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Thor: Under The Stars Part 2
by MTL ([email protected]

Darcy Lewis was used to waking up alone. In general, and after having sex with someone. She had hoped that wouldn't happen with Jane... or at least in the moments before she went to sleep she had hoped that, because let's face it Darcy never thought she'd actually get to have sex with the brainy brunette. Anyway, the point was Darcy had thought this would happen because it was typical of her track record, and worse a likely indication of Jane freaking out.

On the plus side Darcy was awoken by a horrid alarm, Jane's irritating little clock right in front of her face. That may not have sounded like a plus to a casual observer, but in reality it was kind of a big deal. It meant that no matter how much she was probably freaking out Jane, ever the early bird, had woken in Darcy's arms, panicked, and then instead of leaving Darcy to slowly burn under the desert heat she had found a way to wake Darcy up, even if she couldn't do it herself. Sure, Darcy's pessimistic side told her that Jane just wanted to get out of here, but no matter how hard she tried Darcy couldn't believe Jane wasn't concerned for her welfare. Jane was too good not too.

So after turning off the alarm Darcy yawned, stretched and then quickly got dressed, naturally finding her clothes neatly folded in a pile waiting for her in another sign that Jane cared. And that she was a neat freak.

The moment she woke up Darcy knew exactly what she had to do, but the moment she saw Jane she almost made the biggest mistake of her life. Jane, a hot mess at the best of times, looked up from frantically scribbling notes with wild hair and her big Bambi eyes and looked at Darcy with such terror. All Darcy wanted to do was take the other girl in her arms and gently comfort her by saying something, anything, they would make this ok. But if she did Darcy was sure she'd lose Jane forever. Not just as a potential lover but as anything, Jane more likely to freak out even more and push her away.

So even though it kind of broke her heart Darcy acted like nothing had ever happened. She started complaining about the heat, Jane's stupid alarm, a bunch of other stuff, then offered to drive. Jane had agreed and then Darcy continued yammering on like she always did when her boss didn't really have to concentrate on anything, the assistant talking the scientist's ear off yet never telling her what she so desperately wanted to say. Because here's the thing, Darcy actually had a shot with Jane Foster. A real, honest to God shot at a relationship with the most amazing person, inside and out, Darcy had ever known. So Darcy had to resist the urge to come on too strong and instead walk around on egg shells all-day, doing whatever she had to make Jane think she was going to let them forget about last night. Like that was an option.

Darcy's gamble paid off. Predictably Jane didn't fire her. Darcy was sure she wanted too, she could see it in her eyes, but Jane just couldn't do it. It would be wrong, and maybe, just maybe Jane had grown too attached to Darcy's awesome company. She didn't even seem to dissuade Darcy from accompanying her the next night, Jane barely putting up a fight as the younger brunette boarded the Winnebago and got in the driver's seat. Soon after they were in the middle of the desert underneath the starry night, Jane spending hours looking at the stars and taking notes while Darcy helped her out in the little ways she could.

Another six straight hours of work later, which was about the point Darcy usually began to convince Jane to go home so that they can get some sleep, Darcy finds Jane up on the roof doing something she doesn't begin to understand and frankly doesn't want too. What's important is Darcy brings her bad self and a replacement deckchair, the big plastic a little heavy but the busty brunette had little trouble holding it in one hand while using to climb the ladder.

As soon as she came into view Jane looked at her, the scientist momentarily relaxing until the chair came into view, "D, Darcy?"

"What? We broke the other one?" Darcy grinned wickedly, happy she could finally give Jane a flirty comment after a long day of holding her tongue.

Predictably Jane blushed and turned away while Darcy set up the new chair, firmly tied to the roof so she didn't have to worry about bringing it up and down. She then sat back and watched Jane work from, silently being reminded of many of the qualities she liked about the other woman, Darcy reminding herself of the rest as a way to psych herself up for she what was about to do.

"You know we're going to have to talk about it at some point, right?" Darcy finally whispered, the words sounding deafening in the desert.

There was a long pause, then without turning around to look at her assistant Jane stammered, "Darcy I'm, I'm... I'm so sorry. It, it was wrong... what I did to you, I, I put you in an awkward position, and basically forced you to... oh God I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry."

Darcy sat there, mouth a gape, trying to fully comprehend what she had just heard. Of course, she thought, of course Jane would actually think that she had taken advantage of Darcy somehow. Repressed herself into believing she was some kind of dirty old scientist forcing her intern into sex for her own selfish gain. Hell, Jane had probably even convinced herself Darcy didn't even like her in that way, proving once and for all that as scientifically brilliant as she could be Jane Foster was absolutely clueless when it came to people liking her.

Realising Jane was still stammering out an apology Darcy interrupted, "It's ok, you didn't do anything wrong."

"Yes I did!" Jane insisted loudly, before lowering her voice like there was anyone around to hear them, "You're my intern Darcy. And a woman. Not, not that that's wrong in of itself if your into that, the woman part, but I'm not and even if I was its still against the rules. It's still sexual harassment."

Ok, this was ridiculous. Adorable, but ridiculous, and Darcy was struggling not to say so and possibly fuck up her one precious chance with Jane Foster. Of course if she didn't take that chance now Darcy was pretty sure it would expire, so she very slowly got up and started to approach Jane while the scientist was staring at the floor. When she was almost there she softly said, "Jane, look at me."

Looking up Jane froze momentarily then began, "Darcy, I-"

"Do you seriously not know how beautiful you are?" Darcy interrupted, then when Jane looked down added in disbelief, "Oh my God, you really don't."

There was a pause and then Jane let out a humourless laugh, "The girls at school used to call me Plain Jane."

"Then they were jealous. Or idiots. Or both." Darcy said without hesitation, honestly offended by Jane's insecurities. Or accurately the bitches responsible for them. Or at least partly so. Not that it matters now. No, what mattered was that Jane didn't seem to believe her, prompting Darcy to add, "Seriously Jane, every school has 'plastics' and they're all bitches. You shouldn't need Mean Girls to tell you that. Heck, in my school I got called all kinds of things, didn't stop me from growing up to be awesome. Well, kind of good but with an awesome rack, because you're totally the awesome one. Awesome... kind... brilliant... sexy... and so very, very not plain."

During the last sentence Darcy paused in between the first couple of words to emphasise them and to slowly, cautiously step into Jane's personal space. Jane froze but didn't protest, not even when Darcy awkwardly reached out, gently cupped her face and convince the other girl to look her in the eye.

After they stared at each other for a few seconds Darcy mumbled, "Everything about you is beautiful Jane. Everything."

With that Darcy slowly lent forward and pressed her lips against Jane's. A terrifying and incredibly awkward few seconds followed which felt like an eternity. Then Jane slowly and hesitantly started kissing Darcy back, the younger girl inwardly letting out a sigh of relief as both brunettes seemed to melt into the kiss. That kiss may have been slow to start but once it got going it really heated up fast and it was all because of Jane, the brainy brunette shoving her tongue into Darcy's mouth and beginning to kiss her intern with almost desperate need. And for someone who claim she wasn't into women Jane's hands seemed very eager to explore Darcy's very feminine curves, especially the assistant's big round ass and mountainous tits.

Of course when they inevitably broke apart for air Jane totally regressed to hesitation mode. So Darcy kissed her again. And again, and again, and again, Jane always hesitant at the beginning and end but totally into it during the middle.

Finally Darcy switches to gently kissing Jane's neck which gives her boss a chance to complain, "Da, oh, Darcy, ohhhhh, this, this is still wrong. Ohhhhhh we can't do this. Oooooooh you have to stop. Mmmmmm you're still my intern, ooooooohhhhhh, what, oh, what would people think?"

"Fuck people!" Darcy said bluntly before quickly adding, "You shouldn't waste time worrying what other people think about you... or what you do... in your personal life... because it's nobody's business. But come on Jane, you really think I'm going to rat you out?"

At first Darcy spoke softly into Jane's ear in between kisses to her neck each time she paused, then she pulled back to look in Jane's eyes to try and show how serious she was. That Jane really could trust her. And it seemed to work, Jane lowering her gaze and mumbling, "No. I, I don't think you would. And I know no one can see us right now, but if we keep doing this someone will come along and we'll get caught. Not, not that I want to keep doing this. Not really I ooooooohhhhhhhh, I swear, mmmmmm, please, ohhhhhh, please stop doing that."

To prove her point Darcy briefly kissed Jane's neck again, immediately stopping when she was asked to and questioning, "You really don't like that? Because it sounds like you do. Besides, as a scientist surely you should experiment to make sure. I mean, that's what we did last night, but surely just one test doesn't make for a conclusive study. Especially not one that was so... rushed. I think we should try it again to make sure you're really not into this. Maybe a few times. I mean, you already crossed the 'don't sleep with your intern' line, you might as well make good use of it."

There was a long pause making Darcy think she had pushed Jane too far with that last comment. Then, her voice barely above a whisper, Jane replied, "Just... just one more test."

Darcy's eyes lit up, "Sure, absolutely."

It was a total lie, Darcy would spend the rest of her internship and maybe her life trying to get into Jane's pants, but hey, it was for her boss's own good. Besides, it wasn't like Jane sounded very convincing as she moaned, "I'm oooooohhhhhhh, I'm serious Darcy. We, mmmmmmm, we can never do this again. It's, it's wrong. Naughty. Bad. Ooooooooh, so very, very, ohhhhhhhh Darcy! Darcy don't stop, please, I, oh, oooooohhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd Darcy! Oh Gosh!"

Jane should have known it was hopeless. After all she was only human. How could she be expected to resist a sex goddess like Darcy Lewis? Surely no one could do that. Or at least that's what Jane comforted herself with.

It wasn't like Jane thought she was some kind of hideous little troll. She knew she was attractive, but she was just... plain. That's why even well into her adulthood she remembered 'Plain Jane'. She didn't remember how it started, she didn't remember who first said it, but it didn't matter because it was so accurate. Worse it tapped into Jane's fear of being ordinary. Or more accurately not being smart enough. Not good enough to make her dreams come true. After all she was Plain Jane, her mind was all she really had. That's why it baffled her that someone like Darcy could be attracted to her.

Jane still remembered the first time she saw Darcy. She had been outside her office waiting for her interview, headphones planted in her ears and completely oblivious to being watched, Jane's very first thought about Darcy being that she was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Immediately Jane had been jealous of her, or at least she thought she was. It was what made the most sense given just how amazing Darcy looked, the embodiment of everything Jane wasn't. But now, even as she tried to tell herself she was straight Jane found herself once again questioning her sexuality.

After all Darcy was driving her crazy and she hadn't even moved away from her neck, merely escalating things slightly from just kissing to adding sucking and nipping at the flesh into the equation, no doubt leaving a hickey which would remind Jane of her weakness. When Jane was absolutely sure there was some kind of mark Darcy kissed her again, this time the older brunette not even having the decency to hesitate before hungrily kissing back like the other girl's lips were crucial to her survival.

That seemed to go on for a while, then Jane's shirt was being removed, Darcy effortlessly undoing the buttons and taking it off before moving to her boss's top. The extra layer was good for the desert night, and Jane had somehow convinced herself it would save her from her intern's touch, or at least quell Darcy's interest. It was a failure on both accounts, especially the latter given the look in Darcy's eyes once they broke apart, that hungry kiss hypnotising Jane into quickly lifting her upper arms so she could help the removal of the offending item. It also made her want to remove Darcy's top. Because Jane, as a straight woman, had absolutely not been thinking about what was underneath that top all day and her hands did not rip the fabric to get off Darcy's body because she wanted to see the breasts of a girl 10 years her junior. Except she totally did, Jane once again being reduced to an neanderthal at those bra clad breasts.

It wasn't fair. They shouldn't be that big. Certainly not naturally. Not any other way either, but especially not naturally. It was obscene. They should be illegal. Oh God!

After about a full minute of staring Jane literally ripped Darcy's bra off to get at those massive mountains of flesh, the scientist first pressing her face to the soft flesh like she had no idea what to do next. Then she took one of Darcy's nipples into her mouth, both women letting out a long moan as Jane once again became lost in her lust for Darcy's big tits which the 'straight' woman thought crossed the line from acceptable to downright indecent even by the standards of a full-blown lesbian. Not that she was a lesbian, it was just the way she was acting was so very obscene, and yet Jane just couldn't help herself. Darcy's boobs were just so big, soft and wonderful.

Darcy smiled, Jane really was a breast girl. In fact, Darcy didn't think she'd ever been with someone who was this into the twins, which was really saying something because ever since they had grown to their full-size her big boobs had attracted a lot of breast girls, and of course breast guys. That it was innocent and obviously sexually repressed Jane Foster who was this much into her tits was so beyond a turn on Darcy wanted to invent a whole new word for it, but honestly she was too distracted by the eager mouth and tongue worshipping her chest.

Sure, Jane was still sloppy and inexperienced, and she spent maybe a little too much time motor-boating and just rubbing her face against the younger brunette's soft mountains of flesh, but honestly Darcy just found it endearing. Besides she wasn't about to complain, especially as Jane spent plenty of time sliding her lips all around her boobs, kissing every sensitive part of Darcy's chest while mostly concentrating on her nipples.

Whether she was aware of it or not Jane even bit down on those nipples with just the right amount of pressure Darcy liked. Well, maybe Darcy would have liked it a little harder, but it was just enough to make the sex extra spicy, and considering she was on top of the Winnebago fucking her boss in the middle of nowhere underneath a beautiful starry sky it was already plenty spicy. Of course mostly Jane concentrated on licking and sucking Darcy's nipples, the scientist's mouth glued to one of those balls of flesh at all times she was gently licking and sucking on them, then not so gently, then an ever-changing rhythm which Darcy adored.

As Jane was clearly having so much fun Darcy let her continue for what felt like hours as the experience slowly turned from fantastic to frustrating. Then just as Darcy feared she would lose control Jane started to move lower. And Darcy wanted to just let Jane keep going, but that would have been just a repeat of last night, and as tempting as that was Darcy had promised herself things would be different this time. Better. Well, better for Jane at least. So Darcy did what she had to do in the hopes that it would help her get what she truly wanted.

"Jane... Jane... JANE!" Darcy repeated until she had her boss's attention, "I hate to stop you, really I do, but that's the same experiment we did last time, and as much as I enjoyed that we should probably change it up a bit. Maybe take things a little more slowly. Here, let me show you what I mean."

With that Darcy gave Jane one of those soft, seductive kisses which rendered her brilliant brain useless. Not that her mind had been functioning properly for the last few minutes, or even hours, Jane once again considering firing Darcy because of her distracting ways only to again quickly calm herself with the knowledge that even with the busty brunette around she had got plenty done. Then Jane quickly forgot such things as Darcy broke the kiss and moved on to the older woman's neck, giving Jane a chance to observe her surroundings and frown in surprise.

When had they made it over to the chairs? Had they teleported? And what happened to her pants? And Darcy's? And had Darcy even been wearing underwear? Because she wasn't now and, wait, there had been some movement during the earlier kissing. And Jane definitely remembered lying on top of Darcy as she was licking and sucking her boobs. But had she been in that position from the start, or had she been sitting down first? Jane's muddled mind was kind of confused, but she quickly forgot about it again as Darcy effortlessly removed her bra, switched their positions and started kissing down Jane's body.

Initially Jane was embarrassed. As inferior as she felt compared to Darcy in the looks department it was nothing to the inadequacy Jane felt when she looked at, or even thought of, her own B cups went compared to the younger girl's double Ds. Or was it triple Ds? Double Es? Jane wasn't sure what Darcy's monstrous bra size was and she would never, ever ask her.

Jane immediately lost her train of thought when she felt a soft pair of lips wrap around her left nipple, the astrophysicist's head flying back as she let out a long moan of pleasure. Again Darcy quickly showed Jane the difference between a fumbling idiot who had no idea what she was doing and inexperienced sex goddess, the busty brunette using her mouth, tongue and fingers to do things to her that the scientist could barely comprehend. Not that they were that different to what men had done to her, it was just that Darcy was so much more slow, gentle and thorough, the intern handling Jane's tiny titties like they actually deserved her attention.

If Darcy had known what Jane was thinking she would have repressed a laugh and told her that her pretty titties were definitely deserving of attention. In fact Darcy was having to bite her tongue almost literally to stop herself from praising Jane's beautiful body, which was really difficult for the loudmouth brunette. However as much as she liked speaking her mind Darcy loved sleeping with Jane, so she could just keep her mouth shut so she wouldn't freak out the insecure beauty. Besides, Darcy had a more important job for her mouth right now. And her tongue for that matter.

That involved swirling her tongue around Jane's nipples, sometimes with her lips wrapped around them, sometimes not, but either way with her hands constantly playing with the other girl's tits, cupping one into her mouth/tongue while tweaking the nipple of the other. Meanwhile her mouth was plenty busy providing suction when needed, Darcy mostly keeping it gentle but occasionally increasing the force momentarily just to get an extra loud moan out of Jane.

Darcy continued this for a really long time. Like, way longer then she usually did. This was partly because Darcy felt like she owed Jane. She had totally got carried away last night and skipped out on these pretty titties. It seemed only right to give them twice as much attention this time round. More importantly Darcy was pretty sure she had risked her internship, her friendship with Jane and the chance for more with her when she treated Jane like she was just another girl she had picked up in a bar. She had pinned her down and fucked her fast and hard when she needed to be slow and gentle.

Determined not to make the same mistake twice Darcy waited until she literally had Jane whimpering with need before finally moving her mouth downwards, again forcing herself to go slowly as possible. That involved pressing her lips to almost every inch of Jane's flat stomach before she settled in between her legs, and even then instead of going straight for her prize Darcy kissed up and down the older woman's thighs while pausing every so often to take in the heavenly scent of a aroused pussy.

That actually had Jane whimpering, "Darcy... please..."

Jane blushed when those words came from her lips, but she just couldn't help herself. Darcy got her so very worked up. More so than ever before. After all, she had always heard sex was overhyped so she tried her best not to dwell on it, even as a teenager. When she finally had sex it had maybe been a little better than she was expecting, but nothing mind blowing, so Jane could still happily go about her business not dwelling on it too much. Then the sex goddess known as Darcy Lewis had stomped into her life and suddenly Jane was thinking about sex all the time. Lesbian sex. Lesbian sex with her assistant. And last night she'd had it and it had blown her mind. Darcy had blown her precious mind to pieces and for the better part of 24 hours Jane had been thinking about Darcy in between her thighs, the astrophysicist feeling more like a horny teenager than she'd ever done as a teenager as she struggled to concentrate on her work.

Darcy was a cruel goddess to make Jane want her so much when them being together was so very wrong. So against the rules. So bad, so naughty, so forbidden, so potentially career damaging. And Jane's career was so very important to her, but she had never wanted anything like she wanted Darcy in that moment. And then there was the biggest cruelty of all. For Darcy to tell Jane she wanted her and just tease her like this. It was torture. Torture which was wonderful and horrible at the same time in a way which Jane could have never imagined.

In this heightened state Jane was surprised she didn't literally melt away at her little two word cry because it caused Darcy to lift her head and give her a devastatingly sexy grin. Then Darcy slowly removed Jane's panties, the younger girl taking a frustratingly long time to get that final piece of clothing off. Then finally Darcy lent forward, stuck out her tongue and pressed it against the bottom of the older brunette's pussy lips, Jane's eyes rolling in the back of her head as that soft wet muscles slowly slid all the way up her downstairs lips and immediately repeated the process.

For a brief moment Jane literally thought she was cumming. Then just briefly she thought she was having multiple orgasms, one for each lick. But then Jane remembered the experience she'd had less than 24 hours ago and concluded that this was barely a car explosion compared to the supernova that was last night. No, Jane wasn't cumming. She was just experiencing mind-numbing pleasure. Literally, Jane's precious mind feeling like it literally couldn't cope with what she was feeling, the brilliant astrophysicist becoming lost to the wonderful sensations being caused by her assistant's tongue.

Darcy was also having problems thinking clearly. She nearly always did when she began licking a pussy, especially if it was the first time. Of course technically this wasn't but Darcy had rushed things so much during the real first time that this kind of felt like a do over. A much-needed do over as Darcy had almost blown her chance with a near-perfect woman by treating Jane like she was just another slut she had picked up. Jane deserved better and Darcy was determined to give it to her.

It wasn't easy, part of Darcy still very much wanting to fuck Jane like a lesbian slut, but she was just about able to keep herself in check. The toughest test so far was tasting Jane's pussy juice. Darcy remembered thinking last night it was as sweet as she imagined but her memory didn't do it justice, the busty brunette letting out a desire filled moan even as her tongue was still travelling over Jane's pussy lips. The hardest part was knowing that those juices would be more plentiful if Darcy pushed her tongue or even her fingers into Jane's cunt, that would have to wait for later. Right now Darcy was determined to take her time. To slid her tongue slowly and gently up and down Jane's downstairs lips. To... to make love to Jane's pussy. To make love to Jane.

Momentarily Darcy stopped, Jane letting out a heart-breaking whimper of dissatisfaction which quickly had the younger brunette returning to the extremely important job of making love to Jane Foster. Still, in that brief moment Darcy realised that was literally what she was doing. Making love. Something honestly Darcy had never done. Sure, she'd had gentle sex before, lots of times actually, but she refused to call it making love. She'd actually kicked a girl out of her room one time for calling it that, after she'd had sex with her of course. But Darcy had never cared about any of those people the way she cared about Jane. She had liked most of them to some degree, but she hadn't loved them. But she loved Jane. She was in love with her.

Darcy Lewis was in love with Jane Foster. Deeply and truly. And while Darcy had kind of known that, known that her feelings for Jane went far beyond a stupid crush, it was then that it truly hit her that she was literally in love with her boss. Her sweet, neurotic, socially awkward, sexually repressed, head in the clouds boss Jane Foster who was no where near on the same wavelength. Fuck, Darcy was in so much trouble, the intern desperately trying to concentrate on just one part of the problem, that being she had no idea how to make love to someone.

If Jane had known that was what Darcy was thinking she would have said that was absurd. That no one had ever shown her the passion Darcy had. The intensity. The skill. And sure, Jane was going to have to have a long scary think about her sexuality because this proved last night wasn't a fluke and as much as she tried to tell herself otherwise the astrophysicist wasn't so sure it was possible to be gay for just one person, even if they were as gorgeous as Darcy Lewis. But Jane's brilliant brain was in no condition to properly analyse those thoughts, nor could she really coherently think about them enough to worry her. Because at the moment it felt like all of Jane's worries melted away along with every molecule in her body and she became a happy puddle of goo.

While the pleasure originated in her pussy it spread throughout Jane's body until every part of her from her toes to the hair on her head seem to be alive with red-hot ecstasy. It only got better when Darcy started moving her tongue clockwise and anti-clockwise as well as up and down. That was followed up by Darcy's tongue sliding over her clit, Jane's body jolting up slightly the initial sensation was so intense. Then after half a dozen licks to that sensitive bundle of nerves Darcy took it into her mouth and sucked on it gently, tears literally falling from Jane's eyes it felt so good.

Soon after that Darcy started teasing Jane's entrance. She had carefully avoided it up until now, Darcy starting her licks from just above it, just the side of it, or below it and then going around. Now the intern not only went over it she lingered there almost as much as on Jane's clit, which she was currently spending what felt like minutes on in between licks. Darcy also began wrapping her mouth around Jane's pussy, pretty much drinking her juice straight from the source while trying to suck on the astrophysicist's entrance as much as possible.

All this had Jane feeling suddenly desperate to cum, so much so that words began tumbling from her lips without her permission, "Darcy... Darcy... oh God Darcy! Darcy please mmmmmmm ooooooooh... please Darcy, oooooohhhhhhhh, I, oh, ahhhhhhhhh, oh God, mmmmmmm, Darcy!"

"Yes Jane?" Darcy teased, lifting her head up and flashing Jane the most wicked grin she had ever seen, "What can I do for you, boss?"

Those words, that grin, and perhaps most of all seeing her own juices glistening on Darcy's face almost made Jane cum on the spot. Unfortunately she just trembled with desire, blushed red in embarrassment and whimpered in a mixture of both.

Realising Jane needed a little encouragement Darcy slid a finger over the older woman's pussy lips. Like with her tongue before it she concentrated on Jane's fuck hole and clit, pushing almost but not quite inside the entrance while rubbing that sensitive ball of nerves. Darcy kept these touches gentle but they easily had the clearly desperate to cum Jane writhing enjoy and frustration, Darcy perhaps taking a little too much time to enjoy the power she now had over her friend/employer.

Finally Darcy provided her friend a way out, "Tell me what you want Jane. All you have to do is say the words, and I'll do it."

Again, Jane blushed, trembled and whimpered, but with what felt like a lot of effort she was able to get out, "P, please ooooooohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh Darcy, ohhhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd! Make me, ooooohhhhhh, please, mmmmmmmm, make me cum!"

Darcy grinned widely, knowing she should just live up to her word right then and there but unable to stop herself from teasing, "How exactly? Would you like me to use my tongue or my fingers to fuck you and make you cum? Do you have a preference Jane? Would you prefer to cum on my fingers or tongue? What do you wanna cream on? Fingers or tongue, tongue or fingers? What do you want boss lady?"

From the way Jane continued blushing, trembling and whimpering Darcy felt a little guilty. To be fair this was extremely PG compared to most of the stuff she said in everyday life, let alone sex were usually she had a mouth which could make a sailor blush. Or at least one sailor, but he really hadn't been as tough as he pretended to be. Point was Darcy was doing her best to hold back, and she wasn't expecting an answer. She just wanted to tease Jane a little more before finally giving her what she wanted.

Then suddenly to Darcy's surprise Jane cried out, "Both! Please, mmmmmmm, both! Ohhhhhhh God, ooooooohhhhhh Darcy, oh Darcy... Darcy, fuck me! Fuck me Darcy!"

After that Jane became completely incoherent. That wasn't her fault, it was Darcy's for slamming her finger inside Jane's cunt and wrapping her lips around her boss's clit, making the astrophysicist cum instantly. It seemed like the right thing to do after prudish little Jane Foster managed to say a bad word twice, and perhaps more impressively asked to be fucked by both Darcy's tongue and her fingers. True she hadn't said the exact words, but Darcy would work on that. But corrupting Jane could wait for later, right now was important was rewarding Jane for her words with a series of nice, hard orgasms.

The first one was a good start, Darcy keeping her finger still inside Jane while only gently sucking on her clit so that the other girl could finish riding out her climax before given any more stimulation. Well, Darcy also really enjoyed feeling Jane spasm around her finger, and coating that digit with cum, but those were just bonuses. When Jane started to recover Darcy immediately started finger fucking her, gently at first but constantly building up the speed until she was slamming her finger in and out of her boss's pussy as hard as she could. Darcy also increased the suction on Jane's clit and eventually pushed another finger into her cunt, Darcy's bad ass skills easily making Jane cum several times before finally replacing her fingers with her tongue. When she did her tongue didn't actually spend much time inside Jane as Darcy was so busy swallowing the other girl's cum, which got enough hard thrusts to make the older brunette thrust up into her face almost violently, Darcy of course loving every second of it.

Jane was also loving every second of this. In fact that was an understatement, but in her current state Jane certainly couldn't think of a better way to describe it. Nor could she actually describe it, other than maybe simply Darcy was fucking her with her tongue and making her cum, the normally detailed obsessed astrophysicist unable to give a more detailed description than that. Luckily she wasn't currently being asked to give a description. For now she wasn't being asked to do anything except lie back and enjoy. However Jane was pretty sure Darcy would want her to return the favour, and if she was even going to be conscious in a few minutes she was going to have to make Darcy stop.

There was easier said than done, Darcy clearly reluctant to remove her mouth from Jane's cunt. To be fair Jane didn't exactly ask. She couldn't find the nerve too. Heck, she could barely find the emotional, and physical, strength to reach down, grab a hold of Darcy's hair and give it a tug. And another. And another. Then in a move more fuelled by frustration than anything else Jane pulled roughly on Darcy's hair, causing the unpaid intern to finally pull her tongue from her boss's pussy and cry out in pain. She also moved a little upwards so Jane succeeded in her goal, but she also gave Jane this heart-breaking look like she was worried she had done something wrong.

Wanting to assure Darcy she hadn't Jane kissed her assistant. It was meant to be slow and gentle, a prelude to Jane asking Darcy if they could swap places. But Jane hadn't factored in tasting herself on Darcy's lips, the effect turning her feeling of obligation to return the favour to a burning need for the other woman. As a result the kiss quickly went from slow and gentle to rough and needy, Jane breaking the kiss only briefly so she could push Darcy down onto her back and get on top of her before shoving her tongue into her mouth.

Jane wasn't sure how long that kissing session lasted for, all she knew was when she finally started kissing her way down her assistant's body Darcy huskily called out, "Jane, have you ever been in a 69 before?"

Instantly her lust filled confidence was completely forgotten, Jane looking up at a grinning Darcy and blushing like the amateur to sex she was before finally shaking her head and practically squeaking, "I... erm... no..."

Finding Jane's response adorable Darcy beamed and asked, "Would you like to try it?"

For a moment Jane actually thought about it before mumbling, "Ok."

Again Darcy smiled, this one far more wicked than the other, and pointed to her mouth, "Then park your sexy butt right here."

Trying and failing not a blush again Jane quickly moved around and lowered her pussy down onto her assistant's face, Darcy looking impressed which Jane took issue with. After all it wasn't like she didn't understand the concept. Heck, she almost suggested it to her previous lovers but chickened out, a decision Jane instantly regretted the second her pussy came to rest against Darcy's mouth, the younger woman wasting no time in pushing her tongue back into the brainy brunette's cunt and beginning to fuck her with it. Not wanting to lose track of returning the favour Jane pretty much instantly began licking Darcy's pussy, in effect made easy that her positioning. And she was kind of proud of herself that she only briefly hesitated, and after her tongue touched Darcy's twat Jane didn't hesitate again for the rest of the night.

Darcy was really tempted to make Jane cum quickly. The brief pause in the tongue fucking, and Jane's embarrassment at the question about the 69 and the 'sexy butt' remark Darcy had been unable to stop herself making, had significantly calmed the older girl's pussy down. However Darcy had faith that her mad skills could easily get Jane's pussy purring for her again in no time. However that break had Darcy realising just how fucking badly she wanted to cum. Hell, she'd settle just for a little pleasure, something she got when Jane's tongue touched her twat.

The first lick was a little slow given how worked up Darcy was however things quickly improved from there, Jane's lick gradually increasing in speed and force until finally the older brunette pushed her tongue into Darcy and FUCK! Darcy literally came on the spot. Although to be fair to her she had no idea just how long that pussy licking had lasted, and Jane's heavenly juices had been literally flooding her mouth for what seemed like an eternity, and there had been all that foreplay, and most of all Darcy had been practically soaking her panties all day thinking about Jane. Not just about fucking her but about being with her, Darcy fucking Jane so good that her boss would want a relationship with her, the idea of it making Darcy hot during the day but now the thought drove her insane with lust.

Again to be fair to Darcy it wasn't like Jane helped her mental state. No her boss chose to wrap her mouth around Darcy's cunt and greedily swallow nearly every drop of Darcy's cum, and when it was all gone Jane barely paused before slamming her tongue back inside the younger brunette and fucking her hard until she came again. What could Darcy possibly do accept return the favour, slamming her own tongue in and out of Jane's fuck hole until she got a mouthful of yummy girl cum. Although a face full might of been more accurate, Jane grinding her cunt against Darcy's face in a way which made it tough for even a experienced rug muncher like Darcy to swallow all the girly cream.

Darcy was pretty sure the grinding was unintentional. Although horny Jane was a little bit of a top, a fact Darcy really, really liked. But intentional or not Darcy felt the need to show that when it came to sex, she was the boss. Or at least the more experienced one. The point was that Darcy used her fingers to gain an unfair advantage, again replacing her tongue so she could lick Jane's clit and slam her fingers into her boss's pussy. Of course that backfired on Darcy, Jane's latest orgasm so overwhelming that the astrophysicist fainted again. Luckily that climax coincided with one of Darcy's and Jane fell forward slightly. The latter wasn't much of a comfort because Darcy was currently too exhausted to move and she was just realising how uncomfortable and sandy the floor/roof was. It did mean however the last thing she saw before exhaustion took over and she fell asleep were Jane's pretty pussy and the other girl's precious stars, Darcy finding both sights beautiful.

That said next time they had sex, and Darcy was definitely going to make sure there was a next time, they should probably find somewhere more comfortable than under the stars.


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