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Tomb Raider: The Braid Of Aphrodite Part 4
by Muhabba

It had taken her a few weeks but Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider, had finally worked out a day to day schedual for her and her lovers. After mixing her blood with each of her new sexual partners she no longer had the overwhelming sexual urge to fuck the closest person to her, but she still had to service each one. At least until her last lover, Stanley, found a cure.

Her days usually started around 6:00 AM to wish Director Cumberbatch a good morning before work. She had moved him in last week since he had no family near-by and lived by himself in his large home. She would meet him in the dining room as he finished his breakfast, drank his coffee and read his paper.

Lara had changed her sleeping habits since moving her new daddy in with her, so as better to appeal to their fantasy. Now she usually wore a threadbare, comfortable T-shirt, no panties, ankle socks and her hair done up in pig tails. In the mornings she quickly brushed her teeth and walked down stairs, not bothering to straighten herself up. When she met the Director her hair was mussed, her eyes still puffy and bleary, no make-up, holding a teddy bear, and not wearing panties under her old T-shirt that barely covered her ass and was nearly transparent enough to see her hard nipples. "G'morning daddy" she said as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes with one hand and held her teddy bear with the other.

"Good morning, my dear," Cumberbatch said as he put his coffee down and scooted his chair out a little to give Lara extra room for access. He folded his newspaper down so he could watch his new daughter walk up to him, her unbelievable body barely concealed by one of his old shirts and he felt a throb in his pants. "Give me a kiss, luv," he said in a warm, glowing voice.

"Muwa," Lara said as she gave the Director a quick peck on the lips and he did the same to her. "And Mr. Bear," she said in a child's sing-song voice as he chuckled and she poked him in the cheek with the nose of the bear. He spread his knees apart and she quickly assumed her place between his legs before reaching up to unfasten his pants while he went back to his newspaper and coffee. Her hand delicately brought his prick from out of his pants and she licked her lips appreciatively seeing that it was already simi-hard. "And, I think, bigger," she thought as she softly worked her hand up and down the shaft. "I'll have to ask Stanley on possible physical side-effects."

As Cumberbatch's cock hardened Lara lightly ran her tongue over the tip, enjoying the salty flavor. He continued to be engrossed in his coffee and newspaper as she circled the tip with her tongue and lightly down his hard shaft. Fully hard she sucked the prick into her warm and wet mouth, running her tongue along the length as she bobbed her head up and down about half way along his shaft before releasing it from her talented mouth. She kissed down the big vein along the bottom of his prick to his now regularly groomed ball sack. She kissed each hard orb before sucking one into her mouth and bathing it with her warm tongue and then switching to the other. When his entire sack was shiny with her saliva she kissed back up the length of him and took the spongy tip back between her plump lips.

Above Lara, Director Cumberbatch sipped at his coffee as he read about the stock market and was serviced by his new daughter. He hummed happily to himself as she worked his cock with more talent than anyone before her in his life. It was indeed a special daughter that sucked her daddy's cock for him while he finished his morning meal. He placed the coffee down and affectionately patted Lara's head and muttered, "Good girl," before turning the page and picking his coffee back up.

Lara enjoyed the fact that her new daddy appreciated her work for him and began bobbing her head up and down more, swallowing his entire cock each time while she hugged her teddy bear to her jiggling chest.

Director Cumberbatch laid down his paper and coffee to finally looked down at Lara sucking his cock. He cupped her beautiful face and drew her attention up to him. "I'm afraid I must be off to the office, luv," he said warmly. "So if you could finish up, that'd be lovely."

Lara tried to smile around the cock in her mouth as the Director gripped her pig tails lightly and she winked up at him. After getting him hard she never used her hands for her daddy's morning blow-jobs, completely confident that her skilled mouth and tongue were more than enough to satisfy any man. She quickly swallowed the entire length until the entire prick was partially buried in her throat. She worked her throat against the shaft, rippling against it as she rubbed her pink tongue back and forth against the bottom. She quickly pulled her head back up, took a quick breathe through her nose, and she quickly swallowed the shaft again. Over and over again she swallowed the Director's hard cock, deep throating him repeatedly until she could tell by the grip he had on her pig tails that he was about to cum.

"Oh Lara, yes!" Cumberbatch shouted as he erupted deep into Lara's hungry mouth. He could feel her mouth and throat working to swallowing each shot of cum as he came inside of her and thrust his hips up. As his last shot of cum was quickly swallowed he collapsed in his chair and dabbed the sweat from his bald head. "Oh dear, Lara. Good show, good show," he gasped as Lara tucked his softening cock pack into his pants.

Lara smiled with pride as she got up and grabbed a glass of water. "Thank you, daddy," she said as she swished the water around in her mouth, working the taste of her daddy's cum out of her mouth before swallowing. "I hope you have a good day at work."

Cumberbatch reached around Lara, gripping her naked, firm ass in one hand as he used his other hand to draw her head down closer to him. "You to, luv," he answered as he gave Lara a quick peck on the corner of her mouth and squeezed the taunt flesh of her ass with the other.

After Cumberbatch had left Lara had a few hours to shower and work on her business affairs. Currently she was directing the dig at the temple of Aphrodite, trying to find a cure as quickly as possible. Since it would be nearly impossible to take her lovers with her into the jungle she had to direct the dig from her phone which was a task to test Hercules, surely.

She slammed the phone down in frustration and took a deep breath to steady her nerves before the alarm on her wristwatch went off. "Well, this will be one way to work out some frustration," she thought as she got up from her chair and got ready for her next lover.

When David arrived he let himself in with the security codes Lara had given him and made his way up to her bedroom. Becoming her sex slave was the best thing that had ever happened to him; he was hitting the gym more and losing his gut, he had finally taken off his old Harvard ring signifying he was leaving the past behind him and no longer obsessing about the past, and had even started to get control of his temper as Lara had been helping him to work out some old frustrations.

David reached Lara's bedroom and let himself inside, stopping dead in his track as he looked inside. Lara had installed a clamp to her ceiling and a long rope lead down to her, the end wrapped around her wrists and held her arms straight up. She was dressed in a cheerleader costume that had to be at least 2 sizes to small for her and the sight of her had his dick rock hard instantly. She wore a pair of low top converse shoes over bobby socks, a skirt that barely covered her groin, a pair of panties that left the bottoms of her ass-cheeks exposed, and to top it off a Harvard school shirt that was pulled snug across her giant tits and clearly showed that she wasn't wearing a bra. She wore very little make-up and had her long hair pulled back into twin pony tails.

Lara looked over at David, "Please, please David. I'm so sorry for being a struck up cock tease. Please don't do anything to me," she pleaded as she arched her back, thrusting out her tight ass and swaying tits.

It took David a moment to get over the shock at the site before him. "You bitch!" he shouted as he remembered their role playing. "You lying little, stuck up bitch!" He stormed his way into the room and stood facing Lara, his face scowling at his captive. "You think you're to good for me?" he growled as he reached up and squeezed her tits hard. "You shake these in my face all day a and laugh when I get a hard-on?" He twisted her tits lightly, her volumeous orbs squeezing out between his fingers. He began kneading her mountainous breasts like dough, causing her to wince in pain. "You shake your tits and don't think a guy is gonna just reach out and grab 'em!"

"I'm... I'm sorry..." Lara squeaked. Her nipples were sizzling and her achy pussy throbbed at her rough treatment.

David released Lara's tits and reached up to the neck of her tiny T-shirt. With a yank he ripped it open, exposing her golden orbs. "I'll show you what happens to girls that tease and tease and tease," he mumbled as he latched onto her warm, silky breasts with his lips, devouring the large tits, milking them roughly with his mouth and hands.

"Oh God! Oh God!" Lara shouted out as she suddenly came. "Every time. He doe's it to me every time," she thought as her orgasm subsided. For years she'd almost reverently tease orgasms from herself with her breasts, but David could cause her to cum in minutes with his brutish treatment.

"Did you fucking cum?" David laughed as he released Lara's sensitive breasts. "You fucking slut," he sneered as he suddenly thrust his fingers into Lara's soaked panties. "You did cum, you fuckin' slut," he growled as he shove a thick finger into her tight, wet pussy.

"Aaaahhh..." Lara groaned as her hot cunt was violated. Her long legs trembled as David shoved his finger in and out of her horny body and she groaned again as he added a second finger.

David licked Lara's neck before thrusting his tongue into her gasping mouth. When he broke the rough kiss he growled at her, "You wanna cum, slut? Want the poor hillbilly to make you cum?"

"Yes. Yes, please!" Lara gasped as she bucked her hips up to meet David's thrusts. Suddenly she screamed out in despair as David unexpectedly slid his fingers out of her, "Nooo..."

David licked Lara's juices from his finger as he peered menacingly at her. "Don't worry, bitch. I'm gonna give it to you good," he said as he gripped her panties and yanked, ripping the skimpy material and leaving her pussy and ass completely exposed.

Lara pleaded with David as he got down on his knees in front of her, "Please, be gentle."

David chuckled as he licked his lips and stared at Lara's bare cunt. "Shaved clean, huh? You really are a slut," he said as he yanked one of her long, tan legs over his shoulder and gripped her tight ass. He quickly drove his tongue into her wet pussy, attacking her horny hole with his mouth.

"Oh Fuck!" Lara shrieked as David's tongue invaded her horny pussy. She immediately began thrusting her hips up, humping his face as he hungerly devoured her pussy. "You're a fucking animal," Lara gasped as he ripped another orgasm from her. His tongue plunged into her tight hole, licking in and out of her as he drank her flowing juices. She moaned and panted erotically, her large tits jiggling with each panting breath, and as good as his tongue was she wanted more, she wanted his dick. "Please... please, David. Fuck... fuck me. Please fuck me," she whined.

David released his hold on Lara's muscular ass and pushed her away as he stood up and began unfastening his pants. "Oh, trust me, bitch. You're gonna get fucked, all right," he said as he watched her sway helplessly back and forth. He gripped her hips to stop her from swinging and spun her around so that she was facing away from him and yanked up her skirt. He slapped her ass and was amazed by how little the soft flesh moved. "You're gonna get fucked good," he growled as he lined up his prick to her drooling cunt and quickly thrust himself inside of her, burying himself completely.

"Oh, Fuck!" Lara screamed as David's cock filled her cunt and she came. He began fucking her short, fast and deep, causing her entire body to jiggle with each hard thrust. She could barely gasp for air as she was angerly fucked, all she could do was grunt and pant with each thrust as she hung helplessly from the ceiling. As her orgasm subsided and she caught her breath David released one of her hips and reached around her jiggling body to between her long legs. He gripped her hot cunt and thumbed her hard clit, causing her to scream out as she came again. "Oh Goddd..." she yelled as her orgasm rolled over her like a avalanche. Sweat rolled down her body causing her exposed skin to gleam in the afternoon light. Every since the first time she'd properly fucked David she'd quickly learned that the angrier he was the better he fucked and she smiled to herself at having found such a treasure.

"Take it you fucking whore. Take it," David muttered as he pummeled Lara's tight pussy with his cock. He could feel his balls drawing up tight as he was about to cum and wanted to do one last thing before work. Releasing Lara's cunt mound he firmly gripped her hips and pulled his cock from her tight, clenching hole and lined it up with her tiny asshole.

"No, David! Not there!" Lara pleaded, unable to keep a wicked smile off of her face.

David began slowly pushing his throbbing cock into Lara's tightest hole. "Little sluts like it up the ass," he grunted. He kept the pressure going, never letting up as he fought for every inch into her ass that he could. He could hear the sexy adventurer groaning deep in her chest as he slowly filled her tight ass. Inch after thick inch of his cock slid into her ass as sweat rolled down his face and body, dripping onto Lara's flushed skin as he grunted and refused to yield until he finally planted himself balls deep inside of her body.

"Fuuuckkk..." Lara groaned as David ground his groin against her muscular ass. She could feel every vein of his cock as it throbbed inside of her and she smiled even wider, enjoying the pressure his thick shaft was causing her.

"Ya like that, slut?" David asked as she slapped Lara's muscular ass-cheeks. "Ya like the feel of a cock buried in your ass?"

Lara could only moan as she thrust her ass up against David's groin.

"Fucking slut, tease," David growled as he began slowly fucking Lara's ass. As he slowly picked up speed he reached up her body to her chest and gripped her large tits, squeezing the sensitive flesh and using them to pull her body up and down to meet his thrusts. Eventually he finally picked up speed, attacking her ass with his cock as their bodies made wet, slapping sounds with each thrust. Pile-driving repeatedly into her ass he whispered into her ear, "Cum for me, bitch. I'm gonna make you cum with my prick up your ass." He squeezed hard on her large tits, twisting the fleshy orbs as he ran his rough palms across her hard nipples and thrust his hips hard, impaling her on his cock.

Fireworks exploded in Lara's brain as she came, her entire body clenched to the point she couldn't breath, the only sound she could make was a short, "Epp," as her muscles locked. Liquid fire seemed to course through her veins as she felt David fill her ass with his thick cum. In an instant her body collapsed, every muscle in her body suddenly relaxing and the only thing keeping her from falling tot he ground was her bound wrists.

"Heh," David chuckled as he pulled his softening cock out of Lara's well fucked ass. He untied her wrists and lowered her to the ground and presented his soft, dripping cock to her. "Lick me clean," he ordered and smiled as she obediently complied. "Mmmm, good girl," he moaned.

After Lara had licked his cock and balls clean he tucked himself back into his pants and then lifted her into his arms. He carried her gently to her bed and laid her down before heading into her private bath. He prepared her bath for her and then laid out her clothes, making sure everything was just right before heading back into the bedroom. "Can you walk yet?" he asked as he knelt next to her.

A dumb grin crossed Lara's face. "I don't think so, luv. You'll just have to carry me," she said as she affectionately caressed David's face.

"Work, work, work," Dennis muttered as he smiled and picked Lara up into his arms again.

"It was your good work that left my legs shaking to much to walk, mate," Lara grinned.

"Never let it be said I never saw to my lady's needs," David said as he sat Lara down, stripped off her tattered and sticky clothes before placing her into the warm water of the bath.

"Mmmm..." Lara moaned. "David, this is perfect. Now you better get to work."

"Are you sure you wouldn't prefer me to join you?" David asked as she stared at Lara's body, naked beneath the warm water, the tips of her breasts just barely breaking the surface.

Lara smiled languidly. "I'd like nothing more but I don't want to be the reason you're late," she said. "I'll see you tomorrow, luv."

"As my lady wishes," David said with a grin and a bow causing Lara to chuckle as he left.

Lara finished her bath and dried off before getting dressed. Her out fit was a sexier version of her adventuring clothes and required a bit of extra work to get into. Her top was the same color as her regular top but instead of her regular Tank-top this top had thin spaghetti straps over her shoulders that criss-crossed over her back. It was modified with a quarter cup push-up bra that lifted her breasts up nearly over the top of her low neckline and did nothing to pad her nipples, giving the illusion that she wasn't wearing a bra at all. The top came down to hug her chest just below her midriff, revealing her toned, smooth abdomen. Her shorts came up just a few inches above her grown and ended just below her taunt ass, barely covering her more than a pair of men's briefs. Luckily she got to wear her regular boots so she was at least comfortable walking as she made her way downstairs, putting her hair up in it's usual French braid.

Grabbing a long overcoat on her way out of her mansion Lara covered her mostly nude body as she made her way inside of her garage and mounted her favorite motorcycle. She sped out of her garage and opened the throttle when she hit the road, blasting the engine until she hit the busy London streets. The vibrations from the motorcycle sent delicious shivers through her voluptuous body but it had nothing to do with her problem, it was why she bought the motorcycle in the first place.

Making her way to the museum Lara parked in the back and made her way into the employee's entrance and then downstairs to the labs. Throwing off her overcoat to expose her luscious body she strutted into Stanley's lab to let herself by ogled by his co-workers. She stood in the doorway, letting all eyes fall on her and smirked slightly as she felt their gaze crawl over her. She sauntered into the middle of lab, putting a extra swish into every step to show off her barely covered ass and also causing her barely contained tits to sway underneath her tight top. "Oh, Stanley dear," she cooed as she waved, causing her tan, fleshy cleavage to wobble.

Stanley turned around and let his gaze crawl over Lara's barely contained body and felt his dick lurch and harden in his pants. He looked around the room to see all eyes were on Lara's body and also flirting over to him to stare daggers at him. "Oh, Lara. So glad you could make our lunch date," he said as he walked up and embraced her, her large breasts pressed against his chest, her groin pressed against his as his arms wrapped around him. He kissed her deeply and passionately, lingering at her lips to make sure everybody in the lab knew that they were a serious couple.

Lara broke the kiss and whispered into Stanley's ear, "This is getting bloody ridiculous, Stanley." She licked his earlobe before breaking the embrace and strutting out of the lab, feeling everybody's eyes crawling across her muscular rear end.

Stanley quickly followed Lara, grinning like a loon the whole time as they made their way to a empty storage room that they had found to give them some privacy for their daily fuck sessions. Lara held the door open as she waited patiently for Stanley to catch up and then closed the door behind them.

"O.k. Stanley. This is getting out of control. This is the last time," Lara said as she pulled a pair of knee pads from the pocket of her overcoat and began tugging them on.

Stanley began unfastening his pants as he watched Lara's heavenly tits jiggle around as she got her knee pads on. "But Lara, I love you," he whined.

Lara adjusted her knee pads one last time before straightening back up to glare at Stanley. "You don't love me, Stanley. And I don't love you, we're just chemically dependent on each other. Everybody else realizes this, except for maybe Alex," she said as she pulled her top off and revealed her swinging tits and rock hard nipples.

Stanley licked his lips as he dropped his pants around his ankles and stared at Lara's impressive chest. With as often as he'd seen those glorious mounds recently, they still took his breath away. "Well, it feels like love," he said defensively as he waddled over to her, his hard prick bobbing up and down.

"Well, it's not," Lara said just as defensively as she got down on her knees, protected from the cold floor by her knee pads. "And as my sex slave I order you not to be in love with me."

"Fine," Stanley muttered as he reached Lara, his prick barely and inch from her beautiful face.

"And you're going to keep looking for a cure," Lara ordered as she raised her hand up and began tugging on Stanley's dick.

"Yes, ma'am," Stanley responded in defeat as Lara began fisting his cock. He moaned in pleasure as she used her other hand to firmly massage his balls as she bent forward, licking the pre-cum from the tip of his prick. She circled his cock head with her tongue, causing him to shiver as she took the first couple of inches of him into her warm mouth. She slowly worked her head back and forth, sucking him deep into her warm mouth. She slowly worked the head back and forth, sucking him deeper into her mouth with each bob. She used her tongue underneath and along the side of his shaft as he reached towards her, gripping the sides of her head. He slowly began rocking her hips back and forth, fucking her face, driving himself in and out faster and faster, his balls smacking wetly against her chin.

Lara pulled her head back and let Stanley's spit wet cock fall from her mouth. She looked up at his face from underneath his cock. "Good boy. Now fuck my tits."

"Yes, ma'am," Stanley said as Lara bent up straighter and he placed his cock into the tan valley of her large breasts. He wrapped the soft, warm, silky, fleshy orbs around his prick and his entire body shuddered in pleasure. He had to concentrate to keep himself from cumming and he closed his eyes and thought of anything other than her sexy tits wrapped around his pole.

Lara smirked to herself. As often as the skinny little scientist had free access to her tits he never got tired of them. "Fuck my tits, Stanley. Let's go, I've got stuff to do," she ordered.

Stanley took a deep breath to steady himself. "Yes, ma'am," he said as he opened her eyes and stared down at Lara's tits in his hands as he wrapped them around his cock. Once again he began to rock his hips back and forth, fucking the most glorious tits he had ever seen or ever would see. The feeling of her warm, silky flesh wrapped around his pole was the greatest thing he had ever felt and he dreamed of it every night.

Lara moaned as Stanley began more firmly fucking her tits. The way he stared reverently at her breasts always sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine, but whenever he handled them her body positively throbbed in pleasure. She began panting as her body sizzled and currents of neon pleasure coursed through her nerves. Her greedy pussy ached with wet need as he began squeezing her tits more firmly and thrust his hard prick into her cleavage faster and faster. "Do it, Stanley. Fuck my tits. I love it when you fuck my tits. Your cock feels so good between my tits, Stanley," she gasped.

"Oh God, Lara," Stanley panted. "Your tits feel so good." His hips moved faster and faster as he squeezed Lara's fabulous breasts harder and more firmly. "Oh, God. I'm... I"m... gonna... I'm going to... cum!"

The tip of Stanley's cock poked out from the top of Lara's cleavage as he shot his load, raining his cum down on her sexy face and bronze tits. "Yes, Stanley! Yes, yes!" she gasped out as her hot cunt convulsed as she came, soaking her panties with her hot juices.

As the last drop of warm semen shot out of his dick Stanley stumbled backwards, dribbling his seed onto the floor as he moaned in pleasure. He stared at Lara's tan body covered in his white cum, burning the image into his brain. As far as he was concerned there would never be a sexier sight.

"Mmmm... good boy," Lara moaned. She daintily began wiping up Stanley's cum with her fingertips and then licking up the white dew. When all the cum had been swallowed and her tits and face gleamed with her saliva she grinned warmly. She playfully slapped her thighs before standing up, her large breasts swaying back and forth. "Wanna grab me a towel," she said to Stanley as she began unfastening her tight, short shorts.

"Yes, ma'am," Stanley said dejectedly as he pulled up and fastened his pants. He grabbed a towel from a stack and walked back over to Lara. He had no idea how she couldn't feel the same about him as he did for her but he was compelled by her orders to get her a towel to cover herself up and for him to look for a cure. He handed her the towel and she held onto his shoulder with one hand for balance as she kicked off her shorts and peeled her sodden panties down her long legs with the other.

Lara grabbed the towel and muttered, "I have no idea why I even wear panties any more," as she began to clean herself. After drying herself off she pulled her shorts back on and shoved the cum stained panties in her overcoat pocket. "Good boy," she said as she gave Stanley a quick peck on his cheek. "Tomorrow I'm wearing regular clothes and I'm not posing for your friends in the lab."

"Yes, ma'am," Stanley said as he stared at his feet and shoved his hands into his pockets.

Lara threw her overcoat on, covering her sexy body, and left. "Don't forget to keep looking for a cure," she called out from over her shoulder as he exited the storeroom.

Stanley sighed, "Yes, ma'am," as the door closed behind Lara. It was fantastic being her sex slave, who wouldn't want that, but her order to find a cure is what really bothered him. He loved her. And he was lucky she hadn't asked him if he had found the cure because then he would be forced to tell her that he'd found it 3 days ago.

Lara sped back to her mansion and cleaned up in her bathroom with enough time left for a quick exercise routine. The need for sex dominated her life and she certainly gave each encounter her physical best, (especially with David) but it wasn't a replacement for a full work out. After her workout she had enough time to get cleaned up for her next appointment and pick out some clothes for the part.

The ring of the doorbell caught Lara's attention as she studied up on the Braid Of Aphrodite. She answered the door on the second ring and was greeted by Alex and his father. Both were dressed smartly as Alex's father worked at the same Boy's School that Alex attended. Each one was dressed in a sports coat, blazer button up shirt and penny loafers but where Alex's father wore full pants Alex wore shorts that came just above his knobby knees. Lara was dressed just as conservatively with low heeled black pumps, flesh colored thigh high stockings, a tweed skirt that came down to her calves, a crisp white button up blouse and her hair was done up in a loose bun. To complete her look she wore a pair of black, square rimmed glasses. "So good to see you again," she said as she ushered them in.

Lara had her kitchen staff prepare Alex's father a light snack in the den while she took Alex to her private study. She'd arranged with Alex's family for her to tutor him in history and his family was so stunned that the Lady Lara Croft had taken an interest in their son that they'd readily agreed. There had even been a remarkable improvement in all of the young boy's grades and everybody was just praising Lara for all of it, and sometimes Lara felt a wee bit guilty because of the praise. But Alex was as much of a victim as her and until a cure could be found they would just have to soldier through.

In her study Alex sat at a chair and small desk while Lara sat on a stool a few feet from him. She crossed her long legs and smiled warmly at the boy. "O.k. Alex. Quiz time."

"Yes, mum," Alex said, smiling confidently.

"When was the reign of Julius Caesar?" Lara asked.

"October 49 BC to 15 March 44 BC," Alex answered quickly.

Lara undid the first two buttons of her top, opening the material to show her slender neck. "Very good, Alex. What is the square root of 100?"

"10, mum," Alex said with pride.

Lara undid the next 2 buttons, showing the hollow of her neck and the top of her collar bones. "Very good, Alex. Now what was the name of the first American President and how long did he serve?" she asked as she smiled coyly.

Alex beamed at his sexy tutor as he answered, "George Washington, April 30th, 1789 to March 4th, 1797."

Lara undid the next two buttons and parted her shirt to show the first hint of her tan cleavage. "Mmmm..." she purred. "Very good. Let's see. Um, what does E=MC2 stand for?"

Lara had barely finished her question before Alex answered, "Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared."

"Very good, Alex," Lara cooed as she undid two more buttons to show more of her deep cleavage to her young student. "How much is a Metric Tonne?"

Alex took a quick moment to think before blurting out, "1,000 Kg!"

"Yes it is, Alex," Lara purred, unbuttoning two more buttons and opening her blouse a bit more to show the boy that she wasn't wearing a bra. "And what year was the Queen born?"

Alex took a moment to lick his lips hungerly at the sight of Lara's tan cleavage before answering, "1926, mum."

Lara's now wet pussy throbbed every time Alex called her "mum," as she undid two more buttons and spread her blouse open even more, almost to the point of nearly exposing her hard nipples.

Alex's eyes grew wide as he stared at Lara's tan cleavage and he was sure he could see a hint of the areola of each breast. His attention was brought back as Lara cleared her throat.

"Ahem. As I was saying, when was Winston Churchill elected to office?" Lara asked.

"Oh, um... 1940!" Alex exclaimed before sheepishly adding, "Mum."

Lara smiled mischievously as she unfastened the last two buttons before her blouse was met by her skirt. "And when did Germany surrender, ending World War 2?"

Alex's throat was dry as he watched Lara toy with her open blouse. She seemed to know just when she was about to reveal her nipples and always came just short of revealing them. "Ni... 19... 1945... mum," he finally choked out.

Lara smiled wide and then used her fingertips to slowly pull her blouse open, revealing her large, bronze tits to the young man. She left her blouse covering her shoulders and arms so that her open blouse showcased her mountainous breasts as she arched her back and thrust her chest out. "Very good, Alex," she said as she slowly stood up. "Very, very good, Alex," she said breathlessly as she strutted to the side of her desk. "So very, very good, Alex," she said softly as she slowly untucked her blouse, her large tits swinging side to side, and then let it slide down her arms to land on the floor. She licked her full lips as she stared lustfully at Alex, "Oh, so very, very good, Alex," she said as she unzipped one side of her tweed skirt, baring one of her tan hips. "Oh, you're so very, very good, Alex," she said as she unzipped the other side of her skirt. "Oh, you're so very, very good, my little lover Alex," she finished as she let the skirt fall to the floor, showing her student that she was wearing only her stockings.

Lara was standing barely a foot from Alex, looming over him and his eyes were torn between looking at her beautiful face, her heaving chest or her glistening vagina. A small choking sound escaped from his mouth.

Lara bent at the waist, her tits swinging in Alex's face as she quickly unfastened his pants and yanked them down his skinny legs, his small cock exposed and pointing straight up from his now naked lap. "And now it's time for your reward," she said, beaming down at the young man as she straddled his lap. He stroked her stockinged thighs as she delicately grasped his hard prick. As she slowly lowered herself down his hand slid up her body from her firm thighs to her wide hips.

A soft moan of lust escaped from both Lara's and Alex's lips as his sensitive cock-head touched her wet pussy lips. Her labia parted as she continued lowering herself onto his prick and her hungry pussy swallowed his hard cock. His hands continued sliding up her body past her small waist to her heavenly chest and firm tits. They both hissed in pleasure as she sat on his lap, his hard dick buried inside her hot, churning cunt. "Good students get rewarded," she whispered in his ear as she wrapped her arms around his head, bringing him to her chest. His lips and tongue immediately began exploring the silky flesh of her heaving tits, her massive expanse of cleavage nearly swallowing his head whole as she began rolling her hips, fucking the young boy.

Lara could hear Alex moaning and groaning, trapped in her cleavage, his voice muffled by her volumeous breasts as her moans joined his. She slowly rocked her hips back and forth, raising herself up and back down, riding his pole as he nursed at her tits. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, thrusting her tits forward as she arched her back, never losing her rhythm. She softly and slowly worked her body against his, his hands, lips and tongue never stopping from exploring her tits, her skin gleaming with his warm saliva. She looked down at the top of his head and smiled as she felt her orgasm start to build.

Pulling Alex's sucking mouth away from her chest Lara bent down and kissed him, her tongue exploring his mouth as his hand slid down her sweat slick body to cup her tight ass. Alex kissed her back just as passionately as she felt her orgasm rise up like a wave and wash through her like a burst dam. She moaned her pleasure into Alex's mouth as her hungry pussy clamped down on he prick, triggering his own orgasm and she could feel his warm cum filling her.

They kept kissing until their orgasms subsided and Lara could feel Alex's prick become soft. She finally broke the kiss and ruffled his hair and smiled down at him as she spoke to him, "Good by, Alex. Good, good boy." She raised herself up off of his lap, his soft prick sliding out of her sated pussy and their mixed cum slid down the insides of her tan thighs and staining her stockings. She grabbed some towels from the desk, they seldom used it for any actual study, and cleaned them both up before they got dressed.

They met Alex's father in the den and he congratulated Alex on getting a 100% on Lara's pop quiz as Lara saw them out. She closed the door behind them and then sauntered up to her room, a satisfied grin on her face. She had to admit that Alex was her favorite lover, so eager to please, even though she enjoyed all of her lovers. She wondered if she'd still feel that way after Stanley found a cure. She entered her bedroom and flung off her clothes and chose a new outfit for her next encounter. She dressed casually in sneakers, jeans and a spaghetti strap tank top with a gauzy blouse unbuttoned over the top. She decide on a pair of men's boxer briefs and a sports bra, preferring comfort to style when she visited her next batch of lovers.

Lara hopped into her jeep and made her way to Fraternity Row set in a small neighborhood right outside of London. She parked in the street just as the sun was setting and used her own key, given to her by Fred and Norvell, and entered the weekly keg party where she was the guest of honor tonight.

The party was already in full swing; the lights were low, the stereo was loud, the strobe lights pulsed in time with the beat of the music and the booze flowed freely. In no time Lara had a plastic cup full of cheap beer and a spot in the living room to dance. She moved her body to the beat, bumping and grinding her body against whoever was closest to her. It seemed that everybody in the house took a turn to dance with her, pressing their bodies against her. She could feel the males pressing up against her pillowie breasts and rubbing their cocks against her ass and thighs. As the songs kept playing and her beer never emptied her dancing turned to simply making out and dry-humping one person after another in the middle of the room.

Lara was awash in a sea of hard, thrusting bodies. Hands flowed over her like water, touching her, caressing her, squeezing her tits, palming her ass cheeks, tugging at her clothes. Her nipples were rock hard and sizzled with excitement and her cunt pulsed with every thrust of someones' groin against her. Her smile never dimmed, she was the center of attention and felt positively ecstatic as all the young students worshiped her body.

Velma and Daphne joined her in the middle of the room and began dancing with Lara but their movements quickly turned to making out with each other. Lara was pretty sure they were the only girls in the house but she didn't care as Daphne kissed her deeply and Velma squeezed her ass. The boys surrounding them pressed in on them, their hands running over their bodies and Lara felt herself about to cum already.

Eventually Lara broke away to take a break but quickly found herself joined by one of the frat boys in the kitchen. She didn't know who he was and didn't care as he pressed himself against her and they began to kiss. His hand reached around her, cupping her ass and pressing her up to his groin as she leaned back against the refrigerator. She wrapped one of her long legs around him and he began dry humping her, pressing the length of his hard cock against her firm thigh. She whispered into his mouth as his hips sped up, fucking her except through their clothes. One of his hands held her thigh up while his other hand slid up beneath her top and sports bra, squeezing her firm tits and triggering her orgasm. She groaned into his mouth again and felt his hips freeze and knew he was cumming, spilling his sperm into his pants.

As their orgasms subsided they broke apart and chuckled before Lara gave him a peck on the cheek and whispered, "Thanks."

"Thank you," the frat boy said before untucking his shirt to hide the growing stain in the front of his pants.

"Let's head back to the party," Lara said as she grabbed the frat boy's hand. They walked back into the living room and found several tables set up with nearly everybody already sitting around them. She saw Daphne and Velma seated at two separate tables and Velma held up her hand to wave at Lara as she shouted, "We're playing strip poker!"

Lara rolled her eyes at the thought of playing such a adolescent game but let herself be seated at one of the tables. Once again she was given a plastic cup full of cheap beer as the cards were dealt. It didn't take long for her to lose and she kicked off her shoes and was told she also had to take a shot of their cheap whiskey as the cards were dealt again. She lost the next hand as well and took off her socks as well as having to chug her entire cup of beer. The cards were dealt again but this time she won and all the eager students quickly stripped off their shirts. Lara asked about them having to take their shots and was told that her winning hand didn't have the right cards for that. She looked around and noted a few drinks being sipped by the boys but she and the other two girls were drinking far more that everyone else. It hardly seemed fair to her but she was far to drunk to care.

The poker game continued and Lara won some and lost some and eventually found herself in just her boxer briefs and sports bra. Eventually she lost another hand and had to take off another article of clothing. She continued sitting as she slowly tugged up the bottom of her sports bra, giving the horny college students plenty of time to appreciate the firm, tan flesh of the undersides of her breasts. Inch after slow inch of golden tit was exposed from the bottom of her chest until just below her hard nipples, then with a sudden flourish she tugged the sports bra up and off, causing her large tits to pop out and jiggle on her chest. Everyone at the table grew quiet as her bronze orbs swayed on her chest, the looks on everyones' faces causing her to giggle.

The rest of the players were completely distracted by Lara's large tits and she won the next few hands until she was the only one wearing underwear. All the students had hard, fully erect cocks and Lara licked her lips hungerly as the bobbed and swayed in the students' laps, distracting her enough for her to lose the next hand. Everybody shouted in joy as she stood up and turned around, facing away from her table. She pulled her underwear down, just below her ass and thrust her backside out. She pulled slowly at the material, bending at the waist, presenting her muscular ass to the table with a slight peek of her pussy lips just below her taunt cheeks. Finally she peeled the briefs all the way down around her ankles and stood back up, turning around sot the table could see her bald, glistening slit.

It seemed that the whole room broke out in cheers at the naked Tomb Raider and she actually blushed a little at all the young mens' enthusiasm at seeing her naked. Some of the boys began clearing away the tables as Fred and Norville grabbed Lara's hands and led her to a couch. They all three sat down with Fred and Norville on either side of her and she noticed Daphne and Velma were left standing in the middle of the floor, also completely nude. "Now what's going on?" she asked as she stared at the two naked girls' bodies.

"They both played a extra hand at their tables," Fred said, stroking Lara's muscular thigh.

"And lost," Norville chuckled as he reached a arm around Lara's waist, his arm between her lower back and the couch with his hand resting on her hip.

"Ohhh..." Lara cooed as the two girls pressed their naked bodies together. Velma's larger, softer tits enveloped Daphne's smaller, firmer ones. Lara could tell how vigorish the girls' tongues were exploring each others' mouths and she licked her lips. Her hands were resting in Fred and Norville's laps and she traced her fingertips up to the tops of their thighs. She slowly encircled their hard pricks and began off-handedly jerking their cocks, barely paying attention to what she was doing as she watched the lesbian floor show. She was so engrossed she barely heard the hoots and cat calls coming from the Frat boys as the girls got down on their knees.

Velma laid down on her back, her head near Lara's feet as Daphne climbed on top of her. Daphne kissed Velma's lips and then began kissing down Velma's voluptuous body as Lara continued her double hand-jobs. All of her attention was on the sex-show and she barely noticed as Fred and Norville's hands began burrowing into her lap. As the boys' questing fingers fluttered over her wet pussy she closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as she opened her thighs to give them easier access.

When Lara opened her eyes again she saw that Daphne was now between Velma's legs, licking at her pussy. She couldn't see the details of what Daphne was doing but by the way Velma was squirming on the floor, she was hitting all the right spots. With Fred and Norville's fingers working at her pussy Lara began squirming on the couch, rolling her hips forward to give the boys easier access to her steamy pussy. Suddenly Fred stood up and blocked her view of the sex show.

Lara looked up at Fred's face as she continued working his cock with her hand. She grinned lustfully up at him as she used her hand to move him off to the side and Norville stood up on her other side. She swallowed half of Fred's cock and began bobbing her head back and forth as she looked back at Velma and Daphne. A frat boy was behind Daphne, pushing his hard cock into her wet cunt as another frat boy fed Velma his cock. Suddenly she was surrounded by a dozen hard pricks as she released Fred's dick and swallowed Norville's. All of the hard cocks began shoving and rubbing against her face and body, all looking for a empty inch of skin to enjoy. Lara broke into a fit of laughter at having her naked body humped by dozens of hard dicks. "Hold on, hold on, boys," she giggled as she waved the hard dicks away. "Cooks and soup, boys. Lets get organized here."

In just a few minutes, and after some quick instructions, Lara and the girls were ready to go. Three frat boys lay on the floor, just a few feet apart with their erections pointing straight up. All three girls straddled the boys hips, facing away from them in a reverse cowgirl, gripping the pricks at their bases and began lowering themselves down. As her frat boy's cock head touched her lubed anus Lara shivered and grinned in pleasure. She let gravity pull her down onto the stiff prick, letting it stretch and fill her tight ass as her's, Velma's and Daphne's moans filled the room.

As the cocks filled their asses Lara and the girl's took a moment to get used to the feel of them before reclining backwards, supported by the frat boys' helpful hands. The girls all spread their legs, giving the next three frat boys room between their thighs. At almost the same instant all three of the boys slid their hard cocks into all three womens' tight cunts, causing them all to moan in swollen lust.

The erotic moans filling the room acted like a starters pistol and Lara and the two girls were suddenly surrounded by hard, naked cocks as the frat boys buried their dicks int their cunts and asses and started fucking them vigorously. Their naked bodies shook and shuddered as they were fucked fast and deep. Lara lost track of the other girls as her vision became blocked by a wave of throbbing dicks. She reached up and grasped two random cocks and began jacking them off as s frat boy straddled her chest, wrapping her large tits around his shaft and began fucking the deep valley of her breasts. She leaned her head to one side and used her lips and tongue to latch on to the velvety cock head of another frat boy and started sucking, bobbing her head back and forth, licking the underside with her tongue before releasing it and latching on to another cock.

Lara lost track of how many cock she sucked and fucked, she seemed lost in a sea of young, virile, naked dick. The hard, throbbing poles just seemed to wash over and through her, covering her and filling her, leaving her panting, gasping for breath and covered in cum as the last frat boy shot his load over her gleaming tits and walked away. A dopey grin slid slowly over her face as she started to giggle, running her sticky hands lightly over her cum soaked body as she basked in post orgasmic bliss. She raised her arm up and tried to snap her fingers as she said, "Towel, boys," but her fingers were to sticky. She looked over at Velma and Daphne and saw the same dopey grin on their faces as a towel fluttered through the air and landed on her heaving chest.

Quickly cleaning her cum stained body Lara got dressed, kissed her four slaves good night and made her way home. Jumping in the shower she cleaned the last of the cum away and got ready for bed, tying her hair up in pig tails, putting on another, nearly transparent thread bare T-shirt, and grabbing her teddy bear. She pulled down her sheets and blankets and laid down just as she heard Director Cumberbatch shout from t he hall, "I'm home, Lara."

"In here, daddy," Lara responded just as the director appeared in the doorway. "How was your day?" she asked in a child's sing-song voice.

"Dreary and boring as usual," Director Cumberbatch said as he loosened his tie and began unbuttoning his shirt. "But I'm better now that I'm home. You ready for bed?" he asked, removing his jacket and sitting on the edge of the bed to take off his shoes.

"Tell me a bed time story?" Lara asked, in the sweetest little girl voice that she could.

Director Cumberbatch patted Lara's naked, tan thigh. "As soon as I get ready for bed," he said as he got up and headed for the private bath. After a few minutes he returned and sat on the bed, patting his new daughter's firm thigh. "What story would you like, sweetie?"

"Hansel and Gretel," Lara asked childishly as she snuggled up closer to the director.

"That seems to be your favorite," Director Cumberbatch said as he began stroking Lara's firm thigh. "Ahem. Once upon a time there lived a woodsman with two children named Hansel and Gretel. Their cabin was set deep in the woods which was just the way the daddy liked it. Now, parents aren't supposed to have a favorite child but his daddy's favorite was his beautiful daughter, Gretel. Evan at such a young age she was very beautiful with chestnut colored hair, dark eyes, pale skin, ruby red lips, small breasts, and a plump buttocks."

"Mmm..." Lara moaned lustfully as the director's hand slowly trailed up her thigh, drawing her T-shirt up.

"One day the daddy brought his children into the kitchen. First he said to his son, Hansel, 'Hansel, you are to take my rifle into the woods and bring us back a plump goose.' 'Yes, Father,' Hansel said and immediately went to retrieve his father's rifle. Addressing Gretel the daddy said, 'You, my daughter, shall stay with me so that I may show you the proper way to stuff a goose.' 'Yes, Father,' Gretel said and immediately scurried into the kitchen, her father's eyes locked onto her firm back side."

"Ohhh," Lara groaned as the director's hand slid up to her hip, drawing her T-shirt up to her waist, baring her naked pussy.

Director Cumberbatch licked his lips as he took a brief glance of Lara's cunt before continuing his story. "Hansel quickly left the cabin and the daddy joined Gretel in the kitchen. 'Before we stuff the goose we must first prepare it. Take off your clothes, my daughter,' the daddy said. The idea to cook naked appeared queer to Gretel but she was quick to comply, stripping herself completely nude, wanting to please her father. The daddy's eye took in her youthful beauty from her petit breasts, rosy nipples, and bald quim and he hungerly licked his lips."

"Such a good girl," Lara said as the director slowly slid his hand up and her from her naked hip to her thigh and back again.

"'First we will have bread,' the daddy said to his nude daughter,'" Professor Cumberbatch continued. "Gretel immediately got the flour and water and started to mix the dough. 'My daughter, I love you but you are as clumsy as your mother, bless her soul. You've gotten flour on you,' the daddy said. 'But that always happens, father,' Gretel responded. The daddy walked up behind Gretel and said, 'None the less a tidy kitchen means a happy home. I shall clean you.' His husband's tool pressed itself against Gretel's lower back as he reached around her and placed his hands on her tender chest. He began softly rubbing his daughter's small breasts and strumming her nipples to full hardness."

"Mmm..." Lara moaned as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs slightly. "Such a good daddy."

Director Cumberbatch began stroking Lara's flat stomach as he continued, "A small moan escaped from Gretel's scarlet lips. 'What are you doing, daddy?' she asked her father. 'Just keeping my baby girl clean,' the daddy responded as he pressed his husband's rod into his daughter's back. He slid his hands down from his daughter's slender chest to her small hips, holding her still as he rocked his throbbing manhood against her. 'I think, my dear, that it is time to show you the proper way to stuff a goose,' the daddy said. 'But father, I am not yet done with the bread,' Gretel said, looking up and over her shoulder at her father. The daddy stared lustfully into his daughter's wide eyes. 'There should be more than enough time for that later, I should think,' the daddy said as he scooped his naked daughter up into his strong arms and made his way to his bed."

Lara panted as Director Cumberbatch's hand trailed p and down her inner thighs, each caress getting closer and closer to her churning pussy. "Such a lucky, lucky girl."

"The daddy threw Gretel to his bed," Director Cumberbatch continued. "His eyes locked onto the sweet juncture of his daughter's thighs as he began loosening his breeches. 'Father? Whatever are you doing?' Gretel asked as her father's pants fell to the floor. He crawled up onto the bed between his daughter's coltish legs and whispered, 'I'm stuffing the goose.'" Director Cumberbatch placed his middle finger at the entrance to Lara's wet cunt. "With a mighty thrust he buried himself to the hilt inside of his daughter's quivering quim, ripping through her maidenhood," he said at the same moment that he plunged his finger into Lara's tight pussy. His middle finger was quickly joined by his ring finger and he stared a moderate pace as he finger fucked his new daughter.

Lara squealed in pleasure and moaned, "Yes, daddy. Yes."

Cumberbatch stared at Lara's body as he continued, "The daddy set up a quick pace, delving into his daughter's tight womanhood again and again. His daughter began muttering, 'Yes, daddy. Stuff my goose,' again and again as he worked himself deep into her. He felt her body shake underneath him and knew she had just drawn her first pleasure as he buried himself deep inside of her, unleashing his own seed into her clutching body."

"I'm... I'm going... going... to cum!" Lara gasped out. "Fuck me, daddy. Please fuck me."

Cumberbatch pulled his fingers out of Lara's steamy cunt as she pulled her T-shirt over her ample tits. He shrugged off his robe and pajama pants and crawled over Lara's phenomenal body, positioning his now throbbing cock-head at the entrance to her tight hole. With a now practiced ease he slid his dick into her wet, tight pussy while latching onto one of her tits with his sucking mouth. He grunted as he started fucking into her unbelievable body as she moaned underneath him and raised her hips up to meet his thrusts.

"Fuck me, daddy. Fuuuck meee..." Lara groaned as a orgasm slid through her. Her already tight cunt gripped at the director's cock, keeping it in place as she felt him cum and shoot his load of hot cum into her. "Fuuuck yesss..." she hissed in pleasure as he collapsed on top of her. She wrapped her long legs around his flabby buttocks as he wrapped her arms around his shoulders, hugging him to her chest.

Director Cumberbatch rolled off of Lara and she snuggled up underneath his arm. "Good night, luv," he said as he drifted off to sleep.

"Good night, daddy," Lara said as she pulled the sheets and blankets over them. "It's times like this I hope Stanley never finds a cure," she thought before joining her new daddy in sleep.

The End.


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