Teen Titans: Bi Nature (mb,bF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Cyborg and Beast Boy had always been buddies. They shared everything. They
also shared a secret. The two young heroes were in a training room inside the
Teen Titans Headquarters. They had been wrestling all day and their rock-hard
bodies were covered with sweat.

Cyborg looked at Beast Boy and grinned. He pinned the younger hero on the
floor. Beast Boy pretended to struggle. Cyborg and he rolled on the ground,
play fighting. Beast Boy grimaced and turned himself into a gorilla so that
he could match Cyborg's strength. Cyborg grasped him in his arms and squeezed
until Beast Boy cried in pain and surrendered. Cyborg looked at Beast Boy.
His young friend looked Cyborg felt himself grow hard.

Beast Boy looked at Cyborg. He leaned closer and kissed him. Cyborg
hesitated, then kissed him back. Cyborg held Beast Boy in a tender embrace.
Beast Boy climbed on top of Cyborg. He felt Cyborg's hard cock underneath
him. He felt his own cock harden. They started undressing each other in
silence. Beast Boy admired Cyborg's masculine and muscular body. Cyborg
looked at Beast Boy. The green-skinned young man had a nice body. Beast Boy
playfully tapped Cyborg on the head and this caused another session of play
fighting to occur. Cyborg kissed Beast Boy and gently caressed his body. He
caressed the younger man's torso and chest, his legs and groin. His hands
went to Beast Boy's face. Beast Boy looked so damn sexy.

Cyborg pulled him into his arms and Beast Boy started kissing Cyborg from his
head to his toes. Cyborg closed his eyes as his young lover caressed him.
Beast Boy's lips found Cyborg's cock. He licked the head of Cyborg's cock and
started sucking it into his mouth. He sucked Cyborg's cock. Cyborg grunted
and caressed Beast Boy's dark head. In a few minutes Beast Boy's sucking had
made Cyborg rock-hard. The two lovers unleashed their passions. Cyborg pushed
Beast Boy on the floor and held his legs. He positioned himself and rubbed
his cock against Beast Boy's ass.

"Please be gentle with me." Beast Boy said.

Cyborg said nothing and slid his cock into Beast Boy's ass. He shoved his
cock deep inside the boy's ass and Beast Boy gritted his teeth, trying not
to scream. Cyborg loved the feel of a tight ass around his cock. He thrust
his cock deep inside Beast Boy and fucked him senseless for several minutes.
Beast Boy's screams filled the room. Finally, Cyborg came and filled his
lover's ass with cum. He pulled out of Beast Boy's ass with a soft pop.

"That was great!" said Cyborg. He looked away from Beast Boy and started
putting his clothes and armor back on.

"What are you doing?" asked Beast Boy.

"Look, it was just sex." said Cyborg. "No strings attached, are we cool?"

Beast Boy nodded. He watched Cyborg leave the room. The young superhero
almost felt like crying.


Beast Boy felt sad that Cyborg just wanted sex. He loved Cyborg. Beast Boy
had known that he was different since he was little. He had always been
attracted to boys. Sometimes, he felt attracted to girls but that was it.
Just sometimes. He had been the boy toy of many men. He had been the fuck
toy of Batman and Robin. He had also serviced Aquaman, the Joker, the
Riddler and the Penguin. He even had a stint as Black Canary's lover for
a brief night. He was bisexual, with a preference for men.

Beast Boy had sex with many men and a few women. He wanted more than just
sex in his life. He wanted to have some love, too. Beast Boy thought he
could find love with several people. He recalled how he had become friends
with the superheroine known as the Huntress. The Huntress was none other
than Selena Kyle. Beast Boy remembered Selena Kyle. She was a beautiful
woman. Tall and lean, athletic, with long black hair and pale green eyes.
She was one of the vigilantes who prowled the night. He was just a confused
kid with super powers that he couldn't understand. She helped him through
that. He also remembered how she helped him with something else, too.

Beast Boy had been on the couch. He was watching tv. He was really into what
he was watching, until he heard a noise. He turned to see....her. Selena
Kyle. She was walking out of the bathroom with a blue towel around her body.
She looked so good. Nine days out of ten, Beast Boy preferred boys to girls
but on the tenth day....he looked at Selena. Stared was more like it. She
was so surprised that she dropped her towel...

"I am so sorry !" she said.

Beast Boy had gone to her and said, "Don't be sorry, Selena. You are one of
the prettiest women on this world or any other."

She smiled at him, a bit surprised. He picked up the fallen towel and wrapped
it around her body. "Thanks." she said.

For a brief moment, they touched. A spark of electricity went between them.
Beast Boy remembered it well. He came closer to her and she to him. They
kissed. It was a grea kiss. They looked at each other, boy to woman.

"I like you, Selena." Beast Boy said.

"I like you a lot, but you're just a kid." Selena Kyle said.

Beast Boy said nothing and kissed her again. They went to bed. She kissed him
all over the place. He remembered the feel of her soft body against his. He
remembered his cock hardening when she sucked it. She licked his cock and
sucked on his balls until they were hard then she blew on them. He fucked her
mouth with his rock-hard cock. Thrusting deep into her mouth. She gagged on
his big cock. He came inside her and she licked off his cum. She cleaned him
up real nice. Not a single drop of his seed was wasted. He was still rock
hard. She climbed on top of him and lowered herself onto his still hard cock.
He thrust upward and started fucking her pussy. She grunted as she was
fucked. He held her by the hips and fucked her. He came again, filling her
hot pussy with his bestial seed. Once it was done, they embraced.

Yep. Beast Boy still remembered that. He also remembered how hard he had
gotten when Batman and Robin invited him to their sex games. It turns out
that Batman and Robin were both closeted bisexuals. Batgirl was also
involved in these sex games. She was a willing and often eager participant
in their threesomes. Superman and Wonder Woman sometimes joined them. Yeah.
Beast Boy knew a lot about the sex lives of superheroes. More than half
of the Justice League members, both male and female were either gay or
bisexual. It was the most secretive of cliques.

Beast Boy was just gonna have to search for love elsewhere...

He was still lost in his thoughts when someone approached him. Starfire. The
crimson-haired girl from another planet. There she was. Tall and slender,
beautiful and gentle all at once. She was looking at him in that gentle but
inquisitive way of hers.

"Beast Boy, what's up?" she asked.

"I'm ok." said Beast Boy.

He made a dismissive gesture but Starfire came and sat next to him. She took
his hand in hers.

"Beast Boy, we are friends, are we not?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure." said Beast Boy.

"I need to know what is bothering you." she said.

"Why?" The bestial boy asked.

"Because I hate to see you suffer and want to help you." said Starfire.

She looked at Beast Boy with those sweet eyes of hers. Beast Boy tried to
resist but he couldn't. He started to tell Starfire his secret. He was an
alien on the planet Earth. Like Superman, the Martian Manhunter and Starfire
herself he looked human but was actually a member of another species. Beast
Boy's people were well-known shapeshifters. Beast Boy had to deal with being
alien in a world full of humans. He told Starfire about his bisexuality. He
told her of his sexual encounters and romantic trysts with members of both
sexes. He avoided telling her names. Starfire was surprised to hear that
Beast Boy was bisexual but she wasn't really shocked. On her planet,
sexuality was widely accepted. Whether one was heterosexual, bisexual or
homosexual did not really matter.

"How long has it been since you were with someone you love?" Starfire asked
Beast Boy.

He looked at her. "A long time." he admitted. He had some affection for
Selena Kyle. The Huntress was an amazing woman. He felt a lot of love for
Cyborg but Cyborg just wanted sex.

"You have been lonely." said Starfire.

Beast Boy slowly nodded. He looked so sad. Starfire gently touched his
shoulder and embraced him, putting her arms around his slender frame. Beast
Boy hesitated, then let himself go. He felt safe in Starfire's arms, for some
reason. Starfire held onto Beast Boy. She had always liked him but a union
between them had not occured. Now, she knew why. Beast Boy was busy chasing
a large number of men and women all over the Globe. Still, the one she held
in her arms was not a sexual conqueror but a young man who had been hurt.
She just wanted to make him feel safe...she caressed the black hair that
covered his head and without realizing it, gently kissed his forehead. Beast
Boy looked up at her with large eyes and her heart skipped a beat. He was
surprised. Surprised by her kiss. She hesitated, then thought to hell with
it and leaned over. She kissed him on the lips. He kissed her back. Their
kiss was long and deep. Starfire had dreamed of kissing Beast Boy since she
first laid eyes on him. They separated to catch their breath. Beast Boy
looked at Starfire and grinned. Shyly, she smiled back.

Both of them sat on the floor in silence. Beast Boy lay down on the floor.
He said nothing and closed his eyes. Starfire lay down next to him. He put
his hand on hers and she gave it a squeeze. Neither of them said anything
for the rest of the night. Starfire came closer to Beast Boy and he held
her in his surprisingly strong arms. Starfire felt happy in Beast Boy's
arms. Beast Boy felt at peace.

The End


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