Author's note: Story I wrote for Ade's Cave (and the ilustrated version is there). Big thanks for Yephike, he get me some ideas and helped me a lot with beta/proofreading. Opinions, suggestions and comments are very welcome, sent them at [email protected]

Tomb Raider: Dish Best Served Cold (MF,FF,ncon,toys,rough)
by Pralat

Hello, Lara! How do you feel? Bit uncomfortable, I assume. Well, no surprise, lying naked on the cold basement floor isn't something that British ladies would call comfortable, is it? But during your travels you have surely gotten used to lower standards. In fact, according to the rumors I've heard, you have a few very little ladylike tastes, and no standards at all so I'm sure you can stand my hospitality as well.

Don't look at me like that. I know those ropes are painful. I guess you tried to get free from them. A peril master like you should do it with ease. Sadly, I learned how to tie up my victim from the experts. The more you try to get free, the deeper they're moving into your skin. I think you already discovered that. It hurts, doesn't it? Right, it should hurt, you fat titted bimbo!

I can see a question in your eyes. You would probably like to know why you are here? Well, you deserve an answer at least. That's a simple matter. Do you remember your travel to Egypt three years ago, Lara? I hope you do. You stole an Osiris statue from a private collection. One of your many journeys, right? But unfortunately, my husband was there as well. He worked as a bodyguard for that man and had bad luck meeting you face to face. You shot him. He was found with three bullets in his chest. These were bullets from your guns, Lara. Your own fucking guns... It'd be better if you'd use them to fuck your wet pussy and dirty ass. I'm sure you do that as well, though!

His employer was fair enough to pay me some money for losing my husband. I had enough cash to start a new life somewhere and forget about it. But I loved my husband. I know it's probably hard to understand for such a greedy whore like you, but yes, I really loved him. And I swore revenge against the slut that killed him. I promised myself that she will suffer and regret what she did. She will regret with every second of her pathetic life, filled with suffering and torment. Yes, I'm talking 'bout you, Lara.

I spent all the money to get info about you, prepare for our meeting and lure you into a trap. You might be strong but no one can endure a triple dose of sleeping pills in their coffee. It was easy as a pie. You were at the ship, drinking coffee and now you're here, in my basement. The great Lara Croft captured as a greenhorn. Isn't it pathetic? So, maybe you're really a weakling? Some rumors says that all your adventures are fake stories for naive journalists and that you get all those treasure by selling your ass.

I think you already met your fellow basement residents. Yes, I tried to get rid of those ants many times, but they're very stubborn. I used a lot of insect poisons and stuff, but they always return. Seems they like this place. They're small bastards, but they can bite. You'll learn about it when I smear those udders of yours with honey and leave you here for them. Your screams are gonna be like the sweetest music for my ears.

Oh, do I see fear in Lara Croft's eyes? Don't worry, it won't happen soon. I have a lot of plans for you, trust me. You'd probably like to ask about them, but this big dildo gag keeps your mouth shut. Oh, I see that you already swallowed the entire gallon of bull semen attached to the gag. What a greedy cunt you are. I know you're a pervert, I have heard many stories about your journeys. Isn't it true that you were captured by a bunch of gorillas once and mated with them for an entire month? There were rumors about your secret abortion after your homecoming from that trip. Oh, your face is turning red! So it really is true, you were impregnated by a gorilla! How does it feel, being fucked but a bunch of horny monkeys? There will come a day when you'll be eager to tell me about it, I'm sure.

I think I should tell you that a month ago I got a pair of nice looking Dobermans. They're big and strong, yet they have a problem - they javen't mated with anyone for a really long time. You know what I mean - those bastards are really horny and surely will fuck any slut they'll get. You'll meet them closer soon enough. Much closer...

Ok, let's change the sperm container for a full one. This time it's horse semen. I wonder if you'll like it more than the bull's. Get used to it; this is gonna be the only meal you'll get for the upcoming days. But for someone who probably sucked dozens of gorilla cocks, staying on such a diet isn't a big deal. It will keep you alive yet weak enough.

You were famous because of your strength. A strong, independent woman, a real feminist icon. I'm gonna shatter this image to pieces and show the world how you really are. I'll make you cry, you proud cunt. You'll be crying for me, cursing me and praising me. You'll humiliate yourself to make me stop tormenting you. I'll show you all meanings of the word "pain". You'll no longer think of yourself as a strong woman. I'll turn you into a dirty, obedient pain slut, someone who even despises herself. And more, everyone who looks at you, will see a stupid, disgusting whore, an ugly bitch that can't even make anyone hard anymore because of her dirtiness. Who would want to fuck a human cow with saggy tits, dirty skin, ugly face, bald head and a cunt wide enough to accept baseball bat inside?

Ok, taste your new meal while I'm work a little on you. Look at this smart, little thing. You recognize it, don't you? It's a piercing pistol. Even a pea brained cunt like you probably knows what it does. I'm gonna use it to decorate your body a bit. Let's start with those watermelons. *Click! Click!* Now you have to golden handles attached to your big nipples. Your ears, please. *Click! Click!* and a big, round one for nose! *Click!* Wanna have some in your eyebrows? *Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!* Oh, I think I went a bit trigger happy.

Oh my, you should see your face now. You look like a cyberpunk girl... well, kind of, I doubt if cyberpunk girls have sperm running down corners of their mouth and their nostrils. But certainly, you look different now, Lara. Oh, I have an urge to give you some more piercings. Your belly button, please. *Click!* Wanna have some metal in your buttocks? Why do I even care to ask? *Click! Click! Click! Click!* Are you crying, Lara? I'm disappointed, really. I thought you'd endure it a bit longer. And we're just approaching the main event.

*Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!* God, your face is really mask of pain. Its ok, it will be enough for now... almost. Each of your pussy lips has three golden piercings now. And, as the cherry at the top of the cake, last one *Click!* Oh, someone just came? Piercing your clitty made our horny bitch stain the floor. I'd make you clear the mess you made with your tongue, but I don't wanna interrupt your horse semen meal. See how good I am to you?

Ok, since your nipples have those rings, we can use them for something kinkier. Those two weights will be perfect. Here they go. I know they're heavy, but trust me, you stinky cunt, you're soon gonna wear heavier ones. They'll slowly turn those mammaries of yours into long, pathetic udders. That dripping cunt of yours will soon be so wide that no human will ever take pleasure in fucking you and your filthy asshole as well. You're gonna need baseball bats to feel anything.

All right, smile to the camera now. Oh, I totally forgot that it's hard to smile with a dildo gag inside your slutty mouth. But its ok, your desperate look will make this photo session even better than the previous ones. I afraid you don't know, but I already made one set titled "Lara Croft Learns the Ropes". You're sleeping, but it's still great. It's already very popular on the web, people pay 350$ for it. I think I'll title this one "Lara Croft Likes Heavy Metal". There will be more of them, like "Lara Croft Doggy Mommy", "Lara Croft Enema Manic", "Lara Croft Whipping Adventure", "Lara Croft Toilet Licker"... I think I'll title the last one "Lara Croft Loses Her Head", but this still depends on how obedient you decide to be. Who knows, maybe if you satisfy me, I'll title it "Lara Croft Gets Out Alive"? It depends on you, slut.

There, there... ok, enough. I think I made almost 100 pics. Need to go and upload them, but first I'm gonna make sure you don't get bored down here. Here, let me put those earphones on your head and let's turn this TV on. Since you're into animals, you will probably be grateful for an all night bestiality movies marathon. Dogs, horses, donkeys... You can dream of sucking them while drinking this delicious cum. See you tomorrow, cunt! Your personal hell is just starting!

Six Months Later

You returned then, after just two weeks? That's surprising. Didn't I tell you that you're free, Lara? Go, you can return home, I had enough fun with you. What are you saying? Oh, that's right, everyone thought you were dead, so your money is gone, they sold your house and your stuff. It must be hard to become penniless, right? Well, in your current state you can forget about more travels and tomb riding. Weren't you trying prostitution? Oh right, after all I did to you even homeless winos have problems getting hard-ons when seeing you.

Let me look at you. Hmm... Those ant bites sure made some lasting marks. I'm not sure we can even call those flabby, wrinkly tubes tits anymore, didn't you use to be proud of those? *Sniff sniff* Lara, have you been sleeping on the streets? You smell like garbage! You know what they are saying about you on our little website? There are saying that you are the ugliest, most depraved piece of shit whore in all of the world! I'm pretty sure some of the visitors used to be friends of yours as well. As, you have tried to meet them, but no one wants to acknowledge you. That makes sense, frankly I think it's a bit embarrassing having you standing here at my front door as well. How does it feel, Lara, to have everything ripped away from you, to have everyone despise you? Yeah, that's right, cry for me, you cow. Now you are finally as disgusting on the outside as you were on the inside all along. Ah, I wish my husband was alive to see this, the great Lara Croft reduced to begging, homeless prostitute that can't even get any customers to satisfy her gaping, smelly holes. Hope he can see us from heaven.

But why should I keep you anyway? I have no use for such a disgusting whore. Or maybe... right, I remember about your gorilla adventure. I wonder if we can repeat it. It'd be a great scientific discovery to prove that humans can have children with gorillas. Ok, get inside, tomorrow we'll be in Africa! You should be proud that even in your current, ugly form, you will be able to do something good for science! As for tonight, move your ass to the pigsty behind my home! That is a good place for you.


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