Tarzan The Ape Man: Jane's River Trip (M+F,inter,ncon,voy)
by Wilcox

Jane Parker was overcome with the need to join her father's jungle
expedition. Unknown to him she left school in England and traveled alone to
Africa to find him. The final leg of her journey was halted at a small
village by a large river. She tried in vain to find a boat heading upriver
and finally was over joyed when a huge native told her in broken English
that he was heading that way.

Her spirits were dashed when he refused to take her. She told him how
important it was too her and that she'd do anything to get a lift to her
father's camp. The huge black man took in the beautiful young Englishwoman's
full lush figure and decided that for the price of anything he would take

Jane, being a naive young woman did not fully comprehend what anything might
entail and did not pick up the gleam in the huge native's eyes her he said
that it would be his pleasure to take her. The following is the cronicle of
Jane's journey up the river with six huge muscular black natives.

* * *

All day Jane had felt the eyes of the native crew on her lush young body.
She began to get apprehensive as darkness approached and the native captain
pulled the boat into the shoreline to tie off to a large tree brance.

"What are you doing," she inquired of the huge muscular native as he directed
his crew in securing the vessel.

"It is too dangerous to move on river in darkness, little one," he smiled at
her. "We stay here for night and continue upriver in morning."

"Well, how long will it take to reach my father's camp if we only travel half
the day. You said that it was only a few days upriver," Jane implored.

"Ohhh, five days journey, maybe six," he told her.

Jane's mind tried to comprehend the situation as she nervously glanced at the
strong muscular black bodies of the six huge Africans. "Why that's totally
unacceptable," she blurted out. "I insist that you either continue at night
or return me to the village we just left," she said in a regal tone.

The big black man grinned and said, "We go up river. I told you too dangerous
to go up river in darkness. There are sandbars that shift and floating logs.
We stay here tonight. You want go back, you swim. Then crocs get you, but
your choice," he grinned.

Jane turned and ran foward into the small cabin that had been assigned to
her. She closed the door and was shocked to see that there was no lock to
keep the men out if they tried anything during the night. She sat
apprehensively on her bed as darkness enveloped them, her mind filling with
lurid images of her at the mercy of these big black natives.

Through the cracks in the cabin wall she could see the men gathered around a
latern in the rear of the boat passing around bottles of whiskey as they
consumed their evening meal. She'd declined their invitation to join them,
prefering to stay out of sight and hopfully out of mind. She had some brandy
in her bags and decided that she need some to fortify her as she trembled in
the darkness. The powerful liquor created a pleasent burning in her tummy and
before she realized it she was feeling very tipsy and lightheaded.

Before long a huge full moon arose over the still riverside and soft light
filled the small cabin. Jane felt much better now as her overexcited mind
began to give up the lurid thoughts of her ravagement at the hands of the
muscular black natives. She had gotten all warm and squishy as her fertile
imagination had her fucked senseless in the middle of the jungle with no one
to help her from begin taken by six big dicked black warriors.

She finally decide to try and get some sleep when the boat became quiet.
Feeling more confident from the effects of the powerful brandy she
absentmindly stripped down to combat the sweltering evening heat. Little did
she know that there were eyes upon her, drinking in her lucious naked body
as she wiggled and jiggled out of her clothing, slowly exposing her big full
thrusting perfectly formed breasts as she pushed her dress down over her tiny
waist and flat tummy. Her sexy flairing hips and georgeous, firm, high riding
little buns appeared next. Followed by her long sexy legs, exposing her dark
little muff to the drunken eyes.

She turned her head at the sudden noise as her cabin door flew inward and her
eyes widened in fear at the sight of a huge native closing in on her naked
form. She threw her hands up over her breasts as she screamed in terror at
the wicked gleam in his drunken eyes. The other men were behind him looking
in at her as he stepped into the small cabin and grabbed Jane by her long
brown hair. He pulled her fiercely by her hair, dragging her towards the bed.

Jane screamed loudly, kicking and fighting, but the native was much too
strong. There were six native men around her, all pawing at her firm body.
Her heaving breasts were full and firm. The men all took turns pinching her
nipples and squeezing her tits.

One of the natives began sucking on Jane's erect nipples. Another native soon
joined him, and her breasts were being licked and sucked by the two huge
black men, while a third began stroking her pussy. His long black fingers
pressed against her dark pussy hair. His long middle finger slid into her
very wet pussy.

She moaned. He smiled. His cock began to grow as he fingered the beautiful
young white girl. It pressed against his loin cloth. Suddenly it was hanging
way below the loin cloth. It must've been a good 15 inches long. It was very
black and hard. The look in her drunken eyes was a mixture of fear and lust

He grabbed her soft white hand and placed it on the huge head of his monster
black cock. She softly gripped the foot and a half long cock and began to
stroke it. It grew very thick in it's diameter. The pre-cum oozed from the
monstrous black head. Suddenly one of the men knelt between Jane's legs.

He pushed her legs widely apart and began to lick her pussy. His long tongue
slid against her wet, swollen clit. Jane tossed her head back and moaned as
he ate her pussy. He removed his tiny loin cloth, and out flopped a gigantic
black dick. It wasn't quite as long as the first man's, but still a good 13
inches long.

He stroked his cock as he ate her sweet pussy. He delicately licked up and
down her pretty pink slit, then lifted up and gazed down at the young white
girl lying on her back with her legs spread widely apart, drunkenly writhing
her buttocks erotically on the bed below him. Her drunken mind no longer
conciously aware that were five huge native men around her staring hungrily
at her pretty little pussy.

Her pink lips were spread widely apart, and they could see the wet pussy
hole. The native who had been eating out Jane's wet pussy moved foward and
was now pressing the head of his quite abnormal black cock against the open
pussy. Jane grunted as he rubbed his thick black shaft head along her slick
slit, spread it open and brought it up to rub against her sensitive clit.

Then he pushed forward into her, splitting the slick love slit till it
stretched to envelope the pulsing black cockhead. "Ohhhhhhhhh ... my, God,
it's so bigggggg, ittt hurtttttssss ... oooohhhhh!" Jane drunkenly gasped as
her cunt muscles stretched taunt and clamped tightly around the thick black

Pushing forward slowly, inch by inch into the tight slick folds of the
squirming white beauty, the huge native loved it as the drunken white girl's
body began to betray her. Unconsciously her arms clutched around his broad
shoulders and legs crossed over the his ass. He felt the trim legs around him
squeezing at him, trying desperately to pull him deeper into her. Losing all
will power, Jane pleaded "Oh, please ... please ... ohhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhh!"

He worked his long, thick cock into her tiny pussy slowly. He would press and
an inch or so would disappear into her. "Ohhhhhhhh ... owwwwwwww ... oh,
nooooooo I ... I can't ... stopppp ... stop ... you're too biggggg!" Jane
moaned, her hands now trying to push him away from her as the muscular
native's massive black horsecock penetrated her tight cuntal sheath. She was
being stretched beyond belief.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... ohhhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she sobbed when he
pushed forward to spear more of his black shaft into her. It took him a good
10 minutes to streach her glove tight hole and work all of that enormous
black cock into her little pink pussy. Jane squealed as he began to fuck her.
She had her legs wrapped around his back, and was thrusting wildly against
the native as he slammed his huge cock into her.

The long deep thrusts and withdrawals sent Jane over the edge, thigh muscles
now contracting around the mighty shaft within her whenever it plunged deep
into her womb. "Ohhh ... ohhhh ... ohhhh ... ohhh ... ohhhh ... !" she
chanted in timing with each thrust. With long deep strokes, he deliberately
slowed his pumping action to let the beautiful young white girl feel every
long thick inch of his long black horsecock as he buried all 13 inches to the
hilt repeatedly.

Jane moaned loudly, "Oh my GOD, it's the biggest dick I've ever seen, oh, yes
fuck me, slam your hard black cock into my pretty white pussy" The man didn't
understand the words, but it was quite clear, he understood the message. He
fucked her hard and fast. As he pumped wildly into her pussy, another man
lowered himself above her face.

He pressed the head of his huge black cock against her lips. He grunted as
she drunkenly opened her mouth and started to lick at it as though it were
a big lolypop and it was soon slipping past her full puffy lips, into her
mouth. He pushes it in deeper and deeper until he's ramming it all the way
to the hilt down her throat as he increases his pace and face fucks her. He
grabbed a fistful of her long, brown hair in his large black hands as he
fucked her pretty mouth.

Miss Jane Parker's now taking on both huge dicked black men on her cabin bed
in a drunken horny rage. Sucking and fucking the two black natives as though
it were the most naturally thing for an innocent young girl in Africa to do.
The fact that they are two huge black strangers with incredibly long thick
cocks is beyond her drunken comprehension.

The big dicked native was tearing her pussy up. He grunted, and removed his
long, thick black cock, and began to stroke it. A huge gusher of white cum
squirted from the huge black head. Jane moaned as she felt the hot fluid
erupt across her stomach. The man in her mouth was quite huge, and hard now
and his excitement grew as he fucked in and out of her soft pink lips, deep
into the hot confines of her lovely mouth and throat.

She gagged slightly as he violently shoved it into her throat repeatedly.
Another native was now between her legs, and she felt his hard, thick cock
slam into her pussy. Jane thrust against him, and took him all the way inside
of her now wide stretched young pussy.

The man in her mouth moaned, and feeling the hard jerk on her hair Janes's
eyes widened when she felt the cock swell and begin to twitch. He groaned and
unleashed stream after stream of thick slimy cum down her gulping throat.

Swallow or choke to death were the only options for the drunken girl, as the
thick slimy jism began to slide down her quivering throat. She had to swallow
his heavy lode and gobbled down every drop except for the small amount of cum
that overflowed her choking mouth and trickled down her chin. The man pulled
his big dick out of her mouth and see could see strings of slimy cum
streaching betweem her lips and his big dick as he moved away.

Another native was pressing his cock head against her mouth. She greedily
accepted him, and sucked his huge cock as she was bucking beneath the black
stallion sized cock that was ramming her tight pussy. Grasping her trim white
hips, the muscular native reared back slowly till just the tip of his cock
remained captured in her snug hole, then slammed forward will all his might,
burying his twelve inch horsecock balls deep into her womb. "Argggggggg ...
ohhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhhh ... its so deeeeppppp!" Jane groaned
as the fucking sped up to jackhammer speed.

"Ohhhh ... ohhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhh, my
GGGGooodddddddddddd ... yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!" Jane moaned loudly, her back
arching as an orgasm shook her. The big black man groaned, body convulsing as
his cock began to belch out its hot potent cream, deep into the fertile womb
of the beautiful young white girl and filled her hot snatch with thick potent

Almost in unison the man fucking her face grunted and she felt his wonderful
hot cum erupt into her mouth. He came a huge amount, much more than she could
swallow. Huge drops of cum dribbled from the corners of her mouth. He pulled
out and began to rub his swollen cock head across her pretty face, covering
it with yet more white, sticky cum.

Jane groaned as the thick cock was pulled out of her cunt with a loud 'pop'.
She struggled to get up, her thighs hurt so bad from being widely split
apart, her cunt felt as if it was torn inside from the thick monstrosity.
Just as she sat up a bit, she was again being manhandled, finding herself
now on all fours.

A native moved up behind her upraised little ass, fit his long thick black
cock into her and began thrusting into her hot pussy doggy style. She was
soon sucking another while jacking off two more. Each time the big black man
thrust into her from behind, she would deeply take the long thick black cock
into her throat to the hilt. Her hands moved up and down the 2 giant black
cocks rapidly. She could see the slick pre-cum as it oozed from both of the
huge black cock heads.

On and on it went as she was gangbanged by the huge native men. After what
seemed an eternity Jane moaned as the man fucking her filled her pussy with
his thick hot cum. It felt as if he had cum a gallon inside of her. The man
in her mouth grunted, and shot his load. It squirted straight down her
throat. She greedily gulped his jism as it splashed inside of her mouth.
When he finished cumming, he withdrew his cock from her mouth. One of the
cocks she was stroking quicky replaced it as the other native slammed up
her cum drenched cunt.

She felt the cock in her mouth pulsate wildly, and it erupted as soon as she
licked it with her wet tongue. She hungrily swallowed all of the hot cum. He
too, removed his cock, and the other native she was jacking quickly replaced
him in her mouth. After a few minutes the man grunted and his cum erupted
straight down her throat as she massaged his huge sperm ladden balls.

The man fucking her groaned after several deep pumping minutes and his cum
began to shoot into her hot pussy. She moaned, and came hard as she felt his
cum splattering deep against the inner walls of her hot pussy as she bucked
and thrashed about wildly. He continued filling her glove tight pussy and
his thick gooey cum totally filled her hot pussy to the brim.

It began to get pumped out on each long outstroke of his cunt streaching
black horsecock to slide down the insides of her thighs. As they all moaned
and groaned from their hot orgasms, the night air was filled with their
animalistic sounds. They were much louder than the animals in the bush along
the river bank.

Jane still held one of the rock hard long black dicks in her soft hand as
she came down from her sexual high. She turned her head to take the hard
black cock into her mouth as she stroked another monstrous cock back to an
enormous erection. Another native got into position behind her upraised
little ass and a massive black cock pressed into her sopping wet hole from
behind and buried itself to the hilt. The man pumped her for a few minutes
then grasping her by the hips he pulled out and pressed his hard prong in
between her soft white cheeks.

It finally registered in Jane's drunken mind that this big black native
intended on sodomizing her. The black beast was actually intending to fuck
her in the ass. As she felt the hard cockhead nuzzling between her asscheeks
up against her tightly pucked little anus, she feared the pain would kill
her, but she also knew she couldn't do anything to stop it.

As the cockhead began to cave her anus inward and push into her resisting
little asshole, the pain was already so unbearable. Reaching out to the
nearby pillow she dragged it to her and bit down into it. She bit down just
in time as he gained a foothold and slammed brutally into her once cherry
ass. She moaned into the pillow as the black native powerfully hammered his
long thick cock up her glove tight little asshole in a series of long

"OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried as the man gasped, gritting his
teeth, his fingers digging into the softness of her creamy buttocks, his head
flung back as he flexed his buttocks and ground his hips forward.

His cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her tight little asshole. Jane's
fingers tightened into a fist and her face creased in pain. Then, incredibly
to her, the pain changed in nature and his cock felt incredibly good in her
anus, hot and hard, searing inexorably inward. Deeper and deeper it went,
and the man groaned, burying the enormity of his long thick black penis in
her tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly to her buttocks.

She whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch. The big native
gasped, running his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as he
sodomized Jane slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His cock ground in and out of
her anus, glistening and gleaming with their juices as the others drunkenly
cheered him on.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep
rut, whimpering loudly in a way that only seemed to inflame his passion. Her
body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and
bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands on her hips, pulling her glove tight
anus up and down the length of his thick black horsecock.

The muscular native was skewering her heavily, going in deep and sodomizing
her thoroughly for twenty long hard minutes before his big cock spewed out a
heavy load of his potent jism. Jane exploded, her fingers tightly clenching
the bed sheets. The man pulled out of her well used asshole with a loud plop
and rolled over onto his back as Jane fell foward onto the bed.

Another native got on the bed, pulled her up over him and positioned her on
top of him, her legs straddling his muscular black body. Jane knew what was
expected of her. She reached down, grabbed his huge prick in one hand and
started to fit it in her sopping wet pussy. They both groaned as she slowly
slid down the long thick black horsecock and took it all the way to the hilt.
Settling herself on it she began to ride him. The others watched fascinated
as the big black cock disappeared between Jane's legs as she bounched up and
down the long thick black pole.

Another native knew what he wanted as he got into position behind her
seductivly wiggling little ass, his massive cock in hand as he aimed his wide
cockhead at her tiny puckered anus. His long black horsecock cock pressed in
and her anus caved inward as he slipped his huge cockhead into her. She
groaned and relaxed her straining sphincter. He was able to push in a few
more inches. Groaning she relaxed even more and the man drove forward up her
glove tight asshole until he'd buried all 15 thick inches to the hilt.

The big man fucking her up the ass gripped her flairing hips as the black man
beneath her filled his strong hands with her big jiggling white titflesh.
They worked up a rhythm, each man feeling the other's thick cock through the
thin membrane separating them. Sweat glistened on their bodies as they
sandwiched the young white girl and fucked her brains out.

The big black man sodomizing her increasing his thrusting. Jane moaned, her
pussy and asshole stretched beyond believe. "Oh god I'm gonna cum!" she
moaned out loud. With a scream they shot their loads into her. Her pussy
spasmed around the thick black pulsating horsecock, her ass squeezing the
even longer and thicker cock pounding her glove tight little asshole.

The night was far from over for Jane! It turned out to be an all night orgy.
The muscular black natives fucked her all through the long hard night,
depositing several more heavy loads of thier thick spunk down her throat, in
her tight loudly squishing cunt and up her even tighter little asshole.

When morning came, Jane was way too sore to walk. She stayed in her cabin
recovering from the incredible gang bang, knowing that she had many more
nights like it ahead of her before she reached her father's camp.


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