Teen Titans: The Sleep-patch Part 1 (m-mast)
by DES081735 ([email protected])

It was just a typical day at the Titans' Tower with no crimes happening.
Cyborg was visiting the Titans East for 2 weeks. Beast Boy, who was in his
dog form, was sleeping on the couch. Robin was just flipping channels on TV.
He was so bored! Then he heard the sliding doors open. When he saw who was
entering the room, he was happy to see that it was the love of his life,
Starfire. He kept on staring at her, lustfully. Not knowing what he was
doing, Robin unzipped his zipper, went inside his pants, grabbed his penis,
and started to masturbate, while still staring at Starfire. He kept on
jacking off to how good and sexy she looked. Starfire did not notice what
Robin was doing as she was looking for something to drink. When Starfire
bent down to in their small fridge, Robin got to thinking.

Robin: 'Oh, man. If only I could grab and squeeze that majestic ass. Hmm.
Maybe I can without her noticing.'

Robin put up his penis, zipped his zipper, and snuck quietly to Starfire
while she was still bending down. Robin's hand was slowing proceeding to her
ass. He was almost there until Starfire stood up and found Robin in a most
awkward position.

Starfire: Um... dear friend Robin, why do you have your hand out at me?

Robin: 'Uh-oh. Better think fast.' Um.. Um.. I was just grabbing for your
ass-- uh.. I mean, this sandwich.

Starfire: Um.. okay.

After that, Starfire left the room with a Pepsi can and a full bottle of
mustard. Robin sat back down on the couch, angry and sad.

Robin: Damn it. There must be someway I can fuck her up.

Just as he was about to change the channel, a commercial came on. It stated:

Hey, everybody. Do you have that one person that you wanna make fun of
while they're asleep? Well now, here's your chance. I present to you the
Sleep-patch. Just put this on the back of that person's neck and they'll
stay asleep as long as that patch is on them. Call now!

With that shown, Robin smiled and called the number.


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