Tomb Raider: Lara Croft - Lesbian Fuck Toy (FF,FFF,bdsm,nc-cons,magic)
by Anonymous

Chapter 1

Brenna entered her bedroom bubbling with excitement. She tore out the small
manual she had purchased before sitting cross-legged on the floor in front
of her Playstation. She placed the left-hand controller in her lap while she
read over the instructions of the techno-spell.

"Looks easy enough," remarked Brenna to herself, setting the thin book aside
in order to concentrate on the console controller.

Brenna chanted the words of power printed in the manual, her pulse quickening
as she felt the magic enter her body. The raven-haired girl's dark brown eyes
gleamed from the gathering might of her spell, then the magic burst out of
her, wrapping around the plastic device, enfolding it with eldritch light.
The spell ended, Brenna's breathing slowed, and the controller appeared just
as it had before the young girl's spellcasting.

"Wonder if it worked," mused Brenna, sorting through her pile of games until
she came across the one she wanted. She popped open the console's lid,
setting the CD in place. Closing the lid, Brenna turned on the power, waiting
impatiently as the game was loaded into the machine. When the game logo
appeared on her television, Brenna started a new game, waiting yet again
while the first stage was prepared. Lara Croft's familiar backside appeared
on the TV. Brenna grinned, saying the command word that would complete the
spell's magic. The television glowed brightly, and with a snap of electrical
discharge, Lara Croft stood in Brenna's room, tall and lithe.

"Lara," murmured Brenna, her eyes wide with awe and adoration.

"Where am I?" asked Lara, gazing around Brenna's bedroom, her right hand
resting on the butt of one of her pistols.

Brenna tugged out the controller from the console, then tapped the
directional pad once.

Lara walked backwards a pace, smacking into one of the bedroom walls.

"What the bloody hell?" gasped Lara in surprise. "Why did I do that?"

"I made you do it," said Brenna, brandishing the controller with a wicked
grin. "I can control you with this."

"Why would you want to do that?"

"I want to fuck you. I'm in love with you," admitted Brenna with a blush.

"This is bloody crazy. Give me that thing!" demanded Lara, pushing away from
the wall with arms outstretched.

Brenna tapped the direction pad again, forcing Lara back against the wall,
then she pressed the red circle button.

Lara groaned, sweat bursting from her skin, as a powerful orgasm throbbed
within her. She leaned heavily against the wall, her legs trembling, while
the strong sensation washed through her hot flesh.

"Did that feel nice?" giggled Brenna. She set the controller down on a table
so she could climb out of her T-shirt, shorts, and underwear.

"," panted Lara, the front of her khaki shorts stained with the
juices flowing from her pussy.

Brenna retrieved the controller, then tapped on the direction pad, commanding
Lara to walk over to the small twin bed and climb up onto it. Lara lay on her
back, helpless to stop her young, lovely ravager while she tugged off Lara's
shorts, shirt, panties, and boots. Brenna straddled Lara's naked body,
licking the paralyzed woman's huge breasts. She reached behind Lara's head,
untying her ponytail, letting her long rich auburn hair spread out around her
body like a shimmering mantle. Brenna pressed the red circle button and
tapped down with the direction pad, not quite giving Lara an orgasm, but
making her cunt burn with lust, generating a fresh outpouring of honey that
splattered across Lara's inner thighs and down her crotch to her asshole.

Brenna rubbed her small breasts against Lara's huge tits as she kissed Lara
hungrily on the mouth, caressing Lara's tongue, relishing the taste of
Lara's sensual lips. The artificial lust smoldering in Lara's body made her
wrap her slim arms around her young lover, returning the girl's kiss with
equal fervor. Brenna licked down the side of Lara's neck, nibbling on the
woman's warm skin while Lara cupped the girl's firm ass, inserting one long
finger into Brenna's narrow crack. Brenna pushed the green triangle button
and tapped up with the direction pad, commanding Lara to suck on her left
breast. Lara's lips fastened around Brenna's soft flesh, her tongue
lavishing warm saliva around the girl's stiff nipple. Brenna pressed the
square button, tapped the direction pad right once, then down. Lara slid
her right arm down Brenna's stomach, pressing her hand against the girl's
hot pussy, rubbing her fingers up and down Brenna's slit. Brenna moaned
with pleasure, her pussy becoming moist with arousal. The raven-maned girl
kissed Lara deeply, then pressed her beautiful face between Lara's immense
tits, licking across the valley of cleavage.

The perspiring young girl pressed the square button and up with the direction
pad. Lara positioned her face beneath Brenna's pussy and buried her mouth in
the girl's cunt. Brenna groaned, fondling her small breasts while Lara licked
the edges of her vagina. Brenna tapped up once more, and Lara moved to her
little clit, sucking eagerly upon it. Brenna leaned forward, resting her
small hands on the bed's headboard for support, her body glittering with
sweat. Brenna could feel her orgasm approaching while Lara continued sucking
on her throbbing clitoris. Brenna's hips shuddered when the climax hit, her
pussy clenched as her crotch ignited with white hot ecstasy.

Brenna climbed off of Lara, positioning the naked woman on her hands and
knees. Brenna licked the mounds of Lara's smooth buttocks, the taste of
Lara's sweat soaked flesh delicious to the horny girl. Brenna pressed the
circle button, giving Lara another powerful orgasm. Lara gasped sharply as
her arms gave out. She lay on her face, her ass thrust up into the air,
while Brenna loudly slurped on her pussy, thrusting her tongue into Lara's
dripping cunt. The naked girl poked a finger into Lara's anus, shoving it
up into Lara's rectum. Lara moaned softly, her pussy quivering as Brenna
tugged on the petals of her labia with clenched lips. Lara felt more thick
honey flow down her bare thighs, the result of Brenna probing into her
vagina with a small, searching mouth. Brenna licked Lara's ass again,
slowly moving her tongue over Lara's creamy skin. She bit into Lara's left
buttock, gnawing on the firm flesh. Brenna pried Lara's buttocks apart,
then covered her anus with a licking mouth. She slid her tongue around
Lara's anal hole before wriggling it inside Lara's rectum. Lara groaned
deeply, relaxing her sphincter, allowing her wanton lover to explore the
warm interior of her ass. Brenna rubbed Lara's clit energetically, then
slowly probed into her vagina, caressing the mouth of her pussy. Brenna
pressed the red circle repeatedly. Lara screamed into the bedspread as
orgasm after orgasm burst from her vagina. Lara's entire body shuddered
while the unending tide of ecstasy engulfed her, making her legs collapse
like thin twigs, her ass quivering uncontrollably.

Lara lay on her twitching belly, her entire body drained of strength. Brenna
crawled up Lara's back, licking her hot gleaming flesh, then nuzzling her
face in Lara's thick auburn hair. Brenna wrapped her small arms around Lara's
narrow waist, holding the panting woman possessively as she fell into an
exhausted sleep.

Chapter 2

"I've got to go to the mall to pick up a few things for us," said Brenna
while she combed out her long, dark hair. "I'll be back as soon as I can."

Lara lay stretched out upon Brenna's small bed, dressed in a pink T-shirt
that barely covered the tips of her enormous breasts and a pair of white lace
panties. Brenna gave Lara a soft good-bye kiss on the mouth before leaving
the supine woman alone in the brightly day lit bedroom. Lara rolled onto her
back, her body still warm and aching from the all night love session with
Brenna. Lara failed to notice when the bedroom door opened and Brenna's older
sister, Ena, stalked in.

"Where are you, runt? You're supposed to wash my clothes today!" snarled Ena,
her short red hair shining in the warm sunlight. The girl's eyes became
enormous when she noticed Lara Croft lying on her younger sister's small bed,
her stomach and long legs gleaming in the light.

"What the fuck?" gasped Ena.

The lithe girl looked around Brenna's room, smiling when she found the
Playstation controller lying on the vanity table.

"Ah, little Brenny must have gotten that evocation spell they were
advertising on the Net," murmured Ena as she turned the small controller
around in her hands. "This could be very interesting."

Ena snickered while she leafed through the thin manual, learning how to
manipulate Lara with the control device. After learning what she needed to
know, Ena tapped up on the direction pad. Lara staggered to her feet, her
legs quivering slightly.

"Follow me," ordered Ena, controlling Lara's movements with the controller,
guiding the tall woman through the hallway to her own bedroom.

Ena's bedroom was dimly lit with black and red candles, the windows blocked
by thick black silk drapes. A large bed dominated the room, an ornate piece
of furniture with oak poles at each corner that supported a black silk
canopy. Incense tickled Lara's nose as she walked over to the bed as
commanded and sat down.

"You look even hotter in the flesh," purred Ena, closing her bedroom door.
She unfastened the black lace bra she wore, tossing it in a corner atop other
discarded clothes before yanking off her tight cutoff jean shorts. The naked
girl reached into a drawer of her dresser, withdrawing a mass of dark leather
straps. Ena climbed into the net of leather, the straps binding across her
pert tits, around her neck, and between her sleek thighs. Ena moaned as a
leather strap dug into her cunt. Ena sat down on a chair to pull on a pair of
polished spiked boots.

"Now what shall you wear?" mused Ena, rubbing her chin in thought. A
malicious light sparkled in the girl's eyes, she stood up and went to her
closet, opening a chest buried under a mound of clothing. Ena pulled out
several items before approaching Lara. Ena placed the black blindfold around
Lara's eyes first, securing it tightly. Next, Ena inserted a red plastic ball
gag in Lara's mouth, the gag covered with holes so that Lara could breath and
moan through it. Ena handcuffed Lara's hands behind her back, then placed a
chain halter on her, the cold metal surrounding Lara's large tits and
encircling her throat like a gleaming collar.

"Umm, you look luscious!" smiled Ena, licking her violet painted lips with
lewd anticipation. She retrieved a ping pong paddle, then rubbed Lara's warm
buttocks with her left palm before slapping the paddle across Lara's ass.
Lara moaned sharply, her lips trembling around the ball gag in her mouth as
Ena spanked her ass over and over with the hard paddle. Occasionally Ena
halted her spanking to lick Lara's bruised ass, raking her teeth across
Lara's hot butt. Ena resumed her paddle assault, striking Lara's ass until
it glowed with red and light purple bruises. Ena slid her right hand between
Lara's thighs, stroking the bound woman's pussy, caressing her soft labia.
Lara moaned weakly, tears escaping from under the black blindfold to slide
down her beautiful cheeks.

"My little bitch needs a reward," giggled Ena, pressing down on the red
circle button. Lara groaned, her wrists writhing in their handcuffs as a
spike of ecstasy shattered in her vagina, generating a gush of honey that
dribbled out of her slit onto the red silk sheets of Ena's bed.

"Better?" inquired Ena, pulling Lara up into a sitting position, stroking the
blindfolded woman's long, lush, auburn hair. Ena pulled out the drool slick
ball gag, letting it rest against Lara's throat.

"Lick my tits, slut," commanded Ena.

"No...please," whispered Lara.

"I said lick them!" screamed Ena, slapping Lara across the face.

Lara slowly sat back up, a harsh red bruise forming on her left cheek. She
bent forward, probing with her tongue until she found Ena's right nipple. She
obediently began licking the girl's breast, lapping at Ena's nipple until it
became hard with excitement.

"The other one," panted Ena, moving Lara's face to her left tit, her small
hands buried in her slave's warm mane. Lara covered Ena's breast with her
mouth, sucking deeply on the mound of soft flesh, nibbling on the nipple
gently with her teeth. Ena moaned with bliss, closing her eyes, caressing
Lara's naked back with her right hand.

"Suck on my pussy," ordered Ena as she leaned back upon the bed, spreading
her legs apart for her reluctant lover. Ena tapped the square button, then
pressed up with the movement pad. Lara's face shot forward, her mouth
pressing firmly onto Ena's pussy. Lara started sucking on Ena's clit, her
lips caressing the tiny knob of flesh. Ena fell onto her back, her thighs
shaking, her breath coming in harsh gasps while her juices flowed from her
vagina, covering Lara's lips as she sucked on one of the girl's engorged
labia petals. Lara's tongue slurped up and down Ena's cunt hole, she slid
it slowly around the opening of Ena's vagina, encouraging more and more of
the girl's honey to stream out onto her face. Ena orgasmed with a shudder,
her hips shivering while she groaned with ecstasy. Ena rolled off of the
bed, walking to her open closet to retrieve another toy. She pressed down
on the red circle button, holding it down with one finger. Lara screamed
with pleasure, both of her hands slamming over her pussy as a fountain of
fluids spurted out onto the carpet between her legs. She fell forward onto
the foot of the bed, her chain-wrapped tits pumping furiously while blast
after blast of indescribable pleasure erupted from her cunt.

Ena laughed at Lara's helpless reaction to the controller. She strode
towards the moaning woman, wearing a long black dildo over her crotch.

"Suck it, bitch," demanded Ena.

Lara moaned weakly before placing her lips over the head of the dildo,
sucking submissively upon the hard plastic rod. Ena placed her left hand on
the back of Lara's head, shoving the woman's face harder upon the dildo,
making Lara choke as the shaft thrust down her throat. Lara knelt before
Ena, her hands handcuffed behind her back dangling uselessly over her
bruised buttocks while she slurped on the black dildo, her saliva dripping
off the pole in long, glistening strands. Lara licked the head of the dildo
sensually, then slid her lips down the length of the shaft, moving her
mouth back and forth several times before taking the pole in her mouth
again and plunging it down her throat once more.

"You like it, don't you, my beautiful whore," panted Ena, her breasts
glittering with perspiration while she guided Lara's blindfolded head back
and forth upon the dildo, her hands fastened against Lara's temples.

"Ena! Stop it!" shouted Brenna, her arms wrapped around a full plastic bag.

"Uh, oh," grinned Ena, her hands still resting upon Lara's temples while
her oblivious lover sucked loudly on her plastic prick.

Chapter 3

"Ena, how could you?" whimpered Brenna, tears threatening to burst beneath
her eyes.

"Oh, come on, sis! It's just a game character animated by a spell!" snorted
Ena dismissively.

"But I love her," sobbed Brenna.

Ena sighed deeply, "I'm sorry, Bren."

"Give me my controller back."

"Okay," replied Ena, handing Brenna the controller. "What'cha got in the

"Not that it's any of your business, I made a stop at Victoria's Secret. I
bought some cute lingerie outfits for Lara and some lotions that I've always
wanted to try."

"Way to go, sis," grinned Ena.

"Come on, Lara. Let's get you away from my pervert sister."

Lara stood up to follow Brenna, her hands still handcuffed behind her back,
her eyes still covered in a black blindfold.

"You might want these," called Ena, dangling the keys to the handcuffs.

"Bitch," whispered Brenna as she caught the thrown keys clumsily.

Brenna guided the compliant Lara back to her bedroom, sitting the naked woman
on the edge of her small bed.

"Oh, Lara, your butt!" gasped Brenna, noticing the ugly bruises all over
Lara's ass. "Let me get some ointment for those!"

Lara waited patiently on the bed, rubbing her sore freed wrists, blinking her
eyes at the dark red sunlight beaming in through the bedroom window. Brenna
returned with a tube of soothing ointment, squirting a little on the fingers
of her right hand before gently applying the ointment to the worst of Lara's

"I'm so sorry," apologized Brenna, blinking back tears before she leaned
forward to kiss Lara's left cheek. Lara turned to stare at Brenna, then
smiled, returning the girl's gentle kiss with fierce passion.

"What did you buy for me?" asked Lara, after leaving Brenna breathless from
her kiss.

"Several things," replied Brenna, offering Lara the plastic bag.

"Ooh, I like this red one," grinned Lara, pulling out a see through red body
stocking. "I'll wear this one for you tonight."

"Thanks," giggled Brenna happily.

When the sun disappeared from the sky, Lara emerged from Brenna's private
bathroom wearing the see through body stocking, the thin red fabric straining
to hold Lara's ample breasts. Lara wore her long auburn hair in a loose
ponytail, a large red bow tied halfway down its length. Lara had painted her
fingernails a deep scarlet, and her full lips gleamed with ruby promise.

"You're beautiful," sighed Brenna with wonder, dressed in a sheer white

"Can you...make me cum a little?" asked Lara with a blush.

Brenna grinned, lightly tapping the red circle button of the controller.

Lara shuddered, her pussy becoming moist with lust. She licked her gleaming
lips, her hands caressing her jutting tits.

"I'm so hot," moaned Lara, climbing onto the bed with Brenna, stroking the
girl's curly black hair before kissing her deeply on the lips. Brenna groaned
in bliss, surrendering to Lara's touch. Lara fondled Brenna's tongue in a
long, arousing french kiss, her hands gently squeezing Brenna's small tits
through the fabric of her nighty. She nuzzled Brenna's thick tresses, then
slid her mouth down the girl's graceful neck, placing soft kisses across
Brenna's pink skin. Brenna squeezed Lara's left breast, her small hand
caressing the sheer red silk that encased Lara's large bosom. Lara lifted up
Brenna's nighty, bending down to suck slowly on the girl's right breast,
teasing the nipple with the tip of her tongue. Brenna's moans became louder,
she reached down to rub her pussy through her wet white panties.

Lara gasped sharply, her nipples straining against the red stocking, as a
powerful orgasm flared within her vagina.

"Can I play too?" smiled Ena mischievously, pressing the red circle again on
the controller.

Lara grunted, the crotch of her body stocking growing dark as her cunt juices
stained the material.

Ena climbed onto the bed behind Lara, reaching between Lara's legs to fondle
her moist snatch. Lara moaned softly, her pussy on fire as Ena yanked back on
her ponytail to lick her mouth.

"Don't hurt her!" gasped Brenna, wriggling her hips.

"She likes it," purred Ena, nibbling on Lara's right earlobe, tapping the red
circle again, making Lara quiver with ecstasy.

"Keep playing with my sister," ordered the red-haired girl, pushing down on
Lara's back. Lara resumed her tit sucking, sliding her red lips all across
Brenna's tiny orbs.

Ena reached down to Lara's ass, grabbing the thin fabric of her body stocking
and ripping it with her black nailed fingers. She raked her nails over Lara's
small, taut ass, growling with lustful desire. She lowered her face onto
Lara's crack, sticking her tongue inside, probing the entrance of the woman's
dripping cunt.

Lara gently pulled down Brenna's panties before lapping at the girl's
glistening slit. Lara buried her mouth in Brenna's pussy, sliding her tongue
around the entrance of Brenna's vagina. Brenna panted for breath, her small
breasts pumped, sweat beaded on her smooth forehead. Lara closed her lips
around Brenna's clitoris, moving her lips from side to side, sucking on the
stiff nub of flesh until Brenna shuddered with pleasure.

Ena inserted two fingers into Lara's cunt, shoving them in and out while
lavishing saliva around Lara's anus. She licked around Lara's relaxed
sphincter, her drool sliding inside the small hole as her fingers gleamed
with Lara's honey, plunging back and forth, ramming deep into the perspiring
woman's slick vagina.

Lara tore open the front of her garment, pressing her left breast against
Brenna's panting mouth. Brenna crushed Lara's tit with her tiny lips, sucking
hungrily on the woman's engorged nipple. Lara groaned with ecstasy, biting
her lower lip, closing her eyes to focus on the point of heat expanding
within her crotch.

Ena shoved her tongue into Lara's anus, covering the hole with her warm lips.
More juices gushed from Lara's pussy, coating Ena's hand, drenching the
disheveled white sheets beneath all three scantily clad young women. Lara
climaxed with a muffled scream, burying her face in Brenna's silky hair while
the young girl devoured her breast with eager determination.

* * *

The night of carnal pleasure went on forever. As the three naked young women
explored each other's bodies, a small grey controller lay on the floor next
to the sweat and cum stained bed, unneeded and forgotten.



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