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Thor: Under The Stars Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

Technically Darcy knew she had no right to be pissed. Hell, it kind of made her a hypocrite because she'd had half a dozen casual hook-ups and had rolled her eyes when some of them had got jealous and acted like their relationship was more than just sex. But Darcy had never much cared for what people thought of her, and she was pissed. No, she was downright livid that some muscle bound 'God' had fallen from the sky and sweep Jane off her feet. So they weren't officially a couple, so what? Thor was still being a jerk, muscling in on HER Jane, making her smile and shit, it... it wasn't fair.

Darcy told herself she wasn't being selfish. At least not completely. But here's the thing, Thor was what Jane wanted, but Darcy was what Jane needed. Thor was like the perfect man on paper. Strong, ridiculously handsome and so very, very manly. Darcy didn't blame Jane for wanting to hit that. She wanted to hit that. Seriously, Darcy preferred women and all but Thor totally reminded her of everything she liked about men, and if Jane wasn't in the picture she would be all over that. But Jane was in the picture, and Thor could rock her astrophysicist's world maybe better than Darcy ever could but five minutes alone with him and anyone could tell he was oblivious to other people's emotional needs. He would never be able to look after Jane.

Don't get Darcy wrong, she liked Thor. It might have been easier if she didn't, but he had a indescribable likeability to him. And well, have you seen his arms? But that didn't mean she wasn't plotting ways to get rid of him the second he started flirting with her girl, or that she was sorry it was a whole week now since he had disappeared without a trace. And maybe Darcy should have waited longer to make a move on Jane, Thor still could be showing up at any second after all, but after previously enjoying weeks of mind-blowing lesbian sex with her boss suddenly having to quit cold turkey sucked.

But how? How should she go about seducing Jane Foster for the billionth time, Darcy asked herself as if the solution wasn't completely obvious and in the end kind of convenient.

See, she and Jane hadn't talked much over the past week but her internship was far from over and apparently meeting Thor had given the adorable astrophysicist a lot more work to do. So Darcy found herself trudging back to the desert where they had first found the alleged Viking God, Jane running around like Speedy Gonzales on crack, well more so than usual, Eric in tow for the most part. And sometimes a few SHIELD agents, who for a secret organisation seem perfectly happy to announce their presence when it suited them.

But tonight there was no Eric, no SHIELD and with any luck no Thor. Just Darcy, Jane and the admittedly beautiful stars which Darcy was beginning to think of as her good luck charm. Not that Darcy had ever failed to seduce Jane, but there was just something appropriate about doing this much in the same way it had began, under the stars.

Once she had finished setting up the blankets and giant umbrella in case they passed out Darcy briefly looked up at those stars before grinning happily and calling out, "Jane, could you come here for a minute?"

Whether Jane would be to lost in her thoughts to even hear her was probably about 50/50 but Darcy thought it was worth a try. Then, as was often the case, just as Darcy was about to go and get Jane the other girl appeared. However this time was different as while Jane was wearing her patented nervous look the only other thing she was wearing was one of Darcy's strap-ons.

The sight left Darcy gobsmacked for several long moments, Jane surprising her again by not running away from her but instead marching towards her in what was for Jane a really confident stride. It was clearly a forced confidence, but it was still innocent little Jane Foster striding out buck naked except for a strap-on, Darcy honestly unsure whether this was the most adorable or sexy thing she'd ever seen in her life. Perhaps it was a combination of both, Jane only stopping a few feet away from her when a wicked grin crossed Darcy's face as she finally awoke from her comatose like state.

Of course that made Jane look more nervous, but before Darcy could try and calm her the astrophysicist stammered out, "I felt nothing. With him, I mean. I... I felt nothing when I kissed him. Or when he flirted with me. And it took me a while to be ok with that. I mean I, I always thought of myself as one way, and... I kind of got freaked out by the idea I was something else, you know?"

"I know." Darcy smiled softly, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I'm the one who's sorry." Jane insisted.

Darcy frowned, "Why?"

"Because you're just trying to help, and I kept pushing you away." Jane said.

Darcy smiled, "That's not entirely true... I wanted your hot body."

"Yes, well..." Jane blushed, "I appreciate the help anyway. And this... this thing between us still isn't entirely ethical. Whether you care or not I'm still your boss and significantly older than you."

Rolling her eyes Darcy scoffed, "No you're not."

"Yes I am." Jane automatically responded, and quickly added before the conversation could dissolve into a childish back and forth like it had so many times before when discussing this issue, "But it doesn't matter anymore because I, I can't not be with you. I mean, I... I can deal with the consequences of us being together, like really together, with you being my girlfriend and me being yours and being openly gay if, if that's what you want."

With perhaps the biggest and happiest smile ever crossing her face Darcy step forward and took Jane's hands in hers, "That's all I've ever wanted."

Jane shyly smiled back, "Really?"

Darcy had made it clear several times by now that was the case, but knowing Jane needed the reassurance she confirmed, "Hell yeah, look at you. You're amazing, and brilliant, and beautiful, and everything I've ever wanted. Ever. I love you Jane Foster."

"I love you too, Darcy Lewis." Jane smiled warmly, obviously shocking Darcy by actually using these words freely. Jane was kind of surprised too, but Darcy's presence in her life had always given her strength, now more so than ever. It was strength she was really going to need for what came next, Jane taking a calming breath before she continued, "I... I want to show you how much. And, and make it up to you for the whole thing with Thor."

At the mention of his name Darcy raised an eyebrow, "Aren't you worried, you know, about causing a extra-terrestrial incident if you don't welcome him back with open arms?"

"I will." Jane shrugged, then quickly adding when Darcy gave her a look, "As a friend. I mean, we only kissed one time and talked a little. It's hardly an epic romance."

"Not like what you have with me." Darcy teased.

"No, nothing like what I have with you." Jane confirmed, the two women exchanging a soft smile before the scientist took another calming breath and boldly added, "So, do you want to talk about Thor all day or do you want me to fuck you?"

Darcy briefly pretended to look thoughtful, then smiled, "Oh, I definitely want you to fuck me. I always want you to fuck me. But... don't get me wrong, you look wicked hot and if you really wanna you can bang all my holes... but you don't have to force yourself to do something you don't want too."

Jane smiled softly at Darcy's comforting words. Then she almost pointed out the irony of Darcy saying that considering she had been pushing Jane to try new things for months, many of them increasingly kinky. Instead she squeezed Darcy's hand and said, "I want to do this. I've, I've been thinking about it all day and... and I've really been looking forward to it. I just, just need a little warm-up first. Something to help relax me, like... maybe... sucking on your big tits and making you cum in my mouth."

Before she met this confident younger girl Jane could have never imagined saying anything like that. Actually she still hadn't been sure she could say it without lots of prompting first. However she had said it and fairly confidently by her standards, her tone and the words themselves making her blush but also making her feel proud of herself. She was filled with the same mixture of embarrassment and pride when she saw how turned on Darcy looked because of what she had said and how she had said it, the bustier brunette looking at her lustily for a few moments before moving forward.

Not allowing Darcy to have complete control this time Jane swiftly move forwards so she was unquestionably the one who initiated the kiss between them, the two lovers falling into each other's arms like it was the most natural thing in the world. Because, despite the very open setting where at any moment government agents or a God might show up, this was natural for them. Which kind of showed that their lives have become more interesting lately, but in that moment neither of them cared as the only thing they were aware of was each other, Darcy and Jane becoming lost in the type of kiss you would find at the climax of a romantic film or perhaps even a Hollywood blockbuster.

Of course unlike their kiss those things were staged and the electricity between them was so full of sparks Jane thought they might recreate the storm Thor had first appeared in, which probably wasn't scientifically possible and definitely not her intention but it would be an interesting twist and she was eager to talk to the musclebound God again. Just not now that she had her lover's needs to deal with, Jane carefully stripping Darcy of her clothes before gently lowering her to the blanket beneath them.

Unsurprisingly Darcy was very receptive to this treatment and only too happy to help Jane quickly remove her clothing before they settle down with their bodies pressed together and their lips and tongues still going at it. They had barely taken a few seconds break to remove Darcy's shirt and it seemed an eternity before Jane moved down to the other woman's neck but in Jane's defence her lover was a very good kisser. Of course it was only a matter of time before Jane craved something more, namely Darcy's big tits which it didn't take long to get to after moving away from the other brunette's lips.

Jane tried to keep kissing Darcy's neck for a while as that was part of her friend's... her girlfriend's body which often went neglected however the brainy brunette could only resist those big boobs for so long. Having her hands on those massive globes didn't help, not that Jane could remember grabbing them, the astrophysicist's hands slowly having gone into business for themselves while her brilliant mind was distracted with Darcy's talented tongue and sinfully sweet lips and had been squeezing the mountainous flesh ever since.

When she inevitably kissed her way down to those large globes Jane continued to caress them, pushing one into her mouth so it was easier for her to suck on that nipple while continuing to give love and attention to the other boob with her by now well practised hand. Of course her main focus was on the sucking, Jane just concentrating on gently suckling on those sensitive little buds which soon became rock-hard under her talented little mouth.

Normally Jane was far from a confident person and while in the past she had become really confident on some of her scientific theories she was nervous with nearly everything else, but especially when it came to sex. Now she had months of experience having nearly non-stop lesbian sex with her hot assistant and Jane sexual confidence had improved no end, especially when it came to worshipping Darcy's big tits which was something she had regularly become lost in. So lost that she could spend hours playing with these enormous boobs and never get bored.

Darcy on the other hand was rarely completely fine with hours worth of foreplay and inevitably moaned, "Come on Jane, mmmmmmmm, lower. Move that wonderful little mouth of yours lower. Ohhhhhhh, please lower."

Jane smiled around the nipple in her mouth. She was still so uncomfortable with foul language outside of sex that Darcy was always courteous enough to ease into dirty talk. But Darcy had a foul mouth and not a lot of patience so it would only be a matter of time before she was using every curse she knew in between desperately begging to give her something more substantial. So, as always, Jane had to enjoy the other girl's tits while she could because she knew inevitably she would give into Darcy's begging. Until then Darcy would just have to 'suffer'.

They hadn't really hit the suffering stage yet, in fact Jane's mouth was causing Darcy pure non-frustrating pleasure, but after months of nearly non-stop lesbian sex with her hot boss and then having to go cold turkey for a week Darcy was aching to feel that pretty little tongue on and more importantly in her cunt again. Plus Darcy was never a patient person, and as good as Jane's mouth could make her tits feel it was nothing compared to having the other woman between her thighs.

As if somehow hearing that and feeling challenged by it Jane began gradually increasing the suction until she was sucking on Darcy's nipples as hard as she possibly could. Halfway through she added her tongue to the mix, at first just gently flicking Darcy's nipples and circling them, but like with the sucking it gradually increased into something much more passionate.

If Jane really was trying to show Darcy that her mouth could make her feel just as good by worshipping her tits as going down on her then she failed, because this felt better than what came before both technically led to the 'suffering' as the younger brunette became increasingly desperate to feel Jane move lower. However Darcy suspected Jane's intention was to 'torture' her and make her wet and ready for what was to come, which for once probably meant more than just Jane's talented mouth and tongue.

Thinking about Jane wearing that dildo, sadly something she could no longer really see, briefly distracted Darcy as she imagined this now perhaps formally sexually repressed girl fucking her with a strap-on cock. It was a fantasy she'd had many times before, especially directly after their affair started, but lately Darcy had been so busy dominating Jane she hadn't even thought of suggesting switching things up. Now Jane was suggesting it Darcy thought it just might be the hottest thing ever in her admittedly biased opinion, the intern hoping her boss wouldn't chicken out and would actually fuck her with that toy.

Of course eventually thinking about that combined with the tit worship to make Darcy beg with increasing desperation, "Lower, lower, lower, lower, LOWER! LOWER! Oooooooohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd Jane, mmmmmmm Jane please, please Jane lower. Go lower. Move that sexy little mouth of yours in between my legs and lick me. Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh, lick my pussy! Eat my cunt like a slut! Aaaaaaahhhhhh fuck Jane, my... my girlfriend? Please, I need your mouth on my cunt, mmmmmmmm, I need your tongue in my pussy, ooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssssssss, that's it, yes, yes please, oh please, oh Jane, ooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

Jane loved how excited Darcy got just from having her stomach kissed. True, she was just the same when a long tit sucking preceded it and she was naked and desperate to get her pussy licked, which was always the case when Darcy's lips were sliding down her stomach, but it didn't mean that Jane would always get what she wanted. In fact sometimes she had given Darcy a taste of her own medicine, cruelly lingering on her stomach and/or ignoring the other girl's needy cunt in favour of covering her thighs in kisses.

Admittedly there was a wicked part of Jane which was very tempted to do that now, but this was supposed to be make-up sex and as she was the one who wronged Darcy it seemed more than a little inappropriate. Besides, it wasn't like the constantly horny intern needed any more warming up, Jane's mouth-watering as she could clearly smell Darcy's intoxicating juices were flowing like a river out of her cunt, making the astrophysicist desperately want to bury her face in between her assistant's legs.

If Jane was honest with herself that was something she'd wanted throughout Thor's visit, the brainy brunette often lying awake and thinking about Darcy's pussy. And her massive tits, big ass, and of course her mouth, tongue, fingers and toys, but maybe most of all Jane had craved Darcy's pussy and when she got within inches of it the older brunette could no longer refrain from doing what she'd been dreaming of for the last week. Namely position her head in between her intern's thighs, stick out her tongue and slide it across Darcy's pussy lips in one long, slow lick.

That action caused both women to let out a moan of pure pleasure, Darcy's far louder and easily drowning out Jane's, although the older brunette's moan caused vibrations which help Darcy's moan be so loud. Not that Jane concentrated on that, or anything really other than Darcy's sweet flavour, the astrophysicist's well-educated mind melting as her taste buds were overwhelmed with the heavenly liquid she had been craving for what felt like much longer than a week, Jane reduced to nothing but a mindless pussy licker by that taste as she started ravenously lapping away at the tasty treat in front of her.

Darcy also spent some time being completely mindless and equally overwhelmed by the heaven of having a soft girl tongue begin to lick her pussy. Given all her experience she probably recovered first, but it didn't really matter as for the moment all she had to do was lie back and enjoy the ride. Which wasn't something she normally did during sex, Darcy almost always being very much an active participant throughout the lesbian fun, but this time Jane seemed determined to be in control and Darcy was very happy to let her be, for now.

Even though she really wanted her too part of Darcy was sceptical Jane could actually top her. The scientist was so meek and mild, the type of girl who, before she met Darcy, used to blush just at the word sex. That said there was the saying you should always watch out for the quiet ones and there had been a few flashes of a dominant Jane during sex. Darcy just hoped the other woman could do it consistently as she loved being topped by a girl.

If Jane couldn't do it Darcy would be happy to turn the tables, although so far she hadn't done too bad a job, especially for someone usually so submissive. Jane had mostly kept it together when strolling out naked, and the foreplay had been great as usual, and while at first the pussy licking had maybe been a little rushed/sloppy it wasn't that long before Jane regained full control and began gently lapping at Darcy's cunt with the kind of skill and determination of a natural top. Or at least someone doing a very good job of impersonating one, Jane's licks expertly designed to tease and not please which soon had Darcy aching to beg for more.

That was an important distinction, Darcy had to remind herself. She couldn't demand or order Jane to give her what she wanted, not without shattering the usually timid girl's confidence and screw herself out of being dominated. No, Darcy had to play this cool, something which became increasingly difficult as time went on. At least at first she was reduced just to moaning in pleasure, but eventually it all became too much and Darcy had to say something, even if she tried to watch her tone as she did so.

"Please Jane, please fuck me." Darcy begged, digging her nails into the blanket to stop herself from grabbing Jane's pretty hair and forcing the other girl's face deeper into her cunt, "Fuck me with your tongue. Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, yes, shove it in me, please, nooooooo! Mmmmmm, yes that does feel good, but I want you to tongue fuck me. Oooooooooh mmmmmmm I need you to tongue fuck me. Please Jane, fuck your girlfriend with your talented little tongue. Mmmmmm, use that tongue I trained to fuck cunt to slam me like a dyke slut! Please Jane, I'm begging you, use that mouth I trained to eat pussy and AAAAAHHHHHH FUCKKKKK YESSSSSSSS!"

Without warning Jane shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Darcy's cunt and began fucking it, the thrust slow and gentle at first but quickly settling into a steady rhythm which bordered on hard. Of course as she did this Jane's upstairs lips came to rest against Darcy's downstairs lips, the scientist just leaving them there for a while before she chose to take a brief break from the tongue fucking to engulf the assistant's cunt with her wet warm mouth and beginning to suck her juices right out of her.

When Jane finally shoved her tongue inside her Darcy automatically reached out, grabbed her boss's head and shoved her deeper into her cunt. She almost did the same when Jane started sucking her pussy cream out of her, Darcy unable to stop herself from grabbing the other girl's hair again but both times she let go so she wouldn't even have a tiny bit of control. The second time she did something that would hopefully help her keep her hands away from Jane's head, namely grab her own big tits and begin massaging them, this naturally only making Darcy moan louder and happier as Jane's talented tongue and mouth continued working on her cunt.

For a while that was heavenly, but then Darcy found herself on the edge of orgasm and try as she might she couldn't push herself over the edge simply by playing with her tits. Past experience told her it would be fruitless of course, but that didn't stop her from trying if for no other reason than to prolong her begging Jane to make her cum in case it sounded too demanding. Ironically when it came down to it Jane didn't seem to respond to anything Darcy said, no matter how desperate pleading or angrily demanding it sounded.

"Please Jane make me cum! Please? Mmmmmm oooooooohhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd, I need to cum, I need to cum sooooooo bad, please Jane, OH FUCK!" Darcy whimpered, screamed and cried, her hands once again gripping the bed sheets as she tried and failed to get off by humping her cunt up into Jane's face, "Make me cum! Make me cum! MAKE ME CUM! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD, make me cummmmmmmmm. For the love of Thor Jane, make me cum. Make me cum and I'll return the favour. Mmmmmmm, fuck you and make you cum harder than he ever could! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK, YES JANE, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh just like that, harder, mmmmmmmm, make me cum, make me cum and I'll fuck you harder than your God boyfriend and make you think you're in fucking Valhalla! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSS, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEEEE OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH JAAAAAAANNNNNNNEEEEEEE!"

Darcy immediately regretted bringing up Thor, which was probably going to be a sore spot for a long time in their relationship if not a permanent one, but it finally got results so she kept pushing until she was literally crying hallelujah. After that she was pretty sure she didn't say anything more coherent, Darcy telling herself if Jane seemed offended she would apologise, ideally in the form of giving Jane lots of orgasms. Right now she was more focused on her own, Jane showing off everything she had learned to make Darcy cum again and again and again.

Jane was annoyed by the mentioning of Thor and figured the only way to make Darcy shut up about it was to give her what she wanted. If that became a regular thing it would probably ruin the mood but it almost seemed appropriate given Jane was trying so hard to show Darcy how much she meant to her, and how little a certain musclebound alien meant. Well, technically he meant a lot to her in a variety of different ways but romantically he didn't compare to Darcy, and despite his great physique in the end his hard muscles were no match for Darcy's soft curves, at least in Jane's opinion.

She certainly couldn't imagine having this much fun sucking his cock, her brilliant mind quickly turning to mush as Darcy's delicious girl cum hit her taste buds. Not that her brilliant brain had been functioning at full capacity throughout the pussy eating. In fact Jane had found it hard to think the second her tongue slid across Darcy's pussy lips but the second the other girl's cum touched her lips she became like a wild woman.

Glueing her mouth as tightly as possible to Darcy's cunt Jane ravenously swallowed as much of the heavenly liquid as she could, all that practice meaning she got almost all of it although some still sadly escaped and covered her face. She then tongue fucked Darcy harder than ever to make her cum again, Jane repeating that a few times before shoving first her index finger and then her middle finger into her assistant's twat so she could fuck her while licking and sucking her clit.

Back and forth Jane went between these two techniques, making her new girlfriend cum several times before she collected some of the cream which was now covering her face and rubbed it into her strap-on. Then with a lot of effort Jane pulled herself away from Darcy's yummy pussy, lifted herself up so that she was kneeling in front of her intern and then bit her lip nervously.

Noticing Jane's hesitance Darcy offered, "You know you can still change your mind, right? I mean, I'd love to ride you. Or I could just eat your pussy or something."

Jane blushed as the idea of Darcy bouncing up and down on the strap-on dildo flooded her mind, before she insisted, "No, I want to do this. I will do this!"

Then with the same determination, and a cute little frown Jane used for solving complicated calculations which Darcy couldn't even begin to understand, the older woman shuffled forward so she was directly in between the younger girl's legs and pressed the dildo against Darcy's entrance. It was still kind of awkward, Jane fumbling a little when it came to getting the target dead on, but that just meant the beautiful astrophysicist ended up rubbing Darcy's pussy lips with the tip of the fake cock.

That this teasing motion was obviously unintentional was incredibly cute, yet Darcy mostly just moaned in pleasure because of being touched down there and in anticipation of what was to come. Although it had nothing on the moan of pleasure Darcy let out when Jane found her target and pushed forward, slowly easing the head of the strap-on into the younger brunette's very welcoming pussy.

Despite the very obvious moan of pleasure Darcy suspected she'd have to verbally encourage Jane to continue. To her delight she was wrong, Darcy barely having a chance to finish her moan before Jane was pushing forwards, the astrophysicist continuing to wear that adorable look of concentration as she slowly eased about half of the dildo into Darcy. Then without missing a beat Jane began thrusting her hips back and forth, repeating the process over and over so she could officially start the fucking. So she could officially begin to fuck Darcy. Jane Foster, the best and most hottest boss ever, was now officially fucking Darcy's pussy with a strap-on cock, and it felt so damn good.

Just as Darcy was beginning to wonder whether she'd slipped into one of her own personal fantasies Jane bit her lip and looked at the younger brunette with a inquisitive look. This had Darcy beaming brightly, the busty intern revelling in the fact that her super smart boss couldn't figure out what a great job she was doing at fucking her assistant and wanted Darcy's verbal approval. Or at least she wasn't sure how she was doing and wanted Darcy's feedback. Either way it proved Darcy was being fucked by the real Jane Foster as opposed to the fantasy version which lived in her head, and as much as she loved the version in her head it couldn't compare with the thrill of being fucked like this by the genuine article.

Of course Darcy was only too happy to give her boss the encouragement she needed, "Mmmmmm, fuck me Jane! Fuck me just like that. Mmmmmm, you're fucking me sooooooo goooooddddd, mmmmmmm ooooooooh, you must have been really paying attention to how I fucked you. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, your brilliant little brain just couldn't help but study me, huh? Study how I fucked you? How I made you feel good? Mmmmmmm, I knew you were a quick study at eating pussy, mmmmmmm, and I'm happy to see you're just as quick when it comes to pounding pussy. Oooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooddddddd, keep going boss lady. Show your intern you were paying attention all those times she was fucking you like a lesbian slut!"

Jane blushed at Darcy's crude words but didn't protest. After all, they were exactly what she wanted to hear. Well, she could've done without the challenging tone and most if not all of the teasing, however Jane had to admit Darcy talking dirty was a major turn on. Honestly it always had been, Jane grateful that Darcy never really censored her dirty little mouth as if it never failed to heightened the experience of being with the other girl. The naughty words had also driven to try harder at whatever else she was doing, this time being no exception.

The most important thing Jane had wanted to hear was confirmation she was doing a good job, as while scientifically all signs pointed to yes she wanted to hear from Darcy herself. Now she had the encouragement she needed, and a little ego boost, not to mention being driven by the naughty additional words, Jane increased the pace of the fucking, thrusting harder, faster and deeper into her very eager assistant.

"Oh fuck yes, fuckkkkkkk yeeeeeeeesssssssss, mmmmmmmm, give me that dick! Give me every inch of that dick! Ohhhhhhh fuck, mmmmmm I want every inch of that strap-on dick inside my slutty little pussy so you can fuck me hard and deep." Darcy half demanded, half begged, the busty brunette's eyes widening as her wish was granted and Jane pushed the last few inches of dildo into her cunt, "Aaaaahhhhhh Gawwwwwwd YES! Ohhhhhh YES! Oh my God, fuck me! FUCK ME! Fuck me with every inch of that big cock, mmmmmmmm, fuck me boss, fuck me hard! Fuck your slutty little intern hard and make her cum on your big fucking girl cock!"

Once Jane had fulfilled Darcy's request and pushed every inch of the cock into the other girl's pussy Darcy was pretty much reduced to a moaning mess. Occasionally she would get out the coherent command which was more complicated than simply crying out 'fuck me', 'fuck me hard', or 'fuck me harder' but mostly Darcy just moaned. And groaned. And whimpered. And occasionally screamed, the last one normally so loud that Jane would flinch, the possibility of that sound damaging her eardrums not enough to make the normally cautious brunette even consider hesitating to continue to fuck her beautiful intern.

Part of Jane still blushed at these cries voices of pleasure, and that the passionate swearing and writhing form of another girl beneath her, however she was far too lost in the sex to care. She was far too lost in having lesbian sex with her assistant. Pounding a strap-on in and out of a girl almost half her age. Slamming a dildo into another girl who was much hotter than her. Fucking her girlfriend? Yes, Jane thought with a happy blush, fucking her girlfriend. She, nerdy little Jane Foster, was fucking her girlfriend's pussy with a strap-on.

There were few things in this world Darcy adored more than Jane blushing. In her opinion there wasn't anything cuter, and she looked up cat videos during her breaks. And, if she was honest, while she was working. The point was Darcy love to see Jane blush, especially for her, and super especially for her when it was anything to do with sex. However Darcy struggled to concentrate on that one aspect when there was such an amazing vision in front of her.

Darcy had always loved watching someone fuck her. At the very least it was amusing, her poorer choices often being entertaining just from the faces they pulled during sex. Of course she naturally preferred it when it was someone hot, that way she could admire their body during the fucking, Darcy admiring well toned flesh glistening with sweat and a pretty face becoming a mask of pleasure. When it was a girl fucking her, as was her preference, she got to watch some boobies bounce with every thrust, other than her own, Darcy finding it hard to describe just how erotic she found this. And yet like with everything else doing this with Jane blew her previous experiences out of the water.

Seeing Jane above her, thrusting into her, her body glistening with sweat, her cute little titties bouncing in time with her movements, her beautiful face becoming awash with pleasure, it was almost too much. Perhaps most of all was that look of determined concentration absurdly combined with a little nervousness which was just so Jane, Darcy having no idea how her boss could doubt she was doing a phenomenal job given how much Darcy was moaning, groaning, whimpering and screaming like a well-paid whore hoping for a repeat customer.

It was way better than Darcy had ever dared imagine, even occasional moments of clumsiness turning her an even more until she came all over Jane's dick. She had been trying not to, trying to hold back, but she only had so much self-control, especially when Jane was involved. Considering that Jane was pounding a strap-on in and out of her at a rapid pace Darcy was actually quite impressed that she held off for as long as she did, but ultimately her body shuddered with pleasure and she creamed on Jane's cock, the astrophysicist once again impressing her as she fucked her through orgasm after orgasm.

Jane liked to think she'd gotten pretty good at that. Fucking Darcy through orgasm after orgasm. Fucking another girl through orgasm after orgasm, Jane not even thinking such thing was even possible before she started having sex with her intern. Now her life had become a series of multiple orgasms, Jane not only receiving but somehow finding herself becoming very efficient at giving them. It made her so proud that she actually kind of preferred giving, and while she was normally too shy to be the aggressor Jane felt like that might actually change now.

Fucking another girl with a strap-on dildo was another thing Jane hadn't thought possible. Well it was technically possible but she never thought she'd be involved, and although it had perhaps become inevitable when she hooked up with her very persuasive assistant Jane had certainly never thought she'd end up wearing the harness. There may have been some brief moments where she considered it, but she never thought she'd actually have the guts to go through with it.

Then there was the whole incident with Thor and Jane had felt obligated to make it up to Darcy. To jump in head first with not just the whole commitment thing or the lesbian thing but the whole kinky sex thing. It was why Jane intended to go 'all the way' with this bizarre act. But that didn't mean she had been expecting to love it so much. And she certainly hadn't been expecting to cum, her first orgasm so hard she almost stopped fucking Darcy. Almost.

Part of it was the end of the dildo was bashing against Jane's clit so that every thrust was pleasurable for her too. She knew that would be the case, knew that there was a chance she would at least find this somewhat enjoyable, but she underestimated just how much of a thrill it would be to fuck Darcy. How much it would fill her with a unprecedented sense of power and dominance to slam a dildo strapped around her waist in and out of her assistant, a girl who was half her age and at least twice as pretty, and make her cum. Make her cum on her cock, the younger girl screaming in pleasure as she came on Jane's cock, the thought overwhelming the brilliant brunette until she just couldn't go on, Jane collapsing down onto Darcy's sweaty body and gasping for breath.

Darcy was also gasping for breath, and she was surprised Jane didn't just slide right off her given how sweaty she was. Whether intentional or not Jane's last thrust had sent every inch of the dildo into Darcy's cunt, so the combination of her well stuffed pussy and the harness was keeping them together but Jane's head could have slipped from her right tit, something which had happened a few times after a particularly passionate round of girl on girl fucking. This time however Jane remained in place, although Darcy doubted she exerted any energy to make sure this was the case given how exhausted the other brunette seemed to be.

All things considered it had been a very satisfying fuck and Darcy would have been perfectly content to go to sleep with Jane lying in her arms and their strap-on dildo buried in her cunt. Sure, the last thing would have meant she was a bit sore in the morning, but she probably would be anyway and it felt like moving or saying anything would threatened to ruin what had been a perfect evening. What Darcy didn't know was that it was about to get better.

Just as Darcy was about to drift off she was jolted awake by the feeling of Jane lifting her head and then pulling the strap-on cock from her love box, the busty brunette crying out at the sudden feeling of emptiness. Her pussy was then attacked by something else, and while it didn't penetrate her right away and when it did it didn't go as deep as the dildo Darcy didn't feel empty anymore. No, all she felt was pleasure as Jane eagerly licked her pussy, collecting all of the remaining girl cum before pushing her tongue into Darcy's cunt in search of more.

Darcy would have only been too happy to give it, but then Jane lifted her now juice covered face and ordered loudly and surprisingly firmly, "Bend over!"

It took a moment for Darcy to move, and when she did it was slowly, but that had nothing to do with being hesitant and everything to do with being tired. Darcy also couldn't help think this was similar to what she liked to do to Jane. In fact this night had been a mirror image of the first time Darcy had used a strap-on on Jane, a night she would never forget no matter how many Gods/aliens/whatevers dropped from the sky, or how many times she fucked Jane for that matter. And the thought of Jane completely turning the tables on her and doing EVERYTHING she did to her that first time had Darcy's heart hammering in her chest, the busty assistant praying to every God she could think of including Thor that her boss was going to fuck her big fat ass.

Once Darcy was in position Jane took a few long seconds to admire that big fat ass, then she slowly reached out to touch those large globes. Touching soon led to groping and, to Jane's surprise, smacking. For all her intellect Jane started acting like a horny college boy, or worse Darcy, as she became lost in playing with that big beautiful booty, her assistant just letting her do it for a few seconds before commenting in a way that was just typical for her.

"Harder! Mmmmm, spank my ass harder! Ahhhhh fuck, yes harder! Harder! Come on Jane, give it to me!" Darcy challenged, Jane delivering a few slightly harder slaps before she brought her hand down as hard as she could onto the younger girl's rounded rear, "AHHHHHH, fuck yes, just like that, spank me! Spank my naughty ass! Ahhhhh Gawwwwd yeah!"

This wasn't something Jane had planned, but her newfound feeling of power was making her feel bold, and besides, she was supposed to be treating Darcy after all, who had been very open about the vast amount of things that got her off even before they started having sex. Sure, she felt a little bad about slapping Darcy's ass until it turned red, but it was also incredibly hot to watch that big booty jiggle for her with every strike, and Jane was so turned on, it was hard to be ashamed of it. Especially as Darcy wasn't.

"YES, YES, YESSSSS AAAAAHHHHHH FUCK SPANK ME! AHHHHHHH SPANK ME! AHHHHHH SPANK ME! OWWW, OWWW, OWWWWWW AHHHHHH SHIT THAT'S SO, OHHHHHH FUCK, SPANK ME LIKE THE NAUGHTY SLUT I AM!" Darcy cried out before letting out a long moan as Jane suddenly stopped what she was doing, pulled the assistant's juicy cheeks as wide apart as possible and slid her tongue over her ass hole, "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, that's good tooooooo, oh yes, lick me there Jane. Lick me back there just like I taught you. Lick my ass hole just like I taught you and prove you're just as good a butt muncher as you are a carpet cleaner! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, eat my butt like you eat my pussy you dyke slut, oh fuck!"

As usual Jane ignored Darcy's vulgar language in favour of concentrating on the task at hand, namely licking her assistant's ass hole. This was a task originally Darcy took a long time talking Jane into and since then the older brunette had only done it a few times because she had never felt fully comfortable with it. Until now, Jane's rush of dominance causing her to tongue that butt hole with an obscene amount of eagerness, the brainy brunette rapidly licking her lover's back door for what felt like an eternity before literally trying to shove her tongue up Darcy's ass.

Along the way Jane let go of Darcy's butt cheeks and buried her face as deep as it would go in between them, the astrophysicist becoming just as lost in that big butt as she did with the other girl's huge tits, and that was really saying something. She even wrapped her lips around that forbidden hole and for the very first time started sucking on it, partly just to try it out, partly because she (correctly) guessed Darcy would love it, but mostly to thoroughly prepare the younger woman for her last treat.

What felt like an hour later Jane briefly pulled her face from in between Darcy's ass cheeks and ordered, "Beg me to fuck you! Beg me to fuck your ass with my big dick!"

Feeling like she could cum on the spot, partly because Jane returned her tongue to her back hole but mostly because of her boss's words, Darcy practically trembled with happiness and then started pleading, "Please fuck my ass! Please fuck my big fat ass! Butt fuck me like the anal whore I am! Mmmmmm, please Jane, you know what a slut I am, oooooooooh, how much I love getting fucked in the ass, mmmmmm ohhhhhhhh, especially by girls. All my holes are available to girls because they always fuck me so good, mmmmmmmm, you always fuck me sooooooooooo goooooooddddddddd Jane, and I'm a lesbian slut who loves it in the butt. I love taking it in the butt for girls because I'm a dirty dyke slut, ohhhhhhhh, please fuck my butt like I fucked yours. I made you my anal slut Jane, mmmmm, now make me yours! Ohhhhhh I want to be your anal slut, mmmmmm, I want to be your ass whore, oh Jane, please fuck me Jane, fuck my ass, fuck my big fat ass, butt fuck me boss lady, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh shit!"

Darcy's words became more high-pitched as Jane slowly straightened up, pressed the tip of her strap-on against the loudmouth brunette's butt hole and started gradually pushing forward until the fake cock slid past her tight anal ring and into her backside. Normally this would lead to a unladylike grunt of pain from the busty intern, however because this was innocent little Jane Foster who was anally penetrating her Darcy let out a cry of mostly pleasure, her eyelids even fluttering and a grin crossing her face as her boss violated her ass.

It still hurt, getting something stuffed up her butt always did, however it was a sharp pain which quickly faded to a dull ache. The sharp pain was bearable and the dull ache was barely noticeable next to the twisted thrill Darcy got from taking it in the ass, the assistant adoring the feeling of something stretching her ass hole wide open.

Unfortunately it wasn't very deep, Jane leaving just the head of that dildo inside Darcy's butt hole out of a misguided attempt to give her assistant time to adjust to the anal penetration. Which Darcy kind of appreciated given that it was a small sign Jane cared about her, but this level of gentleness wasn't necessary. Darcy was a proud anal whore and thus could take a much swifter/harder ass stuffing. Luckily there was a very simple way to solve this particular problem.

"More Jane! Please give me more!" Darcy shamelessly begged, "Give me more of your cock! Mmmmm, I want every single inch of that cock in my slutty ass! Please Jane, I'm an anal slut. I promise I can take it. I can take every single inch of it. Please give it to me. Give it to my slutty ass. Stuff my slutty dyke ass! Fill it up with your big hard girl cock! Mmmmm, please boss lady, slam your intern's big fat ass full of rubber cock and fuck her! Fuck her ass! Fuck my ass! Fuck my big fat ass aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

Wordlessly granting her wish Jane pushed forwards again, Darcy's words dissolving into a joyful cry as she was filled with a few more inches of dildo. There was then another pause, although thankfully this one only lasted a few seconds, Darcy soon crying out happily and even moaning as her slutty ass was slowly filled with strap-on cock. Jane's strap-on cock. She had brought it so technically it was hers but right now it was around Jane's waist therefore it was innocent little Jane Foster's cock which was slowly filling her back passage, that fact almost getting Darcy off more than the butt stuffing itself.

For Jane it was hard to tell as sodomising her female intern was giving her an almost otherworldly thrill, the female intern in question having a commanding personality who had sexually dominated the astrophysicist for weeks, and subtly dominated her in other ways much longer than that, and the fact that she still thought of this girl as so much prettier than her were either three things which were getting her off or combining into one to make a massively perverted thing which was getting her off like maybe nothing had ever got her off before. Then there was the sight of watching a dildo strapped around her waist slowly disappear into Darcy's butt hole, Jane feeling embarrassed how fascinating she found it.

This whole thing was supposed to be for Darcy's benefit. One massive great big sign that Jane was willing to do anything to make her happy. Anything. And while Jane had thought she might enjoy some parts of it the reality had far succeeded her expectations, especially when it came to... to butt fucking her intern. To fucking another girl up the ass. To sliding every inch of that giant strap-on cock into the butt hole of a girl who had been dominating her for weeks, her thighs smacking into those meaty cheeks and making them jiggle, the process repeating as Jane officially began ass fucking a girl she still thought of as prettier than her, her loudmouth assistant Darcy Lewis letting out a series of almost animalistic like moans and cries as she began to be sodomised with the full-length of the dildo.

Of course it didn't take long for Darcy to find her voice, "Ohhhhhhhhh shit Jane, fuck me! Fuck me like a slut! Mmmmmmmm, fuck my ass hard! Fuck my fat ass as hard as you can! Oooooooooh Gawwwwwwwd, fucking ram my rectum, ohhhhhhhh, pound my pooper, oooooooohhhhhhhh, slam me, slam me like the dyke slut I ammmmmmmm OH FUCK! Fuck me! Oh Jane! Oh God Jane. Mmmmmmm aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shitttttt, destroy my ass hole, turn it into a gaping mess, oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuck me hard and make me your anal whore!"

Despite the fact that, as usual, Darcy was far from quiet Jane didn't hear a word of it for quite some time, the astrophysicist just lost in the heaven which was ass fucking her female assistant. It was just so wonderful, Jane's well educated brain unable to find the words to do justice to the feeling of Darcy's big pillowie cheeks jiggling against her thighs or the feeling of tightness of the other brunette's butt. Not that she could feel it like a man, which briefly saddened Jane, but she consoled herself with the knowledge that any man who shoved their dick up this ass would surely cum in seconds.

No, Jane thought. Darcy had already confessed to having many male lovers, most of whom she'd let fuck her up the ass. Of course given how tight Darcy's ass was that could have been a lie, but Jane doubted it. In fact Jane could clearly see in her head faceless male after faceless male pounding Darcy's big butt, enjoying the exquisite feeling of these meaty cheeks jiggling against their thighs as they ass fucked her girlfriend to orgasm and then deposited their loads so deep inside Darcy's rectum she would be leaking sperm for days. Jane could see it vividly in her head, mostly because Darcy had described it to her in detail, and it really upset her.

Not entirely sure what was coming over her Jane smacked Darcy's ass and growled, "You want to be my anal whore, huh?"

"YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS! Oh please Jane make me your anal whore!" Darcy pleaded, "Mmmmmmm, fuck my fat ass and make me your anal whore! Ooooooooooh make me your ass slut! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck, make me your butt sex loving bitch!"

"My bitch?" Jane murmured softly before she grabbed Darcy's hair, roughly yanked it and loudly ordered, "Tell me want to be my bitch! Tell me YOU want to be the one bending over whenever I want! Tell me from now on you're going to be MY lesbian slut! Tell me, no... beg for it. Beg to be my bitch. Fucking beg me! Beg to be my anal whore, my ass slut, my butt sex loving bitch so you can get your big fat slutty ass fucked like this by me every single day!"

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddddd Jane, make me your bitch! I want to be your anal whore! I need to be your bitch!" Darcy screamed without hesitation as Jane let go of her hair once again concentrate on fucking her ass, "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh shitttttt, I want to be your lesbian slut who bends over for you whenever you want. I will bend over whenever you want. You can have my ass Jane! It's yours, whenever you want it. Mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck my ass with your tongue, fingers, toys, whatever you want. Ooooooooohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd you can shove whatever you want up my slutty ass because from now on I'm your bitch! Ohhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooh shit, I'm your bitch, mmmmmmmm, I'm your anal whore, your ass slut, your butt sex loving bitch, ANYTHING YOU FUCKING WANT, JUST FUCK ME JANE! FUCK MY FAT ASS! FUCK MY BIG FAT ASS JUST LIKE THIS EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK JANEEEEEE!"

Darcy continued begging as Jane steadily picked up the pace, the brainy brunette timing her thrusts perfectly so that the younger girl's pleasure built and built and built until she was on the edge of climax. Then, accidentally or not, she kept her there which reduced Darcy to a babbling mess who was completely unable to string a sentence together. Hell, she could barely get two words together, and the words which did escape her mouth were mostly curses or simply Jane's name over and over again.

In a million years Darcy wouldn't have guessed Jane had this in her but she was loving every single second of it. Innocent little Jane Foster not only had a dominant side but apparently being a natural born top, or at least a natural born ass wrecker, Darcy seriously regretting not trying harder to talk Jane into topping her right from the start of their sexual relationship. No, actually Darcy didn't, because topping Jane had been heaven and something she would never want to miss out on for anything. It was just now she knew what a butt buster Jane was Darcy will probably never wear a strap-on again. Well, maybe.

Just before she came Darcy thought it would definitely be fun to top Jane again, and her boss had an ass which in her opinion demanded to be regularly fucked. But the truth was Darcy had always felt more at home as a power bottom, and she loved the thought of at least spending a month or even a year as 100% Jane's bitch. Turn about was fair play after all, and Jane deserved some time as a pure top. Of course Darcy suspected when she was no longer overwhelmed by her hormones Jane would be embarrassed about her current behaviour, probably even apologise for it which Darcy would frankly find hilarious because come on, even blushing Jane should get she loved being her bitch. But then again it would be fun to coax this side of Jane out of her, like some more fun version of that big green rage monster on the news.

Then Darcy came and she was unable to think about anything at all, her mind becoming overwhelmed with pure bliss as her body shook and her cum squirted out of her like a fountain. Sure, later she would be impressed that Jane managed to hold on and continue butt fucking her, but she would be even more impressed with the strength of her orgasms, one after the other overwhelming her, creating greatest feeling of pleasure she'd ever known. Which FYI definitely sealed the deal, she was going to be Jane's bitch for at least the foreseeable future.

Jane came too, although her orgasms were nowhere near as powerful as Darcy's and she easily powered through them. Or at least her body did. Her mind on the other hand, felt like it had been awoken from a dream only to find it could no longer control her body, Jane feeling incredibly embarrassed about that fact and what had driven her to this insanely hard butt pounding.

Much to her dismay Jane was angry at Darcy for having sex with other people before they met, the highly intelligent astrophysicist overwhelmed with the sense that Darcy was hers and therefore should have never been touched by anyone else ever. Which Jane knew was absurd but she couldn't help it, she was suddenly overcome with possessiveness for Darcy Lewis and her curvaceous body, every memory of Darcy's sexual past slowly becoming infuriating to her.

Darcy had never been shy about telling her all the gory details but it had got so much worse since Jane had become her intern's bitch. Suddenly simply knowing the things the busty brunette had done wasn't enough, Darcy describing what she felt during each of her most memorable sexual encounters right from the beginning to the end, Jane literally spared none of the details as they were intimately described to her. And Darcy hadn't done it just once, she had done it several times, often when Jane was tied up and couldn't go anywhere or was desperate to cum and being cruelly teased. In fact Darcy had mostly done it when there was a dildo in Jane's ass, making this reversal even more appropriate.

All those images of Darcy being fucked by men and women pushed Jane to not just give her new girlfriend her best ever ass fucking but her best ever fucking in general, the brainy brunette literally desperate to make the other girl cum harder than ever before so she would be hers. So this pretty girl wouldn't get bored and leave her. So Darcy Lewis would forever be her bitch, by the end Jane's mind becoming lost again as she completely devoted herself to making that happen. Then she inevitably run out of energy and collapsed onto Darcy's sweaty back, Jane hysterically thrusting in and out the other brunette's butt hole even as Darcy collapsed with her which left them both lying in an exhausted heap.

They lay like that for quite a while, both gasping for breath as after-shocks quivered through their bodies, this pleasant if sweaty actually feeling a little weird. Of course they had been in this exact position many times but this was the first time Jane was on top of Darcy with a strap-on dildo still slowly sliding in and out of the curvy brunette's butt and without her hormones/adrenaline running through her body the older brunette once again reverted to her old shy self. It was a struggle not to apologise or to ask if she'd hurt Darcy, which would no doubt ruin the mood. If Jane had really done something wrong she would have heard about it as Darcy wasn't the type to keep quiet about such things, and given this was supposed to be the intern's treat Jane didn't want to ruin it in any way.

So collecting every ounce of bravery, and physical strength, she could muster Jane kept herself quiet as a mouse and lifted herself off of her assistant, her dildo leaving Darcy's ass with an audible pop. It then became easy for Jane to keep quiet as she became lost in staring at her handiwork, namely Darcy's clearly well fucked ass, the other brunette's back hole gaping easily as wide as Jane's ever had after a fucking which made the astrophysicist feel oddly proud.

Jane got an even better look when Darcy lifted herself up onto her knees, reached back and spread her ass cheeks wide apart, submissively showing off her gaping ass hole to the other woman. Which of course made Jane blush, especially when Darcy looked back at her and grinned, but it also turned her on and gave her a much-needed shot of adrenaline for what she knew would come next.

"Mmmmmm Jane, you fucked my ass sooooooooo good. See?" Darcy smirked.

"Yeah, I can see." Jane said, taking a deep breath before adding, "I can also see the nasty butt cream covering my cock."

"Oooooooh, what do you think I should do about that?" Darcy asked, delighted that Jane was still playing along, "Tell me Jane! Tell me what I should do!"

Jane smiled, took another calming breath and replied, "You should suck it. I, I want you to suck it clean. Yes... suck it."

The second Jane finished her first sentence Darcy world around, seemingly moving as fast as lightning. By the time Jane was finishing her second sentence Darcy had already wrapped her lips around the head of the dildo and let out a long moan of pure joy, the astrophysicist trailing off as she became lost in the sight of her assistance sucking the taste of her own ass off her cock.

Darcy had prepared herself for Jane to go back to her old self the second the butt fucking was over. She told herself that she should count herself lucky she got that much, Jane by far exceeding her expectations for the first time the scientist wore the dildo. However Darcy couldn't help be disappointed by the idea. Not that she didn't love shy Jane, she did. She loved shy Jane with all her heart. But dominant Jane was really hot and Darcy had hoped that she would stick around at least for a little bit longer and she was beyond delighted that she did.

Jane wasn't acting super dominant right now but that was ok as Darcy had plenty to concentrate on. She always did when there was a cock in her mouth, especially when it was the type that would never go soft and was covered in her ass cream, Darcy taking her time savouring the flavour of the deepest part of her bowels before she lowered her lips on the dildo. In a matter of seconds she was bobbing her head on about half of the strap-on dick and then more as she allowed the toy to slide down her throat, Darcy soon sucking the entire length of the fake cock with practised ease.

Darcy had rejoiced in telling Jane all the gory details of her past and demonstrated certain parts of them but for obvious reasons she hadn't been able to give her the full experience of her BJ skills. Now however she was able to unleash her inner cock sucker, Darcy proudly showing her boss she could put any whore to shame with her awesome blow jobs skills.

She was reinvigorated for this extra passionate BJ by Jane gently grabbing her hair and moaning, "Ohhhhhh yes, that's it Darcy, suck my cock. Suck it clean of all your butt juices. Mmmmmmm, I had sooooooo much fun fucking your ass and now I'm almost having just as much fun watching you suck the taste of your slutty ass off my cock like a nasty little whore. But not as much fun as you, huh? Because you love it when I swear. When I talk nasty to you. When I'm make you my ass to mouth slut right after I've just butt fucked you. You love it, huh?"

Briefly removing her mouth from the dildo Darcy gasped, "Yes! I love it! I love being your bitch! Please talk dirty to me some more."

Again surprisingly into it Jane continued to talk dirty, which proved Darcy had a positive influence over the formally shy brunette. Of course it was simply enjoyable background music to Darcy who returned to sucking Jane's strap-on and concentrated on getting every drop of her ass juice. Which she pretty much had already, but it didn't hurt to be thorough, and after a few long minutes of intense cock sucking Darcy was able to remove the harness and lick up all the girl cum, which was leaking from Jane's cunt, even bringing her girlfriend to one last orgasm in the process, although she was in such a dazed state that part could have just been a pleasant dream.

Either way the two women ended up snuggling on the blanket, both exchanging words of love and devotion before Jane went to sleep on her favourite pillows. Meanwhile Darcy held Jane to her chest, looked up at the stars and smiled as she planned out her future.

She'd never wanted commitment with anyone before, but with Jane she couldn't help imagine spending the rest of her life with her. She'd wait a year, then propose. Maybe two, just to make sure Jane wouldn't freak out or tell her it's too soon. Then a year after that she'd marry her, then they'd have kids, then end up two little old ladies sitting side-by-side on their rocking chairs. Oh, and there would be a lot of boring science in between. And hopefully a lot of sex, the two of them topping and bottoming for each other in all kinds of naughty ways, Darcy and Jane living in a perverted lesbian paradise.

As it turned out Darcy was mostly correct about her predictions. Their lives turned out more interesting than she could have ever imagined, or hoped, what with a surprisingly ok with them being together Thor dropping in semi-regularly, frequent encounters with all sorts of interesting people in weird costumes, and a couple of times they even helped save the world. Ironically almost all of it, or at least the most important parts of their relationship, took place were it began, under the stars.

The end.


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