Disclaimers: This is certainly not a story for children. Whatever one may
say about the maturity level of teenagers it has been my experience that
they don't need any help becoming aroused. As such I suggest that anyone
under the age of 18 go and find some real sex to have. This work is also
most definitely a work of fiction. Fiction. Let me repeat that: Fiction.
Webster's defines a work of fiction as “something invented by the
imagination” which is what this is. However, as much as my imagination
created this story I didn't create Lara Croft or any of the things that
have her name on them. Responsibility for that lies elsewhere and if you're
interested I invite you to find out who shoulders that burden. Anyway, this
is a work intended for the amusement of adults and not to make money in any
way shape or form. Finally, this story is not a great piece of writing, if
you wanted great writing, look somewhere else like I dunno… Ginsberg. This
is pornography, pure and simple.

Story Codes: (MF,M+F,F-solo,F-best,bond)

Tomb Raider: Part 2 - Lara Croft And The Phallus Of Satisfaction
by Monkey Butler

Lara Croft was having the time of her life. Of course, she had been having
the time of her life for the past couple of months, not to mention the
numerous times before that. However, Lara had only recently discovered a
means through which she might be able to extend this time period
indefinitely. Lara at this point in her life had two loves, the love of
stealing and the love of sex. Before her most recent expedition Lara's top
two loves had been the same only with their priorities reversed. On that
expedition Lara had hoped to obtain a valuable gem that was purported to
have great worth. She had, as always, found what she was looking for but
she obtained it in through a means she hadn't planned. She now wore the
small red gem on a ring through her clit, attached by some mystical means
and irremovable as far as Lara knew. Of course, Lara's knowledge of the
subject of removal was mostly due to her lack of interest in the subject.

She loved the ring and the changes it had wrought in her. Having naturally
been a knockout might have had something to do with why she had been given
the ring, but her current figure was so perfect as to make Lara almost
constantly want to fuck herself, which she frequently did. The amount of
self fucking she did was almost exceeded by the regular fucking she now
needed at least daily. The effects of the ring were such that her pussy was
constantly wet but also extremely tight. This tightness was contrasted with
the ability to accommodate even the largest cocks that Lara had encountered.

However, the men who fucked Lara now reported to her that it felt "like
honey and velvet" and was so tight as to make them cum almost immediately.
And cum they did, the men she encountered came an almost ridiculously
copious amount and were able to do so anywhere from five to a dozen times
before losing consciousness. Lara for her part merely was not so much
pleased with the brevity of the sex but had become extremely excited by all
the jizz that men showered her with. Lara had noticed too that despite
being constantly covered in spunk her skin seemed to absorb the stuff and
leave the covered area (usually her magnificent tits) feeling smooth and
firm. Usually she came from playing with herself while men were unloading
on her and this action had become one of the greatest satisfactions she
could receive. This lack of satisfaction was Lara's only real problem with
her current predicament. Although she loved the ring (and she really did
love it) she still held a place in her heart for stealing. Stealing was
somewhat difficult in her hyper aroused state and although she knew that she
could still do her thing she was somewhat worried she might end up fucking
whatever guarded her intended loot. What she needed was something that
could quench the fire in her loins long enough so that she could satisfy the
hunger of her mischievous soul.

Fortunately for Lara, the same weird ancient stone-come-to-life cultists that
had given her the ring had also given her a manual for it. Unfortunately, the
same weird cultists that had somehow foretold her coming and spoke her
language hadn't given her a book in the same language. She had spent a few
months doing some translation but her archeological skills ran more towards
the running, climbing, and shooting than the translation of ancient
artifacts. What she had been able to find out about the ring thus far was
pretty much the same things she had noticed before she figured out the book.
She had been about to think the manual a waste before she found her perfect
solution in the later pages.

Her attempts to enact this solution were now well underway. She had, with the
manual's help discovered the location of the artifact she currently desired.
It was housed, of course, in a temple in the fucking jungle and Lara had been
more irritated than ever at the predictability of her profession. These had
been the same sorts of thoughts she had been having last time however, and
that trip had certainly not turned out how she had predicted. Lara had
traversed the supposedly impassable terrain and was now at the door to the
temple. She had made it this far in record time, despite her few stops for
masturbatory relief. Abandoning her usual attire Lara wore a short skirt
instead of her usual shorts. There were a few reasons for this change of
dress among them the fact that she didn't want to constantly be soaking the
crotch of shorts. She also for the first time on an expedition wore panties,
those these were nothing more than a dripping wet thong serving mainly to
hold a large vibrator in her cunt. Not constantly wanting to have to stop and
pull the dildo out of her bag she had simply traveled with it firmly in place
between her nether lips. She would have trusted to her extremely tight pussy
to hold the thing in place if not for the fact that the fluids she constantly
was leaking were extremely slippery, more so than any lubricant Lara had ever

Standing now at the door to the temple Lara looked up at it. Pyramidal
shapes were the norm for temples but she guessed the shape of this one was
demonstrative of what it contained. Extending straight up into the air, the
temple was a tower, shaped like a giant cock. The sight of it the giant cock
aroused Lara such that she reached under the front of her skirt and began to
play with her clit ring. Wanting to go into the temple with as clear a head
as possible she decided now would be a good time to rip off a few good ones.
She tickled her clit for a short time before pulling her tiny thong to the
side and starting to fuck herself with her steadily humming vibrator. After
shoving the length of it into herself for several moments she felt the
familiar feeling of an orgasm begin within her. She started frigging her
clit more rapidly and this quickly trigged her orgasm.

As she came on the plastic dick inside her she pulled on the ring knowing
full well the combination of pleasure and pain would cause her multiple
orgasms, which it did. After a few minutes of moaning and dripping her
juices onto the ground between her legs Lara regained her senses, pushed the
vibrator all the way back inside her, righted her soaking wet panties, and
continued into the temple. Lara had no doubt that some danger or another
awaited her inside the temple. These things were always guarded and although
the trials of the last temple she had enjoyed the manual specifically
mentioned both a trial and guardians for this item. Lara hoped she could get
past the guardians pretty quickly and that the trail would be one she
enjoyed. She could hardly wait to find out what degrading act she must
perform to earn her prize.

As she entered the temple she looked at the runes that covered it, some of
which she could now more fully understand. She didn't much care for what they
said, whatever was inside she was going to have to confront. She needed this
thing. She needed it really bad. The ground floor of the temple contained
nothing except for a long hallways leading up to some stairs. Lara drew her
guns and carefully ascended the staircase. It led up to a circular room with
a staircase at the opposite end. Lara began to walk carefully to the other
end of the room, ready for any attackers, when she heard the familiar sound
of stone grating on stone. Turning around to face the staircase she had just
come up she saw a quadruped that almost resembled a large stone dog. As it
came up the stairs Lara dove to the side ready to shoot at it when she saw
something that made almost made her want to cry with joy. Hanging from
between the dog's legs was a humungous stone cock.

Desperately wanting that thing inside of her and not wanting to have to fight
to get it, Lara slowly put down her guns. Then she slowly turned her back to
the stone creature and got down on her knees. The dog seemed to be interested
in her as she heard its giant paws on the ground moving towards her. Reaching
between her spread thighs Lara ripped off her thong and quickly withdrew her
vibrator. She knew that her twat could probably accommodate the vibrator even
with the giant doggy dick but she didn't want to test that theory. Leaning
forward to get on all fours Lara looked to where the stone dog was directly
behind her. As she hiked her skirt up all the way Lara realized she had
always kinda hoped that tomb raiding would involve this much fucking.

The large creature bent its stone head towards Lara's overheated cunt and
seemed to be taking a large whiff of her musky smell. Seemingly satisfied
with what it smelled it proceeded to place its large forepaws on either side
of Lara's shoulders. Now towering directly over her she looked back between
its legs, hoping to guide its stone dick into her dripping pussy. She barely
managed to get a good look at the huge hunk of rock before the dog speared
her directly in her splayed twat. Suddenly, what Lara guessed had to be at
least a foot long and thicker than her wrist had entirely disappeared into
her cunt. She had realized that she could take any size dick she wanted but
she hadn't been so very aware of her capacity for dick until this very
moment. The sensation of the smooth rock completely buried within her pussy
was enough to cause her to cum right then and there.

Unlike the men she had fucked this creature had not the weaknesses of flesh
and didn't seem as if it was going to be cumming any time soon. After the
initial penetration the dog just stayed still as Lara came all over its rock
hard member. Soon Lara calmed down enough to stop moaning and the beast began
to fuck her. Taking huge strokes it pulled its cock, now slick with Lara's
juices, until just the enormous head rested between Lara's pussylips and then
pushed the whole length back into her with one thrust. Doing this slowly at
first Lara had time to adjust to the size of the cock by cumming loudly on it
each time it slid into her moist depths. As she continued to cum the dog
picked up the pace, slamming into her faster and faster. No longer having any
time to come down from her orgasms Lara was brought to an almost constant
state of climax. She was able to scream the word "Fuck!" each time it
penetrated her until she lost the ability to form whole words and resorted to
obscene moans. The force of the dog fucking her was so great that her arms
gave way and she lay face down on the ground, with her ass high in the air
receiving what had just taken the title of the fucking of her lifetime. For
its part the dog was nothing if not relentless.

Oblivious to Lara's moans it just continued to plow into her cunt as fast
as it seemed able. Lara's juices soaked both Lara's thighs and the ground
beneath her as she became even wetter with each of her endless chain of
orgasms. With her face on the floor her tits started to rub against the
cool stone as she was brutally fucked from behind. The sensation of her
hard nips scraping against the ground caused her even more arousal than she
previously thought possible.

However, as Lara's dog fucking continued her constant stream of climaxes
began to slow its pace although the dog did no such thing. Having now been
fucking Lara's vice-tight cunt at speeds greater than any man was capable
of for several minutes the dog showed no sign of slowing or cumming anytime
soon. Lara wondered how much work it took to wring cum from a stone and
then decided that the very fact she was wondering anything was sign she
needed more stimulation. Reaching one of her semi-pinned arms out in front
of her she felt the familiar feeling of her vibrator humming on the ground
and grasped at it. Having procured her favorite toy she brought it between
her legs and placed it against her swollen and hard clit. Being stretched
as far as she was her clit was basically sawing against the rock cock as it
pummeled her twat. As such Lara was unsurprised when the addition of the
vibrator caused the dog to emit a low growl that sounded like blocks of
granite being rubbed together. Adding some extra push to its thrusts the
dog shoved what seemed to be even more cock into Lara's honeypot. The
increased pressure and the vibrations on her extremely sensitive clit caused
Lara to launch into another series of orgasms. The wet spot between her legs
had become a small puddle as her fluids continued to leak out of her wide
spread cunt.

When her senses once again started returning to her Lara realized that the
dog was in fact shoving more dick into her. Reaching back between her legs
she grasped the doggy-dick and gasped as she realized what was going on.
Whoever made this stone abomination of lust had fitted it with a cock
anatomically quite similar to that of a real dog. Of course, this cock was
much larger than that of any real dog on the planet. However, all this meant
was that the knot that it was slipping more and more of into Lara's pussy
was monstrously thick. The difficulty it was having getting the width of the
knot into her made Lara slightly worried about the limits of her cunny's
expansion. This worry was replaced by both relief and intense pleasure as
moments later the thickest part of the dog's knot slipped in between her lips
and into her already wide stretched twat. Lara would have tried to remember
what she knew about dog sex and how the knot was supposed to get out of her
cunt but its intrusion had trigged another bout of loud cumming. The tight
fit of the cock in her pussy was such that her girl cum was spraying the
floor as she screamed as loud as she could.

The dog, now unable to remove the length of its prick just continued
thrusting into Lara with all its might, causing her tits to scrape even
harder against the stone tiles of the floor. Just as Lara thought the beast
was going to plow into her so hard as to break her neck she felt the
beginnings of its orgasm. Somehow the stone cock began trembling inside her
and the dog let out an unearthly howl as it began to fill her with cum.

Lara tried to pull out to receive some of the dog spunk on her rather than
in her but the contractions of her cunt around the dog's knot kept the cock
firmly in place. As she felt the jizzum spraying her insides Lara felt
herself cum from the pure realization of her current situation. She was on
the floor of an ancient temple with her ass in the air was a giant stone dog
sprayed it's cum into her splayed slit. As the tidal wave of her orgasm
crested and she lost consciousness she realized she had never been happier.

* * *

When Lara awoke a short time later the rocky abomination she had just been
intimate with was curled up in a statuesque imitation of a sleeping dog. Lara
was far from curled up, lying flat on her back her legs spread wide with a
large puddle of combined fluids most of which had leaked out of her pussy as
she slept. Surprisingly however Lara's clothes had not been jizzed on and she
was able to continue in some semblance of dignity. As Lara continued up the
stairs she could see that this feeling of dignity was going to be short
lived. At the top of the stairs was a room identical to the first. Whereas
the first room had been initially empty the center of this room was occupied
by a statue of a man Lara guessed seven or eight feet tall. Also, the term
man would probably not properly describe the hulking almost gorilla-like
stature of the statue. Although it would have been hard to miss, Lara didn't
even have to look to know the statue was sporting an enormous erection. As
her gaze inevitably settled on the stone dick she guessed it was about two
feet long and thicker than anything she had encountered. Her pussy although
it had recently been fucked quite thoroughly was beginning to demonstrate the
familiar effects of arousal.

Lara became momentarily disgusted with herself for getting so horny at the
mere sight of a stone dick but the disgust gave way to more excitement as
she continued to think about the cock and how much she wanted to fuck it.
Thinking about this only made her think again about how easily she took in
the last cock and how good that had felt. This propelled her thoughts in
through a now well worn cycle of lust that Lara knew intimately. Before
long she sank to her knees before the statue and started playing with her
clit. Deciding to dispense with her clothing preemptively Lara removed her
skirt, shirt, and guns and threw them towards the far side of the room. As
she knelt with her legs spread wide, diddling her clit she wondered when her
stone lover to be would awake. She continued to think about this as she
stared at the giant cock and shoved her fingers into her wet snatch. She
kept on rubbing at her clit and soon her thoughts were concentrated solely
on the rod before her. Marveling at its size and fantasizing about the
wonders it could perform in her cunt Lara suddenly decided she had to have
it. That was probably how one wakes up the statue. The thought to continue
on past the statue to her intended prize didn't occur to her at that
particular moment.

Thankfully, the cock was pointed at such an angle in the air that Lara
thought mounting it wouldn't be a problem. Clambering nude up the statue she
came to rest straddling the base of the huge rock her pussy rubbing against
the cold stone. Lara enjoyed this sensation so much that she spent a few
moments sliding her clit against the hard stone cock, wetting its length with
her juices. Be too horny to settle for anything less then massive penetration
Lara soon gave up this position and position herself holding onto the statue
with her pussy hovering above the head of the stupendous phallus. Stopping to
savor the moment for only a second she then began to slowly impale herself on
the massive tool. As the head of the prick met her opening Lara almost
thought she wasn't going to be able to take the extreme width but a second
later the first couple of inches were inside her. Not only was she able to
handle it, it felt even better than the dog.

As she continued to gradually fill herself with stone her pussy was already
almost gushing her natural lubricant. She slid further and further down
almost unable to breathe due to the intense sensations emanating from her
crotch. When she was halfway down the immense prick she felt her first
orgasm coming on. Lifting herself up slightly she slid another three inches
down the fat stone dick and came immediately. Her pussy was so full of dick
that as she came her juices sprayed the rest of the stone cock, soaking it
liberally in girl-cum.

As soon as the contractions of her cunt began to subside Lara continued her
quest to reach the base of the statue's cock. Still having more than half a
foot of dick exposed Lara realized the immensity of her task. Whereas the
dog cock she had just fucked had been shoved quite forcefully into her slit
she was the one doing all the work on this statue. As she lifted herself up
again she immediately felt the absence of the cock in her twat and thrust
herself downwards as hard as she could to try and cram more stone into her

She was rewarded for her behavior with another orgasm and another three
inches of stone inside her tight and sopping wet slit. However, much as she
humped and squirmed she couldn't get the last length of the dick into her.
Not one to leave a job unfinished she proceeded to lift herself up until
only the head of the giant member remained inside her slippery opening. It
seemed to Lara that her pussy had developed a mind of its own and she could
feel its need to be full of cock. As she certainly didn't want to displease
the part of her anatomy that had been providing her with such pleasure as
of late, she plunged herself down with all of her weight on the statue's
enormous prick. Lara never actually saw her pussylips spread wide along the
base of the stone rod but her multiple orgasm told her she had satisfied the
desires of her ravenous twat.

As she came her pussy contracted along the length of the giant dick causing
sensations so intense Lara saw stars. For several moments all she could do
was scream and cum, a combination she found quite satisfying. Had she not
been screaming she might have heard the sound of gas hissing into the room
and had her eyes not been screwed shut she would might have seen the room
begin to grow misty. Because she didn't see or hear these things it came as
almost a complete surprise to Lara when she suddenly lost consciousness.

* * *

When Lara awoke she had the strangest feeling of deja vu. She was, once
again, tied, spread-eagled, and naked in front of a room full of nude men.
The fact that being in this position was familiar to her was enough to cause
Lara to burn with a little shame, but in the back of her mind she wondered
how they were going to fuck her this time. The familiar face of the head
priest of the last temple stepped forward from the crowd.

"Greetings, Chosen One" said the man, seemingly in a good mood. "You have
done well thus far and soon you shall have the thing you seek. However, there
is one final test before we can give you what you need. We hope you enjoy it,
though we know you won't."

"What mmmphphm..." Lara tried to ask what her last test was but was
simultaneously silenced with a ball-gag placed into her mouth from behind.
As a blindfold was placed over her eyes she could hear the voice of priest.

"Pardon the gag, but we've all agreed that we like you better when you can't
talk," he said. "Now all that is required of you is that you fill the cup at
your feet."

Lara wished she had gotten a better look at her surroundings before she as
blindfolded because she hadn't bothered looking between her legs. At this
point she couldn't imagine a cock so big that she wouldn't enjoy it, and as
such was slightly worried about what was going to befall her. As she wondered
she felt the lightest of touches between the lips of her pussy. Slowly and
smoothly she felt the very tip of what she could only assume was a stone
prick nestle in at the very entrance to her womanhood. Readying herself for
penetration Lara wondered at how big the cock was and how fast it was going
to be buried inside her. Just thinking about it and feeling it right at the
opening of her twat started getting Lara wet.

This is not to say that Lara wasn't wet already, for there hadn't been a time
since she had received the ring that her pussy had been the least bit dry,
but she could feel her wetness start to accumulate and drip down the stone
rod between her legs. She continued to think dirty thoughts about getting
fucked yet again by a big stone dick and these thoughts propelled her into
flights of fancy all of which had to do with giant dicks and her endlessly
tight pussy.

Coming back to reality for a moment, Lara realized that the stone cock at her
entrance hadn't moved in the slightest since it had been placed between her
thighs. Already aching for something inside of her Lara struggled against her
bonds in an attempt to put some of the cock inside her. Unfortunately Lara's
bonds were fairly tight and the best she could manage was to rub the tip of
the stone around the entrance to her cunt. All of the struggling in the world
didn't lead to the slightest bit more cock inside her. Thinking this slightly
strange Lara moaned her disapproval to the priests that she was certain were
still standing around her, probably jerking off. All her moan got her was a
slight snicker of laughter from somewhere close by.

As soon as she realized that she wasn't able to fuck the cock beneath her,
Lara realized just as surely that she needed to fuck it very badly. She had
been horny almost constantly for several months now but never had she been
denied the sweet release of a hard fucking. No man who had seen her had
walked by without sporting a massive erection and every man that she had
touched had cum on her gorgeous body.

As she thought about how hot she was, a frequent topic of consideration for
someone as beautiful as Lara, she felt the slightest increase in pressure
underneath her and then the stone cock began to soundlessly vibrate. The
sensation drove the already aroused Lara wild. Feeling her juices drip out
of her pussy onto the smooth stone dick Lara thrashed as hard as she could
trying to put more than the head of the dick inside her. The ropes
restraining her were strong and still allowed for only the slightest movement
of her pelvis, which she now strongly desired to stuff full of cock. The
vibration of the stone dick continued unabated as Lara struggled and soon
she realized the uselessness of her struggle. No matter how she tried the
cock seemed to remain ever on the edge of giving her the satisfaction she
desired. Her pussy was leaking a copious amount of fluid onto the dick that
she now assumed must be slick, perfectly lubricated to plunge into her at a
moment's notice.

As she banished the overly arousing thought from her head she realized that
this was her test. She had to fill whatever cup was between her legs with
her own juices. Realizing her task and accomplishing it were two different
things altogether. Lara felt a profound lack in her twat that she had never
experienced before while suffering through an ever growing and unfulfilled
arousal. The vibrations of the stone cock were causing her to moan into her
gag causing a small chorus of laughter at her expense. She felt then a shame
she had never known, being forced into such a high state of arousal and then
being denied, even though she knew for a fact that she was surrounded with
enough cock to quench even her greatest thirst. She imagined what she must
look like, moaning and squirming with a cock between her legs, horny as hell
but unable to fuck. The thought of herself in that position aroused her even
more and her juices continued to anoint the dick between her nether lips.

After a short while Lara felt the softest flick of a tongue across her rock
hard nipple. Thinking that finally she was to be relieved she arched her
chest as best she could to put her nipple into whatever mouth was pleasing
her. However, the touch of the tongue was fleeting and she was again left
at the mercy of her own excitement. Several times the tongue came and
caressed her nips, each time leaving her more aroused and begging for more.
Each time it came she hoped against hope that it would stay to pleasure her
and each time it left her at the height of her own desire.

After a time she began to get used to the fleeting tongue and its quick licks
and was starting to get a handle on being constantly aroused. The tongue,
whoever it belonged to, seemed to sense her desire perfectly and the next
time she felt its touch it was a quick lick across her clit. Lara thought she
was going to explode. Her clit, which had been left alone, was extremely
sensitive and the tongue swipe caused her to gush more of her juices on the
stone cock. She had been bound and teased for what seemed like forever and
finally she thought was going to be rewarded. However, the behavior of the
tongue had not changed and Lara was left, dripping like a leaky faucet. The
tongue continued to come at irregular intervals, sometimes licking her erect
nipples sometimes giving a swipe to her hard clit.

The vibrations of the rock-like prick beneath her continued unabated but Lara
was constantly short of achieving the orgasm she so desperately needed. At
some point in her ordeal fingers came to tease her in between the torments of
the ever elusive tongue. Thumbs would come seemingly from nowhere and rub her
stone-hard nipples, or trace maddening patterns along the flesh of her
sensitive breasts. Never would the fingers or tongue come to the same place
twice, always coming when she didn't expect and always leaving right before
Lara finally thought she could cum.

As she hung suspended she fantasized about hundreds of various ways in which
she could achieve orgasm but always the fingers came to draw her back to her
reality. It was uncanny how whoever was torturing her would sense when she
was drawing into herself and would give her nipple a good twist to bring her
back around. The first time this happened Lara thought she actually might cum
from the intense combination of pleasure and pain but was left, as always,

Throughout the entire ordeal her twat remained hot and soaking wet as she
constantly creamed herself on the vibrating rock. At some point she began to
wonder how large this cup was and how much she had already filled. It seemed
to her that she was gushing like a waterfall but her senses had taken a
temporary leave of absence. As she considered it a hand came down, giving
her a good hard slap on the ass, bringing her back to her more immediate

The slap had stung but it also awakened in Lara the realization of the
delicate balance between pleasure and pain. Normally, even since her recent
piercing, Lara was rather vanilla when it came to sex. She loved big dicks,
sure, but they usually only made brief detours between her lips before they
went into her twat. She never really experimented with bondage, spanking,
or anything darker than a copious spunk facial. As she considered the
benefits of kinkier living her big ass received another spanking and Lara
moaned in approval. Her moan seemed to be appreciated and the slap was
followed by another on her other cheek, then another, then another. Lara's
bare bottom jiggled with each slap and her pussy spurted in affirmation of
her treatment.

The spanking continued for a short time until Lara felt she was going to cum,
and then predictably, it stopped. As her moans continued the treatment her
defenseless body was receiving became rougher. The twisting of her nipples
became more insistent and was interspersed with sharp slaps on her shapely
ass and the occasional pinching of her throbbing clit. Every time her overly
sensitive body was touched Lara would moan in pleasure and her cunt would
gush in approval. Lara couldn't believe that she had already filled the cup
between her legs and was surprised that she wasn't hip-deep in her own
juices. Her pussy was wetter than she could ever remember it being and every
time she was touched it seemed to get even more so. But, regardless of Lara's
disbelief her bondage continued, the tremulous presence of the dick poised at
the entrance to her vulva accented by the assault of the unseen fingers and

Throughout her ordeal Lara went through all of the classic stages of loss.
First came denial, Lara's oversexed brain refusing to accept the fact that
she was being denied what was promising to be the greatest orgasm of her
life. Every time the tongue came to give her twat a quick lick she thought
for sure that this time it would stay, this time it would give her the
relief that she needed more than anything. Even the strongest denial had
trouble standing up to the overwhelming evidence that Lara's climax was
being denied to her intentionally and that no amount of hope would bring its
long awaited arrival.

This realization gave way to anger, Lara struggling with all her might to
exact revenge for her torment upon her gathered tormentors. However, all this
brought her was a particularly hard clit pinching, which made her see stars
but neither made her cum nor brought her any closer to freedom. For all her
strength and skill Lara was bound tight and not a knot loosened for all her
efforts. All her anger brought her was the realization that even with the
small amount of movement that she was allowed she couldn't bring the head of
that damnable vibrating dick into contact with her protruding clit. Her
frustration mounting she turned at last to bargaining to attempt to
uncomplicated her situation. The problem with this tactic was that bargaining
is especially difficult when one is completely physically restrained and
especially if one's mouth is gagged.

As both were true of Lara all that she could offer was suggestive moaning and
the most rudimentary of verbal communications. As moaning and squirming with
arousal was all Lara had done since being tied up her attempts to reason with
her captors via body language only brought her a sympathy spanking and the
laughter of men who saw her frustration. Having long ago exhausted the few
options she had Lara fell into depression. Of course depression is a relative
term and the ministrations of her invisible torturer were still able to draw
a response from her.

When at last Lara thought she could be still and deal with her frustration in
silence she would feel the pull of her nipple between invisible lips and her
desire would spike all over again. Through this cycle she went many times
before eventually coming to accept her fate. Although she was most surely
helpless at least there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Her pussy was a
lake and as soon as she had fulfilled the task they had laid out for her she
was sure to be rewarded with the climax of the century, or so she reasoned.
And so it was, bound, helpless, and resigned to her fate that Lara Croft was
finally rewarded. After so much teasing it came as a surprise to Lara that
she was finally being made to cum. The tongue returned to her clit though
this time stopping not just to toy with her but staying to suck on her erect
nub. As this happened a hand returned to each of her hard and elongated
nipples grasping them firmly and then rolling them gently from side to side.

This was accompanied by the increased pace of her spanking what she now
realized were two different hands each slapping one of her ass cheeks in
turn. After what had seemed like an eternity of being denied satisfaction
Lara's orgasm was quick to arrive. The combined sensation of the hands and
tongue brought her swiftly to the brink of climax where she hung for one
impossible moment. Then, without warning the vibrating dick whose presence
she had known only as a frustration thrust the entirety of its shaft into
her overheated pussy. Lara came so hard she was surprised she didn't pass
out. She moaned into her gag while her thighs involuntarily tried to clench
around the cock that was invading her, trying to trap the sensation inside
of her forever. Her cunt sprayed enough juices that Lara later wondered why
she hadn't just been made to cum beforehand, it certainly seemed faster.

The dick that was fully inside of her withdrew after a few moments only to
slam back into her almost immediately. This final thrust was accompanied by
the vicious twisting of her sensitive nips, the biting of her engorged clit,
and the simultaneous spanking of both of her delightfully plump ass cheeks.
Having not even begun to come down from her first series of orgasm, this
series of stimulations proved too great for Lara and at the height of her
pleasure she passed out from sensory overload.

* * *

Some time later Lara awoke and was pleased to see she had been taken down
from her sustained bondage. She wasn't as pleased to notice that she had been
tied instead such that she was on all fours on what seemed to be a slightly
raised altar of some kind. She was also took some gratification from the fact
that she was no longer gagged and as such she could voice her obvious
displeasure at not being freed.

"What the fuck is going on? You fucking promised me my dildo!" she yelled,
to no one in particular. However, at her shouts the same men that had watched
her orgasmic denial with pleasure and had probably all taken turns in her
teasing and spanking came into Lara's field of vision, all naked and sporting
their predictably erect and, as Lara had remembered, quite large penises.
Their leader came forward and spoke to the originally enraged and now more
than slightly aroused Lara.

"Yeah, well we thought after your whole deal with the guy and then that other
thing, you would probably need what we're going to give you," he remarked
vaguely, but suggestively. Lara thought about the issue for about as long as
it takes someone to think about whether or not they should breathe.

"Oh, I'll take the fucking. But later, you give me that dildo," she replied
and as she did so she realized that given the option of enough of the first
she didn't know if she would even think to ask for the second. The head
priest stepped forward and as he did so the other twenty priests started
forming a line behind him.

"Hey, why do you get to be first?" asked Lara.

"Two things," the priest said as he positioned his hefty cock near Lara's
beautiful lips "first, you don't care at all about which you order you get
fucked in. Second, I'm first cause I'm the fucking king baby." With this
he thrust the head of his dick into her mouth. Lara knew enough from her
previous experiences that she could now take an object of sizes yet untested
down her throat without trouble, but this hardly seemed worth the effort.

With the expert work of her tongue around the tip of his cock she made him
cum in less than thirty seconds. Lara initially thought that her newfound
ability to bring men off with her mouth was related to the ring. After
having talked with the previous men she'd both blown and fucked she found
however that although her cunt hadn't always been the paradigm of pussy that
it was now she really had given the best blowjobs they had ever encountered.

Little did Lara know she was at this point ranked at number five in the
dimension in the category of blowjobs. At some point in the future we may
come to the matters of how blowjobs are scored and what sorts of people do
the scoring. Regardless, Lara was the definition of oral stimulation as she
continued to work her tongue around the now ejaculating cockhead. She
greedily sucked down the massive load he was spurting until her mouth began
to overflow and he pulled out, continuing to unload his sperm onto her face.

After his dick stopped dribbling cum onto her lips he walked around to her
rear, his cock still hard. Lara licked what sperm she could from her face
but was quickly presented with another cock in her face. The man behind her
positioned his dick at the entrance to her sex and then pushed every inch of
it into her in one thrust. Lara's mouth flew open to moan at the sudden
intrusion of a large member into her tight but accepting pussy but her moan
was stifled by the sudden intrusion of another dick into her mouth. With
little effort the priest who owned the intruding dick was able to thrust it
down Lara's throat. This sensation he enjoyed so much that he gave but one
short thrust before cumming directly into Lara's stomach. Soon after the
priest inside her pulled out and came all over her ass. After this he
casually began his walk to the back of the line. The man in front of her
walked behind and the man and the front stepped forward.

Needless to say this continued for some time. Lara was never long without a
dick in her mouth or pussy but no one stayed long. She became covered in cum
and wouldn't have been surprised if her belly was bulging from the amount
that was sprayed down her throat and into her cunt. Her tits felt sensitive
and swollen and luckily for her they didn't fail to attract notice. At some
point in her gangbang men began to stop beside her after they'd cum and coax
an orgasm or two from Lara by playing with her hanging tits. Lara loved this
treatment and to encourage it would spend the few moments she had without a
cock down her throat to talk lewdly about how much she enjoyed her nipples
played with. Her remarks were no truly no understatement; she knew that in
her current state, even without the constant dicking she could easily have
cum from only the manipulation of her breasts.

Thankfully the men who pleased her so were enthused by her response and
continued at their task. Seeing this as an opportunity to ask for further
pleasures Lara stopped sucking for a moment to ask for a spanking to
accompany her fucking. This Lara was also granted after some laughter at
her expense and some time to grab a paddle, since no one wanted to lay
hands on her cum soaked buttocks. The spanking added some additional
stimulation and Lara found herself cumming harder than ever.

Although she was fucking twenty men and they each fucked her no less than
six times it was some surprise to Lara when it finally seemed to be over.
There were still a few men standing but the majority had fucked themselves
to sleep. Lara seemed tireless and had barely noticed the passing of time
in her progression of orgasms. The head priest was of course still up and
currently plowing Lara's pussy while reaching down to milk her plump
titties. He and Lara came simultaneously before he pulled out a surprisingly
flaccid organ. Seeing this the other priests made some small noise of shock
before one ran off down the hall.

"I'm sorry to say that your fucking is almost over Lara," said the head
priest, "but we've got one more treat for you before we go."

"Is it my dildo?" asked Lara.

"Yeah, about that. You just missed it."


"Yeah, another girl came did the things, got the other thing, left this
thing. Anyway we gotta go. Bye!" said the priest. "This thing" turned out
to be an envelope which the priest dropped at the base of the altar before
beginning to walk away.

"Wait!" yelled Lara, furious but hopeful. "What's my other treat?"

"Oh," said the priest. "Meet Leon." Leon turned out to be a man of slightly
larger than average build who strode nude towards the still bound Lara. What
really made him extraordinary turned out to be his cock, over a foot long and
with a head big as any Lara had seen it was simply a magnificent sight before
Lara's eyes. Upon seeing it her already well used pussy began to wet itself
anew in anticipation. At the base of his dick was a cock ring, large as it
would have to be and seemingly very ornate.

Leon wordlessly untied her bonds and then picked her up as if she weighed
nothing. Spinning her around her took her and placed her firmly down on his
cock. There Lara stayed for the slightest instant before her pussy accepted
the enormity of his dick. She slid down his cock to its base where she knew
instantly the cock ring wasn't decorative. As soon as she came into contact
with it she could feel her pussy been drawn to it. The walls of her twat
contracted around the cock with a force Lara hadn't imagined. The result
was such that she came and realized that she wanted to sit on top of this
dick forever. This was not to be as Leon took her and with great effort
pulled her away from the magnetic force of his dick.

Stopping when the widest part of his mushroom head was at her opening he
waited for her pussy to milk the head of his dick a few times before
dropping her back onto his shaft. He repeated this process many times, each
accompanied by an orgasm from Lara. He also seemed fond of lifting her up
and fucking her with only the tip of his huge prick. He would coax an orgasm
or two from Lara by rubbing her clit on the ridge of his cockhead and then
proceed to penetrate her anew. He seemed to take a silent delight in teasing
her clit and nipples as well as drawing out Lara's sounds of pleasure.

After a prolonged fucking, soundlessly as before, Leon pulled out his massive
dick and emptied his balls onto Lara's magnificent tits. As he began to walk
away Lara sat for a moment idly licking the cum from various parts of her
soaked body. Then, remembering the envelope she reached down and tore it
open. Inside were a photo and a note. The photo was of a redheaded girl
holding what had to be Lara's rightful dildo. The note was as follows

Dear Lara,
I got what you want. Come find me.


To Be Continued...

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