Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people
underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm
disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really
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Description: Lara is lured into a spiked deathtrap

Additional Credit: This story is based on a fantastic poser piece by
Ricklinkous; some dialogue and a description also came from the picture.

Content Codes: M/F, rape, lactation, fing, mast, sleepy, minor bond, cum,
snuff (spike lattice), toys.

Tomb Raider: Lattice
by JD ([email protected])

Lara groaned in her drugged sleep, unconsciously humping against the
vibrating sex toys forced deep into her cunt and ass. Each one the width of a
coke can, Lara was unaware in her sleep of the pain from her cervix being
stretched open by the length of the cunt-lodged toy, nor from the near-torn
stretching of her anal sphincter.

The captor had secured the toys inside the tomb raider with a length of cord
between her legs and tied about her slim waist. Her thighs and shaven snatch
were coated with oozing honey. Her naturally large breasts were swollen
further from being attached to a pumping machine by her captor.

She awoke half an hour later, trembling from her latest unconscious orgasm.
After several seconds hard thought, she recalled stepping into an apparently
normal room, only to have metal covers slam down over every window and door.
She hadn't panicked as thick yellow gas began to fill the room. Instead,
she'd searched for long minutes for a way out. An escape.

There was none. Unable to avoid breathing in the foul gas, she had found
herself coughing hard. Her eyes teared up, and she convulsed. Lara clutched
at her stomach, violently retching. She realized she was going to die, then
and there. She expelled a heavy stream of vomit as she collapsed to her
knees, bent over.

She lost consciousness; face sideways in the pool of puke. The house's owner,
intended victim of her theft and now her captor, entered the room as soon as
the ventilation system had made it safe and the metal barriers were raised.
He pulled her from the vomit and checked her for signs of life. Excellent -
she was asleep, and would be for hours, but still alive.

He stripped her then, tearing off her boots, her socks, her brown shorts and
green top, her gunbelt and backpack and other tools until she lay naked but
for her fingerless leather gloves and a pair of red lacy panties. His cock
throbbed from watching Lara's slow and painful descent into unconsciousness,
so much better than a quick gas.

He left her for a moment, and returned with two breast pumps of his own
design. They would attach to the nipples and force milk out, collecting the
slightly bitter liquid into the large attached reservoirs. Where a woman was
not naturally producing milk, they injected fast acting hormones to generate

The machines secure, he moved back to sit between her legs and pulled the red
panties aside. Her body was already responding to the mechanical manipulation
of her teats, and he found her snatch to be a little moist. He rubbed her
shaven lips and around her clit, the flesh hot against his hand. Her jerked
his cock with the other hand, pulling the foreskin up over the head and back
again, lubricated with his own precum.

When he felt she was wet enough - he wasn't bothered about a dry fuck hurting
the unconscious girl, and indeed enjoyed greatly to think of Lara's
suffering, but preferred a hot wet cunt - he licked the juice from his
fingers and entered her limp body with his cock. He supported himself on his
arms above the breast pumps, watching them move with his thrusts.

Lara's cunt was tight, despite the large number of partners she'd taken over
the years. She'd fucked her way out of trouble more than once, but not this
time. He lent down to kiss her slack lips, tasting Lara's vomit as he pumped
into her. He bit hard into her bright red lipstick'd bottom lip as he came
into the girl's limp body, drawing iron blood into his mouth.

Her breasts juggled harder as he erratically slammed into her, firing hot
spunk towards her womb. He lay against her, the cold tubing of the breast
pump equipment trapped between them. He pulled out and only then pulled off
her damp, cum-slick, red panties, bringing them up to his nose to inhale the
scent of their sex.

A few minutes later he left her lying on the floor, after wiping his cock off
in her hair, knowing the pumps would take at least half an hour. When they
were done and the pumps reservoirs were full, he returned to the unconscious
tomb raider and detached the pumps from her swollen breasts.

He slurped on a nipple, tasting milk straight from the source, and then
fireman's carried her out into open air courtyard with a pit in the center,
and a large hydraulic press built over the top. There was a lattice of razor-
sharp spikes attached to the press. When activated, the press pushed down
into the pit, slicing up anything unlucky enough to be within.

He carried Lara's still unconscious and recently raped body down retractable
steps into the pit, and secured a solid restraint around each ankle. He
paused a moment to stroke his hands along her toned thighs, enjoying the feel
of the hard warm flesh. He then set about pushing a lubricated dildo into her
cunt - an easy process, despite her resisting cervix. Getting even a well-
lubricated dildo of thickness into her anus was harder, and took considerable

He finally succeeded, having worked up a sweat. He activated the dildos and
roped them in place, before exiting the pit and lowering the hydraulic press
until the lattice was level with the courtyard's ground.

Forty-five minutes passed before she awoke again and recalled stepping into
the room and being gassed.

She looked up to see sunlight shining through the lattice, silhouetting a
male figure. Her blood ran cold as she viewed the rows of spikes. She was
not a woman to suffer fear normally, but trembled as she knelt there.

"Lady Croft! I'm glad you're awake. I like to fuck unconscious girls, but
it's just no fun killing them until they're awake to really feel it."

"You won't get away with this. My friends will come for you!"

He laughed at her bluff and bravado, hearing the tremor in her voice. Lara
could see that the silhouetted man was masturbating, though she could not
tell he was using her breast milk as lubricant. He reached out with his free
hand and pulled a leaver. The lattice began to lower on it's hydraulic press.

Lara couldn't prevent the yelp of fear escaping her lips as she looked up,
and tugged useless on her ankle restraints. The press was well designed and
silent, allowing Lara to gear the buzz of the distracting toys buried deep
inside herself, the wet slap of the man's hand against his cock and fearful

As it lowered inches from her hand, Lara broke down and begged,

"NO!!! Please, make it stop! I BEG you, Have mercy! PLEASE!

The captor shook his head, and replied "No mercy for you, Lady Croft, only

The lattice spread up, plunging razor spikes through Lara's pretty brown
upturned eyes. [Lara's last glimpse of sun light came thru a lattice of
razor-sharp spikes, the last sound she would hear was the cruel laugh of her
sadistic captor..]. Her screaming cut off as the spikes pierced agonizingly
into her brain. The tomb raiders flailing arms dropped to her side and hot
urine burst from her bladder as the lattice pressed down.

Her body was forced backwards, so that her breasts were impaled next. Razor
spikes cut through succulent flesh with milk, blood and fat running from the
wounds. The spikes continued down, slicing up her twitching corpse as her
captor came again, firing through and over the spiked lattice with long
strands of hot sticky spunk.

The tomb raider's death was everything he'd hoped when he'd set about luring
her to his house.


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