Note: This story is entirely fictional. It does not depict real people or
real events. It is highly explicit and is not to be read by minors or those
who are easily offended.

Tomb Raider: Adventures Of Lara Croft - Dickgirl Raider Part 3:
Saving Grace (And Karen, Too) (FF, MMFF, FFFF, herm, magic, food)
by Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected])

"Karen! They are not cocks! They're...abstract art," interior designer Grace
Adler insisted to her assistant as she unpacked two pieces of sculpted jade
and placed them on a shelf near her desk.

"Trust me, honey," Karen said with a boozy giggle. "I know cocks when I see
`em, and right now I'm seeing double."

"Of course you're seeing double," Grace said impatiently. "Anybody would see
double after guzzling four screwdrivers with their breakfast."

"Can I help it if I enjoy a good screw in the morning," Karen said with a
hiccup and another giggle. "Speaking of which, did you...?"

"Nope. Came home alone and jilled off before I went to sleep."

"It's more fun with two people. Just think of the beautiful music you can
make with a skin flute, or a meat whistle, or, in a pinch, abstract artwork."

"Karen, no! They're art objects, not sex toys! Now I'm not going to discuss
it any more! Let's get to work!"

"I still think they look like cocks," Karen insisted, settling behind her

Unnoticed by both women, the two jade "art objects" began to glow and shimmer

"My goodness," Grace commented, a few hours later, "It certainly is getting
warm in here." She unbuttoned several buttons on her blouse and fanned her

"I noticed that too. I'm dripping...all over."


"Oh, cram it, honey! Those `art objects' are calling my name...and I'm going
to answer the call! Get out of my way!"

Karen pushed Grace aside, grabbed one of the jade pieces off the shelf, then
flopped down on the couch. She tore open her blouse, hiked up her skirt,
frantically ripped her panties down, and slid the jade home, letting out a
loud hiss of pleasure as she did so.

"You've got to try this, Grace," Karen said, fingering her nipples with one
hand while she pumped the jade in and out of her pussy. "It's almost as good
as the real thing."

"Karen! I don't intend to...ohhhh."

One of Grace's gesticulating hands landed on the other jade carving, and she
felt the spark of its erotic energy surge through her, making her panties go
from dry to moist in an instant. She soon shed those panties, along with
every other stitch of clothing and went to join her assistant on the couch.

"Move over," she panted lustily. Grace carefully positioned the jade carving
on the couch, then lowered herself onto it and began bouncing up and down

"Ooooh, Karen you're right! It is almost as good as the real thing!"

Grace accepted the offer of Karen's full breasts, and began suckling the pink
nipples like a hungry child. Karen soon repaid the favor, then the ladies
reluctantly withdrew the jade, and moved into a hot, wet `69,'savoring each
other's nectar and using their fingers and tongues to explore every crack and
crevice of their bodies. Both soon came in a screaming, gushing rush and
collapsed on the floor.

"Wow," panted Grace, "That was really something. So...satisfying. But...I'm
still horny, I...I want more...The real thing."

"Relax, honey. I gotcha covered." Karen stood up and staggered over to her
desk. She pulled an address book out of the drawer and began flipping through

"My `little black book'. I never leave home without it."

"'Little'? That thing is the size of the Manhattan phone book."

"Ssssh," commanded Karen as she dialed a number, spoke quietly for a few
moments, then hung up and repeated the performance.

"Who did you call? An escort service?"

"Nope. My plumber and my pizza delivery man. Couple of my favorite hunks.
I've already given them their instructions. When they get here, all we have
to do is just flash `em the pink, and they'll take it from there."

"Mmmm. Yummy. Think I'll take the plumber. I've definitely got some pipes he
can unclog."

"Good choice, honey, `cuz I'm in the mood for an extra-large sausage with

* * *

When the doorbell rang a while later, Grace and Karen were ready and waiting.
Not bothering to cover themselves, they opened the door and pulled their
studs inside. The door had barely closed before the ladies were pulling open
the guys' jeans, hoisting out their stiff cocks and brimming balls, and
swallowing each cock down to its base. Grace's guy was uncircumcised, and she
paused for a moment to play with his foreskin and admire the thick, veiny,
shaft, before resuming her blowjob. As she sucked and slurped, Grace suddenly
imagined that she had a big, beefy cock dangling between her legs. She
carried the fantasy one step further and imagined herself on the receiving
end of a top-notch blowjob, by none other than Karen. For a moment, she
wondered where the thought had come from, then she returned to spit-shining
her guy's cock.

A lusty yelp from Karen informed Grace that her assistant had moved from
blowing to fucking, so Grace did the same.

"All right, plumber," she said with a grin, "Plunge my pipes and clean `em
out good!"

Grace bent over the back of the couch and the plumber slid his "snake" into
her pussy and started thrusting. Grace moaned with pleasure, and once again,
imagined herself the proud possessor of a huge prick, which she was using to
fuck the daylights out of Karen.

"Wow!" her stud commented. "You sure are turned on! Your pussy feels like a
vise, and you're dripping like a leaky faucet!"

"Well, you've certainly got the right tool to fix that leak, so have at it!"

Have at it they did. The sounds and smells of great sex filled the office as
the men kept Grace and Karen happy. In a magic moment of sensuality, all four
managed to come at once. Grace and Karen cried out with lust and soaked the
cocks that were fucking them, while the men grunted hard and came even
harder, filling each pussy to overflowing with cum. As their studs pulled
out, Grace and Karen moved into the `69' position again, this time to enjoy
some creampie action. The men watched as the ladies licked, kissed, and
slurped, and soon their cocks were hard and ready again.

"Let's switch studs and take them in our asses this time," Karen suggested.

"Good plan."

Grace retrieved a bottle of scented massage oil from the office bathroom,
then she and Karen each squirted a generous dollop onto the hard, waiting
cocks, and sensuously rubbed it in. When the cocks glistened with oil and
precum, Grace and Karen each bent over their desks and offered up their
asses. The studs each oiled up the proffered rosebuds, and used their
already slick cockheads to make sure the oil was rubbed in good. Then
slowly, surely, they began squeezing their cocks in, little by little,
until they were balls deep.

Grace and Karen fingered their overheated pussies, moaning and wailing with
pleasure as their studs did their duty and powerfucked them with steady,
cylinder-and-piston motions.

All too soon, it was cum time once again. Two perspiring pussies gushed
fountains of furious fulfillment, and two hard, thrusting cocks squirted
two rosebuds full of sweet, hot cum.

Exhausted, the two studs collapsed and began snoring, while Grace and Karen
licked each other clean, and gave each other a high five.

* * *


"Karen, what's wrong with us?"

"Wrong with us? Nothing's wrong with us. We're just extremely horny and
well-fucked, and enjoying every minute of it!"

"That's what I mean. We hardly get any work done anymore. We're always
fucking some guys, jilling off with the jade, or eating each other. And
all I can seem to think about is getting more cock, and when I'm not
getting cock, then I'm jilling off thinking about cocks and practically
jumping on the first one I see. I nearly propositioned the paperboy this

"And exactly why is that a problem?"

"Karen! He's 14!"

"So? The equipment still works the same way. And they have to find out how
to use it sometime."

"Karen, get serious! I've also noticed that we've suddenly got age lines we
didn't have before, we've got gray streaks in our hair, and our boobs are
starting to sag."

"Speak for yourself, honey," Karen chuckled, hefting and jiggling her rack.
"The `twins' are doing just fine."

"All right, then, here's something you can't ignore. Since we started with
the jade, you haven't taken one pill or had one drink."

"You mean I've been doing all that fucking...sober? Good heavens, Grace,
what's wrong with me, I mean with us?"

"I don't know, but I'll try to find out. I'm going to start by calling the
place I bought the jade. Maybe they'll know something."

Grace searched through a pile of business cards until she found the card for
the San Francisco gallery where she had purchased the "abstract art." She
dialed the number and as she waited for an answer, she felt her slacks and
panties fall around her ankles, and then a familiar jade object began to fill
her pussy. Grace turned, and found Karen, smiling and shrugging helplessly,
the other jade cock already buried up to the hilt in her pussy. The phone was
answered, and Grace forced herself to concentrate on asking questions and
listening to the responses. She jotted some notes on a pad, then hung up and
made another call. The voice on the other end of the line was soft and
soothing, and Grace calmed down noticeably as she talked and listened.

"Well?" inquired Karen when the call was concluded.

"I just spoke to a Madam Ling, and she says that she knows what's happening,
and that there's some people on the way that will help us."

"Good. Now that that's settled, on to more important things."

Karen patted the couch and Grace sat down next to her. Each took hold of the
jade cock in the other's pussy, and began enthusiastically pumping it in and
out. In their excited, enchanted state, it did not take long for the orgasms
to come, and come they did. With a moan and a scream and a gush and a rush,
Grace and Karen came simultaneously. The jade in their pussies glowed and
shimmered with erotic energy and kept them highly aroused.

"Oh Rosario," Karen cooed seductively. "Come here please. We need you."

"Caramba," exclaimed Karen's stolid Salvadorian housekeeper as she entered
the room. "Not again."

"Yes, again. Now get your chichis over here and take care of us!"

With a resigned sigh, Rosario followed instructions and seated herself
between the two women on the couch. Grace and Karen flipped up her skirt and
pulled open her blouse and began to grope her goodies. Rosario took a feather
duster in each hand and fluttered them over the engorged clits of Grace and

Once again, orgasmic release came quickly and loudly for Grace and Karen.
Rosario, even though she had a mighty orgasm too, merely grunted and remained

"Don't go anywhere yet, Mamacita. It's all-you-can-eat day at the pussy
buffet, and you're going to chow down until we tell you to stop."

"Si, si, Senora Karen, of course I will. But let's all have a drink first.
You made my poosy come so hard, that I need to steady my nerves. Here, I'll

* * *


After a long cross-country flight and a cab ride from the airport, Lara
Croft, Rose Chalmers, and Sydney Fox arrived at Grace's office.

"This must be the place," Lara commented. "Just look at me. I'm practically
pointing the way."

True enough, Lara's cock was doing its best to burst through the three layers
of clothing that covered it.

"We probably didn't even need to get directions," Rose wisecracked, "All we
needed to do was follow Lara's cock."

"She's a regular pussy compass all right," Sydney added as she rang the bell.

The door was opened by Rosario, who waved the three women inside.
Introductions were made, then Lara explained the reason for their visit.

"Oh thank heavens that you're going to take those cursed objects away! Ever
since Senorita Grace brought them into the office, she and Senora Karen have
been acting loco in the brain! Lying down with every man they see, and with
each other too! They even tried to lie down with me. Now I do not mind if
they make me happy with their hands, and want me to do the same for them, but
I do not eat poosy, I only eat man-meat. Today, they tried to lie down with
me again, but I fooled them. I got us all drinks, but I put one of Senora
Karen's pills in each of theirs. They will sleep for a while. Let me show

Rosario led them to a separate part of the office that had been turned into
a bedroom. Grace and Karen slept peacefully in each other's arms.

"Well, I guess we can wait until they..." Lara began, but stopped suddenly as
a bolt of sensual energy shot through her, her knees got weak, and her cock
grew even stiffer, causing several stitches in her panties and pantyhose to
pop as she groaned with lust.

Rose ran to Lara and held her up as she led her to a chair. "What's wrong?"

"Don't know. The energy is so...strong."

"Sydney?" Rose asked.

"I've got a hunch. Close the curtains, then turn out the lights for a

The drapes were drawn and the lights turned out. The sight was unbelievable.
A bright, jade-green aura shimmered around Grace and Karen's bodies.

"Madame Ling said something like this could happen," Sydney said once the
lights had been turned back on. "They've used the jade too much. There's only
one thing that will cure them."

"I'm rock hard and ready," Lara chimed in, reaching for her fly.

"I'm afraid it's not going to be that simple. First, we've got to turn them
into Pun Warrior Queens like you, Lara."

"How are we going to get the Ruby Balls here? You know men can't touch them,
and they transform women."

"Actually, Rose, I've solved that problem. While you were taking your finals,
I did some more research, and constructed a carrying box that contains their
magic quite nicely. It fits into a corner of my briefcase. Now if you'd be so

Rose brought the briefcase in and opened it. A box made of pink and
gray-streaked marble nestled in the corner. As Sydney and Rosario looked on,
Lara and Rose carefully removed the rubies and gently placed one in Karen's
hand, the other in Grace's.

"And now," Lara said solemnly, "We wait."

* * *


Grace and Karen awoke at the same time and shared a smile and a kiss.

"That sleep was so refreshing, that I could almost forgive Rosario for doping
our drinks."

"I agree, Karen. But I have to say that those pills really gave me some weird

"Me too. What did you dream?"

"It sounds strange, but I dreamed that I had a cock, and I was fucking you
with it."

"Too weird! I had the same dream, but I was fucking Rosario, then you and
she were licking my cock."

"Uh, Karen, I don't think we were dreaming. Take a look under the covers."

Karen looked, and let out a a gasp and a shriek of surprise. She couldn't
believe her eyes. She had a cock! A huge one! A foot-long, fat, veiny,
pink-shafted cock, with a bulbous purple crown! And at the base of her cock,
her full balls dangled like ripe fruit! Grace's cock was identical in length
and girth, but was uncircumcised.


"I think I may be able to fill in some of the blanks," Lara said as she
entered, followed by Rose, Sydney, and Rosario. Grace and Karen made a
halfhearted attempt to cover themselves, then leaned back and listened
as Lara explained the situation.

"Any questions?"

"I've got one, honey," Karen said. "If I've got a cock now, where's my
pussy? I was quite fond of her, you know."

"Relax, your pussy's still there. She's just kind of behind you balls now.
Let me show you mine. Rose, if you'd give me a hand?"

Lara unzipped her tight jeans and Rose helped her wriggle them down her legs
until she could kick them off. Then she let Rose peel off her skin tight
pantyhose and panties, revealing Lara's mighty member in all its swollen,
precum-dripping glory.

"Oh, my," Rosario gasped. "Burrito Grande!"

"Now you see," Lara said, lifting her cock as Rose hoisted her burstingly
full balls out of the way, "Your pussy is"

Mesmerized, Grace and Karen moved in for a closer look, ooohing and ahhing as
they checked out Lara's crotch.

Grace couldn't help herself. She put out her tongue and began to lick Lara
from pussy to balls and back again, all the while fisting her new cock.

"My turn, my turn, gimme," Karen gasped after several minutes of watching the
tongue action. A small shoving match ensued as Karen tried to elbow Grace out
of the way. With a benevolent smile on her face, Lara reached down and gently
took hold of their hair and pulled their heads back.

"Now , now, ladies. Behave. I've certainly got enough for both of you. One of
you suck, and one of you lick, then switch off, OK?"

They nodded their assent and got to work. Grace wrapped her lips around
Lara's plum-sized cockhead and began bobbing her head up and down, while
Karen enthusiastically spit-shined Lara's pussy, balls and shaft. As
directed, they switched off several times, leaving no portion of Lara's
beefy shaft unsucked or unlicked.

Meanwhile, Rosario, Rose and Sydney were far from idle. They pulled each
other's clothes off and formed an enthusiastic, moaning, groaning,
pussy-licking triangle.

When Lara's cock was rock-hard and glistening with saliva, perspiration, and
pre-cum, she called a momentary halt to the coitus.

"Now cums the part that will break the curse and leave you free to enjoy the
best of both sexual worlds. Do what I say, without question. Are you ready?"

Grace and Karen, both sporting dongs primed for fucking nodded hungrily.

"All right, then," said Lara, clearing first Grace's desk, then Karen's with
a sweep of her hand. "Let's start. Rosario, over here, on the desk, on your
back! Karen, give her everything you've got! Front door and back! Now Grace,
while Karen's giving it to Rosario, I'll give it to you."

Grace and Rosario got on their backs, legs spread. Karen and Lara moved into
position and soon were powerfucking them, ramming their cocks into the
willing pussies with strong piston-like strokes. Satisfied moans and screams
echoed throughout the office as each pussy was thoroughly pounded. Then,
without missing a stroke, Lara and Karen drizzled massage oil on Grace and
Rosario's rosebud assholes, and slid right on in.

Sydney and Rose, highly turned on by what they were seeing, had assumed the
`69' position and were busy giving each other as many orgasms as they could

After some very intense fucking, Lara signaled to Karen, and they stopped to
catch their breath.

"Time for the grand finale," Lara announced. "The Daisy Chain Blowjob. Grace,
you suck my cock, Karen you suck Grace's, and Rosario, you suck Karen's, and
the curse will be broken."

Grace squatted in front of Lara and swallowed most of her cock in one gulp.
Karen slithered in under Grace, tongued her foreskin then gulped down her
boss' cock. Rosario nestled between Karen's spread legs and began licking
Karen's cock like an ice cream cone.

The four overheated women moved as one glorious sexual machine,
simultaneously giving and receiving pleasure. Then, finally overwhelmed by
the magical, sexual energy that was within them and around them, they began
to cum. Three pairs of balls contracted and three beefy cocks began spouting
fountains of steamy, creamy hot cum that quickly filled each mouth to
overflowing. Streams of cum flowed over their chins out the corners of their
mouths as the cumming continued and the curse of the jade cocks was broken.
Rose and Sydney came too, yelping with pleasure as they gushed and spurted.

Wonderfully spent and satisfied the women staggered to the closest beds and
couches and fell into a deep sleep.

* * *


Feeling recharged and refreshed, the women had adjourned to Karen's house.
Along the way, Lara stopped at an adult toy shop and bought their hosts a
pair of Rabbit Pearl Vibrators to replace the jade dildos. After partaking
of a spaghetti dinner, they chatted about the day's activities.

"I must admit, we were a little bit jealous earlier," Rose confided to Lara,
resting a hand on her employer's thigh. Sydney rested her hand on Lara's
other thigh.

"Really?" Lara asked with mock innocence as her cock began to stir.

"Yes. I mean Sydney's got a sweet pussy and all, but you've spoiled us. You
and your big cock. We could hardly stand watching someone else suck it. So I
guess what I'm saying anything left for us?" Rose punctuated her
question by sensuously slurping a piece of spaghetti.

The napkin in Lara's lap rose like a white flag of surrender.

"I think I just might," Lara said with a twinkle in her eye. They quickly
moved to the living room, stripped off their garments, and Round 2 of the
carnal festivities began. Giggling, Rosario placed a mound of spaghetti on
Lara's, Grace's, and Karen's pubic mounds, then carefully wove and wound the
pasta around their bloated cocks and balls.

"Bon Appetite," Rosario said, then dived between Karen's legs and began
slurping up the spaghetti.

Rose and Sydney dropped to their knees and began sucking Lara's cock clean,
while Rosario switched back and forth between Karen and Grace's pasta-covered

Once their cocks had been thoroughly "cleaned," the three sizzling
she-males put them to good use. Rose and Sydney took turns joyously spindling
themselves on Lara's rock-hard shaft and taking it in both holes, while Grace
and Karen gleefully made a "sandwich," with Rosario, filling her front and
back doors with all the hot sausage she could handle.

The carnal carnival for quite a while, then the flashpoint was reached,
accompanied by a chorus of moans, groans, grunts, squeals, sighs, and
sensuous squishes as the cum started to flow. Rose and Sydney vigorously
stroked Lara's cock as she painted their faces with squirt after powerful
squirt of cum. Meanwhile, a beatific smile spread across Rosario's face as
she felt the two huge cocks fire their mighty loads deep inside her. The
powerful pricks kept on shooting until she was full to overflowing, and
small streams of cum were trickling out of her pussy and asshole.

By the time the excess cum had been licked up, and the dishes done, it had
gotten quite late, and the ladies turned in for the night.

* * *

Lara, Sydney, and Rose spent the next week with Grace, Karen, and Rosario,
helping them to explore and experience every aspect of their newfound
sexuality. Then, a message arrived for them, from Madame Ling.

"So where are we headed now?" Rose queried as they climbed into a cab and
headed for the airport.

"I was kind of wondering that myself," Sydney added.

"Back to California. Los Angeles this time. According to Madame Ling, there's
a bookstore owner by the name of Ellen Morgan who has acquired some artifacts
we'd be interested in."

"And those would be?"

"I'll tell you on the plane. We haven't a moment to spare. Kennedy Airport,
Driver. Fast as you can make it."

The driver, a redheaded woman named Dominique, nodded curtly and put the cab
into motion. She allowed herself a quick smile. Tracking these humans was
going to be so easy.


Coming up Next-Lara Croft Part 4-Ellen Makes A Wish-And Rocks Her World.


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