The adventures of Ms. Sara Pezzini and Ms. Lara Croft

Witchblade/Tomb Raider: Aztec Fun Part 1 (FF, M-mast)
by Miss Pezzini ([email protected])

It was late afternoon in the middle of May, a warm and sunny day, perfect
for adventure within the sunny borders of Mexico. A plane flew high above
the world, making its way seemingly slowly towards the large Mexican valley.
It was a small plane; it had a single rotor at the front, and a capacity
for about 6 people. It wasn't flying very fast, because it couldn't fly
very fast. It was an old, crappy, rubbish plane that would fall apart if
someone so much as farted in the wrong place. The ride was generally quite
quiet, if you put your fingers in your ears. Sara never let up and wouldn't
let Lara forget it. Inside the trembling cabin, two women were making
preparations for their exit. They sat opposite each other, with equipment
laid out, almost inadvertently in symmetrical madness as equipment rolled
about the cabin floor.

"Seriously the last time I'm letting you handle the transport." Sara blurted
out for the umpteenth time.

"Hey, we're getting there aren't we?" Lara replied for the umpteenth time.
It was true, they were getting there albeit very slowly. Lara looked at her
super funky chunky wristwatch, with gizmos poking out from all directions.
She twiddled the face of the watch and pressed a few buttons. Suddenly a
flick knife swiped out of the watch. "Oh. Oops.. I wonder what this button
does..." Lara pushed another button and witnessed a tiny, completely useless
net fly out and catch nothing. "I mean what the fuck?" she said in her
upper-class British accent.

Sara watched as her friend struggled with her super watch. She watched as
Lara finally brought up a little cutting laser. Sara sighed at Lara, who
always wanted the better gizmos. Sara threw a fireball from her Witchblade
through the wall of the plane.

"yeah yeah, show off" Lara retorted and resumed her intricate fumbling.

She scanned the tiny face of her watch for information. Sara continued to

"We'd be lucky if we make it there without dropping from the sky..." Sara
looked up and saw Lara looking dejected at her super watch, "We missed the
drop didn't we."

"Yup... fuck sakes," Lara muttered. "Here we go, ere we go, ere we
goooooo!..." Lara sang grabbing her bag, also containing her parachute of
course, and headed towards the cabin door. "C'mon, we gotta go now!" Lara
slides back the cabin door, the turbulent cold air rushes past. Lara looked
back and saw Sara hurriedly packing her pack. "Look, we got no time, we
gotta go nooooooooooowwww!" With that Lara grabbed Sara's arm and pulled
her out of the plane with her.

"Youuuuu bbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttcccccchhhhhhh!!!" Sara yelled,
getting quieter as she fell. Both the girls had left the plane and were now
freefalling from a height of 8000 feet. Lara noticed Sara had no bag with

"oops..." Lara looked back up and saw Sara's pack falling uselessly, it was

"Yoooooouuu dddduuuuuuummmmmbbbb Coooooooooooooooowwwwwwww!!!!"

"JUST HOLD ON..." Lara angled her dive down and sped towards her friend.

"Hooooolllllddddd ooooonnn tooooo wwwhhhaaaatttt yooouuuu reeettaarrrrdddd!!"
Sara obviously a bit angry.

"Haha, oh yeah!" Lara couldn't help but laugh from her unwitting wit. She was
closing the distance fast, Sara's little body getting bigger and bigger....

"OOF!! Ow that hurt you cow!"

"You want meh to let ya go?!"

"No, no...." Sara gripped her friend tightly. She wrapped her legs around
Lara's thin torso. They were still a good 5000 feet from the ground when
Lara decided to pull the ripcord. Both their bodies jolted with the force,
Sara having to hold on particularly tight. It was a kinda odd situation.
They floated there silently, locked in each others arms.

"Why did you pull so early... its gunna take ages to float down now." Sara
carefully looked down at their slow progress.

"Look, I just wanted to say sorry for pulling you out of the plane... with no

"I can't believe u did that. U silly cow. U almost killed me!"

"That's bullshit and you know it Sara, I had all day to catch you!" Lara
laughed deviously.

"What the hell are you trying to say... U planned to do that?!"

"Errr... welll.... Look where we are now?" Lara quickly fastened a harness
around her friend.

"What the heck is going on here?... oh no... u dirty cow" Sara's puzzled
expression turned into a face of disbelief. "U horny hoe, risk my life for
this?!" Lara smiled back at Sara, knowing she had won her over. Sara begun
unbuttoning Lara's Blue top slowly. "So, how long do we have?"

"heh, I'd say about 10 minutes tops... but its 10 minutes of quality time."
She wasn't wrong, who was gunna disturb them up there? They continued to
fall, locked in each others arms. The girls started kissing, their red
lipstick smudging slightly over their cheeks. Sara continued to kiss Lara's
neck, gently grazing it with her lips. "mmmm... that feels good."

"Hold me tight, don't let me fall..." Sara was stilled slightly worried about
the vertical drop below her. "I ain't forgiven you yet!." She stared into
Lara's deep brown eyes, who stared back into Sara's deep brown eyes. (Lots of
deep brown eye staring going on.)

"Well maybe I can make that up to you..." Lara smirked cheekily and gave a
tug on Sara's harness. "You're not going to fall with this thing on, don't

Lara reached round behind her, and pulled a long black rubber dildo from her

"Haha, you gotta be kiddin' right?!"

"No, I'm not kiddin at all Sara." Lara twisted the base of this like 8 inch
black rubber dildo. It started to buzz in Lara's grip. Lara and Sara faced
each other. It was very odd because they both had big chests and their boobs
were squashed together. Lara pulled her top off, and pulled Sara's off,
dropping them and letting them fly off into the wind.

"hey waddya doing!?"

"Don't worry Sara, I'll land somewhere quiet,"

Lara then eased the dildo, which had been covered in some sort of lubricant,
down in between their compressed busts. The vibrations sent jolts of rumbling
excitement through both the girl's bodies. They were freefalling, stuck to
each other, topless, with a giant vibrating dildo stuck between their



"Woooooooooaaaaahahhahahahhhah haha hahaha ahaha..." Sara burst out into
giggles. "O my god, this is hilarious." She was glad no one was taking
pictures of their crazily exotic ordeal. They grinded they're hips together,
gently rubbing their clits together. Both of them were extremely wet. Lara
moved the dildo rhythmically between their mounds, she then took it out and
began to move it downwards. Lara couldn't see what she was doing, since their
big boobs were in the way. But she definitely knew where she wanted to go.

"Sara, honey, u ready for the big ride baby?!"

"What do you mean?" Sara leaned forward and kissed Lara's lips, already
seemingly satisfied with what already happened. Lara pushed their vibrator
in between the fabric of their snatches.

"omygodomygod!!!" Sara closed her eyes as she felt the black dildo rumble
furiously against her. "oooo... yeah... Lara, baby!" Both the girls were
screaming their heads off. Lara manoeuvred the dildo with expertise, moving
in tight circles around their clits. Lara could feel how wet she was getting;
she knew she was going to cum pretty soon. The girls embraced each other
locking their lips, the dildo still jammed between their hips. They continued
to fall. Both the girls exploded into screams of delight as they cummed
against each other. Suddenly, they started to notice green canopy all around

"Ooo shite, time's up" Lara pointed out. She looked down. "O MY... !" There
was a small village below them. It was too late to turn away now, Lara was
too involved with Sara's tongue action.

"LARA!!! YOU SILLY COW!!" Sara still shaking from cumming just seconds
before. They saw villagers gathering below them. "This is not gunna be good."
The pair drifted down, which seemed like the longest time in the world. "Well
I hope your happy..."

"OOooo.. oh, yeah... bugger," They drifted down and landed with a plonk.
They sat there, in each others topless arms, looking around them at the small
crowd that had gathered around them. The crowd looked on in disbelief. One
Mexican said in Mexican.

"Did two naked angels, just fall from the sky?"

Lara hugged her friend and put her head over Sara's shoulder. "oh my gawd..."
Her body shuddered from her powerful orgasm.

"You silly cow."

The crowd gathered round the two ladies in a large circle, most of them old
village men with long beards, goat herding large sticks, and pet goats. They
muttered amongst each other in Mexican, trying make out what kind of attack
on their village this was. The old wise looking men with the pet goats and
goat herding large sticks started to breakout into an argument. The baa's of
goats being pulled around in flustered conversation prompted Sara to ask Lara
what was happening.

"Lara, what are they saying? You know Mexican," Lara was trying to make
translate what they were saying, but her Mexican was a bit rusty. The
parachute attached to them had continued to fall and landed on top of
them, hiding their naked bodies from view. The men stood around, watching
them disappear under the pink canopy.

"Umm... well, they think we are Americans... crazy Americans." Lara replied,
she tried to make out what the rest of the conversation was about.

"And? And what else? What are they saying?"

"Shhhh, shut tup for a sec will you..." Lara listened intently. "Well, after
a long argument, they have decided we are attacking their village."

"What the hell?! Tell me exactly what they said..." Sara replied

"Ok fine...erm, Stupid Americans...They here to steal goat?... They come to
take our village! Get Them! Or something like that." Suddenly they were poked
from all directions by large goat herding sticks.

"Oww, Jesus, I mean, c'mon! WTF?!" Sara recoiled from the numerous jabbing in
the ribs.

"They're prodding us ffs!" Lara trying desperately to ward off the rain of
prods blindly beneath the canopy. "We got get outta here!" The men unsure of
what to make out of these strange women, decided to defend their village at
all costs. The prodding continued.

"Lara, will you puhlease un-hook us!" Sara pleaded. Lara quickly unhooked
the harness holding them together, and they fell apart. Sara looked around
desperately under the pink canopy, which was glowing, due to the sunlight
beaming through it. They both got up and started running around under the
canopy. They were trying to find something to wear, but they both had

"Defend the village!" One old villager called out in Mexican, his pet goat
jumping about. They continued to poke the two girls.

"Ow, JESUS, Stop this, ow!" Lara got prodded in the ribs again.

"OW FUCK YOU, YOU GAY BASTARD!!" Sara shouted into the crowd as she received
a sharp prod to the head. "That really fuckin hurt!"

Not too far away from this ridiculous scene sat a young man quietly listening
to his cd player in the corner of a shaded tea house. He was rocking in his
chair, with this hat drawn down over his face. He was an American, who went
by the name of Joey, because his name was Joseph Brenner. The lady working
behind the counter, who had been staring at the commotion outside called to
the man.

"Mr. Brenner... er, Mr. Brenner!!" He responded by taking his hat off and
looking at the her.

"Yeah? What sup?" He replied. She pointed out towards the village square.
Joey sighed, half expecting to see another goat doing some kind of party
trick. Then he saw. He pulled his headphones out of his ears, sat up and
stared. " God..." He saw two figures underneath a huge pink
canopy running around in circles, with 4 or 5 old men with long beards
and pet goats prodding them and jeering. He got up fast, and ran over to
the village beating.

"Wait, wait, people, men, stop, stop what you are doing!" The old grumpy men,
looked at Joey and resumed prodding. "Hey, c'mon stop! I said STOP!!" With
that, he took one of the men's sticks and broke it over his knee. The old men
started to prod him. "OMFG, JESUS, Just put the sticks down!"

"Lara, who the hell is that out there?" Sara said confused, holding back...

"Could be our contact we were supposed to meet. We were supposed to meet
him at the next village." Lara said. "Well, I'm not taking anymore of this
shit... my back really fuckin hurts."

"Whose stupid fault was this?" Sara replied.

"Look, you wimp, help me find the exit. They were lost in the tangled mess of
ropes and canopy. "Right, enough!" Lara said as she drew a long hunting blade
from her boot. She sliced the canopy in two, each girl twisting their half
around into a makeshift dress.

Lara had twisted her dress into a long sarong, whilst Sara had unwittingly
turned into a pink fluffy ball. They finally saw the crowd once more, who
had calmed down mostly. A young American stood amongst them, who was still
fending off one or two goats.

"Ms Croft, I presume?" The man walked forward slowly, bent over even slower
and gently kissed the young lady on the hand.

"Nope, I'm Sara Pezzini" The man jumped back, startled at his mistake. He
quickly took out his photo of Lara again.

"Ah yes, please, I'm so sorry! Jeez I'm such an idiot." He started to make
his approach again slowly. He reached for Ms. Croft's hand.

"Look, enough of this bollocks!" Lara interrupted, "I wanna know which one of
you benders poked me in the back!" She whipped out one of her USPs and cocked
it. The old men in the crowd looked at one another, and decided they had
enough fun for one day, and went home. Joey looked at the two ladies who were
wrapped in parachute.

"So, you'll be needing some clothes then? You'll have to wait till we hit a
bigger town on the way to the ruins." Joey suggested.

"Ok, no problem. Now, we should get moving towards the ruins before it gets
too dark." Lara replied. Lara had already fashioned a sort of tank top out of
the parachute she was wearing. It looked kinda good. Sara was still standing
there in a round ball of pink.

"Lara!" Sara shouted and winked to her. "C'mon!"

"C'mon what?" Lara replied. Sara ran over to her making sure she wasn't
exposing anything. She looked at Joey who was staring at the ground, but who
blatantly looked up every time their heads were turned.

"C'mon, puh-lease, please make me one of those." She said softly, pleading
with her.

"Ok ok... fine, but you're gunna have to get out of it first."

"What! Get out of what, I've got nothing underneath!"

"You want me to make you a top or not? It could be a day or two before we
reach a town with a shop!" Lara reasoned with her.

"Ok fine..." Sara slowly began to spin out of her pink ball. Joey saw what
was happening and tried hard not to look. Sara spun slowly at first, Lara
gently pulling on the pink canopy. Suddenly Lara pulled the rest of the
canopy off quickly, spinning Sara around and dropping her topless onto the
floor. Lara ran off giggling.

"You biitch!! Hmmph!" Sara covered herself up with her arms. Joey immediately
took his shirt off and wrapped it around Sara. "Oh... thanks."

"Anytime, Ms Pezzini."

"You see this!! I got a real top, ahaha, no stupid parachute outfit!!" Sara
screamed over to Lara. Joe stood there, now topless. He was pretty and quite
toned, maybe a slight beer belly, but that could be dealt with. Lara came
bouncing back with another makeshift pink top. She saw that Sara now had a
real shirt on.

"This is for you then..." She handed Joey the lovely top, which he put on.
As they walked off, Sara tripped on a dried goat turd. She fell grazing her

"Ouch... ooooo... Ouch this hurts."

"You silly clutz, always falling over, walking into things..."

"Shut yer face ya silly cow," Sara obviously distressed. Lara sighed.

"Babes, you want a piggy back?" Lara offered.

"Yeah, please." Lara picked up Sara, and heaved her onto her back.
They continued down a road to Joey's car. Joey watched as this unusual
relationship began to unfold before his eyes.

The odd trio finally made it to Joey's 4x4. It was already getting dark, and
Sara had fallen asleep on Lara's back. Lara was exhausted from the walk, her
legs were ready to give way.

"mmmm... are we there yet?" a sleepy Sara moaned.

"Yup, now get off me!"

"Oh, right..." Sara dismounted Lara and stood up wobbling. "My knee still
really hurts." Joey stepped up.

"Hey, I got a first aid kit in the car, lemme just get it, I'll get you
cleaned up." Joey proceeded to pull a small red box from inside the door.

"Oh, thanks..." Sara said softly. Lara jumped into the back of the truck,
waiting for the ride to get started. Sara sat down in the truck with her legs
hanging over the side. Joey knelt down in front of her, and opened the first
aid box. He took out an antiseptic wipe and prepared to clean the graze. He
then found himself entranced, staring longingly at Sara's long golden brown

"Erm... hello? Anyone one there?" Sara said to him as he knelt in front of
her motionless.

"Oh jeez..." Lara sighed. Joey snapped out of his trance.

"Right, of course, ok, this may sting a little..." Joey warned Sara. He

"oooo... ooooww," Sara moaned. Lara was watching from the rear of the open
top 4x4.

"Ooh my god Sara, stop being so lame." Lara said. Joey finished cleaning up
her injury and packed up. "Right, are we ready now?!" Lara said grumpily,
looking at the sky which was getting darker with each passing minute. Sara
thanked Joey as she got into the back with Lara. Joey started up the car and
pulled away.

"Ok ladies, it's a 5 hour drive to the next village, where we will pick up
supplies and some workers. You might as well get some sleep, I'll wake you
up when we arrive." Joey said. He watched the two girls snuggling up to each
other in his rear view mirror. It was like he was in a dream. Two beautiful
women in the back of his truck! This had never happened to him before. Lara
took a flashlight out of her rucksack and placed it beside her. She checked
her two pistols and the rest of her equipment. 5 hour drive in the darkness,
in unfamiliar territory, Lara wanted to be prepared. Suddenly she felt Sara's
head flop down on her lap. She had fallen asleep again.

"Oh Sara..."

"Hmmm?" Sara replied sleepily.

".... Nothing..." Lara said, relaxing back into her seat. She was exhausted
too, since she had to carry Sara, that hefty cow, a mile or two on her back.
She let her head flop back, and gently stroked Sara's hair. They fell asleep.

3 1/2 hours later...

The 4x4 had stopped at the side of the road. It was dark apart from the
headlights and the light in the cabin of the car. Lara stirred, slowly coming
to her senses. Sara was still asleep on her lap, her face snuggled inward
right into her crotch, drooling.

"Oh jeez..."

She looked around slowly wondering why they had stopped. Then she saw her
flashlight, which was turned on and propped up pointing at them.

"That's odd" She said to herself. Then she heard what can only be described
as a faint rubbing noise. She looked over towards the front cabin, when she
saw that their driver had sunk himself low into his chair. His body was
shaking for some reason. Then she realised. "Oh, u sick jerk!" She said to
herself. She lifted up Sara and put her gently down on the seat. She then
creeped over towards the front cabin and she found Joey masturbating with
his eyes closed. She just sat there, watching him.

>>>Sara's slender body was wrapped in the legs of Lara. Their lips locked in
a passionate kiss as they rolled around the silk sheet. Sara pinned Lara onto
the bed, and moved her tongue down to Lara's huge breasts. She circled her
nipples with her moist tongue, biting at them occasionally, which stirred
moans of ecstasy. She continued down until she arrived at Lara's front
passage. Gently, she nuzzled her nose into Lara's lips, her tongue flickering
past Lara's pussy. Lara could feel her juices flowing in streams towards her
opening. She grabbed Sara's head and grinded her pussy into it. Then Sara
slowly positioned a long slender finger in front of Lara's cunt. Slowly she
began to push, her finger getting deeper and dee....<<<

Joey was pounding away furiously, his hand a blur over his pole. He sped up,
stroking his hard cock viciously in his fist. He then looked into his rear
view mirror, hoping to see the two pretty girls sleeping at the back of his
truck. Instead he saw Lara's steely eyes staring right back at him.

"OH MY GOD!!" Joey jumped in his seat, quickly putting his unsatisfied knob
back in his pants. Lara grabbed him by the collar and put her gun to his
head. "Wait, please! I can explain!" Joey cried out. Sara was awoken by the
ensuing commotion.

"What's happening? Why have we stopped?" Sara said sleepily.

"This jerk was wanking over us!!" Lara shouted back.

"What the fuck! He wanked on us?!" Sara shouted back, enraged.

"Wha.. no no! I didn't wank on you I swear!!" Joey cutting in, trying to dig
himself out of a deeper hole than he was already in.

"You dirty slimeball! I say we waste him." Lara said convincingly.

"No! please, it won't happen again, I swear!" Joey quivered in his seat,
fearing for his life. Sara pulled Joey's shirt tight around her, and screwed
her face in disgust.

"I feel so violated." Sara finally said. "Yeah, waste him!" Lara looked back
at the cowering mess that was Joseph Brenner. She actually thought the whole
situation was quite amusing.

"Right, your time's up I'm afraid. Say good bye asshole!" Lara said.

"Noo, please, please, I'm sorry, it's just you two are so gorgeous, I mean,
I'm sorry, please!" Joey spurted out.

"Sorry, you've gotta die now." Lara said.

"Nooooooooo!!" Lara pulled the trigger. ***Clink*** The chamber was empty.

"Now get us to the next village!! Anything like this ever happens again, and
I put a bullet in your head for real!" Lara shouted commandingly at him.

"Yes, yes, I'm sorry, of course, next village, yes, I'm sorry" He quickly
started the car, and accelerated down the dark road. Lara holstered her gun,
and sat back down. She reached over to her flashlight, which was pointing in
her face and turned it off.

"I can't believe that just happened..." Sara said, her arms tightly wrapped
around herself. Lara hugged her friend and kissed her brow.

"I thought that was damn funny to be honest..." Lara replied quietly. "He was
so scared, I swear I smelt pee." The girls giggled to themselves quietly, as
the made their way closer to their destination.


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