This is a sequel to my Batman TAS/Teen Titans crossover, Vacation in Gotham
City in case anyone wondered where Teen Titans 1 was.

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Teen Titans: Part 2 - Vacation In Steel City Part 1
by Tricksterson

Raven turned off her cell phone. It would have surprised her teammates to
know she even owned a cell phone, much less who had given it to her. It had
been a gift from Bruce Wayne, aka the Batman, her lover for almost a year
now. They had met in Gotham City where Raven had been in the guise of
Dulcinea, a high priced prostitute. Raven, due to her half-demonic nature
had been subject to seasonal bouts of nymphomania since the onset of puberty.
If not indulged, her powers would build to a dangerous and literally
explosive level.

She had been fortunate to meet Bruce. She didn't think she could quite call
what they had love but it was as close to it as either one of them would
probably ever come.

But Bruce had called to tell her that he wouldn't be able to make their
quarterly "date" because he had to go abroad to counter the machinations of
Rais Al Ghul. She understood. It was the business they were in.

But before he left, she decided to give him a parting gift. She hit redial.

"Hello Raven, what is it?" She was the only one who had this particular

"Hello Bruce," she said in a sexy tone none of her fellow Titans would ever
have dreamed she possessed.

"What do you want?" He sounded both perplexed and irrritated. He probably
expected a plea not to go. She was tempted but knew better. In their line of
work, the job always came first. It had to.

"What are you wearing?" There was a pause. Bruce was highly intelligent,
perhaps even a genius but in many ways emotionally retarded. Of course, Raven
reflected, normally this would be a case of the coal mine calling the kettle
black. But the solstice's advent awakened many things in her that she usually
clamped down on.

He must have decided to humor her because he finally said, "What you might
expect." Which meant he was in costume and in the Batcave. "But I'm not



Which, since she knew he was between Robins, could only mean one person.

"Barbera? Is Barbera there? Put her on!" This could be even better than she
thought. Barbera Gordon, known to the world as Batgirl, and she had enjoyed
a quickie in an airport bathroom last year. It hadn't been repeated but
they'd kept in touch and Raven at least had considered including her in a
threeway on one of her visits but nothing had come of it. Yet.


"Yes, there's something I want you to do for me." By the time she was done
with her instructions the other girl had a case of the giggles. Raven was
also willing to bet that her fair skinned face was beet red. She knew
Barbera had a crush on Bruce but had never acted on it. Well now was the

When Barbera but Bruce back on Raven affected a pouty tone. "You know Bruce,
you didn't ask me what *I* was wearing. In case you were's

"And?" She could tell that he was intrigued despite himself.

"And my hands are on my breasts. Don't you wish yours were. Ooh, my nipples
are soooo hard. Are you getting hard Bruce?"

"Mmmmm...maybe this isn't the time. Barbera is still...Barbera? What are
you *doing*?"

"She's only doing what I wish I was there to do. Tell me, and don't spare the

"Oh God, she's got her mouth on my..."

"Your what Bruce?" One of Raven's hands moved from her tits to between her

"My cock? Ohhhh!"

"Is she good, Bruce? Is she a good little cocksucker? Is she better than me?"
His reply was a strangled noise that brought a rare smile to her face. She
knew he didn't want to leave but felt she was owed a bit of payback.

"Very good. But not better than you, noone is...OW!"

Raven gave a sound that mingled laughter and ecstatic moaning. By now her
fingers were brushing lightly at her clit. She started to rub harder as she
urged her two phone partners on.

"Ohhhhyess! Fuck her mouth! Fuck it good! Now come in it like I wish you
could come in meeeee! Make her swallow every beautiful drop, ohyesssss!" She
closed her eyes as she came, flashes of back and white bursting across her

"Happy now?" Bruce himself was panting, exhausted but satisfied.

"For now," the seductive sorceress purred, then hung up.

* * *

That had been good. But hardly enough to get her through the current episode.
She knew she would have to make other arrangements. But what? She knew she
couldn't go back to being a whore. Even if Mary Callahan would take her back,
she didn't want to. What she had with Bruce might or might not be love but
whatever it was, it was orders of magnitude better than the mechanical
feeding of need that her previous "dating" had been. But then what? She'd
have to improvise.

* * *

"So you don't want me to tell Robin you're here?" The speaker was Bumblebee
an ebony skinned pocket Venus of a woman and leader of Titans East.

"Do you have a problem with that?" asked Raven.

"Not really. You guys might technicaly be the senior partners but I call the
shots here, not the Boy Wonder. But you'll have to come clean with me about
why. You in trouble girl?" At Raven's request they were in Bumblebee's
private quarters which was sparsely decorated, mostly with martial arts
weapons. Raven had anticipated that she'd have to tell *someone* her problem
and opted for a one-on-one meeting for more than one reason.

After she'd explained the problem and demonstrated by trying to
telekinetically pick up a reading lamp and shattering it, the other woman's
eyes were wide.

"So...if you don't get laid periodically, all hell breaks loose?"

"That about sums it up."

"And your pals don't know about it?"

"Well, they know I have to go away once in a while but not exactly why. It
would make working with them...awkward."

"I wouldn't bet against Robin knowing more than you think, he's sharp that
boy. But what you're asking is permission to hold a week long orgy on *my*
premises. I got that right?"

Raven realized how she must have sounded and blushed, looking down at her
feet. "Ummm...yes?"

"Three conditions."

"One: Noone participates if they don't want to."

"Of course."

"Well looking at you, that isn't likely to be a problem. Two: Nothing, and
I mean nothing comes before protecting the city. That's our mission and it
comes first. And you help out as much as you can."

"Done. Once I'm, umm..."

"Getting some?"

"Yeah, once that happens, my powers usually stablize so I'll be able to help.
And three?"

"The voluptuous black girl pushed back Raven's hood, caressed her cheek and
ran her fingers through her lavender hair. "I get first taste," she said in
a much softer tone.

Raven smiled. She'd hoped, this would be one of the conditions. "Well, if you
insist," then plunged her mouth down on Bumblebee's full, red lips.

"Oh, and call me Queenie."

"Your real name?"

"Nickname. Plus I want to be your Queen bee."

As their tongues brushed and played against each other the two girl's
hands were busy as well. Raven's went and undid the clasps around the other
heroine's wings revealing her C-cup breasts, then went onto stroke the wings
sensuously, producing a shudder. Queenie's own hands released the clasp of
Raven's cape, letting it flow down to the ground then searched futilely for
the zipper of her costume.

"Let me," Raven said and slid a thumb down the front causing it to peel away
from her, revealing her pale ripe body. She unbuckled her new lover's pants
and slid a hand inside, playing with her labia through her panties as Queenie
stroked and molded her breasts. They kissed again and then Raven's lips
moved, first to the hollow of the other woman's throat then to the valley
between her full dark orbs. A moan escaped Queenie's lips and then she took
Raven's hands in hers and pulled her toward the bed where a playful wrestling
match developed.

During the tussle Queenie's pants and boots as well as Raven's boots
somehow got discarded and tossed to various parts of the room. The black
warrior-woman, now clad only in a white thong wound up victorious in their
mock combat, straddling the other girl's long lush body. Raven looked up at
the mahogany globes only inches from her face and decided that to waste the
obvious opportunity would be a sin. She started suckling at them at the same
time that her hands slid caressingly down her conqueror's back to wrap around
and snap the cord of the thong. Her fingers dug into her partner's firm round

"Mmmmm," The black girl closed her eyes and then manuevered into a scissors
position, rubbing her trimmed dark bush against Raven's pale, bare pussy. As
first labia then clitori rubbed hotly together until both girls felt as if
their nether regions were going to burst into flame.

"Oh...fuck!" Queenie gasped as Raven's finger and teeth buried themselves in
her flesh. Her own fingers tangled in her lover's purple hair, now darkened
by sweat.

"Yesssohyessss!" said Raven in a half moan-half hiss. She bit down on
Queenie's dark nipple, drawing blood but at this point neither girl cared.
She raised her mouth to Queenie's and the black woman returned the favor,
biting down on the alien hottie's pale thin lips as a white hot blaze of
pleasure exploded in them both.

Bumblebee slid slowly off the other girl, sliding one arm under her neck
while the other idly pinched and tickled at the incongrously dark nipples
topping her pale tits.

"That was..."

"A good start," said Raven, smiling gently as she licked the blood from both
their lips.

"A good start? My, you are a..."

"Slut? Yeah, I am, but it's not like I have a choice." The hurt and angry
expression on her partner's face told her she'd said very much the wrong

Bumblebee started to get up. "So what we did, that meant nuthin?'"

Raven put her arms around the other woman. "That's not what I meant. This
was better than almost anyone else ever. But it hasn't always been this
wonderful. It hasn't even always been good. Or even half way decent. It's
only a year ago that I realized it *could* be wonderful instead of just
feeding a bottomless need."

"So let's dedicate the rest of your stay to wonderful," Queenie said, kissing
her on the lips.



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