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Lara's Defeat

Part One.

The photographer sneezed.

"Sorry, I'm allergic to wild flowers and pine," he said,
sniffing snot back into his nose.

"That must be hell in your line of work," said Lara, her
english accent seemed strangely at home here in the Canadian forest.

"I'm new to the work," he said, grinning weakly,"And I forgot
my tablets."

"Okay, what do you want me to do?" asked Lara, she stood in
a clearing in the forest, she was wearing tiny brown shorts and a
tight gray top, her huge breasts strained against the fabric and the
photographer smiled to himself, he had a few ideas on what he wanted
her to do, that was for sure. Unfortunately, he couldn't follow
through on them, he was hear to take pictures for Adventurer

The subject of his photo-shoot - Lara Croft - was hot
property at the moment, she had been brought up as the wealthy
heiress to Lord Henshingly Croft, an aristocrat since birth.
Following a ski trip however, her plane had crashed and she had been
the only survivor, she was forced to rely on her wits to stay alive
in the Himalayas. She escaped and returned to England, but found
herself unable to live in the claustrophobic atmosphere of upper
class Bristish society. She traveled the globe, going on
adventures, discovering several ancient sites of extreme interest
and significance in the archeological community. But her family
disowned her and she turned to writing to finance her trips - she
became quite successful - publishing several travel books and
detailed journals of her exploits.

Now Adventurer Magazine wanted to write an article on her
and get a few photos as well - Lara seemed only too happy for the
publicity, despite the fact that even without her father's support
she didn't want for money.

The photographer noted the two pistols she nearly always
wore at her side.

"Those things loaded?" he asked.

"Always," she said,"A girl can never be too careful."

"Okay," he said,"I wonder if you could pretend to be
studying tracks in the ground or......"

A sudden scream cut him of, he jerked his head around and
noted in irritation a man rushing out of the woods.

"This is a closed............AACHOO......a closed photo
set, you'll have to leave........"

"Help me!" cried the man, the photographer noticed that
blood was running through his shirt.

"What happened?" asked Lara, approaching him, she pulled
open the shirt and winced at the claw mark in his side,"That looks
like a bear claw, only larger."

"It''s the Sasquatch!" he screamed.

The photographer let out a laugh,"Bigfoot? come on pal......"

An earth shattering scream cut him off, he looked up at the
clearing and saw a giant figure stepping through the clearing - it
was huge, nearly ten feet tall, and it looked angry.

"Wow," said Lara, impressed,"It's got fangs, that means
Bigfoot is a carnivore - who would have thought it."

"Let's.......let's get out of here," gasped the injured
man,"That thing could eat us for breakfast."

"Are you kidding," said Lara,"This one will guarantee me
another bestseller, I can afford to go on trips forever if I get
this baby."

She started towards the giant creature, waving her arms at
it,"Hey ugly! this way."

The Bigfoot turned and peered at her, she noted foam all
around it's mouth - it had rabies, it was mad. The thing rushed at
her with amazing speed, the photographer forgot his fear and started
taking photos, Lara was right, this one would make them both rich.

The creature stopped in front of her, it threw back it's
head and roared as Lara pulled her pistols loose, then it darted
forward with blinding speed... only to find Lara was faster.

The Photographer snapped away madly, trying to follow Lara
as she somersaulted to the side and left the creature clawing at
dust. He barely even registered the loud cracking noise of her
pistols firing at the supposedly mythical monster.

It roared in pain and twisted about, rearing up to it's full
height of nearly ten feet and screaming. But as it wasted it's time
trying to scare her she was blasting away with her pistols, pumping
round after round into the creature's hairy chest. Falling back a
step the creature turned as if to retreat - it's maddened mind
clearing enough to realize it was in over it's head - but Lara
lowered her gun and blasted it behind the kneecaps.

With a roar the creature collapsed to the ground and Lara
rushed forward, shooting the last of her guns ammo into the back of
the monsters thick skull.

Next to the photographer the dumbfounded tourist stood gaping
in wonder. Lara placed one boot on the dead Bigfoot's back and
lifted her smoking guns to her face, blowing the last of the gun smoke

"Now did you want me to study some tracks?" she asked the
photographer,"Or will that do?"


Lara was exhausted, but she refused to let it get her
down, she had a press conference to attend to. She stepped out into
the bright sunlight and winced as the bright light mixed with several
flashes of light coming from camera bulbs.

"Ms Croft, Ms Croft, New York Times, did you suspect the
Sasquatch would be in the forest?"

"......Bugle, did you have to kill it, couldn't you have
immobilized this rare animal?"

"....Planet, several noted scientists are talking about
legal action against you for possible genocide....."

She answered all the questions as best she could, trying to
keep calm despite the anger she felt welling up inside her, finally
it was over and she was able to leave, falling in exhaustion onto the
bed in her expensive hotel room.

Her last thought before sleep overtook her was that she needed
a break, she thought she'd go back to England.

Two Days Later.

Jaqueline Natla - CEO and Founder of the highly successful
Multinational Natla Technologies - read the article in yesterday's
paper once more with interest. Putting it down she yawned,
stretching her arms and purposely bringing her chest forward so that
the tight white business shirt against her large breasts stretched
appropriately - she knew Larsen would be staring at them for as long
as possible before bringing his eyes back up to her face.

- I can still drive them wild after several millennia, - she
thought to herself with a grin. Finishing the yawn she picked up the
old journal and leafed through it one more time, perusing the last
lines again and again :

"....creator himself. My toes sweat at such possibilities and
I find I must beat these thoughts out of my head each night........"

The old monk had been foolish to not at least look for the
scion, she thought, she shook her head and looked once more at the
map, the locations had been pinpointed, all that remained was to find
a couple of patsies. She flicked up her laptop and bought up the
video link with Eygpt.

"Any luck yet?" she said to the short man who appeared on the
screen, he wore a baseball cap backwards on his head and held a
skateboard in his hands - pathetic, he was twenty nine years old,
still, he could always be counted on to get the job done.

"None, it looks like you were right, we'll need the other two
pieces of the scion to find where they put this one."

She sighed,"I had hoped it would be easier, but those two
bastards were never ones to do things the easy way."

She called up a new video link, this one in London, a hulking
black man appeared, thickly muscled with the appearance of
stupidity,"Have you found him?"

"No ma'am," the huge man said,"But I do have some strong

"Follow through," she said,"And remember, price is no barrier."

He smiled as she shut down the link.

"Larsen," she said picking up the paper,"Find me this Lara
Croft, we're sending her to Peru."


Not just anyone could get into the club that Lara approached,
it was probably the most exclusive in all of England - but she had no

"Ms. Croft, it's a pleasure," said the hugely musclebound
bouncer, his skin was a magnificent bronze, Lara had always wondered
if it was a tan or his natural skin color. He had no hair on his head,
including eyebrows and she had no idea how old he was, but he seemed
genuinely pleased to see her and she smiled in return.

"Thank you Barry," she said,"Good crowd tonight?"

"Tell the truth, a lot of people have left," he looked around
to make sure no one else could hear him - not likely, the streets
were mainly deserted in these last days of Winter when the wind seemed
to blow the hardest, everyone was in a pub, club or at home - then
whispered into her ear,"The Brothers are here tonight."

She nodded as comprehension dawned on her,"Oh! Them."

He smiled and opened the door for her and she stepped in,
nearly getting flattened by the sudden roar of music that was deadened
by the soundproof walls for anyone outside.

Several people greeted her as she made her way through some
of the dancers - all of them celebrities or the children of wealthy
Lords - like she had once been.

- Still am," she thought to herself with a smile, - Unless
Daddy's altered the will, it's just I can get in here on my own
merits now. -

Sitting down at the bar she ordered a gin and tonic, and
turning about to drink it she saw with some consternation that the
older of the brothers was approaching her.

"Hello there," he said, taking the seat next to her,"I'd
like to shag you."

"Hey," she replied with a sweet smile,"Since you seem to be
so in love with yourself, why don't you go shag yourself."

His eyes widened in surprise, then he grinned in what was
supposed to be a sly manner,"You know who I am?"

"A wanker?"

He growled lightly,"There are millions of birds around the
world who would kill for a chance to have sex with me."

"Leave the poor little birds alone, just because your dick
is only big enough to fuck a sparrow doesn't mean you have to take
it out on them."

"You fucking ineffectual little whore!" he yelled, his voice
raising with each word,"I'm a fucking music star! My band is the
biggest fucking thing since the fucking Beatles! We're fucking bigger
than the fucking Beatles!"

"To tell the truth," she said with that same sweet smile,"I'd
rather screw John Lennon than you, and he's dead."

His face was growing redder and redder, it made a nice change
from the horrid pallid complexion he normally had, but just made his
horrible hair and bad teeth look worse.

"Hey bro, what's going on?" asked the younger brother,
noticing that a lot of people were looking his brothers way.

"Fuck off," he growled,"I fucking hate you, I fucking hate
this bitch here, I hate the fucking Spice Girls and I hate my
fucking fans! The only person here who really deserves my fucking
respect is fucking me!"

"Fucking A," murmured Lara,"You've got to respect anyone
who'd lower themselves to giving you a pity fuck."

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I FUCKING MEANT!!!!" screamed the rock

"Come on bro," muttered his brother,"Let's go home."

"I don't fucking wanna go home......"

As the two brothers made their way out of the club, the
younger cast an apologetic look back at Lara, who raised her gin and
tonic and smiled in commiseration.

Within five minutes things were back to normal, and Lara was
finished her second gin, ready to go up and dance when she saw in the
corner of her eye someone sitting next to her.

"Congratulations," said a french accent,"You handled that
prick quite nicely."

"That's probably the worst come on line I've ever heard," she
replied, turning about and finding herself looking at a stereotypical
French ladies man. He was unshaven with stylish black hair that came
down to just above his neck, he wore a purple jacket and black t-shirt
with jeans - she didn't know who he was or how he'd gotten into the

"Ahhh, I see, 'handle the prick' and all that, I apologize if
I have offended, let me buy you a drink."

She nodded slightly, - what the hell, - she thought, - one
drink can't hurt. -

"You are Lara Croft," he said with a grin,"I saw you in the
paper yesterday."

"I'm happy for you," she replied,"If you're from Playboy or
Penthouse then the answer is still no."

He laughed,"Ahhh, again you have gotten the wrong end of the
stick," he paused,"I hope I have not offended you again in any way
with that remark. In this day and age it becomes harder and harder
to be perfectly politically correct," he sighed as if from long
suffering,"Let us start again," he extended his hand,"My name is
Pierre DuPont, and I have a proposition for you."


He wasn't used to meeting men bigger than him, but this
Barry was, and it unnerved him slightly.

"Listen, I have to get in there to talk with Pierre DuPont,
if you'll just let me through...." he started forward, but one huge
arm came out and stopped him.

"Unless you're on the guest list," replied Barry,"You may
not enter."

"I represent Jaqueline Natla," he said patiently,"And..."

"Ms. Natla isn't on this list either," Barry said, unmoved
by the name of one of the world's richest women,"And until one of
you is, you can't come in here."

He hesitated for a few seconds and then turned about, walking
down the street with his arms buried in his trench coat muttering to
himself. There would be another time to contact DuPont, he thought,
and definitely another time to teach the Bouncer a little lesson in


Later that night Lara lay restless in bed, thinking over
Pierre's proposal.

- It's sounds great, - she thought to herself, - But that's
what's bothering me, there doesn't seem to be a downside... it's too
perfect. -

Pierre had told her about a contact of his at the Cairo
Museum of Natural History who was part of an archeological dig with
the celebrated Professor Frederick Golsha. They had come across what they
believed to be an ancient tomb of an unknown Pharoah, but were
having trouble accessing it due to a large number of ingenious booby
traps. The Prof. needed help to get into the tomb, and was looking
for a 'tombraider' clever enough to do it.

- I've never seen a tomb I couldn't get into, - Lara thought
to herself, - And the added public exposure will help my books sell
even better... but why is Pierre asking for my help, surely he's
capable of doing a job like this himself? -

She thought about Pierre for a few seconds, he was kind of
cute - for a Frenchman - and she idly wondered what it would be like
to have sex with him. Would he be one of those arrogant men who
climbed on top of you, thrust a couple of times, grunted and fell
asleep? Or would he be a caring, gentle lover?

Almost without realizing it she had lowered her arms down her
naked form onto her gigantic breasts. Her fingers rubbing her nipples
and bringing them to an all too familiar hardness. As had been the
case for the last two years now, she relied on her own hands to
bring her off. Her hands - lightly layered in perspiration - glided
down past her slim waist to the neatly trimmed pussy hair below. She
continued down between her legs and lifted her hips up, cupping her
firm, round asscheeks.

Lara sighed half in longing, half in contentment as her hands
moved back up against her firm cuntmound.

- Two years since I got laid, - she thought as her fingers
played between her cuntlips, - Damn if I nearly didn't take that
tosser at the club up on his offer! -

As her mind ran over her problems the tips of her fingers
ran back up her stomach - causing a thrill of pleasure to run through
her body - and she ran them in little circles around her erect
nipples, sending depth charges of sensation throughout her frame.

"Geez, I need to get laid so bad," she moaned as her fingers
once again ran back down her body to her pussy, which was crying for

Using her index and middle finger, Lara parted her vaginal
lips, while she slid her thumb down and pressed the knuckle against
her clitoris, which was already becoming erect. She moaned in
excitement as she felt that familiar tingle spreading from her pussy
and out over her entire body.

Her middle finger slid up inbetween her pussylips, sliding in
and out of her wet snatch, then slid a second and after that a third,
sliding the three fingers in and out of her pussy faster and faster.

- Immm yeah, it's not a cock but it'll do the trick! -

Now Lara's fingers were pumping in and out between her legs,
the friction causing a steadily growing wave of pleasure to build
up between her legs. She would come soon, and she smirked slightly
at the irony. When she had been getting laid her lover hadn't been
able to fuck her for long enough to fulfill her, but now her fingers
never failed to get her off within a few minutes.

Her body tremored in ecstasy as she felt her orgasm
approaching, she desperately tried to hold of the final moment of
climax as long as she could. The rising crescendo of pleasure was
nearly as good as the ultimate moment of orgasm itself.

"Yes! Yes! YES! YEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!," she screamed louder and
louder, not caring who heard her, reveling in her orgasm, her juices
exploding out over her fingers and onto the sheets, pooling up
around her firm asscheeks. She pushed her hips up into her hand,
burying her fingers as deeply into her gushing pussy as she could,
feeling her cuntlips clamp around her fingers.

At last she collapsed, her body a panting, sweating pile
of flesh.

- Now that's what I call a fuck! - she thought, trying to
be enthusiastic, but she couldn't fool herself, she needed to feel
a cock inside of her again. A real, hard dick fucking her cunt,
even her vibrators couldn't give her the same feeling.

"I'm too fucking horny for my own good," she muttered out
loud,"I need to get my mind of things."

Rolling over, and even now she couldn't help but check out
her beautiful ass in the mirror against the far side of the room,
she scooped up the card Pierre had given her, the picked up the

He answered on the fourth ring, sounding tired and

"Oui?" he asked.

"Pierre, this is Lara, count me in."

He didn't answer for a couple of seconds, when he did he
sounded like a man desperately trying to hide his excitement.

"Great, meet me at Heathrow tomorrow at 11, I already
brought your ticket."

She hung up without answering, but a small smile played
across her lips.

"Confidence, I like that in a man!"

Heathrow - The Next Day.

She was dressed up in comfortable, warm clothes and
Pierre almost didn't recognize her, he was dressed the same as
he had been at the club last night, but when he did see her and
walked over to her she could still smell the soap on him.

- Maybe he's got a lot of the same clothes? Or perhaps he
just washes them every night? -

She cut off her musings and pointed to a trolley that held
her luggage.

"Get that would you?"

Pierre frowned, then put on a smile.

"But of course, I am happy to carry your luggage around
for you... perhaps you might even give me a penny and I can
polish your boots?"

"Funny Pierre, if you can't handle it I'll take care of

Pierre rolled his eyes and walked to the trolley, pushing
forward past her.

"Follow me," he said, and added under his breath,"Unless
you'd like me to carry you too?"


"I don't know what else I'd expect from a man whose
country rolled over on it's back for the Nazi's in World War
II!" Lara snapped an hour later as their plane made it's way
towards Eygpt.

"Oh that's fine, you know the only reason the German's
didn't come after you is because no one cares about your pathetic
little island! And besides, the American's saved your ass!"

"I can't believe I agreed to come on this trip with
you, I can tell you're totally unprofessional!" she yelled at

"ME?" replied Pierre in mock shock, lifting one arm
to his chest,"I'm not the one who brought along Versace's Spring
Line for a weeks work!"

A stewardess arrived and looked down at them disapprovingly,
Lara and Pierre both looked up at her in irritation.


She sighed,"Sir, Ma'am, We've only been in the air for ten
minutes and your disturbing the other passengers, would you
please control yourselves?"

Lara muttered an obscenity, crossed her arms under her
giant breasts and peered straight ahead, Pierre did the same and
the Stewardess went on her way, a small smile on her face.

Half An Hour Later.

Pierre pulled the door shut.

"We shouldn't be doing this," whispered Lisa, the
Stewardess who only half an hour ago had berated him and Lara.
Even as she spoke she was unbuttoning her top.

"Sometimes," said Pierre with a grin,"The rules, they
are made for the breaking, no?"

"Oui," she said with a little giggle, dropping her
top and revealing large breasts held in a red, lacy bra.


- That man is so infuriating! - fumed Lara to herself,
waiting for him to come back from - as he put it - 'natures call.'

After the plane had taken off she had attempted to make
some pleasant small talk, but she had soon discovered that Pierre
had nothing valid to say. He was the most sexist, ignorant...
Frenchman! she had ever met.

"What the fuck is taking him so long," she muttered under
her breath,"I'm getting bored."

Part Two.

"Ooooh, Pierre," moaned the Stewardess - Linda - as she
felt the Frenchman's hand slip under her bra and cup her large

"Yes," hissed Pierre through clenched teeth,"These are very

His free hand moved behind her back and his skilled fingers
undid the clasp of her bra and let it drop down past his arm onto the

"Mmmm," Pierre moaned happily as he kissed Linda's firm, large
breasts, but for some reason an image of Lara's large chest appeared
in his mind. He ran his tongue across her nipple, while his right hand
came up and fondled her other breast. As she leaned forward in pleasure
his left hand moved down between her legs, snaking underneath the
short uniform skirt and pressing against her panties.

- Soaking, I still have the touch! - Pierre thought with a

His cock was stretching against his boxers - his pant were down
around his ankles - and he could practically hear it begging to go
where his hand was.

- Not just yet, little Pierre," the Frenchmen thought, - First
things first. -

Pushing aside the Stewardess' moist panties he slid a couple
of his fingers inside her pussy.

"Ooooh, wow!" Linda gasped out at the unexpected - but
welcome - intrusion,"Your fingers are... wow!!"

Pierre smiled around the tit in his mouth, it was so nice to
have your work appreciated. He pressed the knuckle of his thumb up
against her clit, rubbing the bone across her love button.

"Oooooh!" she gasped,"Wow!!!"

- You're getting repetitive, - thought Pierre, - But I don't
want you for your brain. -

Pierre almost bit down on her nipple in surprise when her
hand moved down and pressed against the bulge in his boxers.

"Ooooh, so hard," she chuckled, and rubbed up and down
along his bulge,"What are we going to do with this?"

Pierre pulled his mouth away from her breast and looked up
at her with a grin, his fingers continued sliding up and down her
cuntlips while his thumb rubbed her clitoris.

"I can think of a couple of things."


As Lara stood up her huge breasts pushed against the back of
the overweight, middle age man in front of her.

"Sorry," she said.

"Think nothing of it," he said in a cultured British accent.

As she walked down the aisle towards the bathroom he watched
her ass move and thought, - Heh, sorry for what, you just gave me a
new set of jerk-off fantasies for a month! -


Linda gripped the waistband of his boxers and slowly lowered
them down past his hips, his cock springing out and pointing right at
her face.

Sitting on the toilet seat, Pierre watched silently as her
hand wrapped around his cock and slowly slid up and down it, stroking
his member a couple of times and making the Frenchman moan in
pleasure. Then she began to wank him faster and faster, her hand
becoming a blur around his thick, hard dick.

"Wait, wait," he moaned,"You don't want Pierre to blow his
load early do you?"

As she stopped wanking him he pulled her arm up and stood
up of the toilet and lowered her to the floor. She lay on her back
and looked up at him wistfully, spreading her legs eagerly, wanting
him inside of her.

Pierre felt her entire body tense up as his cock pressed
against the entrance of her pussy. She gasped out in pleasure as his
cock parted her soaking cuntlips, pressing inside of her pussy in - of
all places - a air crafts toilet. Pierre pressed his cock forward,
burying his shaft as deeply inside of the Stewardess' pussy as he
could. Then he pulled back as far as he could without actually
pulling out, then plunged back in, his cock slamming inside of her
cunt again.

"Yeah!" screamed Linda,"FUCK ME!!!!"


Lara frowned and looked about, no one else seemed to have
heard the scream of pleasure, but if they had just started as she
suspected, they would get a lot louder.

"Damn it, Pierre," she muttered to herself,"Why the hell did
I get involved with a prick like you?"


Pierre's hands had slid underneath Linda's back and he was
gripping her shoulders as he thrust forward again and again, clenching
and unclenching his buttcheeks, fucking Linda's cunt faster and harder,
giving her everything he had.

She was a revelation, he had never met a women who liked to be
fucked like she did. He was only just starting and already it sounded
like she was cumming.

Her legs were spread as far apart as she could get them and
her arms were rubbing circles in his back as she swung her head from
side to side, her long blonde hair bouncing around her head.

"Fuck me!" she screamed,"Fuck ME, FUCK ME!!!!"

He began fucking her faster and faster, already he could feel
fatigue building in his hips, but continued nonetheless, loving the
feel of her cunt around his cock, the friction of plunging in and
out, in and out of her gripping pussy. Her big tits were pressed up
against his chest and again he wondered what Lara's would feel like.

- Forget that snobby English bitch, - Pierre thought to
himself, - Her cunt's probably so cold it'd freeze little Pierre
anyway. -

"OOH!!! YESSS!!!! THAT'S IT!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!!!!" Linda was
squealing, and he could feel her body clutching up, her hips arching
up as she approached her orgasm.

"Together..." moaned Pierre,"We'll cum together!"

Pierre loved cumming at the same time as a woman, when their
cunts clamped down on your cock while it shot sperm there wasn't a
feeling on Earth greater.

He could feel the pressure building up in his balls, ready
to explode his cum out into her.

- I hope she is on the pill, because I won't pay for no
bastard son of a slut. -

"I'M CUMMING!" She screamed in pleasure,"OH FUCK, HERE IT

"Yes!" he groaned as he felt his cum fire out from his cock,
shooting deeply into her pussy just as her cuntlips came down hard
on his cock, clamping down like a vice around his member.


Lara watched as the door opened and a sweaty, ruffled
Pierre stepped out. She grabbed him by the arm and shut the door
again so no one would see the Stewardess getting dressed.

"What are you doing?" he whispered.

"You fucking idiot," she hissed at him,"You want to get us
banned from this airline? I could hear that slut squealing out
here in the aisle!"

Pierre looked about,"Just as well no one wanted to pinch a
loaf, no?"

"Only because I sent them back, I had to tell them you've
been constipated for three weeks and that's why you sounded so

Pierre looked shocked,"But it was not me screaming!"

"I told them you got a little high pitched when you were
excited, and I got some strange looks."

They made their way back to their seats, as soon as they
were buckled back in Pierre groaned.

"What's the matter?" asked Lara,"Forgot to put a notch in
your belt?"

"No," moaned Pierre,"I just that I need to use the toilet

Egypt - Two Days Later.

Lara thanked the driver in Egyptian and Pierre snorted in

"You have a problem?" she asked, during the very long car
ride here they had been grating on each other's nerves even more
than when they had been on the plane.

"Most of them speak two, three languages," muttered
Pierre,"So you don't need to speak Egyptian, just speak English...
besides, it doesn't impress me."

"Why would I want to impress you?" she asked him with a

"Because I'm so impressive?" he asked with a grin.

She rolled her eyes at the driver as he took the last of
her luggage down and put it on a trolley for her.

"And you can take that stuff in yourself," growled Pierre.

"If you're not man enough to do it... " started Lara, and
the Frenchman grabbed the trolley and pulled it into the hotel
with several muttered curses.

The driver smiled as Lara followed them in, then got back
into his car and drove away.


Lara slammed the door shut.

"You did this on purpose!" she yelled at Pierre.

"Why would I want to spend any more time with you than I
have to?" yelled Pierre,"I regret letting you in on this now! I
don't know why I thought I'd need your help."

The Desk Clerk had indeed had their reservation, but only
the one - for a Mr and Mrs Pierre DuPont. There were no other
free rooms in the hotel, or indeed in the city - apparently a
diplomatic convention was going on that had resulted in every
hotel in the city being full... unless one wanted to stay in a
rat infested, urine stained hovel.

"It'll be all right I guess," she said,"It's a pretty
plush carpet, you should find it quite comfortable."

"Why the hell should I sleep on the floor," yelled Pierre
in frustration,"I paid for the room!"

"Are you really going to let a woman sleep on the floor?"

"I've about had it with you're 'I'm a weak little woman,'
bit! I've heard about you, you're tough as nails. Walked right out
of the Himalaya's after a plane crash - so you can rough it easily

Suddenly Lara's entire demeanor changed, from a tensed up,
angry woman she suddenly took on a gentle, little lost lamb look.

"Gee Pierre, please don't be so mean, I..."

"Oh shut up!!!" cried out Pierre,"You make me sick."

Lara snarled,"ME! I'm not the one who screwed that vacant
little bimbo on the plane!!!"

"At least she had blood running through her veins instead
of ice water! You..."

"Don't even think of saying it," warned Lara.


"Just try it Frenchie," she said with quiet, barely
restrained anger,"And I'll rip your nuts off."

He smiled lightly, and spoke slowly, deliberately,"You...
stuck-up... snot nosed.... frigid... little English bitch."

Lara stepped up so her face was within an inch of Pierre's
and bared her teeth at him.

"You pathetic little French bastard, you know what I'd like
to do to you?"

"Do you have any idea what I'd like to do to you?" Pierre
replied, staring hard into her eyes.

She gripped him by the head and stuck her tongue down his


"Check this one out," laughed Anan,"One minute they hate
each other, the next they're fucking like animals."

Tobash grinned at his partner as they sat in the security
room of the hotel, watching various couples (or threesomes or
orgies depending on the occupants) having sex.

"That's a nice ass," said Tobash,"I hope Frenchie gets her
pants off."

"Yeah," agreed Anan,"They better not be one of those
couples who dryhump on the couch all night."

They settled in to watch.


Pierre pulled her belt away from her shorts and threw it
onto the bed, his hand slid down her shorts and pressed against her
cunt mound, which was dampening up already.

She moaned in excitement as her tongue continued to explore
his mouth, as his tongue did hers. Her hands slid down his back and
gripped his buttcheeks.

- This is unexpected, - Pierre thought to himself, - But not
entirely unpleasurable. -

His free hand gripped her brown shorts and pulled them down,
they caught around her hips and as she tried to wriggle out of them
without breaking the kiss or his hold on her pussy she found herself
falling backward. Her grip on his buttocks pulled him with her.

Finally Pierre broke their liplock and began kissing down her
chin, over her neck until he came to her breasts. His tongue snaked
out and began flicking her erect nipples through the thin material of
her blue shirt, sending little shivers of pleasure throughout her
beautiful body.

"You have magnificent breasts," he gasped, truly impressed
by her natural wonders.

"Come Pierre," she moaned,"Impress me, you think I haven't
heard compliments about my tits before?"

Pierre - always one to take up a challenge - grinned and
got up onto his knees. Grabbing her by the hips he turned her over
onto her front with unexpected strength, she twisted her back
around to stare at him.

"What are you... ?"

"Shush," he shushed, running one finger down the small of
her back and down her asscrack,"I am speechless, you have
magnificent buttocks."

"Am I some kind of animal now?" she started, but he just
smiled at her as his hands slid up the side of her body, grabbing
her shirt and bringing it up as well. She lifted her arms up and
let her face fall forward into the pillow, allowing Pierre to pull
her shirt up over the back of her head.

- He's just gonna leave it there? - she thought to herself
in wonder, - But? Doesn't he want to look into my eyes while we
make love... or is he just interested in a good fuck? -

She should have protested, perhaps even rolled over and
off the bed; she should have, but it had been so long since she'd
felt a real dick inside of her that instead she raised her hips up
and came up onto all fours - allowing him better access to her cunt.

- Ahhh, - thought Pierre with satisfaction, - She is getting
with the program at last. -

His hands had come back down past her narrow waist and onto
her hips, and now his long, thick cock was pressing against her wet
pussy, actually teasing the cock-starved Englishwoman.

Lara's face remained buried in the pillow, but only because
she was biting down on it to keep from screaming out that she wanted
him to fuck her and fuck her good. She had initiated this encounter,
but he had taken control and she didn't want to seem totally at the
mercy of his cock.

- But what a cock! - she thought to herself, - After so long,
I can't pass up a find like this! -

She gave a gasp of shock as she felt one of his arms slide
down from her hip, over her waist and then the thumb of that hand
press against her erect clitoris.

- No wonder that Stewardess slut was so turned on! - Lara
thought to herself through a haze of pleasure as his cockhead
continued to run up and down her juicy slit and his thumb rubbed
against her swollen clit.

Lara moaned into the pillow as she felt the tip of Pierre's
cock press forward into her tight little pussy. She eagerly pressed
her ass back, trying to get the massive member inside of her minge
but Pierre again displayed surprising strength by holding her hips
in place... he was making it clear that he was in control and he
decided how fast or slow this fuck would be.

- Give it to me you bastard! - Lara hissed inside of her
mind, - Forget this teasing bullshit and FUCK ME!!!!! -

It was almost as if Pierre heard her, because suddenly he was
pulling her hips back at the same time as he brought his forward.
Lara squealed in a mixture of surprise, pleasure and fulfillment as
she felt his big dick pierce her.

"Gahllpfffh!!!" was all Pierre heard, Lara's face was still
buried deep in the pillow, which she was now biting down on... hard.

Her juicy, wet snatch was stretched around the length of his
long, thick cock and she found herself wondering if she had ever
known what it was to be really, truly fucked until this moment.

"It... begins," grunted Pierre and, still clasping her hips,
he began to pull his cock free, relishing the feel of her tight
cunt pulling back on his dick, not wanting to free it. Soon only
the head of his penis remained inside the English Adventurer's snatch,
and then he plunged forward again, once more burying his meat to the
hilt inside her lovehole.

As he repeated this step again and again, driving Lara wild
with the feel of his big cock slamming in and out of her, his thumb
continued to grind expertly against her clit. Then Pierre pulled
yet another sexual trick out of the bag, angling his mammoth member
so that now not only was his thumb rubbing her clit, but the long
length of his shaft was rubbing the underside of Lara's love button.

- Ahhh... I.... this bastard can FUCK!!! - Lara's mind gasped,
still coming to terms with the fact that she was now quite willingly
fucking a man who had been driving her crazy not half an hour ago.

She began pushing her ass back, getting into the motion of
Pierre's thrusts so that each time his cock pushed forward it was
buried as deeply into her eager snatch as was possible.

Pierre had arched his upper body back and was fucking her
in earnest, slamming his cock in and out of her gushing pussy, his
free hand sliding off her hip and over her waist, massaging the
flesh of her huge mammaries. Lara was fucking back just as hard,
slamming her steaming cunt against his pelvis, relishing the
incredible sensation of his thick, hard FRENCH cock pounding away
in her cock-starved cunt.

"I am going to cum inside of you," growled Pierre,"I am
going to shoot deep into you, you British bitch... you like that?"

She barely heard the words, and had long ago given up
stifling her cries of pleasure, now her face was contorted in
ecstasy, and she squealed in animalistic pleasure as she felt the
Frenchman fuck her harder and harder, faster and faster.

CUMMING," Lara squealed as she felt the dam break and her orgasm
broke free, smashing through her like a tidal wave.

"UHHHhhhhh... hhh ..." groaned Pierre, hunching up over
Lara's body, his cock shooting several streams of cum deep into
her body as her own cum ran down their legs.

Pierre remained on top of her like that for a couple of
minutes, then with another groan he rolled off her and fell
asleep on the bed next to her. Lara managed a little grin, thinking
to herself, - Huh... outlasted you Frenchie... - and then she too
fell asleep.


Anan and Tobash stared in fascination at the two cum-stained,
sleeping bodies.

"Tell me you got that," muttered Anan.

"I got it, I got it," replied Tobash,"You know what this is?"

Anan grinned,"Yeah, our ticket to the big time in pornography,
this baby will make us rich!"

Site of Professor Golsha's Dig - The Next Day.

The worker was so busy staring at Lara that he slammed right
into one of the huts, nearly dropping the old cracked vase he was
carrying. If Lara noticed this she paid it no mind, throughout her
like she had grown used to men staring lecherously at her beautiful
body... especially when her breasts had really begun to develop.

Pierre was wearing a light brown jacket with a half naked
woman on the back. This had - of course - pissed Lara off but he
told her that it was good luck and he always wore it on a job... and
she had been too tired and pleased after the previous night's
lovemaking to start an argument.

An Eygptian man of average height and build approached them,
he wore small, rounded spectacles and a white suit of the kind
usually associated with corpulent foreigners. He grinned at them
with impossibly white teeth and when he spoke Lara could have
sworn she was back at her old home, his English was so good.

"Mssr. DuPont, Lady Croft, it is a pleasure," he said,
lowering his head slightly to each of them in turn,"I am Nathaniel
Asabar, Proffesor Golsha's Assistant."

Lara grinned,"Just Lara will do, I'm not a Lady till my
mother dies."

Pierre grunted, looking about as workers bustled to and
thro, carrying things here, there and everywhere... he had trimmed
his goatee somewhat but was allowing his stubble to grow, commenting
to Lara he wanted to try a beard... she suspected he thought it made
him look cool.

"Where is the Professor?" he asked,"And where's this so
called impregnable tomb?"

"Professor Golsha is in his tent about five hundred yards
from here, the tomb... is over there," Nathaniel pointed away to the
left. Following the line of his arm Lara saw the area where the
main cluster of workers were engaged.

"I don't see nothing but a whole lot of natives sitting in
a hole in the ground," complained Pierre.

Lara narrowed her eyes at him, but before she could say
anything Nathaniel let out a bark of laughter.

"Well yes Mr DuPont, what did you expect? A grand doorway in
the side of a mountain?"

Pierre looked a little confused, then he laughed - a little
loudly - and slapped Nathaniel on the side of one arm,"Good one, Nate,
I was just having you on!"

Nathaniel grinned, although his eyes remained still, and Lara
suddenly suspected she knew the reason Pierre had asked her along.

"Come," Nathaniel said,"Let us go and see the Professor."


"The problem is..." The Professor was saying to Lara's tits,"Is
that the booby..." he coughed slightly, his cheeks going a little
red,"...traps appear to be interconnected, and disabling one will set
another and then another and another, which will eventually seal off
the main tomb forever."

Lara was poking her tongue - only slightly - out at the
Professor but he didn't seem to notice, in fact he was constantly
licking his own lips.

"I've had other archaeologists come and look at it, I've hired
the very best in the architectural firms... I've even called in a
couple of bitter rivals... none seem to be able to figure out how
to disable it."

The Professor was tall, with fairly dark skin - his mother
had been Indian, his father Egyptian - and despite the heat of the
day he was dressed in a three piece suit. He had greeted Pierre
with little more than the nod of the head - as if the Frenchman was
nothing more than hired help - but his eyes had lit up at the sight
of Lara and he had kissed her hand with the dignity and class of an
English Noble (and Lara had met plenty) before his eyes had become
seemingly fixed to her upper chest.

"Me and Lara, we are the best," Pierre said with a
smile,"Lara's reputation precedes her, and she'll tell you herself
that I'm the best she's had... oops, I mean met," he glared
meaningfully at the Professor, making his intentions clear - This is
my pussy... stay away or else! -

"Well yes," replied Lara, noting that the Professor was
only too eager to turn his attention from the irritated Frenchman
and back to her mammaries,"Perhaps me and 'the Great one' can go
take a look at the tomb now? See if we can catch something all the
experts and such missed?"

The Professor nodded at once,"If you can figure out the way
in, Ms Croft, I wouldn't hesitate to add a ten percent bonus!"

Pierre's eyes lit up, if he'd been a cartoon there would
have been dollar signs and a 'ker-ching, ker-ching' noise. A 10%
bonus on top of the already sizable sum the Professor had promised
to pay (And Pierre hadn't been foolish enough to tell Lara the true
amount... oh no, she could get by fine on her own) would see the
French explorer able to live in comfort for the rest of his life...or
have a really great couple of years!

Nathaniel grabbed a white hat of the smaller desk in the
corner of the tent and slid it on.

"Follow me please, lady and gentlemen."


The hole had a seventy-five yard radius, there were several
layers, with workers brushing away at small, roped off sections,
revealing the bygone relics of an ancient age.

At the bottom of the hole was yet another hole, but as they
made their way further down the site Pierre made out stairs leading
down to a small doorway.

- That's the entrance? I thought it would be huge? - The
Frenchman thought to himself.

"...found the first stair we thought we'd come across
the remains of an old building,"The Professor was saying, but then
as we moved farther down I began to notice small, very faded
inscriptions... impossible to make out but obviously of importance."

"There weren't many taggers six thousand years ago," joked

"Then we came to the stone corridor and found the door, and
after translating the hieroglyphics we were amazed to discover we'd
found one of the Pharoahs of the Lost Dynasty."

"Hmmm?" Lara asked.

"When we say lost," replied Nathaniel,"We mean we have found
artifacts from before that time and after than time, but never
from the time itself.

We don't know why the Pharoah was buried in a basically
Underground tomb, although we suspect he may have been overthrown
and buried by loyalists who meant to move his body to a more
auspicious location when they had overthrown the rebels...."

"Of course that doesn't explain the complexity of the
traps and the tomb itself," interrupted the Professor,"We hope to
discover more when we get inside the burial chamber."

Lara had noted several very large men standing above the
hole as they made their way down the stairs, now as they came to
end of the small stone corridor she saw two more.

"Security?" she asked.

The Professor sighed,"I'm afraid grave robbery is not a
thing of the past, and in a case like this we can't even risk
having someone enter the first chamber and accidently setting off
even one booby-trap."

"Like the dominos, no?" asked Pierre,"One starts another?"

Nathaniel nodded,"I couldn't have put it better myself, Mr

The two men turned and pushed on the door, which moved from
the doorway almost begrudgingly. Then they stood aside and the four
entered the tombs main chamber.

Lara's Defeat

Part Three.

The Tomb Of Taitaphus.

The door had opened to a platform and then yet more stairs,
leading down into a huge underground chamber. Giant arc sodium lights
had been set up to reveal all of the chamber. In some places there
where huge piles of rock, in others large statues, and in other
giant boxes filled with who knew what sort of treasures. At the far
end was a small doorway, similar to that they had just come through.

Pierre's first thoughts were, - Where are the booby traps? -
but he wisely kept his mouth shut in case he made a fool of himself
again. He looked over at Lara, who was staring fixedly at one
point, he followed her gaze and made out several discolored stones
in the floor.

"Pressure pads?" he asked,"They are the first of the
'dominoes', no?"

Lara nodded, then pointed up at one of the piles of stone,
Pierre looked up and finally noticed that the top boulder was
perched precariously on top of the other stones.

"It's a wonder it hasn't come down at some point over the
last few millennia," said Lara.

"The ancient Eygptian architects knew what they were
doing," replied Nathaniel,"Whatever's holding that thing in place
will hold it till hell freezes over... or the pressure pads are

"Here is an idea," replied Pierre,"Why not 'step' over the
pressure pads?" he looked immensely pleased that he had been the
first to think of the idea.

Lara sunk her head into her arms, giving a light chuckle
as he suspicions were fully realized,"Pierre, you're too eager,
you've forgotten the tricks of the trade."

Pierre looked confused for a second, then quickly nodded
his head sagely,"Sorry, I guess I'm still a little jet-lagged."

"Pierre knows as well as any of us," said Lara to the
Professor and Nathaniel,"That the discolorations is a trap, if we
step past it we'll trigger an unseen pressure pad," she looked
over at the Professor,"Tell me if I've missed anything... the
pressure pad triggers a rock slide, the top boulder will come
down and smash into a pressure sensitive niche in one of the walls
and cause the statues to fire a steady stream of built in
projectiles, the first of these will hit one of the cases, setting
free some sort of poisonous gas or explosion which will in turn
bring down a cave-in, freeing up a vat of some sort of acid. The
acid will eat through a seal at the far end of the doorway which
will drop the burial chamber to another level of the tomb, another
rockslide will come down on it's roof to keep grave robbers out
and we'll have to dig for weeks to get to the point and then deal
with another series of booby traps... if we survive the first lot,
am I right?"

The Professor realized she had stopped talking and quickly
looked up from her breasts.

"Ahhh, yes... you've got it."

Pierre was still looking about, trying to figure out how
Lara had come to this conclusion when all he could see were some
rocks, cases and statues.

"You'll need to leave me and Pierre alone in here," replied
Lara,"We don't want to risk anyone else's lives."

"Risk our lives...?" started Pierre but Lara threw him a
fierce glare that shut him up.

"Of course," muttered the Professor,"Come Nathaniel, let's
leave these two to do what they do best."

As soon as they had left Pierre and Lara grabbed the huge
stone door and pushed it halfway back into it's doorway, just in case
anything went wrong they didn't want any accidental deaths. Then
Lara turned and punched Pierre in the arm.

"Owww! What was that for?" the Frenchman cried out in

"I kept wondering why you wanted my help on this job," Lara
growled at him,"It's because you've never raided a tomb in your
life... have you?"

Pierre looked shocked,"I am a great adventurer, I am known
around the world for my feats in climbing mountains, joining
expeditions into the unknown...."

"That's not what I asked," replied Lara,"You've never
actually raided a tomb, haven't you," it wasn't a question this time,
but a statement.

Pierre kept up the pretense of shock for a couple more
seconds, then dropped his gaze to his feet.

"All right, I've never actually raided a tomb... but I am
an adventurer, just ask anyone in Calcutta, I'm a legend over there!"

"How the hell did you get this job?" she asked him.

"I was bragging to a couple of archaeologists at a party
about all the things I've done in my life... and one of them told
me about the trouble the Professor was having with a tomb. So of
course I told them a tombraid is a doddle..."

"Typical male behavior, testosterone's gotten you into

"Anyway," continued Pierre,"I was a little drunk, and I
convinced them to call up the Professor and tell them that the
best damn tombraider in the world was going to come and solve his
problems, he snapped me up eagerly."

"And then the next morning you realized you were committed,
either that or lose your stupid macho reputation, right?"

"Right... and then I read that paper about you taking out
the bigfoot... and it mentioned you had done a couple of tombs so
I hopped the first plane to England since it said you were heading

"If we weren't already inside the tomb," Lara snarled at
him,"I'd send you home, but as it is if I do that the Professor will
lose faith in me and we'll both miss out on the job, so stick
behind me and maybe you'll learn something."

Pierre reached out and cupped one asscheek,"I thought I taught
you a thing or two last night?"

Despite her anger Lara couldn't help but smile as she felt his
hand run over her ass,"Come on Pierre, we have work to do."

"We got plenty of time," growled Pierre into her ear,
reaching around and sliding one hand up her shirt, cupping a large
breast in hand,"Besides, it's on both our minds now, it'll just
distract us... besides, don't you love the idea of fucking in this

Lara's only response was a moan of pleasure as Pierre moved
his hand from her ass to her front, stroking her pussy through the
material of her shorts.

He undid her gun belt and let it drop to the ground, her
pistols make a loud reverberating 'thunk' throughout the chamber.

"Come on," whispered Pierre,"Quickly."

Her initial reservations had disappeared, there was something
in Pierre she couldn't resist, her mind was emptying of rational
thought and being replaced by lust. She grabbed her brown shorts
and pulled them down past her beautiful asscheeks, stepping out of
them eagerly even as she raised her arms to let him pull her shirt
over her head. Turning about she got down onto her back as he
eagerly pulled his pants down around his ankles, his cock was
fully erect and the thought of having him filling her up again,
especially in an ancient tomb of all places, got her juices

Lara's nipples tingled with sensation as Pierre lightly
flicked them with his tongue. Lara gave a little hiss of
anticipation as she felt the tip of the Frenchman's cock press
inbetween her cuntlips. And then he shoved forward, stuffing the
full length of his cock once more into her tight cunt.

- Ahhh.... how can.... ahhhh... how can he make me feel...
oooh... like this? - Lara's mind cried out as he began pumping in
and out of her, fucking her faster and harder. She remembered
that not a week ago she had been in bed wanking herself while she
wondered what Pierre would be like, caring, gentle sex that last
hours or rough, hard caveman sex that lasted minutes. It seemed
he was both, rough hard sex that lasted a long time.

Pierre's face was contorted in pleasure, he was muttering
out little expletives with each stroke into her. With every
forward thrust into her tight little cunt he would cry out a
'fuck yeah' and every pull back there was a 'that's the stuff,'
Lara felt that in normal circumstances she would have laughed at
such behavior, but here, now, she was just laying back and
loving it, thrusting her own hips forward to meet each thrust of
Pierres, arching her hips up and grinding against his pelvis,
wanting him as deep inside her as possible.

"Yes.... yes.... fuck me!" she cried out in a low voice,
even in this time of pleasure knowing that she had to keep from
letting the Professor and the others know she was getting her
brains fucked out.

"OHHHH, yesss Pierre!!" she cried out, her body quivering
with an orgasm already. Her already incredibly tight cunt clamped
down around Pierre's big dick. Pierre grunted in pleasure and
sped up the speed of his thrusts, pounding his cock faster and
faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper into her clasping,
willing pussy, which was now streaming out her cum down onto the
ground of the platform.

His hunched forward, his chest flattening her breasts
down as far as they could. As he continued to fuck the English
woman harder and harder his jacket - the one with the girlie
pic on the back she had objected too - was brushing against her
nipples, sending tingles of sensation throughout her body.

Pierre was loving it, sure Lara might be smarter than
him, and she was probably a shitload better at tombraiding than
him, but he had control where it mattered... he could fuck her
raw and she'd keep coming back for more.

- And the bitch is so fucking hot! - his lustdriven mind
cried out, - Her pussy so tight... yeah! -

He could feel the cum boiling up from his nuts, ready to
shoot deep into her again, string after string of cum deep into
her gushing quim.

"This.... is... iiitttttt!!!!!!" cried out Pierre and his
hips slammed forward, burying his cock as deep into her eager,
clasping cunthole as it could and firing shot after shot of cum
into her. Then he collapsed on top of her, breathing deeply and
sweating freely, after a few seconds he rolled off her and they
lay next to each other on the platform leading down into the
tomb of a pharaoh dead for thousands of years.


"Can you hear anything?" asked the Professor to Nathaniel,
who had his ear against the stone door.

"Low noises, I think they might be arguing about the best
way to do things."

"Couple of pros, of course they are," replied the Professor
sagely,"Every genius has his... or her, own idea of how to do things."


As Lara was fastening her gunbelt Pierre reached out and
scooped one of her pistols out, she let him do it... although she
suspected she was faster than him.

"Not a bad gun," he remarked,"My magnums are better."

"I bet you only got them to be like Clint Eastwood," laughed

"And what's so wrong about that, Mr Eastwood can kick most
anyone's ass," said Pierre, sounding offended.

- Oh shit, don't ever fuck with a man's hero, - Lara laughed
to herself,"Forget it, the pistols do me fine, although I guess I'd
use the Magnums if I came across a pair... wouldn't waste money
buying them though."

Pierre tossed her pistol back and she caught it easily,
noticing him watching her, gauging her speed and dexterity.

- Watch out for him, - she thought, - He's not as dumb as
he sometimes makes out. -

Then he did something that changed her mind.

Perhaps in a desire to show how cool he was he slipped one
of his magnums out of his gunbelt, rolled it about on his finger
then threw it behind his back, sliding another hand behind to catch
it... but it bounced off his hand instead and went flying over his

"Nooooo!!!!!!" screamed Lara, watching in horror as it
bounced off one of the steps and went flying - in a straight line
of course - right towards the discolored stones.

"Oooh shi..." started Pierre, and then all hell broke loose.


"What was that?" asked the Professor.

"It sounded like no?" said Nathaniel,"I think..."

A loud grinding noise seemed to reverberate throughout
the stone door and the corridor.

"SHIT!" cried Nathaniel, turning to the Professor and the
two guards,"GET BACK! GET BACK!"


The huge pile of stones that had sat undisturbed for
millennia began to shake as a loud grinding noise rocked through
the cavern.

"IDIOT!" screamed Lara.

"My Magnum!" cried Pierre, moving towards the stairwell.

Lara leaped forward and gripped his jacket, sliding one
foot between his legs and bringing him down face-forward onto the
ground, coming down next to him.

"Owww!" cried Pierre.

"Shut up!" yelled Lara,"Keep your head down."

But she didn't follow her own advice, looking up and
watching the handiwork of the ancients.

The rockpile collapsed, the ensuing rockslide coming down
over the pressure pads even as the largest boulder at the top
rolled on and smashed into the wall. At the instant it hit, every
statue in the cavern whirled to face it's respective grouping of
cases, then fired several shots, before twisting to face the rock
pile and firing shot after shot at where any survivors would have

The arrows - whose heads were wrapped in some kind of
cloth - hit the cases and seconds later several large 'KA-THUMPS'
shook throughout the cavern as the explosive contents of the cases
reacted with the liquid that the arrows had been soaking in for

Lara looked up and gasped in wonder as the part of the
cabin that rested over the doorway exploded as the flames of the
cases remnants reached them.

- They must have mixed a crude form of gunpowder in with
the cavern roof... brilliant -

As she had suspected a downpouring of liquid flew down
from the new hole in the roof, it would eat through the floor and
break the seals holding the burial chamber in place, dropping it
down to the next level of the tomb, it was ingenious really... but
a little too ingenious. The ancient architects of the tomb had
outsmarted themselves, taking everything into account and having
backups for every trap... and that was their downfall.

The giant boulder that had smashed the pressure sensitive
wall had been set at an angle so that if the acid failed it would
roll and hit another grid next to the door that would cause the seals
to withdrawal and drop the burial chamber. So now it rolled towards
that grid, but the acid had fallen and that caused the boulder to
run slightly of tangent. The pre-weakened floor in front of the
door had already been eaten through by the powerful acid and the ends
of the seals were already being corroded. Once they were the remnants
would shoot forward and allow the chamber to fall. But the boulder
rolled into the hole in the floor and down onto the seals, cutting off
the acid and holding the seals in place.

Lara stared in wonder and amazement at the now completely
neutralized chamber, then smacked Pierre on the head.

"Hey! I'm sorry, okay?" he growled,"I'm more pissed off at
myself for fucking up all that cash... let's just let it go."

"Shut up," growled Lara,"I hate first time luck."

Pierre looked at her in confusion, then started up and saw
what had happened, his mouth slowly grew into a wider and wider grin,
and then he began to laugh.


The Professor looked up in surprise as Lara and Pierre stepped
forth from the hole.

"Well, we're done, how about that bonus?" asked Pierre with a


Pierre kept checking his pocket to make sure the Professor's
check was actually there.

- I haven't seen so many 0's since I xeroxed my bankbook
100 times, - Pierre thought with a grin, paying little attention to
Lara and the Professor's conversation.

"So I figure out the traps," she was saying,"Then Pierre
figures out how to disarm then, what their flaws might be, etc, etc."

"Fantastic," laughed the Professor, watching as the workers
threw buckets of water on the remaining acid, clearing it away.

Nathaniel was peering at the door, he turned to Lara.

"I need to get closer to make out the hieroglyphics, can we
put a ladder over that boulder?"

"I suggest you reinforce those seals as soon as you can, right
now the corroded ends are holding the boulder up, and that's holding
the seals in place. Once you've done that just make sure you don't
touch the walls about the door, they're pressure sensitive to release
the seals."

"Lara, would you ever consider coming to work for me," laughed
Professor Golsha,"You're brilliant!" he was actually talking to her
face now, although his eyes occasionally flicked involuntarily down
to her breasts.

"Sorry Monsuier," laughed Pierre, putting a protective arm
around Lara,"Me and Lara are a team."

"Hmmm," said the Professor, then turned and began yelling
at the natives, giving commands and orders in a businesslike tone.

The Next Day.

Lara watched in anticipation as the workers put the
finishing touches on the restructured seals, putting down a
makeshift wooden platform.

When it was done she stepped forward with Nathaniel and
the Professor, Pierre suddenly realized he was standing alone and
quickly followed.

"Do you read Egyptian, Lara?" asked Nathaniel.

"A little, I'm no expert."

The three of them carefully studied the hieroglyphics,
checking for instructions on what to do with the door, in case they
might disturb some final trap.

"What's this here," asked Lara, pointing to a section
containing several images of Anubis, Lord Of The Dead,"Something
about risking the AfterLife early?"

Nathaniel frowned,"This makes no sense, it says that this
is Pharoah Taitaphus The 1st's tomb. But it also says he
relinquished his crown and scepter and dared the false death?"

"Read on," muttered the Professor,"It get's better."

"Attempting to fool Anubis, Lord Of The Dead," read Lara
haltingly,"He traveled to the gates where he sought to prove his
truth and nobility, but when his heart was weighed against a
feather it was too heavy and he was to be thrown into oblivion."

"But," continued Professor Golsha,"Because of this so
called 'false death' something went wrong and instead of oblivion
he awoke on his deathbed... after his embalmers had removed his

"I saw a movie once where they pulled the guys brain out
through his nose," laughed Pierre,"He became a Mummy and I remember
Christian Slater...."

"Shut up Pierre," growled Lara,"This is fascinating, it says
he suffered a fate worse than oblivion..."

"That's saying something," muttered Nathaniel,"The Ancient
Egyptians feared oblivion more than anything."

"...he was in a walking death, they guessed his heart had
been corrupted by the false death and he would be condemned to live
forever without a soul. He caused mindless destruction wherever
he went and eventually they trapped him in the burial chamber they
had half prepared for him and set up the most elaborate set of traps
they could think off to keep anyone from freeing him."

"That explains why he was in an underground tomb," laughed
Professor Golsha,"Instead of creating a giant burial mound they
wanted him hidden, forgotten about forever, because they believed
he was a... as Monsuier DuPont put it, a Mummy."

The three of them laughed, a second later Pierre joined
in, although he didn't get the joke.

"Come on," laughed the Professor finally,"Let's open this
baby up and see the fruits of my labor!" he turned and shouted
commands to several workers, who approached with crowbars and
ropes and began working at the large stone that acted as a door
to the burial chamber.

They had it half way out when suddenly there was a loud
grinding noise and the doorway shot forward, knocking the men down
as it slid over the platform like it weighed nothing.

Lara stared in shock as a figure stepped forward from the
burial chamber, it stood well over six feet tall and perhaps once
it had been well muscles, but over thousands of years the muscles
had withered and disappeared, the skin had pulled tight over the
bones and the eyeballs had long ago become dust... the thing
staring at them from vacant sockets hadn't drawn breath in

With a lumbering gait it moved forward and clumsily
reached down, grabbing one poor worker by the head and twisting
it casually, breaking his neck and killing him. The other men
screamed and turned, joining the crowd of men already rushing
up the stairs out of the cavern.

"We may have a problem here," muttered Lara,"Perhaps
we should..."

She was cut off by an incredibly loud 'KRAK!' that seemed
to come from right next to her, twisting her head she saw Pierre's
gun smoking, a grim expression on his face.

"Go ahead, punk," he said in his French accent,"Make my

Lara felt an insane urge to laugh out loud at the
ludicrousness of this situation, instead she pulled out her
pistols and turned to look at the Mummy. The creature that had
once, long ago, been Pharoah Taitaphus The 1st, had taken a
couple of steps back, it's entire body off balance from the
blast of the powerful magnum.

"Let's blow this fucker into oblivion," growled Lara,
and then she and Pierre opened fire on the undead thing, sending
it backwards, arms reeling and legs buckling under a barrage of
bullets. They fired over and over, until Pierre's surviving
Magnum had been emptied, and Lara fired until both her pistols
were out of ammo. The Mummy lay on the ground, twitching feebly,
it's body had more holes than flesh now.

"Well," said Lara, looking with a grin at the Professor
and Nathaniel, who had stood staring in shock at the undead
creature since it had first emerged from it's ancient prison,"That
should just be about..."

"Ahhh, Lara," whispered Pierre,"Look."

Turning about her eyes widened in shock as she saw the
Mummy slowly get to it's feet, swaying slightly and filled with
holes and lead, but otherwise looking none the worse for having
been blasted with more ammo than you'd find in LA School Yard.

"Ummm, Pierre?" asked Lara.

"Uh-huh?" asked Pierre, reloading his magnum.

"What did Christian Slater do?"

"Huh? Oh! Yeah, he cut the Mummy's body to pieces with a
electric carving knife and through it into the fire."

"Wouldn't happen to have an electric carving knife on
you, would you?"

"Not on me... you know where we can get a fire?"

Lara looked behind her as her hands unconsciously reloaded
her pistols, her heart skipped a beat as she saw that one of the
cases hadn't destroyed, the arrow meant for it lay on the
ground next to it, having hit the wall and done nothing... another
miscalculation by the ancients.

"We have to lead him to that case, then set it off," cried

"Good plan, I'll be cheering for you from the platform!"
replied Pierre.

"Do that and you'll never so much as see me naked again,

Despite the gravity and danger of the situation, Pierre
felt a wave of lust ride through his body, he grinned at her
and cried out,"After we scrag this bitch I'm going to ride you
all night long!"

"We'll see if you can handle more than fifteen minutes
hot stuff," laughed Lara.

She and Pierre were making their way backwards slowly, the
Mummy stumbling after them, the Professor and Nathaniel's fear had
overidden their shock and curiosity and they had run for the
stairs, leaving Lara and Pierre alone in the cavern with the monster.

When they reached the case they both leaped nimbly up on
top of it, it was only five feet tall, and began shouting jeers
at the Mummy, firing shots into the ground around it.

They had fully expected to climb up onto the case after
them, but instead it tried to smash it's way through. It's thin
arms shot out and smashed through the wood easily, it's arms
becoming trapped in the case and the liquid within running out
onto it's body.

"Quick, while it's trapped!" screamed Lara and her and
Pierre leaped over it's head. As Lara landed she ducked her head
and rolled, coming up facing the Mummy's back. It's dull senses
had not yet comprehended they were gone, and she quickly began
running backwards towards the stairs.

"Now?" cried Pierre, running beside her, his Magnum

Lara waited until she sense the creature preparing to
pull it's arms free, if she had misjudged and the chemical
could only be ignited with another chemical they were in big

"NOW!" she cried and Pierre fired.



"What was that?" cried Nathaniel.

Professor Golsha laughed,"I think Lara and the Frenchman
have come through for us again!"


Lara and Pierre were knocked back onto the stairs by the
hot air from the explosion. When Lara finally caught her breath
and opened her eyes she was relieved to see that the only sign
of the undead monster were two feet laying smoking on the ground.

She turned to Pierre and saw his eyes light up with joy
and happiness.

"Hey!" he cried.

"Hey," she returned,"Not bad, eh..."

But he stepped past her, and turning about she saw the
explosion had moved one of the rocks from the slide.

"My other magnum," laughed Pierre, scooping it up,"A little
dented but it looks okay, those Ancient Egyptian bastards don't
know anything about the wonders of modern handguns!"

Lara's Defeat

Part Four.

Later That Night.

The Professor was only too eager to allow a banquet to be
put on, his was the biggest archeological find since Tutankhamen,
and he had evidence of it all because as soon as Lara and Pierre
had disabled the booby-traps he had had video camera's setup on
the platform leading into the cavern.

Inside the burial chamber they had found nothing much but
old urns full of rotted cloth, some vases and a few dry papyrus',
but the sarcophagus was intact - and never used! - and the
hieroglyphics told the story of a great deal of the once 'Lost
Dynasty', and a huge bonus had been the discovery of a case in
the burial chamber containing the crown and scepter of Pharoah.

"I think they put them in even though he relinquished
them because the next Pharoah didn't want to risk a curse... for
such a brilliant race they were very superstitious," Professor
Golsha had said.

"Not that I blame them," Lara told Pierre later at the
banquet, as workers danced, sang and gorged themselves on
food,"When you've been on as many tombraids as me you tend to
have an open mind."

"Speaking of which," whispered Pierre, his hand sliding
up her hip under the table,"I hope you have an open mind tonight,
I intend to teach YOU a few things."

"My oh my, my mother would be blushing if she heard such

"Bring her," laughed Pierre,"You're not the only one with
an open mind."

Lara gasped in shock, then began to laugh as she realized
he was joking... at least she hoped he was joking.

Lara certainly got into the spirit of things that night,
drinking a bit more than she should, and finally she staggered off
to her tent, weaving as she walked.

"I'll be in in a minute," Pierre called to her. He watched
that beautiful ass move and yet again reconsidered his course of
action, but then his resolve strengthened.

"Say buddy," he said to one of the workers, having noticed
him watching Lara for most of the night,"How'd you like to have
some fun?"


Lara lay naked in the bed, giggling to herself as her hands
slid in between her spread legs. Being drunk always made her so
horny! She continued to stroke her clit with one hand while the
other tweaked her nipples.

"Come on Pierre," she moaned,"I need it bad."

The flap to her tent opened and she saw a dark figure
approach her eagerly.

"About time, I was beginning to think I'd have to do things
for myself."

Pierre just grunted, and then she heard his clothes drop to
the ground.

"Go ahead," she laughed,"Impress me, Frenchie."

She felt his cock press against her soaking pussy as he
positioned himself over her, and then gasped as she felt the tip of
his cock press against her waiting pussy.

- If I didn't know better I'd say his dick had gotten even
bigger, - she thought drunkenly.

Lara gasped out again as she felt her lover's cock move
forward into her cunt, spreading her cuntlips apart. Despite his
size he found the way easy, she was already well lubed up from the
quick wank she'd had before he showed up.

He didn't stand on ceremony, pushing his cock in hard she
heard him give a moan of ecstasy, something didn't quite seem right
about the moan but she passed it off as a result of the alcohol and
just went back to enjoying the fuck. She groaned in desire as she
felt him grind his cock as far into her willing snatch as possible,
and then he was pulling back almost to the point of exit, then
slamming back in, his cock stuffing her tight little cunt full with
meat. Unlike the other times he had fucked her he began fucking her
with short hard thrusts, fucking her willing body fast and hard, more
of the caveman than the passionate lover.

She began slamming her hips back up into his, bringing those
long, luscious legs up and wrapping them around his back.

- Shit, he's really into it, he's sweating like a pig, -
her lust fogged mind managed to piece together, and then coherent
thought collapsed back into ecstatic pleasure as their rthym came
together and they were fucking as one, their bodies in perfect,
sensual synch.

He was kissing her neck, had he shaved? his stubble seemed
less than it had in the cavern yesterday. Her body was beginning to
shake and shimmer as she approached an orgasm, she locked her legs
tighter around her lover's back and began grinding her cervix up
as hard into his pelvic bone as she could, relishing in the feeling
on the length of his cock sliding along the underside of her clit.


Her hot, juicy wet pussy began to clasp down on the big cock
ramming in and out of her, he began making a low moaning noise that
must signal his approaching orgasm.

"We're going... ahhh! to cum... ooohh... together!" she
cried in ecstasy, fucking her hips up at him, bouncing her ass
up off the ground.

He shoved his cock as hard and deep into her clasping pussy
as he could and arched his backup. At the same time she brought
he ass off the ground and pressed her hips as hard against his as
she could, her legs squeezing even tighter about his back.

"OOOHH!!!" she squealed,"YES, HERE IT COMES! I'M GONNA

Both their bodies tensed hard against each other and for
a second they were a perfect statue, unmoving, then the moment
passed where they could hold back no longer and the two of them
came together, their cum blasting from their sexual organs into
and against each other's bodies.


"Nathaniel?" called Professor Golsha at the entrance to
his assistant's tent,"I just wanted to apologize for some of the
things I've said over the past couple of weeks, I've been taking
my frustrations out on you... but you were right, that Pierre
DuPont really was the man for the job."

He opened the flap of the tent.

"Oh my goodness," he said in surprise.


"You were wonderful," whispered Lara.

"Uhhh," came the voice of her lover,"Pierre said to say...
uh... thank you... for wonderful time?"

Lara squealed in fright, turning on the oil wick lamp
next to her and seeing one of the workers laying naked beside
her, some of her juices already drying on his legs.

"And I... uh, how you say? I must thank you for wonderful
good fuck."

She screamed.

Cairo Docks, 25 Minutes Later.

Lara leaped from the jeep, the combination of shock at
discovering she had been fucked by some anonymous Egpytian workman
and the air on the quick trip over had sobered her up pretty quick.

The Professor also leaped out.

"That Crown and Sceptre are worth millions," he cried,"But
it's the historical value... a relic of the Lost Dynasty!"

After an embarrassing scene where Professor Golsha had run
into her tent and found her naked with a worker - some of whose cum
was drying on her thighs - he had explained that Nathaniel wasn't
in his tent and all his luggage and equipment was gone... as well
as the case holding the Crown and Sceptre which he was to have
guarded tonight.

The two of them had quickly figured out what happened,
Nathaniel had recommended Pierre because he knew the man was
a thief and would willingly help him plunder a tomb. What he
hadn't known was Pierre was really no good at tombraiding, and
the Frenchman had been lucky to pull Lara in.

- Lucky? Bullshit, he got you all turned on, you agreed
to come but you could have pulled out at any time, he fucked
you into coming in the end, you were just his whore. -

Nathaniel must have given Pierre the Professor's number
and had him make up the bullshit story about discovering about
the case at a party for Lara's sake, he was the Mastermind behind
this whole thing, but Pierre had still played her like a sap.

- There was a reason you hadn't fucked a man in so long, -
Lara thought to herself, - Because they're all assholes. -

Now she and the Professor had come to the docks, and
already they both knew it was too late, they could see the boat
already hundreds of yards away, pulling out faster and faster.

"I'll call the harbor patrol," cried the Professor,
turning and running back towards the jeep. Lara didn't bother
to tell him it would be too late, that Nathaniel probably
planned to land just around the bend and take a pre-arranged car
to a pre-arranged spot to meet a pre-arranged plane... or even
that the boat they were in was most likely a midnight runner, a
smuggler used to avoiding the patrol... or even that the patrol
would have been bribed.

"The funny thing is," Lara said to herself,"Is that for a
guy capable of doing such smart thing, you can be a remarkably
stupid man Monsuir DuPont."

And she reached into her pocket and pulled out what she
had found as she got dressed, aware that the Professor even then
had been eying up her naked body.

In her hand she held Pierre DuPont's wallet.

Three Weeks Later - Calcutta.

Pierre was getting desperate, he was in serious money

First the check Professor Golsha had given him was
useless, as he would have stopped payment on it as soon as Pierre
and Nathaniel's plans were revealed... second, Nathaniel had
double-crossed him, leaving him for dead in a back alley in

Eventually he had made his way back to Calcutta, using
the last bit of money he had on him to fix his damaged Magnum, he
had been living on beans for over a week now... although he had
developed quite a taste for them.

His last hope was here, here in Calcutta he was a
legend, and if he could use that legend to score a free room at
the Imperial Hotel he could scam someone into giving him a good,
high paying job.

As he approached the steps of the luxurious hotel he
stopped and sniffed himself, he stunk.

"Maybe I should just grab me a little shower somewhere
first, spruce up the image..."

"Excuse me," said a deep baritone voice behind him, he
turned and found himself facing a very, very large black man.

- Oh shit, it's someone working for someone I owe money
to, - he thought, - If only I hadn't left my wallet in Cairo, I
had over two grand in that. -

Then the man smiled, warmly and with compassion.

"Mr DuPont, you are a hard man to find, I represent
Jaqueline Natla - Of Natla Technologies - and we have a case
for you that just might interest you..."

And, Pierre thought, it looked like his luck was about
to change for the better.


Lara sat in the lobby of the Imperial Hotel, unaware that
the man she was so desperate to find was right outside.

- One thing is for sure, I'm never taking a job for money
again... I've got enough, no need to be greedy. -

She was paying for her stay in the Presidential Suite with
the money from Pierre's wallet, she had several private detectives
out looking for the little French bastard as she enjoyed the best
Calcutta had to offer.

As she sat thinking she noticed a man approaching her,
looking up she saw he was unshaven, dressed in jeans and a flannel
shirt with rolled up sleeves. Her first thought was, - a hick
in Calcutta? - until she noticed a laptop in one hand, and a
magazine in the other.

He tossed the Magazine down on the table in front of her,
she was unsurprised to see it was Adventurer Magazine. The cover
showed her pointing her pistols at the slavering Bigfoot menacing
over her, the title words in read cried out,'Lara Stamps Out

"So," said Larsen, smiling at Lara,"What's a man got to
do to get that kind of attention?"


And the rest (as everyone who has played the game
Tombraider will know) is history.
For those interested, you can pick up any parts of
this story you missed (as well as other stories I've written)

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