Three's Company: Jack The Love-Slave (M/FF,S&M,B&D)
by Anonymous

Janet and Chrissy were roommates. They were looking for someone to help them
with expenses, so they placed an ad for another room mate. Jack Tripper
arrived, and they reluctantly allowed him to move in. The landlords, the
Ropers, were under the assumption that Jack was gay. That is why they allowed
him to move in.

Jack was a chef and he left for work that morning early. He finished up and
was back home by noon. He entered the apartment, and he was totally shocked
by what he saw. Chrissy was lying on her back on the sofa. Janet's dark head
was bobbing between her legs. He quietly moved in for a closer look.

Janet's tongue was buried deep inside of Chrissy's beautiful pussy. He
watched as Chrissy held her cunt lips apart for Janet as she licked her wet
pretty pussy. Chrissy was moaning loudly. Janet's hands were between her own
creamy thighs. She was furiously playing with her hairy pussy. Jack could see
the wet pinkness between Janet's legs as her fingers moved in and out of her
pussy in a fast pace.

Jack's cock was bursting at the seams. Neither girl knew he was there. He
quietly undid his trousers and slid them off, he wore no underwear beneath
them. He began stroking his hard 7 inch cock as he watched his two roomies
go at it. Chrissy moaned as she came. He could hear Janet as she noisily
slurped up Chrissy's hot, tasty pussy juices. Jack's hand moved quickly up
and down his hard cock.

As Chrissy's climax subdued, she sat upright, and saw Jack as he stood
jacking off. "Oh, God, what a pervert" she said. Janet quickly turned around
and was face to face with Jack's cock. She could see the clear pre-cum
glistening across the swollen head.

"Yes, I think maybe we should punish him" Janet added.

Janet and Chrissy quickly tackled him to the floor. Janet began using his
belt and tied his hands behind his back. They led him to their bedroom. Janet
found some robe ties, and began tying him spread-eagled face down to their

"Stop girls," he moaned, "I'm sorry for watching you."

"Too late for that, you bad boy" Janet snarled. She suddenly struck his bare
naked ass with a belt very hard.

"Ouch, that hurts" he yelled.

"Maybe you shouldn't have been such a bad boy," Janet screamed at him. Once
again she brought the hard leather strap across his bare ass.

"You bitch" he yelled. He now had two large welts across his ass. It really

"So, you like spying on ladies do you?" Chrissy asked.

Jack didn't answer, so Janet once again hit him across his lower back with
the belt.

"Yes, I like looking -- sorry," he moaned.

"Oh, you're not sorry yet," Janet said with an evil tone to her voice. "But
you will be, I promise."

Suddenly Jack could feel one of the girls rub lotion across his sore ass. It
soothed him a bit, and made the stinging stop for a few moments.

Suddenly he felt the cold wet lotion being applied to his asshole.

"Hey, wait just one fucking minute," he protested. He struggled, but was
firmly tied to the bed. He felt something press against his ass. As he
strained his head to look back he could see Janet. She was wearing a very
large strap-on dildo, and was pushing the big head against his virgin ass.
"No, please, don't" he yelled.

Too late, suddenly Janet thrust forward and he felt the intense pain as she
slammed the huge dildo deep into his ass.

"God, please stop" he moaned, almost crying.

Janet showed no mercy. She began to furiously fuck his ass with the dildo.
He almost passed out from the intense pain. Janet fucked him for about 10
minutes. He breathed a sigh of relief as she removed the large fake cock from
his ass.

Chrissy tied a rope around his neck. He wondered what the hell she was doing.
As Chrissy firmly pulled on the rope, Janet quickly untied his hands and
feet. They pushed him to his back and retied him, spread eagled. Jack lay
there with his hard cock bobbing freely.

"Can you be a good boy from now on?" Janet asked.

"Yes, maam" he replied.

"Good boy" she said as she lightly patted him on his head. "Chrissy, suck his
cock" Janet ordered.

"Yes, maam, mistress Janet" Chrissy obediently replied. Chrissy knelt on the
bed between his spread legs and began licking his swollen cock head.

Jack moaned as he watched her take him deeply into her wet pretty mouth.
Chrissy expertly sucked his aching cock. He could feel her hot, wet tongue as
it swirled in circles all around the throbbing shaft. "Mmm, yes" Jack moaned.

"Don't make him cum yet, you dumb blonde bitch" Janet yelled at her.

"OK, Ma'am, I won't" Chrissy replied. Chrissy removed her mouth from his hard

"I want you to eat her pussy, and you better make her cum, you dumb bastard,"
Janet barked.

"Yes, Maam, Mistress Janet" her replied.

Chrissy straddled his face and lowered her hot pussy onto his outstretched
tongue. "Ooh, yes" Chrissy moaned. Jack began licking her hot swollen clit.
Chrissy moaned and rode his face. Jack knew just what to do, and moments
later Chrissy grunted and tossed her pretty blonde hair back. Her orgasm
flooded his mouth with her succulent pussy juices. Jack moaned as he tasted

"That's enough" Janet screamed, as she pulled Chrissy from Jack's face. "Sit
on the floor you dumb blonde whore," Janet yelled as she struck Chrissy
across her naked thighs with the leather strap.

"Yes, Mistress Janet," Chrissy moaned. Chrissy immediately sat on the floor.

Janet stood above Jack on the bed. She firmly slapped his hard cock with her

"Ouch" he yelled.

She hit him again. This time he remained quiet. Janet removed the strap-on
and began sliding her very wet pussy against his pulsating cock head.

Jack softly moaned. "Wanna fuck me slave?" she asked.

"Oh, yes Mistress Janet" he pleaded.

Janet thrust onto his hard cock. He entered her tight wet pussy. She moaned
as his cock deeply slid into the pink, wet confines of her sweet pussy. Janet
began grinding her hips, fucking Jack's hard cock. Jack moaned. Janet pressed
her mid sized breasts against his face.

"Suck my hard nipples, slave" she ordered.

Jack eagerly accepted her firm nipples as she fed them to him. He gently bit
and sucked them hungrily.

"Oh, slave, you are gonna make your Master cum" she screamed.

Suddenly he felt her hot pussy tighten. Her cunt muscles firmly gripped his
throbbing cock. "May I cum also, Mistress?" he asked.

"Yes, slave, shoot away" she moaned.

Jack's cum shot deeply into her wonderful pussy.

Janet squirmed and wiggled on top of him. He felt her pussy grind against his
hard on. "Shoot all of your hot cum deep inside of my perfect pussy, slave"
she yelled. Jack's cum erupted again, filling her pussy with his hot jism.
"Oh, yeah, you are a good slave" she softly whispered to him.

Jack felt relieved as she talked nicely to him.

"We will have to do this every day, slave" she told him.

She allowed Chrissy to suck his cock and make him hard again. "Fuck him, ride
his cock" Janet ordered the blonde.

Chrissy thrust her hot, tight pussy onto his hard cock. Chrissy fucked him
fast and hard. She quickly came. Her pussy squeezed his cock incredibly

"May I cum, Mistress Janet?" he asked.

"Yes, you may, slave" she replied.

Jack shot his hot cum up into Chrissy's exquisite pussy. She fell upon him,
as she climaxed.

"Oh, yes, baby," Chrissy moaned. She lay on top of him for a few minutes.

Chrissy climbed from Jack's shriveling cock, which made a loud plop sound as
it came from her tight pussy. They untied him, and let him take a shower.

Jack was now their slave. He only left to go to work and then would return to
them. They abused and used him everyday, and he couldn't be happier. Yes,
sir, Three's Company, and it's wonderful.

The End


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