Three's Company: The Reunion (MF,MFF,MM,inc,oral)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Jack tripper a bachelor living in a man's dream world. By this I mean he has
for many years shared accommodations with two very sexy women. At first it
was Chrissie and Janet, then Janet and Cindy and finally Janet and Terri. A
great arrangement and the caretakers Roper and Furley where never wise to the
fact that Jack was not gay. Mrs. Roper on the other hand knew better and to
keep her husband from finding out, Jack would fuck her once in awhile.

Over the years Jack would manage to be alone with one or both of his luscious
roommates, creating some sexual pleasures that would rival most porn movies.
He at first thought that Janet would be the hardest to moisten the sheets
with, but she proved to be the best as she wondered how Jack would be in her
ass. Chrissie was easy, as she had Larry, Furley and Roper fucking her often,
leaving Janet to clean her cum soiled sheets quite a bit more than she
wanted. Terri was a challenge as he tried religiously to open her sexually,
leaving him to masturbate after many failed attempts. Finally he ended her
virginity on a wild weekend getaway in Hawaii. Then Cindy, Chrissie's hot
blonde cousin. Cindy opened up sexually the night after she moved in by
giving head to Jack in the kitchen while he was cooking dinner for the three
of them. Yes, Jack had the dream world of a lifetime, until her got married
and the girls went their separate ways.

It is now two years after the little group has split, Jack is now divorced
the girls are making their way back to California to the old suite that
hold's many memories of life long love ins and dreams. The first to arrive
at the old suite is Janet; she has not lost her looks and is looking forward
to seeing her first sex partner. Knocking on the door, Janet is greeted by
Jack Tripper, who has bought the block and runs it for women only. He sweeps
her into his arms and plants a kiss on her that she has missed over the
couple of years that they haven't seen one another. Knowing that the others
are going to arrive hours apart, Jack suggests they get comfortable while
waiting for the arrival of their friends.

Janet slides out of her mini skirt and sweater quickly, followed by her see
through pink panties. She explains to Jack that she never wears a bra, as it
is her call to freedom for her own sake. Jack sat there watching as Janet
stripped and gently stroked the growing bulge in his jeans. Once she is
naked, Janet turns her attention to Jack by helping him remove his shirt.
Ever so gently she kisses him, slipping a little tongue into the mix as she
undoes his pants, lowering them along with his shorts, she licks her lips at
the sight of the cock she has longed to enjoy for a long time. Jack slides
into a comfy position as Janet licks his dick up and down to his balls; she
sucks on both of them while she strokes his hard on.

As she does so Jack finger fucks her ass, slapping it with the other hand.
She screams loudly as Jack plunges four fingers deep in her hole, then
pulling back only to jam then in her pussy. As Jack cum sin her mouth,
Janet swallows the load and then licks his fingers before stretching out
on the coffee table. With her thighs open wide Jack devours her unshaven
pussy, giggling as her pubic hair tickles his tongue and face. Janet cums
rapidly as it seems that she hasn't had a man for the longest of times.
Janet begs Jack to fuck her hot cunt, which he does without hesitation.
In and out he drives her dipping it occasionally into her ass, Janet smiles
as she climaxes after an hour of being long dicked by her long time friend
and lover. The tow lie spent on the carpet as Janet goes to the Regal
Beagle to get a bottle of wine for the celebration.

The next to arrive is somewhat surprising as Chrissie and Cindy enter the
apartment together. Jack is pleased to know that he will have double pleasure
at this segment of the reunion. Cindy is carrying a large bag and as soon as
she sees that Jack is naked, begins to remove her clothes. Chrissie follows
her lead and being the easy one, is totally undressed in a few short moments.

As soon as she is nude, Chrissie walks to the prone Tripper and lowers into
position to ride the man she missed over the period they haven't seen each
other. Jack is happy to have her slide her wet pussy over his throbbing rod,
after only leaving Janet wanting more a few minutes back. Looking at her
pussy, Jack notices her shaven mound of delight as her thrusts his cock
inside her hot hole.

Meanwhile, Cindy is about to squat over his face, as she needs to feel a
man's tongue inside her pussy. She explains to Jack that she is a lesbian,
but needs a man to drive her cunt every now and then. Chrissie who is expert
as what she does, tells them that she owns a sex shop in Los Angeles, where
she provides sexual favors to the men who buy toys for their love lives. In
between having Cindy's hairy pussy at his tongue Jack blurts out that he
knows that Chrissie is a part time hooker on top of the job she works at.
Soon the cousins switch places as Cindy lowers her ass onto Jack's cock and
Chrissie moans while Jack eats her gaping pussy.

Cindy gets off Jack, heads to her bag and pulls out four pairs of handcuffs,
a whip and some blindfolds. She handcuffs Jack and Chrissie to the coffee
table while smiling at the prospect of her next move. Cindy takes hold of
Jack's cock, strokes it while she drives her fingers of her other hand into
Chrissie's pussy. She licks both hands, and then switches between sucking
Jacks' cock and eating Chrissie's pussy. Soon they both cum and Cindy whips
their sweaty bodies while again licking the cum from her fingers and lips.
Soon she lets the two out of the handcuffs and retreats to the shower.
Chrissie on the other hand is dressed and off to the store to get food for
the party.

One final guest arrives as Terri Alden saunters into the suite. She is
splendidly dressed in a tight pair of jeans and a tank top. Jack kisses the
final ingredient to the reunion and playfully gropes her ass. Terri squeals
as her friend and lover French kisses her into submission, as she has a
weakness to those who can French kiss her so that she cums gently in her
pants. Jack giggles as Terri's fuzzy peach tickles his lower lip, but at
the same time he double dips his fingers into her ass and cunt. Terri moans
while her juices begin to flow for the first time since her divorce. Soon
afterward, the lovely blonde nurse lowers to all fours and begs Jack to fuck
her ass as she slaps her cheeks in anticipation of the renewed hole plunging
that awaits her.

Jack drives his dick in her as the hardness leaves Terri wondering why she
turned Tripper down in the first place to live with him. Again the vixen
moans as she is filled with Jack's sticky cum. He pulls back, enters her
pussy in a near miss of her ass and fucks her from behind. They do not
complete the hot sex that was delayed for two years as the doorbell rings
and Larry enters the apartment. He smiles and tells them to finish what they
are doing as he has left his husband at home and never will fuck another
woman again.

Jack and Terri look shocked at Larry's admission to being gay after all
these years of chasing the women that Jack was after. Larry explains it
was Furley's insistence that Jack was gay the made him realize his sexual
preference. In fact he continues that Furley went both ways himself as
they blew each other over and over the last few months before Jack and the
girl's left town. Jack cums in Terri once more as the two decide to dress
and get to talk with Larry.

The rest of the girl's return from their errands as they see everyone is
there including Larry. Chrissie immediately goes over to Larry, kisses him
and them squeezes his cock. He pushes her away, which leaves Chrissie mad,
as she has wanted to fuck Larry lately. He starts to explain why he pushed
her away so abruptly and the others hear that he is indeed gay and has a
hard time relating to women the way he thought he used to, but does offer
the ladies a chance to blow him for old times sake.

The party goes on into the wee hours of the morning with Larry getting his
cock sucked by all of Jack's former roommates and then they are witness to
Jack and Terri's announcement that they will be living together from now on.
Terri is taken aside by the horny Janet, who licks the nipples of the hot
blonde and watches as Janet kneels down to eat her pussy. Chrissie and Cindy
devour each other's pussy as Larry has left to be with his husband, only to
find out that he is sleeping in Jack's bed.

The ladies go to their hotel suites and leave Jack alone or so they thought.
Jack goes into his room, slips into his bed only to be fondled by a horny
Larry. Larry realizes that Jack is not his husband and shrinks into a ball.
Jack moves closer and asks Larry if her wants to suck his cock, to which
Larry takes hold of his friends cock to give him his first blow job by a man.

Feeling nervous Jack stretches out as Larry deep throats Tripper's lengthy
dick and after awhile the two separate. Larry goes home, Jack heads to the
kitchen to have some of the left over pizza to find that Terri never left
and is crying in the kitchen. Terri smiles and asks if he is sure that they
should be together after what she saw through the keyhole of his bedroom
door. Jack nods yes and that Larry is very much in love with his mate or
lover. Terri kisses Jack and the two go to bed to begin the rest of their
lives together.

The End


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