This is an erotic fan fic involving the charitors form the show "Tiny Toon
Adventures". If this offened you don't read it. All charitors are owned by
Warerbrothers and are used totaly without anny for of permition.

With that legality over lets get on with the story.

Tiny Toon Adventures: Bath Time For Babs (bg)
By ? the Platypus

Babs hopped along homeward, thinking about all that time she would have to
watch TV, read romance novels and basicly veg out. Suddenly her pleasant
thoughts where interrupted by something pouncing from her behind.

The bunny panicked was this a new attack by Elmira, the start of a fanfic
plot or something more sinister. Someone held her hands behind her back,
someone else slipped a blindfold over her eyes and then somebody kissed her.

It was then Babs relaxed, only one toon can kiss like that, this was Buster's
doing. His pleasant voice whispered softly in her ear,

"Don't worry, your really going to enjoy this."

Buster and his accomplices (from the slight smell of musk in the air Fifi,
and from the tingle when she was touched Shirley) guided Babs around until
she was totally lost. For all Babs knew she could be in a private little
hidy hole, or on the Acme-loo stage.

"Where are we?" She asked,

But silence was the only reply.

Her hands where released then somebody, slowly and carefully undid the
ribbons on her ears. Her blouse was lifted over her head and as this was
done another set of hands (it felt like Shirl's) massaged and scritched her
furry white belly.

Babs' skirt was the next thing to leave her, pulled over her tail and down
her legs. Her bra was unhooked and guided away from her body. Babs breasts
ungraded, the hands (definitely Shirley's, Babs decided) moved upwards to
cup, massage and play with them.

The last item of clothing, her panties (it was one of the few days she was
wearing them) where pulled down her legs. Then her feet where carefully
lifted, the left then the right, as the underware was taken from her.

The hands of Shirley stopped, and there was a pause. Babs stood naked,
blindfolded, not knowing what would happen next. She felt hands take hold of
her bum, and hand rest on the back of her shoulders. Then very carefully
she was tipped and lifted. Carried a short distance before she was lowered
into warm, soapy liquid.

In that bath, soap and soft wash clothes started to clean her. Babs felt the
hands of her friends wash her legs, her belly, every part of her body.
Starting from her extreamatise the washers slowly worked inwords towards her
erodognice zones.

Creeping ever closer to every sensitive part of her body, closer and closer.
She shivered (even though she was in a warm bath) as the hands reached
between her her legs. Letting herself relax completely she felt the
wonderfully feeling as down there was rubbed clean of any grime.

Just as she was getting used to this, it stopped. Again she was lifted and
placed (dripping wet) standing on a bath mat. Ruff towels where used to dry
her. There fabric rubbing against her body in the most stimulating fashion.

Babs felt the wonderful feeling of the towels getting her fur dry (and the
stimulation getting other parts of her wet). Just before this pushed the
bunny over the edge it stopped.

She was taken by the hands (still blind folded) and was guided to a bed.
Naked she stepped onto the bed, then with the aid of the hands she was
knelt, then placed on all fours.

Babs knew that her naked tail would be sending Buster crazy, so she gave her
but a little wiggle. She felt a pair of lips make contact with her left
nipple. The mouth playfully nibbled and teased her breast. She felt the
soft elastic bill of Shirley press against her other breast.

As she became used to two mouths suckling at her tits, she felt the hands of
Buster part her legs. The fingers of her lover stroked her crotch, then
wiggling a bit slid it into the moist hole. Babs felt Buster's dick press
against her opening, then push into her.

Babs' tight snatch squeezed and pressed against the hard organ, lubricated by
her great wetness she felt the repetitive trusting of the dick with her. Her
body seemingly twisted up inside her. The mouths at her breasts and the dick
at her snatch where bringing her closer and closer to the orgasm.

Buster's hand began to rub at Babs clit. The sudden extra pulse of
stimulation detonated her body. A wave of pure sexual stimulation burst from
deep within her and burst outwards overloading Babs with pure orgasmic

The pink Bunny screamed with pleasure, before her overloaded body collapsed
from beneath her. She was only strong enough to mutter "Thanks." before
drifting off into a very deep sleep.


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