Thunderbirds: Tintin Succumbs (MF,Mf,f-mast,inter,inc,anal,voy,mc)
by Vinetalover ([email protected])

For those of you who just came in (or haven't seen the movie)...

...The evil Hood has captured Tracy Island, secret headquarters of the
International Rescue organisation known throughout the world as The

With the Tracey family marooned in a crippled Thunderbird 5, its up to Lady
Penelope Creighton-Ward and 13 year old Tin Tin to save the day. But right
now they have problems of their own...

Slap! The large black hand smashed Lady Penelope hard in the face, blocking
her assault and flinging the pretty blonde backwards against the wall.

"Right, that's it, no more Ms Nice Gal" hissed Penny in her clipped and
precise English accent. With one swift move, she flipped over onto the large
glass table and skidded along it's highly polished surface, grabbing at her
handbag as she went.

"Go Penny!" cheered Tintin, jumping up and down excitedly like a cheerleader.

Mullion leapt over to stop her, but it was too late. Penny had the pistol in
her hand and was now balanced against the table surface with one hand whilst
her other pointed the gun unerringly towards the large black man's genitals.

"My weapon probably isn't as big as yours... But size isn't everything,
darling" sneered Penny. Mullion froze on the spot.

"Enough of this foolery!" snapped the Hood and he directed his gaze toward

Instantly it felt as if the gun in Penny's hand had become white-hot.

"Aaaaaggghh!" screamed Penny as she dropped the gun and hugged her hand,
genuinely thinking it had been burnt, unaware that it was simply a mind trick
played on her by the Hood's immense brain power.

Mullion scooped the gun up in an instant. As he towered over Lady Penelope he
was struck by her beauty. The golden blonde hair, china white skin, cool blue
eyes. He licked his lips expectantly.

"Boss... ???" Mullion asked.

"Oh very well" the Hood said in a weary manner.

Mullion did not need a second invitation. His massive black hands grabbed
Penny's wrists and he flipped her over on the table so that she was face

"Get off me you big oaf!" Penny spat, wriggling her slender body so much that
Mullion could hardly grip her.

"Leave her alone!" shouted Tintin, not totally aware of Mullion's true

Penny was struggling so much now Mullion could barely restrain her. He looked
pleadingly at the Hood.

"erm... Boss? Little help?" Mullion asked.

"Oh for goodness sake... you just can't get the staff these days" the Hood
said to himself and then focused his mind on Lady Penelope.

Penny gasped out as the Hood's thoughts penetrated her head. She could
literally feel them intruding within her brain, taking away her resolve. She
knew she was going to be violated by Mullion but somehow she no longer had
the spirit to fight back.

"' my...mind... " Penny whimpered, unable to fight back.

Mullion grabbed at the belt of Penny's pink trousers and with a mighty pull
ripped the fabricate clean away to reveal a delicate pink thong.

As the huge black henchman undid his own trousers, Tintin raced at him trying
to help the immobilized Lady Penelope. But Mullion turned and grabbed the
young girl by her thick black mane of hair and shoved her hard into the wall.

"Don't worry my dear, you will get your turn soon enough" laughed the Hood as
he watched Tintin's small body crumple against the wall. Despite the fact
that Tintin's father Kirano was the Hood's own brother - making Tintin the
Hood's niece - the evil villain showed no remorse at all.

Mullion ripped Lady Penelope's thong from her pert buttocks and roughly
pushed his massive thumb into her puckered anus.

"No!!! No!!!" begged Penny trying to find new resolve. But as she did so the
Hood concentrated harder, transmitting his mind waves into Penny's head.

"uuugghhhh... can't...resist..." Penny stammered as the Hood took control
of her thoughts. She knew she was going to be raped but now the Hood was
making her want it.

" me...hard..." Penny grunted against her will.

Mullion did not need further prompting. He jumped onto the glass table and
positioned himself behind Penny who was now raising herself onto her knees,
again totally against her own will.

Mullion used his huge hands to pull Lady Penelope's buttock cheeks open and,
directing his massive black member at her anus, thrust forward with animal

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!" gagged Penny as Mullion's engorged
cock ripped through her sphincter. Penny had never had anal sex before
because she always worried about the pain, but this agony was beyond anything
she had ever imagined. It was as if a red hot poker had been inserted inside
her and was pushing deeper and deeper. The young blonde screamed in agony.

But as Mullion thrusted deeper within Penny's rectum, the Hood's mind forced
her to seem as if she was actually enjoying the hideous ordeal.

"harder...harder...fuck my...ass...make it...bleed..." Penny grunted in
between gasps of pain.

Mullion duly obliged and was now pounding away at Penny ferociously.

Tintin was in tears now, unable to watch the assault. She turned her head to
the Hood.

" let her go" she begged.

"Watch this my dear... you may learn something" smiled the bald oriental.

At that, the Hood released his mental grip on Penelope just as Mullion roared
to orgasm, shooting his white hot semen deep into the young English girl's
bowels. The pain was so severe that Lady Penelope could take no more. Her
eyes rolled into her sockets and she slumped forward on to the table,
unconscious, her anus now bleeding profusely.

"Go and get cleaned up" said the Hood to Mullion, calmly. The underling did
as ordered.

The Hood turned to the sobbing Tintin.

"Now my dear....... Why don't you entertain me?" he smiled.

Tintin found an inner strength. "Go to hell, you monster!" she spat and raced
at him, fists clenched.

The Hood concentrated his thought's on Tintin, sending a short, sharp burst
of intense pain to her forehead.

"AAAGGGGHHH!" Tintin screamed as the pain hit her. Her hands flying to her

"And now my dear, you WILL undress for me" the Hood commanded.

But to his astonishment, Tintin shot a burst of mental energy back at him!
The Hood roared in agony as Tintin's mental energy engulfed his mind
momentarily. The villain was astounded by the awesome potential of this
barely pubescent young girl.

"So... you have the power too young Tintin" the Hood said as he recovered
from the mental blow. This will be a challenge" he panted, recomposing

Without warning, he directed another burst of mental energy at Tintin. More
intense than before, he locked his mind to hers, probing deeply within her
head, trying to take control, to direct her to undress. Even now the Hood was
finding it difficult to penetrate the girl's mind and Tintin's resilience to
his mental assault was incredible. The Hood recognised that the young girl's
telekinetic powers were almost on par with his own.

But the sheer effort require to try and deflect the Hood's thoughts was
having a devastating effect on Tintin and her whole face was contorted in
agony as she strained to block wave after wave of mental energy. Her tiny
hands were now pressed tightly against her temples in a futile attempt to
block the searing pain that was drilling into her brain and rivulets of
sweat ran down her forehead. And worse, she could feel herself starting to
weaken, her mind beginning to fold to the Hood's control.

Sensing that Tintin was weakening, the Hood increased the assault to a higher
level. The effort required to get past Tintin's mental block was immense but
his telekinetic skills were so much more highly developed than the girl's
that he knew he could break her.

"Nnnngggghhhhhh!" Tintin cried out as her suffering increased. She could hear
the Hood's voice inside her mind, screaming at her to undress, screaming,
screaming, screaming. Tintin was now shaking from the strain, her hands
pressed against her head.

"Undress for me Tintin or I will melt your frail little mind" the Hood said
through gritted teeth.

"Undress...yes...must...undress...must..." Tintin stammered, momentarily
weakening. Her hands went to her thin blue vest top and she pulled it up to
reveal her tiny tanned breasts and chocolate brown nipples which were yet
fully to bud. The tiny garment dropped to the floor leaving Tintin standing
in only her shorts.

Distracted by the sight of Tintin's small breasts, the Hood interrupted his
mental assault momentarily. Released from the pain and the control of the
Hood's mind, Tintin immediately retaliated by sending a shocking burst of her
own power into the Hood's mind. But drained by her own suffering, she could
sustain it for barely a second before the strain became too much for her.

"AAAAAAAH!" The Hood howled "You little bitch, you will regret that."

Tintin went to run but the Hood recovered from her attack and was
concentrating on Tintin's head again, this time with a more savage intensity,
intent on punishment rather than control.

The blast of energy hit Tintin and she went out of control, screaming in
agony as the Hood invaded her brain cells.

"AAAAggghhhhhggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" Tintin screamed, clutching her head
in agony. Her knees bucked to the floor as wave after wave of searing energy
ripped into her head.

"I could destroy you with pain if I desired it" the Hood spat still hurting
from Tintin's attack. Now he focused the entire force of his will at Tintin's
mind and the girl fell to the floor where she lay, twisting and writhing in

"Plea...please...uncle...stop...the... pain!!!!!" Tintin begged.

"Undress" the Hood commanded.

Exhausted, Tintin's mind was unable to resist and her hands went
involuntarily to her hips. With one movement she wriggled her pants down
around her ankles to reveal a tight pair of white panties under which her
dark mound of pubic hair was clearly visible. Tintin was quite hairy for
her age and few stray wisps of jet black hair escaped from beneath the hem
of the panties. This turned the Hood on immensely and he raised his kimono
and started to rub his erect cock.

"Let me watch you masturbate child" the Hood requested.

"I...I...don' that" Tintin stammered, her head still aching from the
awful torture she had been subjected to.

"Never?" enquired the Hood.

", it's...disgusting" Tintin said, her voice trembling.

The Hood shut his eyes and focused his mind again on Tintin's. He probed her
brain, searching her memories, invading her private thoughts. Tintin shook
her head from side to side as the mind probe caused her yet further intense
pain although by now she was unable to resist. Events from her life rushed
through her head like a movie, blurringly fast. The pain was unbearable and
Tintin's mouth opened wide in a silent scream of agony.

Suddenly, the Hood found the image he was searching for and the images in
Tintin's head whirred to normal speed, focusing on some recent sexual
memories. It was her 12th birthday and she was standing before the long
framed mirror in her bedroom, admiring her developing woman-hood, the way
her nipples hardened, the way the little arrow of glossy hair between her
legs pointed down towards her pink vaginal lips. Then her recollection
jumped further forward to watching Alan Tracy swimming in the pool, his
young body arousing Tintin, making her think and feel things she had never
experienced before. And then it jumped forward again, to Tintin in bed
that night, furtively rubbing her vagina under her sheets, pushing a finger
deep inside her vagina, her face scrunched up from the sheer pleasure of
touching herself down there.

The Hood opened his eyes and released Tintin's thoughts from his own.

"Do it!" he commanded.

Tintin felt repulsed by the notion of sharing such an intimate moment but
already her hands were moving down her flat tanned belly and into her
panties. She was not in control of her hands as they started to rub at her
vagina, her fingers automatically finding her clitoris, her thighs opening
to allow better access.

"MMM delicious" the Hood said, entranced as he watched the young oriental
girl pleasure herself.

Tintin tried to fight back but her head throbbed from the pain. All she
could do was lie back and give in to the torment.

"Faster....masturbate faster!" the Hood ordered.

In response, but against her will, Tintin started to rub herself furiously,
her right hand moving rapidly under her cotton panties as she masturbated
hard, her left hand squeezing her nipple in the way she always did when she
was alone.

Despite the fact that Tintin was a blood relative, the sight of this stunning
naked 13 year old masturbating frantically was too much to take and the Hood
ripped her panties off, pushed her thighs further apart and positioned his
cock over her opening.

"No!!!!! Uncle, no!!" Tintin snapped back to reality, her brown eyes wide
with fear.

"Sorry child, I cannot stop myself" the Hood said as he guided his cock
between Tintin's legs.

"Nooooooo!!!! It's wrong... You're my UNCLE!!!!!!" screamed Tintin. But the
Hood's intentions were clear and there was no stopping him.

In one final act of desperation, Tintin tried to send a shock of mental
energy into the Hood but she was too weak for it to be effective and he
blocked it easily, sending his own blast in response which crushed Tintin's
already frail mind, causing her to cry out in agony.

As Tintin screamed in pain, the Hood thrust forward and the tip of his cock
penetrated Tintin's labia. Tintin burst into tears as he thrust forward
powerfully until he reached the thin membrane of her hymen.

"Let's keep this in the family shall we?" the Hood joked as he prepared
himself to take Tintin's virginity.

"No...please...uncle...stop...I beg you, please, please, plllllleeeeeze" the
sobbing girl beneath him pleaded. But it was to no avail. The Hood surged
forward and penetrated Tintin's tight, unlubricated vagina, ripping her

" hurts!!!!" Tintin whimpered. But
the Hood remained oblivious and was now thrusting deeper and harder, causing
even more pain to the already severely tortured young girl.

"uuugghh... too...big...can'" Tintin grunted as the Hood thrust
violently inside her.

Tintin's head thrashed from side so side as her genitals were torn apart, her
sobs interrupted only by her own cried of pain.

"Penny...heeeeelllpppp meeee!" Tintin cried out in desperation. But Lady
Penelope was still slumped semi-naked across the table, unconscious from her
own ordeal.

Nearing his own orgasm the Hood unexpectedly withdrew his cock from Tintin's
vagina and proceeded to pump it with his hand.

"Open your mouth" he ordered Tintin.

Summoning what remained of her strength, Tintin refused to comply. In
response the Hood focused a concentrated mental blast into Tintin's mind as
it hit her she screamed in agony.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggh...the pain!!!!" she cried.

At that moment, the Hood came, shooting his semen into Tintin's open mouth.

Instantly gratified, the Hood composed himself, got up and adjusted his

"Thank you my dear, you were an admirable conquest.... But now I have bigger
challenges ahead" the Hood said and marched from the control room leaving
Tintin lying on the floor, clutching her vagina in pain, a thin pool of blood
spilling from between her legs from her ruptured hymen with no-one, not even
the mighty Thunderbirds, having been able to save her.


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