Disclaimer: I don't own these characters and if you think it actually
happened you are a dumbass. Also I am speeding up the ages of the Teen
Titans ladies and the X-men Evolution ladies to be 18.

Teen Titans/X-Men Evolution: Beyond The Scenes Part 1
by Timber Wulff ([email protected])

"AND CUT!" The director yelled into his megaphone. "That's a wrap." He said
to the 5 teenagers on the set.

They looked at him and smiled having the night off. They were the Teen
Titans. Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, and Robin and they just finished
the final scene of their third season opener, and were now having the night
off. Everyone walked off the set Raven and Starfire were walking close
together. Many people on the set thought that they were more than friends but
nobody knew just how close they really were.

"I got a phone call today from Kitty." Raven said smiling slightly thinking
to the fact that the young X-man had introduced her and Starfire to the joys
of sex with another woman.

"What did she say?" Starfire said the excitement showing slightly in her

Raven stopped making sure no one was watching when she leaned to her
girlfriend and nibbled her ear lightly. "Kitty wants to throw a little party
tonight, ladies only and we're invited."

Starfire clapped for joy as she jumped up and down her round firm breasts
bouncing slightly causing Raven's eyes to follow them as they bounced. "Can
we go, please?" Starfire asked.

Raven smiled a bit and nodded causing Starfire to jump even more. Raven took
her hand and led her into the dressing room closing the door behind her.
Beast Boy walked past as the door started closing. He looked over and saw
Raven and Starfire kissing as the door shut a little quicker.

Inside the dressing room Raven and Starfire were kissing like the long time
lovers that they were. Their hands roaming over each others bodies.

"I want you so much, I don't want to wait for tonight." Starfire moaned
between kisses.

Raven was only too happy to comply as she slowly began undressing her co-star
and lover, kissing her way over Starfires nubile flesh, pausing to lick her
already erect nipples. Raven knew Starfire was especially sensitive in her
nipples and was rewarded for her effort with the sounds of moaning quickly
eminating from the young woman.Raven smiled an evil smile as her hand cupped
Starfires pussy. "You're already wet." She said to Starfire who giggled.

"I couldn't help it, you are just so good."

Raven nodded as she slid a finger inside her lovers pussy, eliciting a gasp
and a longer moan from Starfire.

Starfire looked down at her. "Eat me... please." She practically begged.

Raven stood up looking at her. "How about we eat each other?" She started

Starfire's mouth practically watered as she watched the purple haired heroine
undress quickly. The moment Raven's clothes hit the floor Starfire had Raven
in her arms their breasts rubbing against each other as they sank to the
floor, moving to 69 in an almost animalistic frenzy. Their mouths latched
onto each others pussys knowing exactly what it took to make them cum. For
Raven it was her clit, a few minutes of attention on her clit, and she cums
hard and Starfire knew it and attacked her clit like a wild woman. Starfire
on the other hand was big on a tongue going inside her. Her pussy was
sensitive there and a tongue used as a small cock drives her wild.

Soon the moans of the two women were filling the dressing room as Raven and
Starfire licked each other furiously. Soon Raven could feel her orgasm
building faster and faster, as she licked Starfires pussy deeper and faster
causing the alien to cry out lightly in pleasure trying to hold her orgasm

"I'm gonna cum!" Starfire gasped, with that Raven sped up her licking,
causing Starfire to cry out as she came long and hard.

Raven felt the vibrations through her clit and that pushed her over the edge
causing her to cum as well they screamed as they came simultaniously. Their
voices ringing through the air. As they came down from their orgasm Starfire
looked at Raven.

"Tonight will be so much fun." She said smiling.

Raven nodded not noticing the little mouse that watched them and decided to
follow them tonight.

* * *

At eight o clock that night at Xavier's school for gifted youngsters Jean
looked out the window. She was Glad Kitty bought the place after their show
was cancelled. She was a bit surprised the young mutant had the money but
Kitty had been very smart with her money, and she bought the mansion for her
personal reasons, which was to turn it into a Sexual harem for superheroines.
She had Jean, Rogue, Tabitha, Rahne and Wanda living with her, sharing in her
sexual adventures.

"Jean relax, they'll be here soon enough." Kitty said giggling as she watched
Rahne licking Wanda's pussy as Wanda held a leash to a slave collar around
the irish mutants neck.

"Lick me." Was all Wanda said loving the sensations of Rahne's tongue on her
pussy and clit.

"You are such a slut." Rogue said smiling at Wanda.

Wanda smirked and blew her a kiss as she felt Rahnes tongue delve deeper into
her causing her to gasp. Rahne could be seen smiling between licks as he
tongue moved faster, soon driving Wanda to grab Rahne's head as she came
hard. Rahne licked up Wandas juices quickly and cleanly as Jen moved from the

"They're here!" She said happily as she took off her robe and looked at her
naked body. "So glad Scott never got to touch this." She muttered before
walking to the door opening it before Raven and Starfire had a chance to

Raven smiled as Jean opened the door her eyes traveling the redhead's nude

"Are we late?" Starfire asked.

"You're right on time." Jean purred looking at them as she stepped up and
gave Starfire a long slow kiss their tongues dueling in each others mouth,
before moving over and kissing Raven the same way.

"Hey don't leave them out there," Kitty said. "Bring them in and we can all
have fun."

Jean smiled as she broke the kiss whispering promises of more to come before
leading the way into the mansion. As the door shut a small green bird flew
over to the window and looked in his eyes almost bulging at the sight before
him. Kitty Pryde, undressing, as Starfire kissed Wanda passionately, and
Raven did the same thing to Rogue, who could easily touch people. Rahne had
gotten up and was undressing Tabitha kissing her neck as she removed the
collar from her neck. Tabitha groaned as Rahnes hands traveled over her body.
Raven broke the kiss from Wanda before kissing Kitty.

"How about we skip pretense and get down to business." Raven mumbled.

Kitty nodded as Wanda moved behind Raven moving to her knees her hands moving
over Raven's body taking her clothes off quickly Jean looked at Starfire and
telekinetically undressed her as well untill all the women were naked. The
bird watched as his little bird tongue hung out at the scene unfolding before

Kitty was soon on her back as Raven licked her pussy lips. Wanda was behind
Raven fingering her deep as she nibbled Raven's clit. Starfire meanwhile was
lying on the floor writing in pleasureas she kissed Jean who was
telekinetically stimulating them both. Tabitha and Rahne were in a sixty
nine. The chorus of pleasurable sounds echoed through the institute. Raven
was in heaven as she licked Kitty, her tongue driving deep into her. Wanda
licked Raven faster and faster focusing on her clit. The bird meanwhile had
flown up and though the chimney while Starfire was screaming along with Jean
as the telekinetic dildos penetrated them both.Rahne however had changed
slightly her tongue getting longer as she tongue fucked Tabitha.

Suddenly Jeans head snapped up recognising a new mind in the room. She kept
it quiet as she continued. Soon all the women came simultaniously screaming
their pleasure into the ceiling. Jean smiled as she kissed Starfire while
telikinetically grabbing the bird and squeezing him until he changed to his
Beast Boy form. He shook himself a bit before looking around him seeing all
the women around him. Wanda walked forward ready to kill him, but Jean
stopped her smiling as she whispered in Kitty's ear.

"You won't tell anyone what you saw here." Raven said advancing on him.

Beast Boy scrambled backwards before connecting with Jeans legs. "And We're
going to make sure you don't tell anyone."

With that Jean telekinetically lifts Beast Boy in the air and begins
undressing him. Soon exposing a naked Green superhero. A few of the ladies
gasped in admiration, of his member. He was seven inches long and only
partially hard. Rahne stepped forward slowly reaching out stroking his
member which soon grew to its full ten inches eliciting a few more gasps
of excitement from the ladies even Kitty was looking at it and she
vehemently denied ever wanting a man to touch her. Soon unable to contain
herself Rahne took his member into her mouth wagging her ass as Jean set
Beast Boy on the ground.

Raven moved over and straddled Beast Boy's face and motioned for him to eat
her as she went. Kitty and Starfire began kising as the smell of sex was
filling the air more and more. Soon Wanda and Rogue were sixty nining before
Rane was pulled off Beast Boy's member and pulled into a mutant daisy chain.
Kitty and Starfire were kissing as passionately as before when Kitty fell
backwards, and somehow due to extreme luck fell down as Beast Boy slid into
her taking her cherry. A scream of pain and pleasure escaped Kitty.

Everyone stopped to look. Jean looked at Kitty. "Can I help you up?" She

Kitty kept her eyes shut tight before shaking her head no her body starting
to move as Jen knelt down and kitty grabbed her for the most passionate kiss
she had ever gotten. Jean smiled before kissing her way down kittys body
licking her pussy as well as his cock Eliciting moans and gasps from both
heroes. Beast boy could only gasp and moan while kitty kept groaning Oh god
over and over again.

Meanwhile in her mind she realized she wasn't gay but definitly bi and only
bi for one man's member, the one she was on. Beast boy knew he wouldn't last
much longer and moved his hips faster and faster, with Jean licking and Beast
boy thrusting Kitty was also about to cum, and from what she could feel it
was a powerful one.

Jean soon had every one mentally linked and when Kitty and beast boy came
everyone exploded in orgasmic bliss, collapsing to the floor shaking and
twitching in post orgasmic bliss. Kitty sat up carefully and looked at
Beast Boy.

"You are the only Man to be in this group. Consider yourself lucky."

Beast Voy nodded excitedly. "Now after a few minutes. We're all going to get
a turn with you." She said smiling wickedly.

And have their way they did. Beast Boy couldn't even walk as the sun came up.

To be continued...


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