raven yelled, Raven still had a small buzz going and was a little out
of it, when she saw the size of Cory's cock, her mad expression washed away
to a devilish horny look.

Raven jumped over to where Chelsea was laying pulled Corys dick out of
Chelsea and started to lick Cory's shaft.

"Ohh sis! Take off your clothes!"

Raven pulled off her pants and top. Her beautiful light brown skin sparkled
in the light. Her large breasts were in her tight push-up bra. Her nice ass
was in a red thong. She took off her bra and thong and jumped on top of
Chelsea. She started kissing Chelsea's large breasts and licking her face.
Finally there lips connected. Raven slowly moved down Chelsea's body, until
she finally reached Chelsea's pussy. Raven started to lick and finger
Chelsea's wet snatch on all fours. Cory stood behind Raven looking at her
hot ass and wet pussy. He began rubbing his cock to the sight of his hot
sisters ass. Cory crawled up behind Raven and gave her ass one lick, then
he licked the inside of it. He started kissing her big cheeks and sticking
his tounge into the inside of his sister's ass.

As Cory ate out Ravens ass, Chelsea was about to cum. "Ohh shit Ray, that
feels so good! Lick my pussy dry! ooooooohhhhhhhh I'm cummminnngggg!" Chelsea
squirted all over Raven's large boobs. Cory stopped eating out his sister's
juicy ass and pussy and crawled over to where Chelsea and Raven laid making
out. Cory laid on top of Raven and started french kissing her, he licked her
face, down to her neck and down to Raven's massive boobs. He kissed around
the nipples and squeezed them, he sucked on Raven's perky nipple, she moaned
in pleasure. Cory put his cock inside Ravens sweet pussy. Cory started
fucking Raven from behind while she was on all fours. Chelsea slide down
under Raven licked Raven's big breasts that hung down while she was fucked
stupid by her younger brother. Chelsea made her way down to Cory's balls.
Cory fucked Raven while Chelsea sucked on Cory's big balls. Cory moaned
and pulled out. He jerked all of his cum onto Raven's back. Chelsea sat up
and licked up all the cum from Raven's back.

Cory fell back onto the head of the bed exhausted. Both girls looked at
each other and looked at Cory, there eyes fell to his big cock that laid
on Cory's thick black legs. Raven and Chelsea crawled over to Cory's huge
dick and Raven grabbed onto the shaft, she started the licking the head and
feeding her brothers hot cock to her best friend. Raven laid on her back
and Cory put his cock between Raven's tits. Chelsea masturbated to the
sight of Cory's big black cock fucking her best friends large boobs.

Cory said "I'm about to cum Ray!!!"

Cory stood up and Chelsea and Raven laid next to each other, Cory jerked
off his cock and cummed all over Chelsea and Raven's big boobs and sexy
faces. Cory got up and put his pajamas back on. And Chelsea and Raven got
cleaned up.

"Wow Ray, that was fun, I never knew your brother had such a huge dick!"
Chelsea said.

"Me neither Chels. We have to do this again!"


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