Disclaimers: This is certainly not a story for children. Whatever one may
say about the maturity level of teenagers it has been my experience that
they don't need any help becoming aroused. As such I suggest that anyone
under the age of 18 go and find some real sex to have. This work is also
most definitely a work of fiction. Fiction. Let me repeat that: Fiction.
Webster's defines a work of fiction as "something invented by the
imagination” which is what this is. However, as much as my imagination
created this story I didn't create Lara Croft or any of the things that
have her name on them. Responsibility for that lies elsewhere and if you're
interested I invite you to find out who shoulders that burden. Anyway, this
is a work intended for the amusement of adults and not to make money in any
way shape or form. Finally, this story is not a great piece of writing, if
you wanted great writing, look somewhere else like I dunno… Hemingway. This
is pornography, pure and simple.

Story Codes: (MF,F-solo,bond,nc-cons)

Tomb Raider: Part 1 - Lara Croft And The Ring Of The Goddess
by Monkey Butler

Lara Croft was having the time of her life. Or rather, she was having a time
which had been experienced many times in her life and which, due to its
positive effect on her libido, adrenalin levels, economic status, and general
attitude in life she endeavored to repeat as often as possible. To put it
more plainly, she was about to steal something. However, else one should
think her a simple thug or petty criminal, Lara's choice of items rarely
belonged to anyone who was living, and generally were of an almost
unimaginable value. One would again be mislead to think that Lara, who was
independently wealthy before she discovered her love of stealing, was the
sort of person who stole things purely for their enormous monetary value.
Instead, she lived for the thrill of discovery and danger, both of which
were often present during her many travels around the globe.

Lara Croft was perhaps the most beautiful treasure hunter in the history of
treasure. Typically the treasure hunters Lara encountered were either male
or females of a certain ‘mannish' disposition. Lara in no way resembled a
man. From her elegant features to her almost preposterously sexy figure Lara
was the epitome of womanhood. She wore what she considered normal clothing
which consisted of no more than a few square feet of fabric. She wore no
panties and instead opted for a pair of miniscule shorts that could barely
contain her shapely ass. The tank top she wore did very little to conceal
what was probably the best set of breasts in England. Lara wasn't in England
but was more than assured in her breasts ability to best any competition.

Today was the seventh day of Lara's hunt for yet another ancient temple that
wasn't supposed to exist. It was Lara's hope that she was about to prove the
entire archaeological community wrong simply by the fact that temple must
exist in order to be looted. The treasure she hoped to extract would go a
long way towards supporting this theory. As she repelled down the wall of
the gorge to the temple waiting below she felt the familiar feeling of
anticipation that she got before a big job. Not only was she going to rob
this place but she was probably going to have to go through hell to do so,
which in her opinion was half the fun. She couldn't count the number of
traps, mazes, and guards she had at one point bested. As she reached the
floor of the deep cave she became the first to see the giant temple in front
of her in the past three thousand years. Entirely covered in ancient
hieroglyphics, the temple was a giant stone structure, slightly pyramidal in
shape, which Lara suspected was constructed to protect a gem used in the
worship of an ancient fertility goddess. Obviously, not much was known about
the temple other than what Lara could get off of the map which she had
obtained after some considerable efforts in the Syrian Desert. She often
noted how the distance between a map and the region it depicted was often as
far as to be ridiculous. Why those nomads had the map she never found out but
they fought like motherfuckers.

Lara was able to perform a translation on some of the runes based upon
the map she had and another hard to come by ciphering stone. However, the
language seemed to be a more pictographic form of the script found on the
map. From what she could gather the glyphs were some sort of warning,
typical to these temples, telling of all the dangerous tests for those who
intrude. There were also some of the pictographs that depicted some sort of
religious sacrifice, presumably of a poor village virgin. There was more to
read but it was Lara's experience that the outsides of these things were
usually no more than facades, concealing the real dangers inside. Confidently
she strode up to the door of the temple and put her boot through it. As she
entered she lit a glow stick and wasn't surprised that yet more hieroglyphs
covered these inner walls. After about 20 yards the passage opened up into
what seemed to be the main chamber of the temple. True to ancient temple
formula the along the walls of the chamber there were alcoves containing
statues of guards. Lara had no doubt as to their true purpose and continued
on, ready for them to spring to life. Although Lara did truly love her job
there were some aspects of it that grew tedious after a while, and every
once in a while she just had to wonder why every ancient temple building
civilization had to use the same old traps and guards. However, she did
appreciate that these guards weren't as large as many she had faced; these
appeared to be about the size of normal humans and were only carrying one
sword each. She ran down the center of the large room occasionally jumping
over a suspicious looking rock or an obvious tripwire. As she ran a raised
dais at the end of the room came into view and on it stood a pedestal on
which there was a small silver ring adorned with a blood red gem. She walked
onto the dais and approached the pedestal and stared at the ring. Slightly
disappointed in its size, Lara began to doubt the inestimable value of her
find. Perhaps there was a larger prize hidden elsewhere.

"Well, I guess there's only one way to find out" she said aloud, and quickly
snatched the ring. As she did so she turned and drew one of her guns ready to
shoot the first of her enemies. However, she found no enemies only that the
pedestal behind her was descending and releasing a jet of smoke as it did so.

"Well, I guess that's kind of different," were the only words she managed
to gasp before everything faded to black.

* * *

When Lara awoke she was surprised about several aspects of her surroundings.
First, the stone guards were no longer stone but appeared to be of flesh
and blood. They were all lined up in front of her mostly nude except for a
sort of loincloth and what appeared to be ceremonial headdresses. Second,
she was tied, spread-eagled, to some sort of x shaped stone altar. Third,
her shorts, shirt, socks, boots, underwear, and most importantly her guns
had been removed and she was completely exposed to the on-looking people.
Now Lara Croft was well aware that she was generally considered one of the
most beautiful women that many men were ever likely to meet. This was
natural considering her characteristics she was tall, with a tremendous set
of breasts that men drooled over, a slim waist, full hips to complement
her perfect ass, as well as a set of legs that she showed off at every
opportunity in her preferred tomb raiding shorts. However, she had never
assumed that she would ever be used sexually during any of her exploits and
although during the many times she had been captured by men sex was generally
near the top of a very short list of things they wanted from her, she had
escaped all of those situations unmolested. Lara's time ruminating on her
predicament was cut short by something even more surprising to her. The man
who appeared to be the head priest of the temple came forward and spoke to
her in perfect English.

"Lara Croft, welcome to our temple, we are pleased that you are awake again,"
he said as he approached.

"Who are you and why do you speak English?" Lara was dumbfounded, "and why am
I naked?"

"Lara, you are the one prophesized by our oracles thousands of years ago. We
built this temple for you to find and awaited your arrival. Worship of our
goddess began to decline, as did our civilization; you are the one destined
to wear the ring of the goddess."

"What?" she exclaimed, "There is no way you foretold my coming and can know
my name and my language, and even if you could that still wouldn't explain
why I'm naked!"

"Relax Lara, you are being honored, long ago this ritual was the highest
honor that could be awarded a woman in our culture, and we removed your
clothing only as required for the ceremony."

"So what's the ceremony," she asked "you guys chant and then you put the ring
on my finger?"

"Well yes there is chanting and then the adornment, but the ring of the
goddess does not go on a woman's finger."

"What? Wait, what do you...?" Lara's words were cut off by a wide strap of
leather placed around her mouth by one of the recently human statues.

"I'm sorry chosen one, but the supplicant must remain bound and gagged
during the ceremony," explained the head priest as the gag was secured.
"The chanting required is very precise and must remain undisturbed."

Lara tried to yell about how none of that explained her nudity or what part
of her anatomy that ring was supposed to adorn, but only muffled gibberish
emerged from behind the gag. As she screamed Lara noticed that the chanting
which had started out somewhat chaotic had settled to a short refrain which
she still couldn't understand. Apparently, the ritual was about to begin.
As soon as these thoughts had crossed her mind she heard the sound of stone
grating on stone and was surprised to note that the stone formation upon
which she was bound was slowly tilting on its axis bringing her gradually
into an upright position. As it did so it also brought her a startling
realization, every one of the near naked men in a circle in front of her was
sporting a massive erection. Almost as if sensing her thoughts the head
priest drew the chanting to a stop, with a motion of his hand he signaled
the rest of the men and each simultaneously removed his only garment,
leaving them naked from the neck down. As Lara futilely tried to voice her
disapproval at this change of events the men again began to chant this time
in low, rumbling tones. Between her legs Lara heard again the sound of
grating stone and looked down to see a opening growing beneath her and a
stone pedestal emerging from it. As the chanting continued the pedestal
continued to rise up from the ground in between Lara's spread legs. When it
was about a foot from where it would come to rest directly against her
defenseless pussy it stopped, and with it Lara's rising fear. However, the
respite was short lived as from the top of the pedestal rose the now
familiar blood red gem, recessed into the head of an obsidian phallus. As
her fate became more and more apparent Lara again resumed her attempts at
communicating her displeasure, but to no avail. As she yelled the phallus
continued to rise menacingly beneath her. Just as Lara felt the cold gem
tickle directly between her labia the chanting again stopped. The obsidian
cock that rose from the pedestal was at this point nearly a foot long and
wide, promising to be quite a challenge for Lara's tight womanhood.
Lara fell silent; preparing herself for what she knew was soon to come.
After she had taken one deep breath each of the men in front of her dropped
his right hand to his erect member and began stroking in unison. As they
did so they began a chant, a two syllable refrain gradually growing in
volume, the meaning of which was quite clear to Lara's ears. As they did so
the rock between her legs began to enter her, rising slowly in time to the
chant. Fearing pain, Lara was surprised by how smooth the stone was. The
first inch of the head buried itself in her tender folds and all Lara could
think about was how easily it slid into her, almost as if it had been
designed to penetrate a woman, an assumption which was of course true.
Second on Lara's mind was the moisture quickly gathering in her soon to be
despoiled pussy. Normally, Lara got a little juiced when she was in the
middle of a good looting, but these were certainly not normal looting
conditions. On the other hand, the dick currently entering her was much
larger than she was used to and she was certainly glad for the extra
lubrication her wetness was providing. As she wondered at these factors the
priests had increased their volume and with it the height of the invading
member. Now the entire head entered Lara with each stroke, its rather
impressive girth parting her labia and stretching her opening. Lara emitted
a muffled groan at the increased penetration but was none the less aware of
her growing wetness. She had been on the search for this temple for some
weeks and consequently been without sex or her favorite vibrator for a long
while. The forced sex she was enduring at the moment only brought this fact
into sharp perspective. She silently hoped that she wouldn't embarrass
herself by cumming in front of her pseudo-rapists. Uncannily as always, the
priests seemed to respond to this thought with an increase in the pace and
volume of their chant, which caused a proportional increase in the speed and
depth of the invading phallus.

Moaning into her gag, Lara wondered how much of the stone cock she was
expected to accept into her now quite slippery twat. Now burying itself
into her almost six inches at a time the massive piece of stone continued to
pound her relentlessly, its girth stretching but not hurting her sensitive
inner walls. Up and down it oscillated between her forcefully spread legs,
disappearing into her cunt and reappearing slick with her juices. God, this
feels good, thought Lara, if I can only hold out for a... uhhhhnnhh! She
moaned again as another inch of smooth stone forced its way into her pussy.
Damn, thought Lara, this is actually the best fuck I've had in a while,
what's wrong with me, why am I getting off on this? Despite her qualms
about it Lara's body did seem to be betraying her. Now making squelching
noises that could be heard above the grating of stone and the chant of the
priests her pussy was also quite visibly wet and her juices were running
down the length of the smooth black stone. Unable to properly voice her
pleasure Lara was reduced to breathing heavily through her nose, along with
an occasional groan into her leather gag. Lara was quickly become irrational
with pleasure her mind focusing solely on the sensation of the cock that was
pleasuring her almost impossibly wet pussy.

As the chant again increased in tempo and volume Lara new that she was going
to cum, probably very visibly and as loudly as possible on the piece of rock
she was being raped with. However, if Lara had been capable of thinking she
wouldn't have seen her predicament as violation. Lara had almost certainly
never been fucked this well in her life. She was so horny as to be unable to
understand anything about her situation least of all why she was so goddamn
aroused. She had a fleeting image of herself being gangbanged by all of the
men in front of her and quickly opened her eyes to gaze at all of the cocks
arrayed before her. Her stare at the collective crotches in front of her must
have been noticed because the chanting continued to crescendo and all logical
thought was quickly banished from Lara's pleasure-filled brain. The dildo was
now thrusting wildly in and out of her soaking slit, a full nine inches of it
disappearing inside her with each stroke. The girth of it was stretching her
twat obscenely, and also having the added benefit of causing her fully erect
clit to slide along the length of the stone as it penetrated her. Lara felt
she was on the very brink of her orgasm, right now was usually the time
during sex when she was moaning loudly and begging to be fucked harder.
Fortunately, despite her being unable to talk, she was being fucked quite
hard enough. When her eyes came down from the back of her head she could see
that all of their masturbatory efforts were not without effect on the men
gathered in front of her. In particular their breathing seemed slightly
ragged and their hands seemed to be moving at a frantic pace. As she thought
this, their chant, now almost forgotten by Lara, reached almost an almost
deafening volume. At any other time she might have wondered about how the
acoustics of this particular temple may have allowed for the twenty men to
sound like two hundred, but at this point any thoughts besides those focused
on her well-filled cunt were noticeably absent. Almost the full length of the
cool black stone was thrusting into her at breakneck speed. With a hearty
attempt to scream loud enough to be heard above the din Lara's orgasm was
upon her. Shaking in her bonds, Lara came like a freight train, leaking a
copious amount of her girl-cum on the length of the already slick rock.
Simultaneously her gathered captors also came, each directing his cock at
Lara's quaking form. Streams of cum began to shower her as each man emptied
his balls on her nude body. Enraptured as she was she barely even noticed
the semen that was being sprayed on her, she barely noticed the bright light
coming from beneath her, and then she lost the ability to notice anything at

* * *

When Lara awoke she was immediately aware of two things, first her pussy
ached like hell from the fucking she had received, and second she was lying
on the ground face down in front of the temple she had just raided. She sat
up and took stock of her situation. She had apparently just been fucked by
a big rock inside a supposedly abandoned temple where she had been searching
for a gem of some value. The sticky evidence of the mass ejaculation still
hung to her naked body, covering her face, tits, stomach, and... oh my god,
there it was. The ring that she had discovered shortly before her capture
was hers alright; it was currently hanging from its position adorning her
clit. She looked carefully at it, there were no markings of any kind on it
that indicated how it had pierced her and her clit, although noticeably
erect, seemed to be none the worse for the piece of silver that ran through

"That must have been the entire point of that ritual," thought Lara. "All of
that ceremony just to get your clit pierced, times certainly have changed."
She dismissed the question of exactly how the piercing had occurred, as in
her line of work it was usually futile to wonder about the magical and
technological abilities of civilizations that predated almost all written
history. What interested her more was the head priest's talk about prophecy
and her being some sort of chosen one. She considered it briefly and then
decided that whatever answers she would receive started with the ring in her
nether regions. As she thought about it her right hand idly lowered to her
still slippery pussy and began to diddle with the ring. As she realized this
she also realized how good it felt, and how horny she still was. Usually an
intense orgasm like the one she had been forced to have was enough for her,
but it appeared that her dripping slit had other ideas. She began to play
with her clit, noticing how sensitive the piercing had made it. Her other
hand rose and began to play with her cum covered breasts. Lara was no
stranger to the male psyche, but she still failed to realize what the
obsession was with cumming on the woman they had just fucked. In her
experience men loved to shower her tits and face with cum, almost as much as
they loved the orgasm itself. In a lot of ways it had always aroused Lara,
the dirtiness of the act was enough to get her to allow the men she had
pleased to cum on her whenever they liked. She usually liked to have a towel
handy or a warm bath but today she had to make do without. Her right hand
continued to tease her clit as she took her left breast in her hand and began
to rub her now erect nipple. She let out a soft moan as she ran her fingers
over the jewel that that topped her clit ring, and immediately decided she
need more stimulation. Rising up onto her knees she spread her thighs wide
and inserted two fingers into her wet channel. Although she had just been
fucked with a cock wider than she had ever seen her pussy was still as tight
as it ever was, possibly tighter. This inconsistency in physics and anatomy
barely even occurred to Lara as she kneeled on the ground finger-fucking
herself. Her thumb had found her clit again and was rubbing her clit and the
ring wildly. Her left hand, still fondling her hard nipple now began to pinch
the erect nub, sending waves of pain and pleasure through her body. Becoming
unsatisfied with the fucking that her fingers were providing she added a
third to her soaked twat and began to raise and lower herself upon them,
trying to cram more of their length into her honeypot. Then, almost without
a thought, Lara did what she had only seen in pornography; she hefted her
breast up to her mouth and began to suck on her own nipple.

One of the reasons Lara usually let men cum on her as they pleased was that
to her it was much preferable to having them cum in her mouth, another
favorite among the male population. Lara usually detested the taste of cum,
its rancid and viscous nature usually made her gag, but here she was sucking
on her cum-coated nipple like a child on a lollypop. For some reason this
time Lara realized that she didn't mind the taste, in fact she found its
salty flavor quite good. She sucked first one nipple and then the other
clean, all the while fucking herself upon her fingers. After cleaning as
much of her breasts as she could reach with her tongue she took her now free
left hand and used it to better stimulate her clit. Now panting heavily
Lara felt the familiar sensation of her orgasm approaching and tried to fuck
herself even harder than she had previously been, which was quite a feat
considering her frantic attempts to fill her cunt more fully. Adding a
fourth finger to her slit she took the ring between the fingers of her other
hand and tugged on it firmly, causing sensations so intense she saw stars.
This triggered an orgasm on par with the one she had during her previous
encounter, causing Lara to scream loudly as her already wet fingers were
sprayed with more of her juices. As the after effects of her orgasm left
Lara weak-kneed and trembling softly she lay back on the ground and raised
her fingers to her mouth. Sucking her fingers clean of her own cum proved
for Lara to be as pleasurable as cleaning her tits of spunk, although she
had never before tasted her own essence.

"God," thought Lara. "Something must be wrong with me, first I cum in front
of all those men, then next thing I know I'm fucking myself, licking up their
seed, and then tasting my own cunt-cream. Must be something to do with this
ring..." Gathering her wits and then rising to her feet Lara began the long
trek back to her Humvee, where another set of clothes, food and water awaited
her. Lara thanked her lucky stars that she came well prepared, the thought of
making it back to civilization in her birthday suit and still fairly drenched
in cum didn't appeal to her much. Upon reaching her vehicle she noticed a
book lying on the front seat, with a note sticking out from between its
pages. She looked over the book, which was large, leather bound, and the
cover of which depicted a direct view of a woman's pubic mound, her clit
adorned with what appeared to be the same ring that Lara now wore. Taking the
note from between the pages she read it what it said in perfect English:

Chosen One,
By now you may have realized the ring of the goddess is not
a mere trifle. We hope you enjoy it as it will be with you
for a long time. We thought this book might help, be seeing

Love to the Goddess,
Your Devoted Worshippers

...One month later

The book was, at first, not very helpful at all. Lara was originally quite
upset that the book was written in one of the few ancient languages she
hadn't encountered. Not trusting anyone else to translate the book, and
thereby become aware of her embarrassing predicament Lara dedicated herself
to learning the language, a task that she had now completed. It had taken
Lara a longer time than she would have liked but there had been a
considerable number of distractions. Not least among these was the ring on
clit, which caused her an almost unbearable irritation. Normally Lara's
libido was well satisfied, either by her own hands, or by one of a few
select men that Lara singled out for the purpose. Recently however, none of
these had been able to satisfy Lara's desires. Upon her return to her
country manor she quickly realized that her hands would not be up to the
task. She had spent her first night back in her bed, rubbing her clit as
fast as she could while jamming as much of her hand as she could into her
slippery cunt. After managing to cum at least a dozen times Lara was no
closer to dousing the fire that burned between her thighs. The next day had
been spent in a flurry of shopping and when it was done Lara thought she had
enough sex toys to satisfy all the pornstars in California. However, it
seemed all the vibrators in the world weren't enough to satisfy her dripping
pussy. It seemed she was more able than ever to reach her orgasm, which she
did frequently, but none of her orgasms seemed to satisfy her. If anything,
each time she came her desire to do so again increased.

After Lara had given up on satisfying her desires privately she enlisted
the help of her little black book. First she called James. James was an
acquaintance from a few years back and was always ready and willing when
Lara made a booty call. This time was no different except that James, who
normally fucked Lara for about an hour, came almost as soon as he entered
her overheated twat.

"Christ Lara! I'm sorry, but have you been using a pussy-tightening cream?
You're as tight as a vice!" he exclaimed, after spraying his load on Lara's

"You disappoint me James, usually you last for hours. I need satisfaction!"
pouted Lara. James, quick to comply and quickly regaining his erection, stuck
his dick into Lara with the purpose of giving it to her in earnest. However,
each time James thrust his cock into her he felt as though he were going to
erupt. She seemed as if she were impenetrable yet as soon as the tip of his
dick entered her pussy it felt as though it was sucked in and then milked by
the contractions of her cunt. He lasted perhaps thirty seconds longer the
second time around but soon withdrew he cock and again busted his load on
Lara's flawless ass. After this they tried it in missionary position. James
lasted slightly longer this third time but still rather quickly withdrew and
came all over Lara's now exposed face and chest. In his enthusiasm for this
experience he fucked Lara another three times back to back each time lasting
no more than two minutes and each time cumming quite liberally on Lara's
body. James didn't stop to wonder how it was possible for him to be staying
erect through six orgasms or for him to continue spray truly huge amount of
cum over Lara time and time again. He was much too happy doing these things
to worry about how they were happening. Lara, for her part was enjoying
herself as much as she could. Although her pussy was much more sensitive and
felt much tighter now she couldn't find much satisfaction in the short bursts
of sex with James. Each time she felt as though she were going to cum he
would just pull out and blow his load all over her. Originally surprised by
this Lara soon came to realize that she enjoyed it immensely and that if she
rubbed her clit as he covered her in spunk she could cum every time. After
their sixth round James' hardon started to wane and Lara was left lying back
panting in the aftermath of her most recent orgasm, totally soaked in jizz.
Remembering how she had enjoyed her most recent taste of cum Lara began to
lick some of the spunk off of her face and tits.

After watching Lara lick herself clean for a few minutes James became so
aroused that he fucked Lara another three times and more than replaced
whatever cum Lara had removed. After the last bout James proceeded to fall
into the deepest sleep Lara had ever seen. Lara lay back on her enormous
bed and gently rubbed her breasts and nipples. She had wondered about the
things James ignored. But she felt she was beginning to see the connections
between the ring on her clit and her new sexual experiences. As she lay
back thinking and rubbing herself she gradually noticed that the spunk that
had been covering the majority of her face and body seemed to disappear into
her skin. As she was rubbing it into her breasts she noticed that they
seemed to become fuller and her nipples which already felt able to cut glass
became even harder. When she looked at herself in the mirror later not only
did it seem as if she'd already taken a shower (although she did suppose
that technically a shower of some kind had been taken) but that her already
perfect body was somehow more perfect. Lara's breasts, though not much
bigger, looked fuller and perkier. Her lips felt bigger and softer and the
lips of her pussy were puffier and seemingly never dry. Although her nine
round fuckfest had temporarily satisfied Lara's carnal cravings just looking
at herself in the mirror made her want to fuck. James left when he awoke
with a giant smile on his face.

The first weeks were a rundown of Lara's sexual history in reverse. She
called and fucked every man she had previous had sex with who wasn't dead or
in prison. One day, she even went and paid a conjugal visit to Henry in jail.
With each of them the story was the same. They came, they fucked a dozen
times and Lara played with her clit as they showered their cum upon her. A
few guys liked to titfuck her, after the first few failed attempts at trying
to stop from cumming as soon as they entered her pussy. She had originally
thought these titfucks would last longer but every time a guy laid his dick
in between her tits and began to thrust just looking at Lara as she licked
the head of their cock and played with her nipples made him cum almost as
quickly as in her cunt. A few guys also asked for blowjobs which Lara was all
too happy to give. These lasted about as long as the titfucks due to Lara's
noticeably dexterous tongue and new lips. She took on every cock with the
same ease and gave no pause to what she had previously considered big dicks.
She was about to have a second thought as to taking all of her ex lover
Percival, who despite his ridiculous name had an enormous foot-long dick.
Any thought was quickly banished by the feeling of her tight passage being
expanded by his cock. Percival was the only guy who actually came inside of
Lara because he was the only one that made her cum while he was inside of her
and once he did, he couldn't pull out.

After eventually making her way through every man she knew Lara had finally
begun to study in order to translate the book in which the secrets of her
ring were hidden. Walking one day from her bedroom to the library she passed
her trusty butler Jeeves. Although she normally assigned Jeeves a sort of
asexual position, she noticed a large bulge in his trousers.

"Good evening Ma'am. Is there anything you desire?" Jeeves asked as Lara

"Jeeves, do you have a hard-on right now?" Lara asked in return.

"Excuse me, Ma'am?"

"A hard-on Jeeves, a boner, a stiffy?"

"Why yes, Ma'am, how kind of you to notice."

"Come on then, pull it out," laughed Lara as she dropped to her knees. She
could barely believe she was going to blow her butler in the hallway. But
then again, she did also suppose that she'd been mean to him, walking around
as hot as she was having sex with everyone else. Jeeves quickly unzipped his
trouser and his average sized dick fell out. Lara quickly undid the tie on
her robe and let it fall to the floor. Kneeling before her butler she began
by giving the length of his cock a good lick. Seeing how Jeeves reacted she
could tell this was going to be a quick one. She soon began to bob her head
on it, until wordlessly Jeeves pulled out and exploded all over her face.
Having encountered a tremendous amount of semen in the recent past Lara was
safely able to say that it was the biggest load she had ever seen in her
life. Without even a drop of sweat on his brow nor a break in his expression
he sprayed jet after jet of hot spunk into Lara's face. The old man seemed
to have an endless supply of jizz stored in his aging balls. Gooey ropes of
sperm just flew out of his cock, having an almost magnetic attraction to
Lara's gorgeous rack. Huge dollops of cum splattered her face, leaving large
strands of his semen dripping from her cheeks Cum ran down her face and
pooled between her breasts which Jeeves then continued to spunk all over. It
was truly a lot of cum. As he sprayed her Lara tugged at her clit ring and
reached an orgasm within moments. Almost without thinking she then wrapped
her lips around the end of the spurting cock and began to suck, just as it
seemed the eruption of cum was at its end. Jeeves was almost able to make a
gasp of astonishment before he blew another load on Lara's beautiful body.
Almost as big as the first this load soaked Lara to the point where she could
barely even feel the globs of cum as they fell on her skin. Jeeves, for his
part, was unable to remain conscious with so many of his bodily fluids
gathered in his groin and passed out, landing with his still erect dick
pointing straight up into the air. Lara briefly considered giving him a ride
while he was out but then decided that it might kill him. Seeing no point in
getting her robe all cummy Lara returned to her studies nude, glistening with

* * *

After several months of research, a good third of which was spent with
something shoved in her cunt Lara finally reached a workable translation of
some of the text. Separated into discrete sections it seemed to be a manual
of various artifacts. Each accompanied by some sort of illustration or
pictograph there were dozens of items, the use of most of which Lara could
only guess. Luckily the ring that she now wore and which was pictured on
the cover of the book was also the first entry. The salient points that she
found were as follows: first, the ring was created some five or six thousand
years ago and was called something like "the ring of the goddess." The
goddess in question seemed to be some sort of fertility goddess, but in her
depictions she lacked the massive hip size and rotund belly that usually
accompanied the fertility goddesses of the period. Second, the ring was
traditionally worn by the head priest of the goddess, who for the purposes
of the religion became almost synonymous with the goddess herself. Third,
the ring was directly responsible for the changes in her body and sexual
habits since she had received it. Her pussy, which seemed almost impossibly
tight, could accommodate a cock of enormous size without causing her damage.
This of course was correlated with the inability of the men she had slept
with to keep from cumming almost immediately. If men were anywhere around
the ring they developed a constant erection, allowing them to cum again and
again. The manual wasn't so clear on why men came so quickly in her mouth
or why it was almost always on her tits. Another thing the manual wasn't
clear on was how one would go about removing the ring of the goddess. Lara
didn't look into it much was pretty sure she never wanted to remove it. She
had been enjoying her new body more than she usually enjoyed stealing
things. Sure, the ring had been forced on her, but had she known about it,
she might have accepted it willingly. Her only problem at this point was
that she was constantly horny. She very much enjoyed her increased libido
when she was with a man but when she was alone she found that she could only
fuck herself for so long. No matter how long she went at it, she always
found herself wanting more. What she needed was something that could satisfy
her long enough so that she could actually live her usually life. Much as
she loved the ring, she still loved tomb raiding. Leafing through the manual
she came across what might be the solution to her problem. The picture showed
it all: a sizable jewel encrusted cock. The top of the page listed the item's
name: The Phallus of Satisfaction.

To be continued...

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