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Tomb Raider: The Braid Of Aphrodite Part 3
by Muhabba

"Bloody Hell," Lara muttered to herself as she exited the elevator. She hung her head in disbelief and sighed. She looked back up at the 4 high school students, 2 boys and 2 girls, all wearing their finest clothes and staring at her in embarrassment. Her hungry pussy throbbed in need and a plan suddenly formed in her lust addled brain. "I don't suppose you two strapping lads could give a lady a hand? I appear to have broken my heel." The 2 boys approached her and she put her arms around their shoulders.

"Sure thing, Lady Croft," one boy said.

"Our pleasure, Lady Croft," the other boy said.

Lara squeezed her arms around the boys' broad shoulders. "Footballers?" she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Yes, mum," both boys said in unison.

"Yes. That seems about right," Lara giggled as she leaned over towards one boy and plunged her tongue into his mouth. She broke the kiss and bit her bottom lip just hard enough to draw a bit of blood and kissed the other boy while the first one stood stunned. When she broke the kiss she turned back around and kissed the first boy again. She broke the kiss and released their shoulders as they stood in front of her. She looked down and saw their erections tenting the front of their pants and smiled mischievously as she looked back up at their bewildered faces. "Do you love me?"

"Oh yes, Lara," the boys said in unison.

"Good," Lara replied. "Now go restrain your friends."

Both boys quickly ran over to the 2 girls and pulled their arms behind their backs, causing the girls to squeal in shock. "Fred! What are you doing?" on girl shouted. "Norville, no!" the other girl barked.

Lara took a moment to look at the group of high school students. The boy apparently called Fred was about 6 feet tall with sandy colored hair and a obvious footballer's build and held a brunette girl with small breasts and long legs in a modest length skirt. The boy called Norville was perhaps a few inches short than herself with blonde, shaggy hair and holding a blonde girl with large breasts and a tiny waist who was looking furiously over her shoulder at the boy. She looked back over at Fred and his hostage and thought "Guess I'll start there then," as she smirked.

Lara approached the struggling couple. "And what's your name, luv?" she asked the shocked girl.

"D... Daphne, mum," she answered, staring bewildered at the Lady Croft.

Lara reached her hands up and squeezed Daphne's small tits. "Pleased to make your acquaintance," she said before reaching her hands around the girl and finding the zipper to her dress and pulling it down. She seemed to enjoy the girl's fear a little bit and her pussy throbbed as Daphne's dress fell to the floor revealing her firm tits and thong panties. With one kiss she could have turned the girl's growing fear to lust but she was enjoying the girl's fear far to much now as she began lightly caressing Daphne's tits. Her expert fingers quickly had the girl's nipples hard as little stones so she slid her fingers lower.

Daphne could feel Fred's hard-on pressed against her ass as the Lady Croft molested her. "Pl... please, mum. Please don't," she whimpered.

Lara got down on her knees and looked up the length of Daphne's wide eyes. "Don't worry my little lovely. This will all be over soon," she whispered as she quickly pulled down the girl's snug panties. The girl was nicely trimmed and Lara placed a small kiss above the small slit of her pussy before looking back up her body to Daphne's shocked face, waiting.

Daphne looked down at the Lady Croft with wide, doe eyes. It was all too much for her. She had come down here with the group to smoke a joint and hopefully make out with Norville but now the famed adventurer Lara Croft was kissing her exposed vagina. Fred continued to grind his erection against her ass and she surprised herself as her clit began to sizzle and her pussy began to get wet. "I don't... I don't know what's... what's happening to... to me..."

"Join the club," Lara said with a sly grin as she saw the look of shock on Daphne's face being replaced with lust. She lifted one of the high school girl's slender legs and draped it over one of her shoulders to give her easier access to the girl's wet cunt. She used the girl's firm ass-cheeks to brace herself as she gave a long lick to Daphne's glistening slit. The girl shuddered in unexpected pleasure as she began lapping up the sweet juices drooling out of the wet pussy. Daphne's juices coated the inside of Lara's mouth and throat as the Tomb Raider hummed gleefully to herself and forced her tongue into Daphne's gushing cunt. She began tongue fucking the girl in earnest, using her tongue like a small cock and thrusting it in and out of her tight hole.

Daphne began thrusting her hips up and down, meeting Lara's talented tongue and rubbing her naked ass against Fred's throbbing cock. Already she could feel her orgasm rising and began chanting, "I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna..." faster and faster before finally shrieking in pleasure, "I'm gonna Cuuummm!"

Daphne's sweet juices gushed from her twitching cunt and Lara did her best to lap up every drop but a great deal of the girl's fluids still coated Lara's chin and abundant cleavage. Lara released the girl's trembling leg and smacked her lips. "Who's next?" she asked as she looked over at Norville.

Norville had the blonde girl bent over, pummeling his hard cock deep into her pussy. The girl made no sound, she just looked in stunned silence at the 3 horny people in front of her with wide, confused eyes as she was raped.

"What the 'ell,mate?" Fred asked Norville with a chuckle. "That's your sister."

"Oh my God," Daphne giggled. "Velma's getting shagged by her brother!"

Velma continued to stare at her 2 friends and the Lady Croft with confused eyes as she was fucked from behind by her brother. "Help... help me?" she asked, still in shock by her brother's behavior.

"Oh, you poor dove," Lara said trying not to laugh at Velma's shocked expression. She walked over and bent down to give the scared high schooler a peck on her worried forehead. She turned back to Fred and Daphne and said, "You can lose your clothes, luvs. You won't be needing them for a while." Fred obediently began to disrobe and Lara turned back to the fucking couple.

Velma's fear, confusion and sense of betrayal at her brother's actions soon turned to grunts and moans of pleasure as he fucked her. "Ohhh, so, so goooood..." she moaned as she licked her lips and began undoing the buttons of her dress. The front of her dress parted and her bra encased C-cup sized tits spilled free as she braced herself against the wall and began thrusting her ass back to meet her brother's thrusts.

"Norville, be a good boy and make your sister cum," Lara ordered the fevered teens. "But don't you cum yet. I've got plans for you."

Norville nodded his head obedientiary. "Yes, mum." He gripped his sister's hips more firmly and began pile-driving himself inside of her as quickly as he could, his hips slapping against her firm ass-cheeks.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" Velma screamed out as she came, her tight cunt gripping her brother's cock as tremors of pleasure coursed through her young body. She slid forward a bit, bracing herself against the wall as her brother's still hard prick slid out of her twitching cunt.

Lara clapped and cheered with applause, "Bravo! Very, very good, Norville. Very good, Velma. Off with the clothes children!" she announced. She watched as Norville stripped completely and Velma began disrobing with shaking hands. When all four students were nude Lara continued with her instructions, "O.k. Daphne, flat on your back, please." The high school girl quickly complied as Lara looked over at the 2 boys. "Hmmm, Norville, kneel over Daphne's head and Fred kneel at her feet." The boys quickly followed her instructions as Lara looked over at Velma, "You can take a breather, sweetie. I'm in kind of a hurry so I'll just have to fuck you later.

Velma slid bonelessly to the ground and stammered, "Y... Yes ma'... ma'am."

Lara turned back to the other three and released the strands of her dress, revealing her naked body to the group of horny teens. All four students gasped in awe at her naked body as she posed for them slight so that they could appreciated her nude form. After giving the students time to admire her body she strutted over next to the three horny teens on the floor. "Norville, you are to fuck my pussy until your cock is nice and wet and then I want you in my ass. Daphne, once Norville is in my ass you get to see to my pussy after that. Fred, you are to fuck my face, mercilessly. Understand, children?"

All three students nodded their heads enthusiastically as they stared at Lara's body and licked their lips.

Lara straddled Daphne's head, facing her feet, and got on her knees and looked up at Fred and then Norville. "Alright, boys! Slide right it," she giggled before Fred unceremoniousness shoved his hard prick into her mouth, down her throat, choking her. Norville gripped her wide hips and slowly pushed into her tight cunt, causing her to moan in pleasure around Fred's cock. Daphne gripped her thighs and began nuzzling her clit and stretched lips.

Norville buried himself balls deep into Lara's hot, tight hole, relishing in the feeling of fucking the sexy celebrity and having her hot body wrapped around his cock. He slowly pulled out and placed his cock-head at the entrance to her tiny, puckered asshole and slowly pushed in. With just the tip in he slowly withdrew before pushing back in until he had half of his prick sunk half way in and then stopping to rest before cumming to soon.

Fred simply gripped the sides of Lara's head and jack-hammered his cock into her sucking mouth, his balls slapping wetly against her chin. He couldn't believe he was face-fucking one of the wealthiest and sexiest women in England and how her tongue was working along his shaft.

Daphne kept a firm grip on Lara's tanned, toned thighs as her tongue worked against and inside the adventurer's dripping cunt. Her only wish was for Lara's tongue to be buried inside her own cunt, she just hoped that she'd get the chance later to be eaten out by the beautiful archaeologist.

Lara groaned contentedly as her sexy body was thrust back and forth between the two thrusting cocks. She'd forgotten both of the boys' names, the only thing that she really cared was their cocks filling and stretching her body, fucking her, making her cum. And as the boys thrust harder and faster into her she could feel her orgasm rising up, higher and higher with each thrust. And during one lucky thrust the boy in her mouth was buried completely in her throat just as the boy behind her was balls deep in her ass and the dam broke, causing her to cum. She gurgled in pleasure around the cock in her mouth as her body shook in pleasure, her ass clamping down on it's invading cock as her lips stretched tight around the cock in her mouth and she sucked on it harder and harder.

Both Fred and Norville came at the same time, Lara's orgasm triggering theirs as they shot their thick, creamy loads deep into her sexy, twitching body. They both collapsed onto their asses as their softening cocks slid out of her body and her mouth and ass drooled their cum.

Lara rolled over onto her side, Daphne still attached to her thighs and licking eagerly at her cunt. Lara patted her head and smirked as she came down from her orgasmic high. "There, there, luv. You did a good job," she murmured as she continued patting the girl's head and smoothing her hair affectionally.

"Want more," Daphne whined.

As Lara's mind cleared she took a deep breath and started pushing the girl away from her groin. "Don't worry poppet. At the rate my night is going I'm sure we'll get another chance," she said in a weary voice.

Lara finally disentangled herself from the horny girl as she grabbed her dress off the floor and stood up. "Now, you four are to behave yourselves for the rest of the night. You girls will have to help keep the boys' hard-ons from being too noticeable, o.k.?"

All four students nodded their heads enthusiastically.

"And there's a guard upstairs named David," Lara said suddenly realizing she had left the bespelled and horny security guard untended at the party. She didn't think she'd have to worry about her new daddy to much and if Alex acted strange it could just be attributed to his age. "Tell him I sent you and help him out as well."

Once again the students nodded their hands enthusiastically.

Lara finished putting her dress on. "Alright then. Give your numbers to David and carry on until I call you," she said before turning and jogging down the hall.

Turning at the first corner Lara realized that she had left her shoes back with the students and a nervous giggle escaped her lips. "I'll be naked by the time this is through," she thought to herself since she was down to just one article of clothing. Her large breasts shook and swayed with every step and her hard nipples slid back and forth against the cool silk of her dress, drawing a groan of pleasure mixed with weary defeat from her. She leaned against a wall to catch her breath and steady her nerves. "I will not live my life as some sort of 'Fuck-Slut'," she told herself. "I am Lara bloody Croft and I will not be defeated by a trumped up butter knife."

Making her way down the dark hall Lara finally came to a group of scientists standing outside the door to the Books and Parchments Lab. "Gentlemen," she said as she walked past them, trying not to make eye contact, and entered the lab.

The 5 scientists stood in open mouth shock as they watched the sexy "Tomb Raider" walk past them; her hair was disheveled, her make-up mussed, her dress a wrinkled mess, and she was barefoot. As the Lady Croft closed the door behind her they all started whispering to each other about what could have happened to the normally immaculate woman.

Lara checked the room to make sure she was alone before latching the door. When all she found were reference guides, the original book of the Goddess Aphrodite and the Braid of Aphrodite, she slumped down in a comfortable chair and relaxed. She took a deep, calming breath to relax, pushing her large tits out and causing her hard nipples to slide against the cool silk covering them, causing her to shudder. "Right. First things first," she thought and then pulled the skinny straps of her dress down and exposed her firms tits.

Reclining in the chair Lara began to squeeze and maul her heaving chest, pulling and rolling her nipples as she panted. She released one of her golden mounds and shoved her hand under her dress to the burning heat between her legs, quickly plunging two of her fingers into her wet hole. She quickly found the rough patch of skin of her G-spot and began rubbing frantically as she used her thumb to strum her burning clit. "Mmmm, yes. Yessss..." she moaned lustfully. Her didn't feel as good as a cock but she knew what she liked and quickly rose to orgasm. "Yessss..." she moaned as she came, her spasming pussy clamping down on her questing fingers as her cum gushed out of her.

Lara sat up straight in the chair, pulling her hand from beneath her dress but leaving her massive breasts hanging out. "Now to work," she said to herself as she cleaned the cum from her fingers with her tongue and began reading the book.

After five minutes Lara threw her hands up in defeat. "Bloody Hell!" she shouted before shoving both hands under her dress. "Those Greeks sure were descriptive," she muttered to herself as her skilled fingers attacked her wet cunt. Drawing another orgasm from herself she wiped her fingers clean on her dress before returning to reading. Unfortunately this time she didn't last any longer before bending over the desk, lifting her dress over her ass and thrusting three fingers into her greedy cunt. "Fuuck," she choked out as she came and slumped into the chair again.

"This will never work," Lara mumbled to herself. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves she stood up and readjusted her dress before walking over to the door. She opened it enough to poke her head out and looked at the small group of scientists. "Who here's the best with ancient languages?"

The scientists all looked at each other for a moment before one of them raised his hand. "Um... I... I guess that... that'd be me?" he stammered.

Lara looked at the nervous scientist; Maybe 5 foot 6, skinny, pale, wiry red hair, a bit skinny and wearing thick glasses. "You'll do. Come in," she said as she opened the door wide enough to let the small man in. "What's your name then, luv?" she asked as she closed and locked the door behind him.

"Um... um... Stanley, mum," the young scientist said.

"Pleased to meet you, Stanley. I'm Lara," Lara said as she hungrily licked her lips.

Lara gestured to the knife and book as her pussy throbbed in greedy hunger. "In that book is the description of a ritual using that knife. The priests would cut themselves and touch their blood to the chosen slave, making both of them incredibly horny. You're aware of the ritual?"

Stanley nervously nodded his head.

"Excellent," Lara purred. "The problem I've come across is that the unabiding lust will leave both parties insensible to the point that a society couldn't function. Therefore there must be a point that brings the ritual to a close. I need you to find that point. Immediately."

Stanley nervously nodded his head again.

"Excellent," Lara said, trying to suppress her lust for only a little while longer. "I'll be in the loo. Call me when you've found it." Stanley nervously nodded his head at her again and she all but ran to the washroom.

Lara entered the small washroom and walked over to the sink. "Bloody hell," she muttered to her reflection. Her hair was a mess, her dress rumpled and obviously cum stained and her make-up was smeared across her beautiful face. She removed her dress and threw it on the counter before undoing her french braid and letting her chestnut colored hair flow down her back and drapped across her heaving breasts. She found a spare comb in the storage closet and combed out her hair, letting it trail off of her hard nipples and sending shivers of pleasure through her body and causing her to shudder in pleasure.

Lara redid her braid and grabbed a washcloth from the closet and scrubbed the spoiled make-up from her face. She looked at her weary reflection in the mirror, even without her make-up she was strickenly sexy but her hard night still showed in her eyes. Next she used the cloth to clean her dress, concentrating on what she was doing and trying to ignore the growing need in her aching, wet pussy. Her dress ws completely soaked by the time she was done and she hung it up to drip dry before picking up the cloth again.

Soaking the cloth and wringing it out Lara used it to give herself a quick wash, removing the sticky cum from her now gleaming body. She was so horny her entire body ached with need and her hands trembled as she rubbed across her mountainousness breasts, flat stomach, long legs and burning cunt. It took all her steel determination to keep from fucking herself but she had made a decision that only one more time would she allow herself to lose control. Using a breathing technique she learned in Tibet she steadied her breath and waited.

A sudden shout of "Euricka!" broke Lara's concentration and was quickly followed by a knock at the door. "Lady Croft? Lady Croft? I have it. I have the answer," Stanley said through the door.

A relived smile crossed Lara's plump lips. "Good job. I'll be there momentarily," she said. She looked at her reflection one last time, barely recognizing the wanton woman in the glass. She put on her wet silk dress, the now cold fabric causing her body to shiver as goosebumps crawled over her golden flesh, and her already hard nipples to draw up even tighter. She poked her head out of the door and saw Stanley sitting back in the chair at the desk, his back to h er. She slowly sauntered up behind him and said, "Tell me what you know, Stanley."

"You were spot on, Lady Croft," Stanley said enthusiastically. "We had already deciphered the first part of the ritual from the text, but with the Gala opening we simply never got the opportunity to decipher any more. But it's all right here. The Priest received the first cut, laying their blood on whoever they'd chosen and then passing the blade along."

"But how did the ritual end, Stanley?" Lara asked breathlessly.

"They simply mingled their blood with their slave's blood. The priests' blood opened the circuit and the slaves' blood closed it," Stanley said, rechecking his notes. "The slaves would spend the rest of their lives in a constant state of arousal towards whomever their owner was, but the un-abiding lust would be halted. It's amazing really, Lady Coft. How did you come to suspect this?"

Lara took a step back from Stanley's chair. "Turn around and I'll tell you."

Stanley turned around and stopped breathing. The Lady Croft's tan skin gleamed under the lights, not a speck of make-up on her super model face and her dress hugged her flesh like black liquid. He could clearly see every goosebump across her skin, her nipples poked out hard enough to cut the material, he could plainly see every bump adorning her areola, the slight ridges of her faint abs, her little belly button and down to her pubic mound. He licked his lips nervously.

Lara smirked to herself, posing for the small man as she arched her back, pushing her wondrous chest out. "Well, here's the thing, Stanley," she began. "The story is true. Pricking yourself with the blade does, in fact, raise uncontrollable lust and I'm afraid I've gone and pricked myself." She delicately ran her fingertips across her wide expanse of golden cleavage. "And now I'm helpless. Helpless to a deep, throbbing lust inside of me," she purred as she ran her fingertip s down her horny body. "I'm going to ask you a question, Stanley."

Stanley's eyes couldn't decide which part of Lady Croft's spectacular body they wanted to look at.

Lara licked her lips seductively. "Will you be my fuck-slave, Stanley?"

"Huck... What?" Stanley choked.

Lara lifted the straps of her gown, peeling the material down to expose her wet skin until her dress was puddled around her feet. "I'm afraid I've pricked myself, unintentionally infecting several others, but now, thanks to you, I might be able to rid myself of these naughty urges. But first, I need to fuck. It can either be you or one of those men in the hall. And please be quick with your decision, it needs to happen now."

"Yes," Lara had barely finished her sentence before Stanley muttered his answer.

Lara smirked, "I thought you'd say that. Now stand up," Lara said and Stanley immediately jumped to his feet. She slowly unbuttoned his crisp, white shirt and pulled it off of his arms before unfastening his pants and belt. She knelt down and remove his shoes and socks before tugging down his slacks and tighty-whities, freeing his hard cock. She licked her lips and purred, "You can do anything you want to me."

In a flash Stanley shoved his throbbing prick into Lara's wet mouth, his balls dangling on her chin. He gripped the sides of her head and began thrusting himself in and out, his cum filled sack banging against her chin as he fucked her sexy face. He looked down at her as his aching cock slid back and forth across her stretched lips; she didn't move, she just knelt there with her hands in her lap as his balls swung against her chin, her only movement was her tongue against the bottom of his shaft as he worked himself in and out of her mouth and she stared up at him. Her passive cock sucking was turning him on more and more and was too much for him to last as he buried himself in her mouth and erupted, spilling his hot cum down her throat. As he finished relieving himself he groaned and collapsed back into the chair, his softening cock pulling out of her mouth with a pop.

Lara smiled like a contented cat as Stanley's warm cum filled her belly. "What do you want to do to me next?" she purred.

Stanley huffed in his chair as she stared at the beautiful adventurer kneeling in front of him. "I'm ah... I'm gonna need a couple of minutes," he panted.

"Sorry, sweetie," Lara said as she scooted in between Stanley's legs. "I'm afraid I don't have all night." She bent forward and wrapped her large tits around his spent cock, holding her tits together and began titty fucking the nerdy scientist. The saliva on his soft cock and the moisture glistening on her skin made it easy to slide her silky skin around the soft prick and she could feel it start to harden. She looked up at Stanley who was staring wide-eyed at her tan chest. "Care to lend a hand, luv?" she asked with a wink.

Stanley reached forward with nervously shaking hands and gripped Lara's large tits, the flesh soft but still firm and somewhat spongy. They were the most perfect tits he had ever seen, in real life or porn. He began bucking his hips up, fucking the large tits as he squeezed them together, unable to believe how wonderful they felt gliding along the sides of his shaft. "Ohhh Goddd..." he murmured as he thrust up faster and faster. "Oh fuuuccck meee..." he groaned.

"Your wish is my command," Lara said as she pulled her massive tits from Stanley's grasp. She stood up and straddled his lap, reaching down to grab the base of his cock as she lowered herself down. "Mmmm," she moaned low in the back of her throat as she slowly impaled herself on the hard prick. "So gooood," she murmured as she took the cock inside of her hungry pussy before looking down at Stanley's shocked face.

Stanley's eyes locked onto Lara's large, swaying tits as they jiggled around barely an inch from his face. His arms dangled limply at his sides as he sat stunned with Lara's tight, wet, hot cunt wrapped around his throbbing cock. He licked his lips but couldn't move otherwise.

Lara smirked as she grabbed Stanley's wrists and placed his hands on her tight ass-cheeks. "You're going to need something to hold onto, luv," she said before she released his wrists and wrapped her arms around his head, pulling him to his chest. She began rolling her wide hips slowly around, filling her hungry pussy with the scientist's hard cock as she dragged her sizzling clit against his groin. As her newest conquest began nursing at her heavenly chest his hands began squeezing and kneading her tight ass and she began quickening her pace. Sweat began to slide down her sexy body as she fucked the scientist harder and faster, making the chair creak and groan beneath them.

Stanley was completely enveloped by Lara's tan, luscious body. Her large tits covered his face, her arms surrounded his neck and shoulders, her toned thighs circled around his hips and back and her tight cunt gripped him like a velvet fist. He let her ride his cock for all she was worth, content to simply set there and enjoy the feel of her unbelievable body. And her heavenly body worked itself faster and faster against him until he finally lost control. He gripped her ass hard enough to leave bruises, yelled in pleasure into the valley of her cleavage and came, his cock shooting it's thick load into her hungry cunt.

Lara had been fighting off her orgasm, trying for some bit of personal control over her body as she blew Stanley and gave him a tit-ride but as his first shot of cum splashed inside of her her aching cunt she surrendered to her body's need and came. She threw her head back as her tight cunt rippled around his cock, milking him of his cum and her juices coated his lap and soaked into the chair. "Yesss..." she screamed as her orgasm tore through her like a storm, her sexy body thrashing and spasming on her newest slave's lap. As her orgasm slowly began to subside she collapsed against him for a moment before sliding bonelessly off of his lap into a heap at his feet. She used her knees to pull herself up into a sitting position and looked him in the eye, a dopey grin of satisfaction spreading across her face. "Well, first part is over with," she said with a chuckle.

"Uh, yes, mum?" Stanley said through a fog of confusion.

"Heh," Lara chuckled as she got up on her knees and kissed him roughly, pricking his bottom lip with her teeth and mixing their blood. She broke the kiss and made her way to a nearby couch, collapsing naked into it and catching her breath as she stared at the clock.

It was the longest 20 minutes of Lara's life as she lounged naked on the couch and she continued staring at the clock. Slowly the clock counted down the minutes until finally it reached her deadline and she smiled in triumph as no new wave of lust washed over her. "Finally," she whispered to herself.

To be continued...


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