It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, this story is a parody. I
do not own these characters, nor do I make any gain from this story. This is
for entertainment if you are underage or easily offended then please don't
read it. For all others enjoy.

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Teen Titans: Robin loves Starfire (mf)
by A Kangaroo In A Dinner Jacket

Titan's Tower glowed in the rising sunlight. Robin stood on the roof staring
out at the pink and orange sky. "It's beautiful," he thought. This was
Robin's favorite part of the day a new beginning and who knew what it would

The beautiful orange skinned young woman, Starfire, entered onto the roof.
Seeing Starfire Robin blushed and turned away. "Good morning Star. What
brings you up here?" he asked.

"Beast Boy and Cyborg are playing a 'smelly' game." She walked next to Robin
and looked out at the view. "Sometimes I forget how beautiful your world can

"Yeah, it has it's moments." Robin reached down and gently massaged his leg.

"You still hurt?" Starfire asked.

"Yeah. That hit from Cinderblock yesterday really hurt."

"Here let me help." With one movement Starfire lifted Robin's leg while
pushing him down to sit at the edge of the roof. She pushed her palms into
his thigh moving them around in a circular motion. The massage felt good and
eased his pain. As Star continued rubbing she worked her way up Robin's thigh
hitting a point that made Robin suddenly stiffen and become uncomfortable.
Through his tight spandex pants Starfire could see Robin's bulge grow. She
blushed knowing she was doing this.

Beast Boy burst through the door, panting, out of breath. "Oh-my-god Cyborg
is so...mad," Beast Boy said. Beast Boy turned and saw Starfire and Robin,
"What are you doing?"

Robin jumped up pulling his leg out of Starfire's hand, "Nothing."

"BEAST BOY!!!" The sound of Cyborg climbing the steps to the roof made Beast
Boy jump high in the air, change into a bird and fly away as the door burst

Cyborg entered covered in a green gel. The stench from the gel filtered into
Starfire and Robin's nose.

"Ew...," Starfire said pinching her nose.

"What happened?" Robin asked.

"Will you stop playing with your girlfriend and help me find him," Cyborg
said storming back down the stairs.

The word "girlfriend" hung in the air around Robin like the stench from the
green gel.

"I better go try and calm him down," Robin said.

"Wait Robin," Starfire said grabbing Robin's arm, "I want you to know on my
planet it is an honor when a female gives a man an erection."

"Star! Please!" Robin said embarrassed.

"It means the male finds the female attractive and I thank you for the

"I better go," Robin said running down the stairs.

"Oh, I hope I have not offended him," Starfire said to herself. "Maybe on
this planet an erection means the opposite and Robin really thinks I'm ugly."
Starfire's eyes slumped down along with the rest of her body.

The day didn't bring much excitement for the team. Mad Mod attacked the city,
but was dealt with quickly. Night came and after dinner Robin vanished while
Beast Boy and Cyborg entered into a match on the Gamestation 2. Raven settled
in the corner with a book while Starfire sat at the table fiddling with a
black stain imbedded into the table.

Raven's eyes glanced up and saw Starfire sadness, "What's wrong?"

Starfire looked up, "What?"

"I'm the one who sulks, not you. What's wrong? Against Mad Mod you seemed a
little out of it."


"Starfire, I'm trying to be your friend and listen to your problems. Chances
are this will never happen again so you better take it."

Starfire looked up at Raven. "Oh, Raven," she began, "I fear Robin does not
like me because I gave him an erection."

"Wow," said Beast Boy and Cyborg simultaneous.

"You gave Robin wood? Awesome," Beast Boy said.

"Starfire," Raven said, "listen to me. You are beautiful and you'd have to be
an idiot not to see that Robin is in love with you."

"Oh...thank you Raven," Starfire said jumping up grabbing Raven in a hug.
"You are such a good friend. Can I come to you with all my problems from

"No." Raven said returning to her book.

Starfire flew through the halls of Titan's Tower toward Robin's room. The
door slid open in front of her. The room was dark save for the light coming
in from the hall. Another thin sliver of light was coming from an unknown
source. She entered into the room walking toward the light. It was a door to
Robin's bathroom. Starfire peaked into the small room. There standing in
front of a photo of Starfire was Robin, pants off, and stroking his cock.

"You do like me!" Starfire said bursting through the door. Robin jumped in
surprise. After more then four years of being Robin no one had surprised him
until this moment.

"STAR!" Robin said in shock.

Starfire jumped on Robin and kissed him jamming her tongue into his mouth.
She pulled out of his mouth and said, "I was so afraid you thought I was ugly
because I gave you 'the wood'."

"Starfire," Robin said.

"Shh..." Starfire said putting her hand over Robin's mouth, "It's okay I know
how you feel about me. I feel the same."

With one move Starfire pulled her top off over her head. Her big beautiful
breast, with her hard nipples, jiggled slightly as they freed from the purple
top. Under her skirt, with the anticipation, she became wet.

Robin took a step back to view Star's perfect body. With a quick move Robin
pushed his mouth onto Starfire's and grabbed her breast in his hand rubbing
her nipples between his fingers.

Starfire pulled her skirt down to reveal her panties. Robin pulled away to
view Starfire as she pulled her panties off showing her wet pussy.

"Do you like my cat?"

"It's called a pussy," Robin said, "and it's perfect. Just like you."

Robin pulled off his shirt as fast as he could. Starfire fell to her knees in
front of Robin's throbbing hard cock. Cupping his testicles in her hand she
took his cock in her mouth. The pleasure overtook Robin as he leaned back and
enjoyed it.

Starfire's head bobbed back and forth her mouth sliding up and down the
shaft. Robin's pubic hair tickled Star's nose every time she took him in
deep. She pulled out and said, "Men on my planet like when the girls do
this. I hope you like it, too."

"Yes," Robin said pushing her head back onto his swollen member. Robin
couldn't take it. He grabbed hold of her head and begun pumping his hips
fucking her face. Robin roared out in pleasure. Starfire gagged with each
thrust coughing trying to get used to the sensation.

Starfire pulled out of Robin. Robin wanted to play rough and so did she. She
got to her feet grabbing Robin's hair pushing him down into her cunt. Robin
dug his nose and mouth into her hole licking and sucking. He jammed his
finger into her pumping it while he licked. Star moaned out screaming to her
God. "Don't stop. Don't stop," she pleaded.

Robin pumped his finger and tounge into her faster and faster. Her pink lips
dripped and Star exploded in an orgasm. Her scream of ecstacy filled the

* * *

Downstairs Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg heard the scream. "Do you think they
are okay?" Beast Boy said.

"I think they are better then okay," said Cyborg.

"So Raven does this give you any ideas?" Beast boy said.

"Yeah. I need to get new batteries," she said.

* * *

Robin threw Starfire onto his bed. He stood for a second looking at her naked
body sedate after the orgasm. Robin's heart pounded and he breathed hard. He
went to her pulling her close to him. He pushed his hard cock into her tight
pussy. "OH," Star screamed at the entry.

Robin stood at the edge of the bed pumping into her. Star's back arched up
and she screamed in pleasure. Starfire sat up jamming her mouth to his. She
could taste her juices on his mouth and she liked it. Robin grabbed her hair
pulling her head away from him and spat into her mouth. Star pulled out of
him turning over presenting her perfect bubble butt to him. Robin jumped onto
the bed standing over her. He grabbed her hips and pulled them into him. Star
screamed. Robin roared. Robin pulled on Star's hair as he pumped her from
behind. He couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm going to cum," he called out.

Star jumped up turning around placing her head in front of the head of his
cock. Robin jerked off letting a long stream of white semen spew from the
head. It splashed Starfire in the eye. The white cum dripped down her orange
skin. And other quick shot hit her noes. A third hit the mark falling into
her mouth. She spat the cum out took his cock into her mouth sucking it

* * *


Starfire made her way downstairs where the other Titans were still gathered.
She smiled, "Yeah. I think he like me."



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