Tomb Radier: Exploration (FF,ncon,creature)
by Arcane

Lara had always been good at exploring. Temples were no exception. She took
her run up and leapt over the pit. She sailed through the air for a few
seconds and landed in a roll on the other side. She kept moving fast. Behind
her she could hear the whoosh of arrows as they shot through the air. If one
of them hit her then it would all be over. She pushed her way through a pile
of rubble, careful not to dislodge the foundations. The temple was ancient,
no one even knew when it was really from. Thieves had raided the outer tombs
years ago but had never really found anything. Those who went deeper into the
temple, whether thief or explorer, never got far enough to see what was
hidden within. Few of them ever came out. Lara Croft fully intended to be
the first.

She kept crawling through the tiny tunnel, knowing that it had fallen away
over time. She held her flashlight in her mouth, barely lighting the grimy
path in front of her. Finally she came to the end of the tunnel. Pushing on
the dirt that had clogged her exit, she broke through into another chamber.
A wave of even more stale air blew into her face and she coughed and
spluttered as she crawled out, brushing of the dirt from her arms and tight

She looked around the room and felt nothing but disappointment. It was
certain that she'd gotten here first. The chamber showed no sign of being
entered for centuries. What was disappointing was that there was nothing
here to see. The chamber was empty save a large stone cube in its center.

No treasure. No gold and jewels. Nothing worth taking at all.

Lara sighed, her large bosom rising and falling.

Cautiously she walked over to the box. There were vague outlines of a lid
but no signs of writing on the top, probably worn over time. Shrugging her
shoulders she pushed at the stone lid. It was heavy, very heavy, but she
was strong enough. Toned muscles straining she sent the lid of the box off
onto the floor. It didn't break but it did sent clouds of dust up into the
room making her cough. Lara looked down into the box.

It was empty. Empty apart from a single fist-sized ruby.

Lara reached for it in awe. She'd seen big gems but nothing like this.

She lifted it out of the box, her flashlight beam gleaming through its
myriad of faces.

"YEOW!" Lara howled, reflexively throwing the jewel across the room. Her hand
stung with the shock of whatever it was that had hit her. It felt like
electricity of some sorts. Lara looked at her hand but saw no sign of a burn.
There must have been something on the ruby she'd reacted too.

Her head flew up, peering into the darkness. She swore she'd heard a sound
in the corner of the room. She lifted her flashlight up to see the black
shifting shape.

The torches in the room ignited.

Suddenly the room was filled with light, Lara had to blink several times as
she adjusted to the brightness. Then she saw the source of the sound.

In the corner of the room stood a woman. At least it was the shape of a
woman. She wore nothing, or seemed not to. Her skin was a slick, oozing
black, almost seeming to ripple in the flickering light. Her figure was
impressive, almost as much as Lara's own ultra-developed body. Her face was
equally black, the only thing interrupting the pattern was a single glowing
red eye in the middle of the figure's forehead, an eye that Lara immediately
recognized as the ruby.

"I suppose I should thank you for freeing me," the woman spoke in a snakelike
oozing voice.

Lara couldn't help herself. Reflexes took over and she drew her pistol to
fire at the figure. The bullets lodged themselves in the blackness and then
were spat out onto the floor.

"If you want to fight, my dear, I suggest you use your hands," the woman
laughed in an evil tone.

Lara turned quickly, leaping for the tunnel she'd come through. Halfway
through the air she stopped. Lara felt something around her waist, gripping
her tightly. Suddenly her direction reversed. Lara flew through the air and
only just managed to brace herself before she hit the stone wall. She
crumpled to the ground, gasping for air. Looking up she saw the black woman
standing peacefully in the corner again. Lara stood and took a few steps
forward, breaking into a run. She tripped. One second she was diving face
first into the floor the next she was shooting through the air, ankle
gripped tightly. She was flicked through the air and slammed into the
ground just hard enough to drive the wind out of her again. She stood
again, this time reaching for her pistol.

Her hand moved quickly to the holster. It never got there. Half way through
her movement a black tentacle had lashed out of nowhere and grasped her
wrist. The tendril whipped back, pulling her with it, forcing her to run
headlong into a wall. She crashed back to the floor, felt herself being
dragged over the ground then tugged back to her feet. All the while she
heard the woman giggling madly. Lara watched as the ground fell below her
and she turned in the air, pulled back to face the woman. Lara looked about
her. There were eight black tendrils, two on her wrists, two on her elbows,
two on her ankles and two on her knees. She pulled roughly but she had no
leverage and the tentacles were much stronger. They pulled her to within a
few feet of the black lady, hanging her in the air, arms above her head.

With her free hands the woman ripped Lara's backpack off and searched through
her contents. Food, tools and weapons were all discarded to the floor.

"Lara Croft." the woman commented as she read Lara's buisness card. "What a
pretty name."

"What are you?" Lara asked in fear and awe.

"My name is unpronounceable to you. You may call me Vey."

"But... what are you?" Lara asked again.

"I am the dream of the world, the ultimate joy. And I am free once more. I
owe that to you. Now let me reward you."

Lara struggled but to no avail. She watched helplessly as the shadowy hands
ran up her waist, gliding over the fabric of her singlet. They ran up,
rubbing over her breasts and up to her neck.

"We are an impressive woman aren't we?" Vey smiled.

Her hands gripped the shoulders of Lara's singlet and in a single motion
ripped it off her. For a second the woman eyed Lara's large athletic bra
and then, almost casually, pulled on it, snapping it off onto the floor.
Lara's massive and now unsupported breasts exposed themselves, bouncing in
front of the dark lady.

"Very impressive."

Lara squirmed but it was no use. She watched two more tendrils shooting
through the air, each ending in a tiny black mouth. She struggled again,
making her massive bosom swing from side to side, but it was no good. Each
tiny mouth darted in, sucking onto the flesh of her nipples. They waited for
a few seconds, Lara could feel their warmth on her skin. Then they grew.
Over her skin they stretched like rubber balloons, dark sheaths unfolding
to accommodate every inch of her delicate breasts. Slowly they reached out,
pulling out and then down, stretching and covering until both her breasts,
down to her chest were encased in the rubbery darkness.

They squeezed.

Lara winced as she felt her flesh being pushed in on itself, kneaded inside
the contracting cones. They pushed down, pressing into her, swirling around
in circles then tugging, sucking sharply. She felt her breasts being
contorted inside the black blobs, stretched and squashed in random cycles,
over and over again. The tentacles held her fast, unyielding as she tugged
at them repeatedly. Lara gasped and grunted. She was expecting pain. At least
it would have been a little more comforting. Instead it was pleasure she was
receiving. The massage felt good. More than that, it felt great.

She'd known men before but all of them had been inadequate in this
department. It wasn't really their fault, it was just that her breasts were
two large for any one pair of hands to cope with at a time. Not so these dark
appendages which covered her completely. They knew just how to treat her
right and fully. Despite her protests Lara had to admit that the treatment
was feeling nice. She was conscious of the fact that, within the cones, her
nipples were growing hard with arousal. The dark lady smiled as she watched
Lara trying to pull away and at the same time enjoying the pleasure. It was
impossible not to enjoy it. Impossible.

Lara felt herself being lifted higher but all the tentacles stayed in place.
For a second she wondered how the woman remained anchored but became clear
that magic was involved. Lara however had no leverage. She was flailing in
mid air, the black arms holding her tightly. Looking down she saw Vey running
her fingers over her shorts. Slowly she unbuckled Lara's belt, ignoring the
thrusting hips that Lara tried to hinder her with. She slipped off the belt
and dropped it to the floor, immediately unbuttoning and unzipping Lara's
fly. Once she reached the bottom of the zip she grasped each side flap and
tore sharply, shredding the tough cloth as if it was tissue paper. Lara shook
in fear as the woman gazed at her white underpants. Vey ran first a finger
then a hand over the soft mound that pressed out in front of her. Twice then
three times she stroked it, each time pushing a little harder. Despite
herself Lara could feel the wetness beginning to soak through the white
cloth. Obviously the breast stimulation had been translated by her body.

Tantalizingly slowly, Vey ran her hand up the thighs of her helpless prey.
Gently they slid under the bands of Laras panties, pressing through the dark
hair beneath and then directly into the source of the wetness. Lara let out
a gasp as the fingers touched her. Vey smiled and swirled her fingers around
gently for a few seconds. Then both hands slid out, cupping Lara's genitals
beneath the panties. In a flash Vey snapped back her hands, shredding the
material into white cotton snow. Lara felt the hands run over her thighs
again, stroking and clasping her buttocks. Again she was being lifted higher
so that she was now almost high enough to sit on the womans shoulders. Vey
drew Lara closer, her face less than a foot away from the newly exposed

Lara quivered in fear of what was to come.

Vey looked straight into Lara's depths.

An intense ruby beam erupted from the single red eye engulfing the dark mass.

Lara screamed.

Lara screamed and she shook and she tugged franticly, her body wracked by
an unimaginable pleasure. Every single nerve of her sex was alive with
passion, burning with ecstasy. The red light illuminated her most private
parts, warmth seeping through the moist skin, deeper and deeper inside her.
She felt the warmth erupting in waves, spasms rocking her body over and
over. She felt the heat inside her, liquids seeping from within her, longing
for the light. It crackled over her wet vulva lips, energy pressing them
apart softly, exposing her clitoris, which was immediately bathed in a halo
of crimson fire. Lara screamed again, her body tearing against the tentacles
that held her fast. Her pelvis thrust back and forth, one of the few areas
of her body able to move. Back and forth the target region pulsed in the
beam, Lara's body held firm by the hands on her butt.

Gradually the light subsided, her spasms slowing. Lara felt the sweat running
in fountains off her nude body, still held fast. She felt herself being
lowered down again, feet almost touching the floor but not quite. She could
still feel the cups on her bosom, still kneading her softly. Lara weakly
opened her eyes, flicking out the tangled, sweaty hair form them.

She was eye level with Vey. The eye was glowing. Glowing brightly.

"Hello Lara." Vey almost hissed as she smiled.

Lara felt the light pulsing, crimson burning into her mind. Instinctively she
snapped her eyes shut.

"There's no need to hide from me, Lara." she heard Vey's voice through the

Lara winced as she felt a warm tendril running up her leg.

"You can't hide from me, Lara."

It's tip slid up towards the center of her legs.

"I will find you."

It brushed over her wet dark hair.

"Where shall we look first?"

Lara shivered as she felt the warm, wet tip press into her. Effortlessly it
divided her drove in towards the target. The head split in two. Then each
of those divided, then again and again until thousands of near microscopic
heads slowly pressed against Lara's clitoris.

In unison they vibrated.

Lara came.

She was too well sexed, too readied to fight it. The task of climaxing her
was a simple one for the tendril.

Lara howled with pleasure as the massive release shot through her. For a
brief second she opened her eyes. She didn't close them. Even as she came
her eyes were fixed open, unable to break the gaze of the single red eye
that bore into her soul. Her eyes refused to close instead focussing on the
swirling, pulsing red light.

"Don't resist me, Lara." Vey said sweetly.

Lara gritted her teeth, trying to block out the voice.

Vey simply made her come again. And again.

As many times as it took to break down the barriers that defended her will.
Lara's mind was strong. But it wasn't that strong. Vey could have brought
her to orgasm a thousand times but in the end it only took seven. Lara's
will snapped, opening herself to the dark lady. She felt the tendril beneath
her leg plunge inwards, deeper and deeper, filling her body. Vey's dark mouth
reached forward and Lara opened her own to meet her in a passionate kiss.
Lara felt the tongue, pressing and exploring. It forced its way into her
throat, overriding her gag reflex. Deeper and deeper the tendrils went.
Deeper and deeper into her mind. Lara offered no resistance. Her surrender
was absolute.

* * *

Jill waited at the camp outside the temple. Lara didn't usually use backup.
Not that she was backup. She was really just someone to carry a backpack.
She scratched through her white shirt, practically plastered to her skin by
sweat. Her blonde hair wasn't any better. The sooner Lara came out of there
the better. It wasn't too long before she got her wish. Sure enough it was
Lara. Same shorts and singlet, same confident stride.

"Find anything?" she asked hopefully.

"In a sense."

Lara's eyes shot forth a red blast, meeting with those of Jill. The blonde
fell to her knees, trembling as she tried to fight the power. Maintaining
the stare Lara knelt in front of her, unbuttoning the woman's shirt fully.
She rubbed her palms over the bra softly, watching the fear in Jill's eyes.
Vey/Lara ran her hands under the bra, feeling the sweaty flesh beneath.
They weren't as big as Lara's by a long shot. But they would do for now.

The tendrils began exploring.

Lara had always been good at exploring.




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