Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really fucking stupid. I don't own Tomb Raider, or Lara Croft and make no profit from this story. Please read the story codes above to ensure that you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content.

Description: The canine guardian of an ancient temple dominates Lara Croft until she's his willing bitch.

Additional Credit: This story is Based on fan art commissioned from the artist Turria, and comments made by Turria about the intent behind the picture.

Content Codes: nc-cons, pwp, F-zoo, cream pie, magic, impreg, viol(inferred)

Tomb Raider: Corinthian Knot
by JD ([email protected])

The Pyrenees contain some of the finest scenery in Europe, quite different to the Alpine landscape yet similarly still possible to find oneself in apparent wilderness. Lara Croft hadn't seen another human since fighting off a group of considerably less ethical rival mercenaries amidst the ruins of a cave-built temple to Hecate. Like Lara, they'd sought the treasures of the temple but where the Tomb Raider had tracked down the lost location in 'unmapped' caves, they'd followed her and tried to kill her. Their bodies lay still beneath the earth, food for the few wild creatures that hadn't fallen to either Lara's pistols, or the mercenary platoon's guns. She had enough high quality samples in her pack to ensure high quality academic support for the full archaeological survey her inherited funds would probably also pay for. Innocuously amongst them was a golden necklace once used by Hecate's priestesses in a specific fertility ritual for the honouring of the goddess.

Heading down to the foothills, the buxom adventurer might have noted humans trailing her, but completely failed to spot the large wolfish dog Corinth following her tracks. He'd been named by the last priestess of the temple to honour her homeland. She'd been a beautiful Greek taken half way across the empire of Rome, and like the empire, long since dust. Older than any canine had any right to be, some ancient power in the subterranean temple itself had kept him alive for countless years in Hecate's name. Generations of pups had been sired by the shaggy beast, and sent out into the world. Some had even come to run, accepted, with the re-introduced Pyrenean wolf packs, and looked similar enough in appearance that they'd gone uncommented. Too smart to fall himself, his favoured bitches had fallen beneath Lara's pistols and so he'd trailed her out into the sunlight seeking recompense.

Though the high air was cool, the sun was hot. Lara would not usually do anything as unladylike as pant, as her silent stalker did, but she certainly perspired. Blood, mud and sundry other dirt had dried thickly across her body, staining her clothing as much as her tanned skin. She recalled one of the few decent sized bodies of water in the Pyrenees from her ascent to the cave, far enough from human habitation to be decently private, and resolved make camp by the shore. A good wash, food, and the change of clothing in her pack was just the ticket after the underground gun play, trap avoiding, and PETA enraging wild animal blasting.

Corinth watched from deep undergrowth, belly to the floor, as Lara stripped out of her filthy clothing. There was something appealing in the rank scent of the human woman, and the dog felt her appeal grow as she bent forwards to slide her ripped shorts down to her feet. The soft breeze carried the odours of her bush to his sensitive nose, and he knew then, instinctively, what payment he would take for his felled bitches. He recalled ancient temple rituals, willing priestesses. Pressed between his belly and the dirt, the bright red tip of the dog's cock emerged from his furry sheath. The same breeze stiffened Lara's nipples as she stripped off her mud encrusted top. Though not the teenager she'd once been, her athletic lifestyle meant Lara's body was as fine as ever. Even her much admired breasts retained their shape and firmness. As the finished, she left on only her fingerless leather gloves to use the rough leather of the palms as a replacement for a cloth.

She carried her clothing down to the water's edge. A quick toe-prod told her it was as cold as it looked despite the warm sun above, and she knew she'd have to be fairly quick. Walking in until her toes, still painted from an information gathering meal a few nights before, were a little over 12 inches beneath the surface, Lara set about scrubbing the filth from her body. The crystal water was invigorating, drawing goose pimples along the skin she revealed beneath the cave filth. Cleaning her perspiration-soaked pussy made her shiver as the water splashed over her sensitive folds, and then she continued on across the toned musculature that defined much of her lithe feminine body. With a final splash of her face, she set to scrubbing the chunkier dirt from her clothing, to ensure her backpack load was as light as possible when they'd dried over night.

As she worked, Corinth slid from his hiding place. Lara's death giving guns lay on the rocks near her bag. One of them sat amongst a few bullets she'd pulled from her pockets after stripping out of her shorts. He didn't intend to let her reach them. Lolling over his teeth like a large chamois leather, Corinth's tongue dribbled drool freely at the prospect of mating the female. He padded forward on huge paws toed with savage claws, masked by the splashing of Lara's dirt eradicating efforts. Though she was newly clean, the cleansing water couldn't hide her fertility from the temple dog's nose. Deep within Lara's pack, the ritual necklace glowed with faint sacred power.

Lara's thoughts, oblivious of the dog lurking on the rocky shore, turned to food. She had rations in her pack, but if she spotted a game bird, its game would be up. Gathering her laundry into a sopping pile, she left the water and bent to spread them on the rocks. Corinth pounced, gaining enough height from almost flat against the ground to drive Lara's body to the rocks. She thought she'd missed a mercenary, but the rough fur against her back and the claws scoring her shoulders quickly told her it was a beast attack. She twisted, almost-panicked, to avoid letting him get a grip on her throat. Her long brown pony tail whipped through Corinth's long, strong jaws, and he gripped it solidly. She couldn't get a good look at Corinth, and assumed him to be a pack-lacking lone wolf, starved into desperately attacking a human.

"Get off me," Lara cried, before drawing breath for a loud scream in hopes of scaring him away.

Though Lara's scream scared the predicted game birds from the shoreline, and echoed off the sheer rock faces, it did nothing to dissuade Corinth. As Lara reached out for her pistol, he roughly pulled her away by her hair. Single strands broke, but the pony tail held. She yelped at the tug on her scalp, and tried to slam her head backwards into the dog's snout. She was angry at herself for getting caught by a wolf, and pained and afraid by his animalistic fury. She lunged for her pistol again, only to be dragged back almost contemptuously by the dominant male dog. Just as she started to wonder why the 'starving wolf' hadn't taken his killing bite yet, Corinth moved backwards and gripped her about the waist with his thick forelegs.

"No, it can't mean to...!"

Corinth didn't give his selected bitch time to finish the thought, before proving it true. The flat, angled, red head of his semi erect cock prodded eagerly between Lara's lips, and pushed inside her body. She felt a little cooler than the bitches he was used too, but definitely tight. Snarling savagely around Lara's pony tail, he penetrated deeply on the second stroke. Just like his brain, Corinth's cock was bigger than the canine average, and rapidly reaching its full breadth, Lara's pussy was stretched more than she'd ever known. Holding the Tomb Raider down, the wolfish dog savagely claimed her with his powerful pounding.

Lara had entertained the occasional rape fantasy, fingering herself as she imagined being utterly dominated and helpless, but her imaginary partners had always been human. Face reddened with her struggle, she wondered why she was starting to enjoy the same feelings from a dog's cock. She'd never believed she could be so wonderfully stretched, and grew even angrier with her arousal at being so filled by the inhumanly red length of a dog. She held a mental image of the erotic contrast between his redness and her pink folds, and groaned. She'd been mounted roughly, and bore the claw marks to prove it, and his brutal thrusting hit too deep, too soon, and made her wince amidst the pleasure... but the pleasure was definite, and growing.

"Dirty girl, Lara..." she told herself, and tried to work slowly towards her nearest gun.

The increasingly wet sounds of arousal from Lara's pussy were music to Corinth's pointed ears. Though she was certainly tight, as the human grew wetter he enjoyed the fuck more. Though she'd fought to start with, he sensed her giving in to his dominance. Her face was getting closer to the ground beneath him, emphasising her position as his bitch. Her skin felt good beneath his hairy belly, but not as good as her inner folds wrapped around his shaft. Grey furred and tight at the base of his shaft, his balls felt heavy with the proven sperm of a thousand breedings. He was almost ready to knot Lara, and ensure none was wasted. Any litter of less than eleven puppies would be a disappointment to Corinth.

"Oh gosh, he's so big!"

Lara's nipples rubbed against the gritty rock with every thrust, swinging between her body and the sparsely grassed shoreline. She'd started to lower her face to get her hand closer to the pistol, but it felt right as she did so. Without quite realising it, she'd started to hump back and meet Corinth's thrusts. Consciously still intending to kill him, she pulled her head forward against his grip on her hair, and felt the gun beneath her fingers. Simultaneously, a new pressure, unlike anything Lara Croft had ever known, pressed insistently between her lustfully swollen labia. Opened like a spring flower, her pussy felt too small to take the dog's knot, but the dog didn't give a damn. She screamed again as the swollen flesh around his cock opened her like a birthing in reverse. The knot seemed to pop almost audibly inside. It was still growing!

"He's... he's knotted me!"

Corinth noticed Lara's hand on her gun, just as she moved it away and slapped it on her fine British arse. She felt around his knot, probing her folds, and stroking against his balls. He approved as she lowered her face back to the floor, and, panting, moaned in time with his last few strokes. She still looked, so far as he could read a human face, angry and pained, but also the naked grateful lust of a bitch in heat being satisfied. He tightened his grip on her hips, and slammed in one final time to bring his balls against her wet heat. Adding his howl to Lara's panted moans, Corinth came hard. His canine cock was lodged deep enough inside Lara that he sprayed through into her deepest core. The ancient ritual magic would ensure her fertility...

Lara's moans turned to screams as she pictured herself being completely filled with the dog's scalding hot semen, while submissively face down before him. It was a true full body climax, the kind of pleasure that made ordinary sex seem weak, and thin. From her skin to her skeleton seemed alive with bursting waves of pleasure, not one single climax but a multiple series of pleasures. She was still shaking with orgasmic aftershocks as a slight new pain told her claws her pressed into her hip. She twisted her sweat-drenched (no longer ladylike enough to perspire) face around to see the dog trying to pull his knot free. Fresh hot spunk dribbled in slick trails through her bush, squirted around the knot. Too hard, too deep, to come free.

"Please, don't... it feels so good in me?"

Corinth relented at the bitch's pleading as he read the intent in her eyes. He flicked his leg over her shoulder and, finally releasing Lara's pony tail, stood facing away from her. Once he was off, he stopped pulling, to allow his knot to deflate a little first. If he could speak, he would tell her that stopping fingering herself around his snug knot would speed the process. As she squealed behind him, and tightened along his shaft, Corinth realised she'd given herself more pleasure. His precious seed leaked around the slowly reducing knot, though there was still much inside Lara Croft.

Though the air was still cold, the rock beneath Lara felt warmed by her energetic fuck. All thoughts of killing him at fled from her mind; she instead planned on taking him back home, to England. Yet, as she considered it she realised the idea of her as Lady of the estate, and him as her pet, simply didn't work. She had submitted to him; she had to be on his ground. In the same way, she didn't feel fucked, nor even raped as she had every right too... she felt mated. An odd sense of blessing to have the beast's hot semen coating every fold of her pussy, sloshing past her cervix, pervaded her very being. As the knot slipped blissfully free, Lara sighed, and kept her face down at the rocks. Much of the sperm remained deliciously within, though some now ran freely down her scratched thighs. They seemed less like the wounds inflicted by a rapist, and more like the possessive branding of an owner.

A wet splash on her cheek made Lara raise her eyes. The dog - she could see then that he was simply a large, powerful dog with much of the wolf in his appearance - had positioned his wilted cock close to her face. Careful not to spill more from her pussy than necessary, she raised her lips to his cock and took it into her mouth. The dog stood foursquare and powerful as Lara Croft sucked the hot metallic taste of dog cock into her mouth. It should have repulsed her; it nearly made her come again. He stiffened slightly, allowing more from his sheath to be cleaned, but did not harden properly. She realised he was going to fuck her again on his terms, and not just because she ached to be taken anew.

Corinth let the bitch clean him. When the time came that she was fully and unhesitatingly submissive to his alpha role, he would clean her in return as a gift. This first time, he simply waited until she had finished, and then took her hair again. He tugged upwards, making her stand, and then snuffled meaningfully at Lara's pack. The looted temple goods would be returned, to sit in silent memory of those who once worshipped there. The human bitch would repopulate the temple with generations of new dogs, in Hecate's name.

Nearly naked, and with cooling sperm running heavily down her thighs, Lara lifted her pack onto her back and followed her new alpha back up towards the subterranean temple. Her face wore a beatific picture of lustful expectation. Every time she blinked, she held a different mental image of the dog taking her; up against a wall, on her back, in the arse and squirting hotly into her mouth. It was all she could do not to drop to her knees and finger herself right then and there, but she didn't have permission to stop. Closing her eyes longer as she walked, she wished for a collar around her neck, and made a noise between a moan and a growl.

Not long after she re-entered the caves, and left the last of her old life behind.


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A/N - The rejected title I came up with was Pyrenean Mountin' Dog, but I thought the difference in appearance between the punned breed and Corinth's would confuse readers!


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