Teen Titans: Starfire's Lesson (mff, voy)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Starfire walked into the Teen Titan's living room where Raven was sitting
alone. Cyborg and Beastboy where buying supplies and she did not know where
Robin was.

"Raven I have been on Earth for awhile and there is much I do not yet know."
Starfire said.

"What do you want to know?" Raven asked.

"I am curious about sex. They speak of it much on Television and I do not
yet know how it is done." Starfire explained.

"I can teach you how to do it if you want." Raven offered.

"Please I would like that very much." Starfire said with her hands clasped
cutely and an eager look on her face.

Little did the girls know Robin was hiding in the shadows watching with
great interest.

Raven had removed her cloak, unzipped her costume, kicked off her boots and
pulled down her panties for Starfire. Starfire looked in awe of the
purple-haired girl's body, and watched Raven as she pushed her down on the
couch and sat on her face. Starfire stared at the pussy in front of her, it
was already releasing a scent that was driving her crazy. She acted on
instinct, and stuck out her tongue and licked on Raven's pussy. Raven
started to grind her pussy into Starfire's face, and Starfire did her best
to keep her tongue on Raven's hot spot.

Raven lifted Starfire's top and smiled at the pretty purple bra that she was
wearing. Her hands undid her skirt as she continued riding Starfire's face.
Starfire jumped in excitement as Raven's fingernails made there way under
her panties and through Starfire's silky red-orange pubic hair to her pussy.
Starfire felt a finger slid inside of her and on instinct pushed her pussy
up at it. Starfire's pussy was on fire only minutes later. It seemed Raven
knew just where to touch her. Raven's fingers were skilled no doubt about
it, as she fingered the alien girl, and her hips went back and forth on
Starfire's face.

Starfire was soon rewarded by Raven's girl gusher smothering her face like
sweet sauce. Starfire then got up and kissed Raven passionately on the lips.
There were tongues going wild and tongue sucking involved, as the two former
enemies made out like lifelong lovers. Raven broke the kiss and licked all
around Starfire's nice cleavage. Starfire moaned in ecstasy as Raven unhooked
her purple bra and took one of Starfire's nice size tits in her mouth. Both
boobs got equal sucking attention as Starfire started humping Raven's leg
with her panty-covered crotch.

Raven pushed Starfire back and kissed her way down to her last piece of
clothing. Starfire gladly let Raven pull her matching purple panties down,
as Raven's tongue found its target. Starfire's eyes shut tightly as she felt
her orgasm was emanated. Raven's tongue swirling on her delicate alien flower
sent Starfire over the top. Soon Raven's face was covered by Starfire's girl
jelly. Starfire had no chance to catch her breath though as she felt a tongue
again, or actually tongues.

She opened her eyes to see that Raven AND Robin were both licking her pussy
at the same time. This double assault was a sight to see, but it felt even
more heavenly. She thrashed about on the couch at the double assault, her
pussy burning up with passion, passion for the tongues that were making her
a sweaty cum covered mess. The two licking her pussy gave her a release
quickly, but they still weren't done with her.

Raven was now straddling her face, as Robin kept on licking her, not missing
a beat. Raven rode her all the harder as the two were about to come. Robin
was now shifting his focus as he had placed his cock head to Starfire's
pussy. He pushed and Starfire whimpered as her virginity was taken. Robin
vigorously and enthusiastically assaulted her tight pussy with his rod. It
was only minutes later when they were all releasing their teen juices
simultaneously. All three titans hugged each other tight recovering from
their orgasms. They all three shared a very hot French kiss as they stroked
on each other's breasts and privates.

"So Starfire, enjoy your lesson?" Asked Robin.

"Yes, very much so may we please do this again sometime?" She asked.

"Anytime you want." Said Robin.


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