Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really fucking stupid. I don't own Tomb Raider, or any of the characters and make no profit from this story. Please the damn story codes. Flashfic written in reply to prompt, 'Witch'

Description: Made divinely fertile by the original Cornucopia, Lara is impregnated, by a horse, with a centaur

Content Codes: F-Zoo, pwp, cream pie, preg, magic

Tomb Raider: Centaur Mother
by JD ([email protected])

Lara's search for the legendary Cornucopia had taken her first to Mount Ida on Crete, where she found a forgotten temple deep beneath the rock. The temple proved the 'legend' to be Minoan in origin, rather than Hellenic. A scrap of armour and a faded scroll sent her on to Rome in the tracks of a Legionnaire, and finally to a hilly farm near the ruins of Hadrian's Wall at the empire's North West frontier.

The farmer specialised in the breeding of Clydesdale draft horses, amongst other sidelines. He professed himself happy for the upper class archaeologist to search his land in exchange for a share of any valuables. The weather was sunny and warm as Lara matched her copy of an ancient map to a rocky outcrop in the hillside. The landscape seemed to have changed little in more than a thousand years. The farm's champion Clydesdale stud, a massive beast of a horse, watched disinterestedly as Lara widened what might have been taken for a badger's set until she could crawl inside.

Once under the rocks, she was quickly able to stand and, through torchlight, encountered the long-sealed door of another ancient temple built into the hill. The undisturbed door mechanism still worked; as Lara tried to open it, the balanced stone swung inwards with a great creak. Distant water gurgled through cracked pipes. The arousing effect on Lara from within was immediate. She thought it excitement at her success.

A flow of oxygen into the temple lit ancient lamp wicks. Lara walked towards the altar, checking for traps. Her nipples were stiffly hard against the green fabric of her top; the crotch of her shorts was already showing dampness. She almost looked like she had wet herself. The tomb raider saw glints of gold that didn't interest her; the farmer would get his share. She smiled widely as, dusty on the stone altar, she saw the broken goat's horn; the Cornucopia.

"Got you."

In the lost temple Lara had the read the earliest records. They stated that, instead of producing food from thin air as the later fanciful storytellers claimed, this goat's horn brought fertility to the land. Olive trees grew from barren rock, and vines from thin soil. What Lara hadn't realised was that the door seal had kept the power stored within the temple since the 5th century. Lara Croft was suddenly the most fertile woman alive, and desperate to breed.

As Lara's right hand closed around the ancient horn, the divinely wrought desire intensified. She turned from the altar and ran, calculating how long it would take the reach the farmer. As she scrabbled through the small hole beyond the temple door, she found the obviously aroused Clydesdale stud waiting for her. The built up fertility power had begun to leak out and had affected the horse.

"Oh god," Lara moaned, as she noticed the stud's emerging cock.

Under any normal circumstance, there would be no way a human woman could mate with a Clydesdale, without suffering terrible injuries. The Cornucopia changed that; Lara would not only be able to accommodate the huge horse cock, but she would be impregnated. She was at the eye of a fertility storm as she literally tore her clothing from her body. Moaning uncontrollably, Lara pulled herself up onto an old smooth rock at the edge of the outcrop. She lay back with her ponytail out behind her, and spread her toned legs wide.

That was all the invitation the massive draft horse needed. He reared up against the rock, and kicked sparks from his dinner plate sized hooves. The broad chest of the Clydesdale dominated Lara's field of vision. She had an urge to feel the short hair rubbing against her large natural breasts, but settled for roughly groping herself instead. Lara still clutched the Cornucopia in her groping hand as the Clydesdale thrust wildly forward and, guided by divine power, speared straight and true betwixt Lara's thighs.

Lara's scream tore through the air at the incredible pleasurable pain. She felt stretched to bursting, but the Cornucopia's power meant there was no damage. She had to grip the edge of the rock as best she could to stay in place as her mighty bestial mate rutted her with hard, fast thrusts. Lara was virtually impaled on a flat-headed cock almost the size of her thigh that filled her as deeply as possible. Her grunting, screaming, cries told of divinely inspired pleasure. She felt the great heat of the horse's thrusting cock and heard the loud sounds of wet phallus moving in wet sheath.

The Cornucopia increased their fertility until the two could conceive offspring. At the same moment, Lara Croft came. Her raw throated orgasmic screams were heard as far as the next farm over. Incredibly, her pleasure increased, as the Clydesdale's own climax saw the horse hose his copious semen deep into the shaking, screaming, human woman. His swollen cock plugged Lara completely, so the pressure swelled her belly with a molten core of horse spunk. When he finally pulled out, a seeming river of warm translucent fluid poured from Lara's obscenely gaping snatch. Though much was lost as it soaked into the dirt, a horse sperm fertilised a human egg for the first time since the age of gods and heroes.

The farmer arrived to see Lara peel herself from the rock as his champion stud walked away. He found the sight of the naked aristocrat with her athletic legs caked in sperm utterly revolting. Luckily for Lara, his initial fury was greatly dampened, and his silence earned, by the golden riches of the temple, for which the government paid him handsomely. He had no interest in the dissipated Cornucopia.

Lara's divine pregnancy lasted an even ten months. She had the money to ensure her C-Section was carried out in privacy at her ancestral home and, with the Cornucopia in the room, she was delivered of a healthy centaur boy... or foal.


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