This is a parody, not the real thing, you must be an adult to read the below

Three's Company: Crissy's Domination of Janet (FF, F-dom, trans)
by Dr. Bone

Crissy had come back from the health spa a changed woman but her roommates
Jack and Crissy did not know how changed. A simple blood test had shown that
she was lacking a simple enzyme that had prevented her brain from working
correctly. Once given though she had come to her senses in more ways than

The director of the institute, Madam Helga had then taken her under her
wing, learning her story and telling her how to get revenge on the friends
who made light of her.

"Crissy you seem so much better since you got back from the spa, so much more
focused." said Jan, the "smarter" roommate.

"Well it is the vitamins. As a matter of fact I got you some. They can give
you a lot more energy." and in her mind she said, "And make you my slave."
She did her snort giggle.

Jack was away so she could make her move.

The first week Janet took her vitamins she felt better, more happy and less
worried, though her bra was a bit tight. Crissy told her it was the dryer
downstairs, it must have caused shrinkage.

The second week Janet noticed her tits were getting bigger but Crissy said it
was just the vitamins.

By the third week though Janet could not stop giggling and her tits were now
a shapely 44DD.

"You know what might help a trip to the beauty shop, my treat."

"How will that help Crissy?"

"Oh it will make you look better and me feel better."

"What was that? Oh a joke! Snort!" said Janet.

At the beauty shop Crissy took charge. She had her hair done up in a crew cut
short and dark. She had Jan's done up blonde and fluffy.

They went home together and Janet said she liked the way her blonde hair

"I always knew you could be a blonde." Crissy said. "Let me show you
something." she went into the bedroom and came out in a black leather
dominatrix outfit.

"Wow is it Halloween yet?" said Janet with a snort.

"Yes and do you know what we are going as?"


"A pair of lesbian lovers."

"Oh no! Oh no!" But Janet could not fight Crissy's will. Crissy backed her
into a corner and kissed her deeply in the mouth.

"Was that all that bad?" said Crissy.

"No!" Janet said in a little girl's voice.

A half hour later they sucked each other's cunt on the couch.

When Mr. Roper walked in for his rent Crissy was slamming Janet's pussy with
a horse sized rubber dildo.

"Uh the rent is late and what are you girls doing? You can't do that in

The old Crissy would have folded. The new one didn't. "What goes on in this
apartment is our business old man. So you better shut up or you will get
sued. Now what the fuck is your problem?"

"You owe the rent for last month."

"Janet suck his cock!"

"What I can't."

"Look what is the big deal? And think of it, the money you save you can use
to buy new outfits."

"Okay!" Janet put her hair up in braids like Crissy used to do and sucked off
Mr. Roper until he almost fainted.

"That worth the rent?" He nodded his response to Crissy's question.

"Well then get out."

"You find someone to take care of Helen and I will give you a year's free

"I might have something, next month."

After he left, "What about Jack?" Janet asked. "Hmmm two birds with one
stone." Crissy said taking out another bottle of vitamins. "And by the way I
want to be called Mistress Snow from now on."

"Why is it cold outside! Snort!"


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