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Thor: Under The Stars Part 3
by MTL ([email protected]

"This has to be the last time. This is crazy. It's wrong. It's against the rules. We shouldn't be doing this. We can't keep doing this Darcy." Jane mumbled in between kisses.

Darcy had been hearing a variation of the above speech for the past few weeks. If it had been any other girl she would have probably lost it, either yelling at the girl or telling her she should learn a new tune, however this was Jane Foster, the one person Darcy wanted above all others. Besides with Jane it was somehow still cute, especially when the older girl made the first move. True, Darcy normally manipulated Jane into doing it by shamelessly flirting with her, but that didn't make it any less funny.

At least Jane had given up on claiming to be straight after the third or fourth time they had sex, a claim Darcy had found ridiculous given the eagerness Jane had shown the first time she got to play with her big tits, not to mention how ravenous she had been at eating Darcy out. Sure Jane could be bi like Darcy but straight as an arrow Jane Foster was dead and gone. Or at least that perception was as the case maybe, Darcy proving this point as she moved her hands down to Jane's perky little tits and found that her nipples were already as hard as rocks.

Grinning widely against Jane's lips Darcy spent a few moments playing with those hard little buds, making her boss moan repeatedly into her mouth in the process. Then she broke away to lay a few kisses on Jane's neck before descending further to those perky little treats, Darcy flicking one with her tongue before taking it into her mouth. After sucking on that for a few moments Darcy switch to the other one, going back and forth as Jane writhed in pleasure beneath her.

It took a little manoeuvring but Darcy had managed to talk her way into the tiny hole in the wall Jane called her apartment, and then into the scientist's disorganised bed. Talking Jane into coming back to her place was even tougher but Darcy had just about managed it. Both were preferable to fucking in the desert because even in Jane's cheap, uncomfortable bed they were somewhat shielded from the sun which was always a drag to wake up too. However most nights they were out really late and Darcy would prefer to fuck in the Winnebago than to not fuck Jane at all. She'd even take outside of it, the upside being that Jane's precious stars had a way of calming her, making it easier for Darcy to fuck her. And given how Darcy planned to fuck Jane tonight she concluded she would need the stars, so she had laid out a nice soft blanket near the Winnebago, the metal monstrosity hopefully providing them with at least some shade from the sun come morning.

While it was true the sight of the stars had a calming effect on Jane they were little comfort now that she was naked in the middle of the desert and moments away from being fucked by her dildo wearing assistant.

Upon first seeing the strap-on dildo Jane had told Darcy there was no way she was using that on her. Unfortunately her tone had been about as convincing as Jane's declarations that this had to be the last time they had sex etc and Jane couldn't even convince herself she believe that anymore. Sex with Darcy was just so addictive Jane just couldn't say no. Or more accurately she couldn't say no and mean it, after the first few times Jane giving up on no altogether in favour of the equally unbelievable this had to be the last time.

Of course part of Jane wanted to mean it just like there was part of her which was genuinely appalled at the idea of using a strap-on. Or should that be intimidated. Yes, intimidated seemed like a better fit given how Jane felt. But she also felt a little intrigued, and by the time that Darcy was slipping a finger into her pussy Jane was dripping wet. To be fair all the foreplay had a lot to do with that, but the idea of getting fucked by a dildo wearing Darcy had become increasingly intriguing, especially because Jane had no doubt that unlike most of her previous lovers Darcy would know what she was doing.

Again proving her competence in the art of lesbian sex, if not as an assistant, Darcy slowly pumped Jane's pussy for several long minutes, proving herself more skilled with one little finger than some men were with their cock. Although to be fair Darcy was cheating, her mouth still running back and forth between Jane's nipples at first, then kissing down the older brunette's stomach to her thighs, making the astrophysicist quiver with anticipation. This was unfortunately the one thing Darcy had proven to have plenty of patience for, the younger girl once again torturing her boss for what felt like an eternity until finally Jane let out a long, loud cry of joy as she felt what could only be Darcy's tongue touching her twat and then sliding up the full length of her downstairs lips.

With most girls Darcy wouldn't bother with this much foreplay. Hell, there had been plenty of nights when she was drunk and horny and she had told whoever she was with not to bother with any foreplay, instead just fuck her until they both passed out, which sadly didn't usually last very long but sometimes it was sort of satisfying. However Darcy never rush things with Jane. Well, not at first. The brilliant astrophysicist always needed a little coaxing to let out the pussy loving slut within, but more than any other time before Darcy wanted to skip right to the hard fucking.

Since that wasn't an option Darcy had forced herself to take the same gentle tactics as every other time before and now it was finally paying off. Not that Darcy hadn't loved kissing Jane, sucking her little nipples and sliding her tongue all over her body because she had. She really, really had. But now Darcy's tongue was sliding gently along Jane's pussy lips in a slow but steady licking motion, the assistant's eyelids fluttering as she lapped up her boss's sweet cream in a way which had them both moaning in pleasure.

Granted Darcy's moans weren't as loud as Jane's, but they did cause vibrations in her tongue which made Jane moan even louder and the older brunette's juices flow even more rapidly out of her cunt. That in turn made it even more tempting for Darcy to pick up the pace of the pussy licking. And again, if it had been anyone else she probably would have. After all Jane was very much relaxed by now, and Darcy could definitely keep her relaxed by fucking her to multiple orgasms. However, with Jane Foster it was better to be safe than sorry. Besides, while with anyone else she would be desperate by now to get to the hard fucking Darcy liked gently making love to Jane.

Before she had bedded her cutest boss ever Darcy had never really made love before. She'd had soft and gentle sex, but this was different because she never cared about anyone or anything the way she cared about Jane Foster. That somehow made everything mean more from the swipes of her tongue to the way Jane's pussy tasted. Then again with the latter it could be just that Jane had an exceptional tasting cunt, Darcy pondering this debate not for the first time as she became lost in licking Jane's pussy.

Of course Jane had always been terrible at guessing what other people wanted. For her equations and stars were far easier than people. But as clueless as she was when it came to these things she now suspected Darcy loved her. Partly because Darcy had more or less said as much, but mostly because she treated Jane like she was precious. Special. Not just some annoying girl to be ignored during sex, but the centre of her world. And the way she looked at her, touched her, it was enough to make Jane's body quiver.

Then again Darcy's tongue had a lot to do with why Jane was quivering right now, the brainy brunette once again trying to work up the courage to tell the younger girl to fuck her hard. Jane knew if she could only ask Darcy would give it to her. Partly because it was rare for the younger brunette to ever deny her something, especially during sex, but mostly because by the time she worked up the courage to actually say it Darcy had been going to give it to her anyway. Or was waiting for Jane to ask.

In case this was one of the latter moments Jane continued to push herself until finally she managed to stammer, "Darcy, please..."

Sometimes that was enough. Sadly this was not one of those times, Darcy not even looking up at her despite Jane managing to mumble those two words over and over again. Clearly she would need to say more, and as difficult as it was for her Jane did eventually manage it.

"Fuck me... fuck me Darcy, ooooooohhhhhhhh Goddddddd, Darcy! Darcy, Darcy, Darcy!" Jane cried out as her assistant pushed her tongue into her aching core and started fucking her with it.

Even though Darcy's tongue in her cunt was exactly what Jane had been waiting for finally getting it after all that build up rendered her a quivering wreck. With what little was left of her mind Jane thought it was surprising she hadn't cum. Then again Darcy seemed to have such power over her body Jane wouldn't be surprised if she could no longer cum and less Darcy wanted it. Which was a foolish notion, because of course no such power existed, but Darcy's skilled touch was enough to make even a woman of science like Jane consider the possibility of magic.

Making Jane cum was Darcy's favourite thing to do in the world, and of course she wanted to do it now, but this wasn't about just getting someone's rocks off so that they would return the favour. No, this was about making love to the girl she loved, and perhaps just as importantly get Jane relaxed as possible for what she had planned next. Because as long as Jane was properly relaxed it was something they were both going to enjoy very, very much. In the meantime while Darcy wanted to make Jane cum fucking her was almost as good.

From the way Jane was joyfully moaning her name over and over again, in a way which might have been annoying if it was anyone else, Darcy suspected her boss felt the same way. Plus Jane's pussy juices were steadily flowing into Darcy's mouth, the busty brunette wrapping her upstairs lips around her employer's downstairs lips to create a seal so that none of the yummy liquid would escape. Of course that meant Darcy had to pause the tongue fucking every so often when her mouth was threatening to overflow with girl cream however with all her rug munching experience she was pretty much a professional pussy pleaser. That meant she could pause just before her mouth overflowed and gulped down enough of the heavenly liquid so she would be able to give as many tongue thrusts as possible before she had to pause again.

Of course she couldn't take all the credit. A great deal of Jane's girl juice was flowing directly from the source into her mouth and down her throat with no swallowing necessary. Also while her awesome skills at foreplay and pussy eating had a lot to do with it Jane had a naturally receptive cunt. Or at least it was receptive to her.

Briefly Darcy pondered if this meant that Jane was gay or not. It was a thought that constantly occur to her as while she normally wasn't the jealous type things were different with Jane. With Jane Darcy worried that the uptight little prude would get freaked out one day just from having another girl go down on her for the millionth time and then run out and screw someone else. Someone smarter than Darcy, as in like super book smart, but also with a grip on reality, making them a better fit for Jane. Or maybe she would just find a musclebound stud and fall for him. Or maybe just someone who wasn't her assistant. Whatever, it didn't matter right now. What did matter was relaxing Jane, something Darcy quickly refocused on.

Jane felt Darcy briefly slowing the pace of the tongue fucking, however before she could muster up the courage to complain it started up again even harder than before. Although perhaps complain would have been the wrong word given the amazing pleasure that she had been receiving from even the gentle tongue fucking. That said this was so, so much better.

For what felt like an eternity Darcy had been pushing Jane close to the edge of an orgasm, sometimes pushing her right to the brink but never allowing her to go over it. Now Darcy seem to be struggling with keeping her from going over that edge, Jane swearing that she would a couple of times only for Darcy to pause the tongue fucking ever so slightly or take a few seconds to gulped down some juices, either way just stopping long enough to stop Jane from cumming.

Of course the whole time Jane was whimpering, "Please Darcy, mmmmmmm please, oh please Darcy please, make me cum. Fuck me and make me cum! Fuck me and make me cum, fuck me and make me cum, fuck me and make me cum, ooooooohhhhhh God Darcy, Darcy! Fuck me with your tongue and make me cum! Please? Please! Pleaseeeeeeee ohhhhhhhh Goooooddddd!"

Finally Darcy started sucking on Jane's pussy lips, the additional stimulation just hard enough to make the brilliant astrophysicist lose her ability to speak. Her ability to think wasn't far behind, but not before she could ponder whether or not her orgasm was an accident or not. Given the way Darcy swallowed pretty much all of her cum without missing a drop Jane guessed it was intentional, as was the climaxes that followed, the brainy brunette cumming over and over again in the other girl's mouth.

After a while Jane was only barely aware of what was happening to her. She felt like her mind, and/or perhaps her spirit if such a thing truly existed, floating above her body and watching as Darcy swapped her tongue for her fingers, first one and then two being inserted into the older brunette's cunt so that the intern could suck on her boss's clit. Then send Jane into an extra hard climax, her mind floating ever higher into the clouds. Unfortunately it couldn't last forever.

Jane whimpered softly as Darcy brought her down from her high. She then let out a much louder whimper when she felt Darcy removing her fingers and replacing them with that big toy.

That caused her nervousness to quickly return and Jane opened her mouth to yet again ask Darcy if she was sure it would fit. However, Darcy didn't give her a chance to get the words out, the wicked assistant pushing forward and forcing almost a third of the strap-on into Jane's pussy with that first hard thrust. Naturally this had Jane crying out, although the astrophysicist was surprised that it was mostly a cry of joy, followed by a cry of pure pleasure.

A slight blush filled Jane's cheeks, although it was probably unnoticeable given how flushed the brainy brunette was after her orgasms. Of course it was those orgasms and the attention which preceded them which had made Darcy's dildo not only easily enter Jane's cunt but allowed the astrophysicist to easily relax, whatever pain there was quickly being overwhelmed by the pleasure and thus making it easier for Jane to take the strap-on inside her. This proved Darcy right, that fact causing Jane to blush slightly. Not that Darcy noticed. No, the busty brunette was far too preoccupied with staring at her boss's pussy lips wrapped around her cock, this thought making Jane blush even more.

Looking down in between their bodies wasn't much better for Jane when it came to the whole blushing thing. In fact given her insecurities looking at her body in general was far from her idea of fun, and this time round it was extra difficult for her to convince herself to look. And when she did, when she looked down and saw Darcy's strap-on inside her, oh Jane definitely blushed hard enough for it to be seen. She also let out a moan which finally got Darcy's attention, the intern giving her a scandalous grin which made Jane feel like she was about to cum again.

Then with that grin barely leaving her face Darcy said, "Relaxed boss lady, that's the hard part over with. Now just give me a couple more seconds and the real fun can start. Then I'll have you begging for more."

Darcy knew that may sound cocky to someone who didn't know her but she like to think she and Jane had really bonded lately. Certainly Jane should know Darcy had mad skills when it came to girl fucking, given she had hands-on experience and all. So there was no way Jane should have given her a look which silently scolded her for being cocky. But she did, which Darcy couldn't help feeling was insulting. Luckily she had an easy way to punish her friend/employer. If fucking her very willing pussy could be called punishment, the moan Jane let out proof that punishment definitely wasn't the right word for this.

Of course it would be easy for Darcy to hurt Jane if she had wanted too, but then why on earth would she want too? She had the perfect woman spreading her legs for her and the last thing Darcy wanted to do right now was hurt her. That didn't mean she wouldn't punish her. Hell, Darcy couldn't really avoid it, the pleasure she was giving Jane obviously making the prudish brunette feeling a little overwhelmed and embarrassed by the feeling of that big dick pumping in and out of her pussy. Naturally Jane got over that embarrassment pretty quickly, more or less. She closed her eyes so as not to see the grin on Darcy's face, but the pleasure probably had something to do with it.

Whatever the reason for it Darcy found it so cute. Which was always her favourite word to describe Jane because while other words like beautiful and gorgeous could technically be accurate for her looks they didn't quite as accurately describe her actions. Or her facial expressions. Or the way she acted so excited over nerdy things which Darcy couldn't begin to pretend to care about. So yes, this reaction was really cute, and Darcy loved watching Jane's face as the other brunette kept her eyes closed, a blush filled her cheeks and her mouth open in a little 'o' as Darcy slowly pumped her pussy.

It was hard for Darcy to tear her eyes away from that cute little face, but there were just so many other wonderful things to see. Like Jane's 'little' titties bouncing in time with each thrust, and her boss's entire naked body stretched out before her, the older woman spreading her legs so Darcy could have access to her core. A beautiful little gift Jane was giving Darcy, the intern becoming lost once again in staring at it as she continued her gentle thrusts until Jane was literally begging for more.

Naturally it took a long time for Jane to work up the courage to ask for what she wanted, and this time round it took longer because the scientist felt a little insulted by Darcy's claim that 'she'd have her begging for more'. That history taught Jane this was 100% correct was irrelevant, as was the fact that Jane knew better than most those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Of course in her current state Jane couldn't really recall that lesson reinforced into her by a thousand failed experiments. Her precious intelligence was also failing her as Jane became lost in the pleasure she was feeling.

The only thing she could focus on right now other than that pleasure was the infuriating notion that Darcy had been right. That the dildo Jane had been so worried would be too big was now stretching her pussy so wonderfully wide and deep, the man-made cock reaching places inside her which had never been touched before. Which she could have never imagined being touched, let alone imagined it would feel this good. And Darcy had also been right Jane wanted more. She wanted it harder, faster and deeper and she wanted it from her assistant Darcy Lewis.

Jane wanted Darcy to fuck her harder, faster and deeper, and eventually she was willing to say anything to get that, "Harder! Ohhhhhh God harder! Please Darcy, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Oh fuck, ooooooh yes, please, oh Darcy, fuck me as hard as you can! Mmmmm, harder! Yesssss, that's it, ohhhhhh Darcy!"

Luckily that was all it took, Darcy taking mercy on her by almost immediately giving her what she wanted. Sure, Jane had to endure a wicked grin from the girl about ten years her junior as that same girl began to fuck her harder, faster and deeper but it was so worth it because Jane's pleasure seem to double almost instantly. Then it seemed to double again, and again, and then despite how good she was at equations Jane could no longer do the maths, especially when she came.

All her Darcy induced orgasms had proven to be very powerful indeed, but this one seemed to have an extra kick to it. As did the ones that followed it, overwhelming climax after overwhelming climax crashing through Jane's little body, leaving the astrophysicist a nervous wreck. She was far too overcome by the exquisite sensations to truly analyse what she was going through, Jane's brilliant mind shutting off in favour of enjoying the sensations wrecking through her body.

Darcy was all too aware of the difference, especially on her end of things. For her boss Darcy knew that even a petite and most likely gay girl like Jane Foster would enjoy getting her pussy penetrated. And as Darcy had correctly guessed the bigger the better in Jane's case. And her own. And pretty much every girl she'd ever fucked with a dildo. And maybe Jane was shaking ever so slightly more and screaming just a little louder than usual, but thanks to Darcy's skilled fingers and awesome tongue it was barely noticeable.

What was noticeable was how much easier holding Jane down was. All Darcy had to do was lean forward and rest her weight on top of the older woman's body and bam, Jane's body was pinned under the intern's big titties. Also as much as Darcy loved swallowing girl cum, especially Jane's mouth-wateringly sweet cream, there was definitely something to be said for being able to stare into the other brunette's pretty face as she was lost in pleasure. It was also nice to look into her eyes and see them glazed over, although Jane was unintentionally rolling them or shooting her head back now and again so Darcy couldn't always enjoy those pretty eyes, but the bliss on Jane's face remained very much visible throughout this late stage of the fucking.

Unfortunately because this was the late stage of the fucking it began to take a toll on the busty brunette. Her body ached something fierce from all the pumping of Jane's pussy. Especially her back, Darcy swearing she would need some ice or something later. In fact she could go for a big tub of it right now given how much her body was sweating. Jane's body was sweating too, making the contact between them a little slippery. Perhaps most of all, it wasn't like Darcy was a God. No, she had her limits, and her stamina was definitely wearing thin.

Fortunately she was able to cum before the end. More than once in fact, thanks to not just the stimulator on her clit but because of the sheer joy of fucking another woman this way. Of fucking Jane this way. Oh yes, Darcy loved fucking women with her strap-on, but like everything else it was special with Jane, because Jane was special and because this was something Darcy had wanted since she first laid eyes on the petite brunette. She had wanted to fuck Jane every way she knew how, which definitely included stuffing the other girl's little love box full of strap on dick and pumping her until she covered her cock with her cream.

Of course there were other things Darcy had imagined, and when the intern finally collapsed down onto her boss for a much needed rest her mind couldn't help wonder about some of those things. Things which Jane would probably never agree to normally, but now that she was in an obviously vulnerable state... maybe, just maybe she would let her.

Jane had no idea what wicked things Darcy was thinking. She was too busy enjoying the afterglow of her orgasms, which was wonderfully relaxing except for the pleasant after-shocks which led to her sensitive pussy squeezing the now very welcome big toy inside it, although even that was mostly pleasant. Jane also liked the feeling of Darcy's much fuller body pressed against her own, especially those massive tits against her small ones. Overall Jane thought she was going to drift off to sleep she was so content, but she quickly learned that Darcy had other ideas.

It started with Darcy gently kissing her neck, then cheek, then lips, Jane surprising herself as she began to kiss back with surprising eagerness, her adrenaline reigniting as she massaged Darcy's tongue with her own. Perhaps this shouldn't have been so much of a surprise, after all having amazing lesbian sex with her assistant had increased Jane's stamina tenfold, but given the pussy stretching and skilled fucking she had just received Jane thought she was down for the count. Apparently not, the scientist's adrenaline almost tricking her into thinking she was back to full strength when Darcy gave her pussy a few quick thrusts and then pulled out to replace that monster dildo with her mouth.

Moaning happily Jane grabbed a handful of Darcy's hair so she could push her friend's face as deep as it would go into her cunt, however instead of giving her another orgasm Darcy just spent a few minutes drinking the older brunette's cum and pussy juice before lifting her head and ordering, "Turn over... I wanna fuck you from behind."

If a male lover had asked her to do that Jane wouldn't have hesitated to say no as if she was going to have sex she wanted to lie back and let the man do all the work. Besides there was something animalistic about being on all fours Jane didn't really enjoy. But with Darcy she blushed only slightly and then quickly got into position, partly because she was once again eager to be fucked and partly because Jane found it difficult to deny Darcy anything.

Grinning widely Darcy grabbed her boss's butt cheeks and began fondling those well-toned globes, "Wow Jane, cute butt."

Blushing way more than before Jane stammered, "Tha, thank you."

"I bet no one ever told you that before." Darcy said knowingly.

"I, I think you have." Jane pointed out.

"Not enough. I mean just look at this thing." Darcy said as she slowly pulled apart those cheeks, "It's so round and firm, with the cutest little butt hole I've ever seen."

Realising where this was going Jane was almost paralysed by fear, the brilliant astrophysicist only able to add something when she felt Darcy's right index finger beginning to rub her ass hole, "Darcy, no."

"No what?" Darcy couldn't help grinning, "What are you saying no to Jane?"

"I, I... I... there's no way that thing would fit." Jane whined.

"That's what you said about it going in your pussy." Darcy pointed out, "In fact, you've been hesitant about everything we've done at first but you've ended up loving it. What makes you think this will be any different?"

Jane was lost for words for a little while, then she mumbled, "It's just... so wrong and gross."

"No it's not. It's hot and amazing, and it'll make you cum like nothing else." Darcy promised, then after a long pause added, "Tell you what, let's try a little experiment. If you don't like it, I promise I'll never mentioned this again, ok?"

Before Jane could offer a response she felt something long and slippery sliding against her ass hole, her brilliant brain quickly telling her that Darcy was licking her back there. That her assistant was licking her ass hole. That her intern Darcy Lewis was giving her a rim job, some variation of that sentence echoing in Jane's head for a few moments and by the time she got her wits about her she couldn't deny it felt good. There was certainly no way she could tell Darcy any different given the way she was mindlessly moaning with every swipe of the younger woman's tongue against her forbidden hole, Darcy first using slow and then quick licks to drive Jane crazy.

Given the way Jane couldn't stop herself from moaning Darcy could have pulled away from the astrophysicist's butt hole a lot sooner than she did, but apparently she was pretty content rimming her for a little while. Especially when she added spitting onto Jane's ass hole into the mix, Darcy grinning wickedly as she rubbed that saliva in with her tongue. When she did finally pull away she softly said, "See Jane, nothing to worry about."

"I... I... I don't know Darcy." Jane said softly after a short pause.

Losing her patience somewhat Darcy huffed, "If you don't want to I'll happily fuck your pussy, but now I know you like having your ass licked there's no way I won't be trying to get a dick up this hot ass 24/7. And given our track record how long do you think it's going to be before I succeed? I'm betting not long, and like with fucking your pussy with my strap-on you'll be worrying about it and shit till it happens, building it up in that pretty little head of yours only to find it isn't that bad. So just trust me, ok? Please Jane? It's not like I've ever done anything you haven't loved, so please, give me your ass."

While Darcy sounded pretty cocky there she was right. She hadn't done anything to Jane that the scientist hadn't loved and Darcy did always get her way. Jane still wasn't sure how this could be pleasurable but to save herself some grief she lowered her head in submission and whimpered, "Ok."

"Awesome-source." Darcy beamed happily, and then knowing she was pushing her luck added, "Jane... if you reach back and spread your cheeks it will make it easier for your butt hole to relax."

As far as Darcy knew that wasn't actually true but while biology wasn't her area of expertise it wasn't Jane's either. Plus her boss could often be hopelessly gullible and was mostly clueless about any form of sex which wasn't the vanilla kind, so Darcy was confident there was a good chance that this would work. That didn't stop her from being dumb struck by the sight of Jane Foster nervously reaching back and grabbing her butt cheeks so she could pull them apart, giving Darcy perhaps her favourite ever visual.

Darcy had seen some wondrous sights while interning for Jane. Wonders of the universe which had captivated mankind through its entire known history. Of course while that included the stars they were now under Darcy had always been far more interested in what Jane hadn't known she was treating her intern too, that being the beauty of a petite, young female form. And as stunning as Jane was fully clothed Darcy didn't think she'd ever seen a sight more beautiful than her sexually repressed employer displaying herself so lewdly. She was treated to a sight just as stunning if not more so when she finally pressed her strap-on against Jane's virgin ass hole and pushed forwards, Darcy so excited that she popped her boss's anal cherry in one quick thrust.

"OH MY GOD!" Jane loudly gasped, letting go of her ass cheeks and grabbing hold of the chair as she was anally violated, "Darcy, oh my God, I don't think, ohhhhh fuck!"

"Shhhh, trust me Jane, you're going to love this." Darcy said insistently, fully prepared to talk Jane into this again.

However instead of that long debate Darcy had been expecting Jane didn't say another word. Instead she just stayed very tense for a few moments then Jane's body went limp and she lowered her head in surrender. Surrender to Darcy, the thought of it making the intern grin widely. After all here was this older and smarter woman surrendering her most private of holes to Darcy, super brainy Jane Foster allowing her assistant to use her virgin butt hole as a fuck hole. Man, that gave Darcy an incredible rush of power.

Darcy continued feeling that rush of power as she spent the next couple of minutes pushing about half of her dildo up her boss's butt, making sure to give Jane plenty of time to relax in between each additional inch or two so that the anal stretching wouldn't be too bad. Then with enough of the toy firmly embedded within Jane's backside Darcy let go of the base of the strap-on and the older woman's hip to grab her tight little ass cheeks with both hands.

Jane blushed furiously when she felt Darcy grabbing her ass. It was nothing she hadn't done before during sex, but normally it was when they were kissing or Darcy's tongue was buried in Jane's cunt or something like that so the scientist was barely aware it was happening. Now Jane's entire world revolved around her ass, and while most of that focus was on the huge dildo obscenely stretching her back hole she couldn't help notice Darcy's hands, especially when they began squeezing and cupping her cheeks. Then Darcy spread them wide apart and Jane thought she was going to die of embarrassment.

Was it not enough she was having to cope with a big dildo in her butt? Did Darcy really have to further humiliate her like this? Did she really have to expose her most private hole like this when it was being violated? The obvious answer was no, but Jane supposed Darcy could have been telling the truth about the spreading of the cheeks making it easier for her to take something in her butt. However Jane had originally doubted this, and had only spread her own cheeks because she had wanted to get this over with, and all Jane had to do was look back to know for sure this was for Darcy's benefit, not her own.

The wicked grin of glee on Darcy's face as she stared at her dildo slowly disappearing into Jane's butt hole told her that, the scientist whimpering softly at the sight and burying her face in her hands rather than telling her assistant to cut this out. Jane wasn't sure she could be demanding enough right now to stop Darcy doing anything so she might as well let the intern have her way with her. Then Jane would firmly tell Darcy she didn't enjoy it when things were back to normal. And if Darcy didn't respect her wishes then... Jane would still probably end up taking it in the ass for her assistant.

No sooner had Jane told herself she had to learn to say no to Darcy the younger girl grabbed the scientist's hips with both hands and began pumping her strap-on in and out of the older brunette's butt hole and thus officially beginning Jane's first ass fucking.

It was a stimulation the likes of which Jane had never felt before, and could have never imagined, and while initially she cried out it only took a few thrusts to make her moan in pleasure. Which was the most horrifying moment of her life, Jane briefly trying to tell herself it wasn't true before she ended up moaning again. She couldn't believe how quickly her body betrayed her, pain and discomfort swiftly giving way to pleasure. It still felt weird to have a large fake cock stretching her ass hole, but the pumping sensation felt so good. So very, very good. And poor Jane couldn't stop herself from loving it.

Darcy certainly loved her reactions, "See Jane, I told you you'd love it. Mmmmm yeah, it feels good, doesn't it? Well, it's only going to get better, all you have to do is relax and you'll be an anal slut in no time."

Jane blushed but remained silent and continue to allow Darcy to have her way with her ass hole. That included pumping her back door slowly and steadily until Jane felt something pressing into her ass cheeks, the brainy brunette blushing when she realised it was Darcy's thighs. Somehow she had been so preoccupied with the pleasure she hadn't noticed Darcy slowly pushing the rest of her dildo into her rectum, those thighs beginning to smack against Jane's butt cheeks as she continued to be butt fucked by her assistant.

As Darcy settled into giving her a slow but steady ass fucking Jane made peace with the fact that she was now essentially her assistant's anal slut. After all if the past few weeks, and today in particular, had proven anything it was that Jane couldn't say no to Darcy and unless she learnt quickly she was going to end up bending over a lot for the younger girl in the days, weeks and months that followed. For many, many reasons Jane should make sure that didn't happen... but... it just felt so good. It felt so good to submit to Darcy. To do whatever she wanted. To take it up the butt for her intern.

Through it all the loudmouth assistant continued talking dirty, for once during sex with her prudish boss Darcy completely failing to control her mouth, "You like that Jane? Huh? You like it up the butt? You like taking it up the butt like a little anal slut? Huh? Mmmmmm, yeah you do! You're an anal slut! Mmmmm, my boss is an anal slut, with a tight, fuck-able little dyke ass which should be getting fucked every single day! Fuckkkkk yeahhhhhh Jane, mmmmmm, boss lady, someone should be bending you over every single day and fucking this sweet lesbo butt of yours, pound it hard and deep, make you cum like the anal slut you are!"


With that Darcy began slowly increasing the pace until her thighs were smacking loudly against Jane's butt cheeks and the astrophysicist's brilliant brain slowly dissolved inside her head. Then she experienced a supernova of an orgasm which rendered her truly mindless, Jane's last conscious thought for a while being if this was what she had to look forward to as Darcy's anal slut she was going to enjoy it.

Darcy was also having problems thinking coherently. That was normal during sex, or at least sex with Jane, as was the fact that one of Darcy's few distractions from whatever act she was treating the other woman to was her fantasising about doing this again and again and again. She thought about doing it in different positions, different places, and sometimes trying different techniques so she could make Jane cum even harder than she was right now. However, there was another less pleasurable thought circling in her head, that being had she finally gone too far.

Her life with Jane had never been smooth sailing per se but lately it was like walking a tightrope. Or guiding someone afraid of heights across a tightrope, Darcy constantly watching her mouth and introducing Jane to the wonders of lesbian sex in the most patient and gentle way possible, for the most part, but sometimes she just couldn't help herself. After all, the idea of innocent little Jane Foster being her anal slut was almost too wonderful for words.

As her stamina waned, signalling the rough anal sex was reaching it's end, Darcy became consumed by that wonderful idea. She pictured herself getting horny watching Jane writing up her notes, only instead of suffering in silence like usual Darcy would just tell her boss to bend over and she would have to do it because she was Darcy's anal slut. Yes, Jane would have to bend over for her whenever and wherever Darcy wanted, the older woman's ass hole constantly gaping and aching from the abuse the younger girl was going to give it, the assistant practically owning her boss's butt hole. No, she would own it. She did. She did own it. Jane had promised to be her anal slut and that meant from now on Darcy owned her boss's butt hole and was going to use it for her pleasure whenever she wanted.

That admittedly really twisted thought made Darcy cum harder than ever before. Well, having the end of the dildo bashing against her clit and the overwhelming mental and physical pleasure of ass fucking another woman had a lot to do with it, but it was the idea of owning Jane's tightest hole that was definitely what sent her over the edge of an orgasm so strong it finally shut off Darcy's brain. All that was left was an animal mindlessly slamming the tight hole in front of it, Darcy using the last of her strength to hammer Jane's ass through climax after climax until she collapsed exhaustively on top of the other girl.

Darcy had passed out like this many times before. Sure there wasn't a dildo involved but she and Jane often fucked each other into unconsciousness. This time round though Darcy had something motivating her not to immediately pass out. Well, two things, the first of which she got to enjoy when she managed to find the energy to pull away from Jane, her strap-on being swiftly pulled out of her boss's butt hole with an audible pop and leaving behind the cutest little gaping crater.

After a few moments of just staring Darcy reached down and spread Jane's ass cheeks, allowing her an even better look at the other girl's gaping ass hole, the assistant totally getting off at being able to see into her employer's bowels via her stretched out anal ring. Which of course left Darcy thinking about the stars again, the boisterous brunette briefly looking up at them only to once again confirm they had nothing on the sight of innocent little Jane Foster laying facedown on a rug in the middle of a desert with a widely gaping butt hole.

Unfortunately Jane was unconscious so Darcy couldn't make this day perfect by making her boss go ass to mouth, but there was always tomorrow. Sure, there was the chance Jane would fire her for being rude, or fucking her in the ass, but considering how submissive the scientist was turning out to be Darcy was confident she could not only talk Jane into letting her keep her job but get another shot at the older girl's tight little dyke ass AND make her go ass to mouth. Until then Darcy was more than happy to unstrap the dildo and stick it in her own mouth, the busty brunette moaning softly as she tasted the deepest part of Jane's bowels on the head of the cock.

Sitting down next to her unconscious employer Darcy gave her strap-on a long thorough blow job, taking the entire length down her throat so she could get every drop of Jane's ass juice. Then she snuggled up next to the girl she loved and went to sleep under the stars, Darcy dreaming of all the fun she and Jane would have tomorrow.


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