Author's note: Three's Company was my favorite show. I still watch it
sometimes in Nick at Nite. This is my take on a possible Jack/Janet romance
and how great it might have been. Of course, it has to have a very fitting,
typical "Jack Tripper" ending.

Three's Company: Best Friends (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Janet Wood lay in bed, thinking. She was thinking about all that happened in
her life over the past few years. She was a small, slender woman with short
black hair and dark eyes. She was in her room. A room in the apartment that
she shared with her two roommates. Chrissy Snow and Jack Tripper. They were
her best friends in the world. The very best. Chrissy Snow was a somewhat
tall, attractive blonde woman with blue eyes. She was a little bit "hazy"
upstairs but a better friend could not be found by anyone. Jack was another
story. A tall, lanky, brown-haired guy with a permanent goofy grin.

Jack Tripper was one of those guys. Goofy, funny, a bit of a skirt chaser
but overall, a nice guy. She smiled when she remembered how they met. She
and her best friend Chrissy Snow were having a going-away party for their
friend Eleanor. They had been roommates for years. Now, Eleanor was gone.
They needed a third roommate to stay with them and help foot the bill.
Never in her life would Janet have expected this roommate to be Jack
Tripper. The goofy party-crasher was no stranger to them. Still, they
ended up with him because he was more than willing to foot the bill and he
was a great cook. He was going to school to be a Professional Chef. She and
Chrissy agreed that he could stay.

Jack Tripper was living the man dream. Living with two attractive young
women. He was quite happy about that. Janet had seen him make eyes at
Chrissy. And Chrissy sometimes stared at Jack, when he wasn't looking. Yes,
there was some attraction there. Janet Wood decided that this would not do.
Having roommates frolicking with each other was bound to lead to trouble.
The landlords, Stanley and Helen Roper were of the same mind.

Stanley had his doubts about letting Jack Tripper stay with the young women.
The ever-funny Jack Tripper came up with a brilliant idea. He was going to
pretend to be gay. Chrissy thought it was funny. Stanley Roper bought it:
hook, line and sinker. Jack's idea was brilliant. Janet Wood had still been
reluctant about Jack but he was... okay. Since there was no way Jack would
be interested in the women (or so Stanley Roper thought), it would be safe.
He stayed with them. This led to many funny theatrics.

Jack was a guy who loved women and he had to be careful not to let his grumpy
landlord find out he was one hundred percent straight. This was quite funny.
Janet smiled as she remembered one time when Jack, Chrissy and her were
having dinner with Mrs. Roper. Jack could not help but look as an attractive
waitress walked by and this tipped Mrs. Roper off. She knew Jack Tripper was
as straight as they come. The girls made her swear she would not reveal
Jack's secret to Stanley Roper. Mrs. Roper was far more understanding than
her husband so she was okay with it. And life went on.

Janet Wood led her life. She went to work. Chrissy did....whatever Chrissy
did. Jack Tripper went to Cooking School. He also went on dates. Sometimes.
Like now. Yes. Janet Wood was all alone in the apartment. Chrissy was off
visiting her family. Jack was on a date with some girl. His floozy of the
week. Some broad he probably picked up at the Regal Beagle. At times like
this, Janet Wood felt quite lonely. Of the three of them, she dated the
least. There simply was no man she was interested in.

Lately, she had been going out with Luke Dwight, a college basketball coach.
He was good-looking, physically fit and actually a pretty nice guy. Janet
liked him. But she was not that attracted to him. Then there was Stuart
Tyrell, owner of the Tyrell Institute. He was nice-looking and very, very
smart. He didn't do much for her either. Janet slept with both of them on
repeated occasion. The sex was satisfactory but aftwerwards, they usually
left. Janet did not like this.

After sex, men usually had this urge to leave. She wished she could find one
that would stay and chat. Oh, not about much, just stay with her. Janet Wood
had many lovers. She kept that part of her life private, of course. In
college, she had a fling with a rich galpal of hers, Stephanie Albright.
Albright was quite the dyke in those days. Last Janet saw her, she was
getting married to a religious fundamentalist's son, a guy named Herbert
something. After college, Janet went back to men. The sex was satisfactory.
Once in a great while, she went to bars where she knew ladies of a like mind
went. No one knew that part of her life. Not her family. Not her friends.
Right now, she didn't feel like being with anybody.

She was thinking about one man in particular.

The inimitable Jack Tripper.

He just came in, walking through the room, singing one of his happy-go-lucky
songs. She looked at him and smiled. Jack was so....Jack. A tall,
good-looking, funny guy who was nice and always there for his friends. He was
also a great cook. She found it strange that he was still single. "Hey, Jack,
what's up?" she asked. Jack was very surprised to see Janet there. He almost
tripped but caught himself. Janet stifled a laugh. "You okay, Jack?" she

Jack came to her, smiling his trademark smile. "The Jack-Man is A-Okay," he

She motioned for him to come sit next to her on the couch. She could tell
something was wrong with him. "What's going on, Jack ?" she asked.

Jack came and sat next to her. He had gone on a date tonight, and apparently
it hadn't gone well. Jack sat down and started to talk. Janet listened, but
she kind of got distracted. Jack was a good-looking fella. He was telling her
about his date with a girl named Joanna Phedres. She was some Latin hottie
Jack picked up last week. He went on a date with her. He was telling Janet
how horrible it all had been. Joanna had been plain horrible to him. He had
been hurt by her, Janet could tell. Oh, Jack tried to fake it. He tried to
act like nothing was wrong but she knew better. He looked so sad that she
just took him in her arms and hugged him. Jack hesitated, then let himself
go. "It's ok, baby," she said. "You're safe now." She could smell his breath.
He had a beer or twenty before he came home.

"Why can't girls be more like you, Janet?" he said. "I want them to be like
you. You're always so good to me."

Janet's heart beat faster in her chest. Jack just said he wanted her! Hmm....
maybe she shouldn't get her hopes up. Maybe he meant it in a friend kind of
way. "I love you too, Jack Tripper," Janet heard herself say.

Jack went still in her arms. He looked up at her, his face full of surprise
and uncertainty. He looked so...vulnerable. She hesitated, then reached out
to touch his face. She held his head, and kissed him. His tongue went in
between her lips, wet and warm, and she answered his kisses without
hesitation. He pressed himself against her, and they kissed each other like
they were lovers, not friends and roommates.

Janet's hands caressed his back, and his hands slid over to her front and
cupped around her breasts. Jack stroked her breasts through her sweater, then
his hands went under her clothes and pulled down her bra so that he could
play with her nipples.

She moaned and writhed on the sofa as she could feel her pussy tingle. She
took off his shirt and teased him back, caressed his flat, yet hairless
chest, and pinched his nipples lightly. Jack grunted, and got back at her by
moving his lips down to her breasts. She held on to his hair as he sucked on
her nipples like a baby. Jack reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, and
pulled off her skirt, her pantyhose and her panties, in one move. She
struggled to take off her sweater and her bra, while he got on the floor and
pulled her to the edge of the sofa. She took his cock in her mouth and he
moaned in pleasure as she worked her magic. Then, they embraced.

She suddenly pulled herself free and spread-eagled, inviting him to fuck
another hot hole of hers. Jack was more than willing to do it, and he rammed
his spear into her wet cunt, and began to fuck her hard and fast. Janet
looked at Jack as he fucked her. His eyes were closed, his mouth opened, a
strange expression on his face. She reached up with her arms, wanting to hug
him and kiss him. She put her arms behind his back, and watched his face as
he came. He shot his load deep inside her and screamed as hot cum came out of
his rock hard tool and into her soft, wet insides. He practically collapsed
on top of her, and just lay there with his head on her chest. Janet kissed
his sweat-covered forehead. "Thank you," he said.

Mere seconds later, he was fast asleep. Janet just lay there with her lover.
She felt happy and satisfied. How many nights she had gone without anyone in
her life. Who knew the man she dreamed of was right next to her? She looks at
Jack, his sleeping features becoming engraved in her memory. She plants a
kiss on his cheek and goes to sleep with her arm around him.

Janet woke up first. She showered, got dressed and ready. She went to the
kitchen and made fresh Belgium waffles with strawberries and fresh whipped
cream and for when he awakens... breakfast in bed with fresh juice, hot tea
and breakfast, all set up and brings it to him. Jack is still asleep. She
smiles, thinking what a nice surprise it will be when he wakes up.

Jack wakes up, stiff and groggy. He gets up, gets dressed and sees food. He
doesn't know who made it and still nibbles a bit. He thinks it tastes great.
He knows he did something great last night....but can't remember. Too many
beers. He remembers his date with Joanna and how disastrous it proved. He
also remembers coming home and whining to Janet. The poor girl, he must have
bored her to death. She must have felt so sorry for him that she made him
breakfast. He walks into the kitchen, fully intending to thank her. "Janet,"
he says. "Thanks again for last night."

Janet walks over to him, smiles slyly and gives him a big kiss. Jack's brain
goes on overload. He must have really sounded pathetic last night. Still, he
kisses Janet back. "I am so greatful," he says. "I promise you it won't
happen again. Ever."

Janet is stunned. What the fuck? Jack smiles. She can't understand what just
happened. She gave herself to him, she was even beginning to fall for him...
and he didn't want any of it? How? Why? Did she do something wrong? Did she
come on too strong? Jack walks out of the kitchen.

"Thanks again for the breakfast, love ya, bye." He leaves the apartment.

Janet sits down. What the fuck just happened? Till the day she died, she
would never understand men. Especially Jack Tripper!

Jack runs through the street. Hmm, he says to himself. He knows he did
something last night. He recalls the food and Janet's kiss in the morning.
Not typical Janet behavior. It almost seemed like maybe something did happen
between him and Janet last night. Jack pauses, thinking about it. Did and
Janet... do... Nah. This was Janet.

Maybe something like this would have happened with Chrissy but Janet had way
too much common sense to get into bed with a friend. "You're tripping, Jack
Tripper," he chided himself. He walked to the Regal Beagle and saw an
exotic-looking brunette going in. "Hello there," he said. He followed suit,
going in after her, smiling a cheshire cat-like grin. Ah, the fun of the

The End


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