Tomb Raider: Lara Croft Vs The Mummy (MF,bond,ncon,undead)
by PJ

The cool breeze coming off of the Nile caressed Lara's skin while she lay in
the ivory tub, slave girls washing her lithe body with milk and scented oil.
The silk-draped barge slid up to the torch-lit pier just as Lara emerged from
her bath. The beautiful young woman was clothed in a flowing white gossamer
gown that clung to her buxom breasts and supple limbs. Lara's long, brown
hair was allowed to flow freely down her back, except for one large braid in
the center of her auburn mane. Dark kohl was applied to Lara's eyes, and her
sensual lips were painted violet. A burly soldier took Lara's outstretched
hand and pulled her onto the stone pier, a line of soldiers guarded the path
to the crypt.

Accompanied by four priestesses and the single guard, Lara glided along the
path, glancing up at the bright stars that filled the velvet black sky. The
moon was waxing, illuminating the night with silver radiance. Two bronze
braziers were set on either side of the crypt's entrance, their flames
flickering in the breeze. The muscled soldier moved to the right, taking his
post while Lara and the lovely priestesses continued into the tomb. Down and
down Lara went, descending several levels, passing through treasure chambers,
libraries, and storage rooms filled with preserved fruit, vegetables, and
grain. Eventually Lara descended to the main crypt, walking down a torch-lit
passage toward the high priest's final resting place.

Kamen was lying upon an obsidian slab, his corpse wrapped and prepared by the
priests of Set. Lara frowned in confusion, where was Kamen's sarcophagus? The
priestesses took their positions at the four points of Kamen's resting place.
The young women let their light, linen robes fall to the floor, they raised
their bare arms to the heavens. Prayers to Set filled the crypt, Lara could
only watch, a nameless fear growing within her bosom. The priestesses spun
and threw incense into each of the four braziers set within the corners of
the crypt. Thick, cloy smoke soon filled the stone chamber, Lara felt her
eyes water, she swallowed as the vapors filled her lungs. Lara's vision
started to blur, she swayed while the four priestesses filed out of the
crypt. When the last priestess had departed, a huge stone cap rolled into
place, sealing Lara within the tomb with Kamen.

Lara collapsed onto the floor, her vision spinning. She blinked when she
spied movement from Kamen's body. Lost in a drug-induced haze, Lara did
nothing when Kamen twitched, then slowly sat up. Cold, black eyes regarded
Lara, then Kamen struggled to his feet and advanced on the young woman. Lara
didn't struggle when Kamen picked her up and carried her to the obsidian
slab. The dead high priest lowered Lara onto the smooth stone, then sat on
top of her, reaching down to rip her dress open. Lara moaned softly while
Kamen fondled her large tits, squeezing and caressing them. Kamen slipped
his left hand between Lara's legs and tore away her linen loincloth before
rubbing her cunt with his bandaged hand. The incense inflamed Lara's body,
she arched her back, offering her breasts to the high priest, opening her
thighs for his touch...

Lara Croft jerked and sat up abruptly, one strap of her green tank top
slipping down her bare left shoulder. Despite the cold desert air, Lara was
covered in clammy sweat, her enormous breasts heaving. Lara ran her right
hand through her damp brown hair, sliding out of her sleeping bag and leaving
her small tent to get some fresh air. The desert was utterly silent, the
stars overhead watching with cold detachment. Lara turned and gazed east,
where Kamen's tomb was reputed to rest. The British museum had paid a great
deal for Lara to investigate this site, one of the few unspoiled tombs still
remaining in Egypt. With a sigh that formed a white cloud before her
beautiful face, Lara crouched back into her tent, hoping to get some rest
before dawn.

* * *

Three days of digging into the side of the mound finally revealed the door
into the crypt. Protective sigils ran around the frame of the door, magical
inscriptions made to ward off grave robbers. The sigils had been worn off
over time, now only rough indentations remained. Lara crouched down and
carefully examined the symbols, looking for one set apart from the rest.
Finding what she sought in the upper left-hand corner, Lara stood up and
pressed upon the stone. A section of rock pushed inward, and the large stone
door slid down loudly into the ground.

Lara reached back into her satchel and removed a flashlight. Flicking the
torch on, Lara slowly entered the dark passage, examining the tunnel
cautiously for traps. The passage sloped downward, descending deeper and
deeper into the earth's womb. Soon the sunlight was left far behind, only
Lara's torch lit the long, narrow tunnel.

Lara spent hours exploring the tomb's treasures. She continued to descend,
her blood pounding with excitement as she beheld the riches of an ancient
kingdom. The libraries filled with spell scrolls and jars of preserved
components confirmed that this was a priest's tomb, Kamen's resting place.
A long descent along a spiraling stairwell led Lara to another long
passageway. Glyphs of Set were prominent along the walls as Lara walked to
the end of the passage, where a stone plug blocked the way.

The lovely tomb raider brushed her fingers over the plug. Lara pulled her
hand back, the stone was as cold as ice. She played her torch around the plug
and across the nearby walls, looking for a clue or opening trigger. A small
indentation near the jackal-face of Set caught Lara's eye. The young woman
slipped her right index finger into the opening, and the roar of rolling
stone filled the dark passage. As Lara staggered back, the stone plug rolled
back into the wall, revealing the chamber beyond. Coughing from the dust
raised by the plug's movement, Lara stuck out her torch and entered the main
crypt. Motion in the center of the room drew Lara's gaze. Lara covered her
open mouth with her left hand when she saw what moved within the crypt.

Kamen's decayed remains still rested upon his lover's, humping the broken
skeleton dressed in shreds of white linen. The empty sockets of Kamen's skull
turned to gaze upon Lara, who stood paralyzed with horror, her legs buckling
beneath her. The skull's mouth cracked open in the mockery of a smile, the
mummy's wrappings twitched and snapped, then hurled out towards Lara.

Lara screamed, drawing her left pistol and firing at the lashing bandages.
She aimed at Kamen's skeleton and shot three rounds, the bullets crashed into
the mummy and hurled him off of the obsidian slab. Lara spun and fled, racing
up the dark passage, her tits bouncing while her long, bare legs pumped. A
frayed bandage snapped around Lara's left ankle, jerking her off her feet.
Lara slammed into the floor hard, her breath knocked out of her. More
bandages wrapped around Lara's twitching legs, then they began pulling her
back into the crypt. Lara lost her torch as she grasped at the binding strips
of cloth, trying to tear them free from her legs. Kamen stood in the doorway
to his crypt, hissing with awful anticipation. Lara leveled both of her
pistols at Kamen, but two flicks from bandages knocked the weapons from the
young woman's hands. When Lara was at Kamen's feet, the mummy bent down and
picked up the lovely woman's struggling body, his thin, skeletal arms
trapping her in an unbreakable grip. Lara screamed in Kamen's face, pushing
on his chest with her hands until bandages wrapped her wrists together.
Another bandage snapped around Lara's mouth, gagging her.

The mummified high priest Kamen set Lara onto the middle of the obsidian
slab, then sat atop her, pinning her to the smooth rock. The mummy tore off
Lara's green tank top before ripping open her khaki shorts. Flesh less
fingers grasped the front of Lara's panties and tore them away from her
crotch. Lara writhed underneath the mummy, vainly trying to push him off of
her. Kamen grabbed Lara's bound wrists and held them to the stone above her
head. The undead high priest lowered his skeletal face and bit deep into
Lara's left shoulder, her blood staining his rotting teeth.

Lara's warm blood began to change Kamen's remains. Muscle grew over the
mummy's bones, a thin covering of flesh formed over Kamen's skeleton.
Glittering black eyes emerged from Kamen's empty sockets, a long, red
tongue licked across corpse-pale lips.

"Sssso sssweeet," purred Kamen, licking Lara's bleeding shoulder wound, his
restored left hand stroking her naked pussy.

Lara's protests were muffled by her bandage gag, she pressed her legs
together defiantly.

The mummy gurgled with laughter, licking Lara's throat, then descending to
her shuddering tits, caressing her wide, brown nipples languidly.

Lara moaned weakly, her thighs opening slightly, her cunt moist and reeking
of musk.

Continuing to lick Lara's hardening nipples, the mummy dug his left hand into
the young woman's warm crotch, his index finger sliding into her wet slit.
Lara groaned, her hips shivering as the mummified high priest fondled her
cunt, his finger slipping deeper and deeper into her vagina. Cold, clammy
lips fastened on Lara's right tit, Kamen sucking on her breast, his mouth
filled with her soft flesh. The mummy's right arm slipped underneath Lara,
wrapped around her slender waist, and held her naked body next to his
bandaged form while he suckled upon her aching right nipple, his left hand
caressing the insides of her thighs, then returning to her cunt, pinching
her swollen clit, rubbing the moist lips of her yearning pussy.

The mummy rolled the helpless Lara onto her taut belly, her bandage-wrapped
arms outstretched before her upon the polished black stone. The young woman's
tits were crushed against the cold rock while Kamen pried open her long,
creamy white legs and nuzzled his gaunt face between her small, firm
buttocks. Lara moaned into her gag when the mummy started licking her pussy
with his incredibly long tongue, caressing her clitoris until rivulets of
honey poured from her cunt hole. Kamen drove his tongue deep into Lara's
pussy, making the young woman's entire body shake in ecstasy. Beads of
perspiration gleamed over Lara's skin while the mummy slurped inside her
cunt, devouring her honey, his sharp teeth raking over the soft folds of her
labia. Bandage-covered hands caressed Lara's gorgeous ass, fingers gently
digging into the young woman's tight buttocks. Kamen slid his gleaming tongue
up and down Lara's crack, flicking the tip of his tongue over the naked
woman's bunghole.

The mummy rose to his bony knees and pulled Lara's ass towards his crotch.
Holding Lara by her shapely hips, Kamen stabbed down into the tomb raider's
pussy with a thick, stiff, pale cock. Lara moaned and closed her eyes, drool
escaping from underneath her gag as her whole body shook every time the mummy
thrust into her, filling her slick vagina. A rotting bandage slapped across
Lara's eyes, another slithered around her throat. Gagged and blindfolded,
Lara could only groan softly while Kamen pumped against her ass, impaling her
with his cold meat over and over, his fingers stroking her hips and upper

The undead high priest glanced at the opening of his crypt, sliding his right
hand down the arch of Lara's bare back. There was a roar of moving rock, the
stone plug began to cover the entrance to Kamen's resting place. Lara
screamed into her gag, unable to see the massive stone portal returning to
its resting place. Slender, cool fingers stroked Lara's unbound hair and
shoulders, the mummy slowly slipping his cock into her cunt, relishing every
moment of her vagina squeezing his throbbing meat. Lara Croft's last
desperate cry was cut short by the stone plug settling into place, trapping
her with her undead lover forever.

The End


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