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(Note: This episode is placed after the “Totally Busted” episodes of 4th
season of Totally Spies show. You can see that the women trio knows about
their daughters’ job at WOOHP. So, no questions about that ok?)

Characters involved: Gabriella/Stella/Carmen

Content of the Story: FF, FFF, oral, anal

Totally Spies: Mother-Daughter Day Off Part 1
by Victor2K ([email protected])

"This house is a mess! How those girls can live in such a place like that?"

It was the statement of a redhead woman, apparently in her early forties
or thereabouts, known as Gabriella, the mother of Sam, who lived on that
cozy Beverly Hills villa with her best friends, Clover and Alex. Each of
the women were the exactly "older clones" of their children,

"They are teenagers, how do you expect they can leave a place without any
mess?" Asked Carmen, mother of Alex, who went with Gabriella and Stella
(Clover's mother) to their house to start a so promised "Mother-Daughter
Weekend", a time to share with their lovely daughters.

"But a teenager can have sense of leaving a house clean." said Stella, before
opening an exception to her daughter "Well, except for Clover, of course",
she said with some bite. The women walked inside the house, looking at the
places where clothing pieces and pizza boxes could be seen. Carmen even found
dirty socks on the couch.

"Eww...They could find a time between their assignments to get this place
in order", making a comment about the job of girls as secret agents of the
organization known as WOOHP, which Carmen and the other ladies were very
much aware of.

Looking at the place, the trio observed that the girls were living a fun
life inside that villa as they could see CDs, music and movie DVDs, video
games and even a few beer cans. The mothers suspected that the girls might
be getting their "adult life moments", being all alone in that house. The
only thing they did not like was the disorganization of the place. Even Sam,
the most straight-laced and to a considerable extent the "cleaning obsessive"
girl, wasn't collaborating.

"That's it! I am done with it! Where is that broom!?" Carmen protested.

"Are you out of your mind, Carmen?" Stella protested "The girls left this all
dirty, but you can't clean here without their authorization."

"Well, we see that Carmen had another of that ‘Monica moments!" the redhead
joked, quoting the character of "Friends".

"Ha ha ha. You are so funny, girls. But I will not be standing up here seeing
this mess in front of my eyes", declared Carmen, holding a broom and a bucket
in her hands, as Stella and Gabriella thought she was getting freaky. "And
don't look at me with those faces. Grab some water, cleaning products, and
let's go!" she said to the blonde and the redhead ones, making her sense of
urgency crystal clear.

So, without much opposition, the trio of ladies went to clean that house, in
manner of doing a nice surprise to their children. Each one of the women went
to the rooms and made the service with the objective of making everything
shining and clean.

Everything was going on perfectly until Carmen went to Alex's bedroom. While
cleaning, she tried to pick up something of her bed, and the Latin woman
found a magazine with a boy and a girl in summer outfit.

"'The Hunk and the Beach Bunny'...I didn't knew that Alex was fan of
fotonovela" Carmen said to herself before opening the mag. When she saw the
content, she noticed it bore no resemblance to an ordinary fotonovela.

"What is that!? Is...These two....oh...OH MY GOD!" She shouted to almost the
entire Beverly Hills to listen. Stella and Gabriella went quickly to the room
fearing that something bad had happened to their friend. They were not
entirely wrong.

"Carmen! What's going on?" The blonde woman desperately asked

"Did you hurt yourself?" Gabriella also asked.

"Look at that" Carmen showed the magazine to both women, who had the same
surprise when looking the material of the publication.

"Oh! This is so...where did you found that?" Stella wanted to know

"Under Alex's bed."

"Under Alex's bed? How?" The redhead was surprised to hear such answer.

"I was picking up some garbage that she have left there, so I reached to
this magazine and can I say it..." Carmen explained,
but did not complete her sentence, as she thought of a word to define the
content of the publication.

"Erotic?" The blonde woman suggested, as the redhead did it too,

"Filthy. I was saying that: this filthy material. This is not suitable for a
girl of such age as Alex!"

"Oh my God! Oh My God!" Gabriella used a bit of irony in her declaration.
"Did you live in the 1920s? You know that girls like Alex know stuff like
that. They are not dumb on sexual matters; girls are very clued up these

"Not my Alex, definitely. She would tell me if she were having sex with
someone else. And, anyway, she is not capable of reading such things like
'that'" The Latin mother tried to defend her daughter, but the other two
women didn't buy her explanation.

"How can you be sure of that? The last thing girls can do is tell to their
mothers that they are having sex!" Stella said.

"Yeah. So, how this ended up under Alex's bed, huh?" Gabriella asked, holding
the mag.

"I want to hear a reasonable explanation of that" Stella stated, looking kind
of mean to Carmen. Without any reason that could explain away the discovery,
the woman went into a stutter.

"Is t-that...w-well...she could...anyway, it doesn't matter! The only thing
that matters is that it is not supposed to be here."

"What is the problem? Alex is a teenager, and teenagers want to discover
about these things, it's normal", Gabrielle said, pretty much defending Alex.

"Huh? And if this would end up into Sam's room instead of Alex?" challenged
Carmen, face to face to the redhead.

"Samantha and I are open on this subject. We have discussed a lot about
sex and stuff. I would see as normal if it was Sam being the owner of the
magazine. My Sam is a very sensible girl, unlike some I could mention", she
said pointedly as she looked at Clover's mother.

"You two are exaggerating over the subject." Stella cut the arguments as
she got the mag and started to see the pics and show it to the other women.
"Look, it's a man having sex with a woman, just that, and..." she said
before going through and seeing photos of threesomes and lesbian sex, which
certainly got a reaction out of her as she shouted "Oh My God!"

"Let me see that!" Carmen took again the mag and saw those pictures, along
with Gabrielle. "My goodness. So my daughter can be...into...into..."

"You mean that she dig girls too?" The blonde woman didn't wait any longer
to say.

"Don't say that!" The Latin woman protested.

"Well, if there are girls fucking in this magazine, it means that your
daughter might be a little lesbian", Stella declared, seeming to want to

"Wait a minute, you bitch!" Carmen tried to jump on Stella, but Gabriella
went in front of her. "Please, stop you two! I said STOP! NOW!" She put
herself between the two women.

"You both are acting like two kids, my goodness. And what's the problem if
Alex or other girls are looking at that. There are a lot of men who buy this
because of women fucking. And if Carmen's daughter also wants to sleep with
girls, what is the problem? We are in the 21^st century, dammit!!" Gabriella
preached to the other women, who looked too embarrassed to look at her and
mumbled a softly spoken "I'm sorry" after that speech.

"And, so to speak, the only thing that this magazine made us do is argue
and make me get horny", the redhead said. When Gabriella "announced" the
newsflash of her horniness, it looked like a bomb dropping inside the villa,
with both Stella and Carmen's chins dropping in harmony.

"I cannot believe you said that!" Carmen scream, astonished.

"Yes, I said that. I admit that looking at it made my pussy wet. So you all
will say that you are nuns who don't get excited seeing porn?"

"Yes, she is right" Stella agreed. "And anyway, I confess I got wet from
those pics. And I believe you got wet too, Carmen, and you are hiding it
from us!"

Carmen tried to deny it in first place, but she suddenly felt her clit
tickling. It was sure that the pics also got her into a momentum of sexual
excitement, but the anger with the whole situation obscured her from being
aware of it.

"Oh, damn, screw it. I must admit that some of these pics turned me on." The
dark-haired woman admitted, with her head low, as she felt "sorry".

"Well that answers that question, but what we will do? We are all wet here
but we can't solve that?", Stella said, hoping for a solution to their

"I think I have a solution!" Gabriella grinned just before start to put her
hands at each woman's buttocks and squeeze. Both Carmen and Stella were
really surprised with the redhead's boldness.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Stella asked.

"I have to admit now that I always dreamt of fucking both of you. So, what
better time than now?". Gabriella answered, just before giving a French kiss
on Carmen, who tried to move away, but then replied. Stella, watching that
scene, caressed her tits and the crotch with her hands, through her clothing.
As the redhead stopped to kiss the Latin woman, it was the turn of Stella.
Soon, it was kissing and touching.

"I must confess that I always wanted to take off your bikinis in the summer,"
Stella said to both women, blushing a little.

"It seems that the ‘old school' woman isn't that ‘over'" Carmen joked,
causing Gabriella and Stella to giggle.

"So, how about we go downstairs and enjoy some time before our little
darlings arrive. The couch seems a perfect place..." the redhead woman
suggested with a wicked smile. The other two moms smiled back agreeing with
the idea. In the living room, the women removed all their clothes.

* * *

"Damn, Gabrielle. Your tits are fucking hot!" Carmen praised as she sucked
the redhead's breasts and nipples, while fingering herself.

"I never thought you two were so into that shit" Gabrielle said in continued

"You don't know a lot about our private lives" Stella replied, sucking the
other tit of Gabrielle and also fingering her swollen clitoris.

The mother of Sam was excited and very appalled to see her friends (and also
mothers of the friends of their daughter) doing such thing to her. She never
thought how it was exciting to fuck with Stella and Carmen at the same time.

"This is soo nasty...oooh....uhnn...."

With Gabriella getting pleased, Stella decided to move to more daring things.
She crawled to the floor, spread her friend's legs and started to lick the
redhead's pussy.

"I always wanted to eat you, Gabriella."

"So eat me! Eat me like my hubby never did" Sam's mother ordered, remembering
that her husband never was a specialist on "foreplay" (even if in lesbianism
oral sex isn't clearly foreplay).


Deciding to also take part in the situation, Carmen made Gabriella lay down
on the couch, with Stella using her knees as a stay. The dark-haired lady put
her legs around the blonde's head, so she still could lick the cunny of

"Ohhh....this feels good..." The redhead moaned.

"Not yet, dear" Carmen sat on the redhead's face, giving her vagina to be
licked for her. Now, THIS feels good!".

Gabriella started the process of licking the brunette, holding and squeezing
her thighs and butt.

"uhhh...yess...lick me...ohh..."

"Your pussy is good Carmen. I thank heavens on taking this...hmmm...chance to
eat it", complied the redhead.

Engaged on a threesome, Stella, Carmen and Gabriella soon started to feel
really naughty about each other. It was kind of groundbreaking going to have
a sexual intercourse inside their daughters' home, as each woman saw the
other two as occasion friends, not as close as Clover, Alex and Sam are.

"Uhh...lick me...ohh..."

"Ohh...fuck...your pussy is hot."

Maybe for not wanting to cum, the women changed positions soon enough.
Gabriella and Stella were kissing each other, with the blonde fondling her
kissing partner's tits. Meanwhile, Carmen was licking Gabriella's spreading

"Ohm...Carmen, I want to...hush...lick me all over...uh", the redhead

"I will suck you till you get dry" Carmen replied, getting excited watching
the two best friends of her daughter's moms tongue playing in front of her.

"I think this is the first time that I feel truly horny since my divorce"
Stella said affirmatively, groping the body of Gabriella.

"You know...hmm...I always wanted to give you a present, like a stripper
or a male escort so you don't feel so sorry for being divorced" Gabriella

"And why didn't you do that?"

"I don't know, maybe because I was afraid of your reaction. But now, I will
give it more than a go", said the redhead.

"So, I believe we should change positions" Carmen thought, moving the two
ladies off the couch. Stella then sat on the couch's back, with her legs
spread, giving to Gabriella a full vision of her crotch. The redhead then
knelt down on the couch, performing cunnilingua on her new found lover.
Carmen found a position under the redhead, with the pussy now on the Latin
mom's face, giving her the opportunity to suck the cunt of Gabriella.

And it seemed Carmen was pretty much into returning the pleasure Sam's mom
gave to her. The brunette lapped fast that vagina, using the tip of the
tongue to arouse Gabriella's clit. Soon, she used her hands to squeeze and
spank the redhead's ass cheeks.

"So, do you like it? Do you like it, you nasty bitch? Huh? Do you like it
when I eat you and spank your nasty butt?" Carmen asked, with wicked and
dominating tone.

"I like it Carmen! Uhh...ohh....auch!", it was the answer.

"Want me to lick your pussy and finger your ass, bitch?"

"Oh yes! I want you to fuck my nasty ass..." Gabriella ordered, while rubbing
her fingers against Stella's labia.

"You are fucking naughty, Gabriella. I never thought you were fond of this,"
said, a bit surprised, Clover's mother.

"Thing is my husband...uh...ah...only did right the basics. I wanted for
years for him to get...ohh...that nasty with me", replied the redhead, while
Carmen inserted her index finger into her tight butt hole, and started to


The squeals on being ass fucked were so good and a bit painful that Gabriella
moved away from Stella's pussy. The blonde held her head, making the redhead
still get close to her slit and please her;



"Uh...fuck me...oh...uhh....yes!"

The women were so horny that they were avoiding orgasm just to avoid having
to stop. Soon, the girls were constantly changing positions, and fucking in
a manner that they could be mistaken as true lesbians.

Next one was Stella and Carmen rubbing their pussies against each other.
Gabriella moved her groin onto Stella's face and made the blonde eat her.
The Latin woman got very excited on seeing that.

"This reminds me that I had in mind to have a threesome with my husband and
other woman", she said, very much to "please" her partners, who both loved
to see such sharing of secrets.

"Wow. So, where did you hide that inside the prude woman of minutes ago?"
Stella asked

"I don't know" Carmen answered.

"Please, could there be less talking and more banging? Less talk, more
fucking!"" Gabriella demanded attention of the girls on the sex.

"OK" Both replied, somewhat annoyed at the demanding tone of the redhead.
They had completely forgotten about their little darling daughters, as they
got down and dirty.


"Look, there's home!" Alex shouted, pointing to the backyards of their villa.

"Nice" Clover said. "Let's just do the landing better this time, girls."

"It wasn't my fault! The wind made us land on Mandy's garden" Sam protested,
remembering the last parachute landing after a successful WOOHP mission.

"Come on girls, let's not fight. Here, we are finally close now" The brunette
teenager said, as the spies used their skydiving abilities to land their
colorful parachutes (with a flower and colored in the respective color of
uniform) on the poolside floor, which was accomplished with more than a
little finesse.

"Right on time!" Clover smiled as she removed her pack to keep her skydiving
device inside it, as Sam and Alex did the same. Clover stretched her arms and
raised her fist triumphantly. "Mission Accomplished! Let's spend some nice
girl-time together."

"Surprised you're not thinking about boys for once", Alex giggled.

Sam seemed a bit worried.

"I hope we came in time. If our mothers came here before us, they would get
really annoyed and well, we would be in major trouble."

"They know who we are, Sam" Clover said easily, waving her hands and brushing
off her friend's concern, "So, I think they wouldn't bother if we are coming
home right now to this 'Mother-Daughter Day thingy.'"

"And talking about this," Alex cut into the conversation looking at the house
with the lights on and the sound emanating from therein. "It looks like
something is happening inside!"

"WHAT?" Clover screamed, as she began to fear someone had broken in.

"Oh No! Our moms might be there. Something must be going on!" Sam shouted, as
they ran into the villa. The spies entered the villa and made their way their
way into the living room.

A surprise awaited them, something they would never have imagined or
suspected in a million years.

"Mom, are you? What is going....ON? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?" Sam shouted
when she and her friend walked inside and met their mothers having the most
pleasurable lesbian sex that one could imagine.

The women immediately stopped and saw their three kids looking at them, more
shocked than mad actually.


* * *

THE END (For Now)

(Wait for the next and final installment of this story, featuring more
Totally Spies incest and lesbian mature/young sex ever done in fiction,
I guess...)

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