This story is a work of fiction based on fictional characters, if you're not
old enough to read then stop right now. Yadda yadda yadda. You know the

I don't remember what they called Mumm-Ra's pot if they called it anything at
all. One of the things he did use it for was spying on the outside world so
my purposes I called it a viewing pot.

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Thundercats: A Cheetah Caught (MMMF,rape,viol,magic,preg?)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

Cheetara was only half-heartedly racing Wily-Kit as they ran neck and neck
down the forest path. As they ran Cheetara looked over and saw a smile start
to form on WilyKit's face as she pulled ahead slightly.

"Poor Wily-Kit. I really must stop teasing her," Cheetara thought as she
kicked it into high gear bolted out well ahead of her opponent before coming
to a stop at the agreed upon tree that was the finishing line.

Barely having to catch her breath at all, Cheetara leaned against the tree as
Wily-Kit finally caught up sweating and out of breath.

"Aww Cheetara that's not funny. You were teasing me the whole time! I'll
never be able to beat you!" Wily-Kit said accusingly as she hunched over with
her hands on her knees and breathed heavily.

"You're right and I'm sorry for doing that WilyKit," Cheetara apologized.
"But remember the ability to run fast is one of my greatest strengths. None
of the Thundercats can beat me. You need to learn as we all have to maximize
your abilities. You should not dwell on not being able to run as fast as me
or build machines like Panthro can. That's not who you are."

Having finished catching her breath Wily-Kit stood up.

"I know that, but who am I Cheetara?"

"You're still growing Wily-Kit. In time you'll figure that out."

"That's what everyone keeps saying. I just wish I knew now."

"In time you will, everyone goes through this stage in their life. Ok?"

"Yeah ok. You going to keep running?"

"For a bit longer. Want to come along?"

"Nah I can't. I told Wily-Kat I'd go with him to the Berbil village."

"Take care then Wily-Kit. I'll see you back at the Cats Lair."

"You too Cheetara. Those horrid mutants are always causing trouble and may
be lurking around."

"Don't worry I will be," Cheetara said as she leaned forward and hugged

When the two let go of each other, Cheetara started up to a slow jog before
speeding off down the forest and Wily-Kit headed in the opposite direction.

* * *

"Good good," Mumm-Ra cackled as he watched the conversation between Cheetara
and Wily-Kit unfold before him in the viewing pot. Mumm-Ra then turned
around to face Slithe, Monkian, and Jackalman.

"You three have screwed up my best laid plans and ran away from the
Thundercats too many times before. This time it's only Cheetara. Capture
her and bring her to me. This time I will give you some help so you should
succeed. If you dare come back without her I will destroy you for you

"Yes-s-s master we won't fail you this time!" Slithe said trying to sound
strong. "Right guys?"

"Uh yeah right..." Jackalman muttered in agreement. "But what kind of help
are you giving us?"

"Yeah what kind?" Monkian repeated.

"Ancient Spirits of Evil transform these evil mutants into the most evil
mutants Third Earth has ever known!" Mumm-Ra chanted.

Lightning cackled and the wind blew fiercely outside of the temple as a cold
child blew around inside. There was a high shriek as the lit torches went
out and then lit back up. Things quickly calmed down and quieted.

The three mutants looked around the temple trying to figure out what happened
and where their help was.

"Uh... Mumm-Ra where's-s-s our help?" Slithe asked.

"Ah but it is right here with you. Track down Cheetara and it'll soon become

Monkian and Jackalman just looked at each other in confusion and even Slithe
wasn't sure what Mumm-Ra meant.

"Alright guys, let's go," Slithe commanded and the three of them were soon
exiting the temple.

"Too bad the meanest mutants Third Earth has seen like to attack villages and
rape their women," Mumm-Ra said with and evil grin as he walked back to the
viewing pot to watch what was about to unfold.

* * *

As Cheetara continued to race through the forest she came to a clearing with
a small pond and stopped at the water's edge.

"Who knows how clean this water is," Cheetara thought to herself as she
scooped up water in her hands and drank it, "but I've run farther than I had

As she drank a second handful and prepared to run back to the lair she heard
rustling in the tree leaves.

"Monkian!" Cheetara scowled to herself as she drew her bo and looked to the

"Show yourself you coward!" Cheetara shouted.

"Thundercat..." Slythe hissed.

Cheetara spun around expecting to see Slythe but saw nothing instead. The
clearing was still empty except for her.

"I expect nothing more than for you two cowards to hide. Now where's

"Behind you!" Jackalman growled as he appeared almost from nowhere and
slammed his club into Cheetara's back between the shoulder blades.

"Ow!" Cheetara grimaced in pain as she dropped her bo and went tumbling.
With a stinging pain in her back she got back to her feet and faced

"Don't you mutants ever learn?" Cheetara said with scorn.

"No we don't," Monkian said as he leapt from the trees and landed on the
ground behind Cheetara.

Cheetara spotted her bo near some brush made to go for it. Before she could
grab it though Slythe stepped out from hiding and picked it up.

"S-s-sorry. No weapon-s-s-s this-s-s time," Slythe said as he broke the bo
over his knee.

"Impressive... too bad it'll take more than that to beat me," Cheetara said
as she leapt into the air intending to land behind Monkian.

Instead of landing behind Monkian, he jumped into the air, grabbed hold of
one of Cheetara's ankles, and slammed her body to the ground.

"Shit that hurt," Cheetara mumble as she picked herself up and rubbed her

"Winning won't be easy anymore," Jackalman taunted Cheetara as he advanced
towards her.

"Everyone gets lucky once in awhile," Cheetara shot back getting into
fighting stance.

"Yes and now your luck has run out!" Jackalman lunged at Cheetara ready to
strike her with his club again.

She dodged quickly and kicked him in the back. Jackalman stumbled forward
and fell into some bushes.

Cheetara was about turn and face Monkian when she felt something slam into
the back of her head. Pain erupted into her head and she almost passed out
several times before the sharp pain stung her back to life. Slowly she got
back up, but wasn't up for long before being shoved back to the ground by
Jackalman. A little beaten but still alive and kicking Cheetara faced
Jackalman again.

"You mutants have gone far enough! Time to end this!" Cheetara scowled as
she started to get up.

"The fun is-s-s jus-s-st beginning," Slythe hissed as he spun Cheetara around
from behind and punched her in the stomach. With the wind knocked out of
her, Cheetara fell back to the ground gasping for air.

As Cheetara rolled around trying to catch her breath, Slythe dropped his
clothing and knelt next to her. Slythe torn Cheetara's suit from her body
and tossed it too the side. He then placed himself between her legs and
leaned forward forcing his lips to hers slipping his tongue inside her mouth.
Cheetara then bit down on his tongue.

"Owww! You bitch!" Slythe screamed bleeding from his tongue as he slapped
her across the face.

Cheetara spit in Slythe's face then and tried to punch him. Slythe blocked
the punch and slapped Cheetara again. Stinging from the slap Cheetara's face
grimaced with pain.

"It won't hurt so much if you'd stop fighting it," Monkian mocked Cheetara as
he knelt at her side and kissed her on the lips as he fondled her breasts.

"You bastards won't get away with this!" Cheetara screamed as Monkian and
Slythe flipped her on all fours.

"Who's going to s-s-save you?" Slythe mocked as he licked at Cheetara's pussy

"Oh, oh, yeah how?" Monkian agreed as he forced Cheetara's lips to his
again, he too forcing his tongue into her mouth.

"Go to hell!" Cheetara scowled when Monkian removed his lips.

"Shut up!" Monkian screamed as he slapped Cheetara, her face now turning red
from the repetitive slaps.

"Calm down Monkian. Her nose is-s-s bleeding and you don't want her face too
s-s-sensitive now do you?" Slythe asked as he placed his hands on Cheetara's
hips and poked the head of his cock at the opening between her legs.

"You're right Slythe," Monkian agreed as he removed his trunks and got on his
knees in front of Cheetara. "Now open up Cheetara," Monkian demanded as held
his mammoth prick in his hand and poked it at her mouth.

With Slythe's member penetrating her cunt and having already taken a beating
Cheetara complied and Monkian slide his cock into her mouth.

"Very nic-c-ce," Slythe moaned as his hard dick continued to split Cheetara's
box wide as he bottomed out inside of her. With his hands on the back of her
head Monkian was now shoving Cheetara's head down on his large member forcing
her to deepthroat it slightly gagging in the process.

"Hurry up you two! The other Thundercats will be here soon!" Jackalman

"Mmph! S-s-shut up you coward!" Slythe shouted as he continued to pump into

"Nice Cheetara, now lick my sack!" Monkian demanded.

"Ah god! The great Cheetara is no longer mighty!" Slythe howled as he member
slammed into her pussy and bottomed out with ease. "You will s-s-soon wear
the embarrassment of feeling my s-s-seed!"

"That's a good girl, maybe we'll let you live," Monkian groaned as Cheetara's
tongue tickled his scrotum every time they touched her lips.

"Oh good girl Cheetara! You've been very helpful today!" Slythe grunted as
he plunged his cock deep into her vagina one last time before spilling his
seed inside of her. Slythe then pulled his dick out and wiped it cleaned on
Cheetara's asscheeks and anus before putting his suit back on.

"You're turn, I'll keep watch," Slythe said to Jackalman.

Jackalman then positioned himself behind Cheetara and took off his trunks as
well. He spit on his hands and ran them up and down his shaft. Meanwhile
as Jackalman was feeling his cock up, Monkian was furiously face fucking
Cheetara on the brink of his orgasm.

"Oh good, good Cheetara. I'm sure you service Lion-O very well," Monkian
taunted as he continued to slide his prick in and out of her mouth.

When Jackalman's cock was nice and moist from his spit he grabbed hold of
Cheetara's hips and poked the head of his member at her cum covered anus. It
was very tight and Cheetara was anal virgin, but Slythe didn't mind as thrust
himself as hard as he could deep into her ass.

Cheetara's lips clamed down hard on Monkian's dick as her ass was split open
and the sensation shot through her body. As Monkian slid his shaft between
her lips it started to shake as orgasm approached.

"Swallow my seed cat!" Monkian screamed as his member exploded in her mouth
and his seed dripped down Cheetara's throat. When Cheetara was finished
licking him clean and swallowing his fluid Monkian pulled out and dressed.
Cheetara coughed and gagged a bit before regaining what composure she could.

"Mmph! You bastards wo- ow won't get away with this," she grunted out as her
rectum continued to get slammed by Jackalman's cock.

"Still acting brave, I figured you would have learned by now!" Monkian said
as he slapped Cheetara's face again. "Hmm... Slythe is right you are

Monkian then walked over to Slythe.

"What's Mumm-Ra want with her?" Monkian asked.

"Who knows. Maybe he'll let Ma-Mutt start mating."

As Monkian and Slythe laughed, Jackalman continued to anally rape Cheetara.

"You fucking bastard," Cheetara scowled. "Stop this now and maybe I won't
kill you."

"You bitch! You never learn do you?" Jackalman replied as he momentarily
stopped with his cock still imbedded in Cheetara's anus. He then grabbed a
handful of her hair and yanked back on it hard.

"Shit!" Cheetara grimaced as her head snapped back and some of her hair was
pulled from the roots.

"Now shut up!" Jackalman warned as he started up again.

As they were about to check on Jackalman's condition Slythe and Monkian
caught a glimpse of Wily-Kit in the corner of their eyes.

"Damn it! What's she doing here? You stay here I'll go get her," Slythe
said before disappearing into the woods.

"I don't like this!" Monkian muttered as Slythe was no longer visible. "We
can take on one of them, but even with our new strength and skill we can't
take them all on. You almost done?"

"Shut up!" Jackalman grunted as his penis was now sliding in and out of
Cheetara's ass with ease. "You like this? Do you? It's almost over bitch."

Cheetara didn't respond in any way having finally given in to the situation
and waiting for it to end. Tears had finally appeared in her eyes from the
hair yank.

"Mmph! Sweet ass for a Thundercat!" Jackalman grunted as he shoved his hard
dick deep inside Cheetara's rectum as he started to come. He came longer
than either Slythe or Monkian did and white cream was now leaking from
Cheetara's behind.

When Jackalman finished coming he pulled out and slapped Cheetara on the ass
before getting up and dressing. He then placed a boot on Cheetara's ass and
kicked her to the ground. With Cheetara still lying on the ground Jackalman
walked over to Monkian.

"Where's Slythe?"

"I don't know. We saw Wily-Kit and he chased after her. He hasn't come back

"That's because the coward took off and ran," Lion-O's voice said from behind

"Lion-O!" Monkian growled as he and Jackalman turned to face him. However
though everyone was standing there ready for battle.

"Perhaps you two should run too," Panthro said with anger.

"Jackalman, Monkian, my plan has been completed sooner than expected. Return
to my temple immediately," Mumm-Ra's voice rang through the woods.

"Another day Thundercats, another day," the two mutants shouted before taking
off into the woods.

"Plan? What's Mumm-Ra up to I wonder," Lion-O said aloud as Tygra help
Cheetara up and covered her with her tattered suit as best could be.

As the Thundercats headed back towards the Thundertank sitting outside the
woods Cheetara held her abdomen which was now started to tingle.


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