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Tenchi Muyo: Interrogation Sex
by Victor2K ([email protected])

"Move on scumbags!" The space policewoman Kiyone ordered the two females as
they exited the police ship, to the Space Police HQ. The green haired girl
was suprised to see the women who stole from a trading zone planet were two
mates of hers in Tenchi's house, the famous space pirate Ryoko and former
Jurai princess Aeka. Kiyone was really surprised to see Aeka in such a
practice, and even then she knew that Ryoko and Aeka weren't too friendly
with each other, but it wasn't what the girl cop was thinking at that time.

"It was all your fault Aeka!" Ryoko shouted.

"My fault? It was you that was mocking the police" Aeka complained to Ryoko.

"Yes, and it was you that to went to rob their ship" The silver hair pirate

"Enough, bitches! Now, to the interrogation room!" Kiyone said as the trio
followed her to the private interrogation room.

The room was just like the movies. A desk with two chairs and a table, only
without a mirror glass, due to the room being for secret investigations of
the police. Kiyone ordered the two girls to sit, and she threw down a case
containing lots of files.

"I always knew that you are the kind of person for that, Ryoko, but you Aeka,
it's hard to believe that you turned into a space pirate" She said, rounding
on the girls.

"Don't blame me, blame her for having gambling debts" The princess says,
leaving Ryoko a bit angry.

"And why you joined me in this, so?" Ryoko turned back to Aeka.

"You wouldn't leave me alone in that trash!" Aeke argued

"Shut up and pay attention to me", Kiyone shouted, making the two girls blush
with fear. She was now in front on them and commenced her interrogation. "I
just wanted to know why you were in that planet?"

"Well...Ryoko and I were on another planet, so we decided to gamble a little,
so she found a clandestine card game house" Aeka explained.

"Oh, forbidden gambling to start...continue".

"We did a little bet", Ryoko said.

"A little? You bet our ship you whore, and you lost!" Aeka grumbled.

"I lost it? I thought we came on it when you got to that planet?" Ryoko

"Just after you beat the crap of that fat alien guy and we ran away like
maniacs!" The princess said.

"So you went to play illegal games and then decided to rip-off a planet to
pay it out?" The cop girl asked.

"Well, it was not our fault. The circumstances made us do that", Aeka said,
with a bit of a guilty look in her eyes.

"Then I can see that each time you and Ryoko are in problems, you would
destroy a planet...sincerely I think I will not have another choice on
making you stay on jail tonight" Kiyone said, whispering at them.

"Jail? We're not going to jail Kiyone!" Aeka grumbled to the cop.

"I'll not go back to that crap place...No way!" The space pirate lady

"I don't have any other choice to give you".

"But Kiyone, aren't we friends?" Aeka asked.

"A policewoman isn't friend of any criminal, Princess", Kiyone said with

"Come on, Kiyone...give us a was only a little infraction" Ryoko
tried to diffuse the situation.

"I don't think so Ryoko, and seeing your file..." Kiyone said, holding a file
thing with Ryoko's photo and a book with all the crimes Ryoko had committed.

"This?" Ryoko took out of the cop girl's hands, then showing to her and
throwing to the floor "Let's solve that!"

Kiyone got really mad at Ryoko when she did that, the green haired cop wanted
to knock the blocks off of the pirate women. Aeka was looking at the files,
until she saw something weird on it.

*What's that?* She thought, as Aeka found a magazine with two women hugging
each other in lingerie. She looked for a while and blushed, seeing images of
lesbian sex in it.

"Hey Ryoko, look out" She says, showing a page of the mag, where a girl is
kissing another one, two blondes naked. Kiyone blushes as she demands to
have the magazine back.

"Give me it back, it's none of your business!"

"Let me see it!" Ryoko says as she and Aeka look through the pages, surprised
to see the quantity of hot girls in eating pussy positions inside it. Kiyone
tried to get it back, but the girls were not letting go.

"This was in your file Ryoko" Aeka says, before turning to the cop girl
"Seems that someone is a little pervert".

"Give me that!" Kiyone finally takes the mag from Aeka and Ryoko, putting it
on the desk, before answer to the purple haired girl "And I'm not a pervert".

"No? So why was that magazine was on my criminal file?" Ryoko asked.

Kiyone was really embarrassed, and worse, didn't have anything to say to her
friends and now arrested thieves. She couldn't make up anything as an excuse
to them, because they knew her too much to see that she wasn't that kind of
"slut" girl in her persona; she was more a demanding bitch that always argued
with people, especially her former teammate Mihoshi. And she was always
stressed and tired with her job, so much so that she could never get a decent
male to have relations with, making her very frustrated about sex.

"I-I...I'm just a slut...a repressed slut" She said, with her head lowered
in shame "I'm being here on this job, almost killing myself. And I never get
vacations or anything...And boys? It is five years since I had a really good
fuck with a male. I just stay here, masturbating with these magazines from
Mihoshi, she left it to me since she moved to another department...I don't
know what to do" She said, really sad with all that. Aeka and Ryoko felt
sorry for her condition.

"Ohh...poor Kiyone, never knew that you were like that", The Jurai Princess
said, stroking her hair underneath her police hat.

"I know what you're saying...Me and Aeka had this thing for Tenchi long
time...but now we're together, and good..." Ryoko said.

"What do you mean by together? You are..." Kiyone asked.

"Lesbians? Yes, Ryoko and I became lesbians after years of repressed feeling
and failure with males" Aeka said, to the astonishment of the misery cop.

"And Tenchi?" She asked, trying to know what happened with the boy who was
the disputed lover of the two ladies.

"That faggot? We tried so many manners to attract him, even tried a threesome
but he is so stupid and queer that we decided to dismiss him and became a
couple. A really pleasing couple", Ryoko explains, as Aeka comes near to
Ryoko and gropes the space pirate's hot ass. She smiles wickedly to her.

"Well...enough of the chit chat, I need to put you in the jail now", Kiyone
returned to her usual authority pitch and opened the door, but Ryoko pushed
it with her hand to close. It slammed shut.

"What the fuck you're doing Ryoko?" She got mad with the silver haired girl
yet again.

"You'll not let us spend the night in the shit!" Ryoko said.

"Yeah? And why not?" The policewoman wanted to know.

"Because we can bring the joy of sexual pleasure back to you", she said,
smiling seductively to Kiyone.

"Really? And how?" The suspicious cop asked the space pirate

"Like this" Ryoko said, just then throwing her lips against Kiyone's. The
copwoman tried to resist as well, but she quickly surrendered to Ryoko and
let her tongue dance with the pirate's one. Aeka was watching the kiss
lustfully, seeing both girls breasts touching and mashing together, as
Ryoko touched Kiyone's ass and crotch, groping the girl. *My fantasy is
turning alive* She thought about her sexual dream of fucking a cop, it did
not matter that it was a woman, but it was a cop indeed.

After a 2 minute kiss, Ryoko withdrew Kiyone, and with a wicked smile.

"So, you liked, mmmm?"

"Yes..." The cop whispered, feeling herself getting wet after all that. She
never thought that being kissed by a woman could have that effect. Aeka than
approached her and said.

"My turn", then she gave a delicious full lip kiss on Kiyone, really with
love and lust. Aeka also had her touching time on her friend, touching her
tits, body, ass, and using her handpalm to rub it against the leather
clothing covering her crotch, leaving the girl more horny than before.
Ryoko also had her time, touching on Aeka's ass, giving it a good feel.

Then the princess broke the kiss, and maliciously asked...

"We still going to the prision?"

"I can change it" Kiyone said, just before being attacked by both women,
who promptly stripped all of her police outfit. In a minute, the green
haired woman was all naked, and mixed between horniness and shame. She
had a beautiful body, nice tits and a little bush of green hair on her
crotch. She was standing there, helpless and nude.

Ryoko and Aeka, then, undressed themselves, and impressed much the copgirl.
Ryoko had a body to bring shame to many girls around the space, big breasted,
and fully shaven. Her ass was inviting to anyone to grab. Aeka was more of
the "mignon" type. She could not have all the hotness like Ryoko does, but
she was still hot. Nice and firm tits and butt, well shaped body, and a strip
of purple hair covering her tempting crotch. Then the two nude girls kissed
each other, just to let Kiyone see that their lesbianism wasn't a joke. Their
mouths and tongues dancing and wrestling each other would make any boy or
girl get horny. Add that the hands all around each others bodies, and their
breasts pressing against each other with lust. Then they turned to Kiyone.

"Be on all fours on the desk, now" Ryoko ordered, and a horny Kiyone obeyed.
In seconds, her face was down and her ass and pussy were up for the couple to
enjoy. Ryoko moved behind her, facing her ass, whilst Aeka was in front of
her, with her tits in the line of Kiyone's eyes.

Ryoko caressed and grabbed that ass with so much lust, that she decided to
spank that gorgeous butt. The space pirate started the slap the cop's ass

"Ouch" She whimpered, while Ryoko was spanking her, a wicked grin on her

"You're ours now...We'll do what we want to do, and you'll just let us do it"
The pirate stated, while she continued to spank Kiyone's prone ass. Tears
were rolling from her eyes.

"Don't worry, Kiyone, here..." Aeka put her tits right on Kiyone's face. The
cop then started to suck it, licking the nipples like a baby. Aeka started to
moan with that.

The pain that Kiyone was feeling soon turned into pleasure, Ryoko was
spanking her butt cheeks sharply, calling the cop girl a naughty and bad
girl. In fact, this was making Ryoko horny as well. Aeka was getting pleased
to see how Kiyone could lick her tits.

"OOHHH...Lick my titties...ahh"

Kiyone was totally dominated by the two women in the moment. The strong
policewoman was now little more than a fucktoy of Ryoko and Aeka. And she
was enjoying being like that. Ryoko spanked her ass so much that it turned
red, and Aeka was rubbing her tits on her face. And she asked for more.

"More...please...aggh...more...don't stop..."

Ryoko and Aeka thought that there had been enough spanking of Kiyone, so
they stopped doing it. The space pirate then rubbed her hand on Kiyone's
slit, pleased to see her drenched. Aeka also had her fingers on that
throbbing pussy. Then Ryoko went to her clothing, and got from a pocket on
her jacket a red ballgag, showing it to Kiyone. Ryoko had a big smirk on
her face.

"What's that?" She asks to Ryoko.

"Calm down, we'll just make you be quiet", Ryoko said, putting the gag in her
mouth. Kiyone tried to say something, but she couldn't.


Ryoko and Aeka then carried Kiyone and laid her on the table, positioning her
legs wide open. She and Aeka admired the beautiful view.

"Nice cunt she hes" the purple haired girl remarked.

"Yes...and now she is ours!" Ryoko grinned. She and Aeka then got the chairs
and positioned it on the sides of the table, right on Kiyone's groin. They
sat her knees on it, so when seated, their heads were right in front of her
pussy. Ryoko and Aeka caressed for a while her thighs, admiring the
well-shaped body of their lover. The space pirate went on till she played
with her finger on Kiyone's swollen clit. Kiyone just whimpered through her

"Fuck, she is wet as a river" Ryoko stated.

"I'm thirsty for this water" Aeka said eagerly.

The space copgirl saw the two girls give a French kiss, before they attacked
together her helpless pussy. Their lips and tongues went to share her lovely

"mhmmmmmp" Kiyone sounded.

Both girls were licking the girl's cunt with pleasure. Their tongues were
in everywhere, licking her outer lips, her inner walls. Aeka found her clit,
and started to suck it. Ryoko was focused more on the lips and walls.

"Mphmmmmmmmmph" Kiyone moaned inside her mouth imprisionment. She was loving
it, but it was such a very strange situation.

"'re gorgeous, slut" The pirate said, tasting each part of Kiyone's
cunt. The pirate thought about how it had never occurred to her to become a
lesbian before she met her and the other girls. Maybe she was too eager to
fuck a fine man, but because of that silly fool Tenchi, that she forgot about
having fun with the available ladies. She discovered this when she started to
date Aeka, and now with Kiyone, the lesbianism was now part of her ego.

Aeka and Ryoko were working thoroughly on her pussy, and Kiyone was going
crazy with pleasure, she tried to feel disgusted at being violated, but she
didn't resist so much when the two experienced tongues went to work. She
found herself squeezing her tits in joy.

"Mppjjjjjpppppppphhhhh" *Ohhhhhh*

Aeka saw Ryoko was busy working on the copgirl's cunt, so she moved herself
to lick the copgirl's ass, which she had already begun teasing with her
fingers. Kiyone burst in pleasure when Aeka decided to eat her bunghole.
Ryoko prefered to stay on her cunt, assuming to own Kiyone's honeypot.

"Always knew you were an ass girl, Aeka" Ryoko said to her usual lover, while
she kept to lap the juicy cunt and clit of the cop, tasting each part of it,
making Kiyone burst in pleasure. She could see that Kiyone was quickly about
to cum, and then sucked it more, harder. While that was happening, Aeka found
it interesting that the space policewoman had not had anal relations, her ass
was virgin and tempting, which made her want to do crazy stuff with it.

The two girls were so much into sucking Kiyone out that she was about to
cum, Ryoko was licking quickly the cop's cunt, while Aeka was exciting her
butthole, which Kiyone found akward to feel pleased there. The all tongue
move in her sexual parts were so good that it wasn't too long for her have
an orgasm.

"Lick...oh...good ass...oohh..hmmm" Aeka moaned.

"Juicy pussy...ah...ooh...want you" Ryoko said.

It didn't take long to make Kiyone cum. She had been dry for so long that she
came with a certain strength, like she were releasing some tension of her

"Mphhpppppp...ahhhhhhhhmhpppppp" *I'm cumming*

She moaned while Ryoko tasted the bursting juices coming of her pussy. The
orgasm was so good that Kiyone didn't care if she was dominated by Aeka and
Ryoko. They did a good thing for her, releasing the years of stress and
sexual failure. Aeka saw the sound of orgasm and went to taste a bit of her
squirting cum water on her pussy. The two girls drank it until it drips of
their chins. The girls kissed each other then, tasting each other and
Kiyone's inside them. This all relaxed the cop girl.

Ryoko and Aeka left the green haired cop's crotch, going over to their
clothes on the floor. From their pockets, they got two small devices with a
button. Kiyone didn't recognize the devices.

"Here's a little gift for you, honey" Aeka said, as she pressed the button
and instantly in her other hand a pink phallic device, 8 inch long, appared
on it. Kiyone was surprised.

"Mph" *What the fuck is that?*

"Ohh sweetheart?" Ryoko asked "Didn't ya forgot anything?" She said as the
silver haired space pirate pressed the button and a same size dildo appeared.
It was exactly the same as Aeka's, only that it was black.

"Thank Washuu for..uhum...letting us to take her toys with us" Aeka said,
picturing a really naughty scene with Kiyone and the toys.

The copgirl was really amazed when the two girls moved back to where Kiyone
was, naked and staring at the toys, while the girls were showing the toys in
front of her eyes.

"Look Kiyone, look what we bring to you..." Ryoko said, a really nasty intent
in her voice.

The cop looked at the toys in amazement, horny and scared at the same time.

"But before we start our little fun, I'll have to tell the story of this toy.
It's a magical toy, and it says that the girl who get fucked by one of those
will love and worship the owner of it", the princess explains, as Ryoko
gropes on Kiyone's breasts.

"We'll make you our slut, cop lady. We'll take you out of this sick job and
bring you a new life" Ryoko declared.

The girls then attended to Kiyone's helpless pussy and ass, dripping and
horny as hell. Both licked their toys while they chose the holes that the
couples were licking minutes ago. So Aeka gets her asshole and Ryoko her
cunt. "This cunt is mine!" Ryoko proudly stated.

"Get ready!!" Aeka says, spreading Kiyone's butt cheeks, and putting a
quarter of the toy inside. The policewoman screams, and Aeka then pushes
almost the whole toy inside the cop's ass, now contracting and relaxing
when she rammed it. Ryoko saw it was her time and slid her black dildo
inside Kiyone's pussy, and they started to fuck.

The magical properties of the toys didn't take long to work on Kiyone. The
ball-gagged green haired woman had her mind changed on Aeka and Ryoko. The
girls that lived with her on Tenchi's house and now space thieves disappeared
forever. Now they were her saviours, mistresses and lovers. The girls that
now she should worship every day.

She started to love it.

"MMPPghphhhhhhh" *Oh yes, fuck me! Ahhh*

The girls weren't fucking Kiyone too much faster, just getting the pace that
they could handle. Aeka was the one who was most enjoying sticking toys into
Kiyone, seeing her tiny ass accept it easily was a surprise for her. *Gee,
what a slut we unleash* She thought, hearing her screams.

The cop girl was loving it so much that she wanted to tell how much she was
enjoying it, but the ballgag prevented her from doing so. The girls were
pushing the toys so hard and so good, that it wasn't normal to hate a thing
like that.

Ryoko then went to lick her clit while she was dildo-fucking Kiyone's pussy.
The girl shivered and squealed in pleasure when the pirate started to do
that. This and Aeka's good assfucking was the best that she would get in her
sexual life. Three babes doing the best premium porn in an interrogation room
would make any man's cock hard.

Kiyone was so in the mood for fucking that quickly she went to the verge of
orgasm again. The green haired cop turned into a pet for the naughty couple,
and she was loving it, mostly for the magic of the devices, and also for
giving freedom to her inner slut that she had repressed for such a long time.
She screamed so loud, but her mouth was shut by the ballgag.

She came once...

"mphoooooooooo" *Cumming!!Ahhhh*

But not once, and not twice. It was a massive, awesome multiple orgasm.
Kiyone was cumming like she had never done before, astonishing even with two
experienced women such as Aeka and Ryoko. Her total domination at the hands
of the two women was complete, but a huge cumming for the cop girl wasn't
what they were expecting. Kiyone was proud for being released from her
stressed, repressed and angry existence to a new one, a free and completely
pleased woman, eager for lots and lots of sex, especially with her

After Kiyone's orgasm finished, Ryoko and Aeka took out their fake cocks
inside her holes. Ryoko's dildo was all wet with dripping the cum of Kiyone.
They pressed the buttons, and as magic, the dildos disappeared again. Aeka
then went to where Kiyone was and removed the ballgag from her mouth. The
policewoman spit a bit of saliva that was retained in her mouth, and then
looked at the two women.

"So, what do you think about our little domination?" The pirate girl asked.

Kiyone looked at them, still with the magic effects, which were permanent,
with a bit of tears and happiness.

"M-My saviours...T-Thank you f-for all what y-you did to me...I'll s-serve
you f-forever...F-fuck me every time y-you w-want..."

"Oh...Don't worry" Ryoko said, stroking the hair of the emotional woman
"We'll take you out of here and you'll be happy...we'll make good use of you,
little pet".

"I think we should now give her a reward" Aeka said, smiling wickedly, as
she and Ryoko removed the cop girl from the desk. The princess then laid on
it, legs apart and her pussy showing to them. She then ordered to Kiyone...

"Come and get my biscuit, my pet".

Kiyone them crawled on the desk, and buried her face in Aeka's pussy,
starting to lick it. Aeka felt pleasured when the copgirl's tongue started
to run through her genitals, gently brushing her outer lips and inner walls.
The purple haired girl started to moan.


Ryoko watched for a while Kiyone's work on Aeka's pussy, getting really horny
with that, and she couldn't resist joining the game. The space pirate got a
chair, and sat her knees on her, looking at Aeka's face moaning. She then
stood on the chair, putting her feet on the desk, and then sat on Aeka's
face. The purple haired princess didn't resist and started to eat her lover.

"Uhhhhhhhhh" Ryoko moaned.

Then it proceeded into a real licking party. Kiyone licking Aeka's clit and
pussy, sucking her juices and tasting her. Aeka was loving it, while eating
Ryoko out, letting some moans of delight exit from the pirate's mouth.

"I'm going to dry you Ryoko..." Aeka said, with a nasty voice tone.

"Ohhh...dry me...make me cum big, as you...aah...always do....", the pirate
said between moans.

It seemed to never stop. The girls were eating pussy so much, that they
didn't care for anything that could be around, more intended to fuck each
other as well, and cum as they could.

Aeka was surrendering to the delights of her new fucktoy's tongue thrashing
all over her pussy. She never knew that Kiyone could suck pussy so good.
Aeka was proud for her and Ryoko to dominate Kiyone and turn her into their
sextoy. She couldn't stop to moan and whimper with pleasure.

"Oh're so good...lick me..ahh...let me cum big on you".

"Yes...Do her like she is doing me" Ryoko said.

It didn't take long for the girls to want to cum. The whole orgy was so good,
that it would be impossible for anyone to not feel pleased with it. Soon, the
girls were cumming wild...

Aeka: "Ahhhhhh......ohhhhhh."

Ryoko: "My God! Oh Fuck!""

Even Kiyone came a little


Kiyone then fingered her clitoris on her little orgasm she had, mostly for
the kinkiness of eating Aeka. The eaten girls were squirting juices on the
eating ones that were drinking with lust. Kiyone was awesomely tasting
Aeka's dripping cum as if it were water. When they finished to cumming,
Aeka asked...

"I never thought that you could eat pussy so good! A rookie like you...I
would not expect it".

"Heh", Kiyone blushed "There was a day when me and Mihoshi were stuck here
with nothing to do, so..."

"I always knew that Mihoshi was a lesbian whore, a dumb whore but a whore
nonetheless", Ryoko stated.

"Yeah, she is..."

"Ok, my turn now!" Ryoko demanded as she and Aeka traded places, now Ryoko
was legs wide laid on the desk, and Aeka with her crotch on the pirate's
face. Now Kiyone was meant to eat the silver haired woman's slit.

"Eat me!"

"Yes mistress" The green haired cop girl said, as she went to lick Ryoko's
juicy cunt. The space pirate felt Kiyone's lapping on her outer lips with
joy. Aeka didn't resist with that and jumped on Ryoko's face, repeating the
same scene that happened when she was in the middle of the two women.

Quickly, Ryoko went to town on her friend, using her mouth abilities to give
Aeka enormous pleasure. Soon, the three girls were more than loving it up
again. Kiyone lapped the pirate's clitoris like a pro lezzy slut, teasing
and pleasing Ryoko, who was moaning loudly and sluttily.

" god,'re good".

"I'm going to dry you mistress" Kiyone said with some authority. Ryoko
kinda liked to see her fucktoy knowing her role of giving pleasure to her
mistresses. The space pirate was amazed with the obedient copgirl's tongue.

Soon the three females were all engaged in sex. Kiyone's tongue thrashing
on Ryoko's clit was doing the business, while the princess burst in pleasure,
as Ryoko was almost swallowing Aeka's pussy. The trio were all moaning and
crying out in pleasure and soon went to the verge of orgasm. Ryoko was the
first one to be hit by the awesome wave.

"Ohhh...God...I'm almost there...ohh...I'm..."

She didn't have time enough to say "cumming", because the storm of ultimate
pleasure hit her head and body like a big, crashing wave. She cried so much
with pleasure that Kiyone was astonished to see a girl cum like this. Then
Aeka was the next one to climax...

"Oh,...ah..I'm Cumming...ooh"

The purple-haired princess came, and came big-time. Both girls were moaning
in unison, almost like a sexual chorus. The eaten girls were squirting large
quantities of cum juice, making the eating girls drink it like it was water
from a fountain. The tasty and kinky water was flowing freely from their

After minutes of orgasm and then recover, the two girls went to Kiyone and
started to praise and thank her for what had happened, and the pleasure that
had occurred.

"Oh...thanks Kiyone. You were the best" Aeka said.

"We loved it. You're the best slut we ever had, and we have devoured some
on our travels, but you are the best!" Ryoko cheered.

"Thanks're the best too! I thank you for all this
pleasure...I am proud to be your pet" The cop girl smiled.

"No need for it, honey" The pirate said, then began putting her clothes on
"Now we need to find a way to take you out of there..."

* * *

In the middle of the night, Kiyone was meant to release Aeka and Ryoko out
of the Space Police HQ. That was the original plan, but in the last minute,
they kidnapped the copgirl and ran away on a policeship. But this was only a
second plan devised by Ryoko to bring their new sex slave to them. Now the
three girls became outlaws, doing various illegal acts and of course, having
all kinds of kinky and nasty lesbian sex. Indeed, they sucked and fucked
endlessly, day and night becoming meaningless to them, with lesbian sex being
their favourite hobby. They lived happily ever after, with Kiyone the happy
and contented fuck-toy of the happy and contented couple Ryoko and Aeka.


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