1. This text contains descriptions of explicit sexual activity. If you don't
want to read such things, or you're not allowed to, please don't bother
reading it.
2. It is complete fiction and, therefore, probably contains lots of
inaccuracies. It is also intended to be erotic fiction and, therefore,
probably does not contain much originality.
3. Please don't expect an actual plot, because you won't find one. If you
want a real story, there are lots of good ones to read elsewhere.
4. The sex is always of a legal (in the UK, at least) and consensual nature.
5. Odd as it may seem, the authors do not condone pre-marital or unprotected
sex. The reader is assumed to know the difference between fantasy and

Tomb Raider: Virtual Lara (MF,F-mast)
by Lunkwill and Fook

Lara Croft rolled over in bed for what seemed like the hundredth time and
pressed her head down against the pillow. It was no good. She couldn't sleep,
couldn't relax. She sighed bitterly, flung off the simple white sheet that
covered her naked body, and reached out to switch on the lamp. Swinging her
legs off the bed, she sat up and held her head in her hands. It was pointless
staying here. She needed to go somewhere else, do something, anything, to
keep her occupied and stop her feeling so restless.

Lara rubbed at her eyes as they quickly became accustomed to the dim light.
Standing up, she stretched slowly, with unconscious sensuality, trying to
loosen the tenseness in her muscles. Then she grabbed a thin robe from where
it had fallen on the floor, slipped into it, and headed out of her room
towards the newly installed computer lab.

Of course, there was no-one else around at this time of night. That was fine.
She didn't bother switching the lamps on, either. She liked it dark. Lara sat
down at a terminal and worked for a few minutes to set up her favourite
program, the glow from the monitor screen illuminating her beautiful features
as she smiled slightly in anticipation. When she was finished she walked over
to one of the VR immersion chambers, climbed inside and lay down. The cover
hissed shut as she pressed a button at her side, and she felt the headgear
automatically move into place around her temples. She pressed another button,
saw the laser scanner track down her body, felt the surge and jolt of an
electric shock, and fell into blackness.

When Lara opened her eyes she was in paradise. Her bare feet were standing on
the soft grass of a tropical rain forest clearing. Everything was perfect.
The sound of the waterfall. The deep pool of rippling water. The dense trees
and foliage all around, the canopy of leaves filtering the light so that only
a few brilliant sunbeams penetrated the shade. The gentle, warm breeze that
caressed her skin. The colours and the spicy, exotic smell of the flowers and
plants that seemed to be everywhere. Lara breathed deeply as her senses drank
it all in.

She crossed the clearing to stand at the edge of the large pool and gazed
into the crystal clear depths. Then she let her robe fall around her feet and
sprang forward in a graceful dive, her perfectly-toned body breaking the
surface of the water cleanly. She came up for air, gasping with exhilaration,
and then immediately dived again, revelling in the shock of the colder water
as it flowed over her totally exposed flesh. Lara lost all track of time as
she swam, losing herself in the experience.

Eventually, she headed back to the spot she had started from and climbed out
to stand on the grass beside her discarded robe. The clearing was warm and
humid and, as she stretched her arms upwards, pulling her rounded breasts
taut, she smiled as the breeze returned to whisper against her cool, wet

Lara ran a hand down over her chest, her stomach, and around her hips to
squeeze the inside of her thigh. Then, uninhibited, not even thinking about
what she was doing, she shifted her touch to the soaking black snatch of
hair between her legs. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. Her fingers
slid further down and she began to tease herself with small stroking motions.
Trembling with pleasure as one of her long fingers entered inside, she felt
her legs buckling and she dropped to her knees. Leaning forward to support
herself with her free arm, her back arching as she assumed the sensuous
position, she continued to moan quietly as she sent tingles of ecstasy
rippling through her body. Her breathing grew faster. She probed deeper and
deeper. She rubbed harder. Her moans became more and more excited as she
gradually brought herself towards climax. She was close, closer, closer, and
then she came, the pleasure like a soft explosion inside her. She threw her
head back, flexing her body, and let out a long, quivering sigh of
satisfaction. Then, unable to stay on her hands and knees, she collapsed to
the grass. Her eyes still closed, she lay there as her breathing slowed. It
didn't take long for her to fall asleep.

* * *

When Lara opened her eyes again, she was still lying on the lush grass beside
the pool in her idyllic forest clearing. She didn't know how long she'd been
asleep. She didn't care. She felt wonderful. Taking her time to wake up, she
eventually pushed herself off the ground and stood up. Immediately, she felt
something was different. Turning around, she found someone looking at her.

He was as tall as she was, casually dressed in jeans and a loose shirt, with
short dark brown hair and strong blue eyes which were fixed unashamedly on

"What the ..." she said, taken completely by surprise. She grabbed
immediately for the robe which was still lying beside her and pulled it on,
wrapping it around herself tightly with her arms.

"Hi," he said.

She recognised him. His name was Nicholas and he had installed her very
specialised, state-of-the-art computer system. He'd stayed in the house for
a week or so while he worked on it but Lara had been away a lot and had
hardly spoken to him.

"How the hell did you get in here?" Lara demanded.

"I gave myself an outside access connection," he admitted, "Sorry, but I
couldn't pass up the opportunity."

"What? How dare ..." she was practically speechless, too shocked to be
properly angry. And then she remembered ... "How long have you been there?"

Nicholas shrugged. "A while."

Lara grew more agitated and annoyed.

"What are you doing here?" she ground out.

"Looking at you," he replied simply.

"I was naked," she pointed out scathingly.

"Yes," he agreed, as if that was perfectly normal.

She stared at him, incredulous.

"Didn't it occur to you that that might be a problem?"

"Why? Are you ashamed of your body?"

"What?" Lara was flustered, not only by his directness but also by his
apparently perfect composure. "Me? Of course not."

"Well then. What's the problem?"

She was still furious, but suddenly she was stuck for an answer.

"Because ... because you're invading my privacy," she stammered out

"That's true, I suppose. But you didn't lock the program."

"Well, I didn't think anyone else had access to it."

"Fair enough."

Lara's anger had dissolved into exasperation in the face of his constant

"You honestly don't see a problem in this situation, do you?" she asked

Nicholas shook his head and shrugged.

"You don't think there's anything wrong with invading my computer system and
leering at me while I'm naked?"

He frowned as if he was thinking about it. "Not really," he said after a
pause, "And I wasn't leering."

"Well, why don't you strip off and go for a swim, and I'll watch you for a
while," Lara challenged him.

He smiled faintly and looked directly into her eyes. "Okay."

She watched in disbelief as, without any hint of embarrassment, Nicholas
removed his shoes, his t-shirt, and then finally his jeans. He wasn't wearing
anything else. She hadn't noticed his state of arousal before, but now she
couldn't miss it. She looked back up at him with a raised eyebrow.

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," he told her in that
infuriatingly calm, matter-of-fact tone, "What do you expect?"

Without waiting for her to reply, he walked past her and dived into the pool.

He was only a couple of years older than Lara and, despite the stereotype
that went with his job, he had a powerfully muscled physique.

Lara couldn't think of anything to do except sit down and watch him swim. She
had been thrown mentally off-balance and was now having to struggle with
feelings she didn't like to admit she had. It had been so long since ...
Despite the turmoil in her head, however, no matter how hard she tried to
fight it, she couldn't take her eyes off him.

After what seemed like only a few minutes, he climbed out of the pool in
front of her. She stood up to face him.

"Are we even now?" he asked with an almost imperceptible smile.

"Maybe," Lara said warily, still wondering how much he'd seen.

"So do you want me to leave?"

She wished he hadn't asked that. Now she had to make a decision. It was crazy
but ... She looked into his eyes, steadied herself, and whispered, "No."

Nicholas continued to stare into her luscious brown eyes, but otherwise he
didn't seem to react.

She waited, expecting him to move at any second. But nothing happened. The
tension built up like an electric charge as he just stood there, until
eventually she couldn't take it anymore. She stepped forward, put her hand
around the back of his neck, and pulled his mouth onto her open lips. She
moaned as their bodies pressed together, their tongues met, his arms took
hold of her, and she melted against him.

His fingers travelled up her warm, dry body, slipping underneath her robe
and pulling it off, exposing all of her flawless, smoothly tanned skin. She
purred in satisfaction as their tongues probed deeply into each other's
mouths. Then one of his hands slid down to squeeze her tight ass and the
other moved up to caress her long, dark brown hair. Lara's body pulsated
against him, oozing sexuality, her desire communicated by every touch, every

Nicholas responded by kissing around her neck, onto her shoulders, and then
down to lick and suck her firm breasts, tenderly teasing each of her hard
nipples with his teeth. She felt her legs trembling and her knees go weak as
her nervous system was bombarded with sparkling pleasures. She wasn't sure
she could stay standing up, and held onto him to keep herself upright while
he continued to work on her full breasts.

Not letting her get used to the stimulation, he suddenly straightened up and,
gripping her tightly under her arms, lifted her clear off the ground. She
gasped in surprise and then, instinctively, wrapped her long, slender legs
around his torso, hoping for what would come next. He lowered her slowly,
letting her dark mound of pubic hair slide down his body until the tip of his
erection was manoeuvred and poised at the opening of her wet sex. She closed
her eyes, her body arched back, her mouth opened in anticipation. And then
she sank onto his shaft as he pushed all the way up into her moist folds of

Lara almost screamed as the unfamiliar sensation overtook her body, the power
of it almost making her pass out. Nicholas shifted their position carefully
until Lara's back was against the smooth bark of a nearby tree. And then, as
she clung to him with her legs and her arms, her hair falling around her face
as she kissed and bit at his shoulder, he began to move inside her, thrusting
very deep and hard and very slow. Lara was moaning or making little gasping
noises with each breath, erotically synchronised to the hits of warm ecstasy
that coursed through her.

It was like making love in slow motion. But every so often he would ram
himself into her fast and hard, and then just hold it there while he
leisurely kissed her lips, her face, her neck. Lara responded by undulating
and gyrating her lithe, sensuous body, while she kissed him back, helping to
build their mutual pleasure.

She couldn't think any more. She'd lost all track of time, luxuriating in
their love-making. It seemed to go on and on. She wanted it to go on forever.
But she gradually became aware of his rhythm getting faster, of her breathing
getting heavier, her groans getting louder. Nicholas was grunting quietly now
with every thrust, and she could sense that he was close to climax. She had
already experienced several relatively small orgasms, but she knew the big
one was still to come. The anticipation heightened the pleasure.

It didn't take much longer. Suddenly, he slowed right down, sliding into her
as far as he could, his whole body tensed, and then she felt the explosion as
he came inside her. A hot, wet explosion that surged into her and seemed to
fill her until it triggered the eruption of her own ultimate orgasm. Her body
shuddered violently as the waves of ecstasy slammed through her over and over
again. She cried out and cried out and cried out as every drop of potential
pleasure was squeezed from her body and concentrated in an infinite, endless
moment. Eventually, it overpowered her and she fell into beautiful, delicious

When Lara returned to consciousness she was lying in Nicholas' arms at the
foot of the tree. Neither of them said anything. After a long time, as he
tenderly held her and stroked her hair, she looked up at him and smiled.


Note: This originally used to be part of a Gen13 story we wrote a long time
ago but, since it was never made widely available, we decided to chop it up
and edit it slightly to feature different characters. Lazy, we know, but its
highly unlikely anyone will even notice.


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