Witchblade/Tomb Raider: Love Slaves
by PJ


The flashing lasers momentarily blinded Sara Pezzini's eyes, forcing her to
blink them while the ear-jarring music crashed around her. Haddaway's "What
Is Love?" began thundering over the dance club's sound system, propelling
the writhing young bodies on the dance floor into a new coupling frenzy. Sara
descended the crowded staircase, dressed in her red rubber one piece with
matching knee boots. She left her sunglasses on, her long brown hair
surrounding her beautiful face like a lush, glossy frame. Several of the
young men loitering around the stairs to leer at the new arrivals stopped
talking to watch Sara pass, along with a few of their female companions. Sara
squeezed her way to the long bar that stretched down the length of the east
wall, the counter framed with fluorescent green lights.

"Whadda have, darling?" drawled the tall burly bartender, his eyes straying
to Sara's attractive cleavage.

"Beer," replied Sara, laying a bill on the table.

"Coming up," said the bartender, reaching under the counter to retrieve
Sara's beverage.

"Anything going down tonight?" inquired Sara casually, placing two more bills
next to the first one.

"Shipment going out, three girls," answered the bartender warily, setting
Sara's cold beer on the counter top.

"Thanks," smiled Sara, watching the dancers and other club patrons, trying to
i.d. who worked security for the establishment.

The bartender excused himself to talk to two high school girls trying to pass
as adults. Sara sipped her beer, the Witchblade coiled sedately around her
right wrist in the shape of a small band, the bright red jewel in the center
glowing softly with life.

"Want to dance?" asked a handsome man with gel-slick brown hair and deep
brown eyes.

Sara automatically began to refuse, but her tongue became numb. Taking her
silence for assent, the smiling man took Sara's left hand and guided her to
the tumultuous dance floor. La Bouche's "Be My Lover" started, the music
pounding inside Sara's foggy brain. She moved sinuously, thrusting
suggestively with her hips, running her hands through her long brown hair,
rubbing her throbbing temples. Sara's dance partner placed his hands on
Sara's hips, caressing her thighs, his face close enough to Sara's to inhale
her warm breath. He took off her sunglasses, examining her unfocused, dreamy
eyes. He smiled, running his hands over her ass, pressing her breasts against
his firm chest. They danced until the song ended, then left the floor, the
man leading Sara away from the crowds to a single door guarded by a huge
bouncer. The bouncer opened the door without speaking, never taking his eyes
from the crowd.

"Feel…warm," groaned Sara, leaning heavily against her companion.

"You're going to feel all sorts of things," chuckled the man, placing his
left hand underneath Sara's dress, squeezing her left buttock tightly.

"Is she completely under?" asked a short blonde woman in a white blazer and

"Yeah, I checked her while we were dancing."

"Good," nodded the woman, watching closely as two men laid out Sara on a
stretcher and bound her wrists and ankles down. "Take her to the examination

The men nodded in acknowledgment, carting Sara down a long dark hallway
till they reached a brightly-lit square room. The blonde woman entered the
chamber, waiting for the bearers to leave before closing the door behind

"So, dear Sara is the detective sent to investigate my little operation, how

"Do you want me to kill her?" inquired the blonde woman, smiling cruelly in

"No, that would be a waste, Sabrina," replied Mr. Mephit as he walked away
from the corner, approaching Sara's drugged body.

"The Witchblade will be a problem. The Torque may not be able to control it."

"The Witchblade is linked to Sara, and Sara will be linked to me through the
Torque," purred Mephit, sliding his hand up Sara's stomach to her right

"I'll go get it," said Sabrina, leaving the room gracefully.

"I was hoping I would run into you again," smiled Mephit, baring his demonic
fangs, inserting his hand underneath the rubber skin of Sara's dress to
fondle her firm tit. Sara groaned in reply, slowly blinking her eyes, moving
her head from side to side while Mephit pinched her nipple. Sabrina returned
to find Mephit's hand beneath Sara's dress, rubbing the fabric of her

"Ah, very prompt," remarked Mephit, reaching out with his right hand to take
the heavy iron neckpiece from Sabrina.

Sara turned her head to gaze up at Mephit as he opened the dull grey Torque
before laying it over her throat. He snapped the Torque shut around Sara's
slim neck, murmuring strange words in a throaty growl. The rubies inlaid
within the Torque flared brightly, pulsing while Mephit finished his low
chant. The jewel within the Witchblade lit up, filling the room with blood
red radiance. Small tendrils uncoiled from the gauntlet, quivering weakly as
the Torque overpowered its will.

"Excellent," hissed Mephit, his eyes transforming to completely black orbs
with thin red slits for retinas. "Sabrina, leave us."

"Master," bowed Sabrina briefly, obeying the demon lord's command.

Sara's eyes cleared, she sat up after Mephit unfastened her restraints.

"How do you feel?" asked Mephit, placing the Torque on a nearby tray.

"Good," smiled Sara, stretching her arms over her head, arching her back like
a sensual feline.

"What would you like to do?" inquired Mephit, stroking Sara's right cheek
with an elongated fingernail.

"Fuck," purred Sara, her eyes burning with lust as she leaned towards Mephit,
tempting him with her creamy white cleavage.

"Good girl," growled Mephit, unfastening the dress strap around Sara's neck
that held the garment in place.

Sara submissively allowed the demon to pull her dress down to her waist, she
nuzzled his neck with her nose, kissing his hot neck muscles. Sara arched
her back again, shoving her breasts forward for her lord to savor. Mephit
squeezed Sara's left tit while he sucked deeply on her right, his fangs
lightly scratching Sara's warm skin as his long tongue flicked over her
trembling nipple.

"Remember how I raped you last time," said Mephit, his right hand moving down
to Sara's legs, his extended claws sliding up and down the inner thigh of her
right leg.

"Yes, I loved it," gasped Sara, her arms supporting her from behind, her tits
slick with the demon's saliva.

"I knew you did. Now you'll be sold into slavery, rich men and women from
around the world will fuck you like a piece of delicious meat."

"Yes, I want them to fuck me," groaned Sara, licking her ripe lips,
perspiration beading over her body.

Mephit kissed Sara roughly, stabbing her tongue with his, biting her lower
lip painfully. She moaned with pleasure, wrapping her arm around the back of
Mephit's neck. The demon pushed Sara onto her back, grabbing her dress and
pulling it the rest of the way down her legs, tossing the garment to the
floor. Sara squeezed the front of her panties, rubbing the bunched fabric
between the lips of her pussy, smiling wantonly as she wiggled her hips from
side to side. Mephit crawled on top of the stretcher, straddling Sara's prone
body, taking her panties from her and ripping them off. He sniffed the torn
material, inhaling Sara's intoxicating scent. He waved them in front of
Sara's face, laughing when she opened her mouth and let him stuff them
inside. Mephit fondled Sara's right tit while sliding his left hand up and
down her left thigh, scratching into her hot flesh, drawing thin lines of red
down her leg. Sara closed her eyes, groaning while she cupped Mephit's crotch
with her right hand, rubbing his hardening cock and testicles.

The demon lord bent close to Sara's face, removing the damp panties in her
mouth to kiss her hungrily, exploring the inside of her throat with his agile
black tongue. Sara opened her mouth wide, wrapping both of her arms around
his neck. Mephit squeezed both of Sara's tits as he kissed her, mauling the
pliant mounds of flesh, rubbing her nipples until they ached. Sara spread her
legs wide apart, bending them towards her waist, squeezing Mephit's torso
between them. Mephit left Sara's face to lick her bent legs, rubbing his
crotch against hers.

"Fuck me, please," begged Sara, her lips quivering, her nipples erect with
lustful need.

Mephit placed his left hand over Sara's chin, watching as she sucked on
his fingers. He ran one digit over her soft lips, the skin moist and slick.
Mephit nodded for Sara to unbuckle his trousers, her fingers eagerly
unzipping his fly. She grasped the demon lord's cock possessively, rubbing up
and down its length with her hands. Mephit groaned in bliss, holding Sara's
legs up and apart with his hands. Sara placed Mephit's cock against her moist
pussy, running the tip up and down her slit, caressing it over her engorged
labia before slowly inserting it into her dripping pink hole. The naked young
woman moaned with pleasure, her eyes closed as she humped Mephit's shaft, her
hips and breasts shaking with each powerful thrust into her cunt. Mephit
smiled widely, his fangs dripping saliva while he shoved himself into the
willing girl's pussy, his pole driving deep into her warm belly. The young
woman and demon thrust against each other over and over until Mephit exploded
inside her womb, filling it with hot creamy cum. Sara orgasmed with her
lover, her hips vibrated from her overpowering climax.

Mephit descended from the stretcher, Sara rolling onto her side to admire
him, rubbing her bare legs together alluringly. The demon stroked Sara's
sweat slick hair, rewarding an obedient pet.

"You will fetch a very high price, my love," grinned Mephit before he left
the musk-filled room.


The following evening, a female form parachuted onto the roof of the club.
Quickly stowing away the chute, the black clad woman ran across the roof to
the stairwell door. The woman deftly picked the lock of the door, drawing a
9mm from the holster strapped to her right leg. She quietly descended the
stairs, stopping at the first landing to pick the door opening into a long,
richly carpeted hallway. Old paintings of reclining nymphs and sex-ravaged
girls adorned the polished wooden walls. Fragrant candles provided
illumination as the woman made her way to the set of double doors at the
left end of the hall. Testing the bronze knobs, the woman pushed one of the
doors open, slowly passing through, her pistol raised up, pointing towards
the ceiling. She closed the door behind herself, scanning the candle-lit

A set of glass doors opened out onto a balcony with a beautiful view of the
city. A huge four poster bed dominated the opposite side of the room, long
silk tassels dangled from the blood red canopy. A side table next to the bed
held a full crystal decanter of red wine and several fluted glasses. A
wardrobe sat next to the wall near the glass doors, to the immediate right
of the intruding woman. The left-hand wall was covered with shelves of books.
An antique wooden desk rested near the books, covered in papers, a PC, and
an unlit black candle.

The woman yanked off the black hood from her head, releasing her long braid
of auburn hair to dangle down her back to the base of her spine. Lara Croft
holstered her pistol before marching quickly over to the desk, sitting in the
cushioned chair behind it as she opened drawers in search of her prize.

"If I were a demon, where would I hide a powerful artifact," murmured Lara,
pursing her lips while tapping them with her finger. Snapping her fingers,
Lara left the desk, descending to her knees next to the large bed, reaching
under it until her hand closed around a gleaming wooden box. Lara sat
cross-legged on the floor, placing the box on her lap and carefully prying
it open.

"Looking for this?" inquired Sabrina, dangling the Torque in her right hand.

Lara knocked the open box off her lap, drawing her gun and shooting the
blonde woman in the stomach. Sabrina grunted, her white silk blouse
splattered with her own blood. Sabrina's eyes began to glow with red flame as
she bared her sharp fangs, two small horns bursting from her temples. Lara
continued firing while she jumped onto the bed and rolled over to the other
side, Sabrina extending her left hand and releasing a crackling stream of
red flame. Lara landed on the floor, pulling out her second pistol before
leveling both at the succubus, firing a constant stream of bullets until
both magazines were empty. Sabrina staggered under the barrage, wet holes
exploding over her torso. She dropped the Torque, reaching out with both
arms, unleashing two sizzling purple bolts of lightning. The posts of the bed
exploded into clouds of slivers, the bolts arching through them to the glass
windows, which burst apart with loud cracks.

Lara panted softly, slapping fresh clips into her guns, peeking around the
foot of the bed to see where her foe was. Sabrina snarled, her fingernails
extended into extremely long, razor sharp claws. The succubus charged towards
Lara's position, roaring like an enraged tiger. Lara shot up to her feet,
firing both guns while running towards the demoness. She kicked Sabrina in
the stomach as they passed, propelling the short woman on top of the fallen
bed canopy. Sabrina managed to slice Lara's right arm, the wound burning with
feverish heat. Lara ignored the deep scratch, sprinting onward to snatch the
discarded Torque from the floor. She fled down the hallway, her arm throbbing
as she raced back towards the stairs.

Five steps up the staircase, a barbed tendril wrapped around Lara's neck and
pulled her roughly back into the hallway. The young woman fell heavily to the
floor as a second tendril tore the Torque from her hand and yet others bound
around her arms, pinning her to the soft carpet.

"Good work, my dear. I may keep you for myself after all," said Mr. Mephit,
stroking Sara's right cheek. She turned her face towards the demon lord,
opening her mouth to accept his probing black tongue.

Lara struggled in the Witchblade's bonds, the barbs biting into her soft
tanned flesh.

"The bitch ruined your bed, master," reported Sabrina, ripping off her
blood-stained blouse, destroying it in a flash of white fire.

"That bed used to belong to the Marque De Sade, a charming fellow," mourned
Mephit, shaking his head before he kicked Lara in the right side. Lara
grunted, then screamed when the demon lord kicked her again and again until
several of her ribs snapped.

"I trust you've learned your lesson, Ms. Croft," said Mephit, crouching down
to caress Lara's soft hair. She flinched from his touch, held prone by the
wriggling tendrils around her arms.

"Can I kill her, Master?" asked Sara eagerly.

"No, I may have a use for her."

"Waste not, want not," observed Sabrina, walking to Mephit's side, her bare
breasts gleaming in the candlelight.

"Clean up the mess in the bedroom, Sabrina. I'm leaving to oversee a
delivery, four ripe Catholic school girls," smiled Mephit, bending down to
pick up the heavy iron Torque. Tucking it under his left arm, Mephit took a
second staircase down, leaving the women behind.

"Heal her, Pezzini, then take her down to storage," snapped Sabrina, stomping
back towards the disheveled bedroom.

"Sara, please," moaned Lara, her eyes squinting from the pain of her broken

"Shut up," warned Sara, tightening the grip of the tendrils around Lara's

Lara gasped with fresh agony before Sara helped her up and half-carried her
down the stairwell. Tendrils removed Lara's guns and the knife in her left
boot. Lara leaned heavily against Sara, the right side of her torso stiff
with pain. On the second floor, Sara left the stairs for a private elevator,
descending three floors to an underground passageway. Thick metal doors lined
the passage as Sara supported Lara to the fourth door on the left-hand wall.
Pushing the door open, Sara guided Lara inside, sitting the lithe young woman
on a thin cot.

"Sara! What's wrong with you? Why are you helping a demon?" demanded Lara

"Lord Mephit is my Master. I live to serve his pleasure," replied Sara
smoothly, kneeling down to probe Lara's side with the Witchblade.

"Did he put the Torque on you?"


"Damn," muttered Lara.

Lara moaned when Sara invoked the power of the Witchblade, focusing its
healing energy on Lara's broken ribs. Sweat broke out over Sara's forehead,
the cell illuminated by the pulsing glow of the jewel embedded within the
gauntlet. Lara gently touched her side after Sara withdrew the Witchblade,
amazed to find that her ribs were completely healed, no pain remained. Sara
stood up, preparing to return for new instructions.

"Sara! Wait!" shouted Lara, jumping to her feet, placing her hand on Sara's
left shoulder.

Sara snarled like a rabid animal, slapping Lara across the face with her arm,
aiming the Witchblade at the bruised woman on the floor.

*Punish,* whispered the Witchblade in Sara's mind, barbed tendrils uncoiling,
wriggling towards Lara, who watched in paralyzed fascination. Whips composed
of sharp barbs snapped across Lara's body, tearing long strips from her black
bodysuit. Blood flowed freely from Lara's wounds, staining the stone floor
and walls. Lara screamed in agony, covering her face with her arms as sharp
tendrils tore into her torso and legs. Two tendrils wrapped around Lara's
wrists, pulling her into an upright position, holding her in the air while
moving her against the far wall of the cell. Lara was pressed against the
cold stone wall, her right cheek and ample breasts squashed against the rock.
Sara licked her red lips, obscene hunger lighting her eyes as she let the
Witchblade run free, the gauntlet suspending four long whips behind Lara, the
barbs dripping with the young woman's blood.

"Sara! Please! Fight the Torque's magic!" shouted Lara desperately.

"I don't want to," moaned Sara, moving her left hand down to her crotch,
rubbing her bare pussy after the Witchblade armor slid aside.

Before Lara could plead again, the Witchblade struck, lashing out over Lara's
back and buttocks, ripping the bodysuit apart until nothing remained but
bloody strips. Lara trembled, her scratched back quivering, perspiration
sliding over her wounds, making them burn even more painfully. A tendril
slithered into Lara's crack, caressing her cunt. Lara shuddered, biting her
lower lip, her pussy growing wet despite her pain. Another tendril wrapped
around Lara's neck as the scourging resumed, biting whips lashing over Lara's
bare skin, the tendrils slapping wetly, reverberating in the confines of the
small cell. Lara's wrists shook in their restraints, she moaned softly, a
trickle of honey escaping down her left leg. The whips moved to Lara's ass,
snapping across the tight mounds of flesh, drawing thin red lines over her
pearly white skin. Lara gasped, the orgasm coming from out of nowhere, her
thighs shaking limply while a thick stream of cum splashed out of her cunt
and fell to the floor.

The Witchblade released Lara, the tendrils retracting back into the gauntlet.
Lara fell to her knees, collapsing in a heap onto her bruised, scratched ass.
She looked up vacantly at Sara, who leaned against the open door, sucking
wantonly on a tendril while two others pumped within her pussy and anus.
Shaking her pain-filled head to clear it, Lara judged the distance to the
gaping doorway, glancing at her captured knife that lay on the floor next to
Sara's feet. Lara waited until Sara groaned in climax, her whole naked body
shuddering in the embrace of the Witchblade armor. Lara dived for her knife,
aiming the hilt at Sara's forehead, smashing it up sharply. Sara groaned,
slipping down to the floor while Lara jumped over her and fled into the

Lara ran to the elevator, knife ready in case anyone else tried to re-capture
her. The doors slid open, letting Lara rush inside to mash the up button.
Lara leaned in the corner near the control panel, knife held in a shaking
hand. When the elevator opened onto the first floor, Lara charged out,
running across a hallway through a portal that opened into the club proper.
Stunned patrons watched wide-eyed as a naked woman ran across the length of
the club and out the doors.

Lara kept running north down the sidewalk, not stopping until her lungs
burned with exhaustion. She ducked into a dark deserted alley, leaning
against the wall to catch her breath. The terror of her ordeal finally
struck. Lara burst into tears, covering her face with her hands, all of her
scratches and bruises flaring up at once. She slid to the garbage strewn
ground, crying into her arms, her naked body shaking from pain and fear.


"What do you know about the Torque?" asked Professor Melissa Adkins.

"That it was an artifact enchanted to bend the will of whoever wore it. Evil
Norse shamans used it to make slaves for their own pleasure," replied Lara,
gratefully sipping from a mug of hot tea, wrapped in a thick quilt before a
tall crackling fire.

"Very good. Do you know the spell that breaks the enslaving magic of the

"No," admitted Lara, snuggling deeper into her quilt.

"You'll need to know it if you hope to retrieve the artifact from its current

"Can you teach me?"

"Yes. Now pay attention," advised Melissa, leaning forward from her plush
chair to instruct her guest.


"She just ran across the club?" repeated Mr. Mephit incredulously, the vast
club interior utterly silent and empty except for his staff.

"Yes, sir," nodded Oscar, the head bartender.

"Who was on sentry duty in the hallway?"

"David, sir."

"Come here, David," ordered Mephit, motioning with his left arm for the
trembling man to walk towards him.

"What were you doing that took you from your post?"

"I, uh, met some girls. You know how high school chicks always try to get in?
Well, they agreed to give me blowjobs if I cleared them, so I, uh, took them
into one of the storage rooms."

"Really? Hmm, I can see how that would be very tempting," nodded Mephit,
draping his left arm loosely over David's shoulders, then grasping his chin
tightly before snapping the man's neck. The demon let David's body fall to
the floor, scanning each of his frightened employees with his smoldering
black eyes.

"I trust I won't have to make any further examples?"

"No, sir!" chorused everyone in the room.

"Officer Johnson, I believe this should halt any further police inquiries
into tonight's debacle," said Mephit, handing the sweating policeman a thick
wad of bills.

"Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!"

"My pleasure. You're all dismissed for the night. Oh! Oscar!"

"Sir?" replied the large bartender warily, his eyes flicking towards his
hastily departing comrades.

"Double security in the hallway from now on. If there's another lapse, you'll
pay for it. Are we clear?"

"Very clear, sir!" agreed Oscar, his armpits stained with sweat.

"Go home to your family, my friend," smiled Mephit before he began walking
towards the back of the club. Taking the private elevator, then the stairs,
Mephit returned to his penthouse rooms, surprised to find that his four
poster bed was completely repaired.

"How?" marveled Mephit, removing his silk business jacket.

"I have my ways," smiled Sabrina, wrapping her left arm around Mephit's
waist, kissing his neck affectionately.

"Very impressive, my dear," acknowledged the demon lord, tipping the blonde
woman's head up before kissing her ravenously on the mouth. Sabrina moaned,
caressing her master's tongue with her own.

"Another surprise?" asked Mephit after he parted from Sabrina, undoing his
black tie while regarding Sara and the two young girls in her charge.

A tendril from the Witchblade was wrapped around each of the girls' throats.
One girl wore a bright blue cheerleading uniform from one of the suburban
high schools, while the second girl wore a navy blue jacket and a knee-length
pleated plaid skirt.

"We gathered them after you left to oversee the delivery. I thought since you
had such a rough evening you might want to break these two yourself."

"Indeed I do. These two are quite fine," smiled Mephit, reaching down to
stroke the cheerleader's bright blonde hair. "Sara, remove your armor."

Sara obediently commanded the Witchblade to withdraw the armor that covered
her otherwise naked body. The Witchblade returned to the shape of a small
wristband inlaid with a bright red jewel. Mephit grinned with pleasure,
advancing towards Sara, then slapping her swiftly across the face. Sara fell
to the floor, cupping her bruised right cheek.

"You let that whore Lara escape. I should kill you right now."

"I will die for you gladly, Master," replied Sara, sitting up to stare
adoringly at the man standing over her.

Mephit grasped a handful of Sara's long brown hair, yanking back on it until
she grimaced with pain. He ran a fingernail across her throat, the nail
elongating into a claw that cut shallowly into her pale skin.

"I will spare you, but you must perform a penance for your sins."

"Anything, Master," agreed Sara without hesitation, her tongue sliding across
her lips eagerly with anticipation.

"Whip the private school girl until I tell you to stop."

Sara rose smoothly to her feet, striding to the young girl sitting on the
floor next to the cheerleader, her right arm wrapped tightly around her
fellow captive's. Sara pulled the schoolgirl roughly away, her victim crying
out loudly with panic. Sara dragged the girl over to the foot of the huge
bed, pulling her arms up into the air before tying them in place with two of
the silk tassels dangling from the canopy.

Mephit walked to the bed table, pouring himself a glass of wine while Sabrina
went to stoke the fireplace set in the same wall next to the bed, tending the
fire until it roared loudly, filling the room with heat.

Sara ripped off the sobbing girl's jacket and white blouse, but left her
white bra in place. Sara backed away from the shaking schoolgirl, extending a
long barbed whip from the Witchblade. She snapped the whip within a breath of
the girl's right cheek, smiling when the teen flinched sharply.

Mephit reclined back in his soft desk chair, allowing Sabrina to sit on his
lap as Sara raised her right hand and brought the whip down across the
schoolgirl's smooth back. The girl screamed when the sharp barbs sliced into
her white flesh, leaving a bleeding line across her spine.

Sara lashed the girl over and over, her victim's screams filling the dimly
lit bedroom. The cheerleader closed her eyes, covering her ears with both
hands. Mephit and Sabrina roared with laughter, their dark eyes shone with
lust as they watched the bound girl writhe under the kiss of Sara's whip.

"Stop," commanded Mephit.

Sara lowered her whip at once, her bare breasts heaving, her skin flushed and
gleaming with perspiration. The schoolgirl hung limply in her silk bonds, her
back nearly flayed open, her bra a torn ruin. Blood stained the young girl's
pleated skirt, running down her slim legs to her polished black pumps.

"Bring the other one to me," ordered Mephit, raising his glass to take a sip
of wine.

Sara grabbed the blonde cheerleader by the hair and pulled her towards the
demon lord's desk. Sabrina cleared the desktop, moving to stand at the side
of her master's chair. Sara slammed the cheerleader against the desktop
stomach first. The girl lay bent over the desk, crying softly.

"Remove her panties."

Sara reached underneath the cheerleader's blue skirt, removing the girl's
matching blue panties with a loud ripping sound. The cheerleader squeezed her
eyes shut, her mouth quivering.

"Finger her pussy."

Sara enthusiastically thrust the gauntlet form of the Witchblade into the
cheerleader's small cunt. The girl gasped loudly, her mouth wide open in
shock as Sara rammed her armored fingers deep into the teenager's vagina.
Mephit caressed the girl's thick golden hair, bending down to inhale her
intoxicating scent. He tilted the cheerleader's face up towards him, reaching
down with his other hand to unzip his black trousers. The girl's eyes widened
when she beheld the long thick cock pointed at her face.

"Suck on it or suffer what the other girl did," said Mephit, his black eyes
cold and remorseless as he locked gazes with his attractive young prisoner.

The cheerleader tentatively licked the tip of Mephit's cock, then slowly let
it slide into her reluctant mouth. She moaned as Sara increased the violence
of her finger stabs, slapping the girl's bare ass with her other hand. Mephit
held onto a handful of the cheerleader's hair while she sucked on his member,
her cheeks becoming taut from her exertion.

"Hmm, good. You've done this before, haven't you, little slut?" growled
Mephit, watching while the girl licked up the underside of his shaft before
nibbling on his engorged cock head.

The cheerleader rubbed back and forth over the demon lord's meat with her
moist, sensuous lips, adorning the pole with her glistening saliva. She
sucked on his large testicles, nuzzling his thick batch of black pubic hair
with her small pert nose. While the girl bobbed her head back and forth,
sucking loudly on her captor's cock, Sara ran her moist armored fingers up
and down the cheerleader's crack, teasing her pussy until it grew wet with
arousal. Sara rubbed her right breast over the girl's bare ass, her hardened
nipple caressing the teen's tiny clit. The cheerleader groaned around the
cock in her small mouth, her forehead gleaming with sweat. Mephit fondled
the girl's damp blonde hair, pressing his hands against her skull, pushing
her head harder against his crotch, forcing his cock even deeper down the
girl's throat until she choked.

"Sit her on the desk," gasped Mephit, his shaft aching for release.

Sara grasped the cheerleader's hips, raising her light body onto the desktop,
where she sat on her bruised bare buttocks. Mephit pulled off the girl's blue
uniform tunic, freeing the young girl's well developed tits. He cupped her
left breast, biting the brown nipple until she groaned, then sucking hungrily
on the soft white flesh. The cheerleader leaned back, her wet golden hair
dangling onto the desktop. Sara caressed the girl's hot cheek, then pressed
her own right breast into the naked girl's mouth. The cheerleader suckled
obediently on Sara's tit, licking the nipple with her small pink tongue.

The demon lord slid his hand up and down the cheerleader's pussy, pressing
his fingers between her puffy labia folds. The girl moaned weakly, licking
the underside of Sara's firm breast as Mephit pried her cunt open and slid
his large cock into her hole. Gasping, the cheerleader leaned heavily against
Sara while Mephit crushed her right tit and pounded into her vagina with his
meat shaft. The slim girl shook with each powerful thrust, her left breast
jiggled, her shapely hips vibrated after each painful shove. The demon
lord's cock barely fit into the young cheerleader's slit, lubricating fluids
splashing over the girl's creamy inner thighs. Sara held onto the blonde
girl's chin, kissing the teen wantonly, exploring her mouth as her master
humped the girl's pussy, rubbing her sensitive clit while he rammed himself
inside her.

Mephit removed his cock to shoot his load all over Sara and the naked
cheerleader. Sara eagerly lapped up her master's cum, licking more of his
jism from the girl's pumping breasts and belly. Sabrina knelt before Mephit,
taking his still hard cock into her right hand, licking the last of his cream
from his cock head with her wet, agile tongue. Mephit caressed Sabrina's
silky blonde hair, rubbing the tip of his member across her full,
purple-painted lips.

"Heal the schoolgirl, then tie her to the bed on her back," ordered the demon
lord, leaving the exhausted cheerleader lying on the desktop dripping with
sweat and cum. Mephit wrapped his arm around Sabrina's slim waist, sliding
his palm down to squeeze her tight ass as they made their way towards the
beckoning bed.


"Shouldn't you give yourself a few more days to heal?" asked Melissa while
she watched Lara prepare her new gear.

"I can't let that demon enslave anyone else, and I have to save Sara,"
retorted Lara, checking the condition of one of her auto-pistols.

"Maybe you should bring in a few others to back you up."

"There's no time. Don't worry, I'll be fine," smiled Lara reassuringly,
sliding a second auto-pistol into the leg holster over her left thigh. The
beautiful redhead was dressed in a tight green tunic, brown shorts, and worn
brown hiking boots.

"Good luck," wished Melissa, pushing her glasses back onto the bridge of her

"I don't need luck," grinned Lara ferally.



Sara Pezzini panted loudly, her hips thrusting forward as she humped Mephit's
long stiff cock. She was completely naked, the Witchblade reduced to a thin
band around her right wrist. Sara's hot skin was gleaming with sweat after
several hours of coupling with the seemingly insatiable demon lord. She
widened her eyes, sliding her gaze down Sabrina's lithe naked body as the
succubus rubbed her cunt in Mephit's face, her hands buried in her own short
blonde hair.

"Kiss me, slut," commanded Sabrina, reaching out to roughly squeeze Sara's
buxom left breast.

Sara opened her mouth obediently, leaning forward so the succubus could suck
on her moist lips. Sabrina probed Sara's warm throat, her hands fondling the
submissive young woman's large tits. The succubus shivered from Mephit's
tongue licking, his agile black tongue slithering up and down her pussy,
coating her soft labia with a sheen of slimy saliva. The two naked women
continued to kiss and fondle each other, their crotches writhing from their
master's attentions. Mephit thrust powerfully into Sara's pussy, his thick
shaft rocketing deep into the beautiful woman's belly. Sara leaned back,
moaning while Sabrina sucked on her tits, the demoness' mouth working wetly
over her lover's gorgeous bosom.

Mephit placed his hands on Sabrina's taut buttocks, caressing the firm curves
of her luscious ass. He spread Sabrina's cheeks apart, pressing his face
against her cunt, nibbling on her pink pussy lips. Sabrina groaned huskily,
biting her lower lip, crushing her crotch even harder over her master's face.
Sabrina caressed Sara's smooth, flat stomach, licking up the hot, wet flesh,
relishing the taste of Sara's body. Mephit's thrusts became more violent,
Sara's ass bobbed up and down with the force of the demon's prick. Sara
closed her eyes in ecstasy, her mouth hung limply open as Mephit's pole
rammed the wall of her uterus. Sabrina licked up Sara's neck, gently biting
the young woman's sweaty white skin. Mephit growled beneath Sabrina's ass,
giving his crotch one last push before he climaxed inside Sara's womb. Sara
shuddered in bliss, her vagina overflowing with her master's cum.

Sara was sitting weakly on Mephit's crotch, Sabrina wiggling her bare ass in
front of the demon, when he suddenly stiffened in alarm.

"Our intruder has returned," said Mephit, pushing the naked women onto the
bed before he rose to his feet and draped a red silk bathrobe around his
powerful sweating body.

"Croft?" asked Sabrina.

"Yes. Sara, full armor."

Sara crawled off the large bed, grey tendrils exploding from her wristband,
flowing to cover her breasts, crotch, and legs. The Witchblade sheathed
itself around Sara's right hand in gauntlet form, its jeweled heart glowing
with anticipation.

"Kill Lara Croft," commanded Mephit, baring his fangs wolfishly.

"Yes, Master," bowed Sara before she ran from the bedroom in search of her


Lara fired several short bursts from the auto-pistols held in each hand. Two
plain-clothed sentries jerked as the bullets tore into them, their own
sub-machine guns firing harmlessly into the ceiling. Oscar popped up from the
bar, wielding a snub-barreled shotgun. Lara moved her right arm, peppering
the large bartender's body with half a dozen rounds. Oscar convulsed, falling
back against a shelf of bottled drinks. Lara ran forward, diving under a
round table when two guards on a second story landing appeared, raking the
club floor with bullets. Lara dived from one table to another, always moving,
shooting quickly at the guards when she had a chance. The first guard died
from a bullet to the heart, the second guard took a round in the belly,
falling forward over the ledge railing to crumple on the dance floor. Lara
reached the far wall of the club, using the brief respite to eject her empty
mags and slap fresh ones in.

Lara slowly entered the dark hallway separating the club from the restricted
access areas. A man stood up from where he crouched in a dark corner, a
sub-machine gun in his hands. He fired a continuous burst, ripping a row of
holes over the hallway wall as he tried to cut down Lara. The swift
adventurer dived under the barrage, firing a short burst at her attacker with
her right pistol. The guard slammed against the wall behind him, leaving a
wet trail of blood as he slid to the floor. Lara spun when the elevator
pinged, its doors sliding open smoothly. She crouched, guns ready when the
familiar shape of Sara emerged.

"Sara!" exclaimed Lara with relief.

Sara turned to face Lara, raising her right hand, blasting a roaring shaft of
plasma at the astonished treasure hunter. Lara fell to the floor, glancing
behind at the burning wall and the ashen remains of the dead guard.

"Shit!" swore Lara, rolling out of the hallway back into the club area. Razor
sharp tendrils shot towards Lara, burying themselves in the floor next to
her. Lara rose up into a kneeling position, firing both pistols on full auto.
Bullets ricocheted off of Sara's body armor, the Witchblade morphing to
completely encase her body. Lara dropped her weapons, drawing her boot knife
and slicing her left palm. She chanted ancient words as blood dripped onto
the polished floor, the scarlet liquid glowing as it pooled in front of Lara.
Sara halted in place, her eyes widening as the ancient magic washed over her
mind. When Lara had completed her spell, Sara fell to her knees, the
Witchblade retracting back into gauntlet form.

"Sara? Are you okay?" asked Lara, approaching the naked woman while applying
a bandage to her left hand.

"Yes, I can think freely again," whispered Sara, staring down at her limp
hands, tears slowly forming around her brown eyes.

"An unfortunate turn of events, but correctable," said Mephit, entering the
club area from the hall, his eyes black with glowing red irises.

"You used me, fucked me," murmured Sara, slowly standing back on her feet.

"And you loved every minute of it," grinned Mephit, his fangs extending.

"Demon bastard!" screamed Sara, unleashing plasma from her gauntlet.

Mephit dodged quickly aside, his red robe ripping apart as he grew larger,
his true demonic form revealed.

"You made an excellent slave, let's see how you do as a meal," smiled Mephit
before he roared in challenge, spreading out his huge taloned claws.

"Stay back, this bastard's mine!" snarled Sara, the Witchblade coating her in
armor as she charged towards her foe.

"Damn it," spat Lara, reloading her pistols hastily.

"Wouldn't want you to get bored, bitch," hissed Sabrina, casting a stream of
white fire at Lara.

Lara jumped over a turned over table, hiding as the white flame crashed
against the makeshift barrier. The table was consumed to ash in seconds, but
it did absorb the lethal blast. Lara raced for the bar, pursued by the
blood-thirsty succubus. Lara hurled over the counter top, sheltering behind
the thick bar.

"You can't hide from me, bitch," chuckled Sabrina, her fangs gleaming with

Lara rose into sight long enough to hurl a small bottle at Sabrina. The
succubus hissed when the container shattered against her, then screamed in
agony when the holy water inside it splashed over her skin. Sabrina's body
started smoking, the holy water melting her flesh like acid. Lara stood up
again, both pistols leveled. She smiled maliciously before firing two long
bursts, bullets ripping the succubus' face to shreds. The nearly decapitated
body fell limply back onto the floor, a pool of steaming black blood slowly
growing beneath it.

Sara slashed at Mephit with half a dozen extended tendrils, the razors
slicing deeply into the demon lord's flesh. Mephit roared in agony, inhaling
before vomiting a stream of green fire at his lithe opponent. Sara dove back,
retorting with a pillar of plasma that seared into Mephit's wide chest.
Mephit screamed as the plasma incinerated muscle, leaving an ugly hole in his

"You die, bitch!" hissed Mephit, raising both claws, summoning purple
lightning that danced around his long fingers before hurling it at the
beautiful woman standing defiantly before him. The Witchblade created a body
shield, deflecting the sizzling lightning back towards Mephit. The demon lord
bellowed when the lightning punched through his stomach, exploding out of his
back in a blossom of blood and gore.

"Damn…you," choked Mephit, black blood oozing between his lips before he
stumbled and fell face first to the ground, cracking the dance floor with his
massive weight.

Sara watched impassively as Mephit's body collapsed into a cloud of ash,
nothing remained but a smoldering scorch mark on the floor.

"Nice job," complimented Lara, walking to stand near Sara's left side.

"We should go free the other girls this scum enslaved with the Torque."

"Already done. When I cast the nullification spell, it affected everyone
under the Torque's charm."

"Good. Let's get them out of here."

"Sure, but I get the Torque when we're done. It's why I came here."

"It's police property now," replied Sara, leading the way to the prisoner

"What? I rescued you!"

"You'll have to convince me," smiled Sara, the two young women disappearing
into the dark hallway.



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