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Date: 04/23/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, voyurism, female solo sex, male solo sex,
female/female sex, male/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Janet/m/f

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Summary: After Jack and Chrissy leave the apartment to go do their personal
thing, Janet takes off her clothes and puts on a robe just in time for
someone to start knocking on the front door.

Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Joyce De Witt -- who was
born on April 23rd, 1949 -- and takes place after the episode entitled 'Good
Old Reliable Janet'. It is also based on the Third of the three Joyce De Witt
fakes that I had found.

Dedication: Happy 59th Birthday to Joyce De Witt! -- ATK 2008

Three's Company: Janet's Sex Dream
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

My name is Janet Wood and ever since this down-to-earth brunette has moved
herself out of her hometown of Speedway, Indiana and to the City of Santa
Monica, California, I was able to move myself into this great apartment with
two wonderfull girls as my new roommates in spite of the fact that we have
no choice but to deal with an old and grouchy landlord whose name happens to
be Mister Stanley Roper, whose own wife -- Helen -- was trying to get him to
try something new with his life without any success whatsoever.

Speaking of something new, it was after one of my two female roommates had
gotten herself married and I had allowed myself to throw a farewell party
with the help of nice folks such as Mrs. Roper and my beautiful blonde
roommate whose name was Chrissy Snow, where everyone who was invited to the
party had a wonderfull time in spite of the fact that they had to say a
tearfull 'goodbye' to our former roommate and as soon as that party was over
and all of our party guests had joined our newly-married friend in saying
'goodbye' to me and Chrissy, the both of us had turned off the lights,
stepped into our bedroom and gone right to sleep.

And then, on the very next day, both Chrissy and I had woken up just in time
for her to step into the bathroom and turn on the water for her nice warm
bath, only to have her discover that a young and handsome guy with dark-brown
hair named Jack Tripper was sleeping in the tub or he was until the water had
finally woken him up and caused him to turn himself around and introduced
himself to me and Chrissy and after we had introduced ourselves to him and
found out that he was going through cooking school with hopes of someday
becoming a great chef with his own restaurant, we had allowed Jack to stick
around for a little bit and cook us some breakfast.

Of course, as soon as Mister Roper had suddenly found out that Chrissy and I
had a man inside Apartment 201 with us, he was about to kick his ass right on
out of there but I was lucky enough to convince Mister Roper to let Jack stay
in that same apartment with us by telling him that Jack was gay. Now to tell
you the truth, I truly understand that it was not true but as long as Jack,
Chrissy and I really do want to stay together, he has no choice but to go
through with the lie. As a matter of fact, not only was Mrs. Roper willing to
help us make sure that her husband fails to discover the truth about Jack but
his best friend named Larry Dallas, who happens to be living in an apartment
above ours.

Anyway, it was on this one warm and sunny Wednesday afternoon that Jack had
decided to go with Larry over to a local bar and grill known as The Regal
Beagle in order to try to pick-up any girl who would be willing to take them
home and have hot and steamy sex with those two guys and Chrissy had gone
over to the park to check out the new petting zoo which had caused me to take
a look through the peephole on the front door and make sure that Mister Roper
does not come over and ask me for something and after I had let out a sigh of
relief, I had gone into my room, removed all of my clothes and put on my
bathrobe just in time for someone to ring the doorbell.

And after I had walked myself over to the door and opened it, I had let out
a small smile at the sight of my two newfound friends who had happened to be
Playboy Magazine's September 1978 Playmate of the Month known as Rosanne
Katon and her young and handsome blonde male companion whose name happens to
be Brian Hudson -- who were the ones who had helped both me and Mrs. Roper
get out bare-ass naked bodies out of that nude beach when the cops had
perfromed a raid and arrested everyone for indescent exposure -- were
standing in front of me with big friendly smiles on their faces before she
had cleared her throat and said, "Look, Janet. It really is good to see you
again but could we please come inside before someone else gets the wrong idea
about us?"

And of course, that had caused me to step aside and allow both Brian and
Rosanne to step into the apartment before I had closed the door, turned
towards my newfound guests and asked, "Well, what do you guys want to do
first?", before they had answered that question for me by taking all of
their clothes off and placed their bare-ass naked bodies in front of me
which -- in turn -- had caused me to take a deep breath, remove my robe
and expose my nude body in front of them before I had taken a good enough
look at their wonderfully-built naked bodies and caused myself to start
pumping two of my fingers in and out of my hot, wet pussy and carressing
my own tits with the other hand.

Then, after Brian had began stroking his stiff cock in front of both me and
Rosanne, she had moved herself closer to me, placed her hands on my bare arms
and kissed me ever so passionately on the lips before she had started licking
all over my nude body -- all the way down to my hot and steamy cunt and
carressing my firm breasts before Brian had moved himself closer to us and
placed his stone hard dick inside Rosanne's asshole and his hands on my bare
shoulders and I had placed my hands on Rosanne's bare shoulders and said,
"Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Rosanne! Touch me! Touch me there!
Suck my wet pussy dry while Brian fucks you in the ass! Aaaahhhh!"

And after we had laid our nude bodies down on the living room floor and Brian
had began licking on Rosanne's hot, moist snatch and carressing her stiff
mounds and allowed me to start sucking on his stiff cock, I had suddenly
realized that I was able to enjoy each and every minute of experiencing pure
and untamed sexual pleasure before Brian had placed his stone hard dick
inside Rosanne's pussy and began licking on my snatch and I had placed my
hands on Rosanne's silky-smooth naked thighs and began sucking on her tits,
causing a sexually-energized Rosanne to place her hands on my bare back and
yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, JANET! DO IT,

And then, after the three of us had started moving ourselves harder and
faster and our lovemaking has finally won its last surfboard contest at Big
Sur, Brian, Rosanne and I had all came and collapsed due to exhaustion and
fell sleep with our naked arms in a lover's embrace, only to have a loud
knock on the front door cause me to wake up and notice that I was sleeping
bare-ass naked on my bed and after I had put on my robe, walked myself over
to the door, I had opened it and noticed that a frustrated Jack had came home
early, causing me to look at him with concern in my eyes and ask, "What's
wrong, Jack? And where's Larry?"

"That slimy dumb-ass prick could just go fuck himself in fucking hell for
all I care! As soon as we had arrived at the Regal Beagle, I had suddenly
discovered that this great looking babe had her eyes on me but just as I
was about to walk myself over to her and introduce myself, that fucking
piece-of-shit had pushed me aside and left the Beagle with her... AND HE
WAS SUPPOSSED TO BE MY BEST FRIEND!!" that was the answer that a really
pissed-off Jack given me before I had wrapped my arms around the poor guy,
gave him a big friendly hug and said, "Oooohhhh, Jack. I really am sorry
about what had happened to you but I had just suddenly realized that even
though I'm going to hate myself in the morning to even suggest it, I know
what would cheer you up. Care to come with me to the nude beach?" which
had caused Jack to look at me with this great big smile on his face and
answer, "I've thought that you would never ask, Janet!"



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