Note: This story is entirely fictional. It does not depict real people or
real events. It is not to be read by minors or those who are easily offended.

Tomb Raider: Adventures Of Lara Croft - Dickgirl Raider Part 2:
The Ceramic Cocks Of Duong Luong (FF,FFF,oral,herm)
By Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected])

“Now tell me again who we’re meeting,” asked Rosemary Chalmers as she and her
employer/lover Lara Croft unpacked their bags in a San Francisco Hotel suite.

“Professor Sydney Fox.” Lara explained. “She’s a relic hunter like us. I met
her at a convention last year. She said she had a find that she wanted to
share with us.”

“That’s cool. I wonder what it is?”

“I guess we’ll find out soon enough,” said Lara, yawning and stretching as
she watched the sunset. “That certainly was a long flight. I’m stiff all

“You certainly are,” giggled Rosemary, nodding at the crotch of Lara’s tight

Lara looked down and shook her head. “That monster is definitely going to
take some getting used to. I swear, sometimes it feels like it’s going to rip
right through my panties, pantyhose, and pants. And I certainly can’t wear a
skirt. I’d get arrested for sure.”

“Awww, is Lara all hot and bothered because her cock is hard? I think you
need some blowjob therapy.”

Rose sat down on the king-sized bed and Lara stood in front of her. Rose
unbuckled Lara’s wide leather belt, then unbuttoned Lara’s jeans and pulled
the zipper down with her teeth. Lara obligingly wiggled her hips and helped
Rose slide the jeans down to her knees. Lara’s pantyhose and panties were
next. Rose hooked her fingers into the front waistbands and pulled down until
Lara’s foot-long cock was revealed in all its glory. It stood tall and proud,
its pink shaft and swollen red head shiny with perspiration and precome. Rose
glided her hand up and down the shaft a few times and gently fondled Lara’s
firm balls, making her shiver with pleasure.

“You’re full to the brim. Want me to help you out?”

“If you would,” Lara gasped

“My pleasure,” said Rose. She leaned forward and her lips encircled Lara’s
plum-sized cockhead and began sliding up and down the thick shaft. Rose
enthusiastically covered every inch of Lara’s cock and ballbag with tender
slurping licks and juicy kisses. Lara groaned with pleasure and rested her
hands on Rose’s head, urging her to suck faster and harder, which she did.
Lara reached her boiling point when Rose wiggled the tip of her tongue in
Lara’s cumhole while vigorously fondling Lara’s ballbag. Lara let out a yelp
of pleasure and began to cum hard. Rose gulped and swallowed as much of the
huge load as she could, but some still trickled out the corners of her mouth.

“I don’t believe it,” Rose gasped as she licked her lips. “It felt like you
came a quart, but you’re still fucking hard.”

“And what would you suggest we do about that?”

Rose didn’t answer immediately; She was busy undressing. Lara quickly
followed suit, and soon both of them were as naked as birth. They approached
each other and Lara bent her knees slightly, while Rose stood on her tiptoes,
gave a little jump, and wrapped her legs around the small of Lara’s back
while expertly sheathing Lara’s cock in her tight, pink pussy. Lara
straightened up and gripped Rose’s asscheeks with her hands and proceeded to
bounce the smaller woman up and down on her cock as they walked around the

“Mmmm. I guess now is when your workouts start to pay off,” Rose commented

“Sssh,” Lara whispered hotly. “Just be a good, nasty, horny girl and ride me
like a fucking, bucking bronco.” Lara punctuated her request with several
hard, piston-like thrusts of her engorged cock.

Around and around the room they went, Lara fucking Rose and Rose riding Lara.
Finally, after the tenth circuit of the room, Lara gasped, then hissed with
pleasure and shot Rose’s gushing pussy full to overflowing with sweet, hot
cum. Due to the intensity of her orgasm, Lara’s knees gave out, and they fell
backward, laughing, onto the bed. Rose quickly turned around, and they licked
each other clean in a frenzied “69.”

Lara exhaled and looked at the bedside clock. “We’ve got just enough time for
a nap and then a shower before we meet Sydney downstairs for dinner.”

“Sounds good to me,’ Rose responded drowsily, rolling over on her side and
snuggling up to Lara, spoon-fashion. Lara pulled Rose closer, then turned out
the light as they both dropped off.


Lara and Rose sat around the table in their room and listened as Professor
Sydney Fox, an exotic woman with Oriental features, breathlessly explained
her latest find.

“Are you familiar with the Duong Luong porcelain collection?”

“I am,” said Lara, “But I don’t think Rose is.”

“Emperor Duong Luong of the Yang Dynasty was said to have a cock that was as
tall as a stack of 50 silver dollars when it was totally erect. For that
reason, at any given time, he had at least twenty concubines to attend to his
every whim. Now in order to keep the ladies content when he wasn’t around,
the Emperor had 20 replicas of his cock made, 18 in porcelain, and two in
jade for his two favorite ladies. Well, I’ve found someone who has the
collection and is willing to make a deal for it.”

“First rate! But if she’s willing to give them up, why did you call us? Not
that we’re not grateful or anything.”

“I was kind of wondering that myself,” Rose chimed in.

“Because Madame Ling said she will only give them to a Pun Warrior Queen.
Now there are rumors going around that you found the Ruby Balls of Pun and
something extraordinary happened to you. Are the rumors true?”

Lara and Rose exchanged a glance and a nod, then Lara stood up and faced
Sydney and said, “Take a look for yourself.”

Despite her misgivings, Lara had worn a dress to dinner, and now she hiked
it up above her hips, giving Sydney a good view of her huge cock, bulging
obscenely in her pantyhose and straining to break free from its nylon prison.

“Oh my. It’s so...big” Sydney began to salivate as she dropped to her knees
and fondled Lara through her pantyhose. She tried to be clinical about the
“cock inspection,” but finally gave in to her desires. “I want it,” she cried
in a lusty, hoarse whisper. Sydney skinned Lara’s pantyhose down and began
sucking frantically, trying to swallow as much as she could, her cheeks
ballooning with the effort.

Rose was not idle during this time. She slipped out of her suit, then knelt
behind Sydney and began gently undressing her, a task made somewhat more
difficult by Sydney’s unwillingness to cease her blowjob. Lara raised her
arms above her head and pulled her dress the rest of the way off, then smiled
down at Rose, who was caressing Sydney’s breasts and clitoris, and at Sydney,
who was gurgling happily around Lara’s cock.

“Well ladies,” said Lara. “What do you say we move this party over to the

Sydney reluctantly released Lara’s cock with a wet pop, and the ladies made
their way to the bed. Lara lay down first, then Sydney, who obligingly spread
her legs as Lara snuggled up behind her and guided her cock into Sydney’s
pussy and began stroking in and out with a steady rhythm. Rose sat on the
edge of the bed and offered one of her breasts to Sydney as she expertly
diddled her clitoris with one hand, and Sydney’s with the other. Sydney
couldn’t hold out for long, and soon was cumming like a fountain. Without
missing a beat Lara slipped her cock out of Sydney’s pussy, and into her
rosebud. Sydney’s squeak of surprise was muffled by Rose’s breast, but she
made no objection to the change of location. Lara continued pistoning her
cock in and out, out and in until she inhaled sharply and buried the length
of her cock in Sydney’s rosebud. Sydney gasped too as she felt the first warm
spurts of Lara’s cum inside her. Rose came too, gushing her sweetness over
her hand, which she gave to Sydney to lick clean.

“So,” Lara asked after they’d all caught their breath, “When do we meet the
lady with the porcelain?”

“First thing in the morning. I was going to go home and meet you there
tomorrow, but now I think I’ll spend the night here. But I didn’t bring any
pajamas,” she said with a grin.

“I don’t think that will be a problem. Will it, Rose?”

“No problem, Lara. No problem at all.”


Lara, Rose, and Sydney stood outside of “Madame D. L. Ling’s Oddities and
Antiquities Shop,” and rang the bell.

The door clicked open . “Please enter and come upstairs,” said a voice from
a speaker near the door.

They climbed a flight of steep, narrow stairs. At the top, an old, Oriental
woman, dressed in full geisha regalia, waited for them.

“Ah, Professor Fox. So good to see you again. And these must be the ladies
you told me about. ”

“Madame Ding L. Ling, this is Lara Croft and her assistant, Rosemary

“Pleased to meet you. Come in, come in.”

They walked into a huge room, with a high, vaulted ceiling that was filled to
capacity with antique furniture and other assorted knickknacks. They followed
a carefully cleared path through the room until they came to a larger cleared
area that featured a coffee table, already set with a steaming teapot, cups,
saucers, and cookies. They sat down on the floor, and Madame Ling poured the
tea and served the cookies. They made small talk for a while, then Lara
decided to get down to business.

“So, Madame Ling. Professor Fox tells us that you have some porcelains you’d
like to give to us.”

“Ah, yes, the Duong Luong Porcelains. You are the one who has become the Pun
Warrior Queen? Good. I will gladly give them to you, but there is a ritual we
must follow first.”

“And that would be what, if I might ask?”

“Allow me to bathe you and be your most humble, intimate servant, and all
will be yours.”

Lara inhaled sharply. “Bathe me? And be what?”

“Do it Lara,” Rose urged. “Just close your eyes and pretend you’re with me.”

“Oh, all right...I suppose.”

“Good!” Exclaimed Madame Ling with a clap of her hands. “Ms. Croft, if you’ll
please come with me. You other ladies may watch the proceedings on the TV in
the cabinet.”

Madame Ling led Lara to a large shower room with a table in the center of it.
“Undress please, then lie down on the table.”

Lara shimmied out of her clothes, which Madame Ling carefully folded and
placed on a shelf. “Ohhh,” she breathed, catching sight of Lara’s cock,
semi-hard and dangling between her long legs. “So big,” she cooed, gently
stroking the plum-sized head with her little finger. “On the table please.
Face down to start.”

Lara complied, and then was treated to the most delicious sensation as
Madame Ling gently sprayed her with warm water from a shower hose, then
gently scrubbed her with fragrant soap and a soft washcloth, paying
special attention to her shapely ass and pink rosebud. Once all areas
had been thoroughly soaped and scrubbed, Lara was rinsed with another
gentle spray from the hose.

“Turn over now, please.”

Lara did, and due to the erotic attention she was receiving, her cock
sprang to attention and pointed at the ceiling. Madame Ling smiled, and
then repeated the soaping and rinsing procedure, this time paying special
attention to Lara’s breasts, nipples, cock and balls. Madame Ling gave
Lara a final rinse, then had her stand up and toweled her dry.

“This way, please,” Madame Ling said, leading Lara to an adjoining room
where a massage table had been set up. Lara got on the table, and after
adjusting her cock, managed to lie face down. Madame Ling drizzled some
scented oil onto Lara’s back and began to sensuously massage her, starting
with her shoulders, and gently, gradually working down the length of her
back to her bottom. Her long-nailed fingers tickled and probed Lara’s
rosebud and ballbag. Lara moaned lustily and shifted around as her cock

“Turn over now please.”

Lara did as she was asked, and once again, her cock stood straight up, stiff
and proud. Madame Ling applied the oil, and once again, slowly, sensuously
worked it into Lara’s skin, paying close attention to her intimate areas.

Lara’s face flushed with lust. “Please,” she whispered. “Please, I need

Madame Ling laid a finger across her lips, then did something no one
expected. She shucked off her kimono, then straddled Lara and sank down
onto her cock.

Back in the main room, Sydney and Rose, busy fingering each other, gasped in

“What,” sputtered Lara, incredulously. “What are you...Ohhhh. You’re so
hot...and wet...and...and tight.”

Madame Ling smiled benevolently at Lara. “I believe one of your proverbs says
that just because there’s snow on the roof, does not mean there is no fire in
the fireplace. Enjoy.”

Enjoy they did. Madame Ling rode Lara’s cock rowdily for quite a while. Then,
just before their passion reached its peak, she jumped off, pulled Lara to
her feet, and knelt and began sucking her cock and groping her balls

“Please, please, O mighty Pun Warrior Queen,” Madame Ling gasped between
gulps. “Allow this unworthy one the privilege of tasting and wearing your
sweet nectar. Coat my face and my throat with your life giving essence.
Please, I beg of you.”

With a grunt, a groan, and a grimace, Lara granted Madame Ling’s request.
Lara’s hot cumload filled Madame Ling’s mouth to overflowing, causing her
cheeks to balloon out and cum to trickle out the corners of her mouth and
flow over her chin. Then, another totally unexpected even took place. As
Madame Ling squealed with pleasure, she transformed, turning into a
beautiful, young maiden.

“What’s going on here?” Lara asked.

“Let us rejoin the others, and I will tell you.”

* * *

“I overused the porcelain cocks,” Madame Ling explained. “They become quite
addictive after a time and sap your youth, but not your desire. The only
way to break the curse is to humbly serve a Pun Queen such as yourself and
receive their cum in the face. Now you and your lover may use the cocks as
you please, because you are both quite immune to their effects.”

“I’m glad to hear to hear that,” Lara commented, looking at the porcelain
cocks, each one decorated with unique, intricate painted scroll work.

“I thought you said there were 20 of them,” Rose said. “I only count 18.”

“Regrettably the two jade cocks, called the Emperor’s Twin Dragons, were sold
before I acquired the collection.”

“That’s where I come in.” Sydney spoke up. “When Madame Ling contacted me, I
did some digging and found out that been sold to an interior designer in New
York City. Here’s her address.”

Lara took the proffered sheet of paper and read from it.

“Hm. Grace Adler Designs, New York City. Well, Rose, I guess that’s our next


Coming up next in Part 3-Lara & Rose, meet Grace & Karen.


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