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Author's note: This story takes place during The Avengers, but there is no Thor or Loki and the result is very different.

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Thor: Slaves Of Sif Part 7
by MTL ([email protected])

Natasha Romanoff didn't immediately open her eyes when she came back to consciousness. It had been beaten into her from an early age to assess the situation she was in before opening her eyes, and remember how she got here. Unfortunately neither were particularly pleasant, as her hands were securely tied behind her back and she was bent over some kind of device and strapped firmly down onto it, Natasha unable to pick the lock or slide her way out of the restraints despite her best efforts. Surprisingly not even breaking bones help, as they instantly healed, which was a new one on her. Then again everything today was new for her. Not being defeated, that had happened before and if she got out of this it would happen again, but everything else was different.

She had certainly never fought an alien before. Not that it was much of a fight, the creature known as Sif beating her with ease and leaving her barely conscious so she could watch the other Avengers fall one by one to the supernaturally strong and incredibly smart fighter. At lease she wasn't the first to go down. That was Ironman, as Tony was still furious over receiving those lewd pictures of Pepper Potts and he allowed it to consume him. Next was Hawkeye, followed by herself and then eventually Captain America and The Hulk. At least when she opened her eyes she saw the others weren't there sharing her fate, or worst bear witness to what was about to happen.

Acting Director of SHIELD Maria Hill had extensively debriefed her about what this Sif like to do to women, and there was little doubt in her mind that she would be next. Despite promises to the contrary Natasha couldn't deny there was part of her which was even intrigued, although she tried not to show it or any other emotion when the door she was facing finally opened. That continued to be the case when instead of Sif a girl half her age scurried into the room with her head down, Natasha almost as disappointed as she was relieved. And she would have probably said something quippy, if there wasn't a large ball-gag stuffed in her mouth.

Slowly approaching Wanda bit her lip, and then revealed, "You know, I greatly envy you. The night my Mistress made me hers was the greatest night of my life. I have known greater pleasures since then, far beyond my wildest dreams, but nothing quite compares to the moment that what's left of your free will breaks completely and you become truly hers forever. Of course, such pleasure comes at a price. A price I have paid over, and over, and over again. Would you like to see?"

Natasha knew this wasn't really a question, that the girl known as Wanda, who was a powerful threat in her own right, was merely putting on a show for her boss. So she didn't react, and curiously awaited what Wanda would do next. What she couldn't have possibly expected was for Wanda to turn around and pull up her skirt to reveal she wasn't wearing any panties, and more importantly that her ass hole was gaping wide open. The powerful Witch even reached back to spread her ass cheeks wide apart so the Natasha could see even deeper into Wanda's rectum, the super spy unable to hide her shocked at this display of submission made her. Or how intriguing she found it.

Wanda could still remember a time she wouldn't dare doing something so bold, but there wasn't anything she wouldn't do for Mistress Sif. Besides, Wanda delighted in acting like such a shameless slut and showing Natasha her future, that soon her butt hole would be gaping just as wide, if not wider given the mood her owner was in. After defeating The Avengers Mistress Sif had announced she could think of no better way to celebrate than by wrecking her most powerful slave's ass, which was exactly what she did, Wanda eagerly pulling her short skirt up and out the way before bending over and spreading her cheeks for her Mistress.

Mistress Sif had slowly stretched her most forbidden hole, which had only just recovered from it's last butt fucking, and then pounded her back hole for a solid hour before allowing Wanda to teleport The Avengers back to their base. Well, all except one, and then psychically carry Natasha to the room they were now in and secure her in place. Then Wanda was further rewarded with another ass fucking, this time Mistress Sif sitting in a chair right in front of Natasha while Wanda anally rode her so that the first thing the mighty Black Widow would see when she woke up was Wanda's butt hole stretching obscenely around Mistress Sif's cock as the shameless anal slave slowly bounced up and down.

Sadly Natasha hadn't woken up in time and Mistress Sif had left in search of another ass hole to abuse, most likely Darcy's. Indeed Mistress Sif had found her, eating Jane's pussy as usual, and now both assistant and scientist were face down and pleasing their Mistress with their most private holes. It was a show Wanda had been enjoying, until Natasha woke up, prompting her to psychically interrupt her owner. Mistress Sif was now on her way, and it was up to Wanda to complete the second part of her oh so clear and detailed instructions for when Natasha woke. Instructions which Wanda delighted in completing, the broken slave continuing to taunt her soon-to-be fellow slave while exposing her ruined hole.

"Do you see Natasha? Do you see what's about to happen to you?" Wanda grinned as she looked back at the other woman, "You, oh mighty Black Widow, will be broken just like the rest of us and used for her pleasure. But don't worry though, you're going to love being her slave."

Just then Mistress Sif walked into the room, immediately making Wanda forget whatever else she was going to say. Especially as Mistress Sif didn't even spare the deadly Black Widow a single glance as she swiftly close the distance between them, pulled Wanda into her arms and shoved her tongue down her throat. Then Wanda wrapped her arms around Mistress Sif's neck and eagerly started massaging her Mistress's tongue with her own, moaning into the stronger brunette's mouth as she spread her cheeks and spread them wide apart so Natasha Romanoff could once again get the best possible view of her stretched butt hole. After a few blissful moments of that Mistress Sif broke the kiss and smiled at her, causing Wanda to blush and shyly smiled back.

"If you are lucky I will use this hot ass of yours again before the night is through. Although I have no intention of being quick. As you know I like to take my time with my new conquests, and this one definitely deserves all my attention. So go play with your fellow slaves." Sif ordered, moving back and slapping Wanda's ass roughly enough to make the cheeks jiggle, "Go on, I believe Darcy would greatly appreciate some more ass fucking, although Gamora and Nebula are eager to have a turn with your sweet little ass, and they would of course all love to eat your cute little cunt. So I look forward to hearing all about your choice, but for now leave me."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda giggled, skipping off slowly so that her Mistress could enjoy the view.

Sif watched Wanda go, before slowly turning to her latest conquest and licking her lips. If it had been just about any other woman Sif would have stripped her naked, or more accurately have one of her slaves do it, but that skintight catsuit was just so appealing that Sif chose to leave it on for now and remove it herself when the time was right. For now she would admire it as the artwork it was, hugging Natasha's amazing body so perfectly that it was hard for Sif to control herself as she slowly circled her pray. Especially when she moved around to get a look at that big round bottom that was just begging to be abused.

But for now Sif stayed strong, completed one circle of Natasha, then told her, "I want you to know your people have nothing to fear from me. I do not desire to conquer your world. I could. Perhaps more easily than I originally thought, given how disorganised Earth's Mightiest Heroes proved to be. But I have already wasted too much of my life listening to old men squabble over how best to run a world. So, the... humans? Yes, that's what you like to be called. Humans can keep their world. All I require is women. Mmmmm yes, all they have to do is let me take any woman I want, whenever I want, and I'm happy to live here in peace. I will send this message to world leaders tomorrow, and after the little message I gave them today I fully expect the old men who run the world to conclude that a few women are an acceptable sacrifice. Which means that there will be no one coming to save you. And soon you will not want to be saved. Partly because of the magic surrounding me, yes. But mostly because I'm going to fuck you into submission. So I recommend you make it easy on yourself by offering your unconditional surrender right now."

As she talked Sif kneeled down in front of Natasha, and once she was done talking she removed the redhead's ball-gag. As soon as she had Natasha gave her answer, "Better women than you have tried."

"Is that so?" Sif grinned.

"Uh-huh. Natasha nodded, "Do your worst. But I have to warn you, I love this kind of thing, and I'm no little girl like Wanda. You will not find me easy to break."

"That's what I'm hoping." Sif grinned, stuffing the ball-gag back into Natasha's mouth, "Mmmmmm, I'm so glad that is your answer. Anything else would have been incredibly disappointing."

With that Sif slowly made her way back around Natasha's body until she was facing this gorgeous woman's best feature, her big bubble butt. She then literally licked her lips thinking about all the fun she was going to have with it. It was so big, and round, and so very fuck-able. Maybe not quite as big or round as her dear Darcy's rump, but definitely as fuck-able. If not more so given this woman's reputation, and better yet what Wanda had assured her was true, Sif delighting in the memory as she reached out and grabbed that big bottom and began lazily playing with it. Mostly though, Sif just inspected her prize, and allowed Natasha to anticipate what was to come.

Then after several long minutes of shamelessly groping Natasha's big ass Sif suddenly gave it a hard double strike, causing the mighty Black Widow to let out the most adorable little cry, making the warrior smirk. Sif then started smacking Natasha's meaty cheeks one at a time, at first taking it easy on the spy by leaving plenty of time in between each blow and using a mere fraction of her strength. Which of course was something that Natasha could easily handle, the infamous assassin barely letting out another sound as Sif had her fun. However that was all this was, fun. Just a little warm-up before the real assault began.

Even with this little warm-up Natasha's juicy butt cheeks jiggled from the force of the impact, Sif waiting to grab the appropriate cheek so she could admire it ripple for a few wonderful moments. Then she started letting go of both cheeks in between strike so she could get the full effect, and slowly began hitting Natasha's fat ass harder and wait for it to stop jiggling pretty much completely before grabbing that big butt before she returned to groping it like the piece of meat it now was to her, and now would forever be. To get a better look at that piece of meat she ripped open the bottom of Natasha's suit just enough so that her bare butt was exposed and then finally Sif gave up the groping in favour of really making those cheeks jiggle and slowly turn from a milky white to a cute little pink.

Natasha was embarrassed by the fact that she cried out at the beginning. It had mostly been out of surprise, for lack of a better word, and part of that was surprised that Sif wasn't hitting her harder, and fear of what was to come. It was the same story when the frequency was increased as Sif also started hitting her harder, although again not as hard as she could probably dish out. It was however harder than she was used to, at least when it came to bare hands, Sif proving her physical superiority, just like she had when she had defeated her. Yes, Sif had kicked Natasha's ass and now she was giving her ass a nice long spanking as the spy struggled to hold on to her dignity. Or at least a shred of it.

Perhaps it was debatable, but Natasha liked to think she had at least some left, and was clinging onto it pretty tightly, and had been for some time. After all she extremely doubted that Sif would put her through anything worse than the torture Natasha had received from The Red Room to prepare her for future torture. No one else had, and Natasha had been tortured before. She'd also been spanked. Up until recently both were extremely rare, but now she took at least one bare bottom spanking a day, and had even taken one while strapped down to this kind of device before, so it all felt very familiar. Except the last time she was trapped like this someone she truly loved was beating her butt with a cane, and that didn't hurt as much as this. Also she could have escaped any time, and now she couldn't.

One saving grace was the ball-gag in her mouth. It allowed her to bite down to ease the pain, and helped her concentrate on her anger at finding herself in this position. It also hid the eventual sounds coming out of her mouth, at least a little. But it could only do so much. As it turned out that was working simply through her training, because eventually grinding her teeth and digging her fingernails into the palms of her hands can distract from the overwhelming pain in her ass, and the utter humiliation that this was being forced upon her and there was nothing she could really do accept take it. And perhaps worst of all, she was getting off on it.

Even when Sif started spanking Natasha with what was hopefully every ounce of her strength Natasha could feel her pussy becoming increasingly wet, and there was even a slight undertone of pleasure to her now constant cries, screams and whimpers. It had definitely been there before Sif had really started going to town, and Natasha could practically taste the smug grin on Sif's face as she continued to squeeze a reaction out of her. Or maybe Natasha was just remembering the only one who ever really broken. Or saved her, as she liked to think. Either way memories have her girlfriend couldn't save her now. Nothing could. All the mighty Black Widow was now was a whimpering and crying mess as her butt was brutalised by warrior goddess.

Sif certainly wasn't using every ounce of her strength, but she was using more than usual for someone who allegedly didn't have her durability. For a few moments Sif had wondered if there had been some kind of mistake, or Natasha was an Asgardian or something like that, but no. Natasha was a Midgardian, just an extremely durable one. Perhaps the toughest Sif had ever encountered, and one who certainly put several former allies on Asgard to shame. However with just a slight increase in her blows she got the same result as with all her other sluts, Sif then increasing even more as while she was impressed with Natasha's resistance she fully intended on destroying it, one way or another, and this was a good start to that.

She wasn't particularly proud of it but Sif also just greatly enjoyed reducing this legendary warrior, at least within her own world, to tears. Although it helped while a sadistic part of her got off on Natasha's misery mostly she was just thrilled that the other woman was nearly as wet as she was from the brutal butt beating. Also this was her second favourite way to wreck an ass, and as much as they had been jiggling from the beginning Natasha's fat ass was now going crazy, and turning such a beautiful shade of dark red that Sif just wanted to take a picture of it. Luckily she had something even better than that, namely recording devices hidden throughout this room which would record every second of The Black Widow's breaking.

When she did finally stop spanking the redhead Sif spent a few long seconds just admiring her handiwork. Not just that very red ass, but the sight of the infamous spy helpless and whimpering before her. Then she slowly began to circle her like a predator stalking its prey, waiting until Natasha had recovered enough to lift up her head and look at her before approaching her. To Sif's delight Natasha didn't cower in fear as so many brave warriors from stronger races had done before her. It was the same story when she was right in front of her and reaching out to gently stroke her hair, Natasha not even flinching as Sif petted her like the little pet that she was determined to turn her into.

"You took that so well. I'm proud of you." Sif said softly, looking for a reaction and still finding none, even as she added, "I'm so pleased in fact I shall give you a reward, the privilege of eating my pussy."

As she said that Sif slowly undid the strap behind Natasha's neck and then gently pulled the ball-gag out of her future sex slave's mouth. Natasha didn't resist, and even opened her mouth slightly wider to make it easier for Sif to again removed the gag, although she didn't say anything after that. No, Natasha just continued staring defiantly up at Sif, which honestly Sif found really endearing, the tall brunette smiling as she climbed onto the device right in front of Natasha's face. It hadn't been designed for this, but Wanda had been nice enough to use her magic to modify the device for an additional seat to appear when activated, allowing Sif a comfortable seat while she presented Natasha with her pussy.

Natasha instantly stuck out her tongue and pressed it to the bottom of Sif's cunt and slowly slid it upwards, making Sif cry out joyfully. She did this as soon as she could, partly because resistance would be a waste of time and energy, but also because after what just happened she wanted to make this bitch cry out pathetically for her. Most importantly of all though Natasha just loved eating pussy, and she was curious how Sif's would taste. To Natasha's delight it was very similar to the flavour of Earth girls, except maybe a little better. No, definitely better, Natasha thought as she savoured the flavour of that first lick and then quickly began repeating the process.

Maybe it was the magic Sif had spoken of, or maybe Asgardians or even aliens in general just tasted better, but whatever the case Natasha didn't care. All that mattered was getting as much of that liquid heaven into her belly as possible, and Natasha quickly increasing the speed and force of her licks to get more of that heavenly liquid. Which wasn't normally her style, as she liked to tease the women she was with, especially at the beginning of a pussy licking, but Natasha just couldn't help herself. Fortunately her techniques worked on Sif just as much as with human girls. Unfortunately Sif made it clear she wasn't quite ready for that kind of attention.

"Oooooooh, that feel sooooooo gooooooodddddddd, mmmmmmm, but what's your rush? Mmmmmmm, trust me Natasha, you're not going anywhere anytime soon, so you might as well relax and enjoy your first taste of your new owner's cunt." Sif taunted gleefully, Natasha taking her words to heart and slowing down, which delighted Sif even more, "Yesssssss, that's it, nice and slow, mmmmmmm, don't ignore my clit entirely, yeahhhhhhhh, lick my pussy just like that you little dyke. Ohhhhhhhh fuck, you like that, huh? You like the way I taste? Well get used to it Natasha, because you're going to be doing this a lot from now on."

Those words simultaneously annoyed Natasha and caused her heart to flutter that she was pleasing her Mistress, the latter of which was very scary. Already she could feel an unnatural attachment to this woman she had only just met, and while Natasha enjoyed making other women feel good this was above and beyond her usual desire, and try as she might to fight that feeling it was just so overwhelming. Besides, it was hard to concentrate on ignoring it while she was trying so hard to please Sif, Natasha telling herself it was just for self-preservation and so she could enjoy more of this heavenly taste, but as much as she tried to deny it the main reason was so she could please this goddess of a woman.

So for what felt like an eternity Natasha continued to gently lick Sif's pussy while the taller woman stroked her hair like a pet and continued the verbal humiliation, occasionally commanding her to speed up or slow down which Natasha obeyed without hesitation. Of course, taking orders for her was nothing new, it was just that it had never felt so natural. And Sif just tasted so good, so even though it seemed to last an eternity, and every lick threaten to push her further down the road of submission, Natasha loved every minute of it. Oh how Natasha loved it, especially when she was given permission to play with Sif's clit and then started really giving this wonderful woman pleasure.

"Mmmmmm yesssssss, that's it you little dyke, lick me! Lick my pussy!" Sif moaned, smiling wickedly as she decided to push things further, "Oooooooh that's so good. Now concentrate on my clit! Yes, yes, yes, ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, that's a good dyke, work my clit just like that, ooooooohhhhhhhh, now suck it! Suck it, lick it, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, just like that! Just like that you bitch, oh fuck! Don't forget the licking! Yesssssssss, lick my clit, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, lick my pussy, ooooooooh Goooooodddddddd YES! Oh Natasha, you're such a good little lesbian bottom. Mmmmmm ohhhhhhh, you're going to be a fine addition to my collection. Yes! Oh yes, fuckkkkkkkkk! Fucking lick me, mmmmmm, oh shit, ooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

Sif continued to give Natasha detailed instructions for quite a while, but inevitably it became harder and harder as the urge to cum became overwhelming. Perhaps if they were in a hurry, or better yet Sif was eager to do something else she would have allowed Natasha to make her cum sooner. She didn't even need Natasha to do that. No, Sif could just fuck Natasha's face to climax at this point. But Sif definitely wanted to make The Black Widow do it, and even if they were in a hurry she didn't like to rush the first time she gave another woman the privilege of eating her pussy. So Sif forced her body to wait, which proved difficult thanks to Natasha proving herself very skilled at the art of pussy eating.

Of course even Sif powers of restraint had their limits, and more importantly she was eager to fuck Natasha Romanoff up her big sexy ass. So Sif gave Natasha permission to push her ever closer to orgasm while giving her tips on how to please her. Which as it turns out was a necessary, because at first Natasha was perfectly anticipating her orders, and when she made it clear that wasn't acceptable the clearly very experienced woman started obeying Sif the second she gave her permission, and did it in a way which was far beyond any amateur. Which just proved Sif was right, Natasha would make a truly wonderful addition to her collection of lesbian sex slaves.

"Ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss fuckkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee!" Sif cried out almost deliriously, before refocusing one final time to make sure she got exactly what she wanted, "Fuck me! Fuck my cunt you dyke bitch! Fuck me with your tongue! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd yeeeeeeesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm FUCK! That's it you cunt munching little whore, fuck me just like that! Just like that ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk mmmmmmmmm yeeeeeeeeessssssssss! Tongue fuck me! Tongue fuck me with your little queer girl tongue so I can cum all over your superhero face! Oh yeah, I defeated the Earth's Avengers, and now, mmmmmmmm, I shall complete my victory by squirting my cum directly into your pretty little face, and right down your throat! Yesssssssss, take my cum bitch! Fucking take it! Fuck me! Fucking fuck me and take it! Harder! Harder, harder, harder, harder, HARDER YOU LESBIAN WHORE! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!"

Like before Natasha had wasted no time in obeying, although she slipped her tongue inside of Sif's cunt a little slowly for her liking, and she insisted on a gentle build up, both rebellious signs that she was not yet completely broken. But that was okay, because Sif had barely begun to break her, and the fact that soon this infamous spy would be hers only pushed her faster to climax. Then Natasha really started going for it, and as much as she tried Sif just couldn't stay coherent as she received an incredibly powerful orgasm which rocked her entire powerful body. It was then followed by another, and another, and another, as after a moment's pause to swallow as much cum as she could Natasha went right back to fucking her.

For this Sif rewarded her new bitch with a beaming smile and a ruffle of her long red hair. Of course it was unlikely Natasha noticed either one, especially the former, as she was just too busy tongue fucking Sif and swallowing her girl cum like the good little lesbian slut she was. So Sif graciously chose to further prove her gratitude by beginning to literally fuck the other woman's beautiful face. Well, that may have been for her own benefit. Okay, it was entirely for Sif's benefit, but while others may have trembled, squirmed and tried to get away Natasha Romanoff only seem to be encouraged by having a goddess fuck her face. Which of course made Sif grin wickedly again, and just fuck her more brutally.

Natasha noticed the condescending smile and ruffling of her hair, and again while it annoyed her it also made her heart flutter at pleasing the more dominant woman. This goddess. Her Mistress. Luckily she couldn't concentrate on such thoughts as her mouth was flooded with the most heavenly liquid she had ever tasted, which was really saying something. Natasha loved swallowing cum, especially girl cum, but not even her beloved Maria's cum could compare to what was filling her mouth and pouring almost directly down her throat at that wonderful moment, Natasha gluing her mouth as firmly as possible to Sif's entrance so she could gulp down as much of that amazing liquid as possible.

Despite all her experience Natasha was unable to get all of that cum even the first time, and that was before Sif started grinding on her face. When Sif really started getting going Natasha was lucky if she could swallow half of what was being given to her. On the bright side she also liked having her face covered in cum, and this was special as it was the first time her Mistress was cumming in her face, marking Natasha as her slave. Which was a thought Natasha knew she had to fight against, but she just couldn't. She was too overwhelmed by the taste of Sif's cum. So she just enjoyed the blissful submission for a few long moments.

Then just as Natasha thought she was going to break Sif pulled away from her and gave her a chance to catch her breath. Natasha happily took it and for maybe a minute she closed her eyes and gasped for breath. To be fair she was still only aware of things going on around her, which as far as she could tell was mostly Sif staring down at her and smirking. When she finally moved away Natasha opened her eyes so she could see exactly what Sif was doing, and was briefly confused, and a little worried, as she returned with an unfamiliar device. Then Sif smirked at her, place the alien device against her crotch, and let go of it. In a matter of seconds a large dildo seemingly appeared out of nowhere and attached itself firmly around Sif's waist, which caused another wicked smile to cross the brunette's face.

"I took a look at your ass hole while you were unconscious." Sif confessed as she revealed that she had also got a small tube of lubricant and squeeze some out onto her newly acquired cock, "In all my years of sodomising women I've never seen such an obviously used whore hole. Which was disappointing, because I so wanted to be the one to take your anal cherry. But then, it would have been a crime if your ass hadn't been used until now, and it shall make conquering you that much easier. Best of all, I shall not need to be gentle with your whore butt. No, I will tear it apart until no one but your Mistress Sif can truly give you what you so desperately need."

As she spoke Sif rubbed lubricant into her cock and stared Natasha, daring her to protest or deny her words. Natasha just stared back, partly because she couldn't do either of those things, and partly because she didn't want to give this bitch the satisfaction of hearing her beg. At least not yet. Sif would probably force it out of her eventually, but Natasha was determined to hold onto a shred of dignity while suffering the ultimate humiliation. After all, only for Maria did she let go and allowed herself to be completely degraded, although given this woman's reputation that would probably change tonight, and all Natasha could really do right now was hide how badly she wanted that strap-on up her big slutty dyke ass.

"Rejoice Natasha Romanoff..." Sif advised as she slowly walked around the redhead's body until she was right in front of her target, and then after a few moments of just staring at it pulled one cheek apart so she could slide the strap-on up and down Natasha's butt crack, "For today you become what you were always meant to be, my anal whore."

Sif could have toyed with that perfect behind for hours, and perhaps in the near future she would make sport of how long she could tease Natasha's ass without violating it with her strap-on, but for now her patients had all but run out. She barely had the presence of mind to slowly push forward so she could savour the sight of Natasha's butt hole stretching before inevitably that little anal ring stretched wide enough for Sif's cock to slip inside her defeated opponent's back passage. Naturally this caused a wide smile to cross Sif's face as she officially penetrated a new piece of ass, but the smile was wider than usual because Natasha moaned in pure pleasure.

It had not gone unnoticed by Sif that Natasha had not only moaned in pleasure while her ass was being prepared, but she had actually tried and failed to hide that fact. That she didn't even try to hide her joy of being anally penetrated, but she again failed to hide her enjoyment as Sif slowly began to slide her strap-on deep into the other woman's bowels, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt this was far from Natasha's first time getting her perfect butt fucked. Which was both wonderful and tragic. Wonderful because this may be her easiest conquests yet. But also tragic because Sif was robbed of the chance of taking Natasha's anal cherry.

Of course it proved something else, which Sif was compelled to point out, "It seems we are in agreement, your ass was made for fucking."

"Shut up and fuck me." Natasha just moaned in response.

Chuckling at this shameless display of anal lust Sif granted Natasha's request and began thrusting her hips back and forth, causing the big dildo to slide in and out of the other woman, meaning that Sif officially started butt fucking The Black Widow. This of course caused Natasha to let out a high-pitched cry of pure joy, followed by more extremely poor attempts to hide her enjoyment. Which Sif found wonderfully endearing, and perhaps proved this woman should have been her first conquest as soon as she was free of Asgard, because she only had half of the dildo inside Natasha's ass and it was clear the mighty Avenger was absolutely loving it.

Over her many, many years now of conquering women Sif had been fortunate enough to counter some of the biggest anal whores throughout the nine realms, but there was just something about this realm which seemed to breed the nastiest butt sluts. First Darcy Lewis, now this equally curvaceous beauty was quickly proving that it wasn't just her ass which was made to be fucked, but Natasha herself was born to be an anal whore. And she would be. Yes, Sif would correct whatever travesty had caused Natasha to deviate from her true path and ensure The Black Widow spend the rest of her life getting her ass brutally violated. And of course Natasha would love every minute of it, just like she loved it now.

Natasha was in truth loving it and hating it. She hated it because she loved it, and more importantly there was barely half of that dildo inside her ass. Oh when would Sif give her the rest already? Because Natasha was on the edge of begging for it already, which of course was just another reason Natasha hated herself right now. That and even with all her training she couldn't stop herself from moaning, groaning, whimpering and gasping in pure pleasure as she was sodomised by this evil alien. God, she was so ashamed of herself. How could this be happening to her? How could she let it happen? And how was she ever going to escape?

Not knowing the answer to any of those questions further frustrated Natasha, and in that moment of weakness she blamed Maria Hill. Because Maria wasn't to blame for the defeat of The Avengers, and she certainly wasn't to blame for Natasha finding herself unable to escape, but she was 100% to blame for Natasha moaning like an anal whore as the beautiful alien butt fucked her. After all, it wasn't that long ago Natasha Romanoff was of pure top and dominating every man, and especially every woman, she seduced. And oh, she had seduced so, so many people. Some for missions, but mostly pleasure. And now she spent all her free time doing domestic chores, sometimes even in a French maid outfit, for a woman she could defeat with remarkable ease.

When Natasha had decided to seduce Maria Hill for fun she hadn't thought for even one second she would end up becoming Maria's bitch, or that the weaker woman would take her anal cherry, and she certainly hadn't thought she would ever fall in love with her, but all those things had happened and for almost a year now Natasha had been in total bliss. But it made her soft. And now her weakness was costing her. Perhaps even it would cost the world. Because maybe if the infamous Black Widow hadn't become such an anal loving bottom maybe Natasha would have fought harder and won. So maybe The Avengers defeat really was her girlfriend's fault.

Those thoughts were of little comfort to Natasha now, especially as thinking of Maria reminded her that Maria's personal fuck hole was being used by someone other than her girlfriend/Mistress, and Sif didn't even have the decency to use it right. It was ages before she even began adding additional inches into Natasha's butt, and when she finally buried every inch of her strap-on inside Natasha's rectum the alien had the audacity to stop. Natasha didn't care if Sif was savouring the moment, she needed her ass fucked and she needed it now. It was actually enough to break her into begging for it, but thankfully Sif restarted the sodomy just before she could, meaning the only thing that came out of Natasha's mouth was an extra long and loud moan of pleasure.

After that embarrassing moment of weakness, and the one she had had after Sif had taunted her, Natasha was determined to keep her mouth shut for the rest of the butt fuck. Or more accurately not embarrass herself by saying anything else, because the time had long since passed that she could avoid the sounds of pleasure which were constantly coming out of her mouth. Although it helped a lot that unlike before Sif wasn't taunting her. In fact the alien remained completely quiet. She did further embarrass the spy by spreading Natasha's meaty cheeks, but Natasha used to do that all the time when she was a top, and she knew full well how powerful it made her feel to get the best possible look of her cock stretching another woman's most private hole.

"I'm not letting you cum until you begged to be my bitch." Sif told Natasha bluntly after what felt like an eternity.

This actually made Natasha smiled, because she could tell Sif was getting frustrated. She could hear it in her voice. Now all she had to do was hold on and she would get what she wanted while holding onto a shred of her dignity. Of course Sif, like all good tops, fought dirty. Namely by gently butt fucking Natasha for what felt like hours, and was probably least one, before gradually picking up the pace until the sound of Sif's thighs crashing into Natasha's cheeks were almost as deafening as the redhead screams of pleasure and it felt like she was getting spanked. Then just when she was about to cum Sif would slowly bring her down from her high and repeated the process. Yet still no matter how many times she nearly came, or how close she came, Natasha didn't break. She wouldn't. No matter what. She promised herself that.

"I'm impressed." Sif admitted, after abruptly stopping for what felt like the millionth time, "No one has ever been able to last this long. Doesn't matter. In the end you will be mine. For now though, you've earned your reward."

Once she had spoken these words Sif restarted the sodomy, building up to a gentle rhythm and continuing it just long enough to make Natasha think she wasn't going to follow through. Of course that was when Sif started rapidly building up the pace so that it only felt like seconds between the gentle butt fucking and the brutal anal pounding, only this time there was no sudden stopping or gentle slow down. In fact Sif built up her pace even more to something easily as hard and rough as anything Natasha had dished out or received before, and then even more, the alien savagely destroying her poor ass hole within human speed and strength. And in that moment Natasha loved her for it.

In that moment it didn't matter if her poor butt hole would ever recover and return to its usual tightness, whether she would be able to use it to please her girlfriend or do anything else, or even if she would ever be able to sit down again. All that mattered was the ecstasy overwhelming Natasha's body, insanely powerful climax quickly followed by insanely powerful climax making her brain feel like it was simultaneously exploding and melting. Her whole world became nothing but pleasure, and in that moment, a moment of weakness, Natasha desperately wanted to be just another slave of Sif so she could feel this way again.

Sif wasn't sure whether she wanted to break Natasha or not. In a way it was refreshing to have such a challenge, and Sif's mind was already racing with all the wonderfully wicked things she could do to push Natasha over the edge. Most of those included more butt fuckings, but not necessarily by her, as this was a perfect ass which was made for fucking, and she certainly intended to make sure was regularly fucked, not just by herself but by other slaves. Maybe even her most submissive ones. At the very least they could lay down with dildos strapped around their waists while Sif forced Natasha to bounce up and down like the little anal whore she clearly was.

On the other hand the sooner she officially owned this perfect piece of ass the better, because gang banging Natasha's ass, and fucking it herself, would be even sweeter when the deadly Black Widow was completely broken and shamelessly begging her owner for more. And best of all she could film the broken superspy willingly spreading her cheeks to reveal her gaping ass hole and proudly proclaim that she was Mistress Sif's anal slave into a camera which could then be broadcast all over the world so that everyone would know just how thoroughly she had conquered the most well-known female hero this world had to offer, and from now on no hot woman was saved from her.

However in this moment it didn't really matter to her either way. All that mattered was holding back her own climax long enough to squeeze as many orgasms out of Natasha as possible. Also maybe to make her latest conquest screamed so loud her fellow Avengers could hear her from across the country. But mostly the orgasms thing, which she of course achieved with ease, Sif not even having to use her full strength to make Natasha's cum squirt violently from her cunt over and over again and for the other woman to become completely hysterical, which caused a wicked grin to become glued to her face. All those things, and Natasha's obscenely jiggling butt cheeks had a lot to do with it too.

It was also more than a contributing factor to her inevitable climax, along with of course the stimulator bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising another warrior woman, maybe the best this world had to offer, all combining to give Sif her favourite type of orgasm. Then the floodgates were open and it was quick followed by another and another and another, Sif effortlessly pushing through them as she attempted to fuck Natasha into unconsciousness. But again Natasha impressed Sif by remaining conscious despite the countless orgasms she had given her, something which was testament to her training, either as an agent or an anal whore, although Sif suspected the latter.

When she began running low on energy herself Sif came to an abrupt stop, denying a climax for Natasha after only just insuring one for herself. Not that it really mattered, as they'd both had plenty, and while Natasha was able to keep herself conscious throughout even the brutal butt pounding her head collapsed in exhaustion, her body went limp and the poor Midgardian began desperately gasping for breath, making the triumphant Asgardian smile wickedly. It was a treat for Sif to admire her handiwork, as in her opinion women were never more beautiful when they were sweaty, dishevelled and most of all well fucked, estate she had become very used to seeing them in ever since gaining her perverted powers from Lorelai. And she couldn't even see her favourite part yet.

That came a few minutes later when Sif spread Natasha's meaty cheeks and slowly began pulling her cock from the other woman's ass. The act of gaping had proven most effective to Sif when she abruptly yanked her toys from her conquests, which was something she often did, especially with a new slave. However there was something to be said for doing it slowly and watching as inch after inch of long thick dildo slipped out of the other woman's butt hole, and thanks to making sure she buried every inch of the big strap-on cock as deep as it would go on the last hard thrust Sif got plenty of time to savour that sight before she finally officially pulled out of Natasha's well fucked ass.

Just how well fucked that ass was quickly became very apparent thanks to Sif at first continuing to spread those meaty cheeks with her hands, and then with a few simple thoughts moved back, her obedient slave Wanda continuing to hold those cheeks apart, this time with the power of her mind. Regardless of how those cheeks were spread Sif got to admire a truly widely stretched crater, Natasha's most private hole a cavernous ruin which allowed Sif, and Wanda, to see deep into the bowels of the infamous Black Widow. Best of all that poor abused hole showed no signs of recovery, which would mean the mighty Natasha Romanoff would have to live with the shame of a gaping ass hole for quite some time to come. Just like all the other ass whore Sif owned.

Sif smiled wickedly at that thought as she continued staring at her handiwork. It was something Sif could stare at for hours as it was a sign of her total dominance over this mighty woman, but there was another sign of dominance she was just as eager to savour. So after what had to be a minute or two of just staring Sif slowly walked around until she was in front of the mighty Natasha Romanoff, the superspy cautiously lifting her head and looking at Sif, and her weapon of ass destruction, Wanda whispering in Sif's mind that The Black Widow knew what was coming next. Which was unnecessary as Sif could see it in her eyes. Which only made it all the sweeter as Sif slowly got up so she was kneeling on the BDSM device, this time with her cock pressed against Natasha's lips.

"Suck it bitch!" Sif ordered firmly with a wicked smirk on her face, "Suck my big dick clean of your nasty little whore ass! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, that's it, taste your ass bitch! Taste the deepest part of your own ass on my dick! Oh fuck yeah, you love that, don't you? Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, The Black Widow loves the taste of the deepest part of her own fucking ass! Oh fuck!"

Natasha parted her lips pretty much as soon as Sif pressed her dick against them. She was far too exhausted, and humiliated, to pretend she didn't adore this degrading act. Likewise she didn't stop herself from moaning as she tasted her second favourite flavour ever. And it was only seconds as she adored Maria's girl cum so much, although that might have to be replaced with the girl cum of Mistress Sif. So maybe the taste of her own ass was now her third favourite. Although this wasn't just her own ass she was tasting, but the deepest part of it, something which thanks to Maria she had become addicted too.

So Natasha allowed her eyelids to flutter closed as she attempted to block out everything else around her except that wonderful taste. It was something Maria might have punished her for, and definitely something that the people who originally trained her would have, but luckily Sif was too caught up in taunting her to do so. It might come later, and a sadistic part of Natasha hoped it would, but for now she was more than happy to be allowed to savour the deepest part of her own butt. Inevitably though she began bobbing her head up and down, slowly at first so she could continue to savour that perverted flavour she adored so much.

It wasn't long after that Natasha started pushing the dildo into her throat, mostly just to get every drop of her butt cream, but also because Maria had trained her to thoroughly clean a strap-on cock after it had been used to wreck her slutty ass, and for better or for worse Sif had given her one hell of an ass wrecking. For those same reasons Natasha found herself looking up to Sif for approval, the alien happily smiling down at her while continuing to verbally praise her for her performance. Which at first Natasha successfully blocked out, but whether because of exhaustion or the taller woman's powers Natasha found her defensive walls lowered and all of a sudden she was listening to every word.

"Yessssss, that's it whore, suck my cock!" Sif gleefully encouraged, "Suck it just like that! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, take it all the way down your throat so you can get every drop of your ass cream. Oh yeah, I love it when my slaves deep throat my cock after it's been deep inside their slutty little asses. Or one of their fellow slaves's asses. And don't worry Natasha, you'll know that joy soon enough. Oh yes, I'm so glad the mighty Black Widow lived up to her infamous stubbornness, because it's going to be so much more fun breaking you. Ohhhhhhh yes, and it will mean that much more when you're kneeling before me, completely broken and willing to do any little nasty thing my heart desires."

Natasha was very used to receiving threats. She had been trained to either ignore them, or turn them back around to gain an advantage, but right now she found it virtually impossible to do either of those things. She certainly couldn't turn it back around when she had a massive cock stuffing her throat, one which had just been up her ass no less, and for one reason or another she just couldn't ignore the very real possibility that it was only a matter of time before she broke completely, especially as she loved everything Sif was doing to her. It was humiliating to admit, even to herself, but Natasha's only real hope now was that Sif, or one of her slaves, would make a mistake that she could capitalise on, or someone would save her, before she ultimately became just another slave of Sif.


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